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A family letter not ready to be sent out

Dear Mom: Hello!   For nearly ten years, I have been writing to you in my heart. Some words have never dared to tell you. Today, I finally got up the courage to hold up my pen and write to you.. Although I don’t intend to send it out, because you can’t read.   Mom, remember the winter of 2002? I will never forget it. It was New Year’s Eve, when families gathered to celebrate the New Year, you and your father went to Ganzhou City Hospital thousands of miles away from home to spend with their younger brother, leaving me with a large empty house.. In the evening, the rain is hitting the corrugated board in dribs and drabs, and the cold air is full of sadness and loneliness.. I was tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep, thinking about my brother and you. Before he left, dad said, ” I thought for several times and wanted to tell you about your brother’s illness and hospitalization.”: Your mother tried her best to prevent her from distracting you from reading. Father is telling the truth. Mother is such a person. She worries for others in all things. She is in pain and tears, and her teeth are still gnashing.. Mother’s feeling is so sensitive and accurate.   It was the winter of 2000, and I went with my mother to weed the garden. She carefully chipped off the grass beside the green vegetables with a hoe, while I was absent-minded when I took the hoe and chipped off a green vegetable.. Trying to get away with it, you stopped me and carefully tried, ” You’re in love with Ming’s son in the next village.”? ‘ I denied, you don’t trust, repeated persuasion, in order to escape your inquiry, I lied to you.   And you’re right. Because of my youth and recklessness, I put all my thoughts on the table and fell into an unrequited unrequited love.. How many times, scenes like that have reappeared in my mind, like movies. In the summer of 2002, I saw him in the street of the town: in the semi-old street, he helped a semi-old bike and simply said hello to me: ” You are here, too.”. ‘ just in a hurry and don’t. Our meeting was like a nightmare, struggling to follow and torture me. In order to completely forget him, my companions and I spent half a year on the lawn near the school railway every afternoon, walking round and round, tired, setting sun, sitting on the lawn and complaining about sadness.. Sadness is reduced, and the pain brought about by brokenhearted bears deep scars in the heart.   Mom, this is what you told me later. In the autumn of 2002, since my brother was ill in hospital, mom, you have been working hard, not saying a word of bitterness and not shedding a tear.. The younger brother’s condition is good and bad, and he will be ill for almost a year or so. He has to be hospitalized. Every time he is ill, he has to pay expensive medical expenses and hospitalization expenses, and his family has already been in debt.. You humbly borrowed money from relatives and promised when to pay back the money . Ah, you are willing to bear heavy interest and target the rural credit cooperatives . Ah, Mom, please forgive me for my unfilial behavior and can’t stay by your side.. This is the summer of 2011. I was walking on the banks of a river in another country and received a phone call from my cousin. He said, ” Cousin, sister was beaten by her brother and her head was bleeding all over the place …” A sea of blood suddenly appeared in my mind.. It took a long time to believe this fact, and then I went to the bank to remit money to you. I didn’t have the courage to go to the hospital to see you and your brother.   Mom, it’s the eve of Tomb Sweeping Day in 2012. ‘ I am a stranger in a foreign land alone, and I think twice of my relatives every festival.”. I miss you and understand your love for your children: deep and rational.   Today, I wrote to you with a sincere heart, and you endured the pain that ordinary people can’t bear and stood firm.! Please allow me to say to you loudly: Thank you, I will pass on love and courage forever! Wish: Good health! Happy life! Daughter: eiko, April 2

A man is as old as a child

As old as a child, his father-in-law felt bad in his stomach and intestines and accompanied him to the 148 hospital of the garrison.. Find the director of the department and check carefully. Fortunately, there is no major obstacle, that is, gastrointestinal function is almost not serious. The doctor asked whether the medicine was still prescribed? I said, let’s open it up. The father-in-law also returned after prescribing more than 200 yuan of medicine. The next day, I called and said, OK.     Father – in – law’s stomach and intestines are not good, which has been an old problem for many years.. As the saying goes, stomach trouble is divided into three parts and seven parts. Fortunately, his life is very careful. He has paid attention to diet for decades. He did not eat cold and hard, but his stomach trouble has improved greatly in recent years.. But after the Spring Festival, he always felt dull pain in his abdomen. I can’t say exactly where the pain is. It’s just a feeling. I feel, like a heart disease again.     I think so, there is a basis. The father-in-law has a fine heart and a good temper. This is an advantage. Correspondingly, it is too sensitive.. Three years ago, when he was seventy, he always said his lips were dry. I accompanied him to the PLA hospital and looked for experts from acquaintances. I took them seriously.. Experts said there was nothing wrong with it. Drink plenty of water and eat and drink whenever you should.. Because he is an acquaintance, the doctor said very clearly: I will not prescribe any medicine for you, even if it is prescribed, it is also a nourishing medicine such as vitamins, and it will only cost money.. This should be very good, but he was even more suspicious: the doctor said that he should eat and drink if he should, and whether he had an incurable disease or not? I said, older, dry lips is a normal phenomenon. But he is still not at ease to look around. When I went to the provincial capital, my daughter-in-law’s mobile phone was stolen by thieves, but the daughter-in-law was reasonable and didn’t care about it.. He went to the city to watch the advertisement on TV. The Jianghu doctor prescribed only a few hundred yuan of medicine..     I didn’t feel normal at the time when he was so exciting and moving.. Ask your wife to call your mother – in – law. My mother-in-law said that when I was young, someone calculated the hexagrams for my father-in-law and said that he could live to be seventy years old. This year is just seventy years old. I always feel this afflictive and uncomfortable psychologically. I went there to see it..     Knowing the reason, we advised him that at that time, seventy was the birthday, and now living conditions are good and medical standards are high. At that time, seventy was at least over eighty, so you can rest assured.. So, finally better. Wait until you bring your grandson, and you forget to look at him.     In view of the last experience, I asked my mother-in-law again this time. It turned out that a colleague from the father-in-law unit had pancreatic cancer and could not come in three months from the Spring Festival.. Plus this year happened to be seventy – three, folk saying seventy-eight and eighty – four, Yan did not call himself to go. Under the psychological effect, father-in-law worried again.     I told the doctor about these factors. The doctor said he was relieved that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer came quickly, up to six months. Your color Doppler ultrasound showed that your pancreas is fine. The knot was untied, so I prescribed medicine and went back. I felt better the next day..     Compared with his father – in – law’s carefulness, his mother-in-law is generous and a little careless.. As for the old man’s illness, my opinion is that if he is ill, he should be treated and not too sensitive.. Her character is good for her health. A few years ago, I watched her lose weight and asked her to go to the hospital for examination. B ultrasound was performed in the local hospital and found a shadow on the abdomen, which was suspected to be a tumor at the time.. Father – in – law is extremely nervous, mother-in-law said, seven old eighty, love what is what. So careless don’t care. I came to the military hospital to find experts to examine it in detail. The experts confirmed that the abdomen was flooded and eliminated the tumor.. According to the water treatment for a period of time, he recovered and recovered.     Father, last year 73.The chronic cor pulmonale is especially serious. He has a stubborn temper and does not come to see a doctor. Always say that people are old, that’s all. See what. Rural medical insurance is basically not reliable. I know he is reluctant to spend money on his children. I went back to pick him up a few years ago and didn’t come. Daughter said, or call and say you are ill and let him come to see you, grandpa will certainly come. My daughter said that she was joking with me. I thought this girl must have watched more TV shows.. He couldn’t pick him up until a relative’s child got married and he had to come. After attending the wedding, I checked with him at the hospital, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and bad heart. I prescribed medicine and took it for a long time, which improved slightly.. This winter is especially cold, and pulmonary heart disease is even more serious. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep when it’s serious.. I went home to take a look at it and quickly picked it up. My friends in the hospital helped take care of it, contacted experts, gave injections and took medicine before getting better..     Mother used to pinch and scrape, usually loathe to give up eating, loathe to give up seeing a doctor. I always work at leisure and often get tired and ill. I came home and was ill twice before I came to see a doctor.. One time she went to the mountain to order beans. Mountain remote, would not have let her grow, loathe to give up desolate, just take advantage of the rain to grow beans. As a result, the old sick man who came back tired spent six or seven hundred yuan to see a doctor.. The beans also weighed 5kg. This truth has been told to her countless times and there is no way out. Later, she coaxed and advised that her granddaughter missed her and should go and have a look, and so on, she was finally brought in for treatment.. Fortunately, years of old illness have gradually improved, feeling better than in previous years, and children are really pleased. Therefore, when dealing with the elderly, we can only coax and coax the elderly. If we should persuade, we should serve three-year-old children.!

Fortress Besieged

Life is like a siege! What goes in wants to come out, what goes out wants to go in. I don’t know why people like tossing about themselves so much, don’t they get tired? It seems to be comfortable to go in or out, but life never stops. Of course, there is no way for people not to stop messing about, or else how to come to this world, it seems that this is a sign of the existence of life.. ‘ 30 and stand, 40 is not confused, 50 know destiny. ‘ 30 sorrow to start a family and career, 40 meet children take an examination of employment, 50 or 60 meet parents died. Like a student’s exam, I thought I would be very happy to be promoted to a grade, but in fact it was just more homework and more pressure. Life is a besieged city. Life was so, how can people?     In the story of the bear, the bear may not know how his mother ” died” yet, and he may amuse the butterfly and sleep when he is tired.. When he saw a big bear, he repeatedly followed others like a life-saving straw.. Because mother never got up to feed herself honey after lying down and sleeping! Cubs don’t know the concept of death. But he would lick the bear’s wound like two lonely people in the world! As in the past, when I watched this movie with her, she was moved and felt like crying. I can feel it now. At that time, I may not be weak enough or lonely enough. No words of loneliness were used to comfort her. Think about it. Does the bear remember its mother? It doesn’t seem important, because it can lead a happy life and even scare away so many selfish people. The film shows the growth of the cub as plain, with only a few dreams showing the cub’s subconscious mind. But I always feel sad and unforgettable. That’s enough..     I’ve read the Goodbye Fireflies Bill once, and I haven’t read it completely for the second time.. Because after seeing that kind of sadness and despair, it was too heavy for me to say something happy for more than a week. I am not only hate war, I am more afraid of cold human feelings and cruel human nature behind the war.. Someone likes to ask if you really like being so far away from home? Of course not, just in the so-called family heart is more sad and uncomfortable. I will never forgive and tolerate anyone who cannot forgive and tolerate, nor will I mention it. I just want to forget that I just want to stay away, just like my brother and sister live in the cave.. This is also a solution. The most cruel is the war between people. I don’t want to start a war, I just want to escape. I can’t afford any war, just tears.     It’s just that the fear of time has erased the original dream in my heart.. I remember saying when I was in college that I liked reading and didn’t give up a chance. In the end, I didn’t go on. I didn’t immerse myself in it because of the external environment. Perhaps the brother and sister knew nothing or pretended to know nothing, without that sensitive self-esteem heart, they would not run away from home in caves or starve to death in the crowd.!!! My self-esteem is too strong! Therefore, the beautiful myth suddenly subverts in the heart. Disrupting the inner balance. I was speechless and couldn’t see the truth. It is better to be that stupid bear!!! Stupid enough to make people love each other. The original dream should be strong and bold, but now it is calm.

Deletion propagation

Green trees are hidden with charming songs, fragrant paths and butterfly dances, lotus root flowers leaning against the pond, flying away with the mud of Yan – ru, with a slight rain and a thin petticoat..     Ran Ran’s year-old China hastens the summer twilight, his pen adds a new chapter, and he is lazy in thinking about trivial matters. How can he pay the time when the youth is fleeting?.     Delete numerous, is picking chrysanthemum under the east fence, leisurely see nanshan leisurely; Is the boat died, jianghai send the rest of my life insight; It is a fine push for physics to have fun. Why use the wisdom of floating glory to accompany this body? It is not necessary to care about and arrange for the detachment now.     Deletion is Xie Lingyun’s landscape, Tao Yuanming’s countryside, Du Fu’s thatched cottage, Liu Yuxi’s shack, Ji Kang’s piano and Li Bai’s sword.     Many things in this world have cause and effect reincarnation. Only when flowers bloom can flowers fall. Only when there is a beginning can there be an end. And black, will have white; If you have a house, you can have it. Delete numerous, is in front of the world, in the noisy market, in the chaotic crowd, sober self – sustaining, laughing at the ups and downs of the world, through the time between the bomb command.     Back many poems, Tao Yuanming’s idyllic carefree, Meng Haoran’s mountains clear, Li Bai’s rivers vast, Wang Wei’s landscape empty, Li Shangyin’s romantic cloud and rain. We are always too addicted to the tedious fame and fortune, always suffering from gain and loss, always tired, but we ignore that there are still many good things to miss besides fame and fortune in life.. For example, stars and bright moon, such as clouds of rain, clouds of thousands of shapes, bright and empty moon, such as towering green hills, rushing rivers, such as billowing water under clear skies, such as swallows flying in the rain, such as green ant wine and warm small stoves in the snow night..     Recently, officials have fallen, and many cocoons in life are made by themselves. The more you loathe to give up something, the more likely you will be entangled in it.. The real wise man knows to put an end to his inner greed and desire in time, and one day, time will let us see through it. fame and fortune are just passing clouds on the road of life. if they are scattered, they will be scattered and nowhere to be found. only the light of life will be the most beautiful flower on the road..     Deletion and propagation is a kind of cultivation. Excessive load-bearing will make your feet heavy and tired. However, if you give up too much, your heart will be cold and cold, and your hands will be empty.. Therefore, real life always has both gains and losses.. To know how to remember, we should also learn to forget, not to give up lightly, but also to let go at the right time, be good at trade – offs, and have a sober life that looks at all kinds of prosperity, leaves half sober and half intoxicated..     After the Yunnan earthquake, the images on the Internet make people feel shocking. Life is always too much unprepared and fate too much unpredictable.. In the face of precious life and friendship, money, rights, luxurious houses and famous cars – these other things that are hard to find are no longer important. Perhaps what we need most is a lamp when we are confused, a bed when we are tired, an arms when we are cold, a faith when we are frustrated. Our biggest dream is to be able to do what we like, to be with the loved ones, to have healthy and happy relatives, and to have hope for the future..     This summer, I yearned for the mountains and waters far away and felt very much attached to the comfort of my home, but I could only leave a campus built everywhere to keep company with all kinds of drugs in the laboratory..     Think summer is very long, in fact, the years are fleeting, and it is autumn again, just like the youth that keeps on walking away in a flash..     Thought the world was noisy, in fact, time was silent and impetuous only because of inner uneasiness. Why not slow down and penetrate the prosperity and thinness of the world of mortals with your heart?.     Think life is very tired, maybe it’s just that we give ourselves too much baggage, so it’s better to cut down the complexity, put down too much desire and go on with ease and ease.     Tianya has a long way to go, but also needs to walk step by step on a down-to-earth basis. The noise of the world still needs to live overnight. Delete numerous, not painting for the prison, not stop, not everything is empty, but in the messy world of mortals, in front of the numerous and complicated things, remove meaningless falsehood, move forward calmly, be kind and calm, always Do not forget your initiative mind, with authenticity.     This summer, I will still feel agitated and confused, but I will always live hard and smile with my heart. I only wish the future bright and steady, steady and steady, and calm in my heart..     Clear, simple and stable, let time pass by, let years pass by, let the world wander, let the past pass without trace, still walk slowly and quietly.

Be a Northeastern

Be a Northeastern Author: Light seeking glory has not been deliberately owned. Personal vision is occasionally occupied by some images. Looking at the shops along the street, there are often children crying and denouncing their elders. They are noisy in various forms and wailing loudly is waiting for the expected food to enter their mouths. Tears grow into smiles as taste buds touch the food.. Many years ago, as an adult, I didn’t think much of the food that these children claimed. I always felt that it was nothing but junk food. In several snacks that my children bought home, the solidified thinking was completely subverted. The taste was really good. I don’t believe you should try it.. May be prompted by this matter, before July this year, many people around you were not impressed by the fact that they went to Southeast Asian countries to travel, but actually came to Thailand with a tour group for a week, which had an unusual flavor.. Many years ago, Anhui people living in east China had the idea of going to northeast China early in the summer. The first was to spend the summer and the second was to feel the endless force between glaciers and under the waters.. This year, choosing to visit Thailand at the end of July in the scorching sun is not an abrupt idea, nor is it the attraction of the transvestite, sea, fruit and tropical species there, but a natural country. geographically, I appear as a northeast person and can truly feel everything there with the feelings of southerners.. The time difference between Beijing and Bangkok is one hour, which is negligible for Chinese who are accustomed to playing mobile phones. During the flight, when the female announcer arrived at the destination – Suwannabe International Airport in less skilled Chinese, it was already 3 o’clock in the night Thai time, which meant the end of the four-hour flight, and a line of 31 travelers rushed out of the station. When they took out their bags and stepped into a brand-new minibus already waiting at the exit, they felt relieved, after all, they landed safely.. At the moment of getting on the minibus, it means that everyone’s ride on the bus in the next 6 days will be stopped by the tour guide.. I like the style of the tour guide, not competing for seats everywhere in every scenic spot in China. In fact, people are still there, and the positions are still those seats, just breaking the rules once in a while when getting on and off the bus.. Near 4 o’clock in the night, a line of fellow countrymen followed the minibus safely into the Swiss Kaihuang Hotel in Bangkok. Etiquette boys introduced politely, and then folded their hands in front of their chests, saying’ Savady KaKa’ in a meaningful way.! He bent down to show his courtesy to the people in front of him, like the shadow of Buddha in a quiet night. The hotel lobby is wide and the welcome gallery hall, which is nearly 10 meters high, immediately gives some admiration to the newcomers. After handling the room cards collectively under the guidance of the tour guide, the hotel elevator has become the first difficult problem in coming to the country. After several times of thinking and understanding in the elevator, the room cards must be painted on the floor and only one floor or the first floor can be selected downstairs, which means that cardholders are not allowed to enter other floors at will. As a northerner, I naturally feel that there is an anti-theft function hidden here, although it is not convenient to contact with colleagues living on different floors, my heart still remains.. Early in the morning, when every ray of sunshine shines, every trip in a foreign country is so promising. The driver always stops his car in front of the hotel in advance and waits for him. He is dark and always silent. Every time he waits for all the passengers to be seated in the driver’s cab at the right front of the car, he slowly focuses on his work.. The young tour guide is not tall, the typical figure and skin color of Southeast Asian people are closer to us on this trip. Later, he was discovered to be Chinese through many contacts. His grandparents left a child in Thailand and he became a half – breed.. He doesn’t speak fluent Chinese with the Minnan version of the tone of voice, and his slow expression seems to be easy to depict more beautiful’ hun jokes’ every time 31 fellow passengers are urged to enter the car seat and count the number of people, China and Pakistan will start slowly, then the tour guide will pick up the microphone in the front row of independent seats to explain, without lack of local conditions and customs for Thailand, interspersed with his own feelings for the Chinese people in due course.. Thailand is a country that believe in Buddhism. about 90 % of its people believe in Buddhism. there are a lot of exquisite food, clothing, shelter and transportation. that overall terrain is relatively low – lying, high in the east and low in the west, and disasters such as secondary natural storms are hard to reach. the climate can be divided into hot season, rainy season and cool season. the fruit resources are abundant, elephants are its national treasures, and transvestite is a symbol of Thailand’s tourism industry. the key is that there are basically no anti – Chinese activists in the country.. When he introduced himself, he deliberately said his real name was Yang. Thai people should put a ” police” sound in front of his surname, which is also called P Yang. He would put his hands folded on his chest for the first time and say goodbye for the last time every day, piously saying, ” Savady Ka.”! Immediately, the whole-car traveling staff echoed: ” Savady KaKa.”! ”. The tone of each other is weak and delayed, without interruption, and the atmosphere in the whole vehicle room is as beautiful and emotional as watching the beautiful sunset and afterglow in Siam Bay on the ship’s rail while waiting for the Princess of the Orient.. Starting from Bangkok, I traveled through several provinces, starting from the Grand Palace and traveling through Pattaya, Golden House and Shamei Island … Ah, while watching the exotic scenery, I was also tasting food from other countries and even knew the local customs.. Convenient traffic is subject to the traffic on the left side of the road, the disordered wires around the square poles fail to keep cobra’s footprints, the five-night high-end accommodation cannot accommodate the intervention of a lighted cigarette and durian, but the slow pace of people’s life can go with the oldest yellow … ah. When I woke up every morning while traveling in Thailand, I never felt in another country. I was only fined for being late for unpunctuality and disobeying regulations, but 201 baht in the store could not be settled together with Alipay and baht – this is in Thailand. Diligence and kindness are the most basic wrestling factors in every country on earth. Simplicity and kindness, hospitality, happiness and happiness are human nature, while Chinese people are not conformist in their thinking patterns, which is even more admirable. It makes me realize that Chinese people in the east will eventually be strong and will certainly be strong.. Human beings have been in different shapes for thousands of years, but their internal body structure is completely equivalent. For thousands of years, sounds and words have been different, but the beautiful notes and Arabic numerals that exist have always been in everyone’s program. People’s skin has not been dyed with the same color, and their warm limbs and friendly smile are full of deep feeling. . Ah. At a certain time, many years later, I want to wait for the day when the Chinese dream will come true, and the planet will eventually come to an end: people of different skin colors will have difficulty in changing their coloring, they will surely share the same belief, use convenient weights and measures, write Chinese characters, and communicate freely in Chinese, .. August 10, 2017

About Eyes

[ Original Text ]To see through a person, one must first see his eyes, and to see his eyes will naturally be able to see his heart.. We say we can’t always see a person, but we don’t see through his soul. In fact, we still haven’t thought about his eyes properly and didn’t face up to his eyes bravely. That’s why you didn’t see his face and soul clearly..     The eyes are the windows of the soul. this is true and philosophical.   What does a person think in his heart and what is his mood? A look at his eyes will show that he can guess the eighties and nineties even if he doesn’t know all about it..   He was happy or unhappy, and he knew it with his eyes. His pain or no pain, a look at the eyes will know. Eyes can’t deceive people.     Whether a person is sincere or not, you can see from his eyes that his eyes dare to face you squarely and have no intention of evading, which can show his sincerity. If he is not sincere, his eyes are hypocritical and dare not face up to you, the eyes are free and always seem to dodge you. Such people are afraid that you will look him in the eyes and be afraid of your eyes.. Such people must be guilty, not sincere.     The most sincere communication between people should be eye-to-eye communication, which is often one that can enter into the heart.. People who can communicate with their eyes should be people who are close to each other or trust each other. The communication between ordinary people is only the communication of language, not the communication of eyes. Like the communication between colleagues at work, it is generally the communication of language, and it is impossible to communicate with their eyes, because the relationship between colleagues has not reached this point yet. Colleagues are only the relationship of colleagues, not the relationship of friends, not the friends who have passed away their hearts.. Colleagues are hard to become friends, unless they don’t become colleagues in the future, they can become friends..     People who can speak with their eyes are often smart and cunning.. Like some women’s eyes are very good at talking, but such women tend to have impetuous hearts. There are always some men who are swept off their feet by such women. I don’t know why, his soul has long been hooked by women’s eyes..   Although the eye can speak very well, it is hypocritical and free, not so calm, but floating very much. Such an eye cannot be believed. Whoever believes it will be cheated out of luck..     Some eyes are beautiful, but they are not real. The beautiful and illusory eyes hide hidden goals. Be especially careful with such eyes, which cannot help but say that there is no hidden evil and danger in them..   Some eyes are very ordinary, not so beautiful and not so attractive, but they are sincere and true. You can rest assured that they are not a dark dry well and will not pose a great threat to you..     6 to see a person’s eyes is to see a person’s face, otherwise you are equal to not seeing anything, always confused, not knowing who is standing on the other side, it is a bad person, you still think he is a good person, it is a good person, but you think he is a bad person, neither a good person nor a bad person have seen it clearly, will you not live in vain all your life??     For example, love, if two people really love each other, look at each other’s eyes and see the eyes. If he ( she ) does not love you, his ( her ) eyes will not be natural and peaceful. His ( her ) eyes will not dare to face you and will always avoid you, because his ( her ) heart does not love you. How can his ( her ) eyes dare to face you?? He / she doesn’t want to fit you in the pupil of his / her eyes, and he / she doesn’t have you at all in his / her heart. That’s the truth. Eyes tell everything and love.     I like the girl’s big watery eyes, which are so pure, like clear lake water, that they can reflect my shadow. I am in her eyes and certainly I am in her heart..   I hate those false eyes, which are so unpredictable, like the abyss, like a black hole, you can’t see anything beautiful in such eyes. You only feel that such eyes are terrible. Try not to walk into such eyes, or stay away from her..     It is difficult to draw a person’s face. The hardest thing to draw a face is the eyes. To draw a person alive, you must draw his eyes first. If you can’t draw the eyes well, you can’t draw anything well.. A person’s vividness lies in his eyes, and expression is very important, but the central point of expression is the eyes. What is the central point besides the eyes? The finishing point is the eyes. Painters draw eyes, saying is also eyes; The writing emphasizes the finishing touch, which is a divine pen and kung fu. The article has the article eye, the poem has the poem eye, this is the soul of the poem.     If you see through a person, you must first see his eyes, and if you see his eyes, you will naturally be able to see his heart.. We say we can’t always see a person, but we don’t see through his soul. In fact, we still haven’t thought about his eyes properly and didn’t face up to his eyes bravely. That’s why you didn’t see his face and soul clearly..   Look at a person’s eyes, but also think and ponder over his eyes. If you only look at them, you will never really see a person without carefully pondering and thinking over the things behind his eyes..     After talking about eyes for a long time, it is not so easy to really see a person’s eyes and experience and feel in real life. The most important thing is to deal with people, contact people, understand people, deal with many people and accumulate experience, not only to deal with them, but also to think about the people you contact and figure out exactly what kind of person he is.. Because it is not a simple thing to really understand a person, it is not easy to really understand a person, and it is more difficult than reading books.   2010 – 10 – 8[ Responsible Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]

The Feelings of Idle Pen and Bench

The author never pays attention to any study in writing, moving a small bench and spreading paper on the tea table in the living room will make the pen feasible. Sometimes sitting on the kang watching TV, I suddenly realized a few clumsy sentences. I put my pillow on my lap, took a book and put it on my pillow, and then became a desk. I wrote down the clumsy sentences I thought of.. This kind of habit is like an old farmer who eats on the bench overnight. Eating enough food is the absolute principle. Servants think this is the simple feeling of the bench.. If you sit in a soft luxury boss chair, spread paper on a large desk, hand-held fragrant teas, and touch aloof and proud, you think you have a unique eye, and by your own experience, you can coldly gain insight into the world’s cold and warm world, and write a few poems and essays that are free from disease and moan and admire yourself, it is ridiculous.     Bench feelings it has the magnanimity of willing to be’ seated’. The small bench will not be the family heirloom of the master, nor will the master put it in a prominent position, but it will never be afraid of pressure, loneliness, neglect, insult and low – mindedness, and will never abandon itself, even if it is placed in a dark corner, it will also live in the world with ease.. Life splashes, it will not compete for favor with the plush chair, nor will its owner worry that it will be exposed to the sun, eaten by insects, touched and knocked, nor will it accept his beloved touch. Whether the host is happy or sad, he always lifts it out of the door. He will accompany the host to sit in the yard in the sun, and he will accompany the host to sit in the street and croak.. It may have witnessed the vicissitudes of life of several generations, so perhaps the master should call it grandpa. The master regards it as a playmate from the moment he can walk, from climbing over it to eating, to throwing it over when the naughty little master is happy, kicking it down first when he is not high-spirited and angry. It is a common occurrence to expose it to the sun, rain and snow in the courtyard, and it will never take pride in the attention of people who struggle for fame and fortune..     Although sparrows are small and birds, they do not seek to be taller than eagles on wings. Since the sparrow was born, why do you want to grow phoenix feathers. A person’s life is noble and humble, and depending on his birth is only a brief moment, the key depends on whether you have done something valuable or not.. Although the bench is simple and crude, it is an indispensable object and always gives people convenience. This is the ordinary value of the bench..     Peony flowers are called national flowers because of their clusters, but there is a small purple orchid growing in the grass. It can open broken flowers every day to greet the rising of the sun and repay the appreciation of every passer-by with a smile. This is the small but dreamy forget-me-not flower.. Through the ages, there are many people who are cynical and jealous because they think they have no talent. They have to ” struggle” to get ahead. It is difficult to realize that they only have the height of flying sparrows and have struggled and struggled for a lifetime.. He is a fool. He is like a monkey climbing a tree all his life. The higher he climbs, the more obvious his bald and red buttocks will be exposed.. The peach blossom on the human face still goes out, and the peach blossom still laughs at the east wind.’, even if you struggle to’ master cheng ren”, can you shine with the sun and moon? Whether you exist next year or not, the peach blossom of nature still blooms in spring.     Bench feelings it has the mind of being browned with jade. It can’t stand a little bit of disfavor in its life, and ordinary small benches never feel inferior when they encounter unfairness in their life.. All things are born, the fittest survive, the talented and the incompetent, and the free gift. If you have a sedan chair, you have your own husband, sedan chair. There are people who eat seats and have their own spoons. Those who have high rank have their own farmers. Some meat eaters have their own cattle feeders. The mountains are different in height, the waters are different in depth, the flowers are different in color, the seasons are different in temperature, and there are differences everywhere in nature, not to mention that people’s talents are equal.     People can not seek common ground in their aspirations and talents, but their moral character can be improved. Sven is difficult to disguise, and it’s ok to learn more etiquette. ” Imperial Chair” may not be well informed, ” Little Bench” also has its strengths.. ‘ Little Bench” Why do you fear the dismissal from office in your family’s way, and try all the joys and sorrows of the world, neither seeking sweetness nor avoiding hardship, and being popular will not be delirious, nor will poverty-stricken people aspire to not stretch out.. Life is ” don’t forget me” and ” don’t beg” and ” match peony”. if you don’t go high, why fear falling. Walking healthy, crowded public transportation calm, holding a hoe steady, sweat money and joy, reading ancient books in spare time, writing idle articles, protecting the heart of the day and becoming a natural product, it is not a dream to be able to eat enough food, it is a big life to concentrate on one’s ambition to advance toward one’s own goal every day..     Bench feelings it has the toughness of not afraid of bumping. Who is not the flesh and blood of every mortal bone, who is willing to work and sweat in the cold and cool department, can’t stand the hot and cold wash of the world, can’t suffer any injustice and bump, how can you see the ugly face of the world. How can we not regard what is right and what is wrong in the world as looking at a play without fear of honor or disgrace, without regard for gain or loss?.     The mediocrity of the bench has made it possible to survive, and the preciousness of the plush chair haunts the thief.. It seems that the more precious things created by nature, the harder it is to exist. Ordinary people don’t have to pretend to be free from vulgarity. Plastic surgery can only cover up the ugliness on the surface. How ridiculous it is to satisfy people who are ignorant..     In any case, having the feelings of ” small bench” and doing practical things to be a reliable person is not inferior to the flashy ” plush chair”.     The feelings of the small bench will always be better done tomorrow than today.

A Brief Translation of Buddhism and Zen

Mountain, mountain, water, rain, frost and snow, dribs and drabs, like clouds circling gently, if plum blossoms are still fragrant. What the wind passes away is a natural sight, and what remains is the spring flowers.   Ask Buddha if he meets someone he can love, but he’s afraid he can’t grasp what to do?   Buddha said ∈ – How much love is left in the world and how many changes are made in the face of the floating world? And do happy things with lovers. don’t ask if it’s fate to rob. so, according to Buddha’s will, I bravely pursue love. the sweet and greasy lady also answers to music and music. her dedication revolves around two happy people and two warm hearts in spring.. However, a man has a wife and no love. Women have homes and are heartless. One night, when the stars were scattered all over the sky and the moon poked across the mountainside, all ended up in tears of good day and night when I hated not to meet but not to marry.. That night, destined to insomnia, that night, destined to grief, that night, destined to unforgettable. Don’t ask, don’t rob, it’s fate. Bless love is infinite. Wish love is infinite.   Some people asked Jackson Dalong Zhihong, ” What is a subtle Zen?”? Zen Master Zhihong replied, ” The wind sends water to the pillow side and the moon moves to the window.”. ‘ There is no water in front of me, but there is gurgling sound in my heart; There are no mountains outside the window, but the shadows in my mind overlap. The illusion is still beautiful, when thinking carefully and slowly. Chewing thousands of sorrows and sorrows, it is only a little sweet and moist that can penetrate life, especially enchanting. Sitting in peace with your eyes and meditation, you can have a panoramic view of the world, melting at one point word for word, and the ups and downs will not move.. Static, is the water stop in the alternation of day and night, is also the mountain weight in the vicissitudes of life and happiness. ‘ don’t make yuhua district still falls, no wind flocculant from the fly. Quiet so far away, subtle Zen is born in peace and wisdom.   Buddha said, ” Zen is also in the heart. Zen is in the heart, sitting and setting up, practicing and sleeping. Zen is always everywhere.”. Zen is also born in a certain time, a certain space, a person’s insight, and a Zen meaning..   Chaos, no spirit. Yin and yang are separated and united, and the party is willing to do so. The heart is Zen, the leaves are green, the flowers are fragrant, the sun is warm, the moon is soft, the stars are beautiful, love is found, and all living beings are also found.. Everything can not be solved, always illusion, because in it. Enlightenment, out of the bondage of the body, with the mind standing outside the object with spiritual wisdom and looking at the world with pure eyes, will find that all are tiny dust in sufficient light, bustling, but not many.   Buddha said: Persistence is like deep, it is the Buddha’s saying that gradually entering death: Persistence is like dust, it is futile and futile to return to Buddha’s saying: Persistence is like tears, it is a broken drop into the heart, breaking and scattering Buddha’s saying: Don’t ask for another 500 years, enter my empty gate, and already rise above Nirvana and die, it is just like facing the abyss and also determined to jump in, and death is an inevitable result.. Dust, light as nothing, floats in the air, can’t be seen or touched, just like clouds in the sky, and delusion of picking is just a dream of Nanke, clinging to nothingness.. Tears are the condensation of demons, broken hearts and scattered thoughts. Any heart injury always needs to be released. What is on the face is only the form. What drips into the heart is the pain.. If you compare your heart to a blue sea, your tears will fall in it, and you will be broken and nowhere to be found. When the ripples return to rest, everything will be restored before the tears condense.. Think, how long can people live? One hundred, or one hundred million years? Longer life is just between life and death. As long as you live every minute and second of yourself, why should you force your life to be short and long, beyond Nirvana’s heart, and live each cycle wonderfully?.   Ask Buddha: Why do my feelings always rise and fall?   Buddha said: All self – knowledge, all self – knowledge, month surplus and shortage, tide fluctuation, and floating and heaving are peaceful.   Life in the world is like being among thorns, with the heart still, the person not moving, the person not moving will not be hurt. If you move your heart, you will move your body and hurt your bones, and you will feel all kinds of pain in the world.! Emotions are the source of false move. Emotions include affection, love, friendship and all kinds of emotions are stored in your heart. You know what feelings you need, love and selflessness. You should cut off all love. Frankly speaking, I am not a Buddha.. Feelings are like waves whirling around and ups and downs, ups and downs still, all at some time or another. As for the ups and downs of feelings, like the moon’s ebb and flow, the tides come and go naturally and naturally end. Want to come, the way of peace is natural!   Ask Buddha how to make people’s hearts no longer feel lonely?   Buddha said that every heart was born lonely and incomplete, and most of them spent their lives with this kind of disability because they either missed or lost their qualification to have it when they met the other half who could make it perfect..   Ask Buddha why there are so many regrets in the world?   Buddha said ∈, this is a world of dancing, dancing is regret, without regret, no matter how happy you are, you will not feel happy..   These two sentences ask Buddha, asking about loneliness and regret. Born to cry bitterly, without a trace of reserve, as if to shed all the tears of the previous life, which started from the joy of ignorance. Perhaps it is Meng Po’s soup that breaks the heart and gives rise to endless loneliness, making people struggle to seize the energy that fills the residual heart and thus perfect it.. It’s just a whirling world. Regret is doomed, whether it floats in loneliness or turns the dust in loneliness into particles of happiness.. After all, happiness is not happiness because of what it has got, nor happiness because of happiness. Happiness is happiness because of happiness, without any explanation or answer..  Buddha said: if the fate comes, the fate will go; if the fate gathers, the fate will disperse; if the fate starts, the fate will live; if the fate falls, the fate will perish..   Buddha said: Love and separation, hatred and hatred, giving up and returning to the west, are all of no kind. However, it is only a fantasy with empty flowers in its eyes..   Buddha said: Forgetting doesn’t mean never having existed. All freedom comes from choice, not design. It is better to let go. The more you let go, the more you feel you have.   Fate is everyone’s mantra. If we are predestined friends to meet each other, if we do not meet at all, we will be bound by fate; if we gather together, we will be bound by fate; if we fall, we will be bound by fate.. The separation of love and hate and the aggregation of hatred and hatred are all due to their own choices and are not deliberately done for them.. For example, in reality, people are restricted by various conditions and can be selective and narrow. All restrictions do not exist when they are placed in a connected net sea. With a wide range of choices, they will feel free to come and go, love and hate.. Just traces, traces of fate, is to choose to forget or have? If we have a tree, we will give up a flower. If you give up a flower, you may have the whole forest. With empty flowers in my eyes, a piece of illusion is the result, and it is a process that I can’t ask for it and can’t put it down.. We can never abandon such a process because of such a result. Also cannot because of that kind of process, does not want the inevitable result. Even the edge of a second already exists in life, forgetting or owning it, and why should we stick to one idea if we don’t put it down or not?. Is it not a good choice to remain silent and rejoice in silence?.   Buddha said, ” One flower, one world, one grass, one heaven, one leaf, one Buddha, one sand, one bliss, one party, one pure land, one smile, one fate, one thought, one purity.”. If there is nothing in the heart, one can spend one world, one grass and one heaven.   If there is nothing in the heart, it is like water purification without waves, which is absolutely impossible because there is no Buddha in the world. If you don’t ask for the Buddha, the Buddha is a free heart, a good heart, a subtle feeling in the micro world, a feeling in the Buddhist sutra, a sea of dripping water, a heart that melts the universe, a dust and a heaven.. In short, I am a Buddha, but Buddha is not me.

Amidst the Red Summer Story ·

I first saw, met shallow and deep friend.Bonds of Mo, mind changed and dabbles in love, deep Red.  Time dream, Man rainbow street, Leaning lean on a railing, already terraced rice paddies Review clouds..  —— Kevin accidentally wearing fingers and lit the lonely, misty fleeting, brilliant fry’s in search of a fingertip slipped in love love.  Whisper season, time is quiet good, heaven and earth as ever.  Miss a person, the heart also confront the storm.  Siyi lingering in the water ferry, twisted waves wisp of memory, Ann warm perishable fleeting dust.  Light time leaning the other side, waiting for Mo flowers…  Obsessed long wait, downtown decorated with throbbing whisper season.  The intersection rings, and you rub shoulders, is the earth’s most beautiful purple street legend.  Summer Story, the idea in plastic film with poetic, swept over the edge of the heart, gentle, lingering…  Shallow fleeting, sometimes, also lightly butterfly, also love Chi Chan, will be in the season’s fingertips fleeting smoke, leisurely away.  Fleeting lean, hard to stay Xianzhi, terraced rice paddies those years, had a chance to look back, already weak in the dying breeze bleak season.  Hearts, there is an obsession City.Deep, settled the dust of first met when slammed heart.Xinyu pick up a ray of light tenderness, exile on the other side of the footpath change scenery, enchanting ethereal pale, but still an abundance of Siyi.  Sky, fine, clear, concentrated to those aesthetic Mankuang bit of crystal, colorful look at the pupil of the eye into lush.  Intoxication floral, soft texture along the ring into the palm of the same warmth.  Exposure to the wind quiet, keep quiet tranquil fleeting, time encounter a vision of prosperity.  If Susan to a powder, enraptured in the season’s winding…  Wisp of a smile bloom bright embellishment of the time, mining Yimiyangguang, wake-up time at the corners of their minds.  Those weak to clear away the joy and chanted, Qin warm.Distance, who whisper quiet Xia Fengqing through the curtain, tender-hearted who with heart?He leaned over, kiss on the lips fry, warm Xiangyi people, overflowing atrium.  Fleeting is young, let us close to each other, Helping Hands to smile when I first saw, stood still, stay in gorgeous fleeting, shallow hi love Ann warm years, I believe, these past, time will not forget.  The light summer, Xianzhi fragrant, elegant and graceful with Bana open fleeting.  Bring a ray of verdant, any first met the throbbing fingertips fly Manwu.  Light leaning depths of time, Xia Qing Yin’s Story, listen to the silent joys and sorrows season.  Zither Love, those deep and shallow imprint of time, happiness is a warm traces of poly.  Golden Age fleeting, only willing, continued to meet with you a bloom, listen fleeting whisper of fragrance.  Whispers of time to find meditation paragraph.Life, meet you, my heart is owned by the city of nomadic.  Affectionate florid silent, soft cotton tempting Splendor.  Bloom again, have you, quiet time where they breed an Acacia song Everlasting.  Wind language, shallow Yin spend, spend with each other, we will witness the most beautiful terraced rice paddies Love Lane met.  Deep in time, how much you want, when you look back to relive smile.  Huaxiangniaoyu in the morning, Xin warm gentle blossoms filled the bottom of the eye.  Unable to stop the affair, quietly listening to dim butterfly language, thoughts bypassing season fences between mind dough into a blooming tree warmth.  Those Xinyu Unspoken, time is lurking in the city’s most beautiful style.  Xia Qing Ning wind blowing through the terraced rice paddies season, between heart precipitation into the dust, that time read like, dust, downtown.  Hong heart at the moment, fleeting, still.Light and over the years, only wish time this season, I can promise before the smile line.  Years lintel, light singing stopped short of time.  Color whisper, deserted Love, Baozhan plain lonely in the branches, leaving a trace of explosive in each other’s memories of the Red scenery.  Who, in ferry memories, deeply moved by the dust of years, he lit the long lonely hearts?  Who, after years in Andi, tempting’s heart, awaken the sleeping ears lonely?  How much you want, hot summer, there you sent streaks of light swaying cool, elegant light fragrance blossoms shore.  Light twist ray of tenderness in the fingers, planted an everlasting Qiannian…  Think and read the intersection into a trembling heart, into a pro in the eye; quietly drop the plain in summer, a condensate Acacia, through the care of innumerable twists and turns, watch earthly reincarnation difficult Amidst the Red……

After this went on, a sight not

Point a lantern, Jiang Liu months in exile scene out of the old King division, listening to flute cold night, indulge in silent youleng cool song recollections heavy doors, to express a memo poem incense, fallen flowers sway in a different kind of floating adrift personnel duckweed.An encounter, who dotted the haze heart of fireworks, not a sparse, given who sigh of Lesser, met He Shishun from scratch, how many shifts has felt Hua.- Inscription send away the leading edge of the beginning of life is a lingering passionate flowers Splendor Fangfei.Yan asked footsteps, the end of life is bleak silence could not bear to think about parting.How many purple street by the way, it is that Renzouchaliang, wind and withered, bowed low feelings.Murdoch Qing Ji is not wasting Love, vast this mortal life in the fireworks, had a pinch weeping unexpected vicissitudes, also had a dream of Zen Dankan died long free period.    Overwhelmed by only a single, wind rustled through.Eye on Water Pik as a faint light waves was late afternoon, carrying some difficulty Dan painted throughout the heart of the Qing Yun, flower position to see the youth pavilion wading condensate water green moss.Do not let this season spring and keep people feeling desolate tenderness shallow buckle my heart anesthesia, in Seasons fleeting, as suddenly resigned sigh brow diffuse dust, gradually became weathered haze and had not seen then color.    After years old, it has a negative Shaohua early.After reading a thousand mountains Wan-shui met with sparse few years have passed, and embrace a skim heartbreaking tears to smile mosaic border, sighing each time horizon who become separated, scattered endless cycle of.Only I saw it a lot of sorrow and grief, have a piece of paper in the air lingering death bustling, could not bear to live scattered wind from how helpless pity of incense falling.    Old smile has been hard to find, only the rest of his life drunk with sleep month, looking back, tears wet cheeks.Vicissitudes man portrayed in the story of a pen light scanning, the number of fly-by-the heart of a curtain Feng Xu, drunk love Bliss Kam book difficult to send, can not help but sigh ourselves, Weak water three thousand who ferry, full of melancholy whom Hugh?    Lonely fingertips Ning, Yin heart into poetry.How many times a night if cool mist fans like magic strong, many times removed repressed this Red anxious heart.    Secluded Wye removal difficult, more searching through the dream.Smoke of the Red dream, I thin edge of Melancholy, who is dressed in a thin shadow in front of Osamu wind, clouded sleepless imaginary initial clear if the two conditions long-moon, who is far Lanzhou erratic in the head , obsessed with death a loss of roots will be worth Blanc wrote constant ancient poems.    Empty leaning over the railing, ears sounds absolutely cold.Small water at ordinary lanes, through the Mekong smoke water Xiaoxiang night scene, each real Wenzhuo cut too lonely footsteps are printed under the traces back feel, think of a pillow Canmeng, among the thousands of miles of some sentimental.    Familiar to swallow to return, to do anything, whenever think of this poem, lonely heart will always be free in the ocean sad, swaying shadow footer do not know where the way back, the boundaries of the future and the past, in the end is that in broke in elegant forget forget or unfamiliar face new prospects for this point, all sorts of chat Lai, I will always interpret stopped at the corner of failed.    It intended to light pen at the end, who knows me I’m Italian Communist Yin.Standing wedding day by the end of despair hard to find in the road, low residual Que hear these sentences Fragment of a lonely heart like the evening after wandering the Maple Leaf, waiting for the wind had blown off wandering, which in this life Yeah, thin cool passions in the end can withstand the hardship and suffering.    Haggard vaguely, fleeting dark change, when the residual cloud drink wine, how much light and charming, are long over tactics in Confession escape the back, even though the wind fragrant flowers in the barren desert mound, but also a painful and not the real decadent.    I read your style, I sink my Chizui, you go for that year and met a frown smile at you, in the wider world face in the crowd, then perhaps we just do not worthy of breaking the Red crazy man Maid, maybe just a turn later, is torn crack each other’s hearts, and now understand it, after all, does not live up to the past, destined to be broken-hearted dedication swallowed.    Time too hastily, the landscape is different.Write a sad remorse brush temperature turns back and turns, tears s garments off the ink, how deep Mowen Feeling a bit.But attracted only one person, who is willing to work with it.    Once frost dye recall, who pick up a pen to write operas in the Reeds?Overnight dreams have magic, who folded to do when Yang Hua horizon covered?Amidst the magic emanation floor Shuanghua, who reclined Chapter independence from tears.The dusty road, this one had no farewell, full of ups and downs hardships step by step, the outcome and exposure to loss, perhaps I should not have to open the title page memories, I will not cry in a long night out in welcome toward the rising sun.    Easy fleeting too, Red Gone.I heard the long-awaited reunion after the encounter, then how can I go to meet a deduction under this.If life had not met, I will not cry heartbroken after parting.If you did not come into my world, then where should I look like it.    Feeling the wind whisper months, years Tuosi, stumbling all the way bittersweet, lonely walk in the road, looking for a hangover of the night, I think back in the old scenery, sitting under Campanula voiceless, so that each conversation exile the speech is not indifference, not weeping, the time of a review of tea, not sank.    After this went on, Parting knows no boundaries.Concerned tired leaning Lakeshore blurred Labyrinth corridors of the day, come again and again as water hidden smell of Scripture Alone, cold silence the Luo Xu fluttering mood.In Acacia ferry, the tears falling and full of wistful infiltration by water in the dark memo aloes, thereafter, Montreal thin air, melancholy Fen Yang, tore verse wrote a desolate no other period.

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