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imperial capital

After passing through the empire several times, the city has only given itself a chance to stop. The city gives itself a feeling of peace.     Standing in the Forbidden City, I felt the royal style and dignity, and the solemn and respectful style of Enemy at the Gates. It seems that she saw a beautiful image of her summer retreat in the Summer Palace. The luxury of Gong Wangfu set off He Shen’s favor at that time. From the cultural details of Confucius Temple and imperial academy, we can see the importance attached to imperial examinations in ancient times, so we have to sigh with emotion that this system has continued until now and remains quite complete. The scene of the Grand View Garden reappears, seeing Daiyu’s original persistence. The strong cultural atmosphere in Tsinghua’s Peking University has attracted thousands of students who have been studying hard for 12 years. The gymnasium can still feel the 2008 Olympic pageantry. The Yuanmingyuan, which is suitable for stepping on the green, can faintly see the elegant demeanour of the year..     In the imperial city, you can spend the cheapest tickets to see the scenic spots that many people want to see, you can spend the cheapest bus fare and the longest distance on the subway fare, and you can eat the most authentic and delicious roast duck..     In the imperial city, you can see that the rent is very expensive, the traffic is very heavy, and the price is not cheap. You can see a lot of cattle working hard here. You can feel the joy of challenging yourself.     In the imperial city, you can create yourself to realize your dream, you can make many real friends, and you can communicate with the local people sincerely..     Like a city, don’t need a reason. This city has its own spiritual support, just want to stay in my heart, a city, not to enjoy, I want to taste and digest slowly.

I miss my grandfather in heaven

The biting cold wind and eyeful dead leaves are all conveying the smell of winter. The sleeping river still sings folk songs to the distance, tall and green pine trees, dense bamboo forests and winding winding mountain roads adorn the village with unique features..     At the foot of the Tiantai Mountain, on the bank of Tsushui River, on this day, December 25, 2014, the mountain full of aura was added with my grandfather, the patron saint of the Xiangshi family.. ‘ Revolution for many years for the benefit of the people, retired several generations of sages. ‘ This is an elegiac couplet engraved on grandpa’s grave, and it is also deeply branded in our hearts.     Grandpa was born on January 1, 1926, and finally on December 23, 2014. During his 88 years of life, he did many things, including politics, medicine, metaphysics, agriculture and so on. Although he was not a heroic deed to cry over ghosts and gods, he was deeply impressed in his heart.. The last night at home was Christmas Eve, a popular holiday in the West. The temperature dropped sharply on that day, and people who could come to mourn came in an endless stream, either relatives and friends, or fellow villagers, or government officials, or patients cured. In short, people who knew him came from all sides in a hurry to mourn the old man.. Firecrackers, fireworks, salute and cannons are ringing in the sky with a deafening sound. Others are still immersed in festive songs. We are waiting quietly here.. A word, a sound and a ring reveal our sadness and sadness..     ( 1 ) a good doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to heal the wounded and rescue the dead my grandfather is a good doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Grandpa is proficient in medical skills, especially for some difficult and complicated diseases. Some cases cannot be eradicated by modern medicine, but grandpa’s traditional Chinese medicine can, though not as good as Hua Tuo’s reincarnation, also get rid of the disease. On one occasion, two people came from Guanba, crying to their father and daughter and girls, claiming to be seeking a cure for their ailing mother. After they explained the situation, grandpa smoothed his beard and looked confident, so he hurried into the herbal medicine house and walked out to pass them the wrapped prescription hands in about ten minutes and told them to take precautions for drinking the medicine.. Soon after, they came to grandpa’s house again, this time three people, they came to thank grandpa specially.. At that time, the joyful scene, the exciting moment, from grandma’s report, were there.     Grandpa has cured countless difficult and complicated diseases in his life. It seems simple. In fact, the bitterness and suffering behind this is obvious and painful in his heart.. In order to collect a complete range of medicinal materials, no matter whether the mountains are high or the mountains are far away, whether the weather is sunny or sunny, grandpa will definitely go to search for prescriptions after work, especially during his 30 years of retirement, he has made many unique prescriptions by wading through mountains and rivers.. Most of the time, we like to brick into his pharmacy to peek at grandpa’s prescriptions, and when we find that a prescription is short of one medicine, grandpa will meticulously write it down and then fill it up one by one.. Although he is not a full-time medical practitioner, he has always kept in mind and actively practiced the style of the healer of saving the dead and helping the wounded.. Grandpa’s meticulous and serious attitude often affects our younger generation, so we must be serious and not tolerate any carelessness in doing things..     ( 2 ) ” Good sir” who educates children and grandchildren’ My grandfather is a good sir who educates children and grandchildren. Parents are the first teachers of children, which shows the importance of every parent in educating children. At present, many teachers have expressed the feeling that students are becoming more and more difficult to teach. Indeed, the number of left-behind children, the deviation of the education methods of the older generation, the corrosion of unhealthy social atmosphere, the multiple efforts and the great pressure can be imagined.. My grandfather is not the same.     Grandpa is the father of six children and has twelve grandchildren. Most of them have made great contributions to grandpa and to his family.. In this family of four generations, we have played various roles, but we all have to accurately position our own trajectory. Among the children and grandchildren, there are politicians, businessmen, railway builders and people’s teachers. They are filial to their parents, live side by side in harmony and perform their duties in their posts.. Especially in Sun Tzu’s generation, basically all of them are college students. After graduating from college, they either took part in the work smoothly or did their own work with the fighting spirit of being aggressive, daring to bear hardships and working hard.. In a word, we are children who came out of the mountain town and have a somewhat envious look in the eyes of others, all saying they are ancestors’ graves.. In fact, this can not be separated from grandpa’s earnest teachings, parents’ painstaking pulling and self-determination and strong willpower. Quoting the classic lines of Deng Xiaoping’s regulations in the TV play’s participation in the historical transition” Thank you for growing up in this great era. Perhaps this is the easterly wind everyone could bathe in in the 8090′ s. Taking advantage of the hot youth to write a life without regrets, youth is capital.     Xu did not choose a people’s teacher until he had listened to grandpa’s words.. The scene the night before I went to college is still fresh in my memory. Especially grandpa’s words, he has a special friendship when he talks about Changsha. when he was young, he went to the provincial party Committee party school as an excellent cadre to study and study. Grandpa especially worships Mao Zedong. During his study period, grandpa will always go to some unusual places to find the pride of the communists.. In 2010, grandpa went to Changsha to see a doctor. His growing age did not lose his heart’s desire. Even under the dissuasion of his relatives, he still insisted on revisiting his old place. At that time, grandpa visited many places, including the provincial Party School, Hunan Provincial Museum, Hunan Provincial Library, orange island, Yuelu Mountain and Aiwanting Pavilion.. The old man’s courage is commendable and honorable, the true feelings of gratitude to the Party and the country are beyond expression, and the persistent spirit that the old should be strong and prefer to move from white to white is more than touched.. That time, grandpa realized his wish.     Due to various reasons, every time we go home from the holiday, we always tell grandpa the change of Changsha in the small talk, he always responds with a smile, that kind of peaceful face and dedicated expression, as if our conversation brought him back to the heyday of the year and the moment when he was proud of himself.. Therefore, to like Changsha is not only to like its spiritual culture of ” worrying about the world and daring to be the first person”, but also to like the regretless life written on the university campus, which is more deeply rooted in its style..     ( 3 ) hardworking and capable good farmers my grandfather is a hardworking and capable good farmer. Although grandpa is a government cadre, he always shuttles through the fields in his spare time and retirement years, carefully cultivating his flue-cured tobacco, his citrus, his wheat seedlings and his rape. He always runs around the mountains looking for treasures in the mountains, such as camellia oil seeds, herbs, matches and wood … he always knows them well in many strange places. He is always able to handle many difficult techniques. Many complicated affairs can always be handled with ease. Therefore, in the age of eating rice from a big pot, grandpa’s family of eight could smell rice and lard.     Neighbors envy grandpa and always praise him. Can build two tall and unique wooden houses, every late summer and early autumn, grandpa will regularly apply a thick layer of tung oil on them, brush it over and over again, just like a woman who loves beauty, and apply layers of insulation cream to dress herself up carefully to create a unique beauty. With a hardworking and capable grandfather, the two wooden houses in our family, which have been in existence for 20 years, are still brand new and bright today. He can dress the crops beautifully.Grandpa’s planting of crops not only requires a real harvest, but also has a very high aesthetic standard, which is no inferior to the beauty contest, only from a different perspective. Every spring planting season, grandpa’s seedlings are always arranged in an orderly way and can be seen in a straight line from side to side. During the autumn harvest, the golden rice was full of rice fields and bowed their heads and bent down in succession. It was like a procession of welcome guests, with a gust of autumn wind blowing, and the rice was fragrant and refreshing.. As children, we like to travel through the fields for fun, which has become a beautiful scenery line, sometimes picking up the lost rice spike to comfort our hard years.. Grandpa wasn’t satisfied with the state’s allocation of existing land for farming. He took the lead in actively opening up wasteland and farmland, vigorously planting trees and returning mountains to green..     ( 4 ) good party members and cadres for the benefit of the people my grandfather is a good party member and cadre for the benefit of the people. When grandpa was 14 years old, Taigong Taipo died and became a real orphan. He was the eldest brother in the family and the burden of caring for younger siblings was naturally placed on grandpa’s shoulders.. At that time, grandpa was very strong, not only taking good care of his younger siblings, but also participating in collective labor and learning to read and write arithmetic at night.. This is what I have been holding.     One day, they came to the village and said they would re-elect a village party secretary. After democratic election, grandpa won the post. Later, after unremitting efforts, he rose to the rank of metre cadre and finally retired ahead of schedule with honor.. In the red revolution era, grandpa, who had no money and no status, realized his life value with his steadfast, hard-working and strong qualities.. Grandpa was honest and upright as an official all his life, and he was sometimes taken advantage of by some people with ulterior motives. But he was always respected and respected, and he always managed the relationship properly and won the admiration and respect of others..     Grandpa has done a lot for the common people in the years of Shuangxi township government, solving many difficult problems and making outstanding achievements.. One year when rice was approaching maturity, the weather was angry, the autumn wind howled, and the rain came as scheduled. In the middle of the night, grandpa organized government workers and villagers to do a good job of snatching money to minimize losses. Grandpa can save for a rainy day, not only because he is proficient in some metaphysics, but also because he knows how to observe the living rules of living creatures carefully and then judge whether it is feasible or not, so that he can achieve high speed and efficiency..     Grandpa retired early and always wanted to serve everyone during his days at home. Grandpa always cleans up a long section of road outside our house and several hardened cement roads. Although the roads are maintained by special personnel, grandpa is duty bound to do so.. Most of the time, we are always used to leisurely stroll on clean and tidy roads, hum songs and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this mountain village.. Listen to the neighbor’s old lady, since your grandfather was ill, the cement-hardened road has been dirty, with withered and yellow leaves, rotting grapefruit and rotting dung, which are often passed by with contempt.. Think about the place that once could walk barefoot. It is now desolate and cold, overgrown with weeds and moss. The scene of this situation, why don’t you give birth to melancholy? The road is no longer the original clean and tidy road, nor is it a person who used to hold a broom silently..     Every time I go through this road, I always think about people.     ( 5 ) Tough and tenacious” Good Soldier” My grandfather is just tough and tenacious” Good Soldier’. Grandpa was born in the war-torn era, casting his extraordinary steel character. Although he has not participated in the vigorous war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, the idea of the whole people’s resistance to Japan is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and as every patriotic youth who has thought and done something, he has devoted himself to the great wave of liberation of China without hesitation..     Grandpa is especially strong when something goes wrong. During the period when he was ill and hospitalized, he had been fighting against the disease. I can walk and never let others back, I can eat and never let others feed, I can dress and never let others do it for me … He always does it on his own for many small things.. There was a scene that was clearly fixed in my mind all the time. At that time, my grandfather was bedridden and had no improvement in seeking medical treatment, asking questions and praying. He had to sit at home and rest. Then his illness deteriorated and some of his skin began to rot. Everyone knew that grandpa’s life was not long and his heart was extremely hurt.. On that visit to grandpa, he quietly told me that he didn’t want to live in this world any more. After listening, I froze and then wept. I should have comforted and encouraged him, but in turn he should have comforted me: Don’t cry, be strong in the face of setbacks in life. I know very well that life, death and illness are natural laws, but when I reach my relatives, all the grandiloquence looks so pale and feeble..     The day before grandpa left, it was just the day when my new house was completed for dinner. This was in the plan, but the plan couldn’t keep up with the change. After discussion, the family didn’t have any wine, but the family ate together to show some luck.. Grandpa made the final struggle that day, wandering several times on the edge of life and death.. Just know, the old man will have some signs before he leaves. Grandpa sobbed twice, once at 12 o’clock and once at 11 o’clock in the evening, fearing that Grandpa would not survive. All the children are sitting around the bed waiting for Grandpa. They hold his hand tightly and tell him that he will survive today anyway. Only in this way will it be beneficial to the children and grandchildren.. Although he could not say clearly that he was suffering from bone-chilling pain, his firmness loudly shouted out his long-cherished wish. Grandpa survived that day, until 5: 30 the next morning, grandpa sobbed for the third time and left us forever..     Although he is not a real soldier on the battlefield, his strong courage and perseverance are enough to keep his good soldier image in our hearts forever..     On that day, the wind blew gently, hoping to blow away the pain on your body, blow away the defects of your memory, and blow away the uneasiness in your heart.. After that day, the sky was covered with filar silk dark clouds, and the rain was falling all the time, and the taste of all kinds of thoughts poured into my heart..     Gently, you go, just like you come gently. With a wave of your sleeves, you don’t take away any clouds.     Wish, in heaven, you can be happy, serene and happy for a long time.

Hometown Dreaming ( 1 ) )

When I was four years old, one day it was very hot at noon, and five elder brothers, three years older than me, took me secretly to take a bath in the woods. It was a big pit, filled with water. We were careful to get into the water. The water was almost bottomless, but we did not know the danger, but we just played to our heart’s content. The parents of clinker suddenly arrived. Seeing this, we were both surprised and frightened and angry. We were all slapped.. I don’t know if we will drown if our parents don’t arrive..     When I was six years old, my family moved from the oil yard to the hill. The old house was demolished and the new house was not built, so I had to borrow a room from my uncle’s house for a temporary stay.. One day we played with the son of Uncle San. We were both the same age, but we were annoyed when we played. We started to fight.. I broke his head and blood flowed through him. When I got home, my mother locked me in the house and beat me to death.. Let no one call the door good also won’t open. It is strange that she cried while playing. She didn’t stop until I cried and swore, ” Never again”, but tears were still flowing.. Now think of it, my mother might have hit somebody else’s baby because she was dependent on others, but hate iron but not steel.     When I was just in primary school, my father came back from the outside one day and bought me a small picture album in color. The picture shows a giraffe. It eats leaves from a tree. A little hedgehog drools miserably. But the giraffe touches red fruit, and the fallen fruit is inserted into the thorn of the little hedgehog. The little hedgehog is full of joy and joy.. Since then, those beautiful pictures have been fixed in my mind, inspiring my imagination of beautiful things. I also seem to be a happy little hedgehog.     My brother ran home excitedly and told me that a small piece of carrot was planted in the vegetable plot of the lius. he stole and pulled out a tree, which was very sweet. So I followed him to the’ Erjin Palace’. If there is a small piece of carrot land, it is a pity that it is too small, but both of us have swept it away. Who knows the parents knew at dinner time, saying that the old woman of the Liu family was a very stingy and severe person. if it hadn’t been for her relatives and friends, she would have come to visit her family to ask for punishment, but only because of her parents’ kindness did she give up.. We wondered how the Liu family knew we did it, when there was not even a bird in the field. It turned out that we accidentally left the slingshot in the carrot field. Liu’s family found it and ran into the old six who often played with us. The old six didn’t know how bad they were and said the slingshot belonged to us.. I didn’t think I was invisible, but I left’ evidence of guilt’. One day I met an old woman from Liu’s family. She asked us to fetch a slingshot from her house with a cold face.. But who dares? So we have to start to run. At that time, my face was red with fever. Although I couldn’t write the word ” shame”, I felt ashamed for the first time..     My father suffered a serious illness when he was young. Later, a relative taught him to practice martial arts, saying that it could strengthen his body. He worked hard and finally learned several boxing, whipping and cudgel techniques.. He is strong and famous. When we were young, he taught us because he benefited from martial arts. I am not interested in the weak but forced to practice and sometimes beaten. Every day after dinner, many young people from Murakami came to my yard, and my father taught them to practice martial arts patiently and carefully.. But my father often warned them to practice martial arts only for physical fitness and self – defense, and not to rely on martial arts to do evil. Under his strict instruction, I finally learned his fist stick method. I just didn’t bother to stick to it after work, so I completely forgot it. It was really’ waste arms from literature’ and failed to inherit his’ mantle’.

Gully spring

Gulou Spring is not called Gulou Spring, but Dog Spring.     I didn’t see the spring. In Yiyuan this place, it was really hard to find the spring in the countryside and I couldn’t find’ moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its brooks’. Looking at Yimeng Mountain, the vast expanse of green, corn fields, peach orchards, pear orchards and apple orchards are stacked one on top of the other to reach the stone peak on the top of the castle peak, giving people a sense of distance from this day.     Lower your head and look down. in the wide zhangzhuang river, you can see weeds, no clear water, no clear spring.     Where is the gully spring?     The drunk old man has disappeared, the dog that saved the old man has disappeared, and the spring water dug out by the dog has either been buried by weeds or turned a blind eye to the villagers.. History has been printed into the pale yellow paper, but what remains unchanged is people’s praise of loyalty and loyalty. In the story, people and dogs are parallel, accompany each other and look after each other. However, people’s desire is more than dog’s desire, and it is much more difficult to control than dog’s desire. Because of the willfulness of human nature, it brings a lot of damage and danger to oneself.. Dogs don’t have human desires, so they are simple, because they are easier to get along with people, know more about repaying favors, and are easier to move. However, the smoke cloud still exists and the story has disappeared. Standing in front of the gully spring, what you see is the ocean of the mountain.     I have passed by the gully spring many times.     In Yiyuan, in Mengyin, there are many small towns like gully springs. At the foot of the mountain, in the enclosure of the orchard and in the silent mountains, people show their love for a better life with red roofs.. After many times, in addition to being slightly surprised at the quiet land on this side, it is full of respect for men and women with copper skin.. The rolling mountains, stretching out the vast expanse of the land, also show the difficulty of making a living and developing.. However, the unyielding people just use labor, wheelbarrows and tenacity to make this land peaceful and fragrant in the early autumn sunshine.. While enjoying the joy brought by the reception, people are still looking forward.     However, I still can’t forget the ditch spring in my heart.     Yes, there are moving stories everywhere in this land, but I am here, in the yellow sunshine, on the bridge, facing the houses shaded by trees, like a leaf falling from Yimeng Mountain.. Yes, dry life needs a clear spring, dusty seedlings need a clear spring, this land needs a clear spring, the future here needs a clear spring, Yimeng Mountain needs a clear spring..     Yes, people in the gully spring need a clear spring even more.     In our time, we need respite.     2016 / 9 / 19

Four Seasons of Bamboo

When Li Wenwang was very young in the four seasons of bamboo, there were several rows of bamboo at the door. Not only is it my home, but all the village people who live on the river have a small strip of bamboo, except the bamboo from the front row is in front of the yard and the bamboo from the back row is behind the door. Later, after looking at many mountain bamboos, it was discovered that all the bamboos in the village were thin and ugly.. Eight years ago, I called bamboo ” bamboo” according to the village name, but the picture of bamboo is also more beautiful than it. Then Baidu Kuzhu and Huangzhu, all of which can be painted, are not as ugly as the bamboo at the door of the house.. Just as I was depressed about the bamboo that couldn’t find its name and was about to give up, several familiar bamboo shadows on the picture let me shine at the moment. Well, that’s not the bamboo at the door. A careful examination revealed that those ugly bamboos had an equally obscure name – Indocalamus. Ah, Indocalamus, is this the bamboo of the water village? Is it the bamboo that is not much thicker than the small circle formed by the thumb and forefinger?? Is that one yuan for five bamboo sticks? I couldn’t help feeling sorry for that name. However, I also think that water villages naturally have the characteristics of water villages. The bamboo in your mountain area is beautiful, but do you have turtles and mandarin fish in the mountain area? Do you have yellow croaker or black croaker? We did. There were many more in the early days. It is already good to have bamboo in the water village. Do you care whether it is beautiful or not? What’s more, these bamboos have given me too much joy and even enjoyment. In this way, I will no longer have prejudice against the bamboo of my hometown, and even gradually miss the bamboo that has disappeared for many years.. From the bamboo in my hometown, I thought of all the bamboos and the four seasons of bamboo. On the first day of the new year, firecrackers will be set off. The firecrackers in ancient times were actually the crackling sound of bamboo, which was the authentic and original firecrackers. In this way, bamboo is the prelude to the new year. The Lantern Festival is here, and I’m afraid the only country in the world where lanterns are hung everywhere is China.. In addition to the wick and gauze, the lantern is covered with bamboo, and the lantern is the embodiment of bamboo.. In the east of the world, on that day, ” is like a spring gale, come up in the night, thousands of trees and thousands of tea blossoms.”. Spring March, even early spring February, as long as it is a warm day in spring, with a slight wind, in the east of the world, it is a sky flying kites one after another.. For thousands of years, who didn’t know this poem – children came back from school early and took advantage of the east wind to release kite. kite is the earliest Chinese name for kite. Such a country is once again rare in the world. Kite nature is the embodiment of bamboo. During the spring rain, how much protection and warmth have been poured into people by the bamboo hat and umbrella in history! Bamboo shoots have sprung up and can be processed into delicacies that many people like. In summer, bamboo doesn’t seem to be as distinctive as lanterns and kites. Maybe you can’t remember the existence of bamboo. However, as long as you touch the side, maybe you are sitting in a bamboo chair, or lying on a bamboo bed with a bamboo pillow, or maybe you are holding a bamboo fan in your hand! It’s just that you turn a blind eye to it. If time is pushed forward for 30 or 40 years, bamboo beds and chairs will undoubtedly be fans or even air conditioners at that time. However, bamboo seems to have more summers in the countryside than in the city. Isn’t it? Look, what do people in those water villages do by the ditches? Originally, they were using bamboo – woven loach cages and fish cages to catch loaches and fish and shrimps. The loach cage and the fish cage are tools for fishing and hunting in water villages, because the tool is imported from irreversible, soft and medium with hard bamboo whiskers, and all fish are allowed in and not allowed out.. This is a tool that embodies a lot of painstaking efforts by people in the water village, and it really contains the wisdom of bamboo weaving! Indocalamus in water villages is mainly used to weave loach cages and fish cages! Wow, bamboo chopsticks pick up the fish and shrimps caught in bamboo cages, but the bamboo is having a celebration party, isn’t it? Bamboo in autumn is not inferior either. Although loach is hidden deep, although the autumn wind makes bamboo chairs on bamboo beds cold and scary, who can say that it is not a good enjoyment of life if the east does not shine and the west does not shine and the bamboo flute or the dongxiao is played against the moon in early autumn or mid – autumn?? In addition, in my hometown, village children often peel awn shells from indocalamus, cut them into swastikas with scissors, then cross the center with small bamboo sticks, and insert the sticks into bamboo sticks with long and short chopsticks. A small windmill with local characteristics will be ready.. The small windmill whirled violently in the autumn wind, bringing much happiness and happiness! In winter, bamboo does not really have much use, but even in the winter with heavy snow, bamboo still inspires people with its own temperament. Therefore, Fang Zhimin has the following verse: ” Snow presses bamboo head low, low wants to touch mud, once the red sun comes out, it is still in harmony with the sky.”. The reason why there will be such a good saying is that Fang Zhimin, chairman of the Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi Soviet government and senior general of the Red Army, also has the temperament of bamboo – tenacity, firmness and integrity. The four seasons of bamboo and the four seasons of bamboo are beautiful and beautiful.


[ Editor’s Note ]Youth may really be very short. In a few years, I have already lost my pride, and there is no longer a young frivolous person, nor is there any flesh and blood.. Most of the time, fame and fortune seem to me to be floating clouds . Ah, expressing the author’s feelings of being a little passive and a little helpless and moaning without illness, and his meditation of looking down on life..     Unconsciously, I haven’t started writing for many months and my life is still calm. After a day in the dormitory, I don’t know what to do. Sometimes a peaceful life will fall into the blind spot of life as well.. In the past few months, I have not read a novel, not written an essay, and occasionally went out to take some photos. instead, I often suffer from insomnia and sometimes make some low-level mistakes because of trivial life, often reminding myself, but sometimes I still can’t control my emotions. life is like an empty dream..   Youth may really be very short. In a few years, I have already lost my pride, and there is no longer a young frivolous or hot-blooded person.. Many times, fame and fortune seem to me only to be floating clouds. I want to record my inner uneasiness with a pen, but I find that my inner uneasiness is only empty, and there is nothing worth recording.   Passion, where is my passion?   After a trip to Shenzhen years ago, I rarely wrote anything. I couldn’t find inspiration at once. In a daze, what did I pursue and what did I expect?. I have not found an answer to the question of whether the disappointment is too deep or the loneliness too deep.. But I can’t find any reason to go there any more. Several brothers said why I didn’t visit them. We were only a hundred kilometers away, three hours by car, but it really seemed to be a long way away.. I haven’t seen you in a few years. Time has really diluted many and many things.   In the past five years, the heart of revisiting the old place has changed from eagerness to calm down, and I have also changed from youth to growth.. Youth are floating and looking for their own dreams. In many cases, reality is more cruel than ideal. Reality will always let people down.. In my life, I have carried too many dreams and too many fetters of reality, which also enables me to treat things and things more rationally. San Mao said: ” Sometimes we have to be cruel to ourselves and can’t tolerate our sad disappointment. Sometimes we have to be cruel to the people we love and put aside the memory of their love” but I will not be disappointed in condoning my sadness, but I will not be cruel to myself, so I will keep wandering and wandering.. And love, is not.   One night, I chatted with my junior high school teacher in charge and said that we hadn’t seen each other for many years.. He said I was pessimistic. I told him that I was not pessimistic, but he didn’t know me very well.. It’s been ten years since junior high school, and there have been some changes in more or less ten years. Most of the students are fathers and mothers.. And I, still lonely struggle in the dream of the road. I believe that people are responsible for things, so I have been pursuing my ideal persistently and will never give up lightly.. As a student, I often failed exams, failed to go to college, had some human factors and had some environmental factors, but all these could not be an excuse to prevent me from going to success..   Life and work, although there are no ups and downs, will always have a bad time, as in my world, and everywhere I live, there are traces of missing.. I am particularly fond of remembering the old. Others say that those who remember the old may be right. I am also particularly fond of feeling, especially eager to reunite with my brothers who have fought together before.. But the distance between time and space often fails to reunite us.

Drunk cigarettes

Smoking is by no means a good thing. I think everyone who smokes knows it, not to mention the expense of smoking, but also has a great impact on his own health. Therefore, athletes do not smoke, smoking is not good, and smoking in the crowd is even worse. If it is hot weather, smoking in the crowd, sweat, acid, odor and smoke will really make people want to be evil.. However, if it is cold, the air in the room with the air conditioner turned on will not be smooth, and if smoke is added at this moment, it will be difficult to breathe, let alone comfortable feeling.. Moreover, some people are not good at comparing cigarettes as business cards on social occasions, while many young people are not good at smoking as their personality.. Although it is all sorts of bad things, why are there so many people who cannot bear to forsake it??     In fact, I also smoke, but I am not infatuated with or addicted to cigarettes.. I smoke, especially in a quiet environment, and there is a lonely place in the air. Although a cigarette at this time will not bring any warmth, my thoughts will be intoxicated with the drifting smoke, but it can make people feel particularly free and natural.. If there is another piece of music that is empty, it will be even more harmonious. The blue smoke is beating with the music, with melancholy, understanding, comfort and profoundness in the thread.. My thoughts are drifting away and I don’t even know how far it is. Smoke flows through the window lattice again and dissipates in the ethereal emptiness, passing through time and space, that song is free and that piece of freedom is really unbearable to forsake.. I think people who love cigarettes also don’t want to give up for this, do they.   I don’t advocate smoking, especially in the crowd, the impact is really bad. The reason is stated above, but in the lonely time, I am intoxicated with it. The wisp of smoke is not dust, but thoughts, blurred, quiet and hazy in the flashy world.. It is so, so, I don’t want to see the words that put love in the smoke.. If you crush your feelings into tobacco shreds and then die with Mars, the cigarette will change its flavor. There are too many beautiful things in Chinese poetry, songs, songs, music, chess, calligraphy and painting, but you can’t always write a word or a sincere one. In that case, why not exclude the cigarette and let it be more pure and blank??   What I would like to see more is the haze of smoke, the haze of smoke in the world of mortals, and everything will be confused and confused. rape, evil, ugliness and confusion will no longer be true in the haze, and virtue, goodness, beauty and truth will no longer be flashy.. As the world bathes in the fog of the hour, it is hazy that the man’s world is real and cruel, and people perfunctory life and reality. Relatively speaking, life and reality will also perfunctory people and just get lost in the smoke. This is a man’s weakness, but as long as it is a man, who is not vulnerable?? We advocate fortitude and self-improvement because of the loneliness, the loneliness and the fragility. No matter how strong a person is, he has a soft side. No matter how hypocritical he has a real moment, this is the time of vulnerability.. Smoke carries too many euphemisms for men, too many heartbreaks, too much loneliness, too much loneliness, and the more so, the more its light posture is infatuated and yearned for..

Desire for truth

Life has given us enlightenment. Fate has arranged everything for us. To live, we must live better, strive towards the goal, make our due contribution to the cause of justice, and make efforts for the betterment of the collective, the country and the world..   Hypocrisy makes people indulge, truth makes people cheer up. ‘ Indulge in the life of hypocrisy, drifting and even dying may not be able to tell the truth about their own life, but the life that is uplifted or short in the real environment will also leave a bright life track like a meteor, and I hope our lives will all be spent like this.     Here, we can ask, as long as you are willing to obey the fate of the arrangement, gentle and virtuous wife, stable work, there will never be a big twists and turns of life, everything has, the only drawback is that you can’t help it, will you accept it?     In order to pursue ideal and truth, how many people have abandoned hypocrisy and peace of mind in their present life? Maybe you don’t like the present job, but it can pay you enough to live every month. Maybe you don’t like the people you love now, but they can give you a bland and comfortable life. Maybe the city you don’t like now, but you bought a house here. If you leave all this behind and seek the ideal in your heart, you will inherit the future that may fail.. Most people will continue to live and accept the roles assigned to them by their parents, society and fate..     I’ve seen a TV play before, and the story inside is very touching.. A student from a very poor family went to an art school. Most of the students in this school are rich kids. He was afraid of being discriminated against by his classmates. He lied that his father was an architect and his mother was a painter.. Everyone also believed that it was true. In fact, his mother was laid off and his father was a plumber with a very low income.. On one occasion, my father bought a pair of sneakers for a month’s salary, dragged himself to his son’s school and handed the shoes to his son: ” Don’t you like these shoes?”? As soon as I got paid, I went to buy it back. The son, fearing that others might see his poor father, said a few words impatiently and urged his father to leave the dormitory. Seeing this, it makes us very sad and has an unspeakable taste in our hearts.. We don’t understand this classmate’s behavior very much. Can his ” fabrication” improve the family situation? Don’t, there is a plumber’s father really embarrassed? After covering up the reality layer by layer, he may win ” face” for him, and may also be ” admired” by some classmates.. However, does this’ admiration’ make sense? Hypocrisy is really so respected, truth is so despicable? Can’t think so, a person who dares to give his card to others often wins both success and respect from others.     But the reality is that each of us has a hypocritical side, but the degree of expression is different. Because people want to survive in the society, competition will also arise for survival, and personal abilities will be linked in the competition. Some hypocrisy is the means used to achieve certain purposes.. Sometimes it is necessary to become hypocritical in a certain situation. Everyone should understand the truth that some friends deserve to be treated by you. Some are just ordinary friends or only superficial friends, so hypocrisy is only for those who need to be treated hypocritically, but not in front of genuine friends..     However, in today’s society, money and status have become important yardsticks to measure each person’s social status, who has who and how much money? So – and – so has what great high-tech items are very valuable. So – and – so, how much money does a certain unit spend now? There is a great chance of promotion and it will be very good in the future.. Some people also said that they could do whatever they wanted, as long as they could earn money. If you go to a big restaurant and get a sum of money from him, you won’t have to worry about it. This is today’s society. How sad it is for some people to pursue the rise of their financial status, but neglect their personal values, dreams and social responsibilities and forget the most important feeling of life.!     If the world of mortals is on the net, the common fate will be difficult, so the more people live, the more they feel unable to extricate themselves. Fame and fortune mingle, material desires cross – flow, and some people feel heavier and heavier as they walk more and more.. In the midst of worldly impetuosity and uproar, some people have learned some coping skills by themselves: seemingly arrogant but actually concealing inferiority, tough language often conceals a guilty conscience, self-righteousness is actually fragile will, and only Nuo Nuo or you are planning a fatal trap behind your back.. As a result, we saw that the good heart was imprisoned by the increasingly indifferent armor, but we could not grasp the true meaning of greeting and smile from others.. Life is supposed to be real, but we are constantly using this behavior to betray the true meaning of life, whether you intentionally or casually or unintentionally. As Milan Kundera said, ” Every sentence has made us farther and farther away from what we had planned.”.     In the face of truth, don’t be afraid that truth will destroy the friendly building. If you can’t even bear the true feelings, even if you can survive in hypocrisy, you will never live long. Since the flower of love can wither in the real wind and rain, it will surely die in the vain air. Remember, no matter what the reason is, never fake your feelings, be good at expressing your feelings, and learn to understand each other, even if they are weak or stupid.. Every life has its own colorful movement. Real communication is actually the most effective, simple and direct only correct method..     People, what the hell is living for? That is to believe in yourself, challenge the limits, fight bravely and live out your own wonderful life. Life is beautiful, life is colorful, life is full of birds and flowers, life is full of veiled dreams, life is a song, a symphony full of beautiful melody and cheerful notes.. Feel life, feel the color of life is a new feeling.     Those who live in happiness praise life for its beauty, while those who live in pain accuse life of being so unfair..Perhaps when a person lives in happiness, he doesn’t realize that he lives in a happy sea, or he doesn’t think about what people live in this world for, because he is intoxicated by the beauty of life.. Only those who live in pain can feel good and deep, and can say such a question as ” what do people live for?”. What the hell are people living for? Life has given us inspiration, fate has arranged everything for us, and we must live better, strive towards the goal, make our due contribution to the cause of justice, and make efforts for the betterment of the collective, the country and the world..     It is not easy for people to live, ” life is a lifetime, vegetation is a autumn, flowers have a reopening day, and people are no longer young.”,’ one inch of time is one inch of gold, and one inch of gold is not enough to buy one inch of time. ”. People can’t live this life without doing anything. Although it is ordinary, we have a goal and a direction of struggle. The value of life depends on ourselves to create it.. Believe in yourself, as long as you work hard, success will not be too far away, and then you will have a deeper understanding of’ what the hell are people living for’. In a word, I deeply understand life, throw away the false coat and return to the true and happiest of our life..

Computer humor

I used to use Microsoft double spelling input method when typing Chinese characters with computer. Microsoft’s Double Spelling’ can lose one sentence at a time with a key twice. It’s economical and fast, and its speed is no faster than’ five strokes’ . Of course, it also has some shortcomings, that is, it is to choose words, but it is this’ word selection’ shortcoming that often gives me a taste of the humorous character of the computer.. One time I hit an article and my eyes swelled. When I entered ” The headmaster is a teacher with rich experience …”, what I showed was ” The little soldier encircles Xue Jingyan and meets his husband”. I saw, ” Poof” laughed out with a loud laugh.. The computer guy actually took out a story I heard recently. There was a man nicknamed ” Little Soldier”. He was small and smart, but he was brave and resourceful in chasing girls. He watched other friends get married one after another, leaving a girl friend whom he once admired, Xue Jingyan, who had just divorced. One day he met Xue and was beaten up by her husband. Angry from the heart, he ignored his short stature and struggled to save the beauty. This saved his marriage with Xue.. Later” Little Soldier” Always boasting in front of friends” Erguotou’ Also Sweet’. Looking at the word ” encirclement and suppression” on the computer, I suddenly doubted whether the ” little soldier” was premeditated, and if so, it would be inaccurate to say that he was ” brave and resourceful.”. I told my wife to appreciate this wonderful coincidence sentence, and she smiled easily and then said, ” You’re so bored with typing that the computer is laughing at you.”. Yes, as long as I type, the computer of the’ for suspicion’ will amuse me. I enter’ love is a difficult book’, and the computer shows’ love is a difficult book’. ‘ Hard – to – read Books” Just Bitter and Hard – to – Read; ‘ Unutterable Book” That’s what I couldn’t say after I read it. Long – term happiness and sorrow are mixed up in an unutterable way. The computer doesn’t eat human fireworks, but pretends to know the three flavors of love. He won’t be making fun of the mortal world who has sunk into the affair, will he? I input’ Yang Wen never lets people dare to approach’, but the computer shows’ Mosquito Raising Calls People Dare Not to Approach’ . Yang Wen under my pen is a pampered child whom people don’t want to approach very much, ” raising mosquitoes and shouting people”, a humorous metaphor. I type’ five strokes difficult’, and the computer shows’ incomparably difficult’. Five strokes’ typing has so many roots to remember that it is really difficult to learn,’ five strokes’ is a phenomenon,’ extremely difficult’ is a degree. Isn’t this a good crosstalk line? Interesting. The computer guy is really funny. When I type it, I forget fatigue as soon as it is humorous, and I can’t help laughing as soon as it is humorous.. In fact, computer humor is more than amused? Sometimes it can also help me modify the article in humor. Once I entered’ this’ bad student’s hat can’t be put on his head’, the computer changed’ wear’ to’ stay’ with a sense of humor, and the sentence became’ this’ bad student’s’ hat’ can’t stay on his head’. What I want to say is that a student who does not belong to a poor student is treated as a ” poor student” by the teacher. As a result, the student has abandoned himself and made worse grades. Therefore, the teacher should correct his ideas and help the student take off the ” hat” of the ” poor student”. ‘ can’t wear” is to stop the upcoming behavior,’ can’t stay” is to cancel the image of the existing behavior. This change is accurate, vivid and humorous. The computer has become my ” teacher of one word”. This is the high-grade humor made by the computer. We live in a time when humor is still relatively poor, and sometimes it is difficult to relax in the gloom of life.. Therefore, when your parents treat you with reprimand as an educational method, when you are unlucky to encounter a boss like a ” horse face”, when your ” underperformance” wife always looks at you with white eyes, and when you can’t always find Zhao Benshan on TV, you might as well turn on the computer and type with ” Microsoft double spelling”, a computer without flesh and blood may offer you a sense of humor full of human feelings, playfulness and humor, elegance and ease of policing..

Chaozu rice cake

I don’t know why the weather is so abnormal this year. It’s still so cold in May. It snowed a few days ago. As soon as the snow stopped, the rain began to run wild.. It rained for three days last week, and this week’s weather forecast said it rained for four consecutive days, but today it is still medium to heavy rain..   The rain trickled down and pedestrians on the road were wearing umbrellas.. But you didn’t have an umbrella or a raincoat, standing alone under a thin pine tree. Can the tree keep out the rain? The head of the tree was so small that the sparse pine needles shook in the rain without a trace of life.. You watch the tricycle, the light blue paint has already mottled, revealing the vicissitudes of life and the heavy atmosphere. There is a glass box on the tricycle. The side of the box facing the pedestrian bears the red imitation song’ Chaozu Rice Cake’.     What is the Korean rice cake? A special food for ethnic minorities? Is it good?? How to sell??     Yesterday, it was sunny and windy. I saw you at the door of a house. The day before yesterday, when the wind was stronger, I remember you were in the open space between the three and four houses. I happened to see two girls standing beside the tricycle when I passed by. I don’t know if they finally bought or didn’t buy it.. The day before yesterday evening, at the T – junction on the west side of the stadium, you stood behind the tricycle in a somewhat solemn and respectful way under the dim light … ah, you kept changing places, but few visitors did. Only you and your Korean family can stand alone and wait quietly in memory.     Every time I pass by, I will look at you a few more eyes, and then make a guess at you for no reason. Look at your wrinkled face and grizzled hair. You must be in your sixties! More than 60 years old should be a full age of children and grandchildren. Why do you still sell things? be tired of doing nothing? Idle boredom is not worth selling in the rain. You should say nothing about it again. Family difficulties? Children are unfilial? Sudden change? How to sell Korean rice cakes? Press? According to jin? How much?? How old can you sell in a day? How much can I earn? I don’t know the answer, but the painted tricycle is silently telling me the helplessness of life.     I’m all walking on the other side of the road opposite to you. I dare not approach, for fear that you will sell me your Korean rice cake. I should be able to afford it, but I am not willing to buy it. I am one of the poorest students in this school and one of the most thrifty students. I am not willing to spend a penny at random.. I’m sorry, I can’t patronize your cake stand. I can only look at you from a distance, cheer for you and wish you good luck.     Although I did not dare to approach you, your bronzed skin makes me feel friendly, and the color has a strong appeal to me.. The long-lost bronze, once familiar, is the color of father’s skin, mother’s skin, western juwan’s skin, southern aunt’s skin, and the true color of farmers from generation to generation.! That’s the body-building color that only those who have been exposed to the sun for a long time are eligible to possess.! Year after year, generation after generation, precipitation, accumulation.     I realized for the first time that the bronzing glare was in my senior year. I was in high school in the city and came home once in January. Once when I came home, my mother had not come back from the ground. I sat in the bride’s family for a while. In the afterglow of the sunset, she greeted me with a smile. Her bronzed face was deeply imprinted on my mind from then on.. I had a sour nose and almost cried. Then look at the surrounding courtyard, inexplicably looks dilapidated.     Although it is farther and farther from home, and farther and farther from the sun, although the soil breath has been washed away by the city civilization, there are few left.. But I am still a farmer. My ancestral home is always a small village in southern Shandong. I am bleeding from farmers, bronzed in my genes and in my dreams.     By rights, small vendors are not allowed to sell in schools.I don’t know why the security guard didn’t come to catch you. I have seen them rush to sell sugar-coated haws, but those who sell sugar-coated haws are cheekily playing hide-and-seek with them.. Did they have compassion for you?     By rights, in the face of so many students with super spending power, your Korean rice cake should be sold well. Every time I see someone selling sugar-coated haws, I always buy sugar-coated haws around him. Why do I see you stand alone every time I see you? Cake making is not famous? It doesn’t taste good? Why are you so rigid, shouting, not fooling again, no one will dispute with you over a few pieces of cake.     Look at you standing in the rain. I thought it wasn’t raining much, so I put the umbrella down, but after contacting with a few raindrops, I quickly propped up the umbrella again.. Why not? I don’t know how long you’ve been standing, you must be soaked. Go home, one thousand gonorrhea is not cost – effective.     I don’t know why the weather is so abnormal this year. It’s still so cold in May. It snowed a few days ago. As soon as the snow stopped, the rain began to run wild.. It rained for three days last week, and this week’s weather forecast said it rained for four consecutive days, but today it is still medium to heavy rain.. This is spring, spring rain should have been as expensive as oil. How good are you going to be in the arid area, why bother you here.     I came back from the canteen to see you still standing there, standing straight. You’ve always been in that position, aren’t you tired? I felt tired after standing on the bus for half an hour. Why don’t you sit on the tricycle and lean on the handlebar to relax. I guess you’ve been a soldier and you’ve been on a post. Why don’t you stand so straight and stick to it for so long??     At three o’clock in the afternoon, when the rain was still falling, I came out of the dormitory building and saw the Korean cakes in your glass cabinet as if they were always so few pieces, never increasing or decreasing.. Did you have lunch?? You don’t know when you have put on your raincoat and still stand under the tree, alone, like a sculpture. Why don’t you go back first today. Originally, business was not good, and the weather was not good today. Who will buy your Korean rice cake? The colorful umbrellas are moving fast. Under them are people in a hurry. They don’t even look at you.. Don’t put water in the glass box with the cake. Go back and come back tomorrow.     The rain is still falling, and it has changed from falling to rushing. It looks like my tutor today has fallen through again.. This rain is really hateful. It is the third time in two weeks that I have been delayed in my work..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]