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Overseas Chinese Media visit Chengdu International Railway in Hong Kong, "Hui Rong Europe" imported goods acclaim

Overseas Chinese media representatives visited the Chengdu International Railway in Hong Kong。
 Wang Leishe day, located in Chengdu International Railway in Hong Kong, "Hui Rong Europe" also attracted the eyes of overseas Chinese media representatives gathered here with Central European trains (RER Rong Europe) carries imported goods from Europe back, put on top of an array of shelves full of Italian olive oil, German chocolate, French wine as well as beef from Europe。   It is reported that the European Rong fast and cost-efficient transport of iron to fight for the affordable price of imported goods space, where other commodity prices generally cheaper than the market price, plus Rong Europe RER trains run time than the return short, shelves of imported food is also fresher, which makes "Europe Hui Rong" since opening to the end of 2016 has been welcomed by consumers of Chengdu and surrounding cities。
  The face of a variety of goods, overseas Chinese media representatives who have carried out the purchase of Argentina "New World Weekly" editor in chief Zhao Xiaoyu shopping carts filled with all kinds of merchandise, she smiled and said, "Here you can buy all over the world commodity, it is too convenient, and I bought a lot of things exquisite packaging, such as the South Korean mask。 "。

Fried kidney teach you how to do make authentic Jiangsu cuisine

Fried kidney kidney when it comes to how to do that, we all know that it is a very common food, hard to believe that people like to eat it because it is very tender and nutritious, then fried kidney how to do it together and go small series look at the introduction fried kidney how to do it!Fried kidney how to do Ingredients: pork kidney accessories 🙁 Green, tip) red pepper seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, salad oil salt pepper starch cooking wine pepper nutrition cookbook calories 96 grams of fat grams carbohydrates, protein card g Cholesterol 354 mg of calcium 12 phosphorus mg 217 mg potassium 215 mg sodium 22 mg magnesium mg Fe mg mg mg of zinc selenide microgram manganese copper production methods 1 mg.Kidney washed, cut into small pieces, a quarter of an hour with wine soaking fried kidney how to do 2.Kidney and then soaked wash, then brine, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, pepper, dry starch grasp uniform 3.After wok oil, into the kidney fast duplicating off after birth dish 4.After Guo Lifang a little oil, pepper, soy pan, add chili stir fry, fry pan then pour the kidney after making a few tips。

Xu Xiang was arrested two years after the stock was cut 6 billion still held by stock market value

  Source: How to determine the legal property of Morgan Stanley Finance?  "Private Brother" Xu Xiang was sentenced a year later, its influence in the stock market still can not be underestimated。   Recent media reports, Xu Xiang wife should Ying fine execution of Xu Xiang case, there is disagreement involving property disposal, has commissioned a lawyer to submit an application to the Qingdao Intermediate Court, asking the court to hold a hearing screening Xu Xiang and his family lawful property and shall be returned。   This message is one, Xu Xiang pulled straight stocks, less than 10 minutes sealed limit plate。
Xu Xiang few other stocks ,, rose at varying levels。 This five stocks was waiting to freeze the implementation of Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau after being caught Xu Xiang also been speculation that the most orthodox Xu Xiang stocks。   For requirements should Ying did not disclose the specific amount of the Qingdao Intermediate People's Court return the property of Morgan Stanley Finance attempts to contact should serve as a legal person Heyzer Ying Xu Investment Co., the phone has been no answer。
  Business information, should invest in Heyzer Xu Ying Co., Ltd., Beijing CDH WeSion Venture Investment Center (limited partnership), Heyzer Hee Investment Management Ltd. Heyzer-hee and Equity Investment Management Co., the four companies as the legal, role of shareholders and executives。
  Morgan Stanley shares without combing through the Finance and Xu Xiang Ze Hee Fund found that since Xu Xiang criminal coercive measures were taken in November 1, 2015 public security organs according to law, Xu Xiang and other equity shares held on behalf of people who have suffered heavy losses , most stocks are being "cut"。
As of February 28 closing, only the top ten shareholders of eight listed companies as well as their families and Ze Xu Xiang Xi shadow cities, five stocks were frozen in Xu Xiang family holding the market value has been less than 6 billion yuan。   Among them, the highest stake Daheng Science and Technology, Xu Xiang from the mother Zheng Suzhen% stake, since Xu Xiang was arrested fell%。   A year ago, Xu Xiang case by Qingdao Intermediate People's Court of First Instance found, Xu Xiangli continuous trading with information superiority, manipulating stock prices and trading volume, particularly serious crime stock market manipulation。
Sentenced to five years six months and fined 11 billion yuan。
Mid-February 2017, Xu Xiang market manipulation case is determined not to appeal。

New Year's Eve how to do late at night after staying up late to do not damage the health

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How to do New Year's Eve New Year's Eve after staying up late at night is New Year's Eve, is the tradition of our nation's most important day, on this day and people often stay up late at night, but staying up late on the body is somewhat damage。
Then how to do it late at night after New Year's Eve following small series to tell us something about how to do after the New Year's Eve stay up late, do not stay up all night Oh beverages!When New Year's Eve before and after staying up late how do stay up all night before to stay up late in order to make damage to the body and minimize the appearance, it is necessary "to lay the end of" 1, should be light intend to stay up late, dinner do not eat too greasy, it should be some light, eat more vegetables to ensure there is enough high-quality protein, salts and。
2 ,, face to avoid thick powder or a day of accumulated grease, so Qiaolian after staying up late the suffering and covered with acne, be sure to stay up all night before makeup, wash my face clean。
New Year's Eve after staying up late how to do 3, vitamin B group vitamin B supplements can relieve fatigue and enhance human immunity。
Late at night will increase the "anger" Stay up all night, so should not eat potato chips, cookies and other food easy to get angry。