Beijing air quality districts regularly informed rankings focus on areas with high emission vehicles

  Beijing News News (Reporter Deng Qi) by 2018, Beijing will strive to continue to decline in the average annual concentration of high-emission cars governance will become a priority, low emission zones extend from the inner ring road to the city's domain。 In addition, this year will be organized for the municipal environmental inspectors rectification "look back", and regularly districts, the streets (township) to inform air quality rankings。
  Yesterday, Beijing issued the implementation of the "Beijing Blue Sky Battle Action Plan 2018", this year, Beijing's blue sky Battle With roadmap。
  Proposal of building a "big green" work pattern last year, Beijing dropped to an average annual concentration of 58 micrograms / cubic meter, complete the "Atmospheric ten" assigned the task, "2013–2017 in Beijing in the Clean Air Action Plan" officially ending。   Yesterday, Beijing issued a "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan" put forward this year, Beijing will strive to annual average concentration in air continue to decline。
District air quality objectives vary。 Wherein Yanqing, Huairou, Miyun annual target of less than 49 micrograms / cubic meter, East, West, and this target Chaoyang District below 58 micrograms / cubic meter, Haidian less than 56 micrograms / cubic meter, Fengtai, Shijingshan less than 60 micrograms / cubic meter。
Tongzhou and Economic and Technological Development Zone, the annual target of less than 65 micrograms / cubic meter。
  With the previous plan of action different from the current round of action plans should be made to build clear responsibility "big green" work pattern, demanding the implementation of environmental responsibility, to complete the reform of environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies to monitor vertical management system, in addition, the municipal environmental protection will be carried out this year special inspectors, timely organization of municipal environmental inspectors rectification "look back", the implementation of environmental responsibility is not in place, lack of supervision, dereliction of duty, according to discipline held accountable according to the law。   High-emission vehicles into the most important improvement after Beijing Clean Air Action Plan has highlighted several key areas of governance, including Yajian coal, oil reduction control car, cleaning dust, etc.。   One of the characteristics of the current round of the Action Plan, namely the high-emission cars governance as a top priority, it also reflects the five years since the Beijing coal-fired governance achieved good results, gradually changed the structure of pollution。
  According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year plans to adhere to problem-oriented, efforts to solve outstanding environmental problems。
In concrete measures the level of mobile source pollution control their lead, where primary prevention, that is, heavy-duty diesel vehicles such high pollution emission vehicles。   Plan proposed this year by the expansion of the low emission zone within the Sixth Ring Road to the city's domain, to promote the country Ⅲ heavy diesel vehicles to speed up the phase-out。
Beijing strictly control the main port, the city focused on the road, high-emission vehicles crossing areas with a concentration of the three, strengthen law enforcement detection。
Heavy diesel vehicles exceeded perfect closed-loop management of law enforcement, severely penalize excessive vehicle。 Strict implementation of non-road mobile machinery prohibiting the use of high emissions and promote the use of low-emission off-road machinery。
  In addition, dust control, the transformation of key industries, such as clean energy, is still the main measures this year。   Released before the end of the new round of Source Apportionment April 2014, Beijing officially released source apportionment data: Beijing has nearly forty percent for foreign input, a local source, the proportion of motor vehicle exhaust emissions, more than three percent。   Nearly four years in the past, Beijing has undergone a source of no small change。
According to the current round of the Action Plan, Beijing's air pollution control focus on scientific research and technological innovation, before the end of this year, Beijing will release a new round of Source Apportionment。
  It is noteworthy that, to carry out the "eco-friendly big data projects" system construction this year, organized screening and demonstration of household efficiency fume purification technology。
  This year monitoring and evaluating how air pollution control?The proposed scheme, this year will be regularly districts, the streets (township) air quality ranked briefing。
Blue Sky Battle Action Plan for the implementation of the implementation of the annual assessment, examination results as the leading bodies and leading cadres comprehensive appraisal of an important basis for。    – bright spots "scattered dirt" Corporate Governance cleared dynamic industrial pollution and dust pollution prevention and control, is still the main measures this year action plan。
  Round program of action proposed, and further eliminate general manufacturing enterprises to exit this year does not meet the functional orientation of the capital, the city exit 500, Changping District, most of which, for the 121, followed Tongzhou District, is 82。
In addition, Shunyi District 55, Fangshan District 53, a minimum of Mentougou, 2。
  This year the district will strengthen the "messy dirty" corporate investigation and management, to achieve "dynamic clearing"。   In terms of dust control, emphasizing meticulous management, to strengthen the management and control dust ranking evaluation oriented, effectively strengthen the bare dust, road dust control work, construction dust and construction waste transport vehicles, to reduce dust pollution。
Strengthen urban and rural road sweeping and cleaning, to further improve the coverage of new technology。
Full implementation of green construction, and strictly implement the "six percent" dust prevention requirements。
Application of new technologies to further standardize the management of muck cars, the perfect combination of traceability, and accountability mechanisms to investigate。    – released this year a new round of dialogue to resolve the source of Beijing News: Why should develop "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan"?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: "People strive, day to help" in the joint efforts of the whole city, Beijing's air quality continues to improve, in mid-2017 annual average concentration in air drops to 58 micrograms / cubic meter, the successful completion of the national "atmosphere ten "assigned the task。 But apart from the national air quality standards and public expectations are still a wide gap between air pollution prevention and control work is still a long-term, arduous and complex process of。
With Beijing's air pollution control work continued in-depth, especially after nearly five years of large-scale governance, pollution sources, pollution characteristics have changed, further narrowing the space pollution reduction, governance more and more difficult, therefore, while the implementation of emission reduction projects, but also want to manage the transition, highlighting the essence of governance, rule of law, cohabitation。   Beijing News: how to understand the plan of action "big green" work pattern?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: the second part of the plan should be made to build clear responsibility "big green" work pattern, it is to improve environmental protection responsibility system "tube development, pipe production, pipe industry must control and environmental protection", strengthening and make concerted efforts together。 Improve the ranking sink to the township Street, reporting mechanism, pressure transmission, compaction responsibility。 In addition, this year also requires further promote the responsibility to implement and monitor the complete supervision and law enforcement vertical management reform environmental agencies, municipal environmental inspectors carry out further compaction of various departments at all levels of responsibility。   Beijing News: Compared with previous plans of action, what are the characteristics of the current round of measures?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: First, the "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan" to strengthen the scientific, systematic, fine, legal management as the goal, closely linked to changes in the current structure of the sources of pollution and the atmosphere, continue to focus on pollution control, tight grab heavy-duty diesel vehicles, dust, volatile organic compounds and other key governance and difficult issues, comprehensive use of legal, economic, technical, administrative measures, to promote air quality improvement。
  Secondly, highlighting rising refined governance。 For example, to strengthen research and technological innovation, released a new round of parsing the source of fine particulate matter, improve the scientific management, relevance。
Build "a card-style" management system, and promote permit system to be fixed source core management system。
Give full play to the role of discipline and restraint joint credit system。
Earnestly implement the air heavy pollution emergency plan to strengthen business federation, joint emergency response mechanism, enhance regional air pollution joint prevention and control。
  In addition, the measure also stressed that the current round of rule by the people。
Spread the concept of ecological civilization, to make green lifestyle popular, to put into practice。 Increased environmental science advocacy and public information to carry out environmental protection education in primary and secondary schools to carry out prizes to report, exposure of environmental violations, etc.。