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48, from the feel of the early summer

Long time no write up.Looking out the window early summer, as people rush time as infinite love.Some people write text to a family, fame, and I wrote the text just looking for a place to fall for his state of mind.His own record mood down in words, has become one of my habits, for many years, I believe that the text has become the best companion of my life.  Writing is not just a profession, as is a state of mind.It is also the largest since I wrote the text of feelings.The mood is particularly important in our lives.It is said that sunny day mood will be happy; the contrary, when it came to rainy weather rain, the mood will certainly upset, but this is not a law, the mood of happiness and unhappiness, along with our lives depending on the mood.So, we all want to be happy every day, we will be happy the day that people do every day?He said that this must be a very good wishes.  Since the beginning of the summer, I have been reliving the early summer comfortable in, see the blue sky, white clouds looked at, a walk in the countryside, listen to the birds, smell the flowers, nothing to do with yourself, everything seems to be closely linked with their.In the morning, look in the outskirts of morning exercise for the elderly, some in the trot, some dancing, some in boxing, one figure, feel thought after decades of themselves, as they would do such a love of life in general it?  Life is a road, even on the same road, the demands of life for everyone is also completely different.Summer on the streets of the most beautiful figure than those of youth, they gave a cool summer, early on revealed a youthful air, came by a more youthful look, I often evoke memories of the past, What a season, more than a good season, but he did not feel it slip away from his side, I am not against the state of life of youth have much luxury, because we know that this life is only young once, and if this life segment given unlimited miss, our mind does not get better, so I continue to send their best wishes in the shadow of this youth, youth without any regrets would like their lives, as bright as summer!  Who is a combination of spirit and matter, our natural life will belong to nature, but our spiritual quest in fact the fulcrum of our life support.Now people, although the material life has been a qualitative change, but the spirit of the appeal has become a crisis we face life, as some people say, when you see the sun rose, after breakfast do not know where to go, come evening sunset last ray of light when it is blind to his life and finished the day and regret.So, there are people often look back through the mind and mood of tough times ahead.  May early summer, although no spring on the outskirts of the lovely and brilliant, but still floated in the dark in a Unit of flowers, the same as people stop and look up to.Ground seedlings have been unearthed, tender, green, and look at the world, is simply a beautiful verse poet left.Youth still is the subject of this early summer.This is the face of a vibrant scene, I really want to pour myself a painter to record this summer mood with color and lines, and regretted that he knew nothing, he had to use their own words to weary of this early summer green REVIEW meaning.For this reason, in the morning on the outskirts of morning exercise, when passing world, I was in the edge of a farm overlooking the quiet joy of reading with this idyllic summer in mind.I grew up in a rural, natural in the text you want to write a few words for the feelings of the countryside, often in early summer, after the first thing is to follow their parents to work in the fields of home week, although perspiring, the body has indeed to bear part of torment, however, would not be reduced from the happy mood.Work when tired, I sat down to chat with family.Sometimes, we also take a look at day.Looking at the clouds, my father always lament, when we can as far away as the clouds let them care, which is what a feeling?  At the time I had read his father’s state of mind, he consciously assume more part of our work, the outflow is nothing more than a little gap just let us learn.This is the Father’s love for us, but also for our future life giving.However, just when our sister was admitted to a few schools out of their homes, parents really like clouds against the blue sky like we care.I remember reading the first week after the provincial capital, they received a letter from his father sent home, the value of million gold Letter, I was, sitting in the dorm feeling the parents in the letter of earnest care, parting to his home, in our loved ones will always be worth in terms of mood and sadness.How many years have passed, my father also passed away, but my mind always forget the parents send us to school when eyes, figure!  Fast forward a few decades it is, in this early summer day, suddenly turns out to be a dream.Into the middle-aged life, in fact, our spiritual life demands more of the poor, but we need to come up with enough courage to face life’s road.  Time is not like, if we only wait for time at the other end of the bridge, our lives will be old in the other end of the bridge, think through life, in the face of the past, we do not just nostalgia, but in the past on Looking back in the constantly remind themselves.This is also, I constantly look back often in the text of one of the reason past.  Summer is a season of growing, young seedlings grew up here, where the results of the flowers, everywhere, the United States and sometimes can be found growing, so in this season there are always numerous landscapes, we must learn in this growing season to feel the spirit, feel the joy of growth in life!  201 years.5.20

Detailed road map Zhongshan trade powers continued to control irrational for foreign investment

Is confident this year's foreign trade target by 2035 basically completed trade powerhouse March 11, press conference, Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan Thirteenth National People's Congress held Press Center said that China has become a big country trade, consumption, foreign trade , foreign capital and foreign investment indicators have been highest in the world, but still "big but not strong"。China wants to become a trade and economic power, must adhere to lead innovation, take the road of high-quality development。  Ministry of Commerce set up the goal and strive to build economic and trade power, planning three milestones: 2020, further consolidating trade and economic great power status, advance the process of trade and economic powers; by 2035, basically built trade and economic power; by 2050, overall completion of economic and trade power。  Foreign Trade: promoting the "five optimization" are confident of achieving this target the government work report on the major targets for the development of the 2018 proposed steady for the better, basically balance international payments。In this regard, Zhong Shan said that this year's foreign trade development environment is still facing complicated and grim, however, have confidence in achieving the goals of the government work report。  He explained that this year the Ministry of Commerce will focus on promoting "five optimization": First, optimize the layout of the international market。Further advance "along the way" trade flow, promote trade liberalization and facilitation, form a more extensive trading partner network, expand common trade cake。  The second is to optimize the domestic regional distribution。Central and western regions to undertake the transfer of export-oriented industries, and increase efforts to open western, tap the development potential of foreign trade Midwest, opening up the country to promote, coordinate the development of foreign trade。The total amount of the Midwest economy accounts for about 45% of the country, while only 15% of the country's import and export, foreign trade still a great potential for development。  Third, optimize foreign trade entities。To support technological innovation, system innovation and management innovation, foster a number of internationally competitive enterprises and multinational corporations。Support for small and medium enterprises to explore the international market, and enhance the vitality of foreign trade development。  Fourth, optimizing product mix。Efforts to promote high-tech, high-quality, high value-added products and equipment manufacturing exports, promote trade take the road of innovation and development, to create "Chinese brand", "Chinese quality" trade good image。  Fifth, optimize trade。Cultivate new form of a new model of trade。To develop trade in services, and promote the coordinated development of trade in goods and trade in services。At the same time, actively expand imports, promote the coordinated development of foreign trade balance。  Customs data show that China's foreign trade to usher in a "good start"。The first two months of this year, China's total import and export trade in goods 4.520 000 billion yuan, an increase of 16 over last year.7%。Among them, export 2.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 18%; imports of 2.08 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.2%。  Attract investment: increased market access to fulfill the financial commitment to open government work report made a number of deployed open to foreign investment, including the full liberalization of the general manufacturing industry, expanding opening up telecommunications, health care, education, pensions, and other areas of new energy vehicles。  Turning to our country to attract foreign investment environment, Zhong said China continues to expand opening up, continue to expand market access, pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights。According to the World Bank report, China's rising degree of ease of doing business over the past five years of 18 last year, China's absorption of foreign investment of $ 136.3 billion, ranking second in the world, a new record high。This shows that China's business environment is not worse, but better, China remains a hot spot for foreign investment。  China will not close the door to open, only bigger and bigger。Zhongshan pointed out that the next step will be on five tasks: First, deepen management system, to enhance the level of investment facilitation, access to the full implementation of national treatment before adding the negative inventory management system。At the same time, speed up the legislative process foreign legal basis。Second is to expand market access, implementation of open initiatives have been identified in the central well, opening up financial commitments to fulfill, full liberalization of the manufacturing sector in general, open more sectors of telecommunications, health care, education, pensions, and other new energy vehicles。The third is to build an open platform。Enhance the level of various types of development zones, giving greater autonomy reform pilot area of free trade, free trade port to explore the construction, reform and opening to create a new Heights。Fourth, open layout optimization。Western efforts to increase open, open channel flow, promote the formation of a new growth pole open, become open to the western frontier from the open end。Enhance the level of opening up the eastern, central promote the development of open。Fifth, improve the investment environment。Internal and foreign alike, equal treatment, strengthen IPR protection, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors and create a favorable environment for the wealthy pro-business security business。  Investment: Foreign investment continues to control the irrational According to Commerce Department statistics, in the year 2017, China's foreign investment in 1200.$ 800 million, down 29 year.4%。Zhong said that last year foreign investment declined, mainly non-rational foreign investment has been effectively curbed。By "down virtual fire", "squeeze water", foreign enterprises to invest more robust, more rational。Overall, China's foreign investment is good, and the level of development and the development requirements of China at this stage is to adapt, is in line with the law of economic development, but also generally welcomed by the host country。  From the field of investment, from labor-intensive industries, capital and technology-intensive industries into both; look from investors, mainly from small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises into both; see from the investment area, from developing countries oriented, both into and developed countries。In mid-2017, Chinese-funded enterprises paid taxes of more than $ 30 billion in the host country, creating jobs for local 1.35 million。  Zhong said the next step will be "along the way" construction as the focus, and strive to do four tasks: first, to create a platform for cooperation。Good job of foreign trade and economic cooperation zones, optimize the industrial layout country to support infrastructure construction, improve the level of cooperation zones。Second, deepen cooperation capacity, focus on key industries and key country to promote the advantages of our production capacity, advanced equipment go。The third is to grow investors。Encourages established and reputable enterprises to explore the international market, increase cross-border management capacity, improve risk prevention capacity。Fourth, standardize business practices。Strengthen the authenticity of the compliance review, continue to control the irrational investment, China's foreign-invested enterprises required to comply with the laws and regulations of the host country, to fulfill their social responsibility。  Consumption: down car, part of the consumer goods import tariffs At present, China has become the consuming countries, the scale of consumption ranked second in the world, became the first consumer pulling power for four consecutive years of economic growth。China's economic growth relies mainly on investment has been export-led exports to relying on consumption and investment co-pulling。  Zhong said the development of China's consumption there is great potential。China has nearly 14 million people, middle-income groups have about 400 million people。With the continuous economic and social development, people's income is increasing, rising living standards, China's consumption potential is huge。  "Of course, the development of consumption as well as short board, weaknesses, one of the manifestations is difficult to supply goods and services to meet consumer needs upgraded。"Zhong said that preliminary estimates, now our residents a year to go shopping abroad about $ 200 billion, of which the shopping list, there are both luxury goods consumer goods。Outside the shopping reflects the lack of high-quality commodity supply, and the price is high。Service consumption, home, pension, education, health care, etc. are weak, inadequate supply。  Zhongshan pointed out that the next step, the circulation around innovation, expand consumption and increase effective supply, will focus on three things: First, build a platform to promote consumption。Urban and rural residents have more choice and more convenient service, more comfortable experience。Specifically including the upgrading of urban renewal in the number of high-grade pedestrian street。Optimize convenience stores, markets and other community business network layout, to create a convenient 15 minutes service life ring, rich "basket" supply。In the countryside, accelerate the construction of a number of characteristics commerce and small town life service center。Develop e-commerce, to promote the integration of online and offline。  Second, expand opening up, promote consumption。Significantly expand market access, cut the car, part of daily consumer goods import tariffs, expanding opening up telecommunications services, healthcare, education, pension and other rich domestic market supply, reduce consumer costs。  The third is to improve the environment, promote consumption。Continue to improve urban and rural consumption environment, and intensive remediation and rural areas of the Internet market, the construction of important agricultural products traceability system, so that people consume at ease, happy to have access to a sense of insecurity。  Related reports

Central Bank: the sale of virtual assets is not fit to serve the real economy, the underlying financial purposes

National People's Congress held a press conference, head of the central bank to respond to financial reform and development and other hot spots more open financial regulation does not relax future financial reform go from here?How is the financial opening?Stir digital currency on the market, how to look, how tube?March 9, the Thirteenth National People's Congress meeting press conference, Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan and Deputy Governor Yi Gang, Deputy Governor, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Mr. Pan answer to "financial reform and development" issues reporters' questions。  The People's Bank will play in the new financial regulatory framework more important role in the comprehensive deepening reform, financial sector reform is an important part。In the new financial regulatory framework, the People's Bank of China much media attention。  "In July last year disclosed the national financial work conference message has indicated that some of the major financial reform ideas, including the subsequent establishment of the Financial Stability Development Committee of the State Council, the People's Bank in its offices, these indicate that the People's Bank in the new financial regulatory framework play a more important role。"Zhou said。  In his view, first of all, in the past some of the financial regulatory system, there have been some gaps need to be filled as soon as possible; secondly, some financial regulatory rules there are some flaws, the need to enhance the development of financial rules; in addition, there are some financial institutions that have taken place or risk quasi-financial institutions need to pay close attention for disposal, maintain the health of the financial system。  Zhou said, related reforms mainly based on China's national conditions, also made reference to set various financial regulators internationally。  RMB internationalization of promoting the financial opening up in recent years, the degree of opening up of China's financial sector growing。This year's government work report also mentioned that the orderly liquidation of the bank card market opening, liberalization of foreign insurance brokerage business scope restrictions, unified market access and foreign banks and other content。The prospect of opening up the financial sector, the introduction of reverie。  "In addition to allowing outside agencies to do business in China other than financial, as well as opening up broader content, including Chinese financial institutions to go global。"Zhou said。  Many factors that help in opening up the financial sector, the internationalization of the RMB is an important factor。"RMB internationalization promoted China's opening up the financial。"Zhou Xiaochuan said the yuan has now joined the SDR currency basket of international organizations, major steps to do has been done, the future is a gradual process。  In addition to the yuan "going out", the other aspects of the financial market in our country there are important steps open。For example, in the past five years, "Shanghai-Hong Kong Link", "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link", "bond links" have appeared。"These open, meaning that China has gradually made a solid steady pace in the terms of convertible currencies, is expected to open this kind of trend will continue to increase。"In the Zhou seems, it is also opening up entities, financial institutions, financial market participants gradually growing in an open environment, gradually understand their role in the open, the role and experience of international competition process。  "To actively and steadily expanding financial opening, arrange a reasonable opening sequence。"Yi Gang introduction, we relax or cancel a number of foreign equity ratio limit, which actually reduces the discriminatory treatment of foreign institutions, reflecting the domestic and foreign alike。  Does this mean it relaxed regulation?No。Yi Gang said that foreign financial institutions to access or the business, still have to be prudential supervision in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; by strengthening financial supervision, improve the supporting regulatory mechanism, we can still effectively prevent and resolve financial risks and maintain financial stability。  Not in line with the direction of the virtual asset trading of financial services to the real economy more than three years ago, the People's Bank of China began to organize seminars on digital currency, followed by the establishment of the Bank of digital Monetary Institute。How prospect of digital currency?  "Digital Currency is not to say let the currency to achieve a certain kind of application technology solutions, its essence is to the pursuit of convenience, speed and low cost retail payment systems, but also must consider the security and privacy protection。"Zhou said, these things are either block chain based or distributed billing technology, DLT-based digital currency, it can be evolved in an existing electronic payment technology on the basis of。International Technology Roadmap for the current digital currency has also been some preliminary classification, indicating that it still has a number of possible system。  Zhou Xiaochuan in view, there is a digital currency on the inevitability of technological development。Last year, the People's Bank of China organized a research project of digital money and electronic payments, after formal approval by the State Council, is being pursued in the organization。  Then, in the course of its development, we should pay attention to what?  "To pay attention to the overall financial stability, risk prevention, while digital currency as the currency is concerned, to ensure that the monetary policy transmission mechanism of financial stability policies, and to protect consumers。"Zhou Xiaochuan think, especially for a big country in terms of economy, we must avoid the kind of substantial, irreparable losses, so be careful of some。In the process to be fully tested, localized testing, reliable after, then promotion。  Currently on the market, digital currency caused a lot of discussion in some ways, but also a lot of risk, a lot of price fluctuations。The reason Where?  "Mainly there are some technical application does not focus on the application of digital currency in retail payments, and went to the virtual asset trading。"Zhou believes that the virtual asset trading is not in line with our financial products and financial services to serve the direction of the real economy, so the whole process, do not be too anxious, but to develop steadily and orderly test, grasp the direction, to emphasis on financial services to the real economy, improve efficiency, reduce costs, prevent excessive speculation to become a product。  "We do not like that kind of speculation can create a product, people have flourishes of fantasy, but stressed the need to serve the real economy。"Zhou said。  Last August, the central bank halted ICO (first token release), along with Bitcoin and said they did not support direct trading of RMB。"The future regulation, the first is very dynamic, it depends on the maturity of the technology, but also on the final test trials, to assess the situation。"Zhou Xiaochuan said that in considering the financial aspects of new technology at the same technology, but also in the direction of services to find out, on the one hand to really consider to consumers, the retail market to bring efficiency, low cost and secure privacy protection。On the other hand to consider the overall situation, do not play with the existing financial stability, the current financial order direct conflict with reaction。  Recommended Reading

4 days from hero to sinners!The right to health inspirational brother desperate to hide his face towels | Fig.

  Beijing on March 18, in the first three Super League derby match in Tianjin, Tianjin away fighting right to health, in the 90th minute lore opponents tragic effort of a whole vanish in an instant。
Not only did not win the victory, the final one point they even did not hold, the results will undoubtedly make the right sound team up and down all find it difficult to accept。 As directly responsible lore, Zhang Cheng probably will be no sleep tonight。
  Born in 1989, Zhang Cheng, the right to health has been the main backs。
However, in this season's AFC Champions League Jeonbuk Hyundai with two games, he suddenly found a sense of shooting。 Two games, two beautiful goals, impressive。
Especially in home games, his 55th-minute header, so the team took the lead again in the second half, and laid the foundation for the final victory。
For this is not a full-backs to goal-based industry, the performance of these two games Zhang Cheng perfect, be regarded as a team of "hero"。
  However, after returning to the Super Stadium, Zhang Cheng has given rise to a deadly mistake, make him the "hero" to the team of "sinner."。 Today's game, Achim Peng scored in the 84th minute, pull the score to 2: 2, the two sides back to the same starting line again。 Just when the race is about to enter injury time, is likely to shake hands depicting one point, lore unexpected。 TEDA long pass restricted area, Zhang Cheng has been the first to occupy the body position, you want to get the ball out of goalkeeper Zhang Lu。 Wanted, home health benefits are very wary, he poked a ball, make the ball out of the control of Zhang Cheng and Zhang Lu's。 Achim Peng fast kissing arrived, succeeded easily push Kongmen。
TEDA once had little threat of attack, because the defender and goalkeeper mistakes with successful scores, kindly be described as a "gift"。   Originally soon hand a minute, but ultimately did not get, but also the lore rivals for the right to health is really not a good result。
After mistakes, Zhang Cheng also bury, and a look of frustration。 In case of mistakes on the court are particularly common, because of a mistake we can not deny the contribution made by a player for a long time。
However, for the players back line, it would be a mistake could result in significant losses to the team, lose the ball, lost to qualify, losing the championship……Stories abound without fire。
We hope Zhang Cheng can learn this lesson, when the ball can be more decisive, try to avoid mistakes of this magnitude it。

Make a woman blush fellatio skills quick start libido

Women already slow in terms of, if not properly stimulated, it is difficult to ignite the passion of sexual desire。
Especially after a busy day, the wife may be drowsy, and her husband spirit of the times。
American MSNBC website gives men some suggestions and tips that can make female sexuality quick start。
Her sense of smell to stimulate the survey shows that 71% of people think that body odor is a particular sex stimulants; about one-third of women of all ages appreciate the strong man, will swoon。
Men want to take advantage of this, on the one hand, try not to use too much taste of the bath bath, on the other hand can put her into her arms, so she quietly revel in your mind, feel your taste。 Do not let her wear underwear close-fitting underwear can outline curve, sexy show, sparking a man's desire。
But for women, bras and panties too close, let her worry about body。
After bathing her wear a loose silk pajamas, smooth fabrics can irritate her skin, so that women prone to sexual impulses。
Change the conversation a little bit provocative use of language, will be able to play very good results。 For example, fast work, in the office flirt send her a text message: the last time we have sex in the bathroom or kitchen that you are not feeling very nice that we do not try to find a new place tonight Experts believe that with provocative SMS can simultaneously mobilize both men and women's sexual radar, for the next action full of hope。 Enjoy the sweet photo study found that when people see companion photo for 30 seconds, part of the brain responsible for mobilizing libido will be increased, and thus it is easy to generate impulse to want to have sex。 You can appreciate her sweet photo shoot together, so she getting better。 At least 20 seconds embracing the latest study found that embracing time of 20 seconds will increase the amount of secretion in humans after two oxytocin。 The two sides face to face physical contact will generate a depth feeling of attachment, for women, a simple hug can mobilize their sexuality。

Radix Radix medicine for it is God Almighty role

Plantation outbreak requires "maintenance of stability", Radix masks and disinfectant form a "third kind" to appease the people。 After the outbreak, there will be panic in the crowd。
At this time, in place of your event disinfectant spray, tell you where the virus were destroyed; wear a mask to go out, to tell you the virus isolated on the outside of the mask; the next service pack goes Radix, tell your body to build defense。 So people just sit。 02 In fact, in addition to a stimulating effect, Radix Radix has not proven any effect on how "virus solution," who do not know modern medicine also can "de-viral" drugs, such as Tamiflu is the main drug against influenza virus。
Tamiflu has been able to curb the harm influenza virus, because Tamiflu prevents the influenza virus from human cells, so the influenza virus after infection of a human cell, it is trapped in the cell, unable to infect other cells, the disease it does not spread。
Radix is how to do it "solution influenza virus," we do not know, but it can on the ancient "detoxification", so that it can now say that prevention and treatment of influenza virus。 Radix God is omnipotent modern pharmaceutical drugs it is also able to "heat" of drugs, such as。
Aspirin has been able to fever, because prostaglandin E2 It tells the brain hypothermia "Messenger", and aspirin can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin E2。 Radix is how to do that "heat" it is also a smear。

The arrival of spring how to seize the growth and development of gold season?

Location: how to seize the body of the arrival of spring growth and development of gold season?2018-3-2715: 6:51 Source: REVIEW: Spring footsteps getting closer, rebirth, flowers begin to bloom, this turns warm again, large temperature, climate change repeatedly season, viruses, bacteria on comes alive, the baby's immune function is weak, vulnerable to infection and illness。
Well, in this changeable weather of the season, how do we take appropriate measures to protect Andy who it safely through this spring……Note that temperature changes in spring not only volatile, but windy。TCM believes that "the wind is riddled with long", therefore the weather changes, timely change clothes, warm wind。As the saying goes, "Spring cover autumn cold", "cover" is a relative concept, it should be timely change of clothing based on the outdoor temperature, but not the dress warm as possible。
Spring, children in large outdoor activities, wear too much sweat easily, easily lead to a cold case of cold, so dress should not sweat when the general standard activities, too much will only make children out clothes after suffering a cold sweat。Growth and development of gold and Lai spring season, all things hair, spring is also the year in child growth and development of the fastest season, let the children to outdoor activities can get sunlight, increase the child's bone development is very important。
Spring sunny, young children should increase the time for outdoor activities, less than one hour a day。
Occurrence do not need to wear a hat when outdoors, gloves, let the children exposure to sunlight, enhance physical fitness and promote the absorption of calcium to prevent rickets。
Although the child's height and genetic factors, but acquired factors are also important, is the first body to grow taller bone growth and development, parents should try to provide opportunities for outdoor exercise for kids, choose running, longitudinal movement of rope skipping, basketball, and to ensure exercise intensity aerobic exercise to achieve, due to the full amount of activity can promote the body's metabolism, so that the child's bones and muscles are effectively stretching, promote nervous system and skeletal muscle coordination。
It would also ensure that children have enough sleep, are at the peak of growth hormone secretion sleeping state, so that children develop the habit of going to bed early to ensure the effective release of growth hormone, which will help children grow taller。
Also note that other aspects, give them reasonable nutrition, eat more cereal, eggs, lean meat, milk and other foods rich in quality protein, lecithin, lysine foods, to ensure that the needs of growth and development in protein, but also Note that eat fish, leafy green vegetables and other foods with calcium supplement calcium。Try to avoid food intake easily lead to sexual precocity of-season fruits, fried foods, etc.。
Parents expect after mastered these tips, which can be applied to adhere to daily life, not in fits and starts, for the baby's well-being, and perseverance help children grow up healthier!。

French civil servants went on strike today to protest against the low-paid transportation or adversely affected

Data Figure: French President Make Long。
Wu Long Sword photo reporter learned that the reform plan will Make Long's new national railway employees lost early retirement and other benefits, a move triggered union protests。
In addition to Paris, only a third of the national railway suburb train is expected to travel; and from London to Paris Eurostar train already canceled four flights。   Paris subway and bus services will operate normally, but some commuter train will be affected to a busy suburban train line A (RERA), B line (RERB), for example, three shifts of only Rush Hour 2 class travel book。   French Civil Aviation Authority said that as the air traffic controllers strike 22nd, Charles de Gaulle (CharlesdeGaulle), Orly (Orly) and Bovee (Beauvais) and other major Paris airports would be canceled flights taking off and landing 1/3。
  Air France (Air France) pilots and crew to fight for a pay rise of 6%, 23 will separate strike, the company said short-haul flights will be most affected, while the long-range flights are expected to continue to operate。
  Medical staff, some civil servants and primary school-based teacher 22 will also participate in the strike, which is the biggest test since last September and October, a wave of wave of demonstrations, Make Long faces。