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The arrival of spring how to seize the growth and development of gold season?

Location: how to seize the body of the arrival of spring growth and development of gold season?2018-3-2715: 6:51 Source: REVIEW: Spring footsteps getting closer, rebirth, flowers begin to bloom, this turns warm again, large temperature, climate change repeatedly season, viruses, bacteria on comes alive, the baby's immune function is weak, vulnerable to infection and illness。
Well, in this changeable weather of the season, how do we take appropriate measures to protect Andy who it safely through this spring……Note that temperature changes in spring not only volatile, but windy。TCM believes that "the wind is riddled with long", therefore the weather changes, timely change clothes, warm wind。As the saying goes, "Spring cover autumn cold", "cover" is a relative concept, it should be timely change of clothing based on the outdoor temperature, but not the dress warm as possible。
Spring, children in large outdoor activities, wear too much sweat easily, easily lead to a cold case of cold, so dress should not sweat when the general standard activities, too much will only make children out clothes after suffering a cold sweat。Growth and development of gold and Lai spring season, all things hair, spring is also the year in child growth and development of the fastest season, let the children to outdoor activities can get sunlight, increase the child's bone development is very important。
Spring sunny, young children should increase the time for outdoor activities, less than one hour a day。
Occurrence do not need to wear a hat when outdoors, gloves, let the children exposure to sunlight, enhance physical fitness and promote the absorption of calcium to prevent rickets。
Although the child's height and genetic factors, but acquired factors are also important, is the first body to grow taller bone growth and development, parents should try to provide opportunities for outdoor exercise for kids, choose running, longitudinal movement of rope skipping, basketball, and to ensure exercise intensity aerobic exercise to achieve, due to the full amount of activity can promote the body's metabolism, so that the child's bones and muscles are effectively stretching, promote nervous system and skeletal muscle coordination。
It would also ensure that children have enough sleep, are at the peak of growth hormone secretion sleeping state, so that children develop the habit of going to bed early to ensure the effective release of growth hormone, which will help children grow taller。
Also note that other aspects, give them reasonable nutrition, eat more cereal, eggs, lean meat, milk and other foods rich in quality protein, lecithin, lysine foods, to ensure that the needs of growth and development in protein, but also Note that eat fish, leafy green vegetables and other foods with calcium supplement calcium。Try to avoid food intake easily lead to sexual precocity of-season fruits, fried foods, etc.。
Parents expect after mastered these tips, which can be applied to adhere to daily life, not in fits and starts, for the baby's well-being, and perseverance help children grow up healthier!。

French civil servants went on strike today to protest against the low-paid transportation or adversely affected

Data Figure: French President Make Long。
Wu Long Sword photo reporter learned that the reform plan will Make Long's new national railway employees lost early retirement and other benefits, a move triggered union protests。
In addition to Paris, only a third of the national railway suburb train is expected to travel; and from London to Paris Eurostar train already canceled four flights。   Paris subway and bus services will operate normally, but some commuter train will be affected to a busy suburban train line A (RERA), B line (RERB), for example, three shifts of only Rush Hour 2 class travel book。   French Civil Aviation Authority said that as the air traffic controllers strike 22nd, Charles de Gaulle (CharlesdeGaulle), Orly (Orly) and Bovee (Beauvais) and other major Paris airports would be canceled flights taking off and landing 1/3。
  Air France (Air France) pilots and crew to fight for a pay rise of 6%, 23 will separate strike, the company said short-haul flights will be most affected, while the long-range flights are expected to continue to operate。
  Medical staff, some civil servants and primary school-based teacher 22 will also participate in the strike, which is the biggest test since last September and October, a wave of wave of demonstrations, Make Long faces。