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Amidst the Red Summer Story ·

I first saw, met shallow and deep friend.Bonds of Mo, mind changed and dabbles in love, deep Red.  Time dream, Man rainbow street, Leaning lean on a railing, already terraced rice paddies Review clouds..  —— Kevin accidentally wearing fingers and lit the lonely, misty fleeting, brilliant fry’s in search of a fingertip slipped in love love.  Whisper season, time is quiet good, heaven and earth as ever.  Miss a person, the heart also confront the storm.  Siyi lingering in the water ferry, twisted waves wisp of memory, Ann warm perishable fleeting dust.  Light time leaning the other side, waiting for Mo flowers…  Obsessed long wait, downtown decorated with throbbing whisper season.  The intersection rings, and you rub shoulders, is the earth’s most beautiful purple street legend.  Summer Story, the idea in plastic film with poetic, swept over the edge of the heart, gentle, lingering…  Shallow fleeting, sometimes, also lightly butterfly, also love Chi Chan, will be in the season’s fingertips fleeting smoke, leisurely away.  Fleeting lean, hard to stay Xianzhi, terraced rice paddies those years, had a chance to look back, already weak in the dying breeze bleak season.  Hearts, there is an obsession City.Deep, settled the dust of first met when slammed heart.Xinyu pick up a ray of light tenderness, exile on the other side of the footpath change scenery, enchanting ethereal pale, but still an abundance of Siyi.  Sky, fine, clear, concentrated to those aesthetic Mankuang bit of crystal, colorful look at the pupil of the eye into lush.  Intoxication floral, soft texture along the ring into the palm of the same warmth.  Exposure to the wind quiet, keep quiet tranquil fleeting, time encounter a vision of prosperity.  If Susan to a powder, enraptured in the season’s winding…  Wisp of a smile bloom bright embellishment of the time, mining Yimiyangguang, wake-up time at the corners of their minds.  Those weak to clear away the joy and chanted, Qin warm.Distance, who whisper quiet Xia Fengqing through the curtain, tender-hearted who with heart?He leaned over, kiss on the lips fry, warm Xiangyi people, overflowing atrium.  Fleeting is young, let us close to each other, Helping Hands to smile when I first saw, stood still, stay in gorgeous fleeting, shallow hi love Ann warm years, I believe, these past, time will not forget.  The light summer, Xianzhi fragrant, elegant and graceful with Bana open fleeting.  Bring a ray of verdant, any first met the throbbing fingertips fly Manwu.  Light leaning depths of time, Xia Qing Yin’s Story, listen to the silent joys and sorrows season.  Zither Love, those deep and shallow imprint of time, happiness is a warm traces of poly.  Golden Age fleeting, only willing, continued to meet with you a bloom, listen fleeting whisper of fragrance.  Whispers of time to find meditation paragraph.Life, meet you, my heart is owned by the city of nomadic.  Affectionate florid silent, soft cotton tempting Splendor.  Bloom again, have you, quiet time where they breed an Acacia song Everlasting.  Wind language, shallow Yin spend, spend with each other, we will witness the most beautiful terraced rice paddies Love Lane met.  Deep in time, how much you want, when you look back to relive smile.  Huaxiangniaoyu in the morning, Xin warm gentle blossoms filled the bottom of the eye.  Unable to stop the affair, quietly listening to dim butterfly language, thoughts bypassing season fences between mind dough into a blooming tree warmth.  Those Xinyu Unspoken, time is lurking in the city’s most beautiful style.  Xia Qing Ning wind blowing through the terraced rice paddies season, between heart precipitation into the dust, that time read like, dust, downtown.  Hong heart at the moment, fleeting, still.Light and over the years, only wish time this season, I can promise before the smile line.  Years lintel, light singing stopped short of time.  Color whisper, deserted Love, Baozhan plain lonely in the branches, leaving a trace of explosive in each other’s memories of the Red scenery.  Who, in ferry memories, deeply moved by the dust of years, he lit the long lonely hearts?  Who, after years in Andi, tempting’s heart, awaken the sleeping ears lonely?  How much you want, hot summer, there you sent streaks of light swaying cool, elegant light fragrance blossoms shore.  Light twist ray of tenderness in the fingers, planted an everlasting Qiannian…  Think and read the intersection into a trembling heart, into a pro in the eye; quietly drop the plain in summer, a condensate Acacia, through the care of innumerable twists and turns, watch earthly reincarnation difficult Amidst the Red……

The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side

The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side when 27-year-old, I wanted to take only a love gone.It says to take it to listen to today’s junior high school students, must be a laughing stock: We already talked several times in love.Peers might also disdain that I have played several of the girls.This is a flood of feelings in the world, this world, feelings are the cheapest bar.The exact time in 25 years, it should be falling out of love.At that time, a brother said, you inappropriate, I was naturally clear than he.But I think they can keep their promises – hold hands, and grow old.I said, even if I do not like you, since together, then go all the way with you, there is not only a commitment to responsibility.With me, trustworthiness, justice go beyond the situation.However, I insist in exchange for more of this feeling of sadness as well as greater harm on the other side.I thought, hell-bent for her good, enough.There is understanding, there is tolerance, have a responsibility, not enough?Under the sun never quite suitable pair of lovers.Now think about it, this is indeed unrealistic fantasy.Each is indispensable.Feelings, I like the bottom of a small apple tree and green apple precocious but not always lack of sunlight.More precisely, is a feeling in the dwarf, never understand the feelings of adult world.I even wanted to have been naive, simple, and can be sustained.You are good to me, I Hello, this simply is not very warm and happy to go?But I was wrong, the feelings of a variable is a great thing that God can not do anything, how could I insist?We humans are lovely and hateful place perhaps is that always the simple things complicated.    There was a friend that your feelings too ideal world, the average person can not melt into.I smile and say, but I think the really simple.    Lovelorn time, a friend said: you such a bastard thing can also be lovesick?I am speechless.Many times I’m sayin ‘is absurd, absurd to everybody I think is a very macho guy.Just as stubborn that we must be relentless amorous prodigal son, so I must be a fickle minded stuff.I weave their own emotional world of unbridled playing opposition – hope and efforts in conflict.I’ve been hanging down his head hanging in the air, on the vain days, touching the ground under.I do not know what I will encounter such a thing, but do not know, myself, when something like that happens, he did so vulnerable.Friends said that before, you say, what the fuck are feeling this thing thing thing?I will come, to go go.Then say more free and easy!Really can not think of to your body, you also paralyzed.    I know, I find it difficult to come out.My joking laugh like a flower blossom in my mouth, but in how feelings are not looking.Maybe I really like someone else said, I am totally opposed to people.I was feeling alone in a wood, never flourishing of rotten wood, I almost to silly and crazy.    Someone who never liked it?I did not dare, I probably know this guy does not like to discuss the girls and self-esteem, but more often, afraid to touch.I would never go away because someone like pursuit.I am a nostalgic person, nostalgic person might fear most is the parting of the sad life and death kind of thing.For fear of losing fear of disappointment, simply do not give yourself the opportunity to hope.My eyes love is perhaps the next bubble colorful gorgeous sunshine, touched gone.    Someone said to me, Look at your point of breath, not to a woman?You should take I can.I think that if something, lost it lost, but feelings can throw off?Can be put down feelings. How dare feelings?Until the day I die, or become a vegetable.    So once said to a man, if looking for non-personal love, a love that talk about life.She smiled and said, you’re alone with it for a lifetime.Feeling where I was an idiot, with a friend’s words, your emotional intelligence to zero, if the EQ is high, you must be a Lover.I do not know if this is praise me or harm me, but everyone agreed that feeling where I was mentally handicapped.    Some people say, you still afraid of a man falling out of love?Pretty rare.Most of the injured are women only.Her view, seems to always be a man playing a woman, light parting seems to always be the man.If a person is too emotional, the other seems to be difficult to make a.    Skelter in, everyone is tired, tired, do not believe the.A lovelorn brother also said that in this life who does not meet a few bastards?We all think so when, as feedback to each other, hurt each other with, so we no longer believe in love.Also heard a girl say, and so you have the money, what can not find a girlfriend.However, people have feelings hid it where it went?    Love has always existed, but we want too much, too little practical needs, such irreconcilable contradictions always make simple, clean love becomes heavy gray.Just as industrialized societies, like the gray sky above our heads.    Love is perhaps the most sighed with regret “the Bowl”.It makes me think of “Book of Songs” something to say: “Reeds green and white dew cream.The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side.”I think this and ‘The Bowl’ desire realm is close it.Perhaps the most beautiful love the mood is that elusive, distance, but not fondle Yan.For bones because of greed but humble us, not always is the best.Of this world, our destructive capacity far greater than our ability to create.    Perhaps a way to make the existence of love is this: we hope for and inaccessible, see it, but not impossible.So as to let her stay in the heart of the most beautiful places.So what better than “so-called Iraqi people in the water side” better interpretation of the love of it?    I say these words, a voice came drifting: This single-minded guy, in this era, at this age, people still believe in love?You silly not stupid ah you……

Dreams of home

[REVIEW] we drove to diffuse depression mazhuang.This past 6,7 years-long depression Man, overgrown with reeds and weeds, now is the modernization of the rural district, surrounded by paddy fields, ponds and orchards, it is a veritable land of plenty.  I have 20 years did not return home the.Brother at home, and often called to say: “Brother, hometown had changed so much, go home to see it!”Recently old girl calls again urging me to go home:” Welcome Recently married, the family miss you and hope to welcome you home to attend the wedding.”Inexcusable nephew married do not go home, so I let the girl go to Tianjin to buy a sleeper ticket, this time I’m going to go home.    Ordinary girl bought a ticket, she said: “Now and again train speed, Tianjin, Xuzhou only five or six hours, do not need to buy a sleeper ticket.”I played to Tianjin station, boarded the bus bound for Xuzhou.Passenger cabin are numerous but orderly, there is no past crowded and noisy.The seat is new Ruanxi the middle of a beautiful coffee table, window decorated with flowers.Soon the waiter brought a cup of tea, cup of coffee and a peanut seeds.I sat quietly in soft gallery, recalled the scene 48 years ago, the first time I went by train to Beijing to study: the passengers crowded, noisy, chaotic.From Xuzhou to Beijing ran a full 24 hours, then I go home switch to 21 times faster also have 14 hours straight.  The train started running, trembling slightly as the train and the beautiful sounds of music, I drift off to sleep.Suddenly a friendly voice woke me: “Xuzhou station is coming, passengers have to get off you make a Xuzhou get ready” to play three consecutive times, my eyes open at the table, it only took six hours.  Get off from Xuzhou East Station, a little past noon, I decided to look at his alma mater.I remember Xuzhou in a nearby caught Ho Qing bridge, the old course of the Yellow River in the south, a dirt road through the school gate, surrounded by a low-rise houses.I boarded the bus around the city, all the way to enjoy the scenery along the way.Xuzhou change too much, I can not find it in the past has been the appearance of.Qingyun Bridge station bus arrived, the waiter helped me in the car, looked up here, my memory is not already in Qingyun bridge.The original stone arch lengthened and widened, becoming a double-lane porous bridge, on both sides of aesthetic guardrails.Old Yellow River on both sides of skyscrapers, I can not tell East and West.Old road turned into asphalt road, the low houses turned into rows of high-rise buildings.Where in Xuzhou, a?I’m looking for a long time disappeared, and had to sit around the city bus back to East Point.I boarded the car home, at 17:00 returned after an absence of 20 years old house.Brother to see me come back, I’m pleased to say: “Brother, you had dinner seize the time to rest, tomorrow I brought you a closer look at changes in home.”The next morning meal, my brother and I rode a tuk-tuk to visit the lovely home.Changes in home too, adobe houses replaced by all-brick houses, the dirt road becomes asphalt road, home is so beautiful!We first came to the United States and Yao River, this is my youth had participated in the renovation of the home river.Yao is now the United States and willow-lined river, the river green clarify River lush crop harvest in sight.We came to the big Tamura, former Huangtupo become Huaguoshan, filling of rice flowering, fragrant rice flower breeze downhill, it is refreshing.  We drove to diffuse depression mazhuang.This past 6,7 years-long depression Man, overgrown with reeds and weeds, now is the modernization of the rural district, surrounded by paddy fields, ponds and orchards, it is a veritable land of plenty.  Toward noon, we came to the east coast of the famous thatched Dasha wasteland.Over the past few thatched shortage difficult aspect 10, the grass is everywhere, everywhere is water beach, no signs of human habitation.Now the local government joint venture with a Shanghai company to develop grass wasteland, peanut production bases have been built here and orchards, is the most affluent places in northern Jiangsu, is a model of modern rural.  See my hometown of Hull, me very excited, he kept shouting: “ah!Ah, lovely home so beautiful, I.”I pushed his wife aside, he said:” how now, said a daydream!Get up bar, morning exercise time is up.”I stood up and rubbed his eyes, turned out to be a dream to return home.I carefully vivid memories of the beauty of dreams, home.I thought: “This is not a dream, this is real life in a dream of a true reflection.”

A la Valente

one.Youth Love Song Pink —- recalled yo love sweet love Looking back, looking up at the sky, blue is the taste of happiness.Cheng Zhaofeng of youth wings to fly in the sky, how many warm memories of sweet blue bike cycling records, regardless of wind or rain, the same convention, road conditions continue.    Back seat amphitheater, both of us will always be special seats, the teacher on stage provoke mouth hanging river, but we were filled with secrets on paper, not words in the classroom, but can not prevent heart to heart communication.One class down, actually incomprehensible, only to hear that the class bell rang, hurriedly flew outside the classroom, toward the free world belongs to us.    Emotional canteen is our second post, although I am not a wealthy daughter, you are not rich young man, but we still eat delicious fried dishes, full of happiness.Xiecai you get used to me, always worried about weak physical condition, I will be malnourished, picky eaters, but I refuse many foods you accept, even in your mouth and spit it out I chew you gladly accepted, unsanitary in the eyes of others , but it became to express your love, love a man should love her all.At that moment I was moved to tears.    Remember to play table tennis when you and I bet you have a competition?He lost the will unconditionally accept any request by the opposition.Opinionated your coach, I often dismissive conceited to you, perhaps my “underestimate the enemy,” perhaps my own, however hard the game, you will often be trounced.But I lost Debu convinced, you start to take care of my emotions, afraid I lost the courage to lose self-esteem, more afraid of me because of a random bet not happy, the result often is that you won the game but by the lose penalties.    Lotus pool, cinema, three religions, the woods next to the four-taught on the campus lawn, stone table, leaving us holding hands ubiquitous figure and happy play.When you strict supervision as teachers when I studied, you carefully take care of my life as a mother.Used to have your day, I became reckless behavior, arrogant and despotic.Even when angry emotions out of control on you “kicked” you used a lot of patience to calm smokeless “war”.I’m tired of noisy afterwards but also “to blame” wildly shed tears of grievances, but you have to play with all kinds of grimaces to make me happy.I bloom and fled, pursued you, then that is a flood of apologies and comforting phone.    Looking back now past all sorts, it is difficult to forgive myself was young could be so wayward in front of you, how many times will you hurt emotions out of control, even bloody.But you still continue to accommodate my strange freak, I handed my wayward, my presumptuous.Then you are my sky blue one, a mass of white clouds, breeze, a touch of warm sun, a cavity tenderness, Sky took me flying in youth.    Current events impermanence, people have joys and sorrows, month also wanes, but was young and fragile emotions, outrightly rejected the cold and cruel reality.Blue clouds drifting across the sky occasionally, often when the parting scene holiday, happy mind will become as heavy as lead.The platform edge, watched the king backs away, several times choking, tears blurred vision, waving farewell immobile hands, he watched the relentless wheels carrying the beloved children disappeared in the vast crowd.Afraid to look back to say goodbye hands, could not bear to see you lookin tenderness eyes, I stood still, parting thoughts for a long time immersed in the pain, can not let go.Short break but because of your deep-seated yearning becomes extremely long, and look forward to receiving a letter send a letter later became the theme song of another.Time flies faster and more looking forward again faster.The school day is near, the reunion will be close at hand.    During that youthful years, we have gone hand in hand, that part of Sentimental love, our intention to spend.No need to eachother, its own forever.Lake water without having to dry, Lei Feng tower fell, the moon can learn a lesson, heaven can table.No need to Sansei stone carved eternal promise, spend one to another after years of baptism, solid as a rock.Do not need to drink water at Rivera forget, do not need to drink Meng Po soup, do not need to cross the athletic, already doomed previous life, this life hand Red, doomed love.I met you, during that shallots years, during that passionate youth, in the period of ignorant Love, my happiness and happiness.You are my heart a song, straightforward lyrics, melodious song rhyme.You are my life leaf partial boat, carrying to draw to the other side of happiness.    two.Siege bring happiness hands of the king compose love song — happy marriage through youth, students bid farewell to the era of passionate, paddled love little happy slurry straight to the other side of marriage.Love each other are often happy ending happiness in hand, to get married.Looking back this has nothing to do in romance marriage from the beginning not to be optimistic about the others sentimental romance, to spend the final against all odds firm, we overcame many obstacles, despite family opposition, regardless of friends do not understand, to resist all the outside world , a firm pace of love, stick to the confidence of love, sharing the wind and rain, go hand in hand.    Recall that just out of school into the community of us have abundant experience, carries the dream, full of passion, stepping on bicycle maneuvering flew to the city’s streets, looking forward to a bright future.However, when we are faced with complex social, unfamiliar work environment, in the face of misunderstandings “Wild World”, the face of sophisticated human indifference in the face of the intrigues between people, when faced lies to deceive, we have pain, confusion, loss, wandering, dazed, desperate and on the verge of the verge of collapse.Saddled with Useless, but we inferiority depression, we are unworthy parents upbringing, and unworthy of friends and relatives look in the eyes, once we choose to escape, hiding in dark corners secretly cry.We encourage each other, comfort each other, paddled small pulp with rotten spirit, river rafting on top of reality, exhausted body strength, seek the direction of efforts and look forward to reach the other side of success.    In addition to the passion we have nothing, when interviewing us as merchandise pick to choose to go when our self-esteem suffer great harm, but can only suppress their emotions, change their attitude to face the harsh reality.When our corners are worn flat reality, I learned to abandon inferiority, head held high, learned to smooth, but also learned to be patient.Kulei not afraid of life, afraid of hard work, eating simple life, wearing plain clothes.Hard work pays painstaking, we are finally able to gain a foothold in this strange city, create their own piece of the sky.    Just think of joy got the first points of the work, I think, made a first pay check pleased.We bring the wine to celebrate, eating hot pot, string of incenses burning, toast, finally found a seat foothold in this strange city for us to each other, as we are no longer at a loss wandering grateful and happy for us all pay and eventually pay off and moved.    The early morning for sundown, is the law of life of ordinary people, and when the bright moon, we can look at the stars secret language, Imagine a better future under the grape arbor, the desire of the promise of life afterlife.Three-year itch, seven-year itch, itch decade, have nothing to do with our marriage.With the passage of time and the feelings of the deposition time, we reverse more courteous, because’ve been through countless storms of life, cherish each other more.We play lovers to each other, the role of lover, relatives, friends, couples, and apply the five color is awful happy marriage.    Sentimental period of years, we have gone hand in hand, this dull marriage, our common red camp.Unknown journey, we still do not let go.    Triple.Old age alongside spend a few stars, interlocking fingers watch the sunset —- finite happy old age life, love boundless sea, intention for the boat, with love as Paddle, by the power of the wind, we love boating in the sea.Marriage dark castle filled with love, fleeting, when we enter the fourth decade with the years, perhaps there will be sentimental on behalf of white hair black hair, perhaps there will be years of age a man sighs, perhaps there will be times, such as water, one to go never back upset, all those regrets and disappointments in life are turned into the clouds dissipate.Or was that we still have each other, what better than this outcome.    As old age, joint Looking back, there had been a romantic, there had been a passionate romance, there had been a love-hate Melancholy.All tastes in my mind, see through this life like a book, often re-read once, there will always be enlightened.    According to the sunset, watching the sunset afterglow our fingers interlocked, Rays strewn sky, blooming sky, a good sunset at dusk.The sun rose, the starry sky, like people blinked, one by one, and one, every one wish to send our youth, embracing sitting side by side under the grape arbor, counting the sky stars, counting the promise of good wishes once.    I might even get angry grumbles, you will still grimace make me happy, I rickets waist, your legs hobbled.When the wind blows you will put on warm clothing for me, I would still reasonable grounds for you to brim.Loyal dog lying around me, feeling the warmth of this love.Pink floor-length curtains, covered with a young man’s dream, candlelight dinner spilled over PASSING fleeting memories.Looking back, time rush, Our love this cup treasure for many years as the old cellar, the better it tastes.Years, such as singing this song for a long-lasting love song —– I can think of the most romantic thing is to grow old with you!

Beijing Municipal Construction Committee: grueling property with land speculation in residential blended stop function

Industrial projects doping ban residential function – relevant city department heads "Further strengthening of industrial project management notice" in addition to strictly control the "business change lives", the scientific research, industrial, hotel, tourism, culture, entertainment and other six categories live project illegal change of behavior has also been halted。Wednesday, 5 Urban Planning and Land Commission and other departments jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the management of industrial projects", caused widespread concern outside the industry。Yesterday, the city's relevant departments to carry out a detailed interpretation of the hot issues。  The official said that the sustainable development of cities have industry support, the development of industrial land should be used for industrial, residential function doping ban, and may not be transferred without permission division sales; the healthy development of the real estate market, a balance should be maintained post live with land speculation in the industry will be seriously disrupted the market order, must be severely punished。  Continuation of the new land policy prohibits three types of change of residence project in fact, from the beginning of May 2010, the Municipal Construction Committee and other four departments issued a document in strict accordance with the provisions of hotel projects planned use of organizational design, development and construction will be allowed to split without approval transfer。In the same year, former City Land Resources Bureau and other five departments issued a document requiring industrial R & D projects will be allowed to change the use, without authorization, transfer, or sell。  Official says that since the implementation of these two documents, the new hotel, research and development, industry and other industrial projects to curb unauthorized change of use project construction unit, division sales situation played a positive role。  This time notice jointly issued by the continuation of these policies, and increased tourism, culture, entertainment and other industries, is strictly prohibited without changing the 6 industry projects for residential use。  Wen also called for new projects need to comply with the capital of functional orientation, in line with "Beijing's new industrial directory prohibitions and restrictions", is a combination of regional planning regional governments should balance the implementation of the post live。  He said the administration will regularly use industrial project construction function verification, thorough investigation of illegal change of circumstances for residential use。  Strict Management "in and out" channel revitalize the use of land resources "industrial projects and regional development are closely related, there is no stable and sustainable industrial projects can not be supported by regional development; industrial projects may not have the funds to do a good job, industrial projects should be a corresponding unit ability to operate, operating industrial projects。"Relevant person in charge of special tips for not working, the situation can not continue business, industrial projects should quit, make an inventory of land resources should be re-utilization。  Earlier in the "March 26" commercial office projects restriction policy, for the construction in the sale of commercial office projects can not be sold to individuals clearly defined。The project was sold to industry may be qualified individuals。Does this mean that industrial projects sales policy easing than commercial office projects?  In this regard, the relevant department heads with "On the contrary," words echoed this view: "Industrial project carries the needs of industrial development, the purchase will be strictly qualification audit。Whether the unit or individual, first he has to audit qualifications or capabilities in this area。For example, research projects, research the company you are, if there are research teams, etc.。"Relevant person in charge said that for unauthorized construction unit will become live industry project planning purposes, in disguise for real estate development, will be strictly investigated and dealt with the project construction unit。The document also reflects the relevant provisions of the multi-sectoral joint supervision of disciplinary intent。  On the situation lighter, will inform the project construction unit to correct violations; circumstances are serious, the administrative law enforcement departments will be strictly punished according to the law project construction unit; a gross violation of the relevant departments can be lifted land transfer contract, revocation of approval concerning the allocation file recovery project construction unit of land, and then cancel the project construction unit qualification of land in Beijing, will not be allowed to participate in the project construction unit land bidding activities in the city land market, can not apply for any other land。  At the same time, taxation and other relevant departments of the project construction unit will be carrying out checks, inspections, penalties for violations other project construction unit。Business management department will be punished information project construction unit into the city for the credit system。  Reporters learned that, in addition to the sales agency mentioned in this document will be processed at the same time the city will investigate and deal with illegal units designed for project。

Beijing air quality districts regularly informed rankings focus on areas with high emission vehicles

  Beijing News News (Reporter Deng Qi) by 2018, Beijing will strive to continue to decline in the average annual concentration of high-emission cars governance will become a priority, low emission zones extend from the inner ring road to the city's domain。 In addition, this year will be organized for the municipal environmental inspectors rectification "look back", and regularly districts, the streets (township) to inform air quality rankings。
  Yesterday, Beijing issued the implementation of the "Beijing Blue Sky Battle Action Plan 2018", this year, Beijing's blue sky Battle With roadmap。
  Proposal of building a "big green" work pattern last year, Beijing dropped to an average annual concentration of 58 micrograms / cubic meter, complete the "Atmospheric ten" assigned the task, "2013–2017 in Beijing in the Clean Air Action Plan" officially ending。   Yesterday, Beijing issued a "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan" put forward this year, Beijing will strive to annual average concentration in air continue to decline。
District air quality objectives vary。 Wherein Yanqing, Huairou, Miyun annual target of less than 49 micrograms / cubic meter, East, West, and this target Chaoyang District below 58 micrograms / cubic meter, Haidian less than 56 micrograms / cubic meter, Fengtai, Shijingshan less than 60 micrograms / cubic meter。
Tongzhou and Economic and Technological Development Zone, the annual target of less than 65 micrograms / cubic meter。
  With the previous plan of action different from the current round of action plans should be made to build clear responsibility "big green" work pattern, demanding the implementation of environmental responsibility, to complete the reform of environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies to monitor vertical management system, in addition, the municipal environmental protection will be carried out this year special inspectors, timely organization of municipal environmental inspectors rectification "look back", the implementation of environmental responsibility is not in place, lack of supervision, dereliction of duty, according to discipline held accountable according to the law。   High-emission vehicles into the most important improvement after Beijing Clean Air Action Plan has highlighted several key areas of governance, including Yajian coal, oil reduction control car, cleaning dust, etc.。   One of the characteristics of the current round of the Action Plan, namely the high-emission cars governance as a top priority, it also reflects the five years since the Beijing coal-fired governance achieved good results, gradually changed the structure of pollution。
  According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year plans to adhere to problem-oriented, efforts to solve outstanding environmental problems。
In concrete measures the level of mobile source pollution control their lead, where primary prevention, that is, heavy-duty diesel vehicles such high pollution emission vehicles。   Plan proposed this year by the expansion of the low emission zone within the Sixth Ring Road to the city's domain, to promote the country Ⅲ heavy diesel vehicles to speed up the phase-out。
Beijing strictly control the main port, the city focused on the road, high-emission vehicles crossing areas with a concentration of the three, strengthen law enforcement detection。
Heavy diesel vehicles exceeded perfect closed-loop management of law enforcement, severely penalize excessive vehicle。 Strict implementation of non-road mobile machinery prohibiting the use of high emissions and promote the use of low-emission off-road machinery。
  In addition, dust control, the transformation of key industries, such as clean energy, is still the main measures this year。   Released before the end of the new round of Source Apportionment April 2014, Beijing officially released source apportionment data: Beijing has nearly forty percent for foreign input, a local source, the proportion of motor vehicle exhaust emissions, more than three percent。   Nearly four years in the past, Beijing has undergone a source of no small change。
According to the current round of the Action Plan, Beijing's air pollution control focus on scientific research and technological innovation, before the end of this year, Beijing will release a new round of Source Apportionment。
  It is noteworthy that, to carry out the "eco-friendly big data projects" system construction this year, organized screening and demonstration of household efficiency fume purification technology。
  This year monitoring and evaluating how air pollution control?The proposed scheme, this year will be regularly districts, the streets (township) air quality ranked briefing。
Blue Sky Battle Action Plan for the implementation of the implementation of the annual assessment, examination results as the leading bodies and leading cadres comprehensive appraisal of an important basis for。    – bright spots "scattered dirt" Corporate Governance cleared dynamic industrial pollution and dust pollution prevention and control, is still the main measures this year action plan。
  Round program of action proposed, and further eliminate general manufacturing enterprises to exit this year does not meet the functional orientation of the capital, the city exit 500, Changping District, most of which, for the 121, followed Tongzhou District, is 82。
In addition, Shunyi District 55, Fangshan District 53, a minimum of Mentougou, 2。
  This year the district will strengthen the "messy dirty" corporate investigation and management, to achieve "dynamic clearing"。   In terms of dust control, emphasizing meticulous management, to strengthen the management and control dust ranking evaluation oriented, effectively strengthen the bare dust, road dust control work, construction dust and construction waste transport vehicles, to reduce dust pollution。
Strengthen urban and rural road sweeping and cleaning, to further improve the coverage of new technology。
Full implementation of green construction, and strictly implement the "six percent" dust prevention requirements。
Application of new technologies to further standardize the management of muck cars, the perfect combination of traceability, and accountability mechanisms to investigate。    – released this year a new round of dialogue to resolve the source of Beijing News: Why should develop "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan"?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: "People strive, day to help" in the joint efforts of the whole city, Beijing's air quality continues to improve, in mid-2017 annual average concentration in air drops to 58 micrograms / cubic meter, the successful completion of the national "atmosphere ten "assigned the task。 But apart from the national air quality standards and public expectations are still a wide gap between air pollution prevention and control work is still a long-term, arduous and complex process of。
With Beijing's air pollution control work continued in-depth, especially after nearly five years of large-scale governance, pollution sources, pollution characteristics have changed, further narrowing the space pollution reduction, governance more and more difficult, therefore, while the implementation of emission reduction projects, but also want to manage the transition, highlighting the essence of governance, rule of law, cohabitation。   Beijing News: how to understand the plan of action "big green" work pattern?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: the second part of the plan should be made to build clear responsibility "big green" work pattern, it is to improve environmental protection responsibility system "tube development, pipe production, pipe industry must control and environmental protection", strengthening and make concerted efforts together。 Improve the ranking sink to the township Street, reporting mechanism, pressure transmission, compaction responsibility。 In addition, this year also requires further promote the responsibility to implement and monitor the complete supervision and law enforcement vertical management reform environmental agencies, municipal environmental inspectors carry out further compaction of various departments at all levels of responsibility。   Beijing News: Compared with previous plans of action, what are the characteristics of the current round of measures?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: First, the "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan" to strengthen the scientific, systematic, fine, legal management as the goal, closely linked to changes in the current structure of the sources of pollution and the atmosphere, continue to focus on pollution control, tight grab heavy-duty diesel vehicles, dust, volatile organic compounds and other key governance and difficult issues, comprehensive use of legal, economic, technical, administrative measures, to promote air quality improvement。
  Secondly, highlighting rising refined governance。 For example, to strengthen research and technological innovation, released a new round of parsing the source of fine particulate matter, improve the scientific management, relevance。
Build "a card-style" management system, and promote permit system to be fixed source core management system。
Give full play to the role of discipline and restraint joint credit system。
Earnestly implement the air heavy pollution emergency plan to strengthen business federation, joint emergency response mechanism, enhance regional air pollution joint prevention and control。
  In addition, the measure also stressed that the current round of rule by the people。
Spread the concept of ecological civilization, to make green lifestyle popular, to put into practice。 Increased environmental science advocacy and public information to carry out environmental protection education in primary and secondary schools to carry out prizes to report, exposure of environmental violations, etc.。

Beijing announced the suspension of deer bicycle business users can apply for deposit refund

The last kilometer of travel pain points led the development of a shared bicycle industry, because with the check stop, mobile applications operate, inexpensive, environmentally friendly features, shared bicycle favored by the users。
Although shared bicycle industry is hot, but not every company go so smooth。
Goku bike has announced that ceased operations, and now a shared bicycle announced the suspension of operations。 October 21, shared bicycle deer announcement, the company is scheduled at 0:00 on October 23, Beijing suspended operations, deer user can request a refund of the deposit, within 7 working days of the original road-refundable deposit。
In fact, this is not the first time the deer bike to stop operating。
On March 16 this year, deer cycling stationed in Tianjin, but after only 12 days (March 28, 2017), deer bicycle stopped operations after only six months, also suspended in Beijing。 From this we can see that in the OFO small yellow car, bicycle thanks to the continuous friction clearly place an extra siege while in the overseas market due to delays in profitability, development bottlenecks, funding strand breaks and other reasons, more and more share bicycle brand is unsustainable。