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Cough can not eat away from these "culprit"

A little common cold diseases in life when you cough, that we know, there are a lot of food for the treatment of cough is a very good effect oh in our lives, but there are a lot of things can not eat, and that in the end there which is not to eat it today, let Xiaobian to tell you about it。 Basic introduction cough cough is more common everyday phenomenon, causes cough will be more common with colds, fever, cold, cough when we should pay more attention to diet, and can not just eat thing。 Cough is the body's protective breathing reflex action to clear secretions or foreign body in the respiratory tract。
Despite its positive side, but severe coughing may lead to long-term respiratory tract bleeding。 Correct distinction between general cough and cough variant asthma, to prevent misdiagnosis。 Treatment of cough should distinguish between the type of cough, medicine, medicine can be, but is the best diet。
Cough, common cough and internal injuries are divided into traditional Chinese medicine cough。
Cough can not eat these culprits away by Evils points, colds and coughs, cold cough, dry cough injuries, hot flashes cough, phlegm, cough, wind-heat cough, cough heat, when the line cough, cold cough, cough wet, summer Well, fire cough, cough and other food; by blood and viscera points, lung deficiency cough, cough lungs, heart cough, cough liver, spleen, cough, kidney cough, cough large intestine, small intestine cough, cough, stomach, bladder cough, cough triple burner, bile cough, labor cough, cough gas, cough and other bleeding; divided by the onset of cough and characteristics, cough, cough just before dawn, night cough, dry cough, cough sipping, dumb cough, cough and other Dayton。

Commission Vice-Chairman Yan Qingmin: iron-fisted law, Severe Punishment allow a re-run heavy penalties into law the norm

Recently, the Commission organized a system-wide administrative penalties conference in Shenzhen Institute of Capital Markets and Chief Executive Training (penalty) law。Commission Party Committee member, Vice Chairman Yan Qingmin attended the meeting。  The meeting further in-depth study and implementation of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Xi Jinping thought and nineteenth Congress of the CPC, summarized the results of eighteen and experience working party of the Commission administrative punishment since the Great, analysis judged the situation faced administrative penalties for a new era of and challenges, deployment of the key tasks of the current and future period。  Yan Qingmin stressed that the experience of reform and development of capital markets since the eighteen party proved that only in the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping command with Chinese characteristics, we can take a good new era administrative law enforcement, "Long Road" to the capital market with Chinese characteristics achieve to grow stronger, line stability Zhiyuan。To enhance the "four consciousness", resolutely safeguard the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping and the core of the whole party, the Party Central Committee and resolutely safeguard the authority and centralized leadership, always the same with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in action on the political and ideological CPC Central Committee highly consistent, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, to forge ahead, dare to play, to always continue to consolidate and expand the initial success achieved victories administrative punishment, the overwhelming trend to continue to enhance administrative punishment according to law in a comprehensive and strict dedication to the road, determined to show the new administrative penalties as a new play。  Yan Qingmin pointed out that since the party's 18, especially after mid-2015 the Central Commission for inspection, all the comrades in front of the administrative penalty system will be under the guidance of Xi Jinping, the new era of ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics, closely around the Party on the Commission central patrol feedback rectification work requirements, firmly grasp the political nature of law enforcement, continuously improve the political stance and enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four confident," always do "four obey" loyalty perform their duties responsibly, adhere to strictly regulate the fair and civilized law enforcement, the number of penalties, forfeiture amount and the number of successive years of record high administrative Shichangjinru。Between 2015 to 2017 years, were to make a decision on administrative punishment 177, 218 and 224, respectively, the amount of fines up to 11.0.3 billion yuan, 42.8.3 billion yuan and 74.7.9 billion market exclusion were 21 people, 38 passengers and 44 passengers。In the first half of this year, the Commission administrative punishment made a good start, system-wide total of 159 administrative penalty decision, an increase of 41% over the same period last year, the amount of fines 63.9.4 billion yuan, a new high on the basis of the same period last year, 20 people Shichangjinru。Fairness and justice of the law would be done, the market environment has been effectively purified, a substantial increase in regulatory credibility, to reshape the image of the Commission, the administrative punishment according to law fully strictly overwhelming trend has been formed。  Yan Qingmin stressed that administrative penalties fronts made these achievements are hard won, valuable experience, we need long-term adherence, has flourished。Specifically, to achieve five "always adhere to the"。First, we must always adhere to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, bearing in mind the political mandate and political responsibility for law enforcement, the people of the firm's administrative law enforcement, political。Second, we should always adhere to the party building and work style, build administrative punishment "elite crack"。Third, we must always respect the rule of law, and continuously improve the capacity and level of administration according to law。Fourth, we should always adhere to grasp the professional capacity-building, high-strength trained law enforcement skills。Fifth, we should always adhere to grasp public information from highly ideological, administrative law enforcement sing the main theme, stick to the main front of the news media。  Yan Qingmin depth analysis of the situation and the challenges of administration penalties facing requested seven "a consistent," the next step: to catch a party and work style to a consistent, compacting the main responsibility, dare to dare to grasp control, real tube really strict。Arrested according to law to a consistent and rigorously enforce the rule of law, in force focused on law enforcement fine。Comprehensive law to maintain strict enforcement pressure up to a consistent, iron hand of law enforcement, Severe Punishment, make heavy penalties to punish law enforcement become the norm。Coordination of law enforcement to catch the unity of a consistent, system-wide law enforcement to ensure a fist fight out a standard pipe market。Law Enforcement science and technology to be a consistent, armed with high-tech law enforcement personnel, and promote enforcement tools, law enforcement techniques, law enforcement capacity "iterative upgrade"。Law Enforcement To promote a consistent, increased by Case publicity to raise warning deterrent effect。To grasp the team building a consistent, wide world of excellence, speak to play, re-play, ensure the Party's supervision endure and prosper。To administrative penalties front Xi Jinping new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping, remember our mission, the courage to play, continue to consolidate and continue to build on that has been made for the construction of the rich internationally competitive capital market with Chinese characteristics and make greater contributions。  Administrative (penalty) after training in accordance with the law, the expert committee from the National People's Congress and the SFC penalty, the Supreme Court, the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court, the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court of the person responsible for student teaching, training and involving constitutional amendments the rule of law, criminal justice, enforcement, administrative litigation and administrative penalties for securities and futures field trial of focus and so on。Commission departments, each agency of the system unit responsible comrades and business backbone, representatives of the media a total of more than 150 people attended training。(Original title: Securities Regulatory Commission held work conference and administrative penalties in administrative training courses (penalty) according to the law) (Editor: DF075)

Woman eat these basic food, but still sharp thin 20 pounds!

  Healthy rejection of meat in addition to routine methods more exercise, diet is a!Usually, when a number of high-quality food intake is reduced stomach thin waist and very effective way Oh。
The following summarizes the eight kinds of diet food, so you get that slim waistline。
  1. Yogurt Yogurt is not only rich in nutritional content of milk, rich in calcium and clear lactic acid help inhibit cholesterol。
Also contains lactic acid bacteria to help bowel function, can improve constipation, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the body of the Lao waste excreted, it will also be less natural belly bulge 2, chives chives are rich in vitamins, protein and trace elements, most people surprise is that also contains carotene and a lot of cellulose, have a good role in the prevention and treatment of constipation, can enhance gastrointestinal activity function, excess fat in the intestine excreted。
  3, low-cost and nutritious seaweed kelp, have a good anti-cellulite effect, women who can not miss stars Food。 Which is rich in taurine and dietary fiber alginic acid, can help lower cholesterol, intestinal discharge of fat。
  4, known as lettuce dish known as lettuce, are rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, can enhance satiety, eliminate excess fat。 And lettuce Lettuce hormone and mannitol containing other ingredients, is lower cholesterol, oil discharge Cellulite, diuretic and natural substances promoting blood circulation。
  5, carrot carrots in addition to rich in fiber can extend beyond satiety, which is rich in vitamin C ^ and β- carotene, can avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen。
  6, fungus fungus can be described as the stomach "scavenger", can promote digestion, lower cholesterol, help intestinal excretion of excess waste and fat。
Also can Totale blood, but also other skin rosy, radiant。
  7, Amorphophallus konjac rich in dietary fiber slimming effect was particularly evident。 Konjac rapid swelling in the stomach, and enhance satiety without harm to the digestive system, but also the activity of lipase and endocrine function, the rapid decomposition of fat excretion。   8, but Garlic blood purification, garlic sulfur compound in the digestion process can reduce bad cholesterol, and increasing HDL cholesterol help to help dissolve fat helps eliminate belly。   Anti-aging can be said that a woman's lifelong career。 People always arrived, but the passage of time, to our 25 years of age, the skin began to enter the aging period, wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin and other phenomena began to emerge, this time, anti-aging project officially launched。 If you can in daily life, easy anti Would not it be a wonderful thing, the world recognized food, so you can youth resident in both eat the delicious food at the same time。