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[ Editor’s Note ]Youth may really be very short. In a few years, I have already lost my pride, and there is no longer a young frivolous person, nor is there any flesh and blood.. Most of the time, fame and fortune seem to me to be floating clouds . Ah, expressing the author’s feelings of being a little passive and a little helpless and moaning without illness, and his meditation of looking down on life..     Unconsciously, I haven’t started writing for many months and my life is still calm. After a day in the dormitory, I don’t know what to do. Sometimes a peaceful life will fall into the blind spot of life as well.. In the past few months, I have not read a novel, not written an essay, and occasionally went out to take some photos. instead, I often suffer from insomnia and sometimes make some low-level mistakes because of trivial life, often reminding myself, but sometimes I still can’t control my emotions. life is like an empty dream..   Youth may really be very short. In a few years, I have already lost my pride, and there is no longer a young frivolous or hot-blooded person.. Many times, fame and fortune seem to me only to be floating clouds. I want to record my inner uneasiness with a pen, but I find that my inner uneasiness is only empty, and there is nothing worth recording.   Passion, where is my passion?   After a trip to Shenzhen years ago, I rarely wrote anything. I couldn’t find inspiration at once. In a daze, what did I pursue and what did I expect?. I have not found an answer to the question of whether the disappointment is too deep or the loneliness too deep.. But I can’t find any reason to go there any more. Several brothers said why I didn’t visit them. We were only a hundred kilometers away, three hours by car, but it really seemed to be a long way away.. I haven’t seen you in a few years. Time has really diluted many and many things.   In the past five years, the heart of revisiting the old place has changed from eagerness to calm down, and I have also changed from youth to growth.. Youth are floating and looking for their own dreams. In many cases, reality is more cruel than ideal. Reality will always let people down.. In my life, I have carried too many dreams and too many fetters of reality, which also enables me to treat things and things more rationally. San Mao said: ” Sometimes we have to be cruel to ourselves and can’t tolerate our sad disappointment. Sometimes we have to be cruel to the people we love and put aside the memory of their love” but I will not be disappointed in condoning my sadness, but I will not be cruel to myself, so I will keep wandering and wandering.. And love, is not.   One night, I chatted with my junior high school teacher in charge and said that we hadn’t seen each other for many years.. He said I was pessimistic. I told him that I was not pessimistic, but he didn’t know me very well.. It’s been ten years since junior high school, and there have been some changes in more or less ten years. Most of the students are fathers and mothers.. And I, still lonely struggle in the dream of the road. I believe that people are responsible for things, so I have been pursuing my ideal persistently and will never give up lightly.. As a student, I often failed exams, failed to go to college, had some human factors and had some environmental factors, but all these could not be an excuse to prevent me from going to success..   Life and work, although there are no ups and downs, will always have a bad time, as in my world, and everywhere I live, there are traces of missing.. I am particularly fond of remembering the old. Others say that those who remember the old may be right. I am also particularly fond of feeling, especially eager to reunite with my brothers who have fought together before.. But the distance between time and space often fails to reunite us.

Fortress Besieged

Life is like a siege! What goes in wants to come out, what goes out wants to go in. I don’t know why people like tossing about themselves so much, don’t they get tired? It seems to be comfortable to go in or out, but life never stops. Of course, there is no way for people not to stop messing about, or else how to come to this world, it seems that this is a sign of the existence of life.. ‘ 30 and stand, 40 is not confused, 50 know destiny. ‘ 30 sorrow to start a family and career, 40 meet children take an examination of employment, 50 or 60 meet parents died. Like a student’s exam, I thought I would be very happy to be promoted to a grade, but in fact it was just more homework and more pressure. Life is a besieged city. Life was so, how can people?     In the story of the bear, the bear may not know how his mother ” died” yet, and he may amuse the butterfly and sleep when he is tired.. When he saw a big bear, he repeatedly followed others like a life-saving straw.. Because mother never got up to feed herself honey after lying down and sleeping! Cubs don’t know the concept of death. But he would lick the bear’s wound like two lonely people in the world! As in the past, when I watched this movie with her, she was moved and felt like crying. I can feel it now. At that time, I may not be weak enough or lonely enough. No words of loneliness were used to comfort her. Think about it. Does the bear remember its mother? It doesn’t seem important, because it can lead a happy life and even scare away so many selfish people. The film shows the growth of the cub as plain, with only a few dreams showing the cub’s subconscious mind. But I always feel sad and unforgettable. That’s enough..     I’ve read the Goodbye Fireflies Bill once, and I haven’t read it completely for the second time.. Because after seeing that kind of sadness and despair, it was too heavy for me to say something happy for more than a week. I am not only hate war, I am more afraid of cold human feelings and cruel human nature behind the war.. Someone likes to ask if you really like being so far away from home? Of course not, just in the so-called family heart is more sad and uncomfortable. I will never forgive and tolerate anyone who cannot forgive and tolerate, nor will I mention it. I just want to forget that I just want to stay away, just like my brother and sister live in the cave.. This is also a solution. The most cruel is the war between people. I don’t want to start a war, I just want to escape. I can’t afford any war, just tears.     It’s just that the fear of time has erased the original dream in my heart.. I remember saying when I was in college that I liked reading and didn’t give up a chance. In the end, I didn’t go on. I didn’t immerse myself in it because of the external environment. Perhaps the brother and sister knew nothing or pretended to know nothing, without that sensitive self-esteem heart, they would not run away from home in caves or starve to death in the crowd.!!! My self-esteem is too strong! Therefore, the beautiful myth suddenly subverts in the heart. Disrupting the inner balance. I was speechless and couldn’t see the truth. It is better to be that stupid bear!!! Stupid enough to make people love each other. The original dream should be strong and bold, but now it is calm.

Blue Bird came

A man walked lazy pace, step by step when near the cemetery, empty heart suddenly become full, almost the same as the shape of the face of the earth bread, the heart suddenly happy, all day dealing with the living, and more how much less allow yourself to become smooth cautious in dealing with people, and this way of life, is not my favorite.Today, we are facing a group of extremely quiet and do not speak and who can finally weekdays off his mask disguise, everything becomes so leisurely.    But the cemetery is a bread and soil formation up, they might be friends during his lifetime, maybe not know each other, but meet here spend, can be considered a fate it!In the cemetery soil steamed bread, almost no identical, which scattered the earth bread, you can see at a glance the wealth of the points, mostly wealthy family grave with cement courtyard surrounded by a shape, and is not rich the others, but with simple black soil of the deceased person in an inconspicuous position.Cemetery there is a path, people can clearly see both sides of the bread soil, I walk through the front of each one tombstone will stop, carefully looking at the stone carving above the word, surprised to find that the original seal is also a art.Each walked a bread, I will be slowed down softly, I fear that this uninvited guest who will sleep awakened, it becomes crept, even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe it, in my opinion, such a move also I regarded as a courtesy and respect it.    Walking Xing Xu, a bunch of shiny gold so I could not open my eyes, I thought I found a treasure of Solomon, was also a little excited about, closer inspection, turned out to be a courtyard-style grave, yard lined with two small lion, lion stood beside two lantern made of glass, very nice, down into the yard, there is a cement paved with Yong Lu, Yong Lu is the top of the tall shiny gold soil bread, carefully looked at the bulldozers bread, with yellow sand up, the first instinct told me that this is not the tomb of the Han people, because people here, and there is no custom of sand piled with grave, are using black the soil out of the heap, relying a little closer, a little closer again, I whispered to myself.And forward a few steps, turned out to be found behind the monument there is a screen made of cement, some text that says I do not know, look at the yard, all with some colored flags around, I looked after more tombstones concluded that this is a minority, but also assert that this is not the official owner of the tomb of the sons of a rich man, or how willing a dead body in such extravagant handwriting, and my heart still quite admiration, facing this before leaving bowed enemy position, I also considered not white study of a.    Looking at the time still early, do not want to go back early and found a dry place to lie on your back down, head, white clouds floating in the blue sky in the distance, the mountains stretch under the cloud, like a giant doing the ferocious claws, but looking hard to see but very quiet and peaceful, presumably cloud in Castle month in view of such a day is it!The distance from time to time came the old cattle moo..Moo…Cry, whine graveyard occasionally heard the sound of several more crows, even such things on Earth and orderly conduct, presumably, Bluebird always stay here, the seeds of happiness are also streaming into the this no words, the seemingly desolate land.    Sunset west, got up and went to the graveyard around the circle, eyes looking at the sunset shines on the cold stone, stone and sunset coldly in the eye, it seems to send out a happy laugh, say here is desolate and cold, but, here is the Blue Bird came to the place ah!

War like water flow, moisture heart floating pool touch Fragrance

Shame flow like water, nourishing the heart Pool touch of subtle fragrance floating text / once every second street children, sigh youth goes, it disappeared in the unintentional remembrance in; day and night, thinking Love short, the wind gently across each finger channel; One year, Red past memory, such as sweets quarter quarter scattered drift; War flow like water, moist touch Fragrance heart floating pool; lingering tears language, farewell past scenes depression melancholy, stormed poured brush tip, forming a desired sheet of paper at time Jingchu, shallow read!- Inscription [time flowing, Xiao Meng wake up] Life is like Yilianyoumeng, human interpretation of a cross section sorrows and joys drama; time quietly, flowing past a section of ground in a hurry; the young light sparse mad, once we have tempting hiding in years, plays the role of a lonely corner, like a thief, like, secretly picked Sentimental fruit of love, dream of cruising on the beach, we find the golden shells of their own.Romantic, can not extricate themselves immersed in the quagmire of love, Xiao Meng wake up, the heart has long been at the pool love into mourning; traces of memory, a road shades, draw the pain of love intoxicated, confused silence towards a few, reincarnation smile, lament; and finally, in his eyes streaming wave choose to forget the past, in the purple street Red Dust, the recuperation time with a sad season.    [Flowing time, years of quiet good] Cuckoo Ming Lin, superficial, full of lotus pond June incense; Yi Jiangnan River, Huan female Acacia, asked me why quietly picking a water lily, plug in mind at the central pool, floating a touch of subtle fragrance?At the moment, years of quiet and elegant, tranquil water, I would like a woman on a lotus Lanzhou, playing in the pond and the king leaves, keep it full of fragrant memories; fine curtain of water moving from the breeze, the night candle floodlight, dream rainy early break and listen to the frogs; dense shade trees, between tower reflection, corridors and Jun flute playing music, the sound of melody; see falling clouds as supergraphic, cross-linked high-altitude, listen Hongyan gongs, lychee flower show on fly!    [Time flows, where the dream send] Liuchang Things, such as wasted drunk, listening to the rain outside the window the rain, deep eyes and a burst of waves rippling stream, the wind weakness, not move with it adrift in a boat filled with sea fog Teng Lakeshore , covered the front line of route, exposed reefs, tide waves in the waves roll shot rang day and night barrier dreams set sail; life is like a broken squid, with the water gone east, from the War shadows, only pity for flower bloom inter fall; Proverbs on green bamboo case, Yan Hong ink splashed, humble pen a paper Dan, and describe the fleeting drop point broken language; glass earth, like a lost lamb, who knows where to send the Canmeng?    [Time flows, Duwusiren] that day, that scene, Song Jun kilometer street to go Iraqis look back, smile Enron, after the turn, tears roll roots, listening to heartbreaking one place off, Yuning choke; read full of thoughts past, dreaming, clear and well-being remains in the deep mind; decline Yang West Ramp, cuckoo, walking Colorful Scattered difficult difficult; this went on day and night removed insomnia, Sijun Mountain shoes travels to rivers and lakes, when normalized to?Between dream companions, accompany Jun Chang world tour mountains, looking forward leaning out of windows, Acacia sent away to the moon, looking deep water lily bloom season, Duwusiren, Jingchu water three or two, the suspect is king and whistle, the sound of Gone with the Wind start.    [Time flowing, put pen to paper into mourning] time flowing, getting a cup of tea alcohol, in June of the night sky, the smoke released into the atmosphere, Hua Xu lost out to be a dream; forget Xiao Meng Chu Xing, relieved smile, read it Love Lane quiet good portability Jun Picking play, with the king when leaving Mengsui, Duwusiren, and season Fangfei see litter, Liuchang watery, moist touch Fragrance heart floating pool, aryl refused old body, just solitary ghost tour on earth, who, a touch of sadness who catches the eye?Who, ink-stained youth who run to the Spring and Autumn?And who, crumpled Iraqis heart Pool?When an idea into execution, begins to Acacia begins to gray, I discovered that life put pen to paper, full of War!    Spend years past, Acacia stuffed into wine, drunk alone now; to revive the boat, where is the starting point of sail?Tomorrow will float to the dream where?Life journey, the line to the water to the poor, has long been Dankan flashy, only willing to make a lifetime “book girl”, recorded as a rush of Youth Commemorative!

Cough can not eat away from these "culprit"

A little common cold diseases in life when you cough, that we know, there are a lot of food for the treatment of cough is a very good effect oh in our lives, but there are a lot of things can not eat, and that in the end there which is not to eat it today, let Xiaobian to tell you about it。 Basic introduction cough cough is more common everyday phenomenon, causes cough will be more common with colds, fever, cold, cough when we should pay more attention to diet, and can not just eat thing。 Cough is the body's protective breathing reflex action to clear secretions or foreign body in the respiratory tract。
Despite its positive side, but severe coughing may lead to long-term respiratory tract bleeding。 Correct distinction between general cough and cough variant asthma, to prevent misdiagnosis。 Treatment of cough should distinguish between the type of cough, medicine, medicine can be, but is the best diet。
Cough, common cough and internal injuries are divided into traditional Chinese medicine cough。
Cough can not eat these culprits away by Evils points, colds and coughs, cold cough, dry cough injuries, hot flashes cough, phlegm, cough, wind-heat cough, cough heat, when the line cough, cold cough, cough wet, summer Well, fire cough, cough and other food; by blood and viscera points, lung deficiency cough, cough lungs, heart cough, cough liver, spleen, cough, kidney cough, cough large intestine, small intestine cough, cough, stomach, bladder cough, cough triple burner, bile cough, labor cough, cough gas, cough and other bleeding; divided by the onset of cough and characteristics, cough, cough just before dawn, night cough, dry cough, cough sipping, dumb cough, cough and other Dayton。

Commission Vice-Chairman Yan Qingmin: iron-fisted law, Severe Punishment allow a re-run heavy penalties into law the norm

Recently, the Commission organized a system-wide administrative penalties conference in Shenzhen Institute of Capital Markets and Chief Executive Training (penalty) law。Commission Party Committee member, Vice Chairman Yan Qingmin attended the meeting。  The meeting further in-depth study and implementation of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Xi Jinping thought and nineteenth Congress of the CPC, summarized the results of eighteen and experience working party of the Commission administrative punishment since the Great, analysis judged the situation faced administrative penalties for a new era of and challenges, deployment of the key tasks of the current and future period。  Yan Qingmin stressed that the experience of reform and development of capital markets since the eighteen party proved that only in the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping command with Chinese characteristics, we can take a good new era administrative law enforcement, "Long Road" to the capital market with Chinese characteristics achieve to grow stronger, line stability Zhiyuan。To enhance the "four consciousness", resolutely safeguard the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping and the core of the whole party, the Party Central Committee and resolutely safeguard the authority and centralized leadership, always the same with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in action on the political and ideological CPC Central Committee highly consistent, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, to forge ahead, dare to play, to always continue to consolidate and expand the initial success achieved victories administrative punishment, the overwhelming trend to continue to enhance administrative punishment according to law in a comprehensive and strict dedication to the road, determined to show the new administrative penalties as a new play。  Yan Qingmin pointed out that since the party's 18, especially after mid-2015 the Central Commission for inspection, all the comrades in front of the administrative penalty system will be under the guidance of Xi Jinping, the new era of ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics, closely around the Party on the Commission central patrol feedback rectification work requirements, firmly grasp the political nature of law enforcement, continuously improve the political stance and enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four confident," always do "four obey" loyalty perform their duties responsibly, adhere to strictly regulate the fair and civilized law enforcement, the number of penalties, forfeiture amount and the number of successive years of record high administrative Shichangjinru。Between 2015 to 2017 years, were to make a decision on administrative punishment 177, 218 and 224, respectively, the amount of fines up to 11.0.3 billion yuan, 42.8.3 billion yuan and 74.7.9 billion market exclusion were 21 people, 38 passengers and 44 passengers。In the first half of this year, the Commission administrative punishment made a good start, system-wide total of 159 administrative penalty decision, an increase of 41% over the same period last year, the amount of fines 63.9.4 billion yuan, a new high on the basis of the same period last year, 20 people Shichangjinru。Fairness and justice of the law would be done, the market environment has been effectively purified, a substantial increase in regulatory credibility, to reshape the image of the Commission, the administrative punishment according to law fully strictly overwhelming trend has been formed。  Yan Qingmin stressed that administrative penalties fronts made these achievements are hard won, valuable experience, we need long-term adherence, has flourished。Specifically, to achieve five "always adhere to the"。First, we must always adhere to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, bearing in mind the political mandate and political responsibility for law enforcement, the people of the firm's administrative law enforcement, political。Second, we should always adhere to the party building and work style, build administrative punishment "elite crack"。Third, we must always respect the rule of law, and continuously improve the capacity and level of administration according to law。Fourth, we should always adhere to grasp the professional capacity-building, high-strength trained law enforcement skills。Fifth, we should always adhere to grasp public information from highly ideological, administrative law enforcement sing the main theme, stick to the main front of the news media。  Yan Qingmin depth analysis of the situation and the challenges of administration penalties facing requested seven "a consistent," the next step: to catch a party and work style to a consistent, compacting the main responsibility, dare to dare to grasp control, real tube really strict。Arrested according to law to a consistent and rigorously enforce the rule of law, in force focused on law enforcement fine。Comprehensive law to maintain strict enforcement pressure up to a consistent, iron hand of law enforcement, Severe Punishment, make heavy penalties to punish law enforcement become the norm。Coordination of law enforcement to catch the unity of a consistent, system-wide law enforcement to ensure a fist fight out a standard pipe market。Law Enforcement science and technology to be a consistent, armed with high-tech law enforcement personnel, and promote enforcement tools, law enforcement techniques, law enforcement capacity "iterative upgrade"。Law Enforcement To promote a consistent, increased by Case publicity to raise warning deterrent effect。To grasp the team building a consistent, wide world of excellence, speak to play, re-play, ensure the Party's supervision endure and prosper。To administrative penalties front Xi Jinping new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping, remember our mission, the courage to play, continue to consolidate and continue to build on that has been made for the construction of the rich internationally competitive capital market with Chinese characteristics and make greater contributions。  Administrative (penalty) after training in accordance with the law, the expert committee from the National People's Congress and the SFC penalty, the Supreme Court, the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court, the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court of the person responsible for student teaching, training and involving constitutional amendments the rule of law, criminal justice, enforcement, administrative litigation and administrative penalties for securities and futures field trial of focus and so on。Commission departments, each agency of the system unit responsible comrades and business backbone, representatives of the media a total of more than 150 people attended training。(Original title: Securities Regulatory Commission held work conference and administrative penalties in administrative training courses (penalty) according to the law) (Editor: DF075)

Woman eat these basic food, but still sharp thin 20 pounds!

  Healthy rejection of meat in addition to routine methods more exercise, diet is a!Usually, when a number of high-quality food intake is reduced stomach thin waist and very effective way Oh。
The following summarizes the eight kinds of diet food, so you get that slim waistline。
  1. Yogurt Yogurt is not only rich in nutritional content of milk, rich in calcium and clear lactic acid help inhibit cholesterol。
Also contains lactic acid bacteria to help bowel function, can improve constipation, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the body of the Lao waste excreted, it will also be less natural belly bulge 2, chives chives are rich in vitamins, protein and trace elements, most people surprise is that also contains carotene and a lot of cellulose, have a good role in the prevention and treatment of constipation, can enhance gastrointestinal activity function, excess fat in the intestine excreted。
  3, low-cost and nutritious seaweed kelp, have a good anti-cellulite effect, women who can not miss stars Food。 Which is rich in taurine and dietary fiber alginic acid, can help lower cholesterol, intestinal discharge of fat。
  4, known as lettuce dish known as lettuce, are rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, can enhance satiety, eliminate excess fat。 And lettuce Lettuce hormone and mannitol containing other ingredients, is lower cholesterol, oil discharge Cellulite, diuretic and natural substances promoting blood circulation。
  5, carrot carrots in addition to rich in fiber can extend beyond satiety, which is rich in vitamin C ^ and β- carotene, can avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen。
  6, fungus fungus can be described as the stomach "scavenger", can promote digestion, lower cholesterol, help intestinal excretion of excess waste and fat。
Also can Totale blood, but also other skin rosy, radiant。
  7, Amorphophallus konjac rich in dietary fiber slimming effect was particularly evident。 Konjac rapid swelling in the stomach, and enhance satiety without harm to the digestive system, but also the activity of lipase and endocrine function, the rapid decomposition of fat excretion。   8, but Garlic blood purification, garlic sulfur compound in the digestion process can reduce bad cholesterol, and increasing HDL cholesterol help to help dissolve fat helps eliminate belly。   Anti-aging can be said that a woman's lifelong career。 People always arrived, but the passage of time, to our 25 years of age, the skin began to enter the aging period, wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin and other phenomena began to emerge, this time, anti-aging project officially launched。 If you can in daily life, easy anti Would not it be a wonderful thing, the world recognized food, so you can youth resident in both eat the delicious food at the same time。