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A man is as old as a child

As old as a child, his father-in-law felt bad in his stomach and intestines and accompanied him to the 148 hospital of the garrison.. Find the director of the department and check carefully. Fortunately, there is no major obstacle, that is, gastrointestinal function is almost not serious. The doctor asked whether the medicine was still prescribed? I said, let’s open it up. The father-in-law also returned after prescribing more than 200 yuan of medicine. The next day, I called and said, OK.     Father – in – law’s stomach and intestines are not good, which has been an old problem for many years.. As the saying goes, stomach trouble is divided into three parts and seven parts. Fortunately, his life is very careful. He has paid attention to diet for decades. He did not eat cold and hard, but his stomach trouble has improved greatly in recent years.. But after the Spring Festival, he always felt dull pain in his abdomen. I can’t say exactly where the pain is. It’s just a feeling. I feel, like a heart disease again.     I think so, there is a basis. The father-in-law has a fine heart and a good temper. This is an advantage. Correspondingly, it is too sensitive.. Three years ago, when he was seventy, he always said his lips were dry. I accompanied him to the PLA hospital and looked for experts from acquaintances. I took them seriously.. Experts said there was nothing wrong with it. Drink plenty of water and eat and drink whenever you should.. Because he is an acquaintance, the doctor said very clearly: I will not prescribe any medicine for you, even if it is prescribed, it is also a nourishing medicine such as vitamins, and it will only cost money.. This should be very good, but he was even more suspicious: the doctor said that he should eat and drink if he should, and whether he had an incurable disease or not? I said, older, dry lips is a normal phenomenon. But he is still not at ease to look around. When I went to the provincial capital, my daughter-in-law’s mobile phone was stolen by thieves, but the daughter-in-law was reasonable and didn’t care about it.. He went to the city to watch the advertisement on TV. The Jianghu doctor prescribed only a few hundred yuan of medicine..     I didn’t feel normal at the time when he was so exciting and moving.. Ask your wife to call your mother – in – law. My mother-in-law said that when I was young, someone calculated the hexagrams for my father-in-law and said that he could live to be seventy years old. This year is just seventy years old. I always feel this afflictive and uncomfortable psychologically. I went there to see it..     Knowing the reason, we advised him that at that time, seventy was the birthday, and now living conditions are good and medical standards are high. At that time, seventy was at least over eighty, so you can rest assured.. So, finally better. Wait until you bring your grandson, and you forget to look at him.     In view of the last experience, I asked my mother-in-law again this time. It turned out that a colleague from the father-in-law unit had pancreatic cancer and could not come in three months from the Spring Festival.. Plus this year happened to be seventy – three, folk saying seventy-eight and eighty – four, Yan did not call himself to go. Under the psychological effect, father-in-law worried again.     I told the doctor about these factors. The doctor said he was relieved that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer came quickly, up to six months. Your color Doppler ultrasound showed that your pancreas is fine. The knot was untied, so I prescribed medicine and went back. I felt better the next day..     Compared with his father – in – law’s carefulness, his mother-in-law is generous and a little careless.. As for the old man’s illness, my opinion is that if he is ill, he should be treated and not too sensitive.. Her character is good for her health. A few years ago, I watched her lose weight and asked her to go to the hospital for examination. B ultrasound was performed in the local hospital and found a shadow on the abdomen, which was suspected to be a tumor at the time.. Father – in – law is extremely nervous, mother-in-law said, seven old eighty, love what is what. So careless don’t care. I came to the military hospital to find experts to examine it in detail. The experts confirmed that the abdomen was flooded and eliminated the tumor.. According to the water treatment for a period of time, he recovered and recovered.     Father, last year 73.The chronic cor pulmonale is especially serious. He has a stubborn temper and does not come to see a doctor. Always say that people are old, that’s all. See what. Rural medical insurance is basically not reliable. I know he is reluctant to spend money on his children. I went back to pick him up a few years ago and didn’t come. Daughter said, or call and say you are ill and let him come to see you, grandpa will certainly come. My daughter said that she was joking with me. I thought this girl must have watched more TV shows.. He couldn’t pick him up until a relative’s child got married and he had to come. After attending the wedding, I checked with him at the hospital, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and bad heart. I prescribed medicine and took it for a long time, which improved slightly.. This winter is especially cold, and pulmonary heart disease is even more serious. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep when it’s serious.. I went home to take a look at it and quickly picked it up. My friends in the hospital helped take care of it, contacted experts, gave injections and took medicine before getting better..     Mother used to pinch and scrape, usually loathe to give up eating, loathe to give up seeing a doctor. I always work at leisure and often get tired and ill. I came home and was ill twice before I came to see a doctor.. One time she went to the mountain to order beans. Mountain remote, would not have let her grow, loathe to give up desolate, just take advantage of the rain to grow beans. As a result, the old sick man who came back tired spent six or seven hundred yuan to see a doctor.. The beans also weighed 5kg. This truth has been told to her countless times and there is no way out. Later, she coaxed and advised that her granddaughter missed her and should go and have a look, and so on, she was finally brought in for treatment.. Fortunately, years of old illness have gradually improved, feeling better than in previous years, and children are really pleased. Therefore, when dealing with the elderly, we can only coax and coax the elderly. If we should persuade, we should serve three-year-old children.!

A Brief Translation of Buddhism and Zen

Mountain, mountain, water, rain, frost and snow, dribs and drabs, like clouds circling gently, if plum blossoms are still fragrant. What the wind passes away is a natural sight, and what remains is the spring flowers.   Ask Buddha if he meets someone he can love, but he’s afraid he can’t grasp what to do?   Buddha said ∈ – How much love is left in the world and how many changes are made in the face of the floating world? And do happy things with lovers. don’t ask if it’s fate to rob. so, according to Buddha’s will, I bravely pursue love. the sweet and greasy lady also answers to music and music. her dedication revolves around two happy people and two warm hearts in spring.. However, a man has a wife and no love. Women have homes and are heartless. One night, when the stars were scattered all over the sky and the moon poked across the mountainside, all ended up in tears of good day and night when I hated not to meet but not to marry.. That night, destined to insomnia, that night, destined to grief, that night, destined to unforgettable. Don’t ask, don’t rob, it’s fate. Bless love is infinite. Wish love is infinite.   Some people asked Jackson Dalong Zhihong, ” What is a subtle Zen?”? Zen Master Zhihong replied, ” The wind sends water to the pillow side and the moon moves to the window.”. ‘ There is no water in front of me, but there is gurgling sound in my heart; There are no mountains outside the window, but the shadows in my mind overlap. The illusion is still beautiful, when thinking carefully and slowly. Chewing thousands of sorrows and sorrows, it is only a little sweet and moist that can penetrate life, especially enchanting. Sitting in peace with your eyes and meditation, you can have a panoramic view of the world, melting at one point word for word, and the ups and downs will not move.. Static, is the water stop in the alternation of day and night, is also the mountain weight in the vicissitudes of life and happiness. ‘ don’t make yuhua district still falls, no wind flocculant from the fly. Quiet so far away, subtle Zen is born in peace and wisdom.   Buddha said, ” Zen is also in the heart. Zen is in the heart, sitting and setting up, practicing and sleeping. Zen is always everywhere.”. Zen is also born in a certain time, a certain space, a person’s insight, and a Zen meaning..   Chaos, no spirit. Yin and yang are separated and united, and the party is willing to do so. The heart is Zen, the leaves are green, the flowers are fragrant, the sun is warm, the moon is soft, the stars are beautiful, love is found, and all living beings are also found.. Everything can not be solved, always illusion, because in it. Enlightenment, out of the bondage of the body, with the mind standing outside the object with spiritual wisdom and looking at the world with pure eyes, will find that all are tiny dust in sufficient light, bustling, but not many.   Buddha said: Persistence is like deep, it is the Buddha’s saying that gradually entering death: Persistence is like dust, it is futile and futile to return to Buddha’s saying: Persistence is like tears, it is a broken drop into the heart, breaking and scattering Buddha’s saying: Don’t ask for another 500 years, enter my empty gate, and already rise above Nirvana and die, it is just like facing the abyss and also determined to jump in, and death is an inevitable result.. Dust, light as nothing, floats in the air, can’t be seen or touched, just like clouds in the sky, and delusion of picking is just a dream of Nanke, clinging to nothingness.. Tears are the condensation of demons, broken hearts and scattered thoughts. Any heart injury always needs to be released. What is on the face is only the form. What drips into the heart is the pain.. If you compare your heart to a blue sea, your tears will fall in it, and you will be broken and nowhere to be found. When the ripples return to rest, everything will be restored before the tears condense.. Think, how long can people live? One hundred, or one hundred million years? Longer life is just between life and death. As long as you live every minute and second of yourself, why should you force your life to be short and long, beyond Nirvana’s heart, and live each cycle wonderfully?.   Ask Buddha: Why do my feelings always rise and fall?   Buddha said: All self – knowledge, all self – knowledge, month surplus and shortage, tide fluctuation, and floating and heaving are peaceful.   Life in the world is like being among thorns, with the heart still, the person not moving, the person not moving will not be hurt. If you move your heart, you will move your body and hurt your bones, and you will feel all kinds of pain in the world.! Emotions are the source of false move. Emotions include affection, love, friendship and all kinds of emotions are stored in your heart. You know what feelings you need, love and selflessness. You should cut off all love. Frankly speaking, I am not a Buddha.. Feelings are like waves whirling around and ups and downs, ups and downs still, all at some time or another. As for the ups and downs of feelings, like the moon’s ebb and flow, the tides come and go naturally and naturally end. Want to come, the way of peace is natural!   Ask Buddha how to make people’s hearts no longer feel lonely?   Buddha said that every heart was born lonely and incomplete, and most of them spent their lives with this kind of disability because they either missed or lost their qualification to have it when they met the other half who could make it perfect..   Ask Buddha why there are so many regrets in the world?   Buddha said ∈, this is a world of dancing, dancing is regret, without regret, no matter how happy you are, you will not feel happy..   These two sentences ask Buddha, asking about loneliness and regret. Born to cry bitterly, without a trace of reserve, as if to shed all the tears of the previous life, which started from the joy of ignorance. Perhaps it is Meng Po’s soup that breaks the heart and gives rise to endless loneliness, making people struggle to seize the energy that fills the residual heart and thus perfect it.. It’s just a whirling world. Regret is doomed, whether it floats in loneliness or turns the dust in loneliness into particles of happiness.. After all, happiness is not happiness because of what it has got, nor happiness because of happiness. Happiness is happiness because of happiness, without any explanation or answer..  Buddha said: if the fate comes, the fate will go; if the fate gathers, the fate will disperse; if the fate starts, the fate will live; if the fate falls, the fate will perish..   Buddha said: Love and separation, hatred and hatred, giving up and returning to the west, are all of no kind. However, it is only a fantasy with empty flowers in its eyes..   Buddha said: Forgetting doesn’t mean never having existed. All freedom comes from choice, not design. It is better to let go. The more you let go, the more you feel you have.   Fate is everyone’s mantra. If we are predestined friends to meet each other, if we do not meet at all, we will be bound by fate; if we gather together, we will be bound by fate; if we fall, we will be bound by fate.. The separation of love and hate and the aggregation of hatred and hatred are all due to their own choices and are not deliberately done for them.. For example, in reality, people are restricted by various conditions and can be selective and narrow. All restrictions do not exist when they are placed in a connected net sea. With a wide range of choices, they will feel free to come and go, love and hate.. Just traces, traces of fate, is to choose to forget or have? If we have a tree, we will give up a flower. If you give up a flower, you may have the whole forest. With empty flowers in my eyes, a piece of illusion is the result, and it is a process that I can’t ask for it and can’t put it down.. We can never abandon such a process because of such a result. Also cannot because of that kind of process, does not want the inevitable result. Even the edge of a second already exists in life, forgetting or owning it, and why should we stick to one idea if we don’t put it down or not?. Is it not a good choice to remain silent and rejoice in silence?.   Buddha said, ” One flower, one world, one grass, one heaven, one leaf, one Buddha, one sand, one bliss, one party, one pure land, one smile, one fate, one thought, one purity.”. If there is nothing in the heart, one can spend one world, one grass and one heaven.   If there is nothing in the heart, it is like water purification without waves, which is absolutely impossible because there is no Buddha in the world. If you don’t ask for the Buddha, the Buddha is a free heart, a good heart, a subtle feeling in the micro world, a feeling in the Buddhist sutra, a sea of dripping water, a heart that melts the universe, a dust and a heaven.. In short, I am a Buddha, but Buddha is not me.

Butterfly fly, but the sea of tears left behind on the other side

Anne’s “sea butterfly” quiet and beautiful, with a little fragile, arouse dormant soul Qianyindichang.It has been such a comment, like Annie who have experienced varying degrees of spiritual vicissitudes.The appearance of bears has pretty old soul, but the heart is free and lonely, such as butterfly wings, half white, half shadow.Perhaps life really as butterflies, blind and gorgeous, because carrying too many vicissitudes, it is destined to fly, but the sea, the drops can only tears left behind in the other side of the flowers.    Pain after the baptism of love, like the butterfly metamorphosis, as long as the pain experienced that cracks before they can from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly flew up into the bright blue sky, free.Always hovering in the air only, could not fly over the vast sea, which is not its fault, but settled across the heart of the sea had no wait, why do we have to struggle, some in vain?    Listening to Faye Wong’s “Butterfly”, a few tears rolled down her cheeks unconsciously, without the slightest sign of.This is Lindsay lyrics of style, always so perfect, people may feel the international side and then.”Not open to the lips, already hurt each other.Dating never settle down, do not want to look forward to.Not hang up the phone, the feelings have perished, wait you are a butterfly comes and goes fast.Give me a hand, you rely.Give me a eyes, see you leave.Like butterflies fly, but the sea, who bear no blame.”Beautiful lyrics, pure and honest tone, Faye Wong to sing only the illusion of a real mood of the lyrics Lindsay.    Read everything about butterflies and sea stories, and would like to read that part could not escape the fate of love.    ”Give me a moment of your favorite.Give me life, give you leave.”This is a sea of a butterfly once vows of love.The bitterness, the butterfly has been away from the sea, loved each other once they become strangers.Just to be among the occasional casual, butterflies will think deeply imprinted in the heart of the sea, always used to remember the quiet night in, quietly guarding memories.    Never mind the sea butterfly can not fly, just because butterflies thin and its rich contrasts, how can?Fireworks fade away as the general departed love, pure and helpless butterfly can only choose to leave quietly.Forget what is easy?Only little by little from the once buried bit better, as long as they can think of is the eternal occasionally.    ”Because I love you, why they want to leave you.”When the butterfly on the sea say those words, tears dripping butterfly in the arms of the sea, the sea can only choose silence.Even the sea loved butterflies, butterfly in terms of only a dream.When waking, the sea is still the sea, more rich content inclusive.Butterfly is still a butterfly, but lost in the heart of the vast expanse of the sea.    The world has too many unpredictable turn of events and could not help themselves and the clutch, missed a turn might have life, you need to?Long-precipitation to infiltrate, and for all the efforts, eventually arrived, but a casual joke of fate.    Only that one eat only a little butterfly, was meant every flower of recorded soul, back to earth between dreaming to fly over the sea, to find happiness in this life and reincarnation, helplessly weak overall wings fly, but the sea, only tears left behind on the other side.    Gradually cold days, falling leaves alone, Piaoxu memory bloom on any lonely, withered.Gorgeous light and shadow and forbear bursting out with a sad back.Years gorgeous elaborate, emotional undercurrents gradual, fragile desolate life, there is always a poignant and often let us burst into tears of regret.As Butterfly Lovers, a lifetime pursuit, Wang Chuan waiting, only to spend the butterfly.    All romantic chat but only water, had only shadow, without leaving marks.Heartache slowly dispersed, disappointed more and more dense, a thing of the past do not know how to cry.He opened his eyes, saw just the other side of a fireworks rising, can not touch, also can not be eternal.The sea is so far away that only a butterfly’s life with all waited a long wait to languish in a poem.    People get lost in the crowd, eventually broken wings, the wings sank in the sea.    The last vestiges of strength exhausted, the last trace of Zinfandel sprinkle do, crashed into the sea in that, left behind on the other side of the tears just rolling.

Allowed unhappy

Happy play in the half kettles of boiling water, have been tasteless, not cold, not hot.A little trouble, a little fun, you can easily stir in half water, a little bitter, a little sweet.But the people around, just stay in the bitter aftertaste, happiness has been hidden, not easily express. Echo inside the ear that is filled with a bucket, similar to the bitter voices were in it, like a character has been in the hearts of the waves, you want to forget, but always in a very awake.Trouble is magnified as a piece of paper, just graffiti, and finally extends, it becomes a kindergarten picture. Opens the notebook, the air slightly yellowed memory, layers of yellow text, blurred.Only a few, are still visible.”Quiet winter, no bustling around like covered with a layer of white grief, will not dare to mention, not easily close.Year 2008.11.08 “sad sky has been gray, along with the earth.A little boring pictures, how to cover not angry, there is no joy in the sky, not to mention there of the earth it?Only seven-color rainbow, a rounded look up to everyone, and clapped wildly. Desperately applause?I think everyone is very happy it?Or only individual?This problem, there has been no answer. Whisper of wind blowing outside the window constantly have sent Jiji Za Za’s voice, weakly so, like a flock of flying kites, constantly pull, but it is difficult to recover, has been waiting, waiting for the wind to stop it, before they can return Family.Spend a lifetime of joy, like this, no matter how the world is closer, how not to give up, as long as in the end, can be happy riding on the way home.

Trouble it?British supermodel foot coach who has only two strokes to trump national coach

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">British football sport star is England's World Cup number one main striker – Kane (Harry Kane), his coach exactly how to train so promising players?This person should also be a legend bar!But the answer is not the case。Kane had been a model coach, identity named Russell (Russell Allen), once a model of the MTV Music Awards show, carrying the singer Christine (Christina A Kuilai Rama Maria) approach, or even just Shepo nine players the door in time, career performance is not rosy。 How such a mediocrity is to become the coach does Kane?In fact, this paragraph from his experience playing in the United States talking about, when he was heavily influenced by American culture and tactical movement, analysis of the pros and cons war after the game to play the game using the screen, often innovative training courses for the training very interesting , does not make the players feel boring。Because slowly built a reputation for a lot of Premiership players Luosu Cheng coach, Ivory Coast striker Sasha (Wilfried Zaha) and former England international Townsend (Andros Townsend) had hired him, so evaluation is very high, now he is not only England's attack coach, but also a key member of the England coaching staff, if the 24-year-old Kane can get the Golden Boot, he absolutely denied!

5 to 4!The US Supreme Court ruled that states can tax Amazon shares fell for electricity suppliers

Local time on June 21, the US Supreme Court by a vote of five to four ruling, the state Internet retailers that there is no physical store, you can be required to pay excise tax。The move will result in the United States or the net purchase prices。  In the United States, often complain of physical retail business is that its electricity supplier in terms of comparison to the Internet at a disadvantage because they are required to pay excise tax, and the Internet does not require electricity providers。Some US states, said a ruling by the Supreme Court in 1992, contributed to the rise and prosperity of online shopping, but they miss the income of tens of billions of dollars each year。  According to the verdict in mid-1992 shows that, unless a company in the US state of entities operating point, otherwise the Constitution forbids the states to levy consumption tax business。The Supreme Court ruled June 21 that will overthrow the。  Is different from China's consumption tax, consumers buy goods in US stores prices are pre-tax prices, checkout collect excise duty by the merchants, so consumers at the checkout will see a column of additional excise duty。The rate of consumption tax nor a nationwide uniform standard, but by state and local governments, therefore, the consumption tax rate 50 states and the District of Columbia are not the same, there are five tax-free state (if you exclude local consumption tax, only three the real tax-free state)。  The importance of this decision is that, prior to this, this excise tax is only levied by the entity to the consumer business, and in the case of interstate sales of electricity supplier, if the business entity is not in the consumer's state business, consumers do not have to subject to excise tax to their state to state。As online shopping becomes more developed, the loss of US states in this regard is also growing。  In response to this news, the nation's largest retail electricity supplier giant Amazon shares fell about 1.13%, to close at 1730.$ 2.2。Other electricity supplier company's share price also suffered varying degrees of impact: Etsy sells handmade crafts of electronic business platform of the 4 shares fell in early trading.42 to 5%.$ 21 later recovered some lost ground, closing expires earlier fell as of 1.38%; electricity supplier popular household items Wayfair shares slid 1.88%。  Support case ruling of the judge AnthonyM。Kennedy believes that the 1992 ruling of the United States distorts the economy, leading to the states each year in lost revenues between $ 8 billion to $ 33 billion。  "Compared to the distance selling business, the old bills will have a physical place of business of local companies and many businesses put off the competition disadvantage。"He wrote," remote sales sellers can avoid the regulatory burden of taxation, and because consumers generally they do not pay that part of the tax, the seller can give lower offer。"And JohnG as the opposition of the bill, the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice。RobertsJr。That the Court had ruled on this issue is "wrong decision"。But he said there was no good reason for the overthrow of these precedents, the Congress should be to deal with this problem。  Chief Justice Roberts wrote: "In the context of the established rules of e-commerce has become an important US economy and vibrant part。Any rule changes threaten to undermine this critical area of economic development, should be intervention by Congress。"In January, US President Trump on the Internet mentioned levy consumption tax issue。He said: "They want to start paying consumption tax, or on the real line retailers in the United States unfair。"He also named a negative impact on the US postal system criticized Amazon caused。  He tweeted called on the US Postal Service to collect more distribution costs Amazon。He wrote on Twitter: "Why is the US Postal Service at the expense of billions of dollars a year, but then Amazon and other companies charge distribution costs so little?Amazon are getting richer, while the postal sector is becoming poorer and poorer。The postal sector should greatly improve the cost-price!"However, Trump is no evidence to substantiate these criticisms, nor hinted he might take any specific action。According to the US current affairs news site ACCESS previously reported, Trump considerable interest in the world's largest online retailer, Amazon and want to curb the growing forces might use federal antitrust or competition laws designed to stamp。  Time to local time on March 31, Amazon said Trump once again issued a document criticized the US Post Office for each Amazon sent a package on Twitter, it will lose an average of 1.50 U.S. dollars。Totaling billions of dollars。  However, the media reported that the process of ruling the Supreme Court did not involve Amazon, because Amazon from April last year, the consumption tax of 45 states, Amazon has voluntarily collect state excise tax when selling goods directly to the buyer。But Amazon does not have to charge GST to the sale of third-party sellers using its platform services。  Chief Justice Roberts referred to the Amazon in the opinion of his appeal against the ruling in。He wrote: "including online retail giant Amazon, including some companies, currently in charge of voluntary and subject to excise tax in each state to assess the consumption tax, even those states they have no physical store。"He added that small businesses in the process to follow in tax law, will face new burdens。

Jacky Cheung concert tour of Thailand popular fans requirement: Add to open a

Source: Thailand World News December 7 electricity recently, the majority of fans should be a strong response, the organizers decided in consultation with the Chupin, "ACLASSICTOUR Jacky · Classic World Tour" will be added to open a station in Bangkok January 14, 2018 , located "Thailand Arena" ImpactArena。 From the premiere last year has been writing a legendary performance of the industry, to create a site for the full 360-degree LED super classic three-dimensional stage four, 32 people in the large orchestral team, 30 professional dancers and stunt performers, the common interpretation of God's heart song More than 30 classic tracks。 Can laser beam on stage as Galaxia, Jacky Cheung shuttle gorgeous dancers, the sometimes passionate, sometimes soulful singing, full penetration of the show, like a Broadway musical song and dance performances, the audience not only to bring is a visual shock, it is heart throb!After a lapse of two decades later, the song of God concert held again in Thailand。
According ticketing company said the billing and soon had all sold out。 Many fans have to call the organizers and ticket party consultation There are no more tickets。 In order to meet the requirements of our audience, but also the way in order to repay the fans support the Song of God, friends, Chupin after consultation with the organizers decided to add after the show opened in a January 13, 2018 in Bangkok station, the 14th concert again。 Jacky classic World Tour stop in Bangkok plus field ticketing date is at 11:00 on December 12, 2017 Thailand time。
Two days even sing, revisit the classic, co-writing Chinese music event!(Thailand World News) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!

Location: body of cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!2018-3-2814: 38: 15 Source: Introduction: Cancer is recognized as one of the three killers, is a chronic disease difficult to cure advanced cancer。
The world's 12 million new cancer cases each year, of which up to four percent of the original can be prevented in life。
A published in the United States "NatureCommunications" journal Science report: adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!Most cancers are eating out, of course, go back and eat……Cancer is recognized as one of the three killers, is a chronic disease difficult to cure advanced cancer。The world's 12 million new cancer cases each year, of which up to four percent of the original can be prevented in life。
A published in the United States "NatureCommunications" journal Science report: adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!Most cancers are eating out, of course, go back and eat!We do a bit summary, found that the incidence of cancer, cure are related to the following 10 words, you must pay attention?Sugar: more than 25 grams is very dangerous breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, Swedish scientists had 80,000 people for as long as nine years of follow-up survey found that the risk of excessive intake of sugar, sweet drinks, jam and other food will increase the risk of pancreatic cancer。Sugar will lead to a large number of insulin secretion, impaired insulin secretion, has become one of the potential factors that induce pancreatic cancer。
The researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center earlier this year found that a typical Western diet, a lot of sugar intake can increase the risk of breast cancer and cancer metastasis to the lung。World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of sugar should be controlled in less than 50 g, preferably not more than 25 grams。Hot: 65 degrees is the temperature of cancer esophageal cancer, cardiac Chinese people, especially pay attention to eating "hot", but a new study released by IARC display, drinks temperatures above 65 ℃ drinks (such as coffee, tea, etc.) may It will lead to esophageal cancer。
Epidemiological studies have found that tea drinkers effort, congee Chaoshan, Taihang Mountain area residents drink bowl of hot porridge, hot tea consumption of a variety of Kazakh people are esophageal cancer, high risk of gastric cardia cancer。This is because the hot food will damage the esophageal mucosa, long-term eating hot food, mucous membrane repeatedly subjected to chronic injury, it may lead to chronic inflammation, thus increasing the likelihood of cancer。

Bitcoin danger!Quantum computing block chains break the two Vital

In recent years, the block chain as a superstar of Internet banking by the infinite attention, bitcoin block chain is the technology of fried chicken, science and technology in the industry, no one does not know the super virtual currency – Bitcoin。 Bitcoin how the fire?It was born in 2009, in 2010, ten thousand Bitcoin also enough to buy two pizzas, while in 2018, Bitcoin prices have exceeded $ 10,000, had to buy two pizza 10000 Bitcoin value is now about 7 0.800 million yuan。
From the initial price of less than 1 cent in 2010, rose to more than US $ 10 000 now, Bitcoin was born eight years to achieve a growth of 100 times。
Why is a reality that does not exist Bitcoin will fire to this extent?The core lies in its safe and reliable。
Bitcoin for its exquisite design characteristics so bring a few: 1, it can achieve person-to-person transactions without any intermediaries; 2, if not traded, Bitcoin never stolen; 3, Bitcoin automatic quantitative issue, the only way to get Bitcoin mining and purchased from the hands of others, no matter who you are, by the difficulty of obtaining Bitcoin mining are the same。
The reason of the fire Bitcoin block chain from the reason given for their technical freedom, security, fairness, however, in the near future, such a romantic virtual currency regime may have to be completely collapse, many people believe in emerging technology of safe, reliable, rock-solid foundation might be destroyed by a fast-growing。 This emerging technology is quantum computing。 Just last week, Chinese Academy of Sciences study quantum computer breakthrough, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Quantum Information and Quantum Technology Innovation release 11-qubit superconducting quantum access cloud computing services in superconducting quantum computing direction, global perspective, to provide 10 more qubits cloud computing service, which is following IBM's second, this progress so that quantum computing once again become the focus。
The rapid development of quantum computing beyond all expectations, there are forecasts that, within a decade, quantum computing will be a devastating blow to the block chain (including bitcoin)。 So, how quantum computer would pose a threat to block chain?It would cause much of a threat?There is no block chain countermeasures against it?This principle from quantum computers and talking about the block chain。 A quantum computer and block chain 1, quantum computers intellectual stuff was recently published an article on quantum computers (quantum computers around the world to decipher how all the terrible one second password!), Simply, operating unit, quantum computers are quantum bits (qubits) rather than bit (bit classical computer)。 In classical computer, the value of a bit is determined, may be 1, it may be 0, but in a quantum computer, a value of qubit prior observation is uncertain, this value might be 1, it is also possible is 0, may also be a superposition of states 1 and 0 (superimposed), i.e., simultaneously equal to 0 and 1。 Such a difference in how much it?Take "Naruto" for example, then it is a classic computer Sasuke, Naruto is a quantum computer, looking for something, Sasuke can only talk to myself a place, perhaps looking for a year。
But Naruto can separate the five video avatar, video avatar and then five and then separate the five video avatar, avatar avatar avatar again, all spare simultaneously go to different places, and instantly find something, and then cloned withdrawn, leaving only a Naruto, things get back to complete。
Robert 舍尔科普夫 Yale University (RobertSchoelkopf) said: "When a quantum computer with 50 or 100 qubits, and these quantum bits can work very well, you can do a full correction, then you can use this quantum computer anywhere in the world to do the calculation classical computers will never do the job. "。 Change brought about a quantum computer powerful computing power will be enormous, and even that may affect national security。 Therefore, Pan Jianwei, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences said: "I believe in the importance of quantum technology in the 21st century is comparable to the Manhattan Project of the last century。
"2, the block chain and Bitcoin mining in 2008, the Central blocks chain concept Nakamoto (SatoshiNakamoto) was first proposed, the block chain is a rule, is a technology that is the core of safe and reliable。 At present, the application of the world's most famous block chain technology is Bitcoin, Satoshi is the founder of Bitcoin, then, we start to glimpse block chain from the concept of the actual situation Bitcoin。
Now, we can imagine a block chain books, in both this part of the books of each block, complete information on this part of the books kept in all nodes of this block, which is to the center of the block chain technology , have only a portion of each block of books, but this part will be recorded on an information block, a block of even one block, the block chain formed。 Block chain advantage is that it forms a trust mechanism, an analogy, you deposit $ 100 in the bank, if the bank hacker black, put your money designated to go up, and also data cleared, you hands do not have any information you can prove that you have $ 100 in bank assets。
But if it were a block chain, then it means that the bank where this block each node has a complete record of the books, which means that your home next door neighbors and even Aunt Street every inhabitant of this area can have books prove that you have 100 yuan in bank deposits。 Compared center mechanism, to the center of the block chain of traditional financial sector to make it more reliable and secure, even if some of the nodes of the loss of information, the system can still continue normal operation, and therefore the block chain is considered to be very safe and reliable technology。
So Bitcoin mining, what is it?The block-based chain go on, Nakamoto in 2009 proposed the concept of Bitcoin, he prescribed Bitcoin network, every ten minutes will produce 50 Bitcoin, when the total reached 10.5 million (21 million half), 25 output bits credits, when the total amount reaches 15,750,000 generated every 10 minutes, every 10 minutes 12.5, when the total reached 21 million bitcoins will stop growing, which means that the total amount of Bitcoin from the outset was scheduled to die in 21 million。 The Bitcoin "mining" is the new generation of Bitcoin way, "mining" of people known as the "miners", the miners use computers to solve mathematical problems Bitcoin network, first published answers to solve the problem of the miners , included books, synchronize all the nodes included, which is called mining success, to get Bitcoin。 Before block chain mechanism in the development of quantum computing concept is very safe and reliable, at least so many years, Bitcoin has not been hacked by hackers, but in recent years, the rapid development of quantum computing, more than before the expected rate, therefore, industry insiders predict within a decade, safe and reliable block chain will be a huge threat from a quantum computer。
Second, quantum computing how a threat to block chain?To understand quantum computing threats to block chain, the first was from Bitcoin system security protocols, protocol bits credits cryptography involves two types, i.e., the hash function (hash function) used during mining and asymmetric cryptography is used to provide a digital signature in the block chain。
The miners use of its computing capacity, using the SHA-256 hash function calculates a random number for each block, the results obtained in this process is very easy to be verified, but it is difficult to find。
Asymmetrical cryptography is used for transactions on credit authorization bit chain block, each user will be assigned on a whole chain of a private key and a public key, which is a public key cryptography (public key), a public key cryptosystem the system uses a pair of keys to encrypt information: can be widely shared public key and only the owner of a private key known only。
Anyone can use the public key to encrypt a message intended recipient, but only the recipient can use his private key to decrypt the message。 Such an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm is called (the ECDSA) to generate a key, a private key given, it is easy to derive the corresponding public key, but conversely difficult to calculate。 This is now Bitcoin security reasons。
The quantum computer might be two line of defense a huge threat in the future, quantum computers can quickly crack the hash function, thereby dominating the block chain, while the more recent future, in 2027, a quantum computer Shure algorithm (Shor'salgorithm) is predicted to be able to crack keys in less than ten minutes (600 seconds)。 In the world of Bitcoin, the classical computer and the success rate of mining operators force has a certain relationship, but considered force does not mean we will be able dug mine (in your count does not exceed 50% of the full force of the network in the case), mining and luck are also related to some extent to maze, for example, a person go faster, if one by one test, then he can certainly the fastest to reach the end of the maze, but if a person though more slowly , but only once to try to find the way to the end of the maze it?Therefore, people do not necessarily go faster Wynn who goes slowly, for that matter, considered force miners not necessarily count than the first force is small miners dug mine。 Said the same as above, mining fact, solving math problems, find a hash function of the encrypted random number, but there may be two different groups of miners also found that two random numbers, announced the different blocks, this the case, a predetermined bit is handled more credits that added block chain block, the other block is waived。
For example, which is similar in a district where there are 51 people say you deposit 100 dollars in the bank, while 49 people said you saved 50 dollars, in this case, majority rule, the bank thinks you saved 100 dollars is really, saved 50 dollars is false。 Further explain the concept of "51% attack" from this provision, in the block chain, if a group of miners with 51% of the entire power network operator, and that he will be able to monopolize the entire block chain, because he will always be other than 49 operator sets power miners% faster processing block, that is generated after all the bits of the resultant his credits。
Quantum computers will threat of mining, 戴夫士阿加 Wall (DiveshAggarwal) and the National University (NUS) Singapore researchers conducted in-depth research, and to publish a paper in October 2017, at least they think first in the next decade, using ASIC mining faster than the speed of a quantum computer, but ten years later, mining speed quantum computers will be rapid growth; secondly, the face of a quantum computer, asymmetric cryptographic algorithm using chain blocks, namely public key cryptography will be a greater threat。
The researchers pointed out that the National University of Singapore, by using a quantum computer, you can easily turn run by private presumption of public process, each person's private key will be easily inferred from Quantum Computer。 One second, is expected in 2027 just ten minutes / 600 seconds Similarly, we can put this decryption process is likened to a maze, classical computer can do is silly: Unit | ▲ quantum computer to break the encryption signature Estimated time required direction to go in one direction until it went to a dead end, then go back and choose to go the other way, however, a quantum computer is to give you a perspective of God, overlooking the maze, which way to clear out。 But a quantum computer requires a certain quantum bit in order to achieve such an extent, foreign media motherboard considered a 4000 qubit quantum computer could collapse block chain, which means that the first person or team to make and use such quantum the computer can be solved and verify each transaction, the future is not yet in circulation will have all the money will be its monopoly encryption, encryption monetary system would be the collapse of trust。
Third, the development of a quantum computer is still in the primary stage of development of a quantum computer course soon, the future may also bring huge threat will block chain, but now quantum computer is still in a very early "toy computer" stage, at present, the whole the world's giants can only make about 10 to achieve high fidelity qubit quantum computer, Chinese Academy of Sciences last week released 11-qubit superconducting quantum computing services, is more than the world's second 10-qubit cloud computing services the first family is IBM, late last year, IBM has opened a cloud computing service 20 qubits。 Like quantum computing services can not yet be used to solve any practical computing problems, however, developers can already use cloud services such as quantum computer to learn programming knowledge related to the。 It looks, it seems that 4000 qubit is still very far away from us, however, it may not be so far away as we thought, because in recent years based Microsoft, Google as well as IBM (three companies have set up their own dedicated quantum computing Research laboratory) in a series of breakthroughs achieved in the field of quantum computing, "Fortune" magazine predicted the first practical quantum computers will be made out within a decade。
Within ten years this time, in the end is how long, many companies have been predicted, such as Microsoft had predicted practical quantum computers will be made out in 2025, also in 2017, Google will put words in five years (that is, around 2022) make commercial practical quantum computer。
Conclusion: Development Strategies influential but there are a quantum computer is inevitable, will one day threaten to block chain, but many seem to block chain of Experts have not wary。 According to "Fortune" magazine reported that, in the November 2017 meeting Crypto2017 (block chain cryptography leading staff meetings), the global "no fear" quantum computing risk。
One expert said that it would be a "very expensive operation," may require "government level" spending, while another expert, completely ridiculed the idea, saying he waved straight, until practical quantum computer came out, the public key password system has been developed to the extent not need to worry about quantum computers, so just … do not matter。
But these same experts have a point of view – that is the emergence of quantum computing will endanger all the existing encryption methods encryption (including RSA token) security。
Quantum computers would affect the security of the entire financial and banking sector, not just the block chain。
At the same time, there are agencies attached great importance, such as in 2015, the US National Security Agency (NSA, NationalSecurityAgency) announced that it is the study of quantum cryptography, which can withstand the encryption system for quantum computing。 In academic circles, there cryptography experts are studying quantum cryptography, and the project has been implemented block chain of quantum cryptography, for example, QuantumResistantLedger team and the Russian Quantum Center of EvgenyKiktenko team is committed to building a quantum computer quantum can withstand attacks block chain, and has a standard of quantum cryptography commercialized。
At present, probably no one can accurately predict the specific point in time the practical quantum computer was born, but the positive point of view, then, the birth of a commercial quantum computer may be faster than we expected, because of today's technological development is accelerating, rather than uniform development , perhaps in 2018, a quantum computer is still a very early stage of development progress and practical quantum computer only to 5%, but probably in 2019, the schedule went to 10%, while in 2020, progress will reach 30% all this is possible。 Technology has been developing, chain block and encrypt currency and other emerging technologies are still in the infancy may reach mature technology still has a long way to go, developers need to be careful in this series hinder the process will appear, which which also include quantum computing。
(Source: Chi thing)。

Sub-health harm to the body leads to several sub-health reasons

What to harm the body?Now many people are in a state of sub-health body, with each person's life eating habits have a relationship, then you know what sub-health to do harm to the body?Following small talk with you to sub-health harm to the body。 Sub-health hazards body 1, sub-health state significantly affect the efficiency, quality of life and learning。 2, the majority of sub-health state of the biological clock disorders constitute a causal relationship, a direct impact on the quality of sleep, increased physical and mental fatigue, caused by chronic fatigue syndrome。
The case of driving, sports, and even life-threatening。 3, physical or psychological sub-health can easily affect each other, resulting in a vicious cycle, causing the body or mental disorders。 As shown, since the majority of chronic disease is sub-health state before the majority of malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases, and so is transferred from health groups 4。 Statistical analysis, hyperlipidemia is the number one killer of health groups, in second ,, prostate disease, liver dysfunction, gynecological disorders ,, sub-threatening diabetes, cataracts, gallstones, abnormal anti-cancer screening in various degrees healthy people。
5 sub-health hazards of the body, serious health sub-health can significantly affect life expectancy, resulting in premature aging, and even lead to premature death sudden emergency (death from overwork)。
A survey showed that: 40 years of age cause of death analysis, two-thirds of deaths from cardiovascular disease, one died of cancer a very one-fifth died of lung disease, diabetes, etc.。 Subhealth performance is slightly excessive oxidation damage caused by free radical initiators, such as free radicals and can not remove the injury caused by the accumulation, by the completion of the evolution of mild to severe, will eventually lead to disease。