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JJ spoiled little?Secret five men penis truth

For men and women temperament, men's small JJ is not a mystery, but not all see it is the truth, the truth of man's little brother had five little-known。
Man's little brother what is the secret of it。 1, little brother will pretend sick According to sources, over 90 percent of patients with impotence are due to resistance caused by psychological factors。 Only a small part is due to physiological factors, including genital lesions, hormonal imbalance,, spinal cord injury, drug abuse, alcoholism, surgery and the like, and so on in years。 So, if little brother is sick, do not be too anxious, first of all psychologically, do not give yourself pressure, because sometimes little brother is simply not sick, but mediocre from worry, just give yourself a burden。
For example, occasionally, there is likely to be male inexperienced, or too excited, tension caused, not a disease。
And when the little brother really sick, what condition it appears inflammation of the testicles, penis out of white or yellow discharge, pain during urination feel uncomfortable or anal secretions out stimulation。 In this case, should immediately stop sexual activity, because little brother might get into trouble, perhaps suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, need to see a doctor。

A stall team narrowly escaped killing five users: C Lo Messi wins car snatching little room after my soul

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: Russia's World Cup race has been four days, and no wishful victory in Germany and Brazil played last night, fans can not help but to issue such a sigh: Russia really cold!Russia, as a host in the automatic Automatic group number one, the 32 teams ranked last in the World Cup, the team can not be counted as a file。In a file has been played in the team, only three points in France, but during the game the other hand, France has made three points also suspected of luck。If Spain draw with Portugal was not popular, then after Argentina played draw with Iceland, Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil draw with Switzerland it can be described as a big upset World Cup。Germany, as the defending champion, in the face of Mexico appears to have no way。The reason is the so-called weak teams has their own mature style of play, and these teams seem a file do nothing in the face of specific tactics。Iceland and Mexico, for example, Iceland physically strong, sturdy build walls bid to block 11 Massey and others break shot, the use of counter-attack to hit the ball high into the air to let the diminutive Argentine no way。And in Mexico yesterday to show people what is the real small fast spirit, the speed of the fast counter-attack, the sharp attack, the Germans had wanted to attack out of fear of vulnerability defense。If the French win over Australia at the last minute scored a goal, the team has played a file will without a win。Some Internet users drying out of the picture, above the tone of a joke, said: "C Lo kicked my car, Macy kicked me a suite, Neymar might want to take my life!"In the back of the team also played a stall Belgium and Poland, they will not know how to play with。World Cup the strength of clear situation may no longer exist, Russia Are we going to continue to go cold?

Eye of the four fruits, eat more benefits (1)

  Modern life is to surround the electronic product, use the computer to work, even when the rest of the phone can not be separated, myopia now more and more people, people on the street wearing glasses grasping a lot。In order to protect the eyes, protection, usually to reduce the use of too many electronic products as much as possible, to give the eyes a rest when the attention of work。Eye can also eat some fruit。    Rich in potassium and a large number of β- carotene, when the body too much salt intake can cause a lot of water remaining in the cells, which can cause eye irritation, and bananas in potassium can help to flush the excess salt, the body to achieve potassium, sodium balance, relieve eye symptoms。  Kiwi man can provide a lot of vitamin C, known as "Victoria?s King"。
According to the analysis, per 100 grams of kiwi fruit will contain a minimum of 200 milligrams or more of vitamin C, several times higher than the average fruit。Vitamins?Oxygen can slow light and irritation to the eyes, can delay the occurrence of cataracts。
Long-term use of computer people, eat kiwi。    It contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other ingredients, better nutrition and health care role。Its nutritional value is much higher than other fruits, the "king of the world of fruits" in the world。
International Organization blueberries as one of the top five food。
It also has to promote eye blood circulation, maintain normal IOP the role, efficacy, "anthocyanins" These are contained, eat more blueberries can reduce eye fatigue and increase computer workers at night。  Apple Apple and "eyesight fruit" of the name, because it contains vitamin A and has a key role in the trace element selenium。According to Indian scientists study the normal retina 7 micrograms of selenium, the selenium content and Hawkeye is 100 times the human, indicating keen eyesight and selenium content related; some people at dusk blurred vision, is also due to a lack of vitamin so that a decrease in rhodopsin pigment synthesis。
So eat some apples, can protect eyesight。

Cycling and disadvantages do these things to be careful

Cycling reason has disadvantages: the pressure is mainly a long limb and riding minimal amount of motion, resulting in reduced blood circulation in the upper limbs。 Many people will feel his hands after the long ride wooden hemp, soreness, weakness, and even hold a pencil, with chopsticks meal will also be affected, doctors call this condition "cubit tunnel syndrome."。 Ulnar palm and wrist at an intersection of a cubit tube, and a pea fiber pea-sized bone composition, whereby the tube passes through the ulnar nerve, the distribution of hand ulnar。 If the rider gripping the handlebar with both hands, and the handle in contact with the ulnar palm, pea bone which home card, when pedaling uphill or against the wind, speed, leaning forward, the wrist dorsiflexion bound over the ulnar nerve is pulled; upper supporting force is increased at the same time, the pressure in the tube cubit also increased, thus causing the symptoms。
Strategies for a long time when riding off every hour or so should look at the activities of upper limb。
In addition to strengthening exercises for the upper body, such as to shoot basketball,。 Fourth, probably less harmful: urolithiasis。