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After retirement, I went back to my’ maiden’ for the first time

Yesterday, a colleague from the unit called to say that family planning has issued a new policy. Retired cadres and workers who have only one child can enjoy a subsidy of 80 yuan per month. I was asked to bring my one-child certificate, retirement certificate, identity card and two one-inch bareheaded photos to the office to go through the declaration formalities..     After retiring from the unit for three months, although I still kept in touch with my colleagues by phone, it was a bit difficult to go there. I remember the HR section chief said to me when I was about to retire: ” Yubing, Chongyang Festival is coming soon. You will come to the meeting for retired veteran comrades that day.”. Our bureau has more than 70 retired cadres and workers, most of whom are in their 70s or 80s and four in their 50s, so I immediately jokingly replied, ” You don’t have to tell me I won’t come, I’m not old yet.”. ‘ Now, I have retired for three months, completely divorced from the environment and the collective, and stepping into the office building again is a retired old man to handle retirement matters. To be honest, I am still a little out of tune, always feeling strange, awkward and even a little embarrassed..     In the past three months, my life content and rhythm have changed dramatically, without the work pressure, ideological burden and tense mental state of the past few decades, all the time I am self – controlled, self-arranged and relaxed.. Leisure at home, the most important thing is to exercise. I insist on walking along Liuyang River every morning and evening and climbing West Lake Mountain once a week.. I do some housework, read and write, sometimes get together with some old friends and occasionally go out for a few days. In addition, I also took part in the social dance and body-building classes at the senior university, where I met a group of new friends, and we also had some outdoor activities in our spare time.. Both leisurely and full, somewhat restrained but free, have completely separated from the original group and integrated into another circle. In fact, this is my dream life earlier.     I arrived at the administrative center more than 4: 00 p.m. unfortunately, two colleagues from the finance section where I worked went to the countryside ( group work station ), leaving only one family planning specialist in the office. As soon as I got to the third floor, a colleague came to meet me, ” Yubing Laida, Yubing Laida”, shouting and running to hold me and hearing shouts, other colleagues emerged from their respective offices, even including some leaders. Is this hug, that look, shake hands, clap shoulders, fat, thin, tanned, ok? Are you still used to it? What are you doing at home? Why don’t you come and see us for so long? Miss us? Ah!! All of a sudden so many people surrounded me and I couldn’t respond to so many questions. Everyone was noisily inquisitive and inquisitive, and there was an endless stream in the corridor.. Suddenly, a familiar voice came from a distance: ” Only jade ice will make such a sensation.”. It turns out that all the comrades who worked in the countryside came back, and they came up with a warm and affectionate greeting … Ah, the words from the bottom of my heart were flattered and really touched.! Thank you very much.! As the saying goes, ” People walk with cool tea” never expected me to be able to enjoy such a high ” treatment” for the first time after leaving my job for a few months. Colleagues are still so kind, friendly, caring and valued, rare, precious and grateful.. Before the worry is redundant. Lying in bed at night, I felt no sleep. I tossed and turned over the lively scenes and beautiful feelings of the day.. Think about how honored and satisfied it is to be a member of this big family in your life. After decades of hard work, the inevitable collision between colleagues turned into beautiful clouds in the sky, and the warmth of the collective family was felt in real earnest. The true feelings among colleagues were good, and the unit – though retired – was still the bride’s family..     Back to my office familiar with home, I sat on the desk chair that had left countless marks. No one in the department took me as an outsider or told me how to be polite. I felt at home just as before.. As I filled out the form, I happily chatted with them. The section chief said: ” This period of time has been extremely busy. The application for one-child treatment has to be made in full by the end of the month, the budget work for the coming year has also started, and the work station to the countryside can’t be absent. The higher authorities have come to spot check irregularly, and the work pile in Qi Rushan is extremely busy.”. I asked, ” Do you need my help? The section chief replied with a smile, ” You can live your happy life well, anyway, I have only more than a year to be as free as you are.”. The section chief is the same as before, fast and quick, and highly effective. Looking at their busy figures one by one, looking at their faces flushed with air conditioning, looking at the dozens of square activity spaces and the intense radiation of modern office equipment, by contrast, my free and unfettered life is really very happy..     Liang Shiqiu is taking part in the sequel to the Asher sketch. According to the retirement regulations, ” the ideal retirement life is real retirement, completely getting rid of the position on which one lives and doing what one sincerely wishes to do.”. Indeed, every stage of a person’s life has what to do and responsibilities to shoulder, different stages have different lives, and different feelings and understandings about different lives are combined to form a colorful life. If I were to return to my original job now, I would really be 120 unwilling to do so. Therefore, I must cherish the present, live in the present and sing the most beautiful sunset red.     After the declaration form was filled out, I went to various departments and turned a circle … ah

Father and Wine

Father had no hobbies in his life, but he had an indissoluble bond with wine.     Father loves drinking, which is well known in our village. For this reason, the villagers secretly called their father’ Jiuxing’. At that time, it was part of my life to help my drunken father go home.     Father drinks regardless of the occasion and place. As long as he thinks he is predestined friends, he will have the lofty ambition of ” drinking every friend and thousand cups less.”! I’m sure I’ll never get drunk again. Father is a lively person, he never writes sorrow on his face, and he doesn’t like drinking alone.. If you are lucky enough to have a drink with your father at the same table, your father will be the first to mobilize the active atmosphere.. After three rounds of wine tour, my father will have some programs on the wine table. Father’s best skill is rowing boxing, which is eye – catching, nimble and changeable.! Father has been battle-hardened on wine occasions and has accumulated rich experience in boxing. Many people have lost to him.. Father rowed like Hong Zhong, and he could hear the cries of exhaustion and hissing from far away. There was a majestic momentum of taking the lead, and the wine table was like a fight with thousands of troops and horses, and dull occasions were immediately enlivened.!     In fact, father’s capacity for liquor is not very good, he can drink up to three cups when he drinks alone. But if you meet like-minded friends, your father will accompany them to the end even if he is drunk.. Father is very hospitable. Every time he comes to the house, he will tell his mother to get some good food and then accompany the guests to drink as much as the landlord can.. He will definitely let the guests have a good drink and return home! But in the end, it was father who was drunk..     Father was particularly interested in literature and art from an early age and also studied ancient and modern appellations. Listen to him, he used to be the backbone of literature and art in his class when he was a high school student.. In our village with his father’s generation, his father is a bit of a cultural person. The old father still keeps the good habit of reading books and newspapers all the time.. When he was idle, he often saw him sitting in the yard reading books with his presbyopic glasses.. He is not only familiar with customs and manners, but also plays abacus fairly well.. As a result, villagers in the village all addressed him as ” teacher”. Where there are weddings and funerals, the father will be invited to host the ceremony, and the father will be willing to accept and help with all his heart.. Father is a man who doesn’t pay any return. He will be satisfied if you give him a bowl of wine to drink.. Because my father is a warm-hearted man, he is deeply loved by the villagers! Father’s popularity is excellent and he has made many friends in his life.     Father, born in the old society, went through the vicissitudes of life and, like most fathers after 1970, did not know how much suffering and bitterness he had suffered.! Due to the shortage of childhood life, my father left school at home without graduating from high school, shouldering the heavy burden of the family alone. From then on, the wine accompanied his father’s life, which made him forget the fatigue of life and encouraged him to move forward optimistically on the bumpy and thorny road of life.!     At that time, drunken father always asked me to help him remove the bamboo flute hanging on his bedside! The golden bamboo flute, like father’s bronze fingers, played his mellow life like wine after years of baptism.! When I was a child, I liked to stand by my father’s side and quietly listen to the melodious flute, which blends with the trickling stream of Zhenxi River. drift soup is in the deepest part of my heart.!     Today’s father has white hair. Last late autumn, my father had a serious illness. From then on, you can’t drink any more. The father, who was entangled by the disease, is even older than ever.! On the day of the regiment year, my father did not go to the table because of his ill health.. But he told me to go to his room and take out the bottle of good wine he treasured from the cupboard for us to drink. My father treasured a lot of good wine. He didn’t want to drink it alone at ordinary times. He always waited until we got home to share it with us.. Holding his father’s treasured wine in his hand, he looked at his emaciated father and felt bitter! But father is always such an optimistic and open-minded person. instead, he enlightened us: ” it is the most normal thing for people to get sick. don’t think so much, just drink.”! He still cares about us all the time: ” Drink good wine and be happy.”! Before I went home, my father always filled my glass to the full and asked me to accompany him to drink a few more cups. instead, I was a little tired and didn’t want to drink with him. Today, when I wanted to fill my father’s glass of wine myself, his father was no longer able to drink.   There are many regrets in life. If my father is still as healthy as before, I’d rather accompany him for a few more drinks! Then, happy drunk in his melodious flute of Qingyuan!

First love, That a Shame Huaihua

First love, and that the window of a SJ War, tree old tree studded white Highlights。The wind had, rattled a swaying tree full of spring。  On the podium, the teacher to explain drifting into the distant chatter cloud。Into my ear calling his Song of the dim, he's fragrant flower smiling。  Those with him bit by bit better, flip jump out from the time tunnel, condensed into fragments of golden Yi Cai, released in between flowers of the acacia trees。Fearless youth, bloom charming, wonderful time how not to retain?  I decided to drop out!In the well-meaning teacher Xunhui occasion, I sprouted out of the idea to make the mother wringing!  “Dead woman!You quit school to go home doing?”Mother angrily raised his broom, trembling halt in mid-air。  “Do not you tube, I'm going to work!”I had asked to go to his city。  “Daughter, dad most like you can go to college。”Father Gouzhuo head, breathing smoke, smoke drifted vast Jumping wrapped him。Quite a while, he punched muffled word。  I surprised a moment, the heart, gently hurt a little, the whole body can not help but began to shiver。  Remember neighbor was very envious father, raised two sons were admitted to the school, their ancestors face more bright!  Father pursed his lips, I do not care that they!Woman to be admitted to school, I go to her cooking!His face covered with thick love, neighbors puzzled, shook his head, to be“Amiss”Walk away。  Kind of feel bad moment in the eyes, oozing liquid gets in front of me the way。White Huaihua knocking chimed a heartbroken leave, I leisurely put into the backpack eighteen years of Enchongrushan, resolutely out of the house!Parents do not understand me, my love for him was born, and this life I want to follow him to the ends of the earth!  Take a day and a night train, car and sat for a day, I finally arrived at his city。  Northern rough mad wind invasion debilitated me, unaccompanied, unable to move。He received my letter which is the!  Along the way, I have many times imagined the scene we meet: He's handsome eyes will be worth with a gentle, stroking my body busy schedule。Luxury endless affection, love, attachment I want to sign all, it is the only one I belong to feast。My lonely soul that his tenderness Wang Love me on the occasion, will find a home in innumerable twists and turns in the lives of arrival。  North night cold end is shattered romance, such as black jade head studded night sky of stars shining, gorgeous, removable hand。This night, however for a date, and a loved one, and together pursue the dream of Chaoyang people, and that does not say good for life isolated human ah!  Holding bags, sitting on a low stool side of the road, I was hungry and tired。He may have something delayed, perhaps remember the day?However, there is nothing better than to see and lovers important is it?Cranky, his face a cool thing to fall, and my heart burning flames weak weak to blink, I'll find him……  “girl!girl!”Short hoarse sound of the call woke me sleeping。  Opened his eyes, a kindly old face and flew into the line of sight, is sanitation aunt。She picked masks, hanging freely on the cheeks, eyes about the cut, curious, distressed, and perhaps a hint of suspicion。Swelling pain shook his head, wake up, I think of last night, spent the night on the road。  Under the gaze of such a pair of sharp eyes, I was a sour, want to cry about it。Aunt silently listen to me hesitant to talk, face lightly, calm attitude made me doubt her sarcasm in my mind: a girl, with no modesty, travel long distances to search for love, not even the shadow did not renowned lover。  Foreign land to him, unfamiliar environment, encounter strangers, my courage in the morning the first rays of dawn, the body a little bit back。Although the aunt's attitude makes me uncomfortable, she does not look like a relentless move to color。She just shook my hand hard, it was a pair of hands how ah!Joints, rough skin, covered with thick lines。They make me feel warm and trust, repel last night's loss。  Farewell Auntie, I worked extremely hard to find him shelter。The same dorm boys received me and the band, then let him come back earlier。Two full days, he did not come back。I live in his quarters, suddenly understand: he hid me, and he did not want to see me。I vaguely learned from the mouth of his roommates, he has a girlfriend, is urban household。  I trance set foot on the way home, his roommate into my hands a stack of yuan, he told me worry careful on the road。I seem smiled at him, be grateful for his caring and kindness。Maybe I scared him a sad smile, he ran forward his long arms, held me close like a brother, I wish a safe journey home again。  “Who, hold my hand, Half a consumer I am lonely; who, kiss me the eye, hide me Half a displacement。Who ask me the face, comfort me Half a sad; who helped me the shoulder, I, I drive quiet; who can clear my intention to make my life without regrets。I, hold hands with you I, weathered; me, kiss the child's eye, a gift you I, affectionate; me, pull Seoul hand, take you all this life; I, ask Seoul show neck, block wind and rain you this life。”  What a beautiful poem ah!On pink stationery writing his handwritten, sixteen!I was sixteen birthday, he read it to me sixteen times!Today, they are with me way back home ah!My tears rolled down a string of his gentle worth of tenderness on my offer all kinds, scenes considerate care buried under the wheels of a train speeding。

Do not eat this bowl, cause cancer!

  When it comes to "disease from the mouth", many people first thought is to pay attention to food hygiene, yes, eat unhealthy, it will certainly affect their health, ranging from diarrhea, while requiring hospitalization。
However, today small to say, in order to prevent the "disease from the mouth", can not only get attention to food hygiene, in fact, will not lead tableware disease upper body!  This is not your every day to eat a bowl on a problem!  Imitation bowl release formaldehyde, can be serious when it comes to "imitation bowl ', we should not be unfamiliar to you?On the streets of major restaurants, which are basically a bowl of?The exterior looks very much like porcelain, but more than the shatterproof bowl。 Moreover, the price is also much cheaper than the bowl?In addition to the restaurant, where some families with children, this often will hold rice bowl to feed their children; first, because it is not easy to broke, and second, more color, colorful, children prefer?However, this bowl, but there is a huge health risks!  Certain inferior imitation bowl at high temperatures, high levels of formaldehyde release。
The use of long-term exposure can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases; also may cause some blood diseases (leukemia); a more serious cause cells to become cancerous。
  Conducted experiments related mechanism: melamine bowl with hot water, respectively, and the hot oil, and detecting the release of formaldehyde content。 Experimenters were purchased imitation bowl to six samples, and then install them first with hot water, formaldehyde content detected after a period of time。
The results indicate that this imitation bowl 6 wherein there are up to two formaldehyde emission / m / m!  Subsequently, laboratory personnel and their equipment with hot oil, the experiment turned out to be a severe case of formaldehyde!Among them, there are two very serious phenomenon of formaldehyde samples were achieved / m and / m!According to the provisions of "health standards for formaldehyde in indoor air of" inner formaldehyde in indoor air health standards, the maximum allowable concentration / m。
  That is not the future can not use the imitation bowl?of course not。   The main problem is the poor quality imitation bowl bowl, bowl imitation comply with national safety standards still safe to use。   But – when using the imitation bowl, we must pay attention to the following 6:01.The time of purchase be sure to check if your QS logo, production licenses and implementation of standards (QB1999-1994), this is the national standard of melamine plastic tableware。 (Low-quality raw materials for urea resin, melamine resin qualified raw materials) 2.Bowl and try to use non-white pattern, do not select the color is too bright bowl imitation。 If the business use of substandard paint method, there may be excessive heavy metals。   3.Before you can use the dishes in boiling water and cook for 30 minutes once the situation appeared tableware white, blistering, cracking, emitting a pungent odor, it is best not to use the。
  4.Even the acceptable quality melamine tableware best and do not bloom strong acid (such as vinegar or something like that) strong base。   Fives.Imitation bowl could only withstand 120 ℃ high temperature, do not hold such things as hot oil, and do not put to use in the microwave heating。   6.Use half a year, going up to one year changed。
Over this period, it will slow the release of toxic gases, it needs to be replaced。

Body language of love

The story takes place in the late eighties, when the university, known as the ivory tower。  Red is my classmate, she is from the South, looks sweet, temperament elegant, entered university, became the object of a lot of the boys scramble to compete。Jun is a student of History Department of the university, we have two high, versatile, especially good at writing poetry, is“famous”Campus poet。  Chun Hung and how do you know, it does not matter, probably by another classmate, possibly by both sides of the villagers, however, always, they know the。Speaking of the two men know each other, in fact, quite the taste of love at first sight, Chun favorite red appearance, temperament and character, and red, were attracted to the handsome talent。  The men and women, the so-called“Perfect match”, In the ivory tower, love is sweet。  Jun to practice, one to two months, every day Hongyan legend, letter to letter, Chun Hung wrote to exactly how many first touching love poems, a conservative who, more than double-digit。And red, in the absence Jun days, almost all his spare time, are used to Jun knit, stitch by stitch weave every day, every needle in, all contain dense long for。  Jun internship returned, refused to return to their quarters, on three-step and two-step, flew to the Red hostel。Then red, smiling as being handsome sweater, doing the final finishing work。  The two meet, depending on each other smiling innocently, one side of us, for the sake of the yearning of this beautiful, silent quietly withdrew to his room, to both of them, a romantic ways and thoughts pour out of place。It really is a beautiful, touching love。  College students love the playground and walking a prime place to the cold weather season, often, to see the red body, dressed in the cloak of Jun。  Saturday night, female students dorm, as usual, of lying about the meeting, speaking of her love, red has always been restrained, said something I will never impressed, she said:“How feeling between us, always in love ah。”Hung said very sincerely, red psychology, nature is more sincere, and we even think these words some fun, ridiculous, and it can be embarrassed laugh。  The school opened a new ice cream stalls, colorful truly beautiful, and Chun know, red is a favorite ice cream。So, summer evening, we often see Jun, bought a big bowl of ice cream, rush around rushed to the Red hostel。  Good years, like water wading fast, blink of an eye, went to Jun graduating time。After allocation down, often seen, a pair of red eye socket of children, relative silence。  Parting grief, can destroy most people's mind, the two inextricably after many lingering, and finally, Jun forth requirements for the development of further relations keep red。Jun said:“This world, I only love you, wait until the future, I'm going to marry you, I will marry you, so what are you afraid of it?”Jun said:“There is a saying that‘In fact, just a love of body language’Bale。”  Needless to say, when they indeed love。And then the love of two people, and indeed really want to push each other to the other side。Finally, in order to prove their love, red to complete their own, when Chun went away, I gave it to him。  That night, moonlight water。Red, indulge in the beautiful moonlight and the gentle night wind, she will own the purest most really love, using body the way, over and over again to tell her favorite boy。  Soon, Chun graduated; soon, he went to a big city in the south。Soon, he and into a new life a new round of colorful。Jun wit, in the new unit, obviously no lack of suitors, and although he loves red, but always felt this far away love, gradually becomes illusory uncertain。  And red, still quietly waiting for her handsome, waiting for her share of love does not become the highest power, however, this quiet good old days, but only after the red just a few months。  One day, red feeling unwell, so in the company of classmates, went to University Hospital, but was found pregnant……  It was the late eighties of last century, female students pregnant, how earth-shattering but see also skeletons in his cupboard ah!For this reason the school has posted posters, posters in the words Lise harshly rebuked red“Immorality”, The wording of the last sentence, bearing the words:“After school party committee, be punished by dismissal。”  Red ultimately failed to finish before she finally admitted to the university, when she lonely figure slowly disappear on campus at the end, I do not know what she was thinking about the psychological?I do not know, this is not a conspiracy of love, because love the sky, can eventually bear-fruit?  Red is disappearing in our line of sight, and for her, I know is: has been pregnant, she returned home to find a very age-matched general condition of the boy, himself married off。  And I remember whenever the matter, it is hoped, pure red, the idea had not tried to use body language to express love in her heart for their favorite boy。

What are the treatment of hypertension remedies to teach you to treat high blood pressure

4.Fresh tomatoes Hypertension [Recipe] fresh tomatoes 2。
[System usage] Wash the tomatoes, dipped in sugar every morning empty stomach。 [Effect] Buck heat, bleeding。 With the treatment of hypertension, retinal hemorrhage。
Fives.Lotus treatment of hypertension [Recipe] lotus 2-3 g。
[System usage] In steep water, behalf of the tea。 [Effect] pure heart, fine astringent, bleeding, blood pressure。 Touyunnaozhang treatment of hypertension caused by heart palpitations, insomnia, etc.。 6.Gourd fresh juice cure hypertension [Recipe] fresh gourd, the amount of honey。
[System usage] smashed fresh hoist twisted whichever juice, honey and mix thoroughly。 Each taking half a cup to a cup, 2 times a day。
[Effect] Buck Chufan。
Treatment of hypertension caused Fanre thirst disease。 7 What are the remedies for treating hypertension.Corn treatment of hypertension [formula] 60 grams of corn。
[System usage] The corn to be dried, wash, add water to cook。
Drink 3 times a day。
[Effect] Buck, diuresis。 With the treatment of hypertension。 8.Persimmon paint, milk cure high blood pressure。

Opportunities outweigh the risks Mixed into a new outlet

[Operation] strategy index continued to rebound rally on Friday, although the US stock market fell in early trading was received influence opened lower, but later driven sector reform is expected to mixed exponential shock rebound step by step, to regain lost ground late in the session。 Overall, China Unicom resumption of the news is the greatest force stimulation index rise this year is mixed together with China Unicom such a big change bumper level company first appeared reform, is bound to lead to other central enterprises reform, such as the military, communications, oil and so on, late hotspots is expected to further spread。
From a technical point of view, although the index closed at 5, 10 day MA, but a strong rebound in the pattern of a slight decline in a row finished a few days does not rule out concussion a few days, we can continue to focus on efforts to support the 5th line of the check plus lighten up。
[News News] central rate mix change Pilot related businesses: Mixed reform is expected stocks: China Nuclear Construction (601611) * ST good power (000,922), China Shipbuilding Technology (600072) national industry Internet platform: Industrial Internet stocks: East earth Science and Technology (300353), the emerging high (300,098) exceeded 50% of the cumulative increase of disperse dyes: disperse net stocks: Anoky (300067), RunTu shares (002,440) (stock market risk, investors need to be cautious!)。

Battle dignity!1-3 win over the Celtics swept away when the Magic refused to add

  Ticker May 25, when the Magic beat the Celtics 96-92 to add the road, always tie the Eastern Conference finals 1-3, to avoid being swept。   Jameel – Nelson in overtime hit two-thirds, saving magic。
The last time he made out 6, scored 23 points and nine assists, becoming the number one hero。 "Warcraft" Dwight – Howard early foul trouble, but still scored 32 points, 16 rebounds and four blocked shots。 JJ- Reddick grab, hit three pointers, scored 12 points, Rashard – Lewis 13 points, Matt – 10. Barnes。 Vince – Vince Carter shot just 1 of 9, only 3 points。   Celtic failed to qualify at home, the next one will move to Orlando。
– Paul Pierce scored 32 points and 11 rebounds, – Ray Allen 22 points, Kevin – Garnett 14 points and 12 rebounds。
Rajon – Rondo 9 points and 8 assists。   Magic has no escape route, after opening to attack, shooting success rate is higher than the first few。 First section there are 7 minutes 22 seconds, Howard alley-oop dunk, the Magic 14-9 to start。
Celtic several times to close the gap, only to fall behind 26-29 when more seconds in this section。 Lewis hit third in this section will end, the Magic to 32-26 end of the first。   Lewis II began soon after the third hit, the Magic to 35-28 to expand the。 The first three games of the performance is not satisfactory Lewis finally be turning around。 Howard under the basket and more tough, not only fruitful, but also many times free throws, had 17 first half points for Houston。 The first two sections Magic to 51-47 lead, this is their first lead in the first half of this round of the series。
  After less than two minutes to start the third quarter, another Howard alley-oop dunk, leading the Magic to 55-47。 But did not last long, more than half of this section, Howard eat fourth foul, had to end rest。
Celtic began to fight back to 6-0 end of this section, three quarters to 68-67 go-ahead。 Magic This section last 4 minutes without a point。
  Reddick angry, his third hit twice after the fourth quarter began, one arranged the pre-holiday magic seven points, the Magic played 7-2 to 74-70 beyond。
After three minutes the Magic failed to score, the Celtics scored six points to lead 76-74。 This round playoff showdown finally have the tension of life and death。   There are regular time 2 minutes and 24 seconds, with Howard and Nelson again, alley-oop dunk, this is the fourth time he finished alley-oop dunk, he also caused a foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Magic leading 85-78。 Pierce tit for tat, break dunks fired back immediately, in – Ray Allen hit the third after Pierce soon hit third succeeded, the Celtics shot a wave of 8-1, to tie it at 86-86。
  Magic critical moment mistakes, but the shot Pierce。 After the Magic missed shots, the Celtics controlled the last attack of opportunity, but the Magic tenacious resolve their attack, the two sides into extra time。   Plus the atmosphere even more tense when the two teams again and again shot, but Howard also missed two free throws。
In the game there are 2 minutes and 42 seconds, Nelson playing board hit the third, before breaking the deadlock。
After the Celtics once again shot, Nelson and third succeeded, the Magic to 92-86 lead。   - Ray Allen did not show weakness, has since third hit twice in the game 1 minute 13 seconds, the Celtics will recover as the score 92-94。
After Nelson missed, but Howard grabbed the offensive rebound, after Bulan score, the Magic extended the advantage to four points。
Celtic has since been shot, lost the opportunity。     (Angkor)。

Liu Xiang broke the Asian record on day two: call me Goddess seems too weak a

After another record-breaking Liu Xiang interview。
Yangzi Evening News Zhang Chen Xing taken Beijing September 6, at the Thirteenth National Games women's 50m freestyle, Guangdong athlete Liu Xiang in the heats and semi-finals, two day break the Asian record, shocked the audience。
In the morning preliminaries, Liu Xiang 24 seconds 32 ranked first, breaking held by Le Jingyi, gathering dust for 23 years, the Asian record; and in the evening semifinals, she further, swim 24 seconds 04 results, the morning he had just created from the Asian record by 50 seconds!Day two record-breaking, but also greatly enhance the magnitude of the results, which fully proved that Liu Xiang in the domestic dominance of this project。
Liu Xiang said his current state is better than the world championships, and she specializes in this National Games 50m Freestyle。 It is worth mentioning that, Liu Xiang was born in 1996, was hailed by many users at present the Chinese swimming team's "first goddess", tall, fair-skinned, good look, she has a large number of fans。 Her charm does not stop at Yen value, on day two break the Asian record, this is the opportunity which can not "god performance"。
Of course, according to previous reports, Liu Xiang himself for the "goddess" of the title is still relatively "resist" in: "I feel it, like the goddess seems too fragile, no masculinity, not the kind of sportsmanship, I not too fond of, just call me a little spirit name, in fact, directly called on Liu Xiang very good, do not describe what。 "Editor: Fei Fan。