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HNA Technology Why buy Dangdang official response: to fill?End flow of imports

World Guying wind took things into vast clouds!I wish cultural electricity supplier dare dare Dangdang Dangdang unicorn。Fade out of the public eye for a long time Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing, this microblogging issued, it is given a positive answer to the HNA acquisition of Dangdang。  March 13, Hainan Airlines science and technology stakeholders in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald reporter interview that the acquisitions are now moving forward, the two sides have not yet signed an agreement。Tianhai investment acquisition mainly Chinese Dangdang accumulated in the field of electronic business customer operations experience, big data and brand。"It is now clear ABCD [A (AI) B (block chain) C (cloud) d (large data)] strategies, but the resources are focused B side, to face?Dangdang end of the day may well improve the business section of the sea layout, realize synergies linkage。"Just last week, the Department of Hainan Tian Hai's investment disclosed restructuring progress, the underlying asset is the text of e-commerce Limited Beijing Branch Dangdang Dangdang and Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. related to equity。The transactions involving the issue of shares to buy assets and supporting financing as the case may be。It will not lead to actual change of control after the completion of this transaction。  It is reported that Dangdang valued at $ 1 billion。By 2016, the company 5.$ 5.6 billion in market value privatization, the market value is less than a quarter of the market at the beginning。Old electricity supplier will go from here?Dangdang chairman Yu Yu do not think ownership change will affect the company's development。She said in response, changes in equity levels, reflecting the growing number of options in this era。  Dangdang Dangdang decline was established in mid-1999 by Li Guoqing, Yu Yu and his wife founded, has been called China's "Amazon"。Early effects of dividends by electricity supplier, Dangdang started by the book and gradually expanded into a comprehensive business platform to become a powerhouse in the field of electronic business。In 2010, Dangdang listed on the New York Stock Exchange。  However, the main business Dangdang quickly ushered in the "rival" Jingdong Mall。Since the transformation is not timely, plus electricity supplier external environment changes, Jingdong, Ali rapid rise, especially in the electricity supplier of several "burn" war, Dangdang not keep up with the pace of transformation, and farther away from the front line。  That time, when Suning Tesco Jingdong, Lynx, in the extended electrical goods category, self-built logistics and financial services, Dangdang still stick to their own business books。Li Guoqing said publicly many times, "burn" approach is not desirable, profitable sales can not meaningless。However, he also missed the opportunity to develop。  The most cause for regret, than in 2012。Dangdang with the greatest identity of the business settled Lynx, one million kinds of commodities in books, merchandise category two flagship store settled way。Li Guoqing microblogging revealed the reason of cooperation, "whether it is settled Lynx or Tencent, I have given clear guidance: from the。People who let it flow large。"A way to explain their frustration。  After two giants Alibaba and Jingdong grab the industry for more than 70% market share, vertical electric provider more difficult to survive。Analysys data show, the third quarter of every year 2017, 36 to jingdong.2% of the market share of online book sales has become the first, second, compared with Dangdang, the market share of 35.1%。  China Electronic Commerce Research Center, Ren Caolei Business Herald reporter for the 21st century, said the past decade, online shopping user demand has changed dramatically, while other areas are not penetrate, daily necessities books as the first to be user acceptance, to a certain extent Dangdang advantage of the achievements of the dividend。"Now the user needs to upgrade, whether it is a new retail cross-border electricity suppliers are digging more consumer scenarios。Obviously, books Dangdang want to rely on new opportunities, has been difficult。"Hainan Airlines to?End In fact, in addition to Hainan Airlines, the Amazon and Dangdang previously, Tencent etc came over sex scandal。21st Century Business Herald reporter through the "corporate look" found, Dangdang has more than 30 subsidiary, Beijing Dangdang Cowan e-commerce Co., Ltd. was established in mid-2004 August 24, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, Ms. Yu , Guoqing each stake 50%。  At present, Dangdang main business books, audio, baby, beauty, home, digital 3C, clothing, shoes, bags and other products, import more than three million SKU, of which more than 1.2 million kinds of products books, some more than 3,000 on the investment platform third-party sellers, and operates more than 200 physical bookstores。  Their faces?Ltd. end of the day the sea is an important reason to invest shot。Previously, Hainan Airlines acquisitions on a global scale involving aviation, logistics, hotels, financial services and many other areas, and enter?End market is its next target。  For rumors Dangdang valuation of about $ 1 billion, sources said previous naval science and technology, which need to be re-disclose specific details。Sea investment is the controlling shareholder of HNA days Technology Group, accounting for 20 investment holdings Tianhai.76%, while HNA Group HNA Technology Group holds 96.41% of the shares。  Late last year, Hainan Airlines Group announced a comprehensive strategic transformation。Director of HNA Group Chairman Fu Tong said at a news conference, said it will invest 50 billion yuan to build new digital travel platform HiApp, the main platform for its own operations, the introduction of partners, while not excluding the integration of resources through mergers and acquisitions。  Although many of them at the company's aviation, hotels, airports and other line scene, but the lack of contact of the user's traffic entrance。Investment industry analysts believe that, Tianhai investment after acquisition of the US company Ingram Micro IT supply chain, hesitate to spend $ 6 billion。Dangdang after the acquisition, the two sides may be opened in the IT, financial sector, in order to seek greater market space。  It is foreseeable that, as the electricity supplier industry pioneer, Li Guoqing couples will not easily give up the development of Dangdang。Ms. Yu admitted that at present only one of several possibilities to explore into the Department of Hainan Airlines。"Dangdang prefix, suffix, or I do not have to always be wearing National Day。Dangdang shares even change occurs, the new shareholders did not enemies with the money, but also willing to Dangdang better。"Dangdang Dangdang defected behind HNA dilemma (original title: HNA Technology Why the person to respond to the acquisition of Dangdang: fill?End flow inlet) (Editor: DF318)

Xinhua News Agency: US "bullying" unpopular economic and trade policies also will not work | Trump

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Jin Min and Min Gaopan Jiangyu Juan Trump 22nd President of the United States signed a presidential memorandum, according to the "301 investigation" As a result, imports from China will be large-scale commodity tariffs and restrictions on Chinese companies to the US M & A。 Trump government based on false premise, the use of outdated protectionism, this outrageous practice unpopular both in the international arena, but also will not work。   First, the US protectionist policies recently adopted with a clear imprint of the times of old, out of tune with the new world, there are people in the West criticize it as "bullying" policy。
"301 investigation" was born in the Cold War era of unilateralism legal tool that allows the United States who is also "police" "prosecutors" "jury" "judge", "law enforcement officials" multiple roles, and its essence is to take advantage of trade status forced to sacrifice the interests of trading partners。   In mid-1995 after the establishment of WTO, "301 investigation" of such unilateral trade tool has been basically quit the stage of history。
Trump government to reduce the trade deficit, forced Resurrection "zombie" tools of the trade, the implementation of "bullying" policy, international trade is tantamount to the "jungle" of。 This is not only for the international rules-based multilateral trading system and open defiance provocation and a serious threat to global economic recovery, including the United States have been traditional allies, including the major economies generally opposed。   Secondly, not static, isolated, fragmented look at trade deficit with China and the Sino-US economic and trade relations。
Among the global multilateral trading system notes, the deepening of economic globalization today, the parties present in the bilateral trade dependency, closely linked。 For example, a price of $ 1,000 iPhoneX, imports of parts and components to China from the world, assembled and then exported to the United States。 Because China does not earn tens of dollars assembling fee, will China this US trade deficit of $ 1,000 in charge。
  Trump government should see that China's trade surplus with the United States of downstream consumers, corresponds to the Chinese supply chain, from upstream countries of import items, including imports of goods and services from US companies。
As the American business community recently pointed out, Chinese exports to the US to impose tariffs against those who would harm the United States to sell parts to Chinese companies。 No wonder Nobel laureate in economics, international trade theory expert Paul Krugman, the US trade deficit will be referred to as "optical illusion"。   Again, trying to "bully" the economic and trade policy, over the years the US trade deficit means of unilateral measures digestion does not really play effect。
Economists have repeatedly pointed out that the root cause of the US trade deficit that the US consumer is excessive, inadequate savings rate inherent structural problems。
  Since the 1980s, the US trade deficit continued to widen last century, since the Reagan administration adopted by the United States from a variety of trade protection measures failed to reverse this trend。 In fact, Trump government came to power more than a year, the US trade deficit hit a 9 Anti-year high。
Himself sick, but let someone else take medicine, this approach obviously does not make sense, it does not work。   In view of the United States after the breakdown on the world's number one and number two economies, bilateral economic and trade highly interdependent and mutually have desires, the United States can not wield the big stick of trade protectionism in China, itself unscathed。
  Not a forced sale。 The past 40 years, Sino-US trade volume increased 232-fold, to $ 580 billion, two-way investment exceeded US $ 230 billion。
Problem solving Sino-US economic and trade relations, the key is to do more addition, by expanding market access to each other open initiatives to explore new paths in equality, improve the imbalance in the cooperation, harmony and win-win situation in the。
  China has never deliberately pursue a trade surplus, but also fully prepared for the worst case。 As Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China did not want to fight a trade war with anyone, "but if someone non-forced us to play, we will not be afraid, the second will not hide."。

After Zhaimao also enjoy it helped poor counties IPO?Commission: poverty is not off policy

Two of the country is in progress, users who have to take this opportunity to NPC deputies and CPPCC members to ask questions。  Recently, the state-level poverty-stricken counties in Hubei Icheon poverty alleviation cadres Zhou Yu to ask questions, "We going out of poverty, but also can not enjoy relevant policies?"Zhou Yu said," Now here we have formed tea brand, and securities companies also plan to help our tea business listing。Icheon we expect overall poverty in 2019, would like to ask the poor region-specific IPO green channel, and other support policies after poverty, we now enjoy, but also can not continue to enjoy?"In this regard, National People's Congress, Hubei Securities Regulatory Bureau Director Li Bingheng reply," consistent with the relevant provisions of the State Council, poverty-stricken counties, enterprise application implementation that is reported summarily IPO, refereed that is made。Since capital markets services tackling poverty policy is an important component of the national poverty reduction policies, so poverty-stricken areas to exit strategies and national unity arrangement consistent。After poor counties hat, the Commission supports the corresponding preferential policies to enterprises listed in poor areas, but also in use for some time。Poverty, not from policy。"Capital markets actively tackling poverty accurate service out of poverty has become one of the 'three big battle'。  South China who participated in the work of poverty alleviation brokerage practitioners Liu Qiang (pseudonym) told the "International Finance" correspondent, based on personal experience, the obvious poverty of necessity。"We've been helping a few poverty-stricken counties, where the destitute with no exaggeration to describe。We in the county and in the country have gone away, I found that poverty alleviation is really a very urgent, but also very necessary, but very difficult thing。"April 2016," the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued<Opinion on the establishment of exit mechanism of poverty>Notice "clearly, adhere to positive incentives, the poor, poor villages, poor counties exit the country in a given period of the original pro-poor policies remain unchanged, support diminished, leaving a grace period, to ensure stable poverty。  SFC said, capital market services tackling poverty policy is an important component of the national poverty reduction policies, involving poor counties exit policy arrangements should be based "on the establishment of exit mechanism of poverty" execution。  Accordingly, poverty-stricken counties in the period after storming out of poverty hat, "China Securities Regulatory Commission on the capital markets play a crucial role in serving the national poverty reduction strategy advice" continue to apply in a given period, the policy does not go out of poverty。  Commission to extend the term of the policy to support the IPO in September 2016, the Commission issued "China Securities Regulatory Commission Opinion on the capital markets play a crucial role in serving the national poverty reduction strategy," national key poverty-stricken counties of the State Council Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development determined and focused even piece special difficult areas of the county enterprises to apply for IPO to implement "That newspaper that is trial, the trial that is too fat" policy。  At the beginning of the New Year 2018, the SFC IPO will be postponed to 2025 pro-poor policies in some areas, poverty is not off policy。  The Commission announced that for the "Commission proposal on the extension of the deadline to declare IPO poverty", recommended that "that is reported summarily, namely the trial had made" policy filing deadline extended to 2025, the Special Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai remote poverty-stricken areas to give more favorable terms。  In addition to the continuation of the existing policy, the Commission also increase support for remote areas。Since eighteen, the Commission issued a service western regions, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas are a series of policies: from August 2012 to implement the policy of "Western companies IPO priority review"; in April 2014 issued a " China Securities Regulatory Commission to support the implementation of the views of gannan and other former central Soviet Area revitalization and development "; the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism to support their counterparts in Tibet's capital market development, in March 2015 on the capital market to promote the development of Tibet put forward measures to support the development of Tibet and other eight。  At the same time, since January 1, 2015, the Commission temporarily exempted from the national share transfer system for SMEs registered in Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia and Xinjiang five ethnic autonomous regions (three new board) listing fees, and special set up a training fund to support financial personnel training in Ethnic areas。  In addition, the Commission in January 2017 and the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the three parties signed a "further support on the capital market to play the role of a strategic cooperation agreement economic and social development in Xinjiang", to further promote support work in Xinjiang。  Although still difficult to expand the scope of policy IPO "affordable lot," may For some relatively weak industrial base depth of poverty-stricken areas, or slightly "stretched."。  However, "industrial base needs to help the region in general is weak, be able to meet the listing requirements of the business is relatively small。We are now helping several counties, also recently investigated the right business, we intend to start with the larger direction of the feasibility and other aspects of local government debt。"Said Liu Qiang。  There is also confusion of a few brokers。Reporters learned that by asking, should the situation facing poor poverty-stricken counties enterprise development foundation, and no external moving into the enterprise, the broker will have a kind of "cotton fist fight on" feeling。  "Personally believe that IPO difficult, unless it is moved outside of。Native of poverty-stricken counties difficult for enterprises can IPO, after all, did not reduce the requirements of the listing standards。To have three new board listed company in even very good。"A poor person responsible for the central broker to accept the" International Finance News "reporter,。  There are also brokers believe that poverty can not "policy to policy."。A state-owned large brokerage poverty alleviation official told the "International Finance" reporters, "We are in the process of poverty alleviation, we attach great importance to find ways to help deed point the company has business combination。However, our investment banks more cautious, the project selection criteria are relatively high。A difference of more by the difficulty is quite large。"By using a combination of a variety of financial instruments, financing instruments, use of the capital market channels and means to achieve aid, a number of brokerage firms interviewed expressed a strong will, after all," This is more in line with the securities company positioning, it is possible better play professional advantage. "。

For men in the end how important kidney?What daily habits of most kidney injury (1)

  For men in the end how important kidney?  Male friends vitality, Yuan Jing are kept in their kidney inside, so the Yang Shen is very important, and only kidney filling, it can greatly enhance the uniqueness of their own, to make their own energetic, strong bones。
Once kidney function problems, may cause symptoms appear self Yaoxisuanruan。  Renal effects of physical fitness a lot of male friends once a problem with kidney dysfunction, coma itself not only headache symptoms, but also to influence all aspects of their fitness, will greatly reduce their immunity and resistance。  Kidney good influence to have sex between men and women couples married life is a normal physiological needs, once kidney problems emerged, will greatly reduce their quality of life and level, the two sides will not be effectively met, but also affect the husband and wife the relationship between harmony。
  Most kidney injury six habits eat more salt and more salt corrosion can not, it will hurt the kidneys。  Too much salt intake, will increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney damage。
  What constitutes more than?For healthy adults, daily intake of more than 6 grams of salt, even more; while the children, more than 3 g is more。
  On salinity control, teach you a little trick: When preparing other dishes then salt dish。  When eating is not only tasty, but not actually too much salt intake。This method is suitable for all healthy people, more suitable for high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, nephritis without edema and mood dysfunction of various types of heart disease。
  Drinking alcohol and more harmful to the liver, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, liver cancer are associated with it。Meanwhile, alcohol has a diuretic effect, affect renal metabolism of human body fluid, disrupting electrolyte balance, long-term drinking also prone to hypertension, and it is the second factor causing renal failure。
  Long fat obesity can lead to hypertrophy or glomerular sclerosis, causing kidney damage。
  Data show that the incidence of obesity-related glomerulopathy is increased by 10 times than in the past!  Thus, at high risk of kidney disease, should pay attention away from the overweight or obese, especially abdominal obesity。
  What is the abdominal obesity?  Body mass index (BMI) normal, male waist circumference greater than 85 cm, female waist circumference greater than 80 cm; WHR men or greater than 9, greater than F。
  Drink little research shows that less water will dehydrate the body, damage to blood vessels function, leading to chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, comparable to the harm of smoking。  Another hazard is more common, less water to drink will cause excessive urine calcium concentration, induced kidney stones。
  So every day to ensure adequate amount of drinking water, which is especially important during the hot summer。
  World Health Organization recommendation, room temperature environment, adult women need to drink liters per day, the adult male liters。The elderly, children, pregnant and lactating women than normal demand for water is higher。
  Often hold back hold back most direct harm, leading to urinary tract infections; Furthermore, after holding back up bacteria easily along the ureter, causing pyelonephritis。
  Often holding back urine, will slowly feel no urine, cystitis will seek them……Take medicine Many non-prescription drugs have some toxicity, the most common is a cold after their own people taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, such as various types of kidney medicine, sensitive people may therefore lead to renal insufficiency or acute renal decline。  The early performance of renal injury are relatively minor, easily overlooked and to develop chronic kidney disease。  So, if the urine abnormality occurs during medication, high blood pressure, limb edema, backache, fatigue, etc., may be suggestive of acute kidney injury。

HD – Xinan Wang Mi Yu Ting won an atmosphere of joy after the game interview

Mi Yu Ting won the championship http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / DL_: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / DL_ /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / DL_ / on March 10 17: 013 on May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang ended in Wangjiang hotel Chengdu, Mi Yu Ting won champion, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。
The picture shows the scene。
(Photo: Dai Yiming) 2786137 Tang Wei star runner HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 //: // / N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 20180310 // on March 10 17 /: 013 May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang ended in Wangjiang hotel Chengdu, Mi Yu Ting He won the championship, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。 The picture shows the scene。
(Photo: Dai Yiming) 2,786,138 guests players posed for pictures HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 // on March 10 17: 013 on May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang ended in Wangjiang hotel Chengdu, Mi Yuting won the championship, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。 The picture shows the scene。 (Photo: Dai Yiming) 2786139 Mi Yu Ting post-match interview http: /// sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 // on March 10 17: 013 on May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang Jiang hotel in Chengdu ended, Mi Yu Ting won the championship, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。 The picture shows the scene。 (Photo: Dai Yiming) 2,786,140 post-match interview joy of http: /// sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 // : /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 // on March 10 17: 013 on May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang ended in Wangjiang hotel Chengdu, Mi Yu Ting won the championship, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。 The picture shows the scene。 (Photo: Dai Yiming) 2786141 Tang Wei Xing an interview after the game http: /// sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / W_: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / W_ /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / W_ / on March 10 17: 013 on May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang in Chengdu Wangjiang hotel ended, Mi Yu Ting won the championship, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。
The picture shows the scene。
(Photo: Dai Yiming) 2786142 Sichuan Airlines organizers awarded the Award http: /// sports / 2_img / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 / /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / cba0ae59 / w950h633 / 20180310 // on March 10 17: 013 on May 10 afternoon, "Sichuan Airlines Cup" 17th Xinan Wang Jiang hotel in Chengdu ended, Mi Yu Ting won the championship, Tang Wei star runner-up, the atmosphere was very happy after the game interview。 The picture shows the scene。 (Photo: Dai Yiming) 2786143。

What method of treatment of athlete's foot athlete's foot sent packing this method

Certainly from the treatment of the cause to proceed so easy to cure the root, a very inexpensive drug – oxytetracycline can cure specific usage is as follows: Remove a few pieces of oxytetracycline (see the specific athlete's foot area) powder evenly on your toes crevices, oxytetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotics, having astringent, dampness effect, in addition to odor can be very good, fungistatic, relieve symptoms beriberi。
Oxytetracycline price is a few dollars a bottle, a bottle, there are 100, so doing, take on a few pieces of it a few cents, sometimes medication is not expensive, but in a simple practical and effective。
But beriberi easily repeated, like fungi, "Xiao Qiang" It's hard to wipe out, in order to prevent the results "Xinghuoliaoyuan", usually pay attention to personal hygiene, frequently changes the shoes and socks to keep feet dry and clean, try not to use someone else's slippers, towels , rags, etc., do not walk in the bath, filled lake of sewage。 Shoes and socks to dry in the sun, stored in a dry and ventilated place to keep it is not easy to breed fungi。 1 is generally divided into three types beriberi.Erosive occur in the third and fourth, fourth and fifth toes。
Beginning toes wet, impregnated, or from a small white blisters, dry desquamation, a wet stripped dander, flushing the erosion surface, there is itching, easy to secondary infection。
2.Vesicular occur in the Ministry of foot edge。 The beginning of the wall full of small blisters, some can be integrated into the bulla, blister fluid and transparent, non-flush around。 Consciously itching, scratching often due to secondary infection caused by erysipelas, lymphatic go far。
What method of treatment of athlete's foot 3.Keratosis type occur in the heel。
Mainly as thick and dry, keratosis scaling ,, prone to chapped。 This type of no blisters and festering, slow course, unhealed for many years。
Athlete's foot is a chronic infection, parasitic fungus growth and reproduction cuticle。
Need long-term medication to kill it。
Teach you to cure athlete's foot athlete's foot often hear patients complain difficult to cure athlete's foot, athlete's foot is actually the reason why repeated attacks and no cure, and the patient's treatment is not standardized misunderstanding and have a great relationship。 In this regard, the experts stressed that athlete's foot, how to treat athlete's foot is good, must be reasonable, standard medication。

Last year, Beijing dispose of a total of 212 "new" monitor objects

  Last year initiative to do two special reports to the Municipal People's Congress Supervision Law in train "supervision of the supervisory authorities and supervisory personnel" chapter, requiring the supervisory authority subject to the supervision of the people's congresses and their standing committees, democratic supervision, social supervision , public opinion。
  Beijing Municipal Supervision Commission while accepting a higher level party committees and discipline inspection commission JISC supervision, and consciously accept the supervision of people's congresses and their standing committees at the corresponding level, the Commission initiative to monitor the 2017 Urban done twice a special report to the Municipal People's Congress。
  In addition, the Beijing Municipal Supervision Commission also took the initiative to inform the work of the CPPCC, public information supervisory work according to the law, held a news conference outside the mainstream media invited to participate in "Into the Beijing Municipal Commission" activities, and consciously accept the democratic supervision, social supervision , public opinion。   Beijing will regulate and monitor the operation of the Commission for Discipline Inspection supervision work rules and discipline of convergence, to strict rules on monitoring, investigation, disposal procedures, and strengthen the process reengineering, to achieve supervision and examination is divided, the decision to establish a unified, integrated discipline enforcement powers to run operating mechanism。   "The city discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels and all discipline inspection and supervision cadres to take the lead in respect for law, law school, law-abiding, usage, continue to deepen the Supervision Law as a fundamental national surveillance system reform pilot work to follow, adhere to the pre-eminent standard, strictly perform their duties according to law, to continue play 'Pathfinder' to create more replicable replicable experience。 "Zhang Shuo Fu expressed。   Supervision Law stipulates: "The supervisory authority for violations and crimes committed in office, shall cooperate with each other and judicial and procuratorial organs, law enforcement, checking each other。
"Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission authority to monitor and Municipal Committee jointly issued rules related work to further strengthen communication and coordination with judicial and procuratorial organs, law enforcement, clear discipline method convergence program specification to ensure that all aspects of handling cases to promote smooth and efficient。 As transferred to the prosecution stage, in a timely manner and the prosecution completed its review of the docking of the evidence standard, the transfer of cases and other matters; court trial stage, nature of the case found that application of law and other issues to strengthen ties docking with the court, perfect chain of evidence, additional evidence flaw to ensure that the investigation of cases from the procedural and substantive requirements are in line with the judiciary。 In practice, the discipline inspection organs also with law enforcement agencies also form complexes with each other, the constraints of working contacts。
After the proposed adoption of technical investigations, restrictions requested measures to exit, and discipline inspection organs, public security authorities and relevant departments to conduct strict examination and approval of the applicable object type, duration and procedures; In a survey of production safety accidents in by Ann monitoring, quality inspection, food and Drug Administration and other departments to monitor the sector with joint investigation team, field investigation and evidence collection, to study the nature and responsibilities of the accident analysis, determine the scope and form of accountability。
   – Case。