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Gully spring

Gulou Spring is not called Gulou Spring, but Dog Spring.     I didn’t see the spring. In Yiyuan this place, it was really hard to find the spring in the countryside and I couldn’t find’ moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its brooks’. Looking at Yimeng Mountain, the vast expanse of green, corn fields, peach orchards, pear orchards and apple orchards are stacked one on top of the other to reach the stone peak on the top of the castle peak, giving people a sense of distance from this day.     Lower your head and look down. in the wide zhangzhuang river, you can see weeds, no clear water, no clear spring.     Where is the gully spring?     The drunk old man has disappeared, the dog that saved the old man has disappeared, and the spring water dug out by the dog has either been buried by weeds or turned a blind eye to the villagers.. History has been printed into the pale yellow paper, but what remains unchanged is people’s praise of loyalty and loyalty. In the story, people and dogs are parallel, accompany each other and look after each other. However, people’s desire is more than dog’s desire, and it is much more difficult to control than dog’s desire. Because of the willfulness of human nature, it brings a lot of damage and danger to oneself.. Dogs don’t have human desires, so they are simple, because they are easier to get along with people, know more about repaying favors, and are easier to move. However, the smoke cloud still exists and the story has disappeared. Standing in front of the gully spring, what you see is the ocean of the mountain.     I have passed by the gully spring many times.     In Yiyuan, in Mengyin, there are many small towns like gully springs. At the foot of the mountain, in the enclosure of the orchard and in the silent mountains, people show their love for a better life with red roofs.. After many times, in addition to being slightly surprised at the quiet land on this side, it is full of respect for men and women with copper skin.. The rolling mountains, stretching out the vast expanse of the land, also show the difficulty of making a living and developing.. However, the unyielding people just use labor, wheelbarrows and tenacity to make this land peaceful and fragrant in the early autumn sunshine.. While enjoying the joy brought by the reception, people are still looking forward.     However, I still can’t forget the ditch spring in my heart.     Yes, there are moving stories everywhere in this land, but I am here, in the yellow sunshine, on the bridge, facing the houses shaded by trees, like a leaf falling from Yimeng Mountain.. Yes, dry life needs a clear spring, dusty seedlings need a clear spring, this land needs a clear spring, the future here needs a clear spring, Yimeng Mountain needs a clear spring..     Yes, people in the gully spring need a clear spring even more.     In our time, we need respite.     2016 / 9 / 19

Computer humor

I used to use Microsoft double spelling input method when typing Chinese characters with computer. Microsoft’s Double Spelling’ can lose one sentence at a time with a key twice. It’s economical and fast, and its speed is no faster than’ five strokes’ . Of course, it also has some shortcomings, that is, it is to choose words, but it is this’ word selection’ shortcoming that often gives me a taste of the humorous character of the computer.. One time I hit an article and my eyes swelled. When I entered ” The headmaster is a teacher with rich experience …”, what I showed was ” The little soldier encircles Xue Jingyan and meets his husband”. I saw, ” Poof” laughed out with a loud laugh.. The computer guy actually took out a story I heard recently. There was a man nicknamed ” Little Soldier”. He was small and smart, but he was brave and resourceful in chasing girls. He watched other friends get married one after another, leaving a girl friend whom he once admired, Xue Jingyan, who had just divorced. One day he met Xue and was beaten up by her husband. Angry from the heart, he ignored his short stature and struggled to save the beauty. This saved his marriage with Xue.. Later” Little Soldier” Always boasting in front of friends” Erguotou’ Also Sweet’. Looking at the word ” encirclement and suppression” on the computer, I suddenly doubted whether the ” little soldier” was premeditated, and if so, it would be inaccurate to say that he was ” brave and resourceful.”. I told my wife to appreciate this wonderful coincidence sentence, and she smiled easily and then said, ” You’re so bored with typing that the computer is laughing at you.”. Yes, as long as I type, the computer of the’ for suspicion’ will amuse me. I enter’ love is a difficult book’, and the computer shows’ love is a difficult book’. ‘ Hard – to – read Books” Just Bitter and Hard – to – Read; ‘ Unutterable Book” That’s what I couldn’t say after I read it. Long – term happiness and sorrow are mixed up in an unutterable way. The computer doesn’t eat human fireworks, but pretends to know the three flavors of love. He won’t be making fun of the mortal world who has sunk into the affair, will he? I input’ Yang Wen never lets people dare to approach’, but the computer shows’ Mosquito Raising Calls People Dare Not to Approach’ . Yang Wen under my pen is a pampered child whom people don’t want to approach very much, ” raising mosquitoes and shouting people”, a humorous metaphor. I type’ five strokes difficult’, and the computer shows’ incomparably difficult’. Five strokes’ typing has so many roots to remember that it is really difficult to learn,’ five strokes’ is a phenomenon,’ extremely difficult’ is a degree. Isn’t this a good crosstalk line? Interesting. The computer guy is really funny. When I type it, I forget fatigue as soon as it is humorous, and I can’t help laughing as soon as it is humorous.. In fact, computer humor is more than amused? Sometimes it can also help me modify the article in humor. Once I entered’ this’ bad student’s hat can’t be put on his head’, the computer changed’ wear’ to’ stay’ with a sense of humor, and the sentence became’ this’ bad student’s’ hat’ can’t stay on his head’. What I want to say is that a student who does not belong to a poor student is treated as a ” poor student” by the teacher. As a result, the student has abandoned himself and made worse grades. Therefore, the teacher should correct his ideas and help the student take off the ” hat” of the ” poor student”. ‘ can’t wear” is to stop the upcoming behavior,’ can’t stay” is to cancel the image of the existing behavior. This change is accurate, vivid and humorous. The computer has become my ” teacher of one word”. This is the high-grade humor made by the computer. We live in a time when humor is still relatively poor, and sometimes it is difficult to relax in the gloom of life.. Therefore, when your parents treat you with reprimand as an educational method, when you are unlucky to encounter a boss like a ” horse face”, when your ” underperformance” wife always looks at you with white eyes, and when you can’t always find Zhao Benshan on TV, you might as well turn on the computer and type with ” Microsoft double spelling”, a computer without flesh and blood may offer you a sense of humor full of human feelings, playfulness and humor, elegance and ease of policing..

A pot of tea and a life

Tea, born between heaven and earth, mining Aura Heaven and Earth, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon.”Tea” in ancient times known as well as tea, tea, surprised, etc..Open seven things in China, saying the “fuel vinegar tea” also demonstrates the importance of tea in Chinese culture.    Under this autumn season, I randomly put a few slices of tea, boiling water reference.Rich and familiar flavor in the mouth filled with tea, diffusion, and then linger long in the mouth.Tea sweet little astringent, bitter, although prominent, but there are still kept the sweet fluid.Tea always taste a few elements do not lack, clear, and do not disturb each other one.I am a lover of ecological tea, tea aroma always keep coming, the rain continued, again aftertaste aftertaste, like the earth grown under warm warm plants and flowers, no construction, there could not withstand vitality.    Moment, tea is the best, Lift a cup, yet to his mouth, a hint of fragrance will be a lengthy rains.Often I drink tea, but have never felt so sweet, always eager, a child only when I drink tea to quench their thirst with.Today, I just sip on a little, then thin aftertaste.Tea into the throat, fragrance left in the mouth, the slightest sweet people feel happy.Such tea seems in reading in product life, the same book, on Monday poem, different people read, how many feel there.    In this fickle age, we can not easily reach the realm of communion with tea.But at least.When we look at the ups and downs of tea cup of tea and watched it gradually show their style, then quietly falls bottom of the cup, will be able to understand the wonderful life.    Tea who is also the South’s Kerry Wood.Also is grass, trees also.One of both varieties of plants, but also the essence of nature.Perhaps the only calm and simple, in order to truly understand the sweet and refreshing tea, in order to appreciate life such as tea, tea is like life.(Original author: Zhou Jianxi, please indicate the source)

Bailey Reverse toxic milk: Brazil as a whole is not strong Argentina will all the best

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 14 reported: is regarded as the number one football Bailey crow mouth, before the start of the World Cup, this seems a good school。In an interview with "GQ" magazine interview, Bailey claimed that Brazil is not strong overall, and predicted that Argentina would all goes well。Bailey said this, is it in the reverse poison milk?Bailey first talked about himself: "Now the kids know Messi?Luoneimaer, but they also know my name。Maybe listen to their parents say, perhaps listening to my grandparents say。This is a great responsibility, because my life can not make mistakes, I will always give the kids a good example。But thank God, I can have the glory。"Also watching you?Bailey answer: "Of course, I also like Santos, I would also like to see the best team in the world game。Perhaps now is the best Barca before Real Madrid。"Billy comes to Brazil and Argentina:" Brazil has good players, but without a strong team。Best Brazilian clubs have, in Paris, Neymar, Marcelo at Real Madrid, Kudiniao in Barcelona, Phil minocycline in Liverpool……But Teeter let them form a strong overall, this is hard to do。Brazil is always one of the favorites, but Argentina also all the best。I think the World Cup will always be popular。People may forget, Brazil 5 wins have taken place outside the home Brazil。In Brazil the World Cup twice, we all lose。"Bailey Support Neymar to join Paris:" This is a good thing for him, because he always live in the shadow of Lionel Messi in Barcelona。Build the team around him in Paris, he had the opportunity to show their ability, he has a chance as No. 10。"Coach?Bailey select Teeter: "I like Guardiola and Mourinho, but I think it is very good Teeter。He is not just only care about football, he is also concerned about the players, it is very important。"

Although money is still warm late diving

Today diving, a bit baffling, so far we have not seen bad there have more precise。
No matter if the news from a purely financial point of view to see the game, then late in diving, with no sufficient change hands in the morning there is a relationship。 Morning of the disk is too hot, not many tickets changing hands after the word was hard top plate, once the market sign of trouble, late this situation is very prone to。
Noon point of view, the market for word sabotage the party, I have been analyzed, let's first review under article noon。
Because we form a consensus on the market that are safe, you can make money。
But it can not be directly top word。 Stocks opened more than direct word board, which is to make the market did not top the rhythm ah。
The top plate of the word bullying ah, so who is willing to give you Relay?This is the reason why the word vote not far away。 Look at today's daily limit, but you can not buy into, the funds are another way of results。 Shanghai local shares in a public state-owned enterprise reform is expected before the demon of oversold stocks, shares of + is oversold plate, are installed with construction, such as Britain Vic, near midday trading, the money went to launch the concept of civil-military integration。 This is the party who want to avoid the word。
But a number of votes in the word, open board can not go back, and other precision Liancheng。 000-technology today should Difficult to go back, for the first time to the first wave peaked, and soon, to see the back of the wave there is no 2。 Summary: The central enterprises reform, time shares, medicine and other hot spots continued to be active, just let the word party to the top of the bad rhythm, Shanghai state-owned enterprise reform, civil-military integration of new low hot start。
Afternoon view: continued light weight stock market, but to avoid some stocks pit。 ———————————Dividing line————— ——————– wait until late in diving, all the dust settles, you will find that the word early top board does not necessarily guarantee you make money。
Why do so many votes after the bombing late plate, some to return letters, some not?In addition to stocks leading position in which the outside, there is another factor that is changing hands。 If the morning changing hands more fully, even late exploded, just a trim is very easy。
For example, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson holding, palm reading technology, the National Power South, etc.。
These tickets before the bombing late, has been fried, and hands full, short of basic failure。
Delong ticket easily understood, such as the word open joint-precision plate, the morning has not been fully hands, once late restrain chips will quickly gush。
People suck finished the word party, or come back to the market。 Although late in diving, but funding is still warm, tomorrow there must be a process of restoration late today。
+ New medicine times, the central enterprises reform, unicorn, military, and other hot spots, or focus on the plate。
Today's hot too, was stretched too thin, tomorrow must shrink the front。
This level of funding spread, how long the stock market?Tomorrow centralized fund breakthrough, is still only stronger breed, it is worth continuing to engage in, the other is not worth the chase。
We should focus on a few leading, the leading time shares + Panlong Pharmaceutical medicine has little impact tomorrow 3 board problem, since recent times the height of the new leader has 4 boards (United-precision, Igor)。 Leading the reform of central enterprises into shares has 5 boards, and if this stock can continue to board up, it may well be a demon, tickets will also follow suit arbitrage。
Unicorn chaotic rhythm section, a lot of brand-name ticket are high, money is not willing to go to the relay, and low tendency to dig varieties。
For example, today's Zhongyuan Expressway, capital, industry, etc. are being dug new varieties。 The military has just started today, tomorrow remains to be seen persistent, leading the West Instrument shares。 Tomorrow view: Because diving late, so tomorrow become the trend of the index is not very good judge, not a good grasp of the rhythm, it is recommended that careful operation, it is best not to follow the trend of chasing votes。
Welcome to add my micro-channel public number "stock market secret report" free answer questions stocks。 If you find it useful, welcome to forward to share, let your friends benefit。

Chinese people love to eat Iberian ham?British media: or lead to price hikes

November 29 electric British media said, after discovering the enjoyment of French wine, caviar and truffles, Chinese people turned to a new food to meet their demand for Western luxury goods: This is the Iberian cuisine Ham。
But now demand has almost exceeded supply, resulting in the Spaniard's most cherished this Christmas cuisine faced with soaring prices。
According to the British "Guardian" website reported on November 26, the recent lifting of import restrictions on such high-end ham it "with caviar and truffles as to find a proper place in the market," Iberian ham CincoJotas responsible for export people Rene Lemay told the "El Pais"。
Reported that most Chinese people like to eat pork now we discover the taste of Iberian ham。
But the problem is, the best ham takes years of production, and as demand exceeds supply, the price of ham rose by 10%。
One kilogram of ham cost between 150 euros to 600 euros (about 1180-4720 yuan)。 It reported that there are many types of Spanish ham, but must be called Iberian ham Iberian pig Blackfoot, or at least hybrids half Blackfoot pig origin。
And this year there are pigs need a few months time stocking on pasture covered with oak, grass and acorns for food。 In the final months before slaughter, they must complete in order for food。
Such a relatively small pasture, mainly in the west and northwest Spain, and each pig takes about two hectares of land to meet their needs。
After slaughter, Zhutui salt into the tub will be hung up, within a certain temperature range of at least 36 months dry-cured, and preferably pickled ham requires about 48 months。
"So the price of ham in Spain inevitably rise," export ham, wine and olive oil to enjoy delicacies Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to China, head of Roberto Batres said: "China's trade license companies can not get enough of Iberian ham to meet the Chinese people need。
'' They opened a cut ham school in China, and the establishment of a professional association, 'Batres said: "This shows that this product has in-depth local market。
"(Qiao Sheng Daily) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

How care lips supple lips brought out

How care delicate lips dripping lips to make people look more attractive, and in the cold and dry season, is relatively easy to dry lips, forehead or even a situation of。
So in the end how to care for it the following night network lips to tell us something about how to care for lips, teach you raise a supple lips!Do not lick their lips care how this is a bad habit to do so, will result in accelerated loss of moisture in the lips, cause peeling chapped。If the lips swelling can try folk soil method, with sesame oil Mazui, super efficient。Every night before going to bed wiping his lips to buy the next day will be better。
Adhere to wipe rosy health can be restored。
The method of applying or improve lip balm, with both hands thumb and index finger gently pinch the upper lip, does not move the index finger, thumb and gently rubbing lips circle from the mouth to the intermediate mouth, and then return the same way。
Then lower lip is the same method, but this time for the index finger massage, the last action is with the middle finger to gently push the lips from the center to the corners of the mouth。How homemade lip membrane lip care a week after treatment, with a hot towel for a while his lips, and then with a cotton swab it on the lips and began to gently wiped dry skin, be careful not to be too hard, in order to avoid bleeding。
After it Moisturizing cream thick painted lips, lip color to see prevail。Before you eat rub on it。
Let it stay as long as possible on the lips。Lip love makeup girl, must choose their own cosmetics, makeup at the time of discharge must be clean, otherwise residual moisture loss will accelerate cosmetic lip。
Impact lip color and lip health。Lip makeup to choose and mild Remover, press the lips 5 seconds with a moistened cotton pad, and then gently wipe from the lips to the middle。After makeup clean, with a clean damp sponge to wipe it stick if there are more than cosmetic。

Such nutritional snacks to ensure that every minute satisfy your taste buds!

Life, many people have the habit of eating snacks, sometimes not feel hungry, but the greedy mouth。In this case, a tasty little snack is particularly important。
Snacks well chosen words, eat happy and at ease, if the election is not good, neither meet the discerning taste buds, but also to become a bad mood it。
So even eat snacks, choose nutritious but also, what kind of a puffed food snacks all have to give up, this type of junk snacks are usually high-calorie, additives and more, eat does no good to the body, very easily lead gain weight。Snacks should choose nutrient-rich, not only delicious to eat is also good for the body。
Well, today night network to share some nutritional snacks, to ensure that every minute satisfy your taste buds oh!☆ plum: plum plum, because talking chat is often eaten as was named plum。Buccal plum a case where no dry mouth and drinking water, sweet and sour taste filled oral, stimulate the taste buds, not greasy further appetizing taste。
May wish to prepare it on a little plum chat gatherings with family and friends, all ages oh。☆ Macadamia Nuts: Macadamia is the ages of little snacks children, has become our daily life, a common snack。
It can not only make people recreation time when bored, also contains a variety of nutrients needed by the body。
Calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients, human growth and development, and enhance the effectiveness has excellent physical fitness, prevention, etc., it can be described as a nutritious snack of high quality。☆ chestnut: chestnut dried fruit is known as the king of the world, rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates, trace elements and other nutrient-rich。There spleen, physical fitness, Liver and stomach, beauty and other effects, nutrition is a good thing to keep fit。
☆ jujube: jujube sweet and delicious, rich in protein, organic acids and other nutrients, with nourishing yin yang, warm house, aging, providing the human immune system and other effects。A few dates to eat every day, supplement the body nutrition, female friends can ease the symptoms improved, but also make the skin more Ay。
☆ walnuts: Walnuts are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, carotenoids and other, walnut shaped like a miniature of the human brain, eat walnuts good for the brain。Also can make the hair becomes thick black shiny, but also to prevent the generation of the human body is very good。Today it's delicious to share it here, I hope to be able to choose a delicious little snacks that their favorite, eat nutritious, eat out!We can choose to subscribe to our attention, we will work harder to find and share more and better good thing for everyone!。