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In case of complaints of sexual harassment supposed?Chinese lawyer handling the employer has a knack Weapon

Local time on January 20, San Francisco, thousands of people participate in "Women Parade," the first anniversary activities, calls for politics, voting, respect for women's rights, anti-government Trump, anti-sexual harassment。 "Women Parade" after last January 20 Trump was sworn in as US president outbreak of females nationwide protests。 Reporter Liu Danshe Wang lawyers said that California law "Fair Employment and Housing Act" (FEHA) in discrimination, harassment and retaliation are clearly defined, requiring employers to take reasonable measures to prevent such acts and to correct the workplace。 To give employers a clear understanding of their own duty to prevent and correct such behavior, responsible for the implementation of the law, the California Fair Employment and Housing Bureau (DepartmentofFairEmploymentandHousing) provide documents provide guidance for employers。
  First, the department hopes Supervisors have role models in this matter, so the law requires two hours training for supervisors and managers, including training for those who deal with complaints, complaints response and training of investigators, in order to be able to staff complaints timely, comprehensive and impartial investigation。
  Wang lawyers said that if the employer received reports of harassment and misconduct, be sure to it as the primary transaction, first determine whether the degree of severity to require the formal investigation。
If it is not very serious, such as employee representation is not very fond of some of the casual compliment a colleague or supervisor, then the employer can be resolved through talks。 But if there are allegations of misconduct, then the employer as soon as possible to investigate whether it is true。   When the survey, employers start the best person to talk to understand the situation and complaints。
Employers should be noted that, to give the accused an opportunity to let the other hand can personally tell the story。
Respondent is entitled to know what the allegations, but the employer is best not to tell him or her in conversation before, you can say in conversation。 Who in some cases the complainant is best not to say so。   Then the employer can interview with the person concerned, such as possible witnesses, and try to collect some documents or evidence。 Based on the results of these interviews and evidence, the employer may reach a relatively reasonable and fair conclusion。 Employers need to be both confidential findings to the parties, if not the employer himself, but through the investigation of other officers, the investigators have no right to confidentiality of such information to employers。   Although many do not want employees to employers to discuss such investigations, but according to the court decision, employers have no right to require employees not to others talk about this investigation, because employees have the right to discuss their working conditions。 Therefore, the employer may consult a lawyer about these issues。
  Wang lawyers said, the employer must investigate as soon as possible, to help prevent harassment, the employer can show that the emphasis in favor of preservation of evidence and witnesses better memory, etc., to minimize disturbance to the workplace。   Often Chinese community in some special cases, such as those who do not want to be harassed blow up, which requires employers not to do anything。
Employers who encounter this situation, you can see the severity of the incident, if the allegations are small and want to deal with the complainant, the complainant employers can give some guidance, and be sure to follow up and ensure that the harassment has stopped。 If it is more serious allegations, the employer is important to find out whether it is true, in order to take the necessary action, in this case, even if the parties themselves can not promise handle。   In addition, if the employer received an anonymous complaint we must also try to investigate, not because anonymity can be used as a reason not to investigate。
If the information anonymous complaints in more than enough, can be investigated by conventional means, if the information is insufficient, the employer may require the department staff interviewed one by one, to understand their interactions, to see if they have witnessed what had happened or what improper。
  If the findings are true, and the harassment did not rise to the level of illegal or require legal intervention, the employer must take appropriate remedial measures to correct。
Employers should ensure that misconduct stops before rising to the level of illegal and prevent it from happening again。 Employers may take one to one interviews, training, etc., can also be made "last chance" agreement as a warning, or demotion, pay cuts, the abolition of bonuses and other means。

How to improve male ejaculation control?

Many people think that men can not control their ejaculation, but this is not so, men still control the feel ejaculation, and with the help of small hypothalamus, man will first know what to ejaculate, in emitted through the spine, so that men can still control their ejaculation。
But still can not control, then the network the night to call you control how。
1, how to control the ejaculatory ejaculation is a reflection。If a person really able to control his ejaculation, then he can enjoy a high level of sexual arousal in any case, and choose when to ejaculate。He can temporarily drop to a lower level of sexual arousal after reached a high level, and then let it rise, then fall, after such fluctuations back and forth until he wants to ejaculate up。In other words, he can make sexual arousal levels for a long time remained at plateau levels, can also feel the timely completion of ejaculation reflex when met his wife。
In contrast, of the men can not control ejaculation excitement soared and will soon reach zero orgasm, often without obvious plateau。Not only his friends, but he is also not satisfied with this, but his ability to have no choice, so both spouses often caught in a dilemma。
Because ejaculation control is a technical problem or habit, it's not too bad prognosis, 80% of men after eight?After 12 weeks of treatment and training can master this technology。Lack of ejaculatory control performance are varied, some men can not control no matter what sexual activities; some only premature ejaculation during intercourse, premature ejaculation and not during other sexual activities such as masturbation。
Most premature ejaculation man accompanied by impotence. If they exist, you must solve erection problems, then come back to solve the problem of premature ejaculation。

Things common technical classification and its corresponding frequency

Huge business needs, with a very significant vertical characteristics of the industry is currently one of the popular concept of the market。 The business scenario may be subdivided into a fixed or slow wireless data access (local IOT), a mobile wireless data access (moving things), ubiquitous wireless data access (WAN low power IOT) three cases。 If the transmission distance according to divide wireless technology, our common networking technology and telecommunications can be divided into short-range communication networking technology, broadly categorized as follows: Category LORA things, China Union LORA application (CLAA) recommended 470?510MHz。
The main frequency range of other areas in the following table: LoRaWAN area frequency range Europe 863to870 North America 902to928NB, Internet of things, the world of mainstream bands are 900MHz and 800MHz。
China Telecom will deploy the first choice as the 800MHz band of NB- of IoT, China Unicom will choose to deploy IoT NB- of 900MHz, and China Mobile may Chonggeng existing 900MHz band。 IoT main frequency NB- of the globe in the following table: Sigfox, Europe, Middle East: 868 (ETSI300220), North America: to 902MHz (FCCpart15), South America / Australia / New Zealand: 920MHz (ANATEL506, AS / NZS4268)。
SIGFOX area Frequency range (MHz) in North America, Europe 863to870 902to928Weightless, as an open standard LPWAN wireless technology, it works in the whole of unlicensed sub-GHz of ISM / SRD band can be deployed worldwide: 169/433/470/780 / 868/915 / 923MHz。 The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for Bluetooth, commonly deployed in the 2.Common frequency band, WIFI system and the other frequency of 4GHz ISM may refer to the following table: Bluetooth 2400to2483.5 (MHz) of the NFC, is reported that the Ministry will be released on 13.NFC technology is standard 56MHz。 NFC and other parts of the band reference the following table: NFC, RFID125kHzto134kHz6.7MHz13.56MHz (NFC) 27MHz433MHz865MHzto868MHz (Europe) 902MHzto928MHz (North America) 5.8GHz2.45GHz24.125GHzZ wave, the operating frequency is 868 in China.40MHz, comply with ETSI / EN300220 standard。
ZigBee theme, ISA100.11a to IEEE802 standards specifications are.15.4 be expanded, based on the general IEEE802.15.The device 4 with a frequency of 868/915 / 2400MHz of。
Specific reference to the following frequency: The ZigBee / thread / 6LoWPAN of (an IEEE 802.15.4) 169.4to169.475MHz250to750MHz779to787MHz863to879MHz896to960MHz1427to1518MHz2360to2483.5MHz3244to4742MHz5944to10234MHzZigBee3.0, thread, 6LoWPAN2360to2483.These are the days 5MHz vertical detection (Skylabs) combined with the current common networking technology and frequency band information corresponding public data collated, which may inevitably be missed or even mistakes, and therefore the information contained herein is for reference only。 Allocation of frequency bands specific countries with the latest information on ITU prevail。