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National dampen down overall rates seven consecutive months of first-line stagflation

  Central Bureau of Statistics recently released the above visible than the price changes from a maximum increase of%, the largest decline in%。
In the chain of price changes in January, the largest increase in%, the largest decline in%。
Obviously, the biggest decline in house prices in February to expand, reflecting the country's overall property market has cooled, rationalize。
  According to E-House Research Institute "in February 2018 in 70 cities housing sales price changes," National Bureau of Statistics, for the first, second and third tier 70 cities housing sales price data, the arithmetic mean, calculated that, In January, the first, second and third tier cities in new commercial housing price index increased by respectively -%,% and%, respectively, while in January -%,% and%。   Not difficult to see, first-tier cities for seven consecutive months of stagnation, decline and appears to accelerate the phenomenon of second-tier cities and third-tier cities have come down growth。
  Lai Qin believes that first-tier cities are subject to stringent control policies and pre-sale approval, the upside momentum dried up, fell into the channel。
In the second-tier cities, some hot urban cool the overheated property market has, overall stability of the property market。
Third-tier cities due to policy overall relaxed and de-stocking and other good, in the 2017 mid-most of the time home prices rose more than first-tier cities and second-tier cities, 2018, starting the year also in the led the position, but the chain growth rate has been in decline, an increase of more reasonable。
  Lai Qin further said that the influx of returning home is a three-tier cities in the start of the year to one, one of the reasons fiery second-tier cities, many in a staff or second-tier cities due to strict regulation and control policy constraints, or limited by too high financial pressure, and the choice to return home before and after the Spring Festival holiday home。   Meanwhile, in February, the first, second and third tier cities in new commercial housing price index increased year on year, respectively -%,% and%。 Compared to January -%,% and% of numbers, the first-tier cities for two consecutive months of year on year decline in second-tier cities and third-tier cities is relatively stable trend。 This shows that, to maintain the continuity and stability of the country market regulation policy effect is remarkable, the property market cooling trend。   It is worth noting that the "Securities Daily" correspondent noted that E-House Research Institute pointed out that statistics show that Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Fuzhou cities such as second-hand housing prices have dropped。 Xiamen second-hand housing chain fell the most, reached%。
From the second-hand housing prices year on year data, the city has 70 cities in the four-year decline, that means that the four cities of second-hand housing prices dropped back a year ago, these four cities are Beijing, Nanjing, Zhengzhou and Xiamen。
  Lai Qin believes that the property market the country as a whole to cool, house prices fall, the next may be transferred to the "cool" range from "reasonable" range。   (Wang Li new)。

US imports of steel and aluminum products imposed tariffs triggered widespread international opposition

  The British government said it would jointly consider "exemption" with the EU partners, but "strong" support for industrial development in the UK。
  French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire responded that the trade war only "losers"。
French Foreign Minister Rod Lyon, said Bertrand Puga tariffs would reduce the US influence in the world will have a negative impact in the long run。
  Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the bilateral trade between the two countries is the United States and Australia "zero complaint", the Australian government will try to fight for tariff exemption。   The Brazilian government on the 9th responded that the US measures imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum Brazilian exports will cause "serious damage" and "the impact of trade and investment relations between the two countries."。
Brazil's National Confederation of Industry also said in a statement the same day that the US move was related to "unreasonable and illegal"。 Brazil's finance minister, Meirelles said, "This measure is negative for all participants, including US industry and US consumers, because it must pay more for their products, investment will be more expensive。 "Meirelles said the Brazilian government will carefully analyze the details of the tariffs of the United States, and is ready to negotiate with the US government。   According to Indonesia's official Antara News Agency reported on the 9th, Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kalla said the government is ready to respond to US President Trump provoke "trade war"。 Indonesian Finance Minister Muliyani also said that if the US government is really on imported steel and aluminum increased tariff "trade war" may have occurred。 Muliyani said: "The history of the world proves that affect trade war on the global economy will be devastating。
"As the nation's largest supplier of steel and aluminum, it is exempt Canada welcomed, but said it would continue to urge the United States to lower tariffs。
  Guajardo, Mexico's economy minister stressed that although Mexico exemption on tariffs, but this must not be linked to negotiate with the North American Free Trade Agreement。

A sad song complaints from the War, how can you hate hate journeying off?

Love within close proximity of one mind, people suffering in pain in the horizon。Gu thoughts, in desolate, tears poured at the haggard。Do not tonight, dream of, respectively, for several years, is still deep-seated。Love life, I promise, edge to edge to does not regret。Every word road, bitter tears tears, how drops of weeping, the sound woo, love-hate Melancholy solution?Ask the world, who are not tired of the Red, who is not bitter circumstances?——Inscription text: Menger half situation, thousands of lines of tears, Sansei edge。Bitter thoughts all day, Cheng pulls past the intersection fried, no day and night without Month Year。Hope to meet again, tearful, distant horizon, what day goodbye?    Who and who pass missed each other's heart, and then look back is no longer a dream。Joking hate to ask, who put the wrong red string tie?Who is who pushed away from his embrace, but must go only left a commitment I,?Who is hurt in my heart who left an indelible pain。Tears Department had plenty of hate, heartbreak at the pain harder and harder。Lethe River athletic side of the bowl cure my drink, not looking back into the cycle of goodbye never forget all the pain and all the blood and tears of all injuries。    In this silence was night, I want you to you, yearning tears in his eyes spread, so I wound my heart the pain of breath, I wish it all just heaven open with me a joke, but the joke Querang I'd rather die。A quiet night, cold heart, sore, I do not know yet how to face my life, how to finish this long bumpy road。    No one understands my soul is sad, no one knows the frustration of my life, no one understands the sorrow and grief I can not hate, man's heart in the end is what to do?The world is too cold, people unable to stand up, I do not know how long I can hold, will completely collapse, who would be distressed to know more than pain?Does anyone know what needs to be helpless when it?This is a Red Su Jian, the dust has settled, splashed all over the floor sadness, alas!After all, silent bleak!.    All the pay is worth, leaving only whether unspeakable pain, whether destined to all final mirage of Mirage, the water Flower in the Mirror month vain, why not wake obsession?Because of you, to experience more love-hate Melancholy; because of you, tears have flowed too much; because of you, sorrow has become a habit, whether due to past life owes you a debt, to use my life bitter to also?.    It has been said to be proud woman alive, to bring affordable, let go, but when I went through after many, it was found easier said than this saying, and few people can really do is be able to afford to take?Be able to let go?When we are young, we think we have plenty of time, we Give Love, but once missed, but found no longer to put down the people who pass by, but it has been unable to go back, gradually, often heartache , often have a deep sense of sadness, often have furrowed brow。    In order to maintain what they have wanted to dream a man, and then look back, already have changed, those years of love and hate, and now, have vanished, did not want to go on like this to sink, may not want your face to wake up again the pain of loneliness, in the end how could I not be stubborn to go?But you want to forget, but always remember happens to you, remember to make their wet eyes, sad heart pain yourself, for you, I'm just passing through, but why did I promise to never betray the promise of a lifetime?Loved your heart how to love others。    Everybody says that women should not be too infatuated, too infatuated with both beverages and sad, why I can be silly die hard, why every night, I always have a piece of sad scattered on the ground, looked up and saw that the final song people cleared, bow saw is fragmented Montreal。Life is a dream, since knowing each other meet, but why it is difficult to spend Xiangxie?I do not know when we can put aside this entanglement of love?What day can not be so silly to wait?What years to forget this pain deep bone marrow?    Perhaps people are not loved alone, loved the people are lonely, life is like a play, the interpretation of the origin edge off, poly worth mentioning, points worth mentioning, Afterwards will disappear。Life is a dream, a dream joys and sorrows, for, rightly or wrongly, wake up will vanish。No matter how good things, we will eventually lost in the day; in the deep memory, eventually there will be forgotten the day; to love people, and will also have to leave one day; then the United States is a dream, after all, have to wake up one day; you want to laugh of life, but always inadvertently, falling all over the floor in pain。    Every waking make me feel lonely, sad who knows, who knows the tear drops, sometimes I really wish he was no longer myself, I always said to myself: like a deep breath, I take a deep breath several times, failed to remove the heart of ChenDian。Heard every night in the quiet only see the voice of heartbreak, that time, I found that once the so-called forever just a distance of Broken Dreams turned silent, heartbreak trace, only Lei Yu floated past years bitter thoughts of not escape, can not forget that broke our hearts, weak hearts are yearning tears off in every silence of the night, scattered among the Red Wu Nai!Qingshenyuanqian, this life a sad song, a turn, a distant stranger strangers, only heartbreak dream Lethal!

Desensitization treatment of allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis, also known as allergic rhinitis, by definition refers to the nasal mucosa allergic reaction occurs, that is, the body of certain allergens, which is caused by allergy sensitive material out of the nasal mucosa and performance of an unusual reaction。World Health Organization data show that the world has about 10%?25 percent of people with allergic rhinitis, and showed a trend of increasing year by year。
The main signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis is a runny, stuffy nose, nasal itching, sneezing continuity, often mistaken。Also appear conjunctival hyperemia, and other associated symptoms, severe cases can affect the work and learning。
Treatment of allergic rhinitis usually takes under the guidance of doctors oral antihistamines and topical nasal sprays inhaled corticosteroids, but can also choose a nasal decongestant agent intranasal or radio frequency laser surgery, in recent years, some hospitals also carried out one specific immunity (desensitization) treatment method。The following is a brief introduction: desensitization treatment of allergic rhinitis, we must first determine exactly what substance for patients with allergies, that allergy testing, the doctor first asked about the history, if you have recently taken allergy medication, anti-cold drug situation, temporarily do not detect。The step of detecting is to detect the different injected subcutaneously as allergens on the inner forearm of a patient, twenty minutes will find what is being allergic skin test is similar to the process。Measured after a certain kind of material or of several major allergens, can be detected for desensitization therapy allergens, called desensitization, is by repeated exposure to these small doses of allergenic substances, so that the body of this ability to adapt to allergenic substances has increased, it was also known as desensitization。
Have you heard of people who can not drink a small cup a day for a period of time can increase the amount of alcohol to drink to say it, and this desensitization therapy have similarities。
But we need to remind readers that, desensitization therapy is not a panacea, although it is one of the methods currently possible to cure allergic rhinitis, but its totally cure rate of only 50% or less, generally considered efficient at 70?About 85%。
If the patient's allergens too, this treatment will also be subject to certain restrictions。

Pierce 20 points and the Wizards made a good start Lori 6 Raptors failed to reverse

  Ticker early morning of April 19, NBA playoffs open play in the first game away from home to the Wizards beat the Raptors 93-86, big score to 1-0。
  Wizards grab home-court advantage。
Veteran – Paul Pierce scored a game-high 20 points, the team he hit 6 three-pointers in mind 4。 Bradley – Bill 16 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, Nene – Hilario 12 points and 13 rebounds, John – Wall 18 shots only 5, 10 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds。   The Raptors trailed by 15 points in the fourth quarter, but when tenacious into overtime, but ultimately fall short。 DeMar – DeRozan scored 15 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, is the only starter in double figures。 Kyle – Lori in the fourth quarter did not end on 6 fouled out, scored seven points and eight rebounds。 Yunus – Kovalam Nasdaq repair 6 points and 8 rebounds。
Amir bench – Johnson scored 18 points, 8 rebounds, Gray Davis – gas Quest, Louis – Williams and Patrick – Patterson 10 points each。   This is the first time in history the two teams met in the playoffs。
But veteran Pierce had met last year Raptors。
  After last year's first round, the Nets had worked hard to seven games in the first round out of the Raptors, Nets Pierce is a。 After changing the team, and met the team in the first round。   In the regular season, the Raptors became the Atlantic Division title for two consecutive years。
Their three encounters against the Wizards, but also all win。
  But in the playoffs, is another matter entirely。
In the fierce fighting, the Raptors did not account for the advantages of task。
  After the opening, the Raptors scored four points, while the Wizards played after 2 minutes and 20 seconds, was the first time shooting。 The first half before the holiday, the Wizards only hit two goals, but only to fall behind 5-8。
This section Raptors had the upper hand, but the advantage is very small。
This section have 1 minute 29 seconds, Johnson hit two free throws, leading the Raptors to 21-15。 This is the biggest difference between the two sides of this section, the Raptors after which hit only one ball after the first section to 23-19 lead。   Two teams have excellent backcourt。 Lori and Raptors DeRozan is second only to the league – Stephen Curry and Craig – Thompson combination; and Bill Wizards of Wall is the core of the team。
But the two sides are mediocre defender, but added a few degrees Savior veteran Pierce。
  Section played less than one minute, Pierce was knocked down, suffered minor injuries, but does not affect his game continues。 After the Raptors 36-29 to expand the advantage, Pierce also to a record third, the Wizards began to fight back, gradually overtake。 This section there are 2 minutes and 33 seconds, Pierce then pass Bill, once again hit the third, leading the Wizards to 43-38。 Halftime, the Wizards to 46-42 a slight advantage。
  Whether this year or last year, Pierce related to haggle Raptors。 But he is not only the right lip, the court martial arts have also got。
As a seasoned veteran, Pierce hit two three-pointers in the first half, scored 10 points for the game-high。
  Section start, Pierce and hit a ball, the Wizards scored four points to lead 50-42。
Raptors will narrow the gap to four points, Gortat up in a ball, while Pierce hit third again, the Wizards will gradually expand the advantage to double digits。 In this section there are 2 minutes and 12 seconds, the Raptors will recover as the score 56-61, but in the remainder of this section, they are without a point, the Wizards off the bench scored four points, 65-56 to maintain the advantage。   Bill hit a record third, the Wizards 9-3 to start the fourth quarter wave, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 74-59。 Raptors began a massive counter-attack, the fans in the audience "defense" in a high voice, they succeeded in preventing the Wizards into 24-second violation, while the Raptors hit a row, while more than half of this section, gas Quest hit third, the chasing the score 66-74。   Wizards hit rate decreased slightly, giving the Raptors a chance。 There are regular time 2 minutes and 55 seconds, Williams immediately shot after the ball, hit the third and decisive, with only Raptors 75-77 behind。 Raptors hit a wave 16-3, Williams-thirds vote twice in this wave of attacks。
  Since obtaining 15 points advantage, the Wizards in 6 minutes, only to hit a ball。 This section there are 2 minutes and 36 seconds, under the Bill to prevent shots in the air, lost his balance, but still hit, also causing foul Lowry。
After the vote with a penalty scored three points, leading the Wizards to 80-75。
This time attack, causing Lori's sixth foul。 Lori end, but the Raptors are more tenacious。 When more seconds in this section, gas Quest hit the third, the Raptors scored 5 points, the two sides battle became 82-82。
  Wal-key a vote of no seconds to leave the Raptors, unsuccessful attack, the two sides into extra time。
  After the Wizards get 15 points advantage, the fourth quarter last 8 minutes and 45 seconds, only to hit three goals, Raptors 23-8, tenacious into overtime。   Pierce added shortly after the start when blight hit a three-pointers, while the Raptors continuous shot。 The game is still 2 minutes and 20 seconds, after the ball Wall breakthroughs within a single-handed dunk, leading the Wizards to 87-82。
  Williams outstanding performance in the fourth quarter, but in overtime, one-third also not in continuous。 Raptors open and delay。
Competition also seconds, Porter dumped hit, leading the Wizards to 89-82。
  Until the game when there are seconds, the Raptors made just like Pedro after the break dunks succeeded, this is the first time they score plus。
Wall also quickly to two points, while the Raptors thereafter mistakes, had to give up。

Chinese foreign female tourists hotel pool drowning his mother: daughter tried to stay

Ms. Fan deceased (Source: Malaysia, "China Daily") Overseas Network January 11 electric 23-year-old female Chinese tourists to get to know in Singapore Bak Kut new friends while eating, after drinking together, the woman with one of Taiwan's fitness coach in the hotel pool play, but unfortunately drowned。 Singapore autopsy court will determine the matter as "unfortunate accident"。 Mother of the deceased went to Singapore on the 8th Mourn her daughter, and said that her daughter's death lead to criticism of many Internet users, in fact, been very daughter tried to stay out, it was during his lifetime idol JJ, and a new understanding of her fitness coach looks also looks like JJ, so people talk about two hit it off。 Mother of the deceased to Ms. (Source: Malaysia, "China Daily") According to Malaysia, "China Daily" reported that the Chinese female tourists arrived in Singapore tearful mother Mourn the day before yesterday (8th), said the temporary change the itinerary before her accident, will eat trotters, somewhere is bound not escape unharmed。 Women from mainland China's Fan (23 years old, airport cosmetics salesman), and friends know when to eat Bak Kut the four new friends, new friends and after they go to bars to drink, and then return to the hotel to continue drinking, but her drunken state Mr Choi and Taiwan under coach to the hotel leisure pool, unfortunately drowned。
Accident occurred at 3:00 on May last year (2017) 6 am, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay in place (Snow) Swimming Pool。
Singapore autopsy court last year (2017) October 17 for the investigation of her death, judgment is a tragic accident。
The day before yesterday (8th), the mother of the deceased into a lady (46 years old supermarket cashier) once again came back to Singapore authorities returned to her daughter relics, of which a relic, is the daughter of handwritten itinerary, clearly ready to record her daughter go to the tourist attractions。
Ms. Cheng said, according to the stroke, her daughter arrived in Singapore on May 4 in the evening; 5th to Universal Studios and Orchard Road at night to go to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant; 6 before going to Little India and frost bridge, lunch to eat pine Bak Kut hair, etc.。
But I do not know why, she said her daughter eat early in the evening on the 5th of loose hair Bak Kut, where it met four new friends, including a swimming pool to accompany her daughter to play in Taiwan trainer Mr. Cai。 Ms. into last night (9 evening) cried respondents said that if the daughter did not change the itinerary, it will not recognize new friends and drink with them, then things will not happen。 Fitness coach with a new understanding of her daughter got drunk to forget drowning in the pool, he was criticized after the death of his mother defended her daughter is not a casual person。
Taiwan deceased with fitness trainer Mr. Cai photo (Source: Malaysia, "China Daily") Ms. Cheng said after Singapore media reported the findings of the autopsy court, causing many netizens criticized, said the number of Internet users to comment daughter disorderly conduct, or say daughter is to blame。
In fact, her daughter has always tried to stay very, daughter during his lifetime idol JJ, and a new understanding of her fitness coach looks also looks like JJ, so people talk about two hit it off, with her daughter in Shanghai there are some friends when the fitness coach intends to open gym, so the daughter was able to talk with each other。
Daughter just met fitness trainer Mr. Cai Later on contact her, and the other told her, "I'm sorry", admitted that he did not take good care of her daughter, she was kind enough to talk about the two men that night to get to know, and talk through the incident。 Ms. Cheng said that the deceased was an only child, every family was birthday, holding cake by her singing, and now feel in order to avoid injury, the deceased grandmother decided from now on, the family no longer birthday。 Ms. Cheng said that her daughter is home pistachios, most will engage in the atmosphere at home。
Every family birthdays, she is responsible for holding the cake out and take the lead in singing。
After the death of her daughter, her husband and his sister were canceled birthday。
When her husband's sister in the last year (2017) November birthday, we do a little birthday party for her, I think we see a cake, because the thought of her daughter cry out。 She said that after her mother confessed that after the family not to engage in birthday events。 (Overseas net Gong Hao)。