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Drunk cigarettes

Smoking is by no means a good thing. I think everyone who smokes knows it, not to mention the expense of smoking, but also has a great impact on his own health. Therefore, athletes do not smoke, smoking is not good, and smoking in the crowd is even worse. If it is hot weather, smoking in the crowd, sweat, acid, odor and smoke will really make people want to be evil.. However, if it is cold, the air in the room with the air conditioner turned on will not be smooth, and if smoke is added at this moment, it will be difficult to breathe, let alone comfortable feeling.. Moreover, some people are not good at comparing cigarettes as business cards on social occasions, while many young people are not good at smoking as their personality.. Although it is all sorts of bad things, why are there so many people who cannot bear to forsake it??     In fact, I also smoke, but I am not infatuated with or addicted to cigarettes.. I smoke, especially in a quiet environment, and there is a lonely place in the air. Although a cigarette at this time will not bring any warmth, my thoughts will be intoxicated with the drifting smoke, but it can make people feel particularly free and natural.. If there is another piece of music that is empty, it will be even more harmonious. The blue smoke is beating with the music, with melancholy, understanding, comfort and profoundness in the thread.. My thoughts are drifting away and I don’t even know how far it is. Smoke flows through the window lattice again and dissipates in the ethereal emptiness, passing through time and space, that song is free and that piece of freedom is really unbearable to forsake.. I think people who love cigarettes also don’t want to give up for this, do they.   I don’t advocate smoking, especially in the crowd, the impact is really bad. The reason is stated above, but in the lonely time, I am intoxicated with it. The wisp of smoke is not dust, but thoughts, blurred, quiet and hazy in the flashy world.. It is so, so, I don’t want to see the words that put love in the smoke.. If you crush your feelings into tobacco shreds and then die with Mars, the cigarette will change its flavor. There are too many beautiful things in Chinese poetry, songs, songs, music, chess, calligraphy and painting, but you can’t always write a word or a sincere one. In that case, why not exclude the cigarette and let it be more pure and blank??   What I would like to see more is the haze of smoke, the haze of smoke in the world of mortals, and everything will be confused and confused. rape, evil, ugliness and confusion will no longer be true in the haze, and virtue, goodness, beauty and truth will no longer be flashy.. As the world bathes in the fog of the hour, it is hazy that the man’s world is real and cruel, and people perfunctory life and reality. Relatively speaking, life and reality will also perfunctory people and just get lost in the smoke. This is a man’s weakness, but as long as it is a man, who is not vulnerable?? We advocate fortitude and self-improvement because of the loneliness, the loneliness and the fragility. No matter how strong a person is, he has a soft side. No matter how hypocritical he has a real moment, this is the time of vulnerability.. Smoke carries too many euphemisms for men, too many heartbreaks, too much loneliness, too much loneliness, and the more so, the more its light posture is infatuated and yearned for..

A thick red sleeve

” Red sleeve adds fragrance to night reading” and ” sparse seven words create a beautiful night scroll with fragrance, which arouses reverie and tantalizes people’s desire to be drunk.. I spent about 300 days in the pure paradise of the literary world of ” Red Sleeve and Fragrance” Regulations, and the time was not too short. Red Sleeve was destined for me, and I was doomed to a hard love affair.. A lot of people know red sleeves and walk into them, all after being introduced by others, but I came in by mistake in a daze..     An accidental opportunity made me first meet the red sleeve to add fragrance, and a flowing ribbon appeared in front of my eyes, which is a charming symbol of the red sleeve to add fragrance.. The simple and elegant lace is somewhat elegant and elegant, while the elegant, fresh and graceful web page attracted my attention and made me refuse to leave for a long time.. I watched, I read, and suddenly there was an impulse to show myself. So I couldn’t resist my inner yearning and registered my account under a pseudonym of ” Shangyu Factory Network”.     Then, with a nervous mood, I sent out my first essay. The next day, when I opened the red sleeve, I suddenly discovered my article. The accident, surprise and joy at that time were beyond words. In the following days, I will write some emotional essays on Baidu Space Blog at ordinary times, as well as travel notes that look back to my hometown to participate in yesterday’s official regulations series and historical articles to participate in Dubai’s travel regulations, and upload them to Hongxiu Tianxiang one after another with slight modifications..     When I first pressed the ” contribute” key, it was a feeling of excitement and uneasiness. I was fidgeting with the anticipation and anxious waiting of the talk, and now I feel a little funny in retrospect.. At the beginning of submission, the number of articles suggested to be revised and rejected due to the nonstandard use of punctuation marks was relatively large. Later, I received professional opinions from the editor and made great progress. My article was affirmed by the editor..     The text is a combination, which contains my most ardent emotion. I used the keyboard to knock out warm and bold vows, soft words like the sea, and memories of the vicissitudes of life, which combined into a symphony of the text.. The next day, I will roam freely in the sea of literature with red sleeves and sweet fragrance.. When I published more than ten articles in Hongxiu Tianxiang, I had my own corpus. That kind of mood is really a little excited, a little happy!     Since the first essay was published on September 27, 2010, I have published more than 800 articles one after another. I keep writing and scribbling, and there are always endless words. I write my own songs, pour out my feelings and release my dreams. I have forged a love relationship with Red Sleeve and Red Sleeve has become an indispensable part of my spare time life..     Whether I am in the depths of the desert in a foreign country or in the dream water village in the south of the Yangtse River, whenever I have the chance to surf the Internet, I will open the homepage of adding fragrance to the red sleeve, enter my account number, and see if my work has been published or not, and if anyone has left any comments for me.. I appreciate those exquisite words and feel the thick fragrance of books and ink here. I am drunk in the wine with red sleeves and sweet words, deducing a TV series describing the years of life. The story has no end, no end, and a drama is just beginning … Ah, the youth will always be stripped away by the years, and the mottled rings will have no cracks.. The world of mortals has obliterated many of my love and sorrow, and time has left me with countless injuries and pains.. But all this will slowly slide to the ground along with the words, and will eventually turn into smoke curled up dimly discernible away after issuing a heavy sigh..     I use words to smooth my lonely heart, I use words to tie up my emotional family, how many nights I wound up in words, how many vicissitudes of life stories I weave with words. I tell the sweet and bitter aftertaste of my life in the red-sleeve incense, I do a wandering reminiscence in the red-sleeve incense, and I realize through thinking in the red-sleeve incense..     ‘ Green clothes hold inkstone to urge questions, red sleeves add fragrance to accompany reading. Time will take everything away, and time will leave a lot of time. What struck me in time is the faint fragrance of books and ink, and I enjoy the wonderful life that belongs to me between the lines in the fragrance of red sleeves.. Even though I was in love with you, I was reluctant to part with you.. A song of red sleeves rang out in my ears like sounds of nature, penetrating the depths of my soul and dancing gracefully in my life … ah

Fifty – one, college time must be treasured

The son of a ten-year-old cold window has suddenly arrived at an adult with thoughts and burdens.. People, only in childhood, are naive and carefree, just like the starry sky and beautiful You Lan. In addition, as long as we understand some things, we will understand some human principles and establish a sense of responsibility psychologically.. With the increase of age, the responsibilities associated with society, family and their own lives become more prominent. Therefore, people are shouldering these responsibilities for a long life in this world.     Frankly speaking, mother appreciates you very much, just like appreciating a good work. Even the neighbors next door like you very much, and often praise you in front of your mother. She only needs to hear: Dr. Zhang, your sons are the wealth of your life.. At this moment, my mother’s heart was so glorious and so happy. Because you have so many shiny things on you, and so many things to learn and praise from your mother.. Your greatest characteristic is kindness in heart and courtesy towards others. This kindness is innate. My mother believes that beginning of life is good in nature and good in later cultivation. Therefore, the world is burning like a sea in the hearts of the people, but it is a pure land in your hearts..     You fear nature, fear life and love. When you were young, you saw the adults kill chickens and ducks, and you both held on to prevent the adults from killing them, so every time we killed chickens and ducks, we had to avoid both of you.. On one occasion, our family changed a regular pork dish and bought a dog. The little guy liked dogs from an early age. When eating dog meat, you would ask where it was bought. When your mother told you to buy it in the vegetable market and kill it in the vegetable market, you were surprised and said, ” Ah.”! How dare you buy a live dog? ‘ I told you not to live but also to die? How can you eat the dead. You never dare to eat again. You respect all life, even trivial life. Your loveliness and your ignorance have also added a delicious dish to mom’s life..     Son, you should still cherish your college days. College life is like a book. Some people skim it, while others read it carefully. The university career will leave an indelible memory in one’s life, which is often one of the most impressive periods.. Many people especially miss their youth in college when they reach the middle and old age, so they often see old classmates returning to school after graduation for many years..     The years are running away. Only the truly precious things can leave a permanent mark in people’s hearts.. Perhaps, only after leaving university and working for many years can we truly realize that university life is the golden age of life. College is a time when students are young and energetic. They are in the company of youth and in high spirits. If they don’t know how to cherish it, they may regret it all their lives in the future..     University is a place where many teenagers from all over the world gather together to spend four years of youth. Compared with middle school, university study is much easier, the curriculum is relatively loose, the management is relaxed, and without parents around, it should be said that it is quite free. But universities should not be ” laissez – faire”. Time, catch is gold, put down becomes running water. It will always be useful in the future to learn freely, make full use of the conditions of the university’s well-stocked library, absorb knowledge and nutrition, and accumulate cultural capital.. Although the saying ” knowledge changes fate” is not as beautiful as it used to be, the saying ” knowledge is power” is an eternal truth..     My mother’s feelings are poured out to you, and you should appreciate them carefully. I hope you will walk out of college four years later and say with a clear conscience: I have not failed to live up to the careful cultivation of school teachers and the ardent expectations of my mother.!

chat .Love

Ancient Greek mythology, he said: In to the ancient, man is a ball kind of thing, there are four arms, four legs, four ears, a long head with two faces was observed in the opposite direction.The ability to make people feel uneasy gods of Mount Olympus, Zeus decided: by a hair, the portrait as cut cut egg.People from becoming weak, and walk on two legs.After the people were divided into two halves, each half are eager to pounce on the other half, intertwined, embrace, a strong desire to integrate.So, earthly love had.    Fee Le Bach said: love, is to become a man.    Pu in his work created much soul-stirring love story, let secular people have to sigh, longing for the good of all.    A fox, a flower, a soul.All are Emotion Shigeyoshi, some adventure, once itinerant, a love, are also magnificent.    A Citylink “Citylink Shi Xiaolian have female characters, embroidery work, notices, tender love of the Father.”Citylink, beautiful talented woman, known propriety, good at embroidery.His father took her “tired embroidered” Ode levy teenager, in fact, wanted to female Zexu.    ”Less negative Cai Ming,” “more than twenty years,” Joe students, after watching wrote two poems, of which there are two: “Deep Sorrow stabbed to Yuanyang, dark moth double stop sewing Organization.”The Poetry and Ming, the emotion will be in two young hearts, as the flood burst spewing out endless.Why?”Deep Sorrow stabbed to Yuanyang, dark moth double stop sewing Organization.”Embroidery thorn very lost when the mandarin duck, stop sewing frowned.Think what?Of course they are young and beautiful, but not as pairs like mandarin ducks.Joe students read the Citylink desire for love.Citylink very happy, everyone they boast Joe raw talent, but also secretly sent Pufu send gold to help the.Joe student exclaimed: “My friend also Citylink!”Two hearts resonate, still do not know each other’s way, it may have been less important now!Between heaven and earth, love, because you know, this is the true meaning of love.    However, the true love of the road, often accompanied by thorns of obstacles, and only a brave man, a sincere heart to the clutter and Outrageous.    Although born Joe “less negative Caiming” “There are human liver and gallbladder,” but “still Yan Jian”.Shi Xiaolian mind, the Citylink promised to the son of the king into merchants, Citylink will be bedridden in depression.Dying on the occasion, a Toutuo to, out of a prescription: do medicine-chest with head meat a money man.At this point, parents or the selfish son exposed the true face, laughed and said: “crazy old man, also want to cut out my heartstrings!”Joe decided Getting born after door, hand-cut meat to the head chest Toutuo, save her lover’s life.    Earth moving and, just so!    Love is giving, dedication.You, my heart is my flesh, for you no regrets!    Life, landscape thousands, only in the event of life Hom, who is a romantic flower perishable wind, who is waiting for a solid warm, it was known.    Love of flesh, and the stone is also the nod!So the man of her daughter, Shi Xiaolian also deeply moved, want to practice. “There’s the wife of flesh” promise.    Since then, the lovers get married, Shuangsushuangfei only envy the duck does not envy cents.How happy!    Can be, it should be the phrase sometime the old saying, the more good feelings, the more we should be subjected to cruel test.    In the face of death into rout of King he jumped out, persist possession of Citylink, to sue government.    Qiao Shi Xiaolian had to be timid students invited, trying to flesh grace daughter Xie.Joe Health huff: “So the servant who does not love meat Ying, talk to friends and ear newspaper.Qihuorouzai!”What a” newspaper confidant ear “!A good student Joe!This love is so pure.    A big crowd, I enriching a friend, too, I fortune, lost in my life.This love can be met only, not make.    Citylink, is lucky, have not masked, it has been the most sincere love of life.Appearance is not attractive, but the friend of the soul.Citylink, enough!    Can, in the face of reality, two know and love hearts had to face the pain of separation.So, Citylink sent Pufu comfort Joe Chan said: I dreamed three years to die, why should you competing with them, “Izumishita objects”.    Qiaosheng Ming really said that his love for Citylink is the confidant of love: “who was friends to die, not Israel also.”As long as concentric, but a form of marriage, a long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night.From then on, I just loaded full of you, to be in future meet your spring laugh, and I know that is.    Citylink keep loyal, Anger died when forced merchants in.Joe went to pay students, but never a pain, from the underground phase.    ”Big dead, servant dare Health!”Without you, I live alone have been meaningless, just want to follow you, ah Zai Sheng Yuan knot!    End of the story is perfect.Their infatuation moved in the nether friend, too heavy to revive at a friend’s help.For the life and death of love from drawing on the successful close.    ”The advent of what love is?Straight people Shengsixiangxu.”Born for you, die for you, the same love of life and death.    True, the rich and the poor do not go beyond, beyond time and space.A sense of heaven and earth, spirits visibly moved.    So, true love, forever praised, blessed.    Second, Rui Yunrui cloud Hangzhou courtesan, high social status, a poor Hesheng Xi Huan her, but no ability to get together with her, to give her ransom.    Soon to a scholar, on zuiun forehead pressed a finger, said: “Unfortunately, unfortunately.”Scholar to go, zuiun leaving a black mark on his face, and larger day by day, beauty zuiun become ugly ghost-like class.    Former crowds, busy disappeared, taken away a sheltered, fine hairpin Beauty is removed, once the darling of being driven into slavery, increasingly weak, increasingly haggard.    This time, however Hesheng Yi Tian cargo tipping, her ransom.Zuiun ashamed, since the hidden wall, is his wife refused to itself, morally Sheng He said: “The severe life friends, Qing Sheng when I still kept in the dark, Am I so bad to forget Qing Zai!”Only this one really made the whole deaf deaf, how much shame so fickle man, woman lie in how much the world to tears.    Israel things for others, love and useless and relaxation, which is like a beautiful woman could not escape the bad luck since ancient times.Zuiun is happy when color is no longer, He was still relatively raw truth.Ugly face has been like a ghost, she is still a crush in the secular ridicule, the increasingly Feeling.    End of the story is equally successful.After birth it scholar coincidence points on zuiun amount of ink, with the help of a scholar, the final wash is zuiun black marks surface smooth bright complex for beauty, as the year.    Scholar laments: “The world really was the only man capable of passionate, not easy to read but also to beauty and ugliness.”Love is not concerned with the beauty and ugliness, is not beyond the change of change, this is the true meaning of love.    Zuiun is lucky, the case of “pity it’s really a warning,” to keep the body clean, must have married lover.In addition to the story that much lovestruck woman Baoqing Lang, let’s find a trace of power, to believe in the existence of true love.    Young, we always smooth and easy to fall in love with your beautiful face, however, time is fleeting, Youth and old, stay in love this flesh can withstand the time you spend?    ”Israel things others can get better when?”The ancients says.    So, we have taken the trouble to ask his lover, you love me reason?While expectations in his eyes is the most beautiful, while they worry about his own love of beauty, tangled repeatedly over and over again, to the subtleties of unhappy love began to suspect.Who do not want to accept the outcome and useless love Chi.    So, zuiun is every woman’s dream of permanent.In this dream, I stopped looking, warm and safe.In this dream, perfect to real people.

Autumn Melody

This autumn rainy, it was several days.When the sky finally cleared, the autumn is nearing completion, early winter has been followed.When the sun just above the horizon, little by little came out, I walked across the piece of concrete road between the blue stone tile, heels step on the wet ground, issued by the crisp sound.    When passing through the garden path, I saw on the ground there are many small snail, they are tightly attached to the ground, tentacles outstretched, as if looking around.Early in the morning leaves one by one in the wind sway, long before falling to the ground up, small snails will quietly moved to the following leaves inadvertently, perhaps because hiding there, they do not feel the bleak autumn of the bar.I picked up the leaves on the ground, even still remained above the green life, went down a place in Yezi Gang, there is a tiny snail, its tentacles straight stand in the wind, when I came across it, its tentacles across my index finger, quietly curled back into a spiral shell, the moment I seem to feel the tentacles of color left in my palm, where there are warm temperatures.I also picked up a snail in my hand and my heart, let it lie on the leaves, safely enjoy the autumn sun.Xu little snail is tired, it tentacles away, quietly lay on my palm.Enjoying this stubborn little life, suddenly I liked this fall, like it warm, like it can nurture life with the warm sun of melody.    Tiny snail seemed asleep, I carefully holding it, lest it disturb the beautiful dream.I put it together and leaves on the window seat, where the autumn wind less, but also the warm sun shine every day.I hope I did not accompany every moment, only looked happy little snail can sleep, because it’s this lonely late autumn temperature is the most moving melodies.

And then to the town of Cologne

The first thing to Cologne town is already 20 years ago the.And several literary friends was the poet could have visited. Cologne is located in the northwest border town of Zhaoyuan County, an asphalt road through the middle of town.A few scattered on both sides of the business to sell agricultural tools shovel, plow, hoe, etc. placed on both sides of the road, it looked so “simple”, and also by how busy do not touch. Need to walk ten miles to get off a dirt road in the town of Cologne victory to reach large habitable village.We took a cucumber, beans, pork, soybean oil and other ingredients portable shoulder all the way to raid.With these foods not for anything else, just because of the large family living in poverty can, afraid to give his family a lot of inconvenience. When we arrived out of breath big family may be shocked by his family’s living situation, with the destitute feeling a little too much.Dake family has three children, all elementary school in the town, two mud house was clean, the house on the west wall there is a large plate cabinet, plate cabinet mirror hanging above, due to the old and falling apart, barely able to see above three red flags patterns, mirror frame on both sides of the long bar, which has a large children’s photos and can also be a big Videos of young wife.Dake virtuous and capable wife, manage the family outside home.With local people as saying that a large but “duties,” the farmer all day immersed in his so-called poetry, the people called “regardless of home”. And could have met in a literary pen at his a “Village of Dreams” So far I have memorized: “The children were standing on the eastern horizon, raised his chubby little hands, picking a wet dawn, and offered to golden childhood village.That night the wind blowing off the moon and stars when frog sound, the sound of the dog stopped, the village slept, farm sweet dreams.”Great family has five acres of dry land can, because at that time is the spring planting season, can help large farming is one of the objectives we go.This can be cost savings for large farming hire.Five acres of land fairly fertile soil.I can remember the big five acres of land mostly planted with corn, but still leaving the two ridge sowing millet, that is specially grown for us a few literary friends.Cologne and say how delicious millet, said Liao Xing Zong emperor when “Spring Na Bo” this has been eaten, the Qing Emperor Qianlong is designated Gulong millet towards Ting Gongmi.Dake also tells us about the various versions of the legend of Cologne millet, millet to illustrate the history and culture of Cologne. Of course we are not experts in plant crops, all in accordance with the instructions can do big brother two Yin, horse farming race, we actually planted five acres of land for five days, all of them short-winded long sound tired, and some also on hand grind Xuepao.But still optimistically looking forward to the “Spring planting one grain, the Autumn Harvest ten thousand child” scene. When we left the house could have made an appointment to come to harvest when the harvest.But for some reason did not do so, we grow corn, millet how the growing, harvesting is not known how the. This is the Meteors in July, is also the most lush paddy season, Man United should come to Cologne approximately town again, I can not help but marvel at the changes in the town of Cologne.The road on both sides of buildings everywhere, merchants, no less than the county a bustling commercial street.Piece of asphalt road through the town already expanding, in addition to the Dao, Third Street.Also built 3,800 square meters of the central square, the square variety of fitness equipment readily available.This shows that people forward cologne fitness and recreation-type transition from peasant labor creative types. Cologne old town, the country is not advancing down the train, followed by the tide of reform and opening onto the people of the town off the road.However, colognes, after all, is the border town, rely on developed it? Under the leadership of the town leaders, we have more than 20 people and his party drove to a high ground, like a cement road gray python walk through the ridge, the side of the road is cement acres of corn, millet sprays have been long long half-arm , yellow, there are purple.Be naughty with the poet also be a “Diamond Valley” game a child, one of the high millet poet did not walk a few steps to see the silhouette.Millet people seem to have a special kind of intimacy, all of them come up with mobile phone selfie, candid, shoot each other, and finally to a collective pat. According to reports, the town of Cologne early in the last century on the right “Gulong tribute rice” brand has been vigorously developed, built a “dry thread health” cooperatives as a leader acres of green millet production base, led farmers to get rich.Gulong millet not only ordinary people into the table, but also into the major supermarkets, exported to all over the country.Really become a pillar industry of the town of Cologne. We never tired of it during take pictures, I was a not tall, dark face locals call the past.”You are right Wang?Who else do you know me?”He said. “Dare to know.”I said. “I’m a big brother can ah, we have planted together!”” You are two virtuous it?Remember that for so many years it!Dake okay?How do you here ah?”I asked curiously. “Great now the line, are the two individual poems, the land that he no longer guarding this land, to go out looking for work everywhere, and finally became a reporter in Beijing Legal News, retiring later was rehired back.Several children mix is also good, big girl in Changchun, two girls in Yanji, boy working in Shanghai.Are very good, just not often linked.”So not far from two Yin millet, two Yin said that all these years thanks to the millet, millet year worthless, now really become Jingu Zi, emperor by light, the government also borrowed light, and no government people out good thing to know is not kind ah!Is not it in the past, but no food to eat guarding golden rice bowl. Yin has two large and may be as eloquent, but said the sentence makes sense.Yin is a two-year Sentimental strong young man, also a rash of work, but now has become a real farm of “expert”.He said that in the past would not dare kinds of millet seed, millet RBI someone to plant some millet that can be called a premium, it was used to entertain guests superior.Used to be “universal no idle land, the farmer still starve to death,” it is now “universally no idle land, the farmer still too busy” ah! I asked him about how that kind of kind of millet harvest?He said the harvest is not good, then do not know how to operate, millet seed into the ground water have not kept up, only to hit a few autumn millet dustpan.Also available are so large with a gift.Now to figure out, this cologne boundaries are not suitable for the growth of millet, only part of the black oil sand mound suitable for planting, seed made out of millet millet is delicious, but also can be called a “Kongmy”.May not be the big year hillock, so break out the millet is not so good, it plainly is not authentic “Kongmy”. I seem suddenly realized that there are so many Cologne Kongmy stress.No wonder the market millet and some aromatic and delicious, but some stiff wound it? Yin is the town of Cologne two out farmers, he grew up in a small town like this, and with a millet, his face the color of harvest, confirmed his vicissitudes of life, but also confirms the town of Cologne and Cologne Kongmy heavy history. When parting, I deliberately at the edge of millet for two Yin took a picture like, two Yin and Manner of photos on the full, behind a large green maturing millet. The town government specially prepared for us in the cafeteria lunch, the staple food is millet, Huang Cheng Cheng small rice exudes seductive fragrance, fragrance seems that floated from the distant head Liao Dynasty emperor fish feast, but also seems to be from emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty over the upper end of the table, we revel in the plume of aroma that Kongmy in Cologne. Wang people in mid-August 2017

He first saw Mo, handle of the rest of his life

He first saw Mo, handle of the rest of his life    ——Xinghan Chiba King Huai Liu wind into sleep, sound cuckoo Tears of Blood Meng resentment。  Tianjin port Duzhou swing song wrapped, painting Flying butterflies dance Pina。    dusk。Xi Yan filled, fragrant crosses, intoxicating eyes glow heaven。Pingtiao Hsuan window, loyalty as clouds, red memo bleed Love。Luoqun the mirror, when the window Yunbin。Tap thin lips purple, green Qian Qin eyebrow makeup, jade hairpin hanging crested, shame, face powder raw red。    West overlooking the bridge, when the Rays although little, is an orange yellow green。Bustling, bustling school of beautiful scenery。    To West Bridge。Dance pink butterfly on the shoulder, light Luo fan flutter, sweet smile flower。Flute blowing sound from Cayman Yonder Xi infinity。Smile hundred pro-life, the four downstream everyone angry drunk。Yurong than youth who, Appreciative difficult to pay affectionate。To be seeking her lover, promised Shanhai Union, mountains edge, of Heaven, filled Sansei stone inscription。    Su Yi belt, wooden folding fan, hair Sunny Yi Jun talent。Qing Yin a red raw silk song, hidden Pathetic, warm clothing adjustment, tipsy feeling exhausted and then laugh Haruno。Encounters。Los Angeles is a name full of talented woman, is a prime wit, meet, when flowers are blooming, some forged puzzled Love。    Brow, diarrhea a wicked ideas, writing on paper dipped Yan Zhilei Duo Yun Xuan full of Melancholy, he carved infiltration of marriage。Beauty of poetry, tenderness everywhere, eyes flow wave, Xi stunning aryl。Yudi long flute two coincide, Su-hand twist, water and wind do tease in front of flowers。Lanterns, lantern dyed blood red, Acacia Man rolled out the red horizon。Return date。When the tip is a sun and the moon, away from resentment, hard to destroy heart。    May frost, low screens, Liu wind worry forget。Beauty aryl, where hidden string and wind lengthy atrial。One thousand webs, the night is young, Regret only sigh too long。Buried next to Sakura, water Mae, Huanhuaxi River worry about people injured。The Moon Palace, Chang E epiphora feast, Fairy leaf shadow Akira。Iraqis makeup, broken kite calamity, hateful dream has been Cang。Afterflame dark, was stirred chilling, the star point residues Plum。A lonely paper of mandarin duck fly, off the edge and filled with red Jian, Jin new sentence is turned off resentment。Butterfly Dream residues, heartbroken hiding, a corner spacer day bomb Sizhu。    Ink brush, the Yisuoyanyu, chanting overnight sigh。Thousand nights to find wine thousand nights worry, string and wind slow, difficult to sing off, the roots always Acacia dirt。    Sauvignon Blanc looks Yi Xi, Xi Acacia infinite very short。When you meet difficult Bie, trouble thinking too annoying when missing。Somewhere all God。Marriage made in heaven, Huaiyin joking to pull strings。Candle night, the room full of flowers, from the happy match, juniors words。Prayer Diocese, drinking incense, offering moonlight。Shanhai Union, Kam book sealed, Nanshan lights were this life。    Want that time, I first saw you, this life will end edge。Light clouds, the wind Liu Xiang, butterfly orchids open Mulberry inside。Blood setting sun, clear song learning, Wind River water drip month。Zhu Ying Shake, Stir waist, provoking trouble long flowers。Cut candle west, dream heart Wu, hall full moon hovering step。Tanabata night, Magpie Bridge off, Wan Shou string harps with view。    Past repair the same boat, whose son cultivation bed can sleep。Carrying drink sake, a total of around Tori, fragrant and groaning Netherlands。Autumn waves, Danguixiang, Jishu and then back to Yan Lang。Chunhua gradually woke up, cut Yan Liu Ying, boat embrace the water to see duckweed。Fly haze, laughing micro wind, cloud Ya Wan Shou Yu drunk grains。Butterfly around the flower dye, silk cotton leaf wrapped, Acacia Xia even dyed sky。Hui ink marks, and Full text back to the root of the word poetry affections。Snapshots snow, palace pavilions, stars Hanyue blood lantern。Soft snow, blue refers to Kou, real estate broker hook dialing month。    Nianhua smile juniors too, Huanhuaxi River Eighteen Springs。  Mo first met the red trail, handle Yusheng Qing point case。

Eliminate consumer concerns about the Fukushima governor's visit to Europe to sell rice and other property

Data for: March 12, 2011 (left) and February 16, 2016 shooting of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan marsh gas Sin City imposition photos。
March 11, 2011, northeastern Japan Sea earthquake occurred, causing large tsunami。
Operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima nuclear power plant because the water poured lead to power outages, catastrophic nuclear leak。 Disaster led to more than 10,000 people were killed and more than 2,000 people missing。
  According to reports, Horiuchi this four-day trip to Europe。
He will visit Britain and France, publicity campaigns at the local, sell Fukushima produce rice, beef, fruits and processed products such as property, thereby eliminating local consumer concerns about the impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident, Fukushima expand sales of products。
  County government official said, Horiuchi visit or contact your local trading company in Fukushima produce rice exports to France reached an agreement, if all goes well, Fukushima rice production for the first time exported to France。
In view of the Fukushima rice production in fiscal year 2016 for the first time exported to the United Kingdom, the export volume of 19 tons, or visit Horiuchi reached an agreement with the United Kingdom, continue to promote British exports of rice in Fukushima。   Fukushima county government official said, "If you sell successfully in Britain and France, the equivalent of the entire European market opens up。 Therefore, in this campaign between the two countries is expected to have a huge effect。
We will work harder than before the nuclear accident, in order to eliminate consumer concerns about the impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident。 "。

Li Keqiang's visit to Africa: 461 framework and boost Sino-African relations three major network upgrade | Africa | Li Keqiang | Cooperation

  Beijing BEIJING, May 12 (Reporter Zhou Rui) in the end, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Angola, an official visit to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the African Union headquarters in the Republic of Kenya, and attended the 24th held in the Nigerian capital Abuja after the session of the World economic Forum Africa Summit plenary session, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, 12, returned to Beijing。
  In the eight-day trip to visit the African, Li Keqiang on the Sino-African cooperation win-win concept he emphasized that "461" in the framework of China-Africa Cooperation, launched include high-speed railway, highway and three regional aviation network China-Africa cooperation in non-cooperative target specific content, and create an upgraded version of the Sino-African relations have been highly concerned about the outside world。
  China-Africa relations to promote quality and efficiency upgrade "we must take this train to upgrade bilateral relations to a high-speed train。
"Arrived in Africa at the beginning, Li Keqiang clearly explain the position of China and cooperation vision for Africa。
  When Li Keqiang entitled at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa "to create a better future for China-Africa cooperation," the speech said that Africa is an important pole in the world political arena, is a new global economic growth pole , is a very colorful human civilization。 China is willing to make joint efforts with African countries to build an upgraded version of China-Africa comprehensive cooperation。 Li pointed out that China and Africa development track has been laid and the right direction, the future will develop faster。
  "China-Africa economic and trade cooperation as if in a taxi before takeoff acceleration phase。 "China International Economic and Exchange Center Wei Jianguo, vice chairman told reporters BEIJING, Li Keqiang, the AU's speech full of optimism and self-confidence, it is also the future of China-Africa cooperation is full of expectations。
Industrial cooperation, financial cooperation, cooperation on poverty reduction, environmental protection cooperation, cultural exchanges and cooperation, the implementation of six projects of peaceful security cooperation, will undoubtedly promote the China-Africa economic and trade cooperation into the fast lane, "to enhance not only speed, but also Great progress"。   Vice president of the China WTO Research Association Wang Chengan pointed out that Li's visit "positive energy positive" effect of non-brings, will further promote and enhance the depth and breadth of China-Africa cooperation based on the original, the Central Africa usher in a new large-scale development cooperation。   Wang Chengan pointed out that in 2013, China-Africa trade volume reached $ 210.2 billion in 1960 was 2000 times。
China has for five consecutive years to become the largest trading partner in Africa。 China's direct investment from scratch, the stock of more than $ 25 billion。 Despite great achievements, but also China and Africa there is also considerable room for development in space and enhance economic and trade cooperation。
For example, in terms of bilateral trade, bilateral trade volume last year reached a new level of $ 210.2 billion, but total foreign trade more than $ 40,000 million in China, accounting for only about 5%, "which means there is a huge Sino-African trade pioneering space。 "And Similarly, the proportion of China's foreign direct investment in Africa's investment in China is also smaller。   Wei Jianguo analysis, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation to build "upgrade" means alone from the original import and export trade and investment in infrastructure, to a more focus on mining aspects of education and training, technology transfer, trade and financial services, the potential for cooperation。
For Li Keqiang's visit to a series of non-achievement and follow-up effects will be achieved, commented Wei Jianguo, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation in the future will be "absolutely no longer a simple volume growth, but will be a full range of qualitative improvement"。
  At the same time, "461 Framework" to protect China-Africa cooperation in the fast lane proposed to build China-Africa relations upgraded version of this wonderful vision, overwhelmed by Li Keqiang's visit to Africa also proposed a new path to realizing this vision。   In his speech, Li Keqiang that "461" China-Africa cooperation framework, which upholds equality, solidarity and mutual trust, tolerance development, innovation and the four principles of cooperation, the promotion of industrial cooperation, financial cooperation, cooperation on poverty reduction, environmental protection cooperation, cultural exchanges cooperation, peace and security cooperation and other six works, improve the China-Africa cooperation Forum this important platform to create an upgraded version of China-Africa cooperation, join hands in creating a better relationship in the future development of China-Africa。
  This framework triggered a heated debate。
General manager of the Research and Development Department of the China-Africa Development Fund Shi Yongjie WASHINGTON reporter analysis, which shows that China is committed to upgrading China-Africa cooperation from a strategic level vision。 African affairs experts, Dean of African Studies Zhejiang Normal University Professor Liu Hongwu said, this framework shows that the Chinese want to integrate the past fragmented, decentralized cooperation projects in Africa to a higher level and broader areas。
  Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute, said Li Guanghui also analyzed, put forward by Premier Li Keqiang six projects will play a leading role in the future and the engine of China-Africa cooperation。 At the same time, the Prime Minister also made some specific new initiatives, new initiatives are actually solving the problem future path of cooperation and economic development in Africa Africa。
"Barriers to solve the power to find a path to understand."。
  In addition to "community of destiny", becoming "Opportunity Community" of Central Africa, it is necessary to upgrade the cooperation model innovation, greater dividends release。 West Asia and Africa Institute of Contemporary International Relations, deputy director of xuweizhong BEIJING, pointed out to reporters after the China-Africa economic and trade cooperation has been the main foreign trade and project contracting, investment and cooperation in the future will be the focus。   Compared trade and project contracting, investment funds can bring to the African people, technology, management, experience, tax revenue and employment, enhance Africa's self-development capacity of African countries to achieve their industrialization, both the advantages and adaptability, concern the interests of more readily available best match。
  And the other "461" framework should not be overlooked feature is the concern for people's livelihood throughout。 Successfully resolved the problem of poverty of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, the publication and the African Union "to strengthen China-Africa cooperation Poverty Reduction Program," and promised to strengthen China-Africa cooperation in health care, jointly implemented "high-yield agriculture demonstration project" for the next five years Africa and train 2,000 agricultural technology personnel management, will be more inclined to non-assistance to people's livelihood drinking water, infectious disease prevention and control。
In all the way to the visit, Li Keqiang and repeatedly stressed, do a good job of training local staff in Africa, bring more local employment。   "Bilateral exchanges from non decades, it is indeed can be seen 'meaning word at the head,'" said Shi Yongjie。
Sincerely equality, is China's policy of adhering to feelings。 Fifty years ago, Premier Zhou Enlai first visit to Africa, China put forward "eight principles of foreign aid."。
Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Africa in 2013, also raised China, "the word motto" Africa policy: real, real, close, sincere。
  "Three networks" help China-Africa cooperation to a new level in the proposed China-Africa Cooperation upgrade to a bright future, and through the "461 framework" for the vision was to integrate the system while providing security, Li Keqiang overwhelmed proposed "three networks" dry goods, to ensure that substantial progress Africa cooperation。   Li Keqiang 8 am local time in Abuja to attend the 24th session of the World Economic Forum Africa Summit plenary session, entitled "jointly promote Africa's development to a new level," the special message。
He said China is ready to cooperate with Africa in Africa building high-speed railway network, highway network and regional aviation network and promote the interoperability of the African continent, and is willing to provide financial, technical and personnel support, without reservation, to share advanced technology with Africa and management experience。
  If one day in Africa to establish a comprehensive network of high-speed railway, highway network, regional aviation network, a blueprint for economic development in Africa will be clearer, Africa's development will enter a new stage, "the former Special Representative of the Chinese Government on African Affairs Liu Guijin accept BEIJING, reporters, said, "to the rich, first build roads", Li proposed the construction of cooperation "three networks" is based on the experience of China's development, but also a few days ago trip to Africa and African leaders and the African Union deeply needs of African countries after the summit meeting made a positive response。   Liu said that Africa accounts for 23% of the area of the world's land area, but accounts for only 7% of the total length of railways in the world, as well as 13 country no railway。
The density of ordinary African roads and highways, the world average is only 1/4 and 1/10。 Africa is not well-developed regional aviation, aviation transverse few horizontal linkages have been very close but need via Europe。
These have greatly restricted the development of Africa。
  Liu said, these three are great cooperation taking into account the actual situation of development in Africa, but also China is deeply where it is needed in the past the development process, so China is willing unreservedly to share their experiences with African partners, in cooperation altogether win basis, to promote the local development of the real, will drive China's economic growth。
  China in the substantive action to promote the upgrading of China-Africa relations have also been concerned parties。
United States, "International Economic Times' website published news that Li Keqiang at the summit indicated that China is willing to cooperate with Africa in Africa building high-speed railway network, highway network and regional aviation network and promote the African continent interoperability。
Infrastructure will be further integration of African economies, providing opportunities for economic transformation in Africa。   CASS deputy director of the Africa Research Institute of West Africa Yaogui Mei Li Keqiang's visit in retrospect Africa also said that Prime Minister Li Keqiang signed on cooperation in aviation industry in Kenya this matter with the countries and regions in very deep impression。
  Yaogui Mei said, because the infrastructure, especially transportation industry this is a priority for many developing countries, is one of the success stories of many developing countries。
Helping African countries build highways, envisage three high-speed rail network and regional air transport network, was responding to African countries to China to help them improve poor infrastructure conditions a requirement。
At the same time, this can be a good drive Chinese high-speed rail, 60 new fly this aircraft technology go out, which is conducive to the development of win-win situation。 The signing of these two agreements, one of the three network logo African regional aviation network has taken an important step。
  Win-win concept throughout the entire visit, whether non-cooperative target is an upgraded version of China-Africa relations, or 461 of this framework to achieve the goal of the path, but also the construction of the three major networks or substantive content, in common lies behind these arrangements vision based on mutual benefit and win-Africa。
  Cooperation from the industry point of view, the strategic demands and benefits between China and Africa are highly complementary, showing a "gradient" feature on the stage of economic development, so the technology and experience to undertake more applicability。 As Li said, the two sides should be innovative and pragmatic cooperation is not limited to energy resources and infrastructure, but should be extended to industrialization, urbanization, modernization of agriculture and other fields。
  And the win-win philosophy reflected more on environmental cooperation in Central Africa is obvious。
Scenery and wild animal and plant resources in Africa naturalness, and rooted in the soil of this piece of brilliant civilization, so that in the era of industrialization race to run even more precious。
Therefore, poverty reduction and development at the same time, the guardian of this party "Pure Land" is the subject of China-Africa Cooperation must face。
  China-Africa cooperation in the framework of "461" in China is committed to the protection of wildlife resources in Africa, providing $ 10 million in aid to Africa, to strengthen technical cooperation and experience sharing with countries in Africa, in Kenya and promote the construction of "China-Africa Joint Research Center "China-Africa cooperation to strengthen ecological and environmental protection areas。   In one visit the birthplace of the world line the smell of human Kenya Wildlife business name, Li Keqiang visited Nairobi burned ivory memorial, calling for joint protection of biodiversity, protection of the Earth's colorful, and promised to continue to strengthen cooperation with Kenya State cooperation in the protection of ecology and wildlife。 When meeting with officials of UNEP and UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Li Keqiang said that China is willing to continue to focus on promoting green development, improve environmental management, environmental protection and promote South-South cooperation to address climate change and other strategic themes, with other countries to strengthen exchange of experience。   For the protection of wildlife resources in Africa, the Chinese government will provide $ 10 million in aid to Africa, in Kenya and promote the construction of "China-Africa Joint Research Center," so green and beautiful Chinese counterparts all the way to Africa。 "This shows that Chinese environmental protection and sustainability concerns of the African concept of cooperation, not lip service, but a fall in action," said Shi Yongjie。   "And you laugh with people, you might forget about him, but you cried together and people, but you never forget。 "Li Keqiang on behalf of the Chinese government committed to non-party unreservedly willing to share China's development of advanced and applicable technologies and application of the results; increase the line of credit to African countries; provide 30,000 government scholarships for African countries; and sincere support African partners diversity, willingness to engage third parties in Africa, etc.。   And fair signed on Mombasa – Nairobi Railway relevant cooperation agreement also reflects China's emphasis on mutual benefit and win-win。
Mongolian railway is within Kenya's first hundred years to build the new railway, the East African railway network of the throat, the East African Railways overall planning starting from Mombasa through Nairobi to Uganda。
Is divided into two from Uganda, all the way north to South Sudan, another road south from Kampala, Uganda to Rwanda, Tanzania via Burundi to reach final。
Planning a total length of 2700 km, the estimated total cost of $ 25 billion。
  In addition to lay the foundation for the development of Africa, president of the Chinese Academy of nascent economic Xia Guo believes that the signing of the project or the Chinese economy will have a greater role in driving, "It practically speaking, railway construction projects are capital retrograde industry, iron and steel needs and other related materials, equipment, railway equipment export to China, the transfer of excess building materials, are very beneficial。 "From the concept of win-win China-Africa Cooperation, China-Africa cooperation to '461' framework, from launch include high-speed railway, highway and aviation area 'three major networks' to build an upgraded version of China-Africa relations goals of cooperation, Li Keqiang this Fan many highlights have been highly concerned about the outside world。 The results of Li Keqiang's visit or not limited to the above。 We can expect that the continuation of half a century of friendship partner, is expected to bring greater benefits to the African people。

Go to Amazon unmanned convenience store officially opened today, computer vision algorithms more cattle?

According to foreign media reports, Amazon no convenience stores AmazonGo today (January 22) opened to the public。
Start (US time) from Monday 7:00, the store will be open to all customers using the intelligent application and landed AmazonGo Amazon account。 AmazonGo Amazon first automated retail stores, promise "do not line up, no checkout, the cashier does not" designed to reshape physical shopping experience。
Convenience stores require consumers to scan their mobile phones when entering, then use cameras and other sensors track the path of their in-store purchases。 Update virtual shopping cart at the time of removing the consumer goods from the shelves。
Will be charged accordingly when the customer's Amazon account and select the customer leaves the store。 It is understood that the price AmazonGo convenience store merchandise and other markets remained the same。
Most of the technology is that AmazonGo store shelves running。 Source: Seattle Times number ten paperback book-sized rectangular black device hanging in the ceiling, real-time monitoring shops。 These devices use a plurality of sensor inputs, as the field of view to help cars autopilot system recognition of people and objects。
(I.e., a combination of video cameras and laser array image analysis。 ) Who is familiar with AmazonGo engineer, said in an interview, Amazon spent a lot of energy early, so that computer vision algorithms can effectively track consumers。 Amazon also conducted a "test", three employees dressed in Pikachu Amazon clothing store trying to deceive tracking system, Amazon's algorithm for every furry client was correct settlement。
The operating system takes some time, so in December 2016, Amazon has announced AmazonGo store employees open for further testing。 So how do wrong if AmazonGo?If an error occurs, the customer can sweep it with APP AmazonGo of product items on the receipt of erroneous charges, removing charged for but they actually did not buy items。