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Eliminate consumer concerns about the Fukushima governor's visit to Europe to sell rice and other property

Data for: March 12, 2011 (left) and February 16, 2016 shooting of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan marsh gas Sin City imposition photos。
March 11, 2011, northeastern Japan Sea earthquake occurred, causing large tsunami。
Operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima nuclear power plant because the water poured lead to power outages, catastrophic nuclear leak。 Disaster led to more than 10,000 people were killed and more than 2,000 people missing。
  According to reports, Horiuchi this four-day trip to Europe。
He will visit Britain and France, publicity campaigns at the local, sell Fukushima produce rice, beef, fruits and processed products such as property, thereby eliminating local consumer concerns about the impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident, Fukushima expand sales of products。
  County government official said, Horiuchi visit or contact your local trading company in Fukushima produce rice exports to France reached an agreement, if all goes well, Fukushima rice production for the first time exported to France。
In view of the Fukushima rice production in fiscal year 2016 for the first time exported to the United Kingdom, the export volume of 19 tons, or visit Horiuchi reached an agreement with the United Kingdom, continue to promote British exports of rice in Fukushima。   Fukushima county government official said, "If you sell successfully in Britain and France, the equivalent of the entire European market opens up。 Therefore, in this campaign between the two countries is expected to have a huge effect。
We will work harder than before the nuclear accident, in order to eliminate consumer concerns about the impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident。 "。

Li Keqiang's visit to Africa: 461 framework and boost Sino-African relations three major network upgrade | Africa | Li Keqiang | Cooperation

  Beijing BEIJING, May 12 (Reporter Zhou Rui) in the end, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Angola, an official visit to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the African Union headquarters in the Republic of Kenya, and attended the 24th held in the Nigerian capital Abuja after the session of the World economic Forum Africa Summit plenary session, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, 12, returned to Beijing。
  In the eight-day trip to visit the African, Li Keqiang on the Sino-African cooperation win-win concept he emphasized that "461" in the framework of China-Africa Cooperation, launched include high-speed railway, highway and three regional aviation network China-Africa cooperation in non-cooperative target specific content, and create an upgraded version of the Sino-African relations have been highly concerned about the outside world。
  China-Africa relations to promote quality and efficiency upgrade "we must take this train to upgrade bilateral relations to a high-speed train。
"Arrived in Africa at the beginning, Li Keqiang clearly explain the position of China and cooperation vision for Africa。
  When Li Keqiang entitled at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa "to create a better future for China-Africa cooperation," the speech said that Africa is an important pole in the world political arena, is a new global economic growth pole , is a very colorful human civilization。 China is willing to make joint efforts with African countries to build an upgraded version of China-Africa comprehensive cooperation。 Li pointed out that China and Africa development track has been laid and the right direction, the future will develop faster。
  "China-Africa economic and trade cooperation as if in a taxi before takeoff acceleration phase。 "China International Economic and Exchange Center Wei Jianguo, vice chairman told reporters BEIJING, Li Keqiang, the AU's speech full of optimism and self-confidence, it is also the future of China-Africa cooperation is full of expectations。
Industrial cooperation, financial cooperation, cooperation on poverty reduction, environmental protection cooperation, cultural exchanges and cooperation, the implementation of six projects of peaceful security cooperation, will undoubtedly promote the China-Africa economic and trade cooperation into the fast lane, "to enhance not only speed, but also Great progress"。   Vice president of the China WTO Research Association Wang Chengan pointed out that Li's visit "positive energy positive" effect of non-brings, will further promote and enhance the depth and breadth of China-Africa cooperation based on the original, the Central Africa usher in a new large-scale development cooperation。   Wang Chengan pointed out that in 2013, China-Africa trade volume reached $ 210.2 billion in 1960 was 2000 times。
China has for five consecutive years to become the largest trading partner in Africa。 China's direct investment from scratch, the stock of more than $ 25 billion。 Despite great achievements, but also China and Africa there is also considerable room for development in space and enhance economic and trade cooperation。
For example, in terms of bilateral trade, bilateral trade volume last year reached a new level of $ 210.2 billion, but total foreign trade more than $ 40,000 million in China, accounting for only about 5%, "which means there is a huge Sino-African trade pioneering space。 "And Similarly, the proportion of China's foreign direct investment in Africa's investment in China is also smaller。   Wei Jianguo analysis, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation to build "upgrade" means alone from the original import and export trade and investment in infrastructure, to a more focus on mining aspects of education and training, technology transfer, trade and financial services, the potential for cooperation。
For Li Keqiang's visit to a series of non-achievement and follow-up effects will be achieved, commented Wei Jianguo, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation in the future will be "absolutely no longer a simple volume growth, but will be a full range of qualitative improvement"。
  At the same time, "461 Framework" to protect China-Africa cooperation in the fast lane proposed to build China-Africa relations upgraded version of this wonderful vision, overwhelmed by Li Keqiang's visit to Africa also proposed a new path to realizing this vision。   In his speech, Li Keqiang that "461" China-Africa cooperation framework, which upholds equality, solidarity and mutual trust, tolerance development, innovation and the four principles of cooperation, the promotion of industrial cooperation, financial cooperation, cooperation on poverty reduction, environmental protection cooperation, cultural exchanges cooperation, peace and security cooperation and other six works, improve the China-Africa cooperation Forum this important platform to create an upgraded version of China-Africa cooperation, join hands in creating a better relationship in the future development of China-Africa。
  This framework triggered a heated debate。
General manager of the Research and Development Department of the China-Africa Development Fund Shi Yongjie WASHINGTON reporter analysis, which shows that China is committed to upgrading China-Africa cooperation from a strategic level vision。 African affairs experts, Dean of African Studies Zhejiang Normal University Professor Liu Hongwu said, this framework shows that the Chinese want to integrate the past fragmented, decentralized cooperation projects in Africa to a higher level and broader areas。
  Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute, said Li Guanghui also analyzed, put forward by Premier Li Keqiang six projects will play a leading role in the future and the engine of China-Africa cooperation。 At the same time, the Prime Minister also made some specific new initiatives, new initiatives are actually solving the problem future path of cooperation and economic development in Africa Africa。
"Barriers to solve the power to find a path to understand."。
  In addition to "community of destiny", becoming "Opportunity Community" of Central Africa, it is necessary to upgrade the cooperation model innovation, greater dividends release。 West Asia and Africa Institute of Contemporary International Relations, deputy director of xuweizhong BEIJING, pointed out to reporters after the China-Africa economic and trade cooperation has been the main foreign trade and project contracting, investment and cooperation in the future will be the focus。   Compared trade and project contracting, investment funds can bring to the African people, technology, management, experience, tax revenue and employment, enhance Africa's self-development capacity of African countries to achieve their industrialization, both the advantages and adaptability, concern the interests of more readily available best match。
  And the other "461" framework should not be overlooked feature is the concern for people's livelihood throughout。 Successfully resolved the problem of poverty of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, the publication and the African Union "to strengthen China-Africa cooperation Poverty Reduction Program," and promised to strengthen China-Africa cooperation in health care, jointly implemented "high-yield agriculture demonstration project" for the next five years Africa and train 2,000 agricultural technology personnel management, will be more inclined to non-assistance to people's livelihood drinking water, infectious disease prevention and control。
In all the way to the visit, Li Keqiang and repeatedly stressed, do a good job of training local staff in Africa, bring more local employment。   "Bilateral exchanges from non decades, it is indeed can be seen 'meaning word at the head,'" said Shi Yongjie。
Sincerely equality, is China's policy of adhering to feelings。 Fifty years ago, Premier Zhou Enlai first visit to Africa, China put forward "eight principles of foreign aid."。
Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Africa in 2013, also raised China, "the word motto" Africa policy: real, real, close, sincere。
  "Three networks" help China-Africa cooperation to a new level in the proposed China-Africa Cooperation upgrade to a bright future, and through the "461 framework" for the vision was to integrate the system while providing security, Li Keqiang overwhelmed proposed "three networks" dry goods, to ensure that substantial progress Africa cooperation。   Li Keqiang 8 am local time in Abuja to attend the 24th session of the World Economic Forum Africa Summit plenary session, entitled "jointly promote Africa's development to a new level," the special message。
He said China is ready to cooperate with Africa in Africa building high-speed railway network, highway network and regional aviation network and promote the interoperability of the African continent, and is willing to provide financial, technical and personnel support, without reservation, to share advanced technology with Africa and management experience。
  If one day in Africa to establish a comprehensive network of high-speed railway, highway network, regional aviation network, a blueprint for economic development in Africa will be clearer, Africa's development will enter a new stage, "the former Special Representative of the Chinese Government on African Affairs Liu Guijin accept BEIJING, reporters, said, "to the rich, first build roads", Li proposed the construction of cooperation "three networks" is based on the experience of China's development, but also a few days ago trip to Africa and African leaders and the African Union deeply needs of African countries after the summit meeting made a positive response。   Liu said that Africa accounts for 23% of the area of the world's land area, but accounts for only 7% of the total length of railways in the world, as well as 13 country no railway。
The density of ordinary African roads and highways, the world average is only 1/4 and 1/10。 Africa is not well-developed regional aviation, aviation transverse few horizontal linkages have been very close but need via Europe。
These have greatly restricted the development of Africa。
  Liu said, these three are great cooperation taking into account the actual situation of development in Africa, but also China is deeply where it is needed in the past the development process, so China is willing unreservedly to share their experiences with African partners, in cooperation altogether win basis, to promote the local development of the real, will drive China's economic growth。
  China in the substantive action to promote the upgrading of China-Africa relations have also been concerned parties。
United States, "International Economic Times' website published news that Li Keqiang at the summit indicated that China is willing to cooperate with Africa in Africa building high-speed railway network, highway network and regional aviation network and promote the African continent interoperability。
Infrastructure will be further integration of African economies, providing opportunities for economic transformation in Africa。   CASS deputy director of the Africa Research Institute of West Africa Yaogui Mei Li Keqiang's visit in retrospect Africa also said that Prime Minister Li Keqiang signed on cooperation in aviation industry in Kenya this matter with the countries and regions in very deep impression。
  Yaogui Mei said, because the infrastructure, especially transportation industry this is a priority for many developing countries, is one of the success stories of many developing countries。
Helping African countries build highways, envisage three high-speed rail network and regional air transport network, was responding to African countries to China to help them improve poor infrastructure conditions a requirement。
At the same time, this can be a good drive Chinese high-speed rail, 60 new fly this aircraft technology go out, which is conducive to the development of win-win situation。 The signing of these two agreements, one of the three network logo African regional aviation network has taken an important step。
  Win-win concept throughout the entire visit, whether non-cooperative target is an upgraded version of China-Africa relations, or 461 of this framework to achieve the goal of the path, but also the construction of the three major networks or substantive content, in common lies behind these arrangements vision based on mutual benefit and win-Africa。
  Cooperation from the industry point of view, the strategic demands and benefits between China and Africa are highly complementary, showing a "gradient" feature on the stage of economic development, so the technology and experience to undertake more applicability。 As Li said, the two sides should be innovative and pragmatic cooperation is not limited to energy resources and infrastructure, but should be extended to industrialization, urbanization, modernization of agriculture and other fields。
  And the win-win philosophy reflected more on environmental cooperation in Central Africa is obvious。
Scenery and wild animal and plant resources in Africa naturalness, and rooted in the soil of this piece of brilliant civilization, so that in the era of industrialization race to run even more precious。
Therefore, poverty reduction and development at the same time, the guardian of this party "Pure Land" is the subject of China-Africa Cooperation must face。
  China-Africa cooperation in the framework of "461" in China is committed to the protection of wildlife resources in Africa, providing $ 10 million in aid to Africa, to strengthen technical cooperation and experience sharing with countries in Africa, in Kenya and promote the construction of "China-Africa Joint Research Center "China-Africa cooperation to strengthen ecological and environmental protection areas。   In one visit the birthplace of the world line the smell of human Kenya Wildlife business name, Li Keqiang visited Nairobi burned ivory memorial, calling for joint protection of biodiversity, protection of the Earth's colorful, and promised to continue to strengthen cooperation with Kenya State cooperation in the protection of ecology and wildlife。 When meeting with officials of UNEP and UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Li Keqiang said that China is willing to continue to focus on promoting green development, improve environmental management, environmental protection and promote South-South cooperation to address climate change and other strategic themes, with other countries to strengthen exchange of experience。   For the protection of wildlife resources in Africa, the Chinese government will provide $ 10 million in aid to Africa, in Kenya and promote the construction of "China-Africa Joint Research Center," so green and beautiful Chinese counterparts all the way to Africa。 "This shows that Chinese environmental protection and sustainability concerns of the African concept of cooperation, not lip service, but a fall in action," said Shi Yongjie。   "And you laugh with people, you might forget about him, but you cried together and people, but you never forget。 "Li Keqiang on behalf of the Chinese government committed to non-party unreservedly willing to share China's development of advanced and applicable technologies and application of the results; increase the line of credit to African countries; provide 30,000 government scholarships for African countries; and sincere support African partners diversity, willingness to engage third parties in Africa, etc.。   And fair signed on Mombasa – Nairobi Railway relevant cooperation agreement also reflects China's emphasis on mutual benefit and win-win。
Mongolian railway is within Kenya's first hundred years to build the new railway, the East African railway network of the throat, the East African Railways overall planning starting from Mombasa through Nairobi to Uganda。
Is divided into two from Uganda, all the way north to South Sudan, another road south from Kampala, Uganda to Rwanda, Tanzania via Burundi to reach final。
Planning a total length of 2700 km, the estimated total cost of $ 25 billion。
  In addition to lay the foundation for the development of Africa, president of the Chinese Academy of nascent economic Xia Guo believes that the signing of the project or the Chinese economy will have a greater role in driving, "It practically speaking, railway construction projects are capital retrograde industry, iron and steel needs and other related materials, equipment, railway equipment export to China, the transfer of excess building materials, are very beneficial。 "From the concept of win-win China-Africa Cooperation, China-Africa cooperation to '461' framework, from launch include high-speed railway, highway and aviation area 'three major networks' to build an upgraded version of China-Africa relations goals of cooperation, Li Keqiang this Fan many highlights have been highly concerned about the outside world。 The results of Li Keqiang's visit or not limited to the above。 We can expect that the continuation of half a century of friendship partner, is expected to bring greater benefits to the African people。

Go to Amazon unmanned convenience store officially opened today, computer vision algorithms more cattle?

According to foreign media reports, Amazon no convenience stores AmazonGo today (January 22) opened to the public。
Start (US time) from Monday 7:00, the store will be open to all customers using the intelligent application and landed AmazonGo Amazon account。 AmazonGo Amazon first automated retail stores, promise "do not line up, no checkout, the cashier does not" designed to reshape physical shopping experience。
Convenience stores require consumers to scan their mobile phones when entering, then use cameras and other sensors track the path of their in-store purchases。 Update virtual shopping cart at the time of removing the consumer goods from the shelves。
Will be charged accordingly when the customer's Amazon account and select the customer leaves the store。 It is understood that the price AmazonGo convenience store merchandise and other markets remained the same。
Most of the technology is that AmazonGo store shelves running。 Source: Seattle Times number ten paperback book-sized rectangular black device hanging in the ceiling, real-time monitoring shops。 These devices use a plurality of sensor inputs, as the field of view to help cars autopilot system recognition of people and objects。
(I.e., a combination of video cameras and laser array image analysis。 ) Who is familiar with AmazonGo engineer, said in an interview, Amazon spent a lot of energy early, so that computer vision algorithms can effectively track consumers。 Amazon also conducted a "test", three employees dressed in Pikachu Amazon clothing store trying to deceive tracking system, Amazon's algorithm for every furry client was correct settlement。
The operating system takes some time, so in December 2016, Amazon has announced AmazonGo store employees open for further testing。 So how do wrong if AmazonGo?If an error occurs, the customer can sweep it with APP AmazonGo of product items on the receipt of erroneous charges, removing charged for but they actually did not buy items。

Foot feet have to be careful to pay attention to care at home

Foot feet with stress at home care to be careful, foot massage feet on the human body has many benefits, it allows us to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, adjust blood pressure, improve blood circulation, but also promote metabolism, it can be described as a big Mibao promote good health of。
Busy day of work down, soak feet definitely was luxurious one thing, but we also need to pay attention to their own feet at home eight points, or feet but not conducive to our health。 Hecu regular daily life, can play a softening blood vessels, eliminating the fatigue of。 A lot of people will be the phenomenon of cold hands and feet in the winter, then try using vinegar foot bath。
1, physical fitness Chinese medicine, the root of the foot is human, the reflection region has an important therapeutic value of as many as 75, often adjustable feet with vinegar and meridians, promote blood running, help balance the yin and yang。
Long-term adhere to their feet with vinegar, not only can improve sleep quality, to enhance the robustness and resistance of the body have improvement。
Foot feet with stress at home care to be careful 2, promote blood circulation situation more as the winter cold hands and feet body blood circulation caused by unreasonable use of vinegar foot bath can accelerate the body's blood circulation, improve the body parts because of prolonged immobility or fatigue caused by hypoxia, increase metabolism, improve cold hands and feet case。 3, to improve the lot of people have athlete's foot, athlete's foot is the friend very troubled, not only foot itching, peeling, and smell, are the consequences of fungal infections。 Therefore, their feet can play a bactericidal effect on the feet clean with vinegar, but try to ensure that foot with vinegar foot bath in the absence of injury, the situation can be improved athlete's foot。