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Alma mater of desolation change

[REVIEW] This is a law of the jungle and the supremacy of the interests of society, contrary to reality and dream doomed?In the future, we graduated the twentieth anniversary of the Alumni Association, will be held where is it?We will grow and where to look when we first course of struggle?  With look forward to many years of mind, heart, cheering share expectations, rushed to that place, his alma mater!I do not know this time, turned out to be the initiator of cast desolate and lonely, I look forward to return to school of millions of times the embrace of Mercedes-Benz in the wide playground share cheerful, Xianting like walking on the tree-lined share of satisfied then, also, walking downstairs in the cozy quarters share of nostalgia for the good old days of recollections of the year, also fantasy, would be able to encounter unexpected mentor on campus, as well, there…    However, when I walked into that has made the city could not find the North, I saw only the broad road, all kinds of high-rise buildings with the times, I even, and even then most like to go to the streets can not be found, all the way inquiry, followed by that point in feeling faint memory, fortunately, I found a piece of road leading to his alma mater.When faced with messy break up that piece of construction waste, as well as, less than one-fifth of overgrown playground, scattered pile of two balls like old people as feeble tree already mottled old stadium , the auditorium of the year has changed beyond recognition, magnificent tall teaching building has long been missing, I used my own eyes and pale desert heart desperately looking for, but, only to find a building belonging to other companies in the building, next, be replaced by a number of high-rise buildings and roads, where I can only follow Looking back on those memories of campus building replaced the original site, think back to the provincial and ministerial level key school year, and now, it becomes so cold at desolate heart, I do not want to then stay in that place, and hurried away, leaving only the image in the memory of the year the share of Bale.Fortunately, when the pictures also stay at home, or later even the memories are gone.    Say time changes everything, original, really, leaving only share among the lush beautiful memories and the reality of ruthless desolation.I do not know, who is willing to cut the discarded memories of our young crazy years, is the development trend of the times?Still, our country, our society and even a provincial school can not be reserved.?Still, this is a law of the jungle and the supremacy of the interests of society, contrary to reality and dream doomed?In the future, we graduated the twentieth anniversary of the Alumni Association, will be held where is it?We will grow and where to look when we first course of struggle?    Today took a few pictures of his alma mater, but how could not bear to put space, do not want my classmates to see, I do not want to.

Uterine fibroids how conditioning diet things to do

To how conditioning Uterine fibroids are more common female friends gynecological, suffer from this disease, it is in great need of attention, not only to actively cooperate with treatment, the usual care and no less。
So uterine fibroids how to do conditioning following small series to tell us something about how uterine fibroids conditioning, diet matters to do Ay!1 how conditioning uterine fibroids, qi Lizhongtang ingredients: 20 grams, 12 grams, 20 grams Huai, Sichuan off 10 grams of meat, fried 15 grams, 200 grams。
Method: first cut into pieces of beef, boiling water in the pot, fishing to the floating foam; Astragalus, Codonopsis, Sichuan off, Eucommia, yam, medicine package together with a gauze bag, and put the pot with the beef, add water, wine, salt, pepper, ginger, onion, braise over medium heat and cook 1 hour, go fishing kits, add MSG seasoning, and cook for 15 minutes, can be soup, eat beef。 Function: qi Sun, kidney Lichong。
The meal Codonopsis, astragalus, Qi Sun; yam, and spleen, Yin and moistening; Eucommia, Sichuan off, kidney tonic, any red fill regulator; Beef, Turkey complement, spleen and stomach, and can be added protein。 So the Tang Duizi uterine fibroids cause menstrual volume, lassitude, looking not China who help their rehabilitation。
2, uterine fibroids how conditioning Yimu drink Ingredients: Hawthorn 30 grams, 20 grams, 10 grams turmeric, brown sugar。 Method: first hawthorn, turmeric, motherwort washed three drugs, put the pot, add water, boiled for 30 minutes, the juice, to the residue, dissolved in brown sugar, divided frequency warm drink。 Function: consumer product Qi, promoting blood circulation。 The meal with hawthorn, spleen transport in stasis Jiangzhuo; motherwort, promoting blood circulation, regulating blood tiaochong; nutrients brown sugar, sucrose, iron, zinc and the like; turmeric, gas plasma, Liqihuoxue。 Uterine fibroids can not eat anything。

Early internal reference: 5G may 2020 global commercial value of the break 10 trillion dollars

Third Plenum of the CPC ninth Macroeconomic Bulletin: plenary session examined and adopted the deepening of the reform of the party and state institutions program, reviewed and approved the contents of the state organs and other leaders suggested list。Plenary also proposed to improve market supervision and law enforcement institutions and to build people's satisfaction with the service-oriented government, deepen the NPC, CPPCC judiciary reform and enhance combat effectiveness, full implementation of the functions of government departments list system, etc.。  Statistics Bureau: China's official manufacturing in February 50.3, is the lowest in August 2016, is expected to 51.As shown, the previous value 511.3。Chinese official in February non-manufacturing PMI54.4, 55 is expected, before the value of 55.3。China in February comprehensive PMI52.9, before the value 54.6。National Bureau of Statistics said the interpretation, most of PMI Spring Festival of the month there will be some adjustments, the index in February fell within the normal fluctuation。  SAFE: China service trade deficit in January, 21.8 billion US dollars last month deficit of $ 20.6 billion。Chinese international goods and services trade surplus in January to $ 2.4 billion。  China News: China National Bureau of Statistics chief economist Sheng Yun Turning to the "2017 Annual Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin," 28 release pointed out that China's economic strength in mid-2017 to achieve a new leap。That year, China () of the world economy, accounting for about 15% over five years ago increased by 3 percentage points, ranking second in the world。  Economic Information Daily: "China's macroeconomic forecasting and analysis – – 2018 Spring Report" pointed out that China's economy next year will continue the trend of steady slowing, economic growth is expected to remain 6.More than 5% level。  China Securities Journal: After the settlement demand the release of the stage, the trend of the RMB exchange rate will gradually return to the fundamentals。Given the current market view of a reasonable differentiation is expected to stabilize, the future exchange material exhibiting a derogatory liter, two-way volatility trend。  Kyushu Securities Deng Haiqing: February 2018 Manufacturing PMI data 50.3, a sharp decline compared with the previous value, the lowest level since August 2016, mainly due to significantly reduced production index, new orders, reflecting the weak economy start of 2018。  People's Daily: Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation have jointly issued the "Notice on Improving corporate foreign income tax credit policy issues" for foreign income tax credit policy has been improved, which makes corporate credit more fully and effectively reduce foreign enterprises the resulting overall tax burden, to better encourage Chinese enterprises to "go out"。  Central Bank: China's central bank on February 28 not to open market operations, no reverse repurchase expires。  The Shibor: February 28 report 2 overnight SHIBOR.7080%, up 14.70 basis points; 7 days 2 SHIBOR News.9060%, up 4.50 basis points; three-month SHIBOR News 4.7131%, up 0.28 basis points。  Industry News NDRC: gasoline, diesel (standard) per ton, down 190 yuan and 185 yuan respectively, the price effective from at 4:00 on February 2 2018 28。Estimated according to the general household car fuel tank 50L capacity, fill a tank of gasoline would save about 92 7.5 yuan。  Department of Commerce: China expressed strong dissatisfaction with the US antidumping and countervailing aluminum foil final determination。For the wrong practices of the United States, the Chinese side will take the necessary measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests。  Securities Times: 2018, Shanxi Province, the SASAC will speed up the completion Gas Group, the high-end modern coal chemical industry professional company, Water Investment Group, Shen Group specialized restructuring, the field of business start coking, coal equipment, electricity and other restructuring。  NDRC: imported pipeline gas required to ensure stable gas supply and LNG imports, accelerate the construction of a diversified gas supply system and pattern。When necessary, the implementation of "pressure uninsured people" measures to ensure the livelihood gas demand。  Economic Information Daily: this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference, many well-known telecommunications companies to show a lot of maturity as well as a number of 5G 5G technology applications。Widely believed, mature 5G technologies and applications focus on appearance at Mobile World Congress global industry benchmark, meaning 5G development has entered a mature stage, is expected to expand the schedule and more commercial in the world in 2020。After 5G official business, will bring a new round of global telecommunications and technology industry development, creation or economic output will exceed $ 10 trillion。  Beijing Youth Daily: 27, Beijing released a new version price catalogs, pricing and release five electric vehicle charging service fees, transfer the price of water, seismic safety evaluation service charges, attorney fees and charges litigation, construction project bidding and equipment transaction fees and other markets, will no longer be priced by the government。  21st Century Business Herald: A source close to the regulators agency sources, regulators still be concerned about the phenomenon of overseas trading platform in the country to conduct business; If it is found risk and compliance risks, appropriate regulatory measures are also likely to further escalation, which does not exclude intercept overseas platform by shielding etc.。  People's Daily: from Tangshan, Hebei Province, the municipal government has learned: this year, Tangshan City, Feng Ting has been removed or related to iron and steel enterprises converter 7, 6 blast furnace, steel production capacity of 4.67 million tons resolve, iron production capacity of 3.81 million tons, complete Hebei the province issued the annual task of 53.8%, to achieve a production capacity Yajian task in half, is expected to complete the task before the end of the year to resolve 9。  Qinhuangdao coal network: the reporting period (February 14 to 27 February), the Bohai Sea thermal coal price index closed at 574 yuan / ton, Downstream 1 yuan / ton。Bohai Spot Index 725 yuan 5500 kcal / ton, downlink 18 yuan / ton; 656 yuan 5000 kcal / ton, downlink 17 yuan / ton。  Taking Stock Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu: to promote the "Securities Act" revised "Criminal Law" and "Company Law" to improve the work, and constantly reinforce the legal basis for stable development of the capital market。To continue to promote the organic integration of law enforcement resources in the system to ensure that law enforcement unity, coordination, build a "big law" pattern。  21st Century Business Herald: SFC sure you want to four emerging industry unicorn IPO "that is reported summarily"。Shenzhen Investment bank said that four sectors in particular biotechnology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing。  Commission: statistics show that in December 2017 the stamp duty 80.2.4 billion, compared to 98 in 2016.2.9 billion yuan; 2017 and 1124 a total of stamp duty on stock transactions.$ 6.2 billion in 2016 Cumulative 1273.8.4 billion yuan, down 11.71%。  SAFE: China as of February 27 had approved 991.QFII quota of $ 5.9 billion, to $ 97.2 billion last month。China As of February 27 qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) the amount approved for the 6123.600 million yuan, late last month to 610.4 billion yuan。China in late February Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor () approved quota of 899.$ 900 million late last month to 899.$ 9.3 billion。  Securities Daily: A shares will be June 1 this year, formally incorporated into the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, included in the initial ratio of 2.5%, September 3, 2018, A shares into factor will be increased to 5%。CICC estimates 2018 MSCI inclusion A shares brought into the scale at around $ 15 billion to $ 20 billion (including active and passive funds), that the implementation of each step will bring $ 7.5 billion to $ 10bn inflow。  Economic Information Daily: The latest data from the Chinese settlement, as at present, A shares of all listed companies, there is the number of shares pledged a total of 3398。Listed company in which the proportion of the overall pledge of more than 50% of the number only 136, only 10 pledge ratio above 70%, the market share is very small。Overall, the risk of listed company shares pledged as a whole belong to a controlled state。  SAFE: As of the end of January mainland fund issued in Hong Kong, the cumulative net import 3.9.8 billion yuan。As of the end of January the territory of Hong Kong Fund issued a total of 123 net export.400 million yuan。  Shanghai Securities News: After the Spring Festival, many funds have begun to enter or products to be raising period, in which the main Hong Kong stock market investment fund focused on the issue, the momentum is quite fierce, but also no shortage of well-known prescription issued。A detail is easy to square up through the Hong Kong stock dividend had also adjusted the mixing time once raised, it will be scheduled to shorten the period of 5 days to 1 day fund-raising, which might suggest that enthusiasm for capital investment fund companies predict Hong Kong stocks will be very high。  Securities Times: As of now, the two cities a total of 66 companies released the 2018 quarterly results notice, most of the good performance of the company, of which 30 companies are expected median net profit rose more than 100%, single-quarter net profit of 20 companies or over a hundred million。66 companies, 55 pre-increase, nine earnings guidance, and the pre-drop Pre-losing each one。  : After-hours data show, February 28 day of echelon, a total of 11 stocks appeared figure institutions, there are two institutional net buying stocks presented, nine institutions were net sellers of stocks showing。The first two bodies the same day net buying stocks were Haihong Holdings, Bairun shares, the net purchase amount were 68.46 million yuan, 16.74 million yuan。  Data at a glance Shanghai and Shenzhen stock: February 28 continue to adjust the situation, closing down 0.99%, to close at 3259.41 points, fell in line; continue to be strong, closing up 0.58%, day?Line triple sun, to close at 1753.63 points。The two cities combined turnover of 424.8 billion yuan, the industry sector were mixed。  Hong Kong: Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 1 February 28.4% to 30844.72 points; accumulated down February 6.2%, the biggest monthly decline in two years。HSCEI closed down more than 2%。  Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong: As of February 28 closing, the Shanghai stock on the same day net outflow of 6.0 billion yuan, balance of 136 day.0,000,000,000 yuan; through the deep femoral day 2.4.5 billion yuan, the date of the balance 127.5.5 billion yuan; to the north the same day net outflow of funds 3.5.5 billion yuan。Tong Hong Kong (Shanghai) 12 day net outflow.0.7 billion yuan, the date of the balance 117.0.7 billion yuan; Hong Kong stocks through (deep) day net inflow of 8.5.6 billion balance of the day 96.4.4 billion yuan; south to the net outflow of funds the day 3.5.1 billion yuan。  : As of February 27, the Shanghai Stock Exchange reported that the balance of financing 593 billion, an increase of 2 compared with the previous trading day.9.7 billion; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange financing balance reported 395.7 billion, an increase of 7 compared with the previous trading day.6.3 billion; the two cities a total of 988.7 billion, an increase of 10 compared with the previous trading day.6000000000。  Nuggets semiconductor industry sector: In recent years a series of policies to encourage the development of the domestic semiconductor industry, semiconductor "big fund" to provide direct support for the development of the domestic semiconductor industry, the establishment of national funds and local funds, will contribute to accelerate the development of integrated circuits investment , thereby releasing the relevant field equipment needs。  Recommendations concern: Asian Sky integration, Northern CRE, Jing Sheng Electrical, long-Technology。  Broiler industry: Due to the slaughter plant, commercial broiler farms, day-old chicks hatchery Spring Festival have started, but the dislocation of the production cycle, short-term lack of supply of each other form a chain, expects commodities day-old chicks, chicken hair phased start price quotes。  Recommendations concern: biological shares, shares in animal husbandry, Long Ping High-Tech, animal husbandry, the original shares, Wen's shares, Haid Group。  Environmental plate: tighter regulatory environment, the implementation of Discharge Permit System are spawned demand for the release of the power monitoring。Industrial business conditions improve, enhance the ability to pay environmental protection, while actively promoting third-party governance in favor of industrial pollution parties market share, enhance profitability。  Positive attention: the environment clean, Dongjiang Environmental, high-energy environment, gold environment, a precedent for environmental protection, FPI。  Light Industry: With the upgrade to enhance the ability of national consumption, light industry also has more than comply with consumer demand to upgrade the new company, good company。The current Chinese home improvement industry reached about 3 trillion, has the potential to foster 3-5 100 billion market capitalization company。  Recommendations concern: Chenming Paper, Sun Paper, still product delivery, ZhiBang shares, the ADB Dekor, Sofia, Gu home。  The newsletter Europe Pu Chi Network: Lv Xiaoqi of shareholders acting in concert once again passive holdings of shares。  Zhangzidao: scallops weight loss in line with the laws of history, failed to predict a major anomaly to occur。  Enlight: "Chinatown Holmes 2" at the box office exceeded 2.8 billion yuan。  God fog environmental protection: State-owned rental application for judicial frozen significantly more than the market value of the shares of debt, the controlling shareholder challenge。  Yi Chang shares: the proposed provision for new music as the intellectual home receivable bad debt reserve 2.500 million yuan。  Anne shares: the company's current Internet lottery business still suspended。  Busen shares: Liu Jun and concerted action to seek control of the company。  * ST Germany: the actual control person intends to transfer 10.56% of the shares to Jinjiang Group。  God fog energy: the controlling shareholder of the shares are frozen, there may be a risk of changes in actual control right。  Guifa Xiang: the controlling shareholder of the proposed transfer 10 6 3 yuan。  Xinhua News Agency observed the property market: the most popular cities to enter a second-tier "vacation mode" is different from a lot of four-tier cities to seize the opportunity to return home inventory, real estate sales than in previous years active。At the same time, others four-tier cities because of past blind development, inventory pressure is still large。Some experts believe that the regulation is accurate to the future direction of stock。  CITIC Bank: the implementation of national policies on the regulation of the real estate market, credit policy related products in Beijing timely adjustments, conduction, floor。CITIC Bank said that to protect the Beijing real estate regulation work smoothly, the adjustment related business approval policy。The adjustment does not affect the normal credit needs of buyers Beijing residents and businesses。  CRIC: February hundred housing prices overall sales volume 5296.$ 400 million from January 22% lower than the ring。Among them, large housing prices, such as Country Garden, Vanke, China Merchants, gold, etc., as well as some second-tier cities based layout type housing prices nationwide degree of disruption, significantly higher than the performance of the chain in February fell。  An International Perspective European Commission: British retreat Europe reaffirmed the transitional period will end on 31 December 2020, and that the transition period can stop the UK single market access; Ireland related agreement will take effect after the end of the transition period; Northern Ireland still reserved Customs Union membership。  Eurozone: February an initial value of 1.2%, expected 1.2%, before the value 1.3%。February core CPI up the initial 1%, 1% is expected, before the value of 1%。  Germany: March GfK10.8, expected 10.9, before the value 11。  France: fourth quarter GDP qoq correction value 0.6% expected 0.6%, the initial value 0.6%。Fourth quarter GDP growth revised value 2.5%, expected 2.4%, the initial value 2.4%。  Germany: February unemployment -2.20,000 expected -1.50000。Germany 5 February unemployment rate.4% 5 expected.4%, 5 before the value of.4%。  RMB foreign exchange broadcast: onshore RMB against the US dollar at the official closing price of 6 February 28.3335, the official closing drop in price over the previous day 271 points higher than the previous night disc closed down 135 points。The RMB against the US dollar reported 6.3294, compared with the previous session down 148 basis points。  USD: As of press time, the dollar index rose 0.65%, 90 reported.6360; US dollar fell against the euro 0.27% reported 1.2200; 1 pound fell against the dollar.01%, reported 1.3769; US dollar against the yen down 0.59% reported 106.7100; US dollar against the Canadian dollar rose 0.43% reported 1.2832; US dollar against the yuan rose 0.18% reported 6.3279。  Domestic futures market: As of the afternoon of February 28, the domestic commodity futures, Shanghai lead, copper, coke, Shanghai zinc closed down more than 1%, Shanghai silver, gold Shanghai, Zheng coal, iron ore, sugar, coke, Shanghai and nickel, eggs, plastic, and other fell。Manganese, silicon, rubber, apples, PVC, rapeseed meal, soybean meal rose more than 1%, of asphalt, Shanghai aluminum, glass, ferrosilicon, coil, thread, tin closed up Shanghai。  Gold: COMEX4月黄金期货收跌不到 0.1%, reported 1317.US $ 09 / oz, February tired and fell about 1.8%。  Crude oil: US WTI4月原油期货价格收跌 2.2%, 61 reported.US $ 64 / barrel; ICE April Brent crude oil futures prices fell 2.7% reported 64.US $ 76 / barrel。    Stocks: P 500 index fell 1.11 percent reported 2713.83 points。Dow closed down 1.50% reported 25029.20:00。Nasdaq was down 0.78% reported 7273.01 points。The Dow and S & P, the highest since January 2016 the biggest monthly decline, the Nasdaq, the highest since October 2016 the biggest monthly decline。  European stocks: European STOXX600 index ended down 0.71% reported 379.63 points, down more than 4 February tired.0%, the highest since the British referendum on Europe off the biggest monthly decline。  Asia: February 28th, the Nikkei 225 index closed down 1.4% to 22068.24 points。Seoul Composite Index closed down 1.11%。

The early symptoms of children with cerebral palsy Chinese medicine treatment of children with cerebral palsy so

Early symptoms of cerebral palsy in children is a common problem many children will encounter in life。
So, early symptoms of children with cerebral palsy, what does what method of treatment of children with cerebral palsy to determine whether the child has signs of 1, sleep or do not sleep too long comments。 2, swallowing convince poor。
3, life is not crying or crying sound muffled Straight。 4, do not open your legs to pee。
5, uncoordinated movement of the hands and feet, more unilateral movement。
6, eyes and even though parents are not always good at first exchange and cure convulsions。 7, three months can also choose not met payable six months can not stand still for a minute and eight months will not sit still healthy。
If a child has the above phenomenon, we must pay attention to, as soon as possible go to a regular hospital or specialist optimistic about the examination, diagnosis and timely treatment is necessary。 The following will talk specifically describes the various methods of Chinese medicine treatment of children with cerebral palsy。 Acupuncture therapy (high muscle tone caution children with cerebral palsy) The TCM argued disease pathogenesis and treatment of cerebral palsy, primary selection scalp, body acupuncture treatment, a latch needle, the closure point, catgut embedding the like, in order to achieve promoting blood circulation circulation, the effect of resuscitating。 From modern medicine that is in terms of its role in the initiation restore body balance, rousing, use the corresponding parts of the stimulus, so that local and whole blood to reconcile, increased disease resistance, balance the body, relax the muscle tone and increase muscle strength, recovery health。
One of the early symptoms of children with cerebral palsy massage therapy massage and massage therapy is an important therapy for children with cerebral palsy, is the main content of the meridian regulation, as well as Chinese medicine for children with cerebral palsy major rehabilitation treatment。
Massage and massage skilled or not will directly affect the quality of treatment, and it is the key to the success of treatment。
Different in children and adults, delicate skin, extremities bit small, it does not fit, so only the master operating practices in order to receive satisfactory results。 In addition to focusing on training skilled technique force uniform, really safe, durable and robust, so as to achieve light but not floating, heavy without delay, just in soft, there are just soft, rigid phase and the degree, we must also pay attention to proper gesture otherwise, the treatments also affect。

Darjeeling tea stuck dilemma: railway privatization delayed

Wait for the wind from the blue-chip, large data 300 refers to the group since June 15 on sale enter the phone number, the first time to notify and obtain buy Raiders?Name obtain free phone number verification code verification code to determine Congratulations on your appointment success! Before the sale of the product we will notify you SMS, please be patient。 Market risk, the investment need to be cautious Fang Xiangming located south of the Himalayas, northeast India Darjeeling (Darjeeling) because of the rich and famous black tea, with an average altitude of 2,000 meters in the mountains around the tea garden, highland foggy climate here gives black tea aroma and charm, people flock to the world's love of tea。  However, the lack of efficient logistics and local infrastructure, a deadly link Darjeeling tea sold facing。  Opened 100 years of "toy train" Banerjee (RajahBanerjee) is the owner of Darjeeling tea region Ma Kaba force (Makaibari), the site shows tea, tea most expensive a price of $ 400 / kg, the prices are remaining 60?US $ 100 / kg, about。Last year, the Park production of black tea was once sold for $ 2,000 / kg high prices become one of India's most expensive tea。  "Tea and wine, the need to breathe oxygen。"Banerjee does not like boiling water to make tea, and years of experience into their own philosophy。Ma Kaba force in mid-1859 completion of tea is India's first large-scale tea factory, tea factory Banerjee is already the fourth generation heir。  For many years the use of permaculture (sustainable production does not deplete resources) cropping patterns Ma Kaba force is more like a subtropical forest biodiversity。Because of worries about production, Banerjee began to put more energy into the tea business, of which an important part is the logistics。  Opened to traffic in 1881 Himalayan Railway is one of the earliest Indian Railways, a total length of 86 kilometers of track connecting Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri, altitude span 100 meters to 2200 meters。In the car it was so jubilant locals steam train carriage 4 hundred years a large number of tea shipped to the foot of the mountain, and then transported to the rest of the world through the port in Bangladesh。  But the problem is, one hundred years later, when an impressive transportation system is now far behind the needs of the times, but the government seems to have overlooked the railway, did not invest in upgrading Darjeeling railway therefore nothing select continue tenacious work。  Mid-1999, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was inscribed on the World Heritage List。Today, nicknamed the "Toy Train" (ToyTrains) of the steam front is still roaring ahead on 61 cm of the tracks, it is another important feature for visitors to glimpse a symbol of industrialization era of British India。  Travel between Darjeeling and near the town of Gum (Ghum) for some 7 kilometers steam railway is an important development for the local experience of tourism projects。  "I can invest, but the government does not allow," "do not invest in (railway), then have tea Ma Kaba force to close down, but once you have invested, the tourism industry will be driven up, the entire community will benefit。"Banerjee showed a more forward-looking vision than our ancestors," I can invest, but the government does not allow。"This appears in the museum of the steam train appeared to be inadequate in a hundred years after the operation, along with the already small number of technicians getting retired or passed away, a lot of old machines and tools inside the train no one knows how to use and maintain, the old train each whistle is like a laborious among themselves。  Now, the old train no routine maintenance, emergency repairs only when there is a problem, it may be someday, once the key components disrepair, old train mileage will eventually Huashangjuhao。  Even so, the New Delhi government Railroad Commission has always been reluctant to open investment Banerjee, who depend on improved rail logistics。Locals believe the reason is very simple, do not want the government to privatize state-owned railway opened precedent assume any political risk。  According to reports, India has more than one million people work in the railway system, they are strongly opposed to privatization of railways。In other words, the Indian government would rather "toy train" because of old age disrepair do intend to walk, do not want to open private investment, in the moment Modi government's commitment to reform, it seems out of place。  India's main tea-producing areas are concentrated in Assam (Assam), Darjeeling, Dua Wales (Dooars) and Nilgiris (Nilgiris), there are about 350 million people in more than 1,500 tea plantation in the relevant jobs。Data show that exports of Indian tea from 12% in 2013 to 2014, global tea exports。2014 gross annual tea export more than 6.$ 400 million, the annual output of Darjeeling tea though only about 10,000 tons, but due to favorable market, prices soared, income plays an important role in India's tea。

Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. has been officially declared "OFweek 2017 was networking solutions provider."

Industry Year Award "OFweekIoTAwards2017" will be held June 5, 2017 – 6 since May 20 online voting phase, the final winners will be announced held in Shenzhen on July 21, 2017 awards ceremony。
Currently, these activities are in the fiery registration review stage, the industry's enterprises to actively respond。 Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. has been officially declared "OFweek2017 Things solution provider"。
About Schneider Electric is one of the leading companies in France。
Fortune 500 companies, the world's top electrical companies。 19th century, Schneider Electric in the iron and steel industry, heavy machinery industry, ship building industry; the 20th century, engaged in power and automation management industry。 In the 170 years of the establishment, the Schneider Electric encountered numerous challenges, have been in several major strategic choice, the Group has grown into an industry leader。 Schneider Electric (Schneider Electric) in more than 100 countries in energy and infrastructure, industry, data centers and networks, buildings and residential markets provide total solutions, in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centers network and other markets is a world leader in residential applications with strong market power。 To provide customers with safe, reliable, efficient energy。 Schneider Electric energy management and sustainable global leader in industrial automation。 Has deep expertise in energy management, automation and control, software and services, in a way only a few years ago can not be achieved integration connector technology operations。 2017 participating businesses: Corporate results: – by means of innovative EcoStruxure architecture and platform that provides infrastructure throughout the data center, operation and maintenance and service of integrated solutions; – Things to cloud-based platform, driven by data of remote and the reconstructed data center management business model to ensure high availability, reliable and efficient operating environment; – the layout of the data center is the layout of the future, with continuous innovation for data center construction and operation of cloud era provide the most solid and stable protection。 Election reasons: EcoStruxure platform is the backbone EcoStruxure architecture and technology platform, provides a set of basic technical capacity, facilitate connection of things based solutions three levels of innovation, to fill the gaps between IT / OT。
EcoStruxure platform provides effective support for the scalable design and operation of the interconnected system。
Its superior network security technology around the following three core competencies: · core embedded technology to achieve interoperability and intelligent-intelligent basis for interactive operations · achieve cloud digital service infrastructure。

Nausea, bloating how to do? Bloating, nausea treatment method

Nowadays people's work pressure was relatively large, have to stomach for some office workers is a very common thing, in fact, if you do not want to let yourself suffer stomach pain, bloating problems, it may wish to develop the habit of movement in life, you only need to master three simple exercise method, you can protect yourself from the stomach distress。
Kneeling forward on his knees, from the knees to the toes should touch the ground, keeping the upper body upright, hands naturally droop。 Slow down, until the body is completely pressed against the ankle, hands naturally lap, maintain normal breathing。
Maintain the position for about 30 seconds, then relax the upper body leaning forward。 Repeat 3?5 times。 This action helps to eliminate flatulence, gastrointestinal syndrome (such as gastrointestinal cramps, diarrhea, etc.), but also strengthen the thigh muscles。 Nausea, bloating how to do?Bloating, nausea treatment method push-ups prone (lying on the bed or floor), relax, forehead touching the ground, legs straight, hands flat bent and shoulder, elbows close to the body, palms down。
Hands to support, raised his head, chest, legs still touch the ground until you feel chest fully extended。 Hold this position for about 10 seconds。
Repeat 3?5 times。 This can eliminate flatulence, relieve constipation, exercise back muscles, there is some help for chiropractic。 Standing feet apart and knees bent stand shoulder-width apart, hands light up lap, the body slightly bent forward。 Take a deep breath and exhale slowly contract your abdominal muscles, so that abdominal muscles was depression-like, but do not force hard, otherwise they will feel uncomfortable。 Hold this position for 5?20 seconds, do not hold your breath, then take advantage of the exhaust gas lungs, relax the muscles。 Repeat 4?7 times。
This action helps to relieve constipation。

Spinach + tofu, eat also eat for free?(1)

  This is probably the most widely circulated, the highest acceptance diet with a。
It contains large amounts of oxalic acid。
Oxalic acid and calcium binding ability is very strong, calcium oxalate can not be absorbed in the gastrointestinal lining, so the spinach with the same food will affect calcium absorption。This is no problem in chemistry, it has been widely recognized – not with the tofu with fresh spinach。However, the problem is not so simple。To oxalic acid in spinach and tofu in the calcium-binding, must have the opportunity to meet both the job。
When you only eat the spinach in a meal in and eat tofu, after all these things are solid, there was much in the gastrointestinal opportunity to meet really hard to say。
If you eat spinach alone, it will be absorbed by the body of oxalic acid。
Oxalic acid itself is a detrimental thing。After it enters the kidneys, the concentration is high enough, then it may be combined with calcium there (do not forget the human body is calcium), then deposited, it becomes kidney stones。Of course, full health, especially kidney function no problem man, ordinary levels of oxalic acid kidney can be disposed of, I do not worry too much。
But for those strong enough kidney function or kidney stones do have people, these oxalic acid in spinach is the worse。  Nor with the calcium content of milk and other foods with food!  Not fried liver liver rich in copper, iron and other metals species, once with higher binding vitamin C ^ containing a metal ion is easily oxidized vitamin C ^ lost nutritional value itself。  Animal liver class, egg yolk, soybeans are rich in iron, not containing oxalic acid and more amaranth, eat。Because cellulose and oxalic acid will affect the body's absorption of iron in the above-mentioned food。  Soybeans: If the beans to eat, copper will produce inhibition of the release, resulting in poor copper metabolism。  Cucumber: cucumber contains Vitamin?Enzymes, and are rich in vitamin C, so the two should not be the same food。  Do not fry。

Factors which female fertility?

World Health Organization survey of 33 research centers in 25 countries showed that about 5% in developed countries?8% of couples affected by infertility, infertility in some areas of developing countries, the prevalence of up to 30%。According to the WHO predicts that this century will become the third largest disease infertility after cancer and cardiovascular disease。
So why are so many infertility?Why do so many people it is easy to conceive after miscarriage it?We listen to members of the Professional Committee of Tianjin TCM Gynecology of Chinese Medicine Societies, how the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director Zhao Zhimei。
Factors which female fertility?  Factors that affect female fertility is roughly divided into environmental factors, physiological factors, social factors, pathology and other factors。
  1.Environmental factors people are exposed to every day in different ways in different environments disruptors, including lifestyle-related risk factors, occupational risk factors and endocrine factors。
Occupational risk factors common: anesthetic gas, anticancer drugs, heavy metals, and a solvent。Studies have shown that occupational exposure to agricultural pesticides can significantly affect the female reproductive system, reduce fertility; styrene and other organic solvents, the metallic mercury and lead pollution will damage the female reproductive health, directly or indirectly。
It refers to endocrine factors exogenous chemical substances and mixtures interfere with the endocrine system。
Thyroid hormone disorders and diseases such as endocrine environment may lead to ovarian dysfunction, uterine disease, placental dysfunction, and adverse pregnancy outcomes, breast disease。
  2.Physiological factors such as age are the main factors influencing the physiology of female fertility。Increases with age, increasing the incidence of female infertility, reduced fertility, manifested as lower pregnancy rate, abortion rate increased, the average time between births to extend and increase the probability of breeding offspring chromosome abnormalities, lower live birth rate。
Female main cause of the increase is to reduce the decline in fertility ovarian reserve, mainly due to the number of ovarian follicles can be raised to reduce memory decline and leave egg quality。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

I feel good kidney?So these nine features you have it?

Chinese medicine, kidney is the innate, is the essence of dirty。The incidence of chronic kidney disease in our country increased year by year, the city had one case per 10 people。Kidney is like the body's "water purifier" filter and clean 200 liters of blood, useful things stay in the blood every day, so that metabolic wastes excreted。
At the same time, the kidneys also known as the "factory", and it produced a lot of human endocrine metabolism of hormones that help regulate blood pressure, maintain bone function, red blood cell formation。
Although kidney powerful, but it is a fragile organ。Surveys show that the incidence of chronic kidney disease increased year by year, the city had one case for every 10 people, therefore, we should always pay attention to kidney health, pay attention to "repair" it sends a signal。
Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate, is the essence of the dirty, director of human growth and development, procreation and other physiological functions, meaning a relatively wide range and we often hear of "kidney" belongs to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine。
Western medicine kidney concept refers to the spine on both sides, a pair of bean-shaped, fist-sized organ。Because of different concepts, different kidney health standards。
From the Chinese point of view, the following criteria can still explain your kidneys healthy。
1.Hearing clear。Central China Xiyuan Hospital Geriatrics Professor Li Yuehua pointed out that in traditional Chinese medicine theory, closely related to the rise and fall of kidney function and hearing of the ear, kidney hearing good enough。
On the contrary, when the symptoms of tinnitus, irritability, hearing loss, kidney can be more consideration。