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Accompany your life

Spring, dark gray sky, floating down to drizzle.    You hit the paper umbrella heaven, my back pack, they reluctantly farewell at the end of the village water bridge.You asked me: Go!Good man Faces.Waiting for your career, I’m your bride.    You leave, leave home, I worked hard in the debauchery of the earth.Good man Faces, your words, all the time inspired me to work hard, to go into business.    Life hidden variables, did not think the company just had a profit, I would at once unexpected accident, lost his left leg and became disabled persons.    Five years ago, the water bridge hometown, in front of you, my back pack, high-spirited, great to go out into the world, we must homecoming spirit.    As everyone knows, we are today, meet on the water bridge, I was actually kicked a long kick short to crutches.And you, who sent me to still wearing a blue and white cheongsam break when the world, and the fight that paradise paper umbrella.    Spring through heaven paper umbrella, put your face may reflect a more rosy peach beautiful.You, an umbrella with one hand, smiling to come to me.Close to my side, you put paper umbrella heaven in our heads held high, saying: “You people come back better than anything else.”” Good ass!My leg is gone.”” My dear, do not be so bitter with a straight face, okay?”You are a hand and gently pulled at my sleeve:” Come!He told me to go home.”” Go home with you?”I looked back and squint you directed your exposed contemptuous smile:” I am your man what ah?You and I are what people ah?You cut me half way, but for me tugging back and forth to your home, you do not shame shame ah?”You listened to me, shook his head slightly, then gently sip bit his lip, looked very helpless.Silence for a moment, your smile said to me: “You are my beloved husband die!”” I am your husband?”I’m mocking smile:” And still dear?I asked you that I hit to civil marriage certificate with you yet?You any connection with my wedding night yet?””nothing!””nothing?”I watched your contempt, mouth revealing a cold smile:” Now do not you take me halfway cut in calling me to do what my dear husband?”” Because we love each other too when vows.”You smile and said:” Whether rich or poor and lowly later, we have to Xiangpei forever.”” You ought to be ashamed ashamed ah?Cut me down, and said to accompany me to forever.”” Really!”Your eyes hold in the mouth tears:” My dear, whether you are missing a leg or two legs, I am willing to accompany you forever.”” But I……”I limped on crutches left alone:” tells you ashamed of this woman, I do not want!”You insisted on paper umbrella heaven, stood motionless on the bridge, watching I gradually go away.

Do not bother others, or will go away

For others this trouble, I should have done much.This may be related with the environment, because a child in the countryside, the family also have very little trouble others, because a little bit of trouble, soon spread throughout the village, so Mom and Dad rarely bother others.  Since I fall, this point is more know, I know, it is best to independence, and strive upward.    Yesterday line under a friend to me, and asked me if he’s okay projects, he means that he is now the phone has 150 friends, one by one visit in the past, each friend to help him introduce a friend to buy like five, like this at least a year he earns two million of.  I say, or do not do such a thing, in general very difficult.Venture certainly not as we thought it would be ideal brain.    I did not say too thoroughly, but also afraid to really hit him, because his business for four years, and now has no income.  I just kept thinking, emotion is emotional, friendship is friendship, you will want linked with interest, maybe people will look on your face a little help so what next, but more emotional, most of the friends, will also have away from you a.  Look around us do direct sales, insurance do know, though they are true, but human nature is disgusted with these.    I think the last time a lot of people will think of a paper sent to the group and let others help the top.But he was never someone else’s roof.  I would suggest a slightly lower.I said, you like this is not enough.  Like this do more than a few times, maybe even later someone else your text will not be seen again.  Why, because we all know the top and white top, just get the money and let the water go, like rivers, never came back to.    Of course, if you just like this better.The most terrible people, we later see you are afraid of the face.Not to mention there is a problem will help you, it is impossible to be sure.Why, because they are afraid to talk to you, would you let them top text.  Few people can eat insisted nothing to do, so we can not easily go to trouble others.  Trouble others, we must think of giving a greater return on the job.    A lot of people see my words back relatively more people, but they are not seen me every day how many people back.  Because everyone is not a fool, you do not someone else, how to help others How about you.  This feeling is not thick, and let people top article several times, what was depleted, the lifetime does not come back up.    The group had a friend join me from the first training to now, more than three years, we have been very good.  For example, every time I let him buy space, you need 100, I’ll give him a direct hit 150, the next thing to do to help, others need 20, to take him at least 50.Maybe seemingly is our loss, but the fact is I earned.  Because he gave me is the best space, and are the best service.  More importantly, we have been very good.He was looking for me, but also gave me more.    I’ve been thinking about, people really are like this.  You little good for others, others will naturally point to Hello.  For example, you have to bargain, Kandao he was angry, I’m sure you follow-up services you are embarrassed to find him.    When I read the other group, the people say, who gave me a good number buttoned, who good technology, help me see website.  Basically no one will help you.  He also?Because you did not pay to think to return, others did not owe us the way.And we asking too much.    Someone gave us buttoned No, we have to thank days thanks, the grateful met him on the road of our lives.But you still have a good number.Not only high-value, others will not give you.Even I want to, and you say No fear bad.  That as people look for help is the same site.He says good techniques to help look website.Good technical people are busy, who’s free to help you see it.The main fear is also to help you read, was you said, you said he was not afraid of technology.  Pay a lot, not only to get nothing at all, but also risky, would do something like this person very little.    When I used to read the university, there is a boss is to do the printing, and just start a business.But he will not design.Small printing.He then told his wife, and several workers.Every design is to look for me, then let me help find someone else.  Sometimes a construction site, sometimes need articles sometimes need the overall layout, sometimes to the statistics.  Every time I have been looking for free help, beginning when I have helped, but I really afraid to back up.    Because always free to help, and made me put my friendship gave overdrawn.  He told me to do, I asked a friend to help do not give him a penny, every time I bring money to my friends.  So I would not take back to his phone, but after all these years, his business failed at least 10 times.  We are now sometimes drink together, his hair basically white.    I think a lot of things with the character is really about, for example, I think the character is not inconveniencing anyone not trouble others, he does, but it is able to think of others trouble trouble to others, to earn more to earn more.  But how many single-earned money in order to make the acquaintance of it, is not it.Dry rut and fish, and it certainly caught the light.  But they never are too many people do not want this.    Have heard a word, people do, day in perspective.  What is the deep meaning of this sentence, that is to pay its own reward.This is equivalent to the energy conservation law as.You do not pay, the old want to deceive others.Even if you earn, you will certainly lose it, because God is in charge.  If you pay now, you will definitely be rewarded, even though he did not return to you, God will return from one corner of the world a way to give you.Because God was watching, any person who is no escape.With my words, it is the law.    So we often see people who Replies everywhere, always a lot of their friends, their business is always good.  So we often see people who help others solve problems, the problems he encountered, there are always people to help him solve.    In fact, the above two points is easy to understand, from a scientific point of view can be explained through.  Such as the first point, you are someone else replies, others happy, affirmation Hello, sure to help you back up, to help you return to more people, you certainly flourishing popularity, you will certainly find what you’re looking for, the most important, you go looked back, the growth of your own harvest.  The second point is, someone else to solve your problem, you have a problem, others certainly help you, but you always someone else to solve, others will be grateful to you, the most important is that you are in the process of solving problems, you yourself also grown.    So I always feel, feeling really used to care, really can not be used trouble.  A trouble trouble, because once something is lost, he who had come back.    For example, we give the first impression of others, for example, the original can guide and support us, the achievements of our people.    Less trouble to others, others a little bit of awe, a little bit more respect, make yourself attracted people around.  Because when we high, in fact, we are the most insignificant, when we lay down ourselves, we just tall and up.  Because we see those who have selfish, eventually became a loner, but those old someone else’s, are up.  Those are the questions the group asked people to break out of a one-time, someone else to solve the problem of people who are getting along best oh.  - This article also known as “Do not trouble others, shallow warm feelings we want to care.”.  QQ: 838504315

Maotai Group coaching shares rose more than 5% Li Baofang taking over a new term chairman Yuan Renguo

After more than two years, internal Maotai Group ushered in major personnel changes。  CBN reporter learned from within the group, Li Baofang taking over a new term chairman Yuan Renguo Maotai Group。At this point, Li Baofang Maotai Group, who is also party secretary, chairman and general manager of three jobs。  Li Baofang in August 2015 began serving Maotai Group party secretary, vice chairman and general manager positions; also the joint-stock company Moutai (600 519.SZ) Director, took the general manager。Prior to this, Li Baofang identity Commission by letter of Guizhou Province Party Secretary and Director。Li Baofang was inside the office, it is the peak of the replacement of old Maotai Group。  It is worth mentioning that in January 2017, Yuan Renguo part-time deputy director of news Guizhou Provincial People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee, once attracted, or no longer serve as chairman of speculation Maotai, but afterwards was rumor。For the current whereabouts of Yuan Renguo further, the Maotai Group without further aspect respond。  Since Li Baofang entry Maotai Group more than two years time, coincides with the liquor industry usher in recovery。As the leader of the liquor industry, the Maotai Group, the first to recover, but also because of its main products Maotai liquor price inflation problem, but extra attention by the market。In the past more than two years, its listed companies Moutai performance was quite beautiful, revenue from the mid-2015's 326.6 billion yuan climbed to 582 in 2017.1.8 billion yuan; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 155 from 2015.0.3 billion yuan rising to 270.7.9 billion yuan。  With the performance of the company's shares rose, Maotai Group's results have gone up。In the past 2017, the entire Maotai Group sales revenue of 76.4 billion yuan, an increase of 50.5%; the added value of 66.4 billion yuan, an increase of 43.5%; total profit of 40.3 billion yuan, an increase of 57.6%; taxes paid 25.6 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%。  Previously, the Maotai Group proposed to create "hundreds of billions" revenue goals this year is to achieve the goal of tackling the。  In January this year, Li Baofang proposed group "to be able to jump the peaches," to achieve this year's tax revenue 90 billion yuan, an increase of more than 18%。  For Li Baofang next task, no doubt at the same time led the group toward the goal of one hundred billion, also driven by intra-group series wine cooperative development。And within the group a wine (Maotai) dominate not been checked。In fact, Li Baofang also suggested that the group should accelerate the formation of a new situation "1 + N" joint development, since 2018, those who do not have a social welfare nature, does not belong in the construction or pre-production subsidiary projects, are not allowed losses this year about 10% of the Group's share of other revenues other than AG。  With the adjustment of the Group's personnel, whether shares of the company Moutai personnel accordingly adjusted, for the time being that。Group insiders said, mainly specific to the listing。  Moutai shares rose 5 today.33%, closing 698.17 yuan。  Related reports

Xi Jinping to visit Indonesia and Malaysia to attend the informal meeting of APEC

Contents 1 the number of time and place Seattle in November 1993 issued a "APEC Leaders 'Economic Vision Statement" 2 November 1994 in Bogor, Indonesia adopted the "APEC Economic Leaders' Declaration common resolve" (referred to as the "Bogor Declaration") 3 Osaka, Japan, in November 1995 issued a "Declaration of the APEC economic leaders' action" (referred to as "Osaka Declaration"), through the implementation of trade and investment liberalization and economic and technical cooperation, "the Osaka action agenda"。 4 November 1996 by the Subic and "APEC Economic Leaders' Declaration: From vision to action", "Manila Action Plan" approved "in principle the framework of APEC Economic and Technical Cooperation Declaration"。 5 November 1997 in Vancouver, Canada adopted the "APEC Economic Leaders Declaration: the APEC family together of" 6 November 1998 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia issued a "APEC Economic Leaders Declaration: Strengthening the foundation of growth" through the "21st century agenda of APEC Science and Technology industry cooperation" and "action plan for skills development in Kuala Lumpur," July 1999 September Auckland, New Zealand issued a "APEC economic leaders Declaration: the Auckland challenge," approved "competition and strengthen APEC principles of regulatory reform "and" integration of women in APEC framework "of 8 November 2000, Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei through the" APEC economic leaders Declaration: the benefit of society "and the" new economy action agenda "92001 10 years adopted and published the "leaders' Declaration: meet the new challenges of the new century," China Shanghai March meeting, "Shanghai consensus" and "digital APEC strategy" and October 2002 October Los Cabos, Mexico adopted the "APEC economies leaders' Declaration "and other documents 112 003 Bangkok, Thailand, in October adopted the "Leaders' Declaration", decided to strengthen partnerships to advance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, protection of citizens and societies against security threats, from free and open trade and to benefit fully from 2004 for 12 years Santiago, Chile November meeting adopted the "Santiago Declaration" reaffirming promote development through trade and investment liberalization。
13 November 2005 Busan, South Korea issued a "Busan Declaration", "APEC Leaders' Statement on the WTO Doha Development Agenda negotiations," "APEC influenza pandemic preparedness initiative" of 14 November 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam adopted a purpose in the "Hanoi action plan" to achieve the Bogor goals, signed the "Hanoi Declaration" 15 September 2007 in Sydney, Australia issued a "Declaration energy security and clean development of APEC leaders on climate change" 16 November 2008 Lima, Peru published "Lima Declaration" and a statement on the global economy, focusing on the various members of the world economic and financial situation, the Doha Round negotiations, food security, energy security, regional economic integration, corporate social responsibility, climate change, disaster prevention and mitigation consensus was reached 17 November 2009 in Singapore issued a "Singapore Declaration" 18 November 2010 in Yokohama, Japan through the joint Declaration, "Yokohama vision", stressing that the "community" of this form, break trade and investment, logistics barriers as soon as possible regional economic integration of 19 November 2011 issued Hawaii "Honolulu Declaration – Towards closely linked to the regional economy" and four annexes, were involved in 20 September 2012, the members of the Russia Vladivostok innovation policy, SMEs, environmental goods and services, regulatory cooperation APEC around Conference on Trade and investment liberalization and regional economic integration, strengthening food security, establishing reliable supply chains, promote innovation and growth and other issues in-depth exchange of views and reached consensus on the positive, concrete results reached。

Deutsche Bank: US wage pressures are gradually accumulate

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK January 14 news, the United States announced last Friday a very strong employment report, in December new The number of non-farm employment increased by 25.20,000, unemployment rate drops to 5.6%, higher than market expectations, but the average hourly pay close attention to the Fed were down 0.2%, the highest since mid-2006 has the lowest level of data。Wage data the market disappointment, the day the dollar fell sharply as investors believe the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates before the need to see some upward pressure on wages, to ensure that the level of inflation can gradually move closer to the long-term goals。  Although the December employment report, the market believe that the United States has not yet wage pressures emerge, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank), chief US economist Joseph Laver Wagner's way around。He believes that in fact the United States wage pressures are cumulative。  Bravo Wagner pointed out that this can be seen from the NFIB small business survey clues。The latest NFIB small business survey data show a sharp rise in the number of planned salary increases for employees of small businesses。In December, the company plans to raise the proportion rose from 15-17 percent, the highest since December 2007, the highest level。  Deutsche Bank report said, NFIB small business pay plan data is a measure of private sector wage growth Employment Cost Index (ECI) is a leading indicator, based on the trend of small companies pay plan, the employment cost index next few quarters year on year growth will more than 3%。  Yellen has said that the US inflation rate to rise to 2%, wage growth needs to be in the range of 3-4%。  In the near term, Deutsche Bank believes inflation will remain at a very low level。Friday's release of US CPI data for December, Deutsche Bank expects headline inflation rate -0.6%, core inflation rate rose 0.1%。But Deutsche Bank reminded investors that inflation is a lagging economic indicator, "Overall, the economy continues to benefit from the massive stimulus energy prices and loose monetary policy brought about by the labor market will continue to tighten, thus push up labor costs。"(Shofu compilation)

Chin-up, kneeling abdominal round of the French male model showing textbook warm-up

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 19: World Cup 2018 has been the start, sauna, night sports network in cooperation with the French national team, will introduce the "Law Star Club" section, to track the latest developments Gallic rooster。After the end of the first game of the group stage and in Australia, the French players have also started a new round of recovery training, there are cycling warm-up, there are pull-ups, as well as abdominal round difficult exercise, each actions are as textbook regular。#endText .Video information is {text- decoration: none; color: # 000;} # ENDTEXT .Video Information: hover {COLOR: # d34747;} # ENDTEXT . Video list {overflow: hidden; float: left; list-style: none; width: 132px; height: 118px; position: relative; balance: 0 8 pixels pixels pixels 3PX 0;} # entText .Video list, # ENDTEXT .Video list: accessing {Text decoration: none; color: #FFF;} # ENDTEXT .Video list . Cover {text-align: left; padding: 0 pixel 6 pixels; background color: # 313131; size: 12px; width: 120 pixels; position: absolute; bottom: 0 pixel; left: 0 pixel; height: 26px; line height: 26px; overflow: hidden; color: #FFF;} #endText .Video list .{In the bottom border: solid pixels 8 # c4282b;} # ENDTEXT .video-list . Play {width: 20px; height: 20px; background: url (HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback. PNG); position: absolute; the right: 12px's; top: 62px; Opacity: 0. 7; Color: #FFF; filter: α (opacity = 70); _background: None; _filter: Process id: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader of (SRC = "HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback.PNG ");} #endText .Video List: hover .Play {Opacity: 1; Filter: [alpha] (100 Opacity); _ filter: the progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader of (SRC = "HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback.PNG ");} France indoor Recovery Training (Source: sauna night Sports Network)

Priceless old thin?Is it really?(1)

  Metabolic capacity is weak, easy accumulation of fat。
In order to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, many elderly people convinced that "priceless old to thin", blindly reject meat, eggs and other foods。However, the elderly and skinny issue more prominent anemia than obesity。
Thin and three causes of anemia: physical function decline, misconceptions, suffering from many chronic diseases。
  How elderly people to old age, the body organs function gradually weakened, teeth started to fall, the digestion and absorption are slowly diminished appetite naturally watered down。Reduced food intake to ensure that in the case of quality, you can follow the following 12 principles: a small number of small daily amount of saliva secretion is one third of young people, the secretion of gastric juice has dropped to 1/5 of a young man, and therefore a little eat more, it will stomach swelling, indigestion。Therefore, food intake for each meal of the elderly than the young should be reduced by 10%, while ensuring that small meals。  Better quality protein plays an important role in maintaining the body's normal metabolism, increase body resistance。The elderly in general, per kilogram of body weight need 1 gram of protein, should be a good source of protein fish, poultry, eggs, milk, soybeans and other main。  Vegetables and a little more to eat more vegetables is good for cardiovascular protection and anti-cancer, elderly people should eat no less than 250 grams of vegetables per day。
  Vegetables to taste a little light function has diminished, and often tasteless food, always like to eat food to enhance the flavor of appetite, so inadvertently increased salt intake。Eat more salt will increase the burden on the kidney, may reduce the oral mucosa barrier function, increasing the chances of survival of influenza virus in the upper respiratory tract and spread。Therefore, the elderly daily salt intake should be controlled at about 5 grams, while eating Sauce and other salty。  One thing to take into account the hybrid varieties of meat and vegetables, with the thickness, the more the better hybrid varieties。Staple foods per day (excluding seasonings) comp not less than 10。
  Hong said that the food here is "sweet" does not refer to more than salt, MSG and other seasonings, but appropriate to the dish add more onions, ginger and other spices。Facial features are interlinked, you can use the sense of smell to compensate for the lack of taste。
The smell of delicious food, the elderly will be able appetites。  A little more than hot food cold food cold, eating more will affect the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption, and even cause damage。
Therefore, to avoid cold food, especially in winter should pay more attention。
  To put a little thin rice gruel made of rice, soft and hard, not only palatable, easy to digest, but mostly with the spleen and stomach, raw body fluid effect, good for longevity。
But the old man can not therefore Dun Dun porridge。After all, porridge with water-based, "dry" little。Stomach capacity in the same case, the same volume of porridge in nutrition and bread, rice far too long run, may be malnourished。
  Eat slowly slowly easy to produce a sense of fullness and prevent overeating, can digest food better。
  Breakfast breakfast should be better accounted for 30% -40% of total calories day, quality and nutritional value should be higher, refined some of, but not to eat greasy, fried, dry and hard and big spicy food。
  Dinner a little earlier, "Stomach, restless night", eat dinner too late, not only affects sleep, hoarding calories, but also prone to urinary tract stones。The human body is the peak discharge of calcium in 4-5 hours after a meal, eat dinner too late, or if the regular supper, when the row of calcium arrival of the peak, the elderly may have gone to bed。Dinner should be the best time of the elderly in the afternoon six or seven points, and do not eat late night less。

Spring season appropriate exercise your body good

What are the appropriate exercise spring into the spring after temperatures begin to warm gradually, and this time is very suitable for some activities, and appropriate exercise can not only make people better health, but also helps to release pressure。So what are the movement in the spring it is suitable for the following night network come to you recommend some suitable movement of the spring, give your body a good season!Raiders Raiders a spring movement should be gradual, because persons who wish to prepare activities before exercise to prevent injury。After a winter sports such "low tide", human muscle relaxation, central nervous system, internal organs function than in summer and autumn poor, hard ligaments, prone to injury。
Therefore, at this time to grasp the principle of gradual exercise to restore bodily functions as the main purpose, not for the sake of "Crash" and blindly increase the amount of exercise, or easily cause unnecessary damage to the body。
In addition, should the person who should fitness, exercise intensity should be 170 minus the age values in the heart rate after exercise is appropriate。
Raiders two attention to warm cold, fitness time selectable from 14:00 to 20:00。Studies have shown that 14: After 00, body functions start to rise, 17:00 to 19:00 best for exercise。
Morning can, but you must choose a good local air environment, early spring recovery of all things, the air has a lot of beneficial negative ions the human body, easily absorbed。
But sooner or later, early spring is still cold and changeable climate, outdoor sports should therefore keep warm, avoid cold。Raiders three spring appropriate exercise for fitness and select your favorite items, long-term adherence。Many fitness are "three minutes", but the fitness effect is not obvious。Therefore, a reasonable choice of fitness programs, so that they can hold a very important long-term。
In addition to spacious, well-ventilated gyms, a machine, equipment, and other exercise, because the gym there is a kind of common fitness of a good atmosphere, can help you stick to it。Raiders more than four water moisture holding body。
The current temperature is still low, tend to ignore the importance of drinking water when people exercise。
In fact, relatively dry spring, the movement but also a lot of sweat, so in this case exercise should pay attention to replenish moisture。

Foot sprain recovery method how to restore the fastest foot sprain

Second, how to restore a sprained hamstring, foot sprain injuries may Shujinhuoxue law sitting or lying on the bed, the doctor (family doctor or the patient's) hand holding the injured person injured ankle, the other hand holding the toes of the foot injury。
First with the hand holding the toes slowly pulling injured foot, ankle to stimulate slowly pulling, pulling a moment after each extension and allows injured foot instep and soles of the feet to the curved direction and inward and outward turning Number times (action should be gentle, not excessive force)。 While doing the actions described above, the hand holding the ankle slowly stroked tendon meridians, but should not force rubbing the affected area。
After the massage, the injury to the foot instep extending direction, and leg was 90 degrees after slight valgus, and then maintained at this bit injured ankle bandage fixed with a bandage or tape width, limiting walking foot injury。 After dressing three weeks, undock, the patient can start practicing walking。 Also take some of the blood circulation during this period the patient medication (such as Yunnan Baiyao, Panax sheet, etc.) to facilitate the repair of damaged tissue。 Sprained foot how to restore the fastest way to restore the 2 foot sprain, sprained foot Fresh holly (Ilex cornuta is a common Chinese herbal medicine, also known as male cat thorn drugs fumigation method, hexagonal tea, the drug with blood circulation, Shujin, chills and pain efficacy) 1000 g of roots, cut into pieces with a knife after it was added to 5000 ml of water for suffering。
Continue boiling until the water after boiling for 30?60 minutes, then poured into a column of liquid Aohao barrel (or other container may be immersed in the injured foot) where the cool until the liquid (in the skin can withstand temperatures down to best。 Do not just put your foot directly Aohao chemical solution so as not to burn after) injured foot into the liquid soaked and covered with a thick cotton cloth bucket mouth or other things, to prevent leakage of liquid vapor。 Immersion foot injury, the patient should continue the activities ankle injury, so that the liquid medicine to the affected area to fully fumigation。 Every patient can Fumigation 20?30 minutes, 1 day Fumigation?2 times until healed。 Patients should use this method when treating severe ankle sprain, not only without any pain, but also a significant effect。
Sprained foot how to restore the fastest way to restore the 3 foot sprain, sprained foot TCM herbs law take walnuts, frankincense, myrrh, Angelica 9 grams, safflower, dragon's blood of 6 grams, 30 grams of rhubarb, and the traditional Chinese medicine research a powder。
The proper amount of powder (depending on the size range may be damaged) with a small amount of flour, warm water into a paste, directly over the ankle injury。
1 may be 2 times per dressing, generally continuous medication for 6 days, the wound will be apparent swelling subsided, the pain can be significantly reduced。 And then continue to use six days, the wound swelling and pain can disappear completely, the injured ankle function return to normal。
Xiao Bian warm mention: fomentation should be after 24 hours after the sprain, when the bleeding stopped completely in order to carry out heat treatment。
This time, heat can effectively help promote blood circulation and help reduce swelling and pain, promote absorption of metabolites and congestion, heat can also be blood circulation。
Also by swelling and pain medicine decoction boiling to heat, or is completely immersed sprained joints, this can enhance the effect of heat。
But it is worth noting that sometimes sprains and fractures, fractures difficult to distinguish distinguish, if it is a pain, they should seek immediate medical attention with the help of others。
Guess you want to see。