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Chinese Foreign Ministry officials to visit Taiwan on the US sounds again: people concerned cautious hope

  A reporter's question yesterday, a US State Department official said in a speech in Taipei, "US-Taiwan Relations" firmly than ever, he also praised Taiwan as a "model" Indian-Pacific region。 Taiwan authorities announced this week, another senior official from the US Department of Commerce's visit to Taiwan。 What is your comment on the US remarks about the officials?Comment on the US within one week send two senior officials to visit Taiwan?  Hua Chunying said in response: "Recently, the United States and Taiwan exchanges on the issue yesterday, I have expounded on China's position。 I would like to stress once again that the Taiwan issue concerns the core interests of China, Sino-US relations are the most important and most sensitive issue, the one China principle is the political foundation of Sino-US relations。 We urge the US to adhere to the one-China policy and the three Sino-US joint communiques provisions, cease to carry out any form of official contacts with Taiwan and to enhance substantive relations, prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues, in order to avoid serious damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait。 "" I would also like to take this opportunity to remind those who want to play 'Taiwan card' or what other people attempt to seriously read and study President Xi Jinping's important speech at the thirteenth meeting of the National People's Congress closing ceremony related to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity complete。 Every inch of the territory of our great motherland will never be absolutely impossible to secede from China。 Cautious hope that the people on Taiwan issue。
"Hua Chunying said。 (Finish)。

Skim milk to lose weight?Look at this you will understand!

  Just staring at the drink, the better you will become fat glass of milk every day, strong Chinese people。
This is a spread in the country for a long time, then, but with the improvement of the standard of living of daily nutrition cup of milk has been completely unable to meet the people。
  We have higher requirements, we want a better body, so milk manufacturers in milk fat which made the article, and will have a whole are talking, and low-fat, reduced fat, especially for the period fitness crowd, the emergence of skim milk is simply the gospel。
  But skim really help us lose weight you reduce fat even whole milk should despise it?  Today we do a little research on this issue。
  Skim, low-fat, whole division ▼ Now want to study the merits of full-fat and skim milk, we must first define how the two are divided, and how it is made from skim milk。   In different countries, we have different milk division, and the division of our country is the most common skim, low-fat and whole milk。
High nutritional content of milk, which is very rich in mineral species。
Containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and other cations and polonium, selenium, chlorine anions; In addition, trace elements iodine, copper, zinc, manganese, etc.。
  For the whole country and the criteria for the classification is this: the fat content of whole milk fat content of more than% low-fat milk (can also be said to be a half) in the fat content of skim milk in% or less。
  Like many of the same foods, but also separated from whole milk by centrifugation or other means to accelerate。
  ▼ advantage as we know the fat content of skimmed milk with respect to whole milk will be lower, so being skim milk calories and cholesterol levels will be lower。
  Due to the above mentioned is separated from whole milk, so most of the nutrients will not be much difference, changing only some trace elements。   It has also become the place caught our eye, in this era of good figure of popular, low-calorie, low-fat, seems to be the first criteria for our choice of food。
  And indeed also for the benefit of those low-fat milk, high cholesterol and high serum cholesterol sick people, such as low-fat milk is more suitable for them to reduce stress caused by the daily intake。   Skimmed milk is better than whole milk ▼ say the place so much, we finally go to the track, and that is a full-time comparison of milk and skim milk。
Previously listed some of the advantages of skim milk, skim milk, if necessary, of course, are better than whole milk anywhere, then there is no existence of the whole。
  First, we look at the price of the most straightforward of it, in terms of price to win the whole milk。
  Skim milk because of the production process is relatively more complicated leading to relatively higher prices, but we believe that in order to reduce fat, so the price point of difference we certainly can not stop the pace。   Because most of the food taste flavor volatile components are derived from fat, so of course is also true of milk, whole milk more mouth with milk Duoliaoyifen Resources and mellow, and more loved by the people, even if kind of taste is difficult to give up during the fat loss。
  Satiety compared with skim milk, the full-fat milk contains those extra calories, enough to make people stronger sense of fullness, so that did not want to eat other foods in a short time。   That's why, after addition of reduced fat eating dinner during the evening, there is a sense of hunger, then recommend drinking a bag of whole milk or eat a few nuts。
  Speaking of the nutritional value of the nutritional value of the food would have to say, after all, we have not just stay in the degree of fullness of the above, then take a look at the difference between whole milk and skim milk in nutritional content above it (attached below full milk fat nutrients and contrast) skim milk, whole milk heat (KJ / 100 g) protein (%) lactose (%) fat (%) of phospholipid (%) cholesterol (mg / 100 g) sodium (mg / 100 g) calcium (mg / 100 g), potassium (mg / 100 g), water-soluble vitamins vitamin B1 (mg / 100g) vitamin B2 (mg / 100g) vitamin B6 (mg / 100g) vitamin B12 (g / 100g) nicotinamide acid (g / 100 g), pantothenic acid (g / 100 g), fat-soluble vitamins vitamin a (g / 100 g) of vitamin D (mg / l) of vitamin E (mg / kg) carotenoid (g /) a fat-soluble vitamins it is obvious from the above table, in addition to the difference in both fat and calories above, the most obvious difference is that the above fat-soluble vitamins。
  Understandably, the lack of skim milk fat, of course, will be missing in the above fat-soluble vitamins, of which vitamin A and vitamin d after being a significant reduction in body's absorption of calcium will also be affected, and there é vitamins and carotenoids missing, It's a bit more harm than good。   Two good fats since fats are known as nutrients, then it is needed by the body, the disadvantage of these fat years been greatly exaggerated, even good fats also killed a stick。
  Many fatty acids the body needs every day to maintain normal operation, and most of the fatty acids the body can not synthesize their own, need to intake from the outside world, which also stems from those good fats。
  Like whole milk phospholipids – infant brain and mental development is essential for the promotion。
For teens and adults, it can play a phospholipid improve memory, reduce stress and so on。
  Also known as "reduced fat weapon" of conjugated linoleic acid, it is also included in whole milk。   Instead of buying extracted in no hurry, why not choose direct intake from food it (of course, the natural nutrients from food than supplements faster), in addition to butyric acid and sphingomyelin such as health and help the body fatty acids。
  ▼ advantage of skim milk has no purpose in helping people to choose the most to lose weight and reduce fat skimmed milk but if I tell you what positive role to play in helping to lose weight is not above it。   The biggest advantage is that the relatively low calorie and low fat, but think about a daily average adult intake of 300 ml of milk, whole milk also select more than dozens of calories, but fat is only about 9 grams extra , this heat does not affect your life。
  However, due to greater satiety, will delay hunger, make you eat a lot of things。
  In contrast, reducing caloric intake can be more than this。
And these nine grams of fat in the total fat intake per day accounted for only a small part, compared to those fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids is beneficial simply not worth mentioning。   Here we have to start with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and full-fat milk CLA to help reduce fat also has some effect (albeit weak)。   In addition to not help but make you fat British study obesity expert Hal Cosme drink milk for babies 11 000 2-year-old found that drinking whole milk is not easy to hungry children, thus reducing the intake of other things。
Secondly, nutrient-rich whole milk, children do not need to eat more stuff to supplement nutrition, which leads to children who drank body weight increased。   So I totally did not need to worry about drinking whole milk will gain weight, but we must remember to be moderate。
  The United States and China milk Dietary Guidelines recommend ▼ lot of people would say, since the benefits of skim milk is not so much imagination, why in 2016 the United States issued a new version of the Dietary Guidelines recommend drinking it。   Actually, the reason is that, due to the large amount of drinking milk in Europe and America countries, appropriate restrictions whole milk intake is understandable。
However, because of the different eating habits of the residents, we can not copy, it is generally difficult to apply in our country。
  Published in China in Chinese Dietary Guidelines, the amount of drinking milk for healthy people were recommended, the recommended daily consumption of 300 grams of milk, and is referred to as "liquid milk", instead of "dairy"。
  If you eat dairy products, then only need to eat 300 grams of liquid milk dairy products made out of it。
Because milk and cheese in the production process are discarded most of the water, so as long as eating 45 grams or 30 grams of cheese milk, do not eat 300 grams it!  If the amount of milk daily intake of no more than 300G and lower milk fat in this case does not have to care too much, in general, the best choice of whole milk。   Lifestyle changes is to reduce fat tips ▼ All in all not essential differences between the two, whether it is full-fat or skim milk for our overall diet and life is only a small factor。   In fact, as long as the intake of nutrients nutritionally balanced food is no difference in essence it does not cause significant changes (exception: a single source of nutritional intake of the population)。
  Choose skim or whole milk like a totally based on personal preferences or needs, do not have too much to consider such a minor difference。   If you choose instead of native bubble Wheetabix oats, then simply do not consider those calories and fat milk, and because it may not achieve the purpose you reduce fat, so the most important thing is balanced nutrition intake, there are differences in the nature of food。   Remember that the effect of the above changes in diet alone might not bring less than ideal, healthy exercise habits is also very crucial point。
  But the point to note is that if the health of their own problems, for example: people suffering from cardiovascular diseases high cholesterol, hypertension, thrombosis or to strictly limit their daily intake of fat in the diet, the best choice to drink, so the emergence of skim milk is a nutrient for people with special needs supplement。
  If the symptoms of lactose intolerance is not very serious, you can consider trying yogurt or cheese; if even cheese and yogurt will not work, you can only choose low-lactose milk of the。

Tips health care of the elderly!(1)

  First, we must guard against the cold spring climate variability, turns warm again, especially in early spring, often cold invasion, climate dips。
Coupled with human skin, sweat pores start out catharsis, weakened resilience of pathogenic cold, therefore, it is easy to colds, and thus lead to acute bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and other diseases。
So, spring for the elderly should always pay attention to change clothes, go out to wear masks, avoid premature winter clothes off。
Once you had a cold to timely medical treatment, the sooner the better treatment effect。  Second, pay attention to diet to restore the spring, the elderly easy to get angry, red yellow urine, constipation, yellow tongue。
Because of anger rising, resulting in more false Yin, easy to take advantage of tuberculosis bacteria。
Therefore, the spring elderly diet should be light, can eat some fresh vegetables, such as bamboo shoots, spinach, shepherd's purse, celery, Malan early spring vegetable dishes。Further, with the pear, water chestnuts, peeled boiled water to drink, can heat and lungs; gastrointestinal difference can eat carrots, qi, phlegm, stomach, and。With orange peel boiled water to drink, phlegm and thirst。  Third, sleep should be sufficient in the spring, the elderly often have a sense of sleepiness, difficult to wake up in the morning, sleepy during the day。
This is because spring temperatures rise, increasing the amount of human activity, began to surface peripheral vascular relaxation, increased blood flow to the body surface, the brain's oxygen supply is inadequate, resulting in a "spring fever" phenomenon。
To this end, we should actively carry out physical coordination adaptation, the best nap every day at noon for an hour to make up for lack of sleep spring。
Afternoon is scheduled amount of physical activity such as walking, tai chi, doing aerobics, etc.。
  Fourth, we must adjust mood in the spring, the pink, sunny, school of life, most conducive to human renewal。To adapt the gas Chunsheng, adjust mood, to keep quiet, pleasant, relaxed spirit, avoid angry, makes the liver to maintain normal hair growth, adjusting。Chinese medicine emphasized that "Yang Yang spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin," the old man in the spring if the liver nursed back to good, not only this season is not sick or less sick, but also for disease prevention and health is also very favorable summer。
  Fifth, the elderly anti-stroke into the spring, beware of the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease。
This is because the spring temperature instability, often cold invasion, the atmospheric pressure changes, temperature changes in each process, the human body can cause blood vessels telescopic difficult to adapt and lead to stroke。
  These are the little knowledge in health care related presentations spring。
In Spring is the first of four seasons health, start must be good, otherwise it will affect the life activities throughout the year。Yang Yang spring, autumn and winter can prevent the cold disease, the body makes the elderly more。

Buffett's "moat" theory in the end do not fly?

When BI Chinese station on November 4 reported every year to accept the "Fortune" magazine interview in 1999, the legendary investor, "Warren" Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) create "economic moat" (economicmoats) this new word, to sum up his investment strategy pillars。 He made at the time described as follows: "In terms of investment, the key is not how much the industry will give a social impact assessment, nor that it will achieve much growth, but rather the determination of any particular company's competitive advantage, one of the most it is important to determine the duration of that advantage。
Has a broad and sustainable 'moat' products or services can bring returns to investors。 "Since the" Fortune "magazine published an article since, the concept of 'economic moat' has become popular。
Investment research firm Morningstar (Morningstar) created an index to track companies with broader "economic moat", the purpose is to observe whether Buffett's theory tenable。
In 2012, the asset management company VanEck the creation of a group called "MOAT" exchange-traded (ETF) to track Morningstar's "economic moat" index。 "Digging a moat around the castle, the castle was intended to protect the enemy's attack, the intruder in the door, but the same concept can also be applied to the corporate world, because companies can establish a 'moat' to protect their profit。
"Brandon Mubarak Javier Chomsky (BrandonRakszawski) VanEck exchange-traded fund product manager, said in a telephone interview with Business Insider。 "(MOATETF) basically 'capture' the core of more than 100 equity research analyst at Morningstar conducted。
"So far, MOAT's performance is very good, so far this year has reached% return, compared to the same period the S & P 500 rose only%。 Since the fund was established in 2012, its average annual return rate of%, compared to the same period the S & P 500 index rose an average annual%。 The fund is composed of many well-known company's stock composition, including, companies, and so on。
The fund will be adjusted each quarter to its shareholding, to consider the trade-offs based on Morningstar's "moat" index to its shareholders。
Savi Mubarak Sharansky said Morningstar analyst weekly at least would call a "moat committee" meeting, the committee is composed of 20 senior analysts, some analysts are experts specialize in a specific sector。 Junior analyst research report will be submitted to the committee, who will choose to accept them or asking them for further research study。
Subsequently, the Commission will make its final follow-up study of the company's "moat" Rating。 Some companies are determined not to "moat" so moat fund will basically ignore these stocks。 In the judgment has "moat" companies, Morningstar will determine its "moat" is relatively narrow or relatively wide, the standard is able to maintain its competitive advantage how long。
According to Mubarak Sharansky said Savi, a wide "moat" threshold of 20 years。
Mubarak Sharansky said Savi, the judging process is very strict, so you can bring a high degree of certainty, forward-looking score, in addition to also bring some very interesting results。 "It is a good example。
In FacebookIPO (IPO) on the market about a year later, the company in an attractive time to enter the (MOAT fund), then its performance is very good。
"Mubarak Sharansky said Savi。 Subsequently, the mask has been in and out because of the company's industry sector has the characteristics of fast-paced change。 The Fund currently total assets of $ 1.3 billion。
According to Bloomberg data, which means it is one of the top 250 on the US market equity funds。 Since the establishment of the Fund, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (Berkshire Hathaway) annual share price increase reached%。 In contrast, the annualized MOAT%, S & P 500 12%。

New Year's Eve how to do late at night after staying up late to do not damage the health

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How to do New Year's Eve New Year's Eve after staying up late at night is New Year's Eve, is the tradition of our nation's most important day, on this day and people often stay up late at night, but staying up late on the body is somewhat damage。
Then how to do it late at night after New Year's Eve following small series to tell us something about how to do after the New Year's Eve stay up late, do not stay up all night Oh beverages!When New Year's Eve before and after staying up late how do stay up all night before to stay up late in order to make damage to the body and minimize the appearance, it is necessary "to lay the end of" 1, should be light intend to stay up late, dinner do not eat too greasy, it should be some light, eat more vegetables to ensure there is enough high-quality protein, salts and。
2 ,, face to avoid thick powder or a day of accumulated grease, so Qiaolian after staying up late the suffering and covered with acne, be sure to stay up all night before makeup, wash my face clean。
New Year's Eve after staying up late how to do 3, vitamin B group vitamin B supplements can relieve fatigue and enhance human immunity。
Late at night will increase the "anger" Stay up all night, so should not eat potato chips, cookies and other food easy to get angry。