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German IFO president: Greece out of the euro should be temporarily

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK May 22 news this week has been heated discussion about the Greek debt default and triggered Greece out of the euro。On Wednesday, a senior ruling party official said Greece If you can not obtain additional assistance, Greece may not be able to repay the IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) June 5 due loans。汉斯维尔纳辛 En (IFO), president of the German Institute for Economic Research said that Greece should be allowed to temporarily leave the eurozone。  Singh said: "The Greek government has already insolvent。If you are a business, then, to delay the announcement of the loss of liquidity process will be illegal。Now is the time for the Greek debt write-down dramatically and take more aggressive measures to help the Greek。"Sinn always supported Greece out of the euro。He said that if the stay in the euro, it is difficult to imagine that Greece can solve its problems, but he also said that Greece out of the euro does not have to be permanent。  He said: "If we allow the euro to become more flexible, a country can temporarily leave and then come back after the devaluation, rather than trying to impose internal devaluation, is it not better?Forced internal devaluation will push up unemployment and cause upheaval。"The Greek anti-austerity government's negotiations with international creditors recently reached an impasse on the issue of reform。  If negotiations break down, the Greek government said it will give priority to the payment of wages and pensions, debt service on the next。Greece owes the IMF loan will have 1.5 billion euros due next month, which expires June 5 amounting to 300 million euros。  London & Capital investment officer Axiaokesha said: "Now more clear that Greece can not have the ability to repay, you may want some kind of renewal, continue to cut interest rates to pay, so it is hard to define it as a breach of contract。After "due to political instability and other factors, in 2014 the Greek six-year recession ended, a quarter of negative economic growth again。(Shofu compilation)

How to get rid of body moisture in winter

  How to get rid of body moisture in winter should do?  1, seasoning dampness ginger, onions, garlic is not only home to a commonly used seasoning, also has an irreplaceable medicinal value, such as drinking a bowl of hot ginger may be sweating, the body's moisture comes out force。
  TCM will use aromatic spices to moisture, sweating, to combat infectious diseases, most of these aromatic plants are common spices。 Modern Pharmacy also found in many spices do have antiviral efficacy, is formed as an influenza vaccine is an example octagonal。
  2, sports sweat sweating is a good sport to moisture; especially in summer, do not air conditioning, fans, inside the body sweat must, otherwise you too much moisture, the winter will definitely get sick。
  Adhere to moderate exercise every day, the body is very useful。
Exercise can relieve stress, active body organs operation to accelerate the moisture excreted。   Brains and more modern, less physical exertion, coupled with long-term stay in the confined air conditioning, rarely sweat, body humidity regulation ability deteriorates。
Try running, walking, no swimming, yoga, tai chi and other "little breath, sweating" of movement, activation helps blood circulation, increase water metabolism。
  How to remove body moisture in winter: sports perspiration 3, to avoid the wet environment。
  Everyday life best reduce exposure in wet conditions。 Especially for moisture sensitive people should pay attention to the following matters: ① Do not sleep on the floor directly。
Moisture in the air and drops floor humid easily cause aching limbs invasion in vivo。   ② best sleep in the floor some distance from the bed。   ③ wet rainy day out less。
  ④ Do not wear wet not dry clothes, water intake should be moderate。   4, will use the Chinese method of therapeutic aromatic, sweating and bitter herbs temperature, as dampness magic。
Plants use scent to combat infectious diseases, intelligent ancestors。
For example Southerners carry with wormwood Po sterilization, prevent infectious diseases。
  How to remove body moisture in winter: therapeutic methods or in warmer weather, bacteria and viruses numbers issued in May Dragon Boat Festival, the door of every household to wear blue, Shi Chang and leaves, remove the used bath, whichever is air disinfection of drinking water with meaning。   Modern Pharmacy also found that these aromatic indeed antiviral efficacy, is formed as an influenza vaccine is an example octagonal。   Furthermore, blazing ginger sweating, the body best suited to disperse moisture after rain, prevent colds; bitter medicine Gan Jiang Wen as slow pier fire, the body slowly to the water that comes out of the air force。   Get rid of body moisture recommend some therapeutic side。   ① lean meat lentil soup Ingredients: 100 g lentils, dried tangerine peel 1/4, 400 grams of pork, salt, ginger the right amount。   Practice: 1) Wash the pork cuts, dried tangerine peel to scoop, ginger slices; 2) the 1 ingredients together into the pot, add water, first with the fire pot boiling, change a small fire burning 1?Hours, adding the right amount of salt can be。

Belgium "World of Warcraft" was born poor play football for the mother to a decent life

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Xinhua News Agency, Sochi, June 18 -, Watered milk, water and electricity in the room, because arrears are Qiadiao cable……Killing four of the World Cup in Russia, Belgium "World of Warcraft" Loukakou, had chosen soccer, just to live decently。18th 索契菲什特 stadium, Lukaku scored twice to lead Belgium 3: 0 victory over Panama, with five goals in team history boarded the Belgian competition (World Cup and European Championship) scoring standings in second place, only Sirri Commons than the old legend a little ball。There are at least two group matches of the situation, the World Cup is likely to witness a new generation of front Pa Belgium's "throne"。Today expensive for the English Premier League giants Manchester United and Belgium striker Lukaku headed, still clearly remember seeing the scene because of poverty to childhood milk watered when the mother。In his published in the "star stands" personal letter, he described the mood at the time: "I ate lunch without a word, but that day I myself make a wish, I can no longer see life as mother。"In Loukakou this readme, poverty and questioned throughout his early football career。At the time Loukakou only wear his father's shoes training that year, because the physical development of fast, 11 years old, he will be questioned at the opponent's youth team to play the parents of his false age, he had to show identity cards one by one to parents who look to prove innocence, while enduring those dubious eyes。Hit back question, Loukakou vent is considered the best method to beat opponents with a goal on the court, even if the opponent is his own coach。May 24, 2009, 16-year-old Lukaku Anderlecht played for the first time in Bijia league, but the beginning of 2008-2009 season, he even played in the U19 team are not on the main。U19 coach to face their own mistrust, Loukakou bet with the coach just give him enough playing time, he promised to the December 2008 scored 25 goals。November of that year, Lukaku completed the 25 indicators of the ball, as part of a bet, and his youth team coach had to wash all of Pakistan, but the team every day to eat the pie。After the famous young Loukakou conquer Belgian league, Chelsea move to the Premiership, known as the "World of Warcraft" Drogba's successor in 2011。But landing "Blue Bridge" Hou Luka library can only be on the bench most of the time wasted, "came to Chelsea I did not get playing time, I hear people making fun of me, I was on loan to West Bromwich Albion, I hear people laughing at me again. "。 In the loan at West Bromwich Albion that season, Lukaku scored 17 Premiership goals ranked scorer in the sixth, but Chelsea still did not belong to his position。2013-2014 season Everton at the end of the lease period, Loukakou chose to leave 'the Blues "to join Everton。Three years later, he wore 75 million pounds worth joining the English Premier League giants Manchester United first team。From abject poverty to prominent, Loukakou life turned upside down because of football。His greatest wish is to have deceased grandfather to see this happen, but not to see how well he passed the ball, how much fame。Before my grandfather died five days to call 12-year-old Lukaku, please he would "take care of my mother."。13 years later, Lukaku said that if the phone again to fight with my grandfather, he would say: "Look, as I promised, your daughter is now very good, no longer have to live in apartments in mice, no longer have to sleep on the floor, no pressure, we all is well。"

"Inspirational man" Loukakou: he has scored 76 goals in 34 games, a child at home so poor enough to eat

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Father hang up his boots after the money squandered, so poor childhood home enough to eat) Belgium match against Panama, a strong striker for the "European Red Devils" scored twice, so one of the favorites of Belgium not as the previous encounter difficulties like Argentina, Germany, Brazil and other teams。Merle Carstens Soon the second half to break the deadlock, Loukakou the 69th minute to help the team to expand the score, then cut into the penalty area on the left side of Adjara return, within Debu Lao left the restricted area outside the instep pass, squeezed in behind the opponent Loukakou small edge of the hoisting network。The first 75 minutes Loukakou help my team win, Azar was back in the forward pass, Loukakou left the restricted area 12 yards single-handedly Tuishe network。Lukaku has also become history's first five Belgian national team scored twice staged a good show at the World Cup players, one is on the mid-1998's Wilmots。Just before the game, Lukaku reminisced about her poor childhood, he can present achievements, it relies entirely on their own efforts。Lukaku's father is Congolese, on behalf of Zaire to participate in the 1994 World Cup, however, after retiring, he squandered the money, Loukakou childhood nightmare has begun。Lukaku was born in Belgium, he recalled: "The first thing we lose is cable television。No football。Sometimes my mother had to go out to borrow money to buy bread。Bakery owner know me and my brother (currently playing for Lazio) thus allowing us to buy things Monday, Friday to pay。"Loukakou say, 6 years old when he found the situation is already very serious," I know we were very lives struggling, but when I took my mother's milk mixed with water to the table, I am conscious to over, you know what I mean.?That is our fate。Our money could not pass a week is not just the poor, but completely destroyed。"At that time he vowed to change all that。He said that since then himself wiser, know what to do。Loukakou 6 years of age to join the Belgian Casillas Football Club, later became Antwerp's youth academy players in 2009, promoted to the first team to start a career in Antwerp。Loukakou rapid growth, he is very mature, 12 years old, he was wearing his father's old shoes, has scored 76 goals in 34 games, so his teammates and his teammates parents questioned his age, he had a once their identity to others。"People always talk about the player's mental strength, so I am probably the most formidable opponent you will encounter。Because I still remember me and my brother, my mother pray together in the dark of speech, remember our expectations。I simmering strength to play, because the mouse ran in our house, and I could not watch the Champions League。"The 25-year-old player, has overcome obstacles fate set to achieve a counter-attack on life, he should be one of the more role models。

Super – Achim Peng hats + lore TEDA 3-2 triumph in derby wins right to health

  Beijing at 19:35 on March 18, Super League third round continues, Tianjin, Tianjin Teda 3-2 home lore right to health。
Within 16 minutes Achim Peng restricted Dianshe opener; restricted within 54 minutes Pato low shot equalizer; within 78 minutes Modest shot left the area ahead score; 84 minutes and 90 minutes azithromycin Tim Peng scored twice, but also a hat-trick of tournament lore。   TEDA home draw against China in the first round of happy, because the last round away loss goalkeeper mistakes led to goals conceded Jianye, the team much-needed open league opener。 TEDA away in last season's first derby 0-3 defeat right to health, the key relegation derby of the season at home 4-1 victory over the period of battles right to health。 To some extent it can be said, for the performance of the current round derby of the season TEDA trend prospects have some significance determination。
This week in the AFC competitions right to health home victory over Jeonbuk Hyundai, the mental state of the team exciting, reflects the difficulties of execution。
  5 minutes, being cruel uprooting Pato ball back Djarum high, high Djarum booked。 Pato delivers this in mind the restricted area before the kick, he hit a tricky archery bow arc, Du Jia quickly move a ball saved the bottom line Cepu!8 minutes, Modeste front after the ball back to do, Mrs Wang follow right foot outside the instep volley, the ball struck the flying column proximal。
The first 10 minutes, Achim Peng left the restricted area small-angle volley hit high。
Inverted triangle near the first 12 minutes, Sun can pass in the right bottom line, Modeste kick Tui small closed line defect, and then shot, the ball was blocked a bit Qiu Tianyi bounced back after himself Chuledixian。
  Tianjin TEDA in the 16th minute to break the deadlock – Mielke sent straight, Achim Peng high-speed plug, squeeze the body position of the dominant Wang Jie, Dian kicked the ball into the far corner, 1-0!  The first 31 minutes, Achim title gold Rush Peng right near the penalty area to the bottom line, inverted triangle pass after continuous shaking, the first to rescue Liu Yi Ming ball Chudi Xian。
The first 35 minutes, midfielder Witsel sent Zhise, Yi Zhu defender Modeste quickly plug into the restricted area to form single-pole, but stopping big trip was confiscated goalkeeper Du Jia。
After 1 minute, close to over the top Witsel long pass in the circle to find Modeste, which is inserted into the restricted area to form single-pole, ready to shoot the face of the goalkeeper, behind by chasing back Amat Jiang interference fell to the ground, missed the equalizer good opportunity。
  Easy side battles the second half, 49 minutes Achim Peng broke into the restricted area, continuous fake kicker shot, he was not marked strength。 Right Tianjin alive 54 minute equalizer – a note may be unable Sun arc the ball, the restricted area after the ball stop point Modest, foot volley saved by Du Jia。
Small frontier closed area Pato put the ball stopped, after adjustment left foot volley succeeded, 1-1!  58 minutes, Pato closed top oblique plug, plug Modeste volley was saved by Du Jia。 The right of the first 63 minutes, Sun can be restricted inverted triangle pass, Pato follow the right foot volley hit the fly。
72 minutes, Zhao Xuri edge of the area volley Du Jia confiscated。   Right alive Tianjin go-ahead score in the 78th minute – Mi Haolun crossing the ball left the restricted area, Qiu Tianyi misjudgment could not rescue the first point, Modeste stop the ball, homeopathic left foot shot hit, 2-1!83 minutes, TEDA left corner out, Qiu add a header just wide Qiangdian。 Tianjin Teda in the 84th minute to level the score – the right to health backcourt steals pass by Mikel, Mikel pass the first time to rub the area, but also Achim Peng ball into the box, left foot blast into the bar no solution goal, 2-2!  Zhuangtaiqijia Achim Peng hat-trick in the 90th minute – TEDA captain pass the restricted area, Zhang Cheng Yi Zhu Hui Ieyasu stopping the chest, I want to let the ball out of goalkeeper Zhang Lu, but wary of a home health benefits poke poke the ball out, Achim Peng follow-up push Kongmen, 3-2!Tianjin Teda 3-2 final lore Tianjin right to health, to get first league win。
  Goal information – within the first 16 minutes Achim Peng opened the scoring penalty area Dianshe。   The area within 54 minutes Pato low shot equalizer。
  Within 78 minutes Modest restricted foot shot ahead score。   The first 84 minutes followed by Achim Peng scored twice assists Mikel。   The first 90 minutes in front of Achim Peng push Kongmen hat-trick。   Yellow information – TEDA: High Jiarun (4 ') Mikel (39') Sebastian Ainsworth (49 ') Cao (70') Li a source (76 ') right to health Tianjin: Modest (33' ) SUN (43 ') Wang Jie (70') Yi Liu Ming (87 ') and the two sides starting Substitution – TEDA: (4-2-3-1) 1- Du Jia; Bai Yuefeng 19- (68' 26- Cao), 5-a Qiu Tian, Sebastian Ainsworth 15, 25 Amat Jiang; 10- Mikel, high Djarum 6- (U23); 8- a Li source, Zhao Yingjie 21 (60 '4- Yang Fan), 17 home health benefits; 7- Achim Peng Jian Tianjin right: (4-2-3-1) 1 Zhang Lu; 18 Zhang Cheng (91'17- edge Su Jie), 4-Liu Yi-ming ( U23), 3- Wang Jie, 25 Mi Haolun; Witsel 28-, 7- Zhao Xuri; SUN 38-, 10- Pato (Zheng Dalun 69'16-), Mrs Wang 39- (Yi Liu 91'26- ); 28- Modest (Tai Xiaopeng)。

What are the symptoms Gong Jin erosion Gong Jin erosion of daily care

What are the symptoms erosion Gong Jin, Gong Jin erosion is a common disease of women, the cause of the palace erosion There are many symptoms Gong Jin erosion performance are also different, Xiao Bian to share with the palace erosion was related symptoms and treatment!First, the palace erosion What are the symptoms 1, bleeding at war and this is a common early symptoms of cervical withered shoot, about 70% of cervical cancer in 80% of patients had vaginal bleeding Jingyu。 Multi expressed after Ai Ai or gynecological examination, or when the hard stool, vaginal secretions mixed with blood。
2, some discomfort after the main symptoms of discomfort for the realization of intercourse occurring, such as pain phenomenon occurs。
3, increased vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge due to the primary subject may not stimulate the cervical glands, the signal is clear and watery early with a watery, or smell, or as a slurry-like vaginal discharge growth, but often overlooked。
4, vaginal bleeding, such as the elderly do not set the rules late postmenopausal women for many years, suddenly and without any reason to the cramps。 Much menstrual flow also accompanied with abdominal pain, and other symptoms, is very simple neglect。 Effectively, do not set the rules of this vaginal bleeding is often a sign of early symptoms。 Second, the treatment of cervical erosion cervical erosion treatment of cervical erosion how to treat it and what methods do you want to know a friend with small series with a look。 1, drug treatment for smaller patients with inflammatory infiltration and erosion area shallower。 Optional drugs locally antibiotics, such as metronidazole, sulfonamides, nitrofurazone, etc.。
In traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cervical erosion clinically used widely, good efficacy, multiple use some recipes, formulations, or suppositories processed into powder, placed on cotton, in an applicator surface erosion。 What are the symptoms erosion palace 2, physical therapy is very broad application of a treatment method having a short duration of effect good advantage。
It applies to patients with inflammatory infiltration and erosion larger deeper。 Commonly used methods of electric iron, laser therapy, cryotherapy。 3, conventional surgical treatment if this treatment fails, or cervical hypertrophy, or erosion of deep and wide, and those involving the cervical be considered for traditional hysterectomy surgery。
But surgery is now rarely used。 As shown, the high-frequency surgery LEEP tissue specimens complete 4, less likely to occur when the tissue is stretched traditional electric knife cutting, carbonization, to obtain intact tissue samples can not affect the pathological examination。 5, BBT ablation BBT ablation treatment of cervical erosion, is a very delicate operation, not only no damage to the surrounding tissue, the course of treatment no pain after surgery without leaving scars, and can better avoid complications such as bleeding or infection , an advantage of the surgery does not affect reproductive function。

Zheng Xinli: the influx of laid-off SOE reform will bring you | Zheng Xinli | Zhou Tianyong | Population

  Text / Chinese Economists 50 Forum kickstart the party's 18 Third Plenary Session of the "decision" of the reform of state-owned enterprises made important deployment。
Central issued "Guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises", marking the start of SOE reform again。 Central to the thinking and understanding the spirit of "decision" to clarify some of the misunderstanding, is an important condition for the smooth progress of the reform of state-owned enterprises into。   First out of the state-owned assets supervision and capital to pipe the main changes to erroneous understanding of the reform of state-owned assets from the pipe to the main, will not lead to weakening of the regulatory functions。 Since the establishment of the SASAC, perform the function on behalf of the country, the implementation of the management of personnel affairs management of assets of state-owned enterprises unity, has played an important role in state-owned assets, it has made great achievements。
  However, state-owned enterprises operating as an independent market players, this regulatory system increasingly unable to meet domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in market competition, the need for autonomous decision-making and improve the resilience of。 In accordance with the requirements of the modern property rights system of state-owned enterprises have occupied state-owned assets of legal property rights, including the right to use, usufruct, right of disposal, etc. Along with this, the state-owned enterprises must also have autonomy in investment, especially with the business increasingly large scale assets, a wide range of growing, business and geographical range more widely, in order to improve return on assets, enterprises need timely disposal of idle or low yield assets, the purchase of a new business can bring higher-yielding long-term assets; required by international mergers and acquisitions, optimizing the allocation of resources on a global scale。
Operational autonomy to implement these state-owned enterprises, is to enhance the international competitiveness of state-owned enterprises objective need, is the basic condition for state-owned enterprises bigger and stronger。   And not only from the form of value from the material form of state-owned assets supervision, state-owned enterprises in order to deregulation, the state-owned enterprises only cage of tigers into the mountains to make it grow into a free ride on the global market of large international companies as soon as possible , play a key and leading role in improving the country's overall competitiveness in。
  Therefore, the state-owned assets supervision of the main tube to tube transition from capital assets mainly from the main focus on the supervision of physical assets into a proliferation of return on capital and the capital of the main tube, is adapted to the needs of the development of productive forces, not regulation weakening optimization functions but will not cause loss of state assets but is conducive to business development and growth。   The second is to develop a mixed ownership economy will not cause the country back or Guotuiminjin。 Develop a mixed ownership economy and encourage state-owned capital, collective capital, mutual non-public equity, equity diversified set up joint-stock companies, can complement one another and gather capital to meet the business development needs of the various elements of。
Equity diversified contribute to the formation of a sound corporate governance structure of checks and balances, investors have different voting rights based on how much equity, equal rights for all types of investors, democratic decision-making, is conducive to scientific decision-making, and it helps avoid internal human control。
  Internationally, equity diversification is a common trend。
Many large multinational companies both domestic and shareholders, as well as foreign shareholders; both individual holdings, there are all kinds of foundations, corporations holding。
Many domestic companies, including listed companies, both state-owned shares or collective shares, another private shares。
In biology, there is a hybrid vigor。
It is this mix of all biological principles embodied in the economic field。   Practice has proved that a single ownership economy has a certain vulnerability, but the pursuit of pure pure form of ownership is often not conducive to business development, and mixed ownership economy is conducive to play the enthusiasm and promote the common development of all economic sectors, is currently the fastest growing, an economic form of the most dynamic。 The so-called people back into the country or Guotuiminjin are based on hearsay evidence of subjective act。
Some people develop a mixed ownership said to be privatized, but confuse。
  Third, the state executive pay limits, mean that SOE reform backtrack。
Currently state-owned enterprise executives are appointed by the executive, entrepreneur hiring from the market conditions are not yet ripe, the state-owned enterprise executives with the wage gap between civil servants and employees in an appropriate range of control is necessary。 With the maturity of the market entrepreneurs, state executive hiring market increase the proportion of high market by the hiring of executives pay some aspects acceptable。
  Meanwhile, with the state-owned enterprises to a mixed ownership, allow mixed-ownership enterprises to implement employee stock ownership system, technicians and management personnel can obtain income from equity of shares, which will be the main income entrepreneurs。 Employee stock ownership will allow the identity of workers and owners into one, both to increase property income employees, but also to mobilize the workers a sense of ownership, a long-term incentive。   Fourth, whether state-owned enterprise reform means appear once again, "laid-off Tide"?In the 1990s, the reform of state-owned enterprises in a large number of employees laid off reorientation, paid the price reform。
This is the price to pay。 Because of long-standing "iron rice bowl", "iron rice bowl", resulting in a large number of redundant enterprise, overstaffing, not laid off, what better way to do it?It should be seen, except for a few monopoly industries, in the most competitive industries, shedding workers and stripping their social task has already been completed。
This time the reform, involving a small number of monopoly industries and industries with excess production capacity severely, continue to implement downsizing to improve efficiency, is the need for industrial restructuring, we must bear the pains。   Compared with the nineties, the current jobs more state support for re-employment intensified, through skills training, to achieve transfer the employment, it would be easier。 If they can use the skills and experience working in state-owned enterprises, start their own business, to do something in the past no chance of doing business, and the opportunity would be a better choice。
Premier Li Keqiang announced the laid-off workers with 100 billion yuan of financial funds, for everyone to eat a reassurance。
  Enhance the importance of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the urgency of understanding the past two years to reform state-owned enterprises made a series of important speech, pointed out that "state-owned enterprises, especially the central management of enterprises in key industries related to national security and national economy and the key areas of dominant, is an important pillar of the national economy, the economic base of our party and our socialist state power also plays a pivotal role, you must do a good job。
"" To adhere to state-owned enterprises an important role in national development, unswervingly adhere to the state-owned enterprises do a good job, the state-owned enterprises bigger, stronger unwavering。
"These remarks, noted the importance of state-owned enterprise reform and development, and expressed the determination of the CPC Central Committee and the State – Owned Enterprises。   State-owned assets is the new China was founded 60 years generations to live frugally, constantly accumulated valuable asset is the common interests of the 1.3 billion people where。
In order to promote the well-being of all the people, the state-owned assets can only increase, not decrease。
Only run state-owned enterprises, state-owned assets continue to add value, efficiency has continued to improve in order to better serve all the people。   At present, state-owned enterprises is facing competition from domestic private enterprises, it is also facing competition from foreign multinational companies dominating in terms of capital, technology, etc.。
State-owned enterprises in the internal and external pressures in order to grow and develop, we must enhance the vitality of internal development。
General Secretary Xi pointed out: "to promote the reform of SOEs should be conducive to increasing the value of state-owned capital, will help improve the competitiveness of state-owned economy, in favor of state-owned capital amplification function。 "Three 'in favor of' raised, pointing out the direction of SOE reform。
Analysis of state-owned enterprises, there are a number of outstanding contradictions and problems in need of reform: First, some companies market dominant position has not been established, the state-owned capital operation efficiency is not high; the second is some confusion corporate governance, internal control, transfer of benefits, the state-owned loss of assets and other issues outstanding, enterprise social functions and historical issues have not yet fully resolved; Third, some Party organizations manage the party running the party responsibility is not implemented, the political core role of the Party in the enterprise is weakened。
These contradictions and problems seriously restricting the healthy development of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises are not suited to take on important responsibilities, we must enhance the sense of urgency to accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises, according to the problem-oriented approach, taking targeted reform measures。   It should be noted the current state-owned enterprise reform and development, there are many advantages not previously available。 State-owned enterprises have experienced 30 years of reform, has accumulated a lot of experience, the emergence of a number of examples of successful。 In today's reforms, we should sum up the experience to be successful, flourish。 Past reform some lessons should never forget to take。 From the external environment, the rise of the private economy is one of the biggest changes。 In the reform and reorganization of enterprises, state-owned enterprises must equal treatment of private enterprise, not condescending。
Reorganization of the ownership structure of the enterprise, to determine the specific circumstances of the parties to negotiate, both state-owned holding, shares may be, does not necessarily require absolute control, the consolidated financial statements。
  In general, a diversified property company, should have at least three or more shareholders, and the two minority shareholders of the shares must be greater than the sum of the largest shareholder, the only way to the formation of checks and balances to avoid major shareholders do whatever they want, violations of the interests of minority shareholders。 Practice has proved a mixed state-owned economy and the private economy, can produce new advantages, state-owned enterprises into the private economy to absorb, can enhance the vitality; the private economy by means of state-owned economic platform, will be able to even more powerful, faster growth。
Combination of both, is not equal to 1 + 2, 1 + 1 is greater than 2 but。
  This round of SOE reform process of transformation and upgrading of the value of the national economy, the implementation of supply-side structural reforms need to state-owned enterprises play a key and leading role。
Particularly in the areas of strategic emerging industries, including electronic information, aerospace, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, new energy, new materials industry, urgent need to cultivate a group of strong innovation ability of leading enterprises, the world stood in the forefront of technological advances, led various industries moving to high-end of the global industrial chain。
State-owned enterprises should be duty-bound to take on the historical responsibility。   Currently, in the aerospace, high-speed rail, electricity and other fields, the central enterprises have played an important role。 It should be further strengthened by key technology research and development, assembly design, global marketing, diffusion parts supply and logistics services form a close-knit industrial clusters, in order to reduce costs, improve quality, and enhance overall competitiveness。
  In the field of advanced manufacturing, including large commercial aircraft, luxury cars, special ships, CNC machining centers, engines and other large high-end equipment, as well as chips, displays, carbon fiber and other key components and new materials, representing the country's scientific and technological strength and manufacturing capacity, to achieve self-manufacture, requires a lot of R & D funding and manpower to implement innovative systems integration and collaborative innovation。
Complete this arduous task arduous, can only hope the central rate。   Through reform and restructuring state-owned enterprises should establish an incentive mechanism for state-owned enterprises technological innovation, so that they consciously assume the task of major technological innovation, to become the industry leader in technological progress。
In the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other fields, the current capacity of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises draw, excessive fragmentation of the industry, the opportunity to help corporate restructuring, improve industrial concentration, the formation of a number of large enterprise groups with international competitiveness in order to enhance technology R & D capacity and international business capacity。 In some monopoly industries such as the petrochemical industry, too much redundancy remains a prominent problem restricting the development of enterprises, with foreign counterparts ratio, labor productivity is only one of a dozen other people's points even lower, resulting in poor performance of low intensity R & D investment。
  With the government canceled the project approval for the petrochemical industry, allowing private enterprises to enter, will unfold between state-owned and private enterprises in a fierce competition, the results will bring rapid increases in labor productivity, international competitiveness of the industry, petrochemical products rely heavily on imports of the situation will change, end-product prices will also decline, the majority of the people will share the results of reform to lower oil prices。 These industries are state-owned enterprises should make full mental preparation, can no longer rely on government protection, it should not hesitate, hesitate to be shedding workers and other industries have already completed reforms to meet the challenge of the private economy and foreign。   Innovation, classified facilities strategy, to complete a new round of SOE reform task should be in accordance with the spirit of the central and various industries, the specific situation of enterprises, every enterprise to develop specific reform plan, after discussion by experts and relevant departments approved the implementation of third-party assessment report。
To do before making any decisions, both actively plan, not hasty action, a change mature a。
  The first is the reform of state-owned assets management system reform。
All levels of government in the state-owned asset managers change their functions, the real transition from tube to tube-based asset-based capital, the transition from the physical form management form of value management。
To cancel some of the old management functions, establish new management functions。   The assessment of companies focus more on profitability, capital appreciation ability, technological innovation, long-term development capacity。 According to national development strategies and development policies, to inject prospective new industries and innovative enterprises capital to support mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, increase R & D and capital investment in weak links。   Meanwhile, industries and enterprises need to exit out of timely and appropriate capital。 Wholly state-owned, holding, shares of the company, perform the function according to the investment proportion。
Some qualified directly as a state-owned capital operating company's business, should be granted their respective mandates, to support these enterprises to become multinationals have the ability to self-development of technological innovation。
  According to different classification competitive industry, public sector, monopoly industries, the nature of the existing state-owned enterprises to define and develop different respectively reform program。 This transformation of state-owned assets management institutions function, so that freed from this particular part of a business transaction management functions out, the better to focus on optimizing capital allocation of state-owned big pipe, which is to implement the operational autonomy of state-owned enterprises, making it truly the main market operators need is a better play to the functions of state-owned assets management, and enhance the state-owned economy guiding force, zoom function requires the state capital。   We should establish and perfect the shares as the basis of a modern enterprise system as the focus of reform。 Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Party proposed the establishment of property rights clearly established, separation of enterprise, since the modern enterprise system management science, SOE reform has made significant progress。 However, progress is uneven reform。
Improve the modern enterprise system, the implementation of diversification of property rights, the establishment of a standardized corporate governance structure, the task is still arduous。
  Modern enterprise system is an important achievement of modern civilization and progress, is from 200 years of industrial development in the history of constantly sum created, is the common wealth of human society。 In the modern corporate governance structure, the Board of Directors living in the hub, should be a highly intelligent elite business decision-making body。
Board members should be independent directors members have extensive management experience and knowledge of all aspects of the composition, in addition to full-time directors, there should be a certain percentage of。 The Board consists of strategic, investment, research and development, finance, payroll, legal and other professional committees, to discuss and decide major issues in business, will be responsible to shareholders。
Shareholders' meeting is the highest authority of the company, responsible for the company's profit and loss。   Companies major investment decisions, profit distribution plan, appointment and dismissal of the chairman, the shareholders should decide。 Management level appointment and removal by the board, responsible for organizing the daily production and business activities, and is responsible for the Board。 This division of labor coordination, scientific governance structure of checks and balances, the objective needs of the enterprise is run。 We want to cultivate their own multinational companies and "century-old", we must unswervingly to build such a system, and the only way to effectively prevent internal control, transfer of benefits, loss of assets, too much redundancy and other issues。 After establish a standardized corporate system on the basis of diversified ownership, in order to implement ESOP system。   Enterprise core, the backbone layer and the older employees holding appropriate, all employees form the community of destiny, companies can only enduring。 Since the reform, some companies implement employee stock ownership system, and establish long-term incentives and enhance the cohesion, the rapid development of enterprises, to create a successful experience。
Employee stock ownership does not mean that for everyone, new mess mess。 Some companies award every year talented employees, the enterprise's stock option awards; some business leaders on the implementation of stock system, are effective incentives。   "Opinions" to "clear legal status SOE Party in the corporate governance structure, innovation SOE Party to play a central role in political ways and means。 "It is our political advantage。 This advantage can rely on the past to seize power, now run business can rely on this advantage。 The party's political core role is mainly reflected in the company to ensure the implementation of the Party's principles and policies, mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, to promote innovation and development of enterprises, to fulfill the economic, social and ecological responsibility is good business。
The main role of the Party achieved by vanguard and exemplary role of。   Through play the role of grassroots organizations and party members of party committees, party, party building with the modern enterprise system combine to make our political advantages into international competitive advantage, do a world-class enterprise。
The enterprise party building, can not be regarded as optional, but must do a good job。

Merkel: German refugee crisis split but does not repeat itself

Data Figure: German Chancellor Angela Merkel。 Reporter Peng Dawei photo Merkel considers the decision to open the country to accept refugees is correct, but she stressed that this was a "humanitarian exception", the future will not be repeated。   As the refugee situation in the Middle East turmoil, began in September 2015, mainly from a large number of countries such as Syria and Iraq into Europe。 The German government decided to open the country to accept refugees, more than two years have more than one million refugees into Germany。
  Merkel admitted that Germany is not ready to receive large numbers of refugees。
Split the refugee problem in German society, people's views on the issue of polarization。 But she believes Germany withstood the unprecedented challenge。   Merkel said the EU will strengthen the control of external borders。 Germany will continue to accept refugees, asylum but has not been qualified people will strengthen repatriation。
  With the German government to tighten conditions for receiving refugees, the number of new refugees in Germany has declined for two consecutive years。 According to official statistics, in 2015 in Germany a total of 890,000 registered refugees, but refugees to Germany about 2017 million, a decrease of approximately 10 million more than in 2016。   In recent years, a large number of refugees into Germany, not only caused the deterioration of the security situation in Germany, but also caused the rise in Germany populist forces。
In last September's general election, the anti-immigrant right-wing populist party in Germany choose to enter the Bundestag historic party, the Alliance Party support for Merkel's decline sharply。
  According to the agreement to form a cabinet coalition Alliance Party and the Social Democrats reached Germany receives each year the number of refugees should be limited to between 180,000 to 22 million。