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3 lost three games in 64 minutes!James Wong biggest killer in western people have 10-game winning streak

  Beijing March 15, according to "Cleveland honest people," Tomorrow is going to challenge the Knights will play the Trail Blazers on the road。
Since LeBron – James returned to Cleveland in 2014, every year the Cavaliers lost to the Blazers on the road big, but it has become a curse Cavaliers head。   Since LeBron – James returned to Cleveland in 2014, every year the Cavaliers lost to the Blazers on the road big, it's really hard to explain。
  November 5, 2014, which is a partner with Knight Big Three third game, they challenge the Blazers on the road。
That game, the Blazers eventually to 101-82 win big。
Most of the time in the second half, LeBron – James is standing there watching Owen and Vitesse singles, two Minghouweijia up 28 shots 6, and James shot only six times after the first quarter, finished with 11 points, the second half without scoring。   The next season, December 27, 2015, the Cavaliers on the road to 76-105 loss to the Blazers, the game, the Cavaliers behind when up to 34 points; last season, and is a pioneer in the home victory over the Cavaliers 102-86 , is leading up to 24 points, while Michael Owen in that game only 4 of 16 shots。 Three years, three away games, the Cavaliers lost a total of 64 points。
  Tomorrow, the Cavaliers turn away to the Trail Blazers, Cleveland Cavaliers and great changes took place in the lineup this season。 For the Cavaliers, the bad news is: The Blazers have made 10 consecutive victories, the state hot hot。
Are the Cavaliers will continue the road to play the Trail Blazers will defeat the law, let us wait and see!  (Rosen)。

Sedentary dry eyes relieve fatigue, tea and good health (1)

  Many people like to drink tea, whether or not tea, but that is like, night network is one, the efficacy of tea There are many network today night which said drink tea as everyone says it can alleviate dry eyes。  Wolfberry chrysanthemum tea rich in vitamin A, ease strong anger, dry eyes caused by overuse。Chrysanthemum treatment of eye fatigue, blurred vision, have a good effect, since ancient times, people have to know daisy protect the eyes。In particular chrysanthemum known as the "four-ju," the head is in the top grade。
In addition to smear the eyes to eliminate puffiness, the usual cup of chrysanthemum tea you can drink, make eye fatigue symptoms subside, if chrysanthemum tea drink three to four cups a day, can also help to restore vision。  Rose tea can eliminate fatigue, protect the liver, and the liver and eyes closely related, floating sweet tea rose roses beauty tea, not only can promote blood circulation, qi and blood, people ruddy, vibrant skin, can also make human emotions calm。
  Cassia seed tea Liver eyesight effect, long-term face of the computer workers is very suitable for drinking cassia seed tea。  Finally, it introduces another tea in front of the computer for the sedentary office workers, can be blood, strong bones and muscles。  Tea: Eucommia has the effect of blood and strong bones and muscles, for the often sedentary, back pain is helpful, it is actually the Eucommia special multi-function, the next issue of it, the night network specifically for everyone to do a thematic Eucommia。

note!The four physical appearance may signal liver abnormalities (1)

  1, spider: dark red nevus face and neck, chest, shoulders and upper back of the hand and the like flowing through the superior vena cava region of the skin surface appears, depending on the shape like a spider, called "spider"。54% of patients with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis can occur spider。  2, liver discomfort: in all symptoms, liver discomfort and pain in the liver area has a more specific, when such symptoms appear first suspected to be caused by liver disease, trauma factors should be excluded。  3, bleeding tendency: bleeding reflected in liver dysfunction, reduced synthesis of coagulation factors caused。Easy bleeding gums hepatic disease, hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal bleeding, and it is difficult to stop bleeding。
  4, gastrointestinal manifestations: This is the most common symptom, most liver disease will appear。
For example: nausea, tired of greasy, poor appetite, malaise, etc., there may be vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms splenomegaly。  The trick, take a few minutes every day to do a do stretching movements of the limbs of the body, help the liver nursed back to health。For example, by pulling both sides of the flank portion, to stimulate the liver and gall bladder, liver and gallbladder play a role。The rise of the cervical spine can be adjusted down action to stimulate the neck Dazhui, played Ruyang bones, flat secret yin and yang effect; through room to move, hook feet two actions can stimulate foot Sanyang by foot yin meridians and promote blood run。Pull upward stretch the spine, the sides can help conditioning triple burner, liver and gallbladder。
  Food and soy products are rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B, moderate amounts of fat and a small amount of carbohydrate, very beneficial to liver repair。
  Watermelon detoxification, Chufan thirst, diuretic antihypertensive, rich in a lot of sugar, vitamins and the like protease。
The protease may be insoluble proteins to soluble proteins。
  Categories such as white, yellow croaker, silver fish, and shellfish such as oysters, crabs, etc., can enhance immune function, help repair damaged liver cells。But chose to cook properly, otherwise it could cause food poisoning, the cooking temperature to reach 100 degrees。The heating time for a half an hour or more。
If a patient allergic to, then you need to eat, you can eat mushrooms, white fungus, kelp, seaweed, etc.。
  Potassium-rich foods seaweed, rice bran and wheat bran, almonds, oranges, raisins, bananas, plums, melon seeds。  Animal liver, lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other foods containing high protein and the amount of fat。  Plants containing anthocyanins: black wolfberry, blueberry, grape, black currant, etc.。

Barley drink barley tea to keep in mind the role of taboos

Barley tea is a very good appetizer drinks, efficacy and role of barley is very high, but there are contraindications, the following night network tell you some barley and practices and taboos, we must be alert to ah, go and see!Health drink barley tea, some of the taboos to be alert barley tea, also known as wheat or barley tea drinks。
The barley is then derived from barley fried after boiling, smells aroma of coffee, drink up and have a deep sense of wheat flavor, drink it not only appetizing, but also aid digestion, especially for the elderly and children to drink。
Barley tea contains many trace elements needed by the body, essential amino acids, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, sugar content is very low, to adapt to the people return to nature, the pursuit of health needs。Barley does not contain theophylline, caffeine, tannin, does not stimulate the nerve, does not affect sleep。Barley tea with detoxification, Qu Xing, to the effectiveness of greasy, hot drinks especially oily solution has a strong effect。Barley tea can also be used to eliminate the role of diet to enhance gastric motility due to chest tightness caused by excessive bloating, there。Many Korean families with barley tea instead of drinking water。
Eat barbecue food can easily lead to get angry, there toothache, sore throat and constipation situation, this time to drink barley tea can play a preventive role, but also can prevent indigestion caused by eating too much barbecue, of course Kudingcha action is also down as。
Barley suitable for single bubble, do not mix with other tea。
Brewing barley usually put into a stainless steel pot and boil a few minutes is better, so deep mellow will be released。
Barley has the role of milk back, breast-feeding women should not drink。
According to the efficacy of action of barley "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "barley, sweet nature, there is swelling to diet, food consumer product, Pingwei thirst, refreshing addition to heat, Yiqitiaoxue in Chest atmosphere, tonic inferior , strong blood, the benefits of color, in fact, five internal organs, the power of the Valley food。Painful urination treatment; treatment into the head-to-head; polydipsia than old rule, variable water, dry coke volume tongue; water gas disease; Xiaji Qing summer heat; treatment of acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, throat abscess。
Barley flour can be eaten, barley can also be made beer, help digestion, Shugan Lee gas, help adjust gastrointestinal function effectiveness。
"Barley tea contains 17 kinds of trace elements needed by the body, more than 19 kinds of amino acids, rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, protein and dietary fiber, adapted to the needs of people return to nature, the pursuit of health。
Consumers warm barley is mainly used for detoxification, weight loss and spleen, Qingre, to Xingshan, to greasy, aid digestion, soothing UFA。

23 + 7 Paul Griffin, Clippers fouled distal force home victory over the Grizzlies

  Ticker on April 21, NBA playoffs open play, the Clippers at home to 112-91 victory over the Grizzlies。
  - Chris Paul scored 23 points and seven assists, Blake – Griffin 6 made out in the fourth quarter, had 10 points and five rebounds, Caron – Caron Butler scored 13 points and 7 rebounds。
Bench Eric – Bray Durso 15 points, Jamal – Crawford 13 points, Matt – 10. Barnes。   Grizzlies on the boards fall to 23-47 at a disadvantage, the offensive rebounds, which they strive to 4-14。 Mark – Gasol had 16 points, 2 rebounds and 7 assists, Mike – Conley 12 points and 5 assists, Zach – 13 points 4 rebounds Randolph, Cerid – 19 minutes Bayless。   Chauncey – Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun – Prince is mid-2004 piston winning hero, but the two now their own master, Chauncey Billups scored 14 points for the Clippers, the Prince only 2 points 4 rebounds。   Clippers victory in the last battle of the regular season, has also been home-court advantage for the Grizzlies。 The opponent is no stranger to them, in last year's playoffs, both teams are also quitting, the difference is, when the Grizzlies have home advantage。
In last year's first game, the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter leading by 27 points, but was eventually overturned Clippers。
Billups still feel crazy, he thinks this is difficult to reproduce。
  Compared to last year, the Grizzlies lineup change is not small, the starting lineup to replace the Gay Prince, then to the bench Bayless, Ed – Davis, Austin – Daye and Kenyon – Turin, etc. people。 Clippers bench is more depth, an increase of Crawford, Barnes and Odom, etc.。   The Clippers prevail, no longer so difficult as last year。
Butler after opening continuous succeeded, the Clippers to a 6-0 start, while the Grizzlies played in the game 2 minutes and 27 seconds after the first score。 Once the two teams draw, but in this section there are 4 minutes 32 seconds, Crawford hit three-pointers and cause foul, vote with a penalty scored 4 points, followed by Butler also shot, the Clippers 20-14 once again to gain advantage。
Paul also hit three-pointers in this section will end, leading the Clippers to 29-21 end of this section。   Clippers 34-21 in Section II began to expand the advantage, but the Grizzlies are very tenacious counterattack。 Billups in the regular season enough time to rest, and then becomes lively play today。 Section 4 minutes and 14 seconds there, he still has nearly two meters away from the three-point line on the decisive shot, crashed hit the third, the Clippers leading 47-40 still。 Grizzlies will narrow the gap to four points, Billups another attack, he leaps in the air after a confrontation with Conley shot, the ball hit the rim at the forefront of high bounce, drop and then bounced twice, the final into the net nest, the Clippers to 51-45 to maintain our edge。 Grizzlies once the gap to 2 points, but Barnes tipped succeeded in this section there are seconds, the Clippers scored four points, the first half to lead 57-51。
  Paul first half, scored 9 points and 5 assists, Butler scored 11 points, Chauncey Billups 10 points off the bench Crawford had 11 points for Houston。
Grizzlies early foul trouble, the first half, starting a total of 10 fouls。
Pau 11 points, 9 points Randolph。   Paul scored seven straight points to start the third quarter, the Clippers double-digit advantage。 He arranged and Billups to the Clippers with 13 points before the holiday, the Clippers firmly in control of the situation。 In this section there are 3 minutes 09 seconds, the cast succeeded in Butler, Clippers to 74-64 lead。 After the Clippers in this section do not go shooting, Bayless also to third, one with 5 points, the Grizzlies slightly narrow the gap。 When more seconds of this section, the Clippers only got one point from the free throw Turiaf, leading the Clippers to 75-69。   Grizzlies in the fourth quarter before two minutes to play 7-2, chasing the score became 76-77, appeared to be the go-ahead, but the key moment Grizzlies turnovers, rebounding is not much better protection, even after the Clippers scored seven points, and to expand the advantage to 84-76。
Competition also 4 minutes and 51 seconds, Bray Durso break layup, the Clippers to 92-79 lead 13 points。 Bayless vote with a fine further 3 minutes, continued counter Memphis。   Game 3 minutes 32 seconds, Griffin 6 foul end, the continuous free throw Memphis, chasing the score 87-97。
Paul let the outcome of lost suspense, he first hit two free throws, then hit the third shot, and after the mine Durso Barnes also have been hit, the Clippers to 106-87 lead, the victory in the bag。 (Angkor)。