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Be a Northeastern

Be a Northeastern Author: Light seeking glory has not been deliberately owned. Personal vision is occasionally occupied by some images. Looking at the shops along the street, there are often children crying and denouncing their elders. They are noisy in various forms and wailing loudly is waiting for the expected food to enter their mouths. Tears grow into smiles as taste buds touch the food.. Many years ago, as an adult, I didn’t think much of the food that these children claimed. I always felt that it was nothing but junk food. In several snacks that my children bought home, the solidified thinking was completely subverted. The taste was really good. I don’t believe you should try it.. May be prompted by this matter, before July this year, many people around you were not impressed by the fact that they went to Southeast Asian countries to travel, but actually came to Thailand with a tour group for a week, which had an unusual flavor.. Many years ago, Anhui people living in east China had the idea of going to northeast China early in the summer. The first was to spend the summer and the second was to feel the endless force between glaciers and under the waters.. This year, choosing to visit Thailand at the end of July in the scorching sun is not an abrupt idea, nor is it the attraction of the transvestite, sea, fruit and tropical species there, but a natural country. geographically, I appear as a northeast person and can truly feel everything there with the feelings of southerners.. The time difference between Beijing and Bangkok is one hour, which is negligible for Chinese who are accustomed to playing mobile phones. During the flight, when the female announcer arrived at the destination – Suwannabe International Airport in less skilled Chinese, it was already 3 o’clock in the night Thai time, which meant the end of the four-hour flight, and a line of 31 travelers rushed out of the station. When they took out their bags and stepped into a brand-new minibus already waiting at the exit, they felt relieved, after all, they landed safely.. At the moment of getting on the minibus, it means that everyone’s ride on the bus in the next 6 days will be stopped by the tour guide.. I like the style of the tour guide, not competing for seats everywhere in every scenic spot in China. In fact, people are still there, and the positions are still those seats, just breaking the rules once in a while when getting on and off the bus.. Near 4 o’clock in the night, a line of fellow countrymen followed the minibus safely into the Swiss Kaihuang Hotel in Bangkok. Etiquette boys introduced politely, and then folded their hands in front of their chests, saying’ Savady KaKa’ in a meaningful way.! He bent down to show his courtesy to the people in front of him, like the shadow of Buddha in a quiet night. The hotel lobby is wide and the welcome gallery hall, which is nearly 10 meters high, immediately gives some admiration to the newcomers. After handling the room cards collectively under the guidance of the tour guide, the hotel elevator has become the first difficult problem in coming to the country. After several times of thinking and understanding in the elevator, the room cards must be painted on the floor and only one floor or the first floor can be selected downstairs, which means that cardholders are not allowed to enter other floors at will. As a northerner, I naturally feel that there is an anti-theft function hidden here, although it is not convenient to contact with colleagues living on different floors, my heart still remains.. Early in the morning, when every ray of sunshine shines, every trip in a foreign country is so promising. The driver always stops his car in front of the hotel in advance and waits for him. He is dark and always silent. Every time he waits for all the passengers to be seated in the driver’s cab at the right front of the car, he slowly focuses on his work.. The young tour guide is not tall, the typical figure and skin color of Southeast Asian people are closer to us on this trip. Later, he was discovered to be Chinese through many contacts. His grandparents left a child in Thailand and he became a half – breed.. He doesn’t speak fluent Chinese with the Minnan version of the tone of voice, and his slow expression seems to be easy to depict more beautiful’ hun jokes’ every time 31 fellow passengers are urged to enter the car seat and count the number of people, China and Pakistan will start slowly, then the tour guide will pick up the microphone in the front row of independent seats to explain, without lack of local conditions and customs for Thailand, interspersed with his own feelings for the Chinese people in due course.. Thailand is a country that believe in Buddhism. about 90 % of its people believe in Buddhism. there are a lot of exquisite food, clothing, shelter and transportation. that overall terrain is relatively low – lying, high in the east and low in the west, and disasters such as secondary natural storms are hard to reach. the climate can be divided into hot season, rainy season and cool season. the fruit resources are abundant, elephants are its national treasures, and transvestite is a symbol of Thailand’s tourism industry. the key is that there are basically no anti – Chinese activists in the country.. When he introduced himself, he deliberately said his real name was Yang. Thai people should put a ” police” sound in front of his surname, which is also called P Yang. He would put his hands folded on his chest for the first time and say goodbye for the last time every day, piously saying, ” Savady Ka.”! Immediately, the whole-car traveling staff echoed: ” Savady KaKa.”! ”. The tone of each other is weak and delayed, without interruption, and the atmosphere in the whole vehicle room is as beautiful and emotional as watching the beautiful sunset and afterglow in Siam Bay on the ship’s rail while waiting for the Princess of the Orient.. Starting from Bangkok, I traveled through several provinces, starting from the Grand Palace and traveling through Pattaya, Golden House and Shamei Island … Ah, while watching the exotic scenery, I was also tasting food from other countries and even knew the local customs.. Convenient traffic is subject to the traffic on the left side of the road, the disordered wires around the square poles fail to keep cobra’s footprints, the five-night high-end accommodation cannot accommodate the intervention of a lighted cigarette and durian, but the slow pace of people’s life can go with the oldest yellow … ah. When I woke up every morning while traveling in Thailand, I never felt in another country. I was only fined for being late for unpunctuality and disobeying regulations, but 201 baht in the store could not be settled together with Alipay and baht – this is in Thailand. Diligence and kindness are the most basic wrestling factors in every country on earth. Simplicity and kindness, hospitality, happiness and happiness are human nature, while Chinese people are not conformist in their thinking patterns, which is even more admirable. It makes me realize that Chinese people in the east will eventually be strong and will certainly be strong.. Human beings have been in different shapes for thousands of years, but their internal body structure is completely equivalent. For thousands of years, sounds and words have been different, but the beautiful notes and Arabic numerals that exist have always been in everyone’s program. People’s skin has not been dyed with the same color, and their warm limbs and friendly smile are full of deep feeling. . Ah. At a certain time, many years later, I want to wait for the day when the Chinese dream will come true, and the planet will eventually come to an end: people of different skin colors will have difficulty in changing their coloring, they will surely share the same belief, use convenient weights and measures, write Chinese characters, and communicate freely in Chinese, .. August 10, 2017

The Feelings of Idle Pen and Bench

The author never pays attention to any study in writing, moving a small bench and spreading paper on the tea table in the living room will make the pen feasible. Sometimes sitting on the kang watching TV, I suddenly realized a few clumsy sentences. I put my pillow on my lap, took a book and put it on my pillow, and then became a desk. I wrote down the clumsy sentences I thought of.. This kind of habit is like an old farmer who eats on the bench overnight. Eating enough food is the absolute principle. Servants think this is the simple feeling of the bench.. If you sit in a soft luxury boss chair, spread paper on a large desk, hand-held fragrant teas, and touch aloof and proud, you think you have a unique eye, and by your own experience, you can coldly gain insight into the world’s cold and warm world, and write a few poems and essays that are free from disease and moan and admire yourself, it is ridiculous.     Bench feelings it has the magnanimity of willing to be’ seated’. The small bench will not be the family heirloom of the master, nor will the master put it in a prominent position, but it will never be afraid of pressure, loneliness, neglect, insult and low – mindedness, and will never abandon itself, even if it is placed in a dark corner, it will also live in the world with ease.. Life splashes, it will not compete for favor with the plush chair, nor will its owner worry that it will be exposed to the sun, eaten by insects, touched and knocked, nor will it accept his beloved touch. Whether the host is happy or sad, he always lifts it out of the door. He will accompany the host to sit in the yard in the sun, and he will accompany the host to sit in the street and croak.. It may have witnessed the vicissitudes of life of several generations, so perhaps the master should call it grandpa. The master regards it as a playmate from the moment he can walk, from climbing over it to eating, to throwing it over when the naughty little master is happy, kicking it down first when he is not high-spirited and angry. It is a common occurrence to expose it to the sun, rain and snow in the courtyard, and it will never take pride in the attention of people who struggle for fame and fortune..     Although sparrows are small and birds, they do not seek to be taller than eagles on wings. Since the sparrow was born, why do you want to grow phoenix feathers. A person’s life is noble and humble, and depending on his birth is only a brief moment, the key depends on whether you have done something valuable or not.. Although the bench is simple and crude, it is an indispensable object and always gives people convenience. This is the ordinary value of the bench..     Peony flowers are called national flowers because of their clusters, but there is a small purple orchid growing in the grass. It can open broken flowers every day to greet the rising of the sun and repay the appreciation of every passer-by with a smile. This is the small but dreamy forget-me-not flower.. Through the ages, there are many people who are cynical and jealous because they think they have no talent. They have to ” struggle” to get ahead. It is difficult to realize that they only have the height of flying sparrows and have struggled and struggled for a lifetime.. He is a fool. He is like a monkey climbing a tree all his life. The higher he climbs, the more obvious his bald and red buttocks will be exposed.. The peach blossom on the human face still goes out, and the peach blossom still laughs at the east wind.’, even if you struggle to’ master cheng ren”, can you shine with the sun and moon? Whether you exist next year or not, the peach blossom of nature still blooms in spring.     Bench feelings it has the mind of being browned with jade. It can’t stand a little bit of disfavor in its life, and ordinary small benches never feel inferior when they encounter unfairness in their life.. All things are born, the fittest survive, the talented and the incompetent, and the free gift. If you have a sedan chair, you have your own husband, sedan chair. There are people who eat seats and have their own spoons. Those who have high rank have their own farmers. Some meat eaters have their own cattle feeders. The mountains are different in height, the waters are different in depth, the flowers are different in color, the seasons are different in temperature, and there are differences everywhere in nature, not to mention that people’s talents are equal.     People can not seek common ground in their aspirations and talents, but their moral character can be improved. Sven is difficult to disguise, and it’s ok to learn more etiquette. ” Imperial Chair” may not be well informed, ” Little Bench” also has its strengths.. ‘ Little Bench” Why do you fear the dismissal from office in your family’s way, and try all the joys and sorrows of the world, neither seeking sweetness nor avoiding hardship, and being popular will not be delirious, nor will poverty-stricken people aspire to not stretch out.. Life is ” don’t forget me” and ” don’t beg” and ” match peony”. if you don’t go high, why fear falling. Walking healthy, crowded public transportation calm, holding a hoe steady, sweat money and joy, reading ancient books in spare time, writing idle articles, protecting the heart of the day and becoming a natural product, it is not a dream to be able to eat enough food, it is a big life to concentrate on one’s ambition to advance toward one’s own goal every day..     Bench feelings it has the toughness of not afraid of bumping. Who is not the flesh and blood of every mortal bone, who is willing to work and sweat in the cold and cool department, can’t stand the hot and cold wash of the world, can’t suffer any injustice and bump, how can you see the ugly face of the world. How can we not regard what is right and what is wrong in the world as looking at a play without fear of honor or disgrace, without regard for gain or loss?.     The mediocrity of the bench has made it possible to survive, and the preciousness of the plush chair haunts the thief.. It seems that the more precious things created by nature, the harder it is to exist. Ordinary people don’t have to pretend to be free from vulgarity. Plastic surgery can only cover up the ugliness on the surface. How ridiculous it is to satisfy people who are ignorant..     In any case, having the feelings of ” small bench” and doing practical things to be a reliable person is not inferior to the flashy ” plush chair”.     The feelings of the small bench will always be better done tomorrow than today.

Danshan Travels

Travels Dan Danshan village is located in Qingdao Chengyang Oriental City shopping center west, because located in the beautiful north named kuh.Hill is not high but the immortal spirit, the water is not deep dragon name.Danshan small but small cute, small delicate.It is as concentrated bonsai, small and exquisite, elegant and beautiful.Delicate trace of Reiki, reveals a beautiful solemn. The hot summer months when you stroll down the winding mountain road in the forest at the time of the mountain, there will be a sense of calm air Cheong.Really sobering feel a spirit lifted.Guhuai Hongye Li mountain pines and the ginkgo tree and a variety of call on the name of the trees, the whole kuh dress Tracy lush and green.Dam slopes on green grass, yellow red spike head out from the green leaves, pale dark green case Priscilla Firenze Cui Jasper, Zhu ear as safflower Pink popliteal fat, such as gold-plated silver inlay yellow orange leaf, really a surface such as peach languishing bride to be married. In the top of the hill and built a road according to Tianchi.The duckweed pool cover, such as batik clear green, reddish pink flowers.Crystal clear dew on the petals scroll back and forth, passing breeze, Pearl have sparked a fall in water ripples, continue to expand the expand the.Goldfish Yaotoubaiwei red water freely shuttle in the Ping stems, occasionally there is a fish out of the water, the formation of numerous water splash rings pressed against each other interfere with a pool of green water squeezed wrinkled. The legend that this is the Queen Mother of goldfish bowl. West Hills built a pool, pool Peak stand guard spotted a tiger.King of the Mountain in the head and shouts like to do, it is majestic loyally to protect the Queen Mother pool.This was originally a natural form pool, the pool of water no matter how the drought, no rain season is always full of surplus water basin.Dig sipping a glass of water in the mouth, sweet and refreshing very cool, swallow the soul-stirring food for thought.The internal organs of gas really dirty wash of Dangjin, the heart was clear and fresh so uncomfortable! Nature is so magical magical!There is evidence stone: Danshan Tianchi Danshan beautiful top of the cylinder-shaped pits originally Gu top of natural stone formation.The legend is the Queen Mother of the goldfish bowl.Every dead of night when the moon is full, the Queen Mother will come to view fish and enjoy the scenery, water Qingying is thorough, sweet and pleasant, clear water never dry all year round, by the name Tianchi. Walk east tens of meters is Wenchangge.Wenchang Pavilion towering tall, solemn and dignified.Beast carved white marble carved railings, gray marble floor, they are white-based.A giant beast of stone plastic tripod placed before the Court, curl of smoke, incense.House brick wall black and white seam lines clear, black and white in stark contrast.A total of three High Court Shu Zhang, red bars orange tile richly ornamented cornice brackets.Only a few monsters stand in the eaves, containing evil demon town, bless meaning Christians.Four corners hanging wind chimes swaying in the wind, all the bells and gongs transmitted to the distant, more of this mysterious and solemn Taoist shrines. Taoism advocates difficult to save people, the Franciscans were urgent, Benjamin’s solitary, guest, too, abundantly Yin Zhi, the grid sky, people can like me to entertain the heavens shall give to thy blessing.Popular education and the influence of Taoism, where villagers simple and sincere hospitality, a lot of people believe in Taoism.Believers to repair Wenchang Pavilion, even then life constraints have also generously.Whenever the worship day comes, people in the vicinity of go hand in hand after another, accumulate before the Court on the ground incense devout prayer, worship.We all know people who believe in the doctrine of the heart are very simple kind and honest honest, good Zoroastrian many friends. Dan village from the Ming Jiajing to establish a village households poly.Hill was renamed after the original list Danshan.Danshan very important strategic position.Legend Danshan people known as generous chivalrous.When the head of the national crisis, Danshan children have come forward, throw the head sprinkle blood bloody battles with the enemy, many outstanding sons and daughters died for their country heroically.Land of Mumetada bone Treasure of the Sierra according to annals, their heroic deeds forever etched in the hearts of people between.Martyr solemn tombstone stands in the south of Shandong Dan.Quiet guarded day and night loyal bone Niyama Niyama these children, their willing spirit lasts forever!     Kuh should be a pure land, it is blackmail away from Seoul fear of social intrigue and rampant noisy bustle of the city, there is no tension pent congestion and noisy, everyone living space is very relaxed laid-back, quiet and comfortable.Here is really paradise on earth!Since devastated gusts, long Dongshan see, I come from the mountains, swing dust and leisure, and Xiaoxiao Sasa, such as the fairy happy, very happy here, and spiritual cultivation.  Danshan ancient strategic, authentic dense mesh dotted kuh build has three air-raid shelter, according to locals say its widest point may open into aircraft.To carry out national defense education is also an important base here, the mysterious cave complex is wrong individual training of good teaching field.Adventurous stimulate young people will want to try to experience something Hole. Mountains north of rows of buildings hillside, that is where the villagers live kuh.Lam House is a north-south east of the cement Yong Lu, East Road, a few meters from the hillside there is a corridor of stone steps, leaning on the railing along the stairs upward spiral, standing at the top of the hill there is a red column of orange tile chic sophisticated kiosk.People can sit gasping kiosks and small Qi, look at the neat rows of buildings panoramic view balcony.This is a God-given poised kuh people. Dan Village covers an area of about one square kilometers and is inhabited by more than two thousand families.Can live in such an environment and fresh air quiet place, close to a big city from the mist absorbing heat wave Zhengkao in the past, people’s eyes to this summertime enjoy the cool air, then it is into the secluded paradise, Penglai into the nectar of the Jade Pool wonderland. A hill a few booths, a few meters from a chic and elegant, the style is also unique. Standing pavilions looked east, such as mountains in the morning mist silhouette, twists and turns and down, close to the horizon on silver.Those people full of life and the pursuit of desire and longing to feel very excited, imagination can not help but see the King hygiene conditions.If the day standing in the air cool and bright Morning Yeongil pavilion overlooking the East, darkness receded, exposing Eastern gray dawn, gradually turns red, hanging by a dark red shallow Hongliang, several flower trimmed with bright red clouds in the east of Phnom Penh.The red glow of the red hills, red woods, red the entire kuh. Cable-stayed bridge is also immersed in the kinky red glow, like a cable stayed bridge with pillars giant harp, accompanied by dawn every day to play new chapter inspirational. I held my breath creations, I seem to hear the pulsating earth, hear the call of the wild.Is the first sound of the cock awakened the mountains, awaken the sleepy grass, awakened the whole kuh.There are stone as evidence: People Like, first sighted Taishan sunrise, and then reward kuh welcome Sunrise.When dawn came this morning peak elevation on the amount of one hundred thirty-five meters south of the shape of the tail of the tiger head north, and brave towering Shihmen East vision from the ridge of the rising sun, Kuang leisurely swing of mood brightened.Especially when the dawn of West ablaze aqua waves flashback, Yeongil Pavilion emergence colorful halo its beautiful gorgeous wonderland. Here the story step by step, always a legend.East of a stone bench kiosk steep walls, its upper half portion is formed naturally extended half a sheet of a large stone table platform, such as a seat vacant shape along the stone steps from the sitting.Legend: sit tendons live blood, strong waist and legs long time to sit, sit drinking water Tianchi, over a hundred years old birthday.Efficacious it! Is looking down at row upon row of newly constructed building, they continue to see the misappropriation of squeezing kuh, my heart suddenly tightened.Danshan thin, narrow the Danshan.I want to see past kuh original, this may be a luxury a delusion.I love the original ecology of the wild beauty of the rugged wilderness, full of the unknown lover to smoke rare beauty.There is no dispute with worries, no fear of blackmail to pressure Seoul authority, carrying baskets filled with a variety of berries, a hand and a shotgun in one hand and pheasants rabbits and other prey, marching in Barren shrubs, bushes, and occasionally startled one or two small animals, twinkling of an eye out of sight.No regrets thinking without thinking brain, the mind clear spring water as pure, the spirit has been purified and rising in the stillness.Although this is only a legend, a mirage.But it really is a pursuit of the ideal I.My mind is a fictional piece of pure land a utopian idealists.    The mountains are a good place for fitness equipment, there is also physical exercise to keep fit.Summer morning, breezy, cool cool air, a surge of pure heart and refreshing aroma of natural grass.Forest birds singing dancing butterflies, dragonflies pool crystal wings flapping, dogs Sahuan people children laugh, giving a natural feeling.We are a spoiled child of nature, enjoying nature is our good fortune, we should have a grateful heart to love it, like care for our bodies and eyes. Like fitness of people have gathered here, they exercise side AC side, the original can be released depressed mood, fatigue of the day to relax tensions, frustrations, they may bring a weary mood, but it will lighthearted song all the way all the way laughing walked home.This is a release of pressure wounds of body and mind, spirit and soul to a place of healing. West of here stands a silver-white tower, that tower is transmitting radio signals.There shielding fence around the tower, which is a two-story building, there is a staff office space. South Mountain is a magnificent cable-stayed bridge in this country invested more than seven million only on steel wire rope hundreds of tons, all imported from Germany.The cost of one ton of steel is more than one thousand US dollars.This bridge foundation depths of up to over one hundred meters underground, is the most shallow thirty or forty meters, the project can be seen by the vast.Puts up a bridge north-south thoroughfare natural moat.Its economy is invaluable.This is the first cable-stayed bridge in Qingdao, Chengyang is the iconic building.Marvelous concept architects, maintenance worker can reach through the top of the cement skeleton maintenance.Bridge once every five years on the need to maintain, an outer sheath cables should all be replaced, maintenance costs also need a few hundred thousand dollars. Along the cable-stayed bridge also has a wooden trestle road a few miles around.Pier roundabout and built several blocks covered bridges, this is really a good place for a casual chat, summer here cool breeze quietly elegant, about several friends brew a pot of tea from different places to open up the chat, occasionally looked up and scan the horizon, Yuanshanjinshui across the green stretch of Seiitsu.Speed flies the bridge, under the bridge dark green emerald light, very laid-back!What I want is not what I portray! I’m drunk, I fully revel in the landscape between. One evening after dinner over tea comes kuh, a sudden surge of interest in all new blood cramps, quickly drove circled came Yeongil Pavilion.Remove from the car deck chair, or lying or sitting to chat up a brighter future.At this point it is early August, very hot during the day, a cool breeze blowing gently blowing, suddenly the whole body of hot gas to drive to clean, thoroughly, cool and very comfortable! Was getting dim down, a crescent moon upside down over the vast expanse of the sky, the sky of stars in an instant as a waterfall pouring into Danshan, flashing lights outline Majestic Danshan bridge, the song number in back to the boardwalk was removed, then the village solemn Wenchang Pavilion, stands tall television tower., A beautiful three-dimensional picture lights, stands between several overlapping peaks mountains.No, this water again in this copy with colorful lights and accompanied by paintings of the moon, this beautiful mountains, beautiful water, beautiful scenery, beautiful objects, such as drunk like crazy people are now being done to close at picture. The earth was shocked, we were also stunned the beautiful scenery, but to talk Ga.Long, long time we are immersed in a beautiful reverie, quietly watching, silently appreciate fully revel in between the landscape, as if afraid to miss this golden good times.In fact, it has been fixed in the future now, today and tomorrow, not!A better tomorrow! Writer: Zang Ying Qi

Maple Leaf speechless

Meet under the maple tree, the pavilion before the meet, there are flowers in the intoxicated, under the shadow of the moon has a dream, you have my pursuit and longing, there is poetic, like crazy, drunk as those who talk, there is a sequence that countless kind of timid and desire, whether that division calm and proud self-taught, with or without several never had the joy of creation and.To be honest, that life is the most beautiful peak, are now not only list of small hills, and has become an increasingly distant in the days of indifference.    Revisiting again, it just feels like the wind, rain and similar water also flows, kiosks also stay.Ready to blossom festival, Mo every year there are Qinghuang.Cream sprinkled silent leaf floating Ling, wind and light snow sticks roar.Seasons also as the birds come and grass kurong.    That season, a water park accompanied by two heart go hand in hand.Du Wu thinking love, impossible to forget those memories, vividly versa.    Ornaments on the pillars of the pavilion, was the storm took many romantic can not be copied, think of “parking Fenglin love to sit late,” it is how chic and elegant, it seems that dancing Maple Leaf, is a rare earth chant scenery.    At that time in hand, think how fun it is, how sacred.Her every move inadvertently, in my eyes is so sacred, that is blasphemy to speak much to look at, not always the same between Shun grok combined with their own feelings of nerves, very romantic, day after day, to taste enjoy.Until today, they once again put echelon appear in my mind, or the like for the first time as people as excited about good enough.    How many times, I embarrassed the scene, did not find out the hard words break the embarrassment of those words, ever let my voice tremble in your smile, but I can feel my IQ is not only should re-examine, but us heart, are happy submerged unconscious.    Because ecstasy, so that everything is moving in the embellishment of plot.Summer night, the moon pavilion edges and also into the role, using our imagination can perceive aired out in the description of conscious life, writing is so vivid, so impressive.Of course, the three old maple tree next to the children did not forget their duties, with a discreet attitude of silent footer bar, dancing with foliage, with a sincere look kind of old, and record full of mysterious circumstances affecting those who read the.Far from the neon lights like a beating on the water, just like my heart, volatility is very intense, very intent Menglong.Inside the grass coming out of music, sounds so wonderful, let the heart of the government’s first fairy bow down to it?I believe it will, otherwise, the expression of the natural world is so far not sung.Maple Leaf silent, only a heartbeat reading moonlight shadows, giving vent to feelings found out only two.This is a process of life that people confused, impulsive people, make people happy.

Delicate woman of Zhu Shuzhen

Say good Jiangnan!Look south of the misty rain I do not know how many drowned sonorous old things, no matter how much or cavalry glaciers hoarse unforgettable love.Walking in the south of the misty rain, misty rain like it was filled with the same old things Beauties sad, living in the Southern Song Dynasty Jiangnan streets, thoughts, old things like that, like the misty rain hazy with a touch of melancholy.    ”Heartbroken word” episode, sad how many scholars Yake, just waiting for the Intrigue’s let the raindrops wanton eroding your fragile soul.A woman, talented and easy security can be shoulder to shoulder, with a southern woman tenderness glamorous, with poet Invite, sensual spirituality, fate sometimes really do not know how the arrangements?Perhaps God too fair, even a little bit stingy are not moved.Like her word set, regrettable and heartbroken End of the World, is south of the misty rain on the way people feeling of sadness and depression!    ”Cold Food little while, a few days could not bear to see the shutter, lonely pear drop people near the far horizon.”A little while Cold Food Festival, there is no mood to see the flowers, and leaves, Acacia into the illness Troy thin, could not bear to roll up the curtain, looking out the window southern misty rain falling not drowned their sorrows, facing the mirror makeup grooming late, a letter home, sometimes hurt the most is the feeling of sadness, and how Dide Guo Dishou Letter bottomed carriage of Acacia Italy.Wine does not intoxicate people from drunk, half-awake drunk tears feeling of sadness, even if this meant million heavy landscape is so close!    ”Spring has half, striking this infinite love.Twelve busy leaning over the railings, regardless of day to worry.Fenghurinuan is good, and lose Yingyingyanyan.Man Ting falling curtain does not roll, grass heartbroken far “, looked at the footsteps of spring slowly away, leaning against railings hope Jun Do not you see every day, good wind good weather, warm sun and wind, chirping Yingyingyanyan the most hilarious moment, full of passionate falling almost to the yard, could not bear to look at rolling grass desolately.    Intrigue is the most annoying, rain, Hawthorn Lianer Yan and Mei, full pond, Begonia flower full.Ying Sheng desolately honestly, tears wet Misuuchi long tulle, looking out countless willow fly, Love goes like this spring as a short, full of green mountains, its gloom even more ruthless, tap wine, Yu Xiaoxiao down after dusk.Apricot fragrance, Qinru human heart but it is difficult to grasp the touch worried, worry is, is the hope of the evil people disappointed or harm Acacia.    Sealed letter home through bloodthirsty, draw a circle also is heartbroken worry, so Xinyan, pure heart of creative ideas, extraordinary woman also!”Acacia Yuji unable to send, draw a circle for; if outside the circle, the circle in the heart.I circled the thick, thick you have to know Lennon meaning: single circle me, you double circle; the whole circle is a reunion, breaking the circle is parting.Then there is untold Acacia, all the way to circle the ring in the end.”Sometimes really admire even Acacia have become so interesting, heartbroken word also is so full of humor and fun.    Trace of rain, Xia Yuting, peach poolside, lotus shore first, from the autumn, the autumn to go from the lower two constantly Heart Will Go On.Or Rain, or clear worry, one red and one green, tens of thousands of flowers, but are attached worry, tulle how Dide Guo southern Mi haze hazy night after night, day students worry about it?    Merits, joyful south, southern worry too.Flowers open necessarily be so short, perhaps ancient roots born unlucky, turned the color of life, such as flower leaf.Only a mere poetry worry heartbroken, so Tianzi hair, spirituality Zhong Hui, spit out the words of the sentence the woman has the style of Warren, how can we not as delicate peace?    - Stop cloud put pen to paper 2014.6.twenty one

3 lost three games in 64 minutes!James Wong biggest killer in western people have 10-game winning streak

  Beijing March 15, according to "Cleveland honest people," Tomorrow is going to challenge the Knights will play the Trail Blazers on the road。
Since LeBron – James returned to Cleveland in 2014, every year the Cavaliers lost to the Blazers on the road big, but it has become a curse Cavaliers head。   Since LeBron – James returned to Cleveland in 2014, every year the Cavaliers lost to the Blazers on the road big, it's really hard to explain。
  November 5, 2014, which is a partner with Knight Big Three third game, they challenge the Blazers on the road。
That game, the Blazers eventually to 101-82 win big。
Most of the time in the second half, LeBron – James is standing there watching Owen and Vitesse singles, two Minghouweijia up 28 shots 6, and James shot only six times after the first quarter, finished with 11 points, the second half without scoring。   The next season, December 27, 2015, the Cavaliers on the road to 76-105 loss to the Blazers, the game, the Cavaliers behind when up to 34 points; last season, and is a pioneer in the home victory over the Cavaliers 102-86 , is leading up to 24 points, while Michael Owen in that game only 4 of 16 shots。 Three years, three away games, the Cavaliers lost a total of 64 points。
  Tomorrow, the Cavaliers turn away to the Trail Blazers, Cleveland Cavaliers and great changes took place in the lineup this season。 For the Cavaliers, the bad news is: The Blazers have made 10 consecutive victories, the state hot hot。
Are the Cavaliers will continue the road to play the Trail Blazers will defeat the law, let us wait and see!  (Rosen)。

Sedentary dry eyes relieve fatigue, tea and good health (1)

  Many people like to drink tea, whether or not tea, but that is like, night network is one, the efficacy of tea There are many network today night which said drink tea as everyone says it can alleviate dry eyes。  Wolfberry chrysanthemum tea rich in vitamin A, ease strong anger, dry eyes caused by overuse。Chrysanthemum treatment of eye fatigue, blurred vision, have a good effect, since ancient times, people have to know daisy protect the eyes。In particular chrysanthemum known as the "four-ju," the head is in the top grade。
In addition to smear the eyes to eliminate puffiness, the usual cup of chrysanthemum tea you can drink, make eye fatigue symptoms subside, if chrysanthemum tea drink three to four cups a day, can also help to restore vision。  Rose tea can eliminate fatigue, protect the liver, and the liver and eyes closely related, floating sweet tea rose roses beauty tea, not only can promote blood circulation, qi and blood, people ruddy, vibrant skin, can also make human emotions calm。
  Cassia seed tea Liver eyesight effect, long-term face of the computer workers is very suitable for drinking cassia seed tea。  Finally, it introduces another tea in front of the computer for the sedentary office workers, can be blood, strong bones and muscles。  Tea: Eucommia has the effect of blood and strong bones and muscles, for the often sedentary, back pain is helpful, it is actually the Eucommia special multi-function, the next issue of it, the night network specifically for everyone to do a thematic Eucommia。

note!The four physical appearance may signal liver abnormalities (1)

  1, spider: dark red nevus face and neck, chest, shoulders and upper back of the hand and the like flowing through the superior vena cava region of the skin surface appears, depending on the shape like a spider, called "spider"。54% of patients with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis can occur spider。  2, liver discomfort: in all symptoms, liver discomfort and pain in the liver area has a more specific, when such symptoms appear first suspected to be caused by liver disease, trauma factors should be excluded。  3, bleeding tendency: bleeding reflected in liver dysfunction, reduced synthesis of coagulation factors caused。Easy bleeding gums hepatic disease, hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal bleeding, and it is difficult to stop bleeding。
  4, gastrointestinal manifestations: This is the most common symptom, most liver disease will appear。
For example: nausea, tired of greasy, poor appetite, malaise, etc., there may be vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms splenomegaly。  The trick, take a few minutes every day to do a do stretching movements of the limbs of the body, help the liver nursed back to health。For example, by pulling both sides of the flank portion, to stimulate the liver and gall bladder, liver and gallbladder play a role。The rise of the cervical spine can be adjusted down action to stimulate the neck Dazhui, played Ruyang bones, flat secret yin and yang effect; through room to move, hook feet two actions can stimulate foot Sanyang by foot yin meridians and promote blood run。Pull upward stretch the spine, the sides can help conditioning triple burner, liver and gallbladder。
  Food and soy products are rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B, moderate amounts of fat and a small amount of carbohydrate, very beneficial to liver repair。
  Watermelon detoxification, Chufan thirst, diuretic antihypertensive, rich in a lot of sugar, vitamins and the like protease。
The protease may be insoluble proteins to soluble proteins。
  Categories such as white, yellow croaker, silver fish, and shellfish such as oysters, crabs, etc., can enhance immune function, help repair damaged liver cells。But chose to cook properly, otherwise it could cause food poisoning, the cooking temperature to reach 100 degrees。The heating time for a half an hour or more。
If a patient allergic to, then you need to eat, you can eat mushrooms, white fungus, kelp, seaweed, etc.。
  Potassium-rich foods seaweed, rice bran and wheat bran, almonds, oranges, raisins, bananas, plums, melon seeds。  Animal liver, lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other foods containing high protein and the amount of fat。  Plants containing anthocyanins: black wolfberry, blueberry, grape, black currant, etc.。

Barley drink barley tea to keep in mind the role of taboos

Barley tea is a very good appetizer drinks, efficacy and role of barley is very high, but there are contraindications, the following night network tell you some barley and practices and taboos, we must be alert to ah, go and see!Health drink barley tea, some of the taboos to be alert barley tea, also known as wheat or barley tea drinks。
The barley is then derived from barley fried after boiling, smells aroma of coffee, drink up and have a deep sense of wheat flavor, drink it not only appetizing, but also aid digestion, especially for the elderly and children to drink。
Barley tea contains many trace elements needed by the body, essential amino acids, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, sugar content is very low, to adapt to the people return to nature, the pursuit of health needs。Barley does not contain theophylline, caffeine, tannin, does not stimulate the nerve, does not affect sleep。Barley tea with detoxification, Qu Xing, to the effectiveness of greasy, hot drinks especially oily solution has a strong effect。Barley tea can also be used to eliminate the role of diet to enhance gastric motility due to chest tightness caused by excessive bloating, there。Many Korean families with barley tea instead of drinking water。
Eat barbecue food can easily lead to get angry, there toothache, sore throat and constipation situation, this time to drink barley tea can play a preventive role, but also can prevent indigestion caused by eating too much barbecue, of course Kudingcha action is also down as。
Barley suitable for single bubble, do not mix with other tea。
Brewing barley usually put into a stainless steel pot and boil a few minutes is better, so deep mellow will be released。
Barley has the role of milk back, breast-feeding women should not drink。
According to the efficacy of action of barley "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "barley, sweet nature, there is swelling to diet, food consumer product, Pingwei thirst, refreshing addition to heat, Yiqitiaoxue in Chest atmosphere, tonic inferior , strong blood, the benefits of color, in fact, five internal organs, the power of the Valley food。Painful urination treatment; treatment into the head-to-head; polydipsia than old rule, variable water, dry coke volume tongue; water gas disease; Xiaji Qing summer heat; treatment of acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, throat abscess。
Barley flour can be eaten, barley can also be made beer, help digestion, Shugan Lee gas, help adjust gastrointestinal function effectiveness。
"Barley tea contains 17 kinds of trace elements needed by the body, more than 19 kinds of amino acids, rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, protein and dietary fiber, adapted to the needs of people return to nature, the pursuit of health。
Consumers warm barley is mainly used for detoxification, weight loss and spleen, Qingre, to Xingshan, to greasy, aid digestion, soothing UFA。

23 + 7 Paul Griffin, Clippers fouled distal force home victory over the Grizzlies

  Ticker on April 21, NBA playoffs open play, the Clippers at home to 112-91 victory over the Grizzlies。
  - Chris Paul scored 23 points and seven assists, Blake – Griffin 6 made out in the fourth quarter, had 10 points and five rebounds, Caron – Caron Butler scored 13 points and 7 rebounds。
Bench Eric – Bray Durso 15 points, Jamal – Crawford 13 points, Matt – 10. Barnes。   Grizzlies on the boards fall to 23-47 at a disadvantage, the offensive rebounds, which they strive to 4-14。 Mark – Gasol had 16 points, 2 rebounds and 7 assists, Mike – Conley 12 points and 5 assists, Zach – 13 points 4 rebounds Randolph, Cerid – 19 minutes Bayless。   Chauncey – Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun – Prince is mid-2004 piston winning hero, but the two now their own master, Chauncey Billups scored 14 points for the Clippers, the Prince only 2 points 4 rebounds。   Clippers victory in the last battle of the regular season, has also been home-court advantage for the Grizzlies。 The opponent is no stranger to them, in last year's playoffs, both teams are also quitting, the difference is, when the Grizzlies have home advantage。
In last year's first game, the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter leading by 27 points, but was eventually overturned Clippers。
Billups still feel crazy, he thinks this is difficult to reproduce。
  Compared to last year, the Grizzlies lineup change is not small, the starting lineup to replace the Gay Prince, then to the bench Bayless, Ed – Davis, Austin – Daye and Kenyon – Turin, etc. people。 Clippers bench is more depth, an increase of Crawford, Barnes and Odom, etc.。   The Clippers prevail, no longer so difficult as last year。
Butler after opening continuous succeeded, the Clippers to a 6-0 start, while the Grizzlies played in the game 2 minutes and 27 seconds after the first score。 Once the two teams draw, but in this section there are 4 minutes 32 seconds, Crawford hit three-pointers and cause foul, vote with a penalty scored 4 points, followed by Butler also shot, the Clippers 20-14 once again to gain advantage。
Paul also hit three-pointers in this section will end, leading the Clippers to 29-21 end of this section。   Clippers 34-21 in Section II began to expand the advantage, but the Grizzlies are very tenacious counterattack。 Billups in the regular season enough time to rest, and then becomes lively play today。 Section 4 minutes and 14 seconds there, he still has nearly two meters away from the three-point line on the decisive shot, crashed hit the third, the Clippers leading 47-40 still。 Grizzlies will narrow the gap to four points, Billups another attack, he leaps in the air after a confrontation with Conley shot, the ball hit the rim at the forefront of high bounce, drop and then bounced twice, the final into the net nest, the Clippers to 51-45 to maintain our edge。 Grizzlies once the gap to 2 points, but Barnes tipped succeeded in this section there are seconds, the Clippers scored four points, the first half to lead 57-51。
  Paul first half, scored 9 points and 5 assists, Butler scored 11 points, Chauncey Billups 10 points off the bench Crawford had 11 points for Houston。
Grizzlies early foul trouble, the first half, starting a total of 10 fouls。
Pau 11 points, 9 points Randolph。   Paul scored seven straight points to start the third quarter, the Clippers double-digit advantage。 He arranged and Billups to the Clippers with 13 points before the holiday, the Clippers firmly in control of the situation。 In this section there are 3 minutes 09 seconds, the cast succeeded in Butler, Clippers to 74-64 lead。 After the Clippers in this section do not go shooting, Bayless also to third, one with 5 points, the Grizzlies slightly narrow the gap。 When more seconds of this section, the Clippers only got one point from the free throw Turiaf, leading the Clippers to 75-69。   Grizzlies in the fourth quarter before two minutes to play 7-2, chasing the score became 76-77, appeared to be the go-ahead, but the key moment Grizzlies turnovers, rebounding is not much better protection, even after the Clippers scored seven points, and to expand the advantage to 84-76。
Competition also 4 minutes and 51 seconds, Bray Durso break layup, the Clippers to 92-79 lead 13 points。 Bayless vote with a fine further 3 minutes, continued counter Memphis。   Game 3 minutes 32 seconds, Griffin 6 foul end, the continuous free throw Memphis, chasing the score 87-97。
Paul let the outcome of lost suspense, he first hit two free throws, then hit the third shot, and after the mine Durso Barnes also have been hit, the Clippers to 106-87 lead, the victory in the bag。 (Angkor)。