do you know?Studies have shown that sleep less likely to gain weight

Location: Did you know that the body?Studies have shown that sleep less likely to gain weight 2018-3-1414: 23:51 Source: Introduction: Did you know?Sleep time is too short also an important risk factor for obesity, and its importance as much as possible and lack of exercise…… 2, sleep less, exercise to lose weight it is difficult to make an effective mechanism for what little sleep linked to obesity and it?Currently, scholars no clear conclusion, but some of the conclusions of existing studies inspire us。
First of all, sleep is an important factor affecting the level of leptin in the brain and intestinal peptide。
Leptin is a hormone to suppress appetite and promote energy consumption, while ghrelin stimulates food intake。 Short sleep duration decreases leptin, ghrelin levels increase, the result is, increased appetite, people will begin to add unnecessary energy intake leads to obesity。 Second, the longer the time awake, the more opportunities to eat。
Because many people will learn, watching TV, playing computer time increased, reducing the time to sleep every night, and in the process can not help but eat snacks, drink and so on, so a lot of unnecessary energy intake。
Lack of sleep can also cause body fatigue, resulting in reduced physical activity, energy consumption will be reduced accordingly。 Some people may think, since sleep less bad for your health, I'll take more exercise it。 However, to do so, but in vain do with physical confrontation。 Because of lack of sleep itself will lead to fatigue, the more people want to move。
In addition exercise can consume energy, not as often because the increased appetite caused by the intake of energy, not to mention the movement again after the hunger caused by the。
This is for a lot of people want to lose weight, simply a nightmare。 People want to lose weight, often only concerned about diet and exercise, but if you ignore the most basic of sleep can be said that more harm than good。 To thin, or enough to sleep, I sleep for a……。