War like water flow, moisture heart floating pool touch Fragrance

Shame flow like water, nourishing the heart Pool touch of subtle fragrance floating text / once every second street children, sigh youth goes, it disappeared in the unintentional remembrance in; day and night, thinking Love short, the wind gently across each finger channel; One year, Red past memory, such as sweets quarter quarter scattered drift; War flow like water, moist touch Fragrance heart floating pool; lingering tears language, farewell past scenes depression melancholy, stormed poured brush tip, forming a desired sheet of paper at time Jingchu, shallow read!- Inscription [time flowing, Xiao Meng wake up] Life is like Yilianyoumeng, human interpretation of a cross section sorrows and joys drama; time quietly, flowing past a section of ground in a hurry; the young light sparse mad, once we have tempting hiding in years, plays the role of a lonely corner, like a thief, like, secretly picked Sentimental fruit of love, dream of cruising on the beach, we find the golden shells of their own.Romantic, can not extricate themselves immersed in the quagmire of love, Xiao Meng wake up, the heart has long been at the pool love into mourning; traces of memory, a road shades, draw the pain of love intoxicated, confused silence towards a few, reincarnation smile, lament; and finally, in his eyes streaming wave choose to forget the past, in the purple street Red Dust, the recuperation time with a sad season.    [Flowing time, years of quiet good] Cuckoo Ming Lin, superficial, full of lotus pond June incense; Yi Jiangnan River, Huan female Acacia, asked me why quietly picking a water lily, plug in mind at the central pool, floating a touch of subtle fragrance?At the moment, years of quiet and elegant, tranquil water, I would like a woman on a lotus Lanzhou, playing in the pond and the king leaves, keep it full of fragrant memories; fine curtain of water moving from the breeze, the night candle floodlight, dream rainy early break and listen to the frogs; dense shade trees, between tower reflection, corridors and Jun flute playing music, the sound of melody; see falling clouds as supergraphic, cross-linked high-altitude, listen Hongyan gongs, lychee flower show on fly!    [Time flows, where the dream send] Liuchang Things, such as wasted drunk, listening to the rain outside the window the rain, deep eyes and a burst of waves rippling stream, the wind weakness, not move with it adrift in a boat filled with sea fog Teng Lakeshore , covered the front line of route, exposed reefs, tide waves in the waves roll shot rang day and night barrier dreams set sail; life is like a broken squid, with the water gone east, from the War shadows, only pity for flower bloom inter fall; Proverbs on green bamboo case, Yan Hong ink splashed, humble pen a paper Dan, and describe the fleeting drop point broken language; glass earth, like a lost lamb, who knows where to send the Canmeng?    [Time flows, Duwusiren] that day, that scene, Song Jun kilometer street to go Iraqis look back, smile Enron, after the turn, tears roll roots, listening to heartbreaking one place off, Yuning choke; read full of thoughts past, dreaming, clear and well-being remains in the deep mind; decline Yang West Ramp, cuckoo, walking Colorful Scattered difficult difficult; this went on day and night removed insomnia, Sijun Mountain shoes travels to rivers and lakes, when normalized to?Between dream companions, accompany Jun Chang world tour mountains, looking forward leaning out of windows, Acacia sent away to the moon, looking deep water lily bloom season, Duwusiren, Jingchu water three or two, the suspect is king and whistle, the sound of Gone with the Wind start.    [Time flowing, put pen to paper into mourning] time flowing, getting a cup of tea alcohol, in June of the night sky, the smoke released into the atmosphere, Hua Xu lost out to be a dream; forget Xiao Meng Chu Xing, relieved smile, read it Love Lane quiet good portability Jun Picking play, with the king when leaving Mengsui, Duwusiren, and season Fangfei see litter, Liuchang watery, moist touch Fragrance heart floating pool, aryl refused old body, just solitary ghost tour on earth, who, a touch of sadness who catches the eye?Who, ink-stained youth who run to the Spring and Autumn?And who, crumpled Iraqis heart Pool?When an idea into execution, begins to Acacia begins to gray, I discovered that life put pen to paper, full of War!    Spend years past, Acacia stuffed into wine, drunk alone now; to revive the boat, where is the starting point of sail?Tomorrow will float to the dream where?Life journey, the line to the water to the poor, has long been Dankan flashy, only willing to make a lifetime “book girl”, recorded as a rush of Youth Commemorative!