Edge to edge to the Red

The night wind from the window at the red.Qing Yun is like a young woman’s hand gently tapping the name of the glass windows, thin sound, skip the night quiet heart of the sea, disturb my mind calm!  Away from the computer, I come with the wind the wind away, outside a burst of quiet, the hustle and bustle of the town, and have lost the excitement of the day and into the night fell in quiet.Looking out the window, I glimpsed the bright month, as naked hanging in the sky.Like a charming young woman, attracted numerous stars greedy eyes!Month, without a hint of shyness, but to her own a beautiful, brilliant shine with their greedy eyes to the night!  Promise the moon gave me an inspiration, thoughts like this quiet night walk in the wind this night, with the lights I saw the direction the world, with the stars, I see the horizon of the landscape, with love, we can see the red on the road through the traces of years, this rhyme color from the bottom of my heart, even love into falling red, in the heart of the water as waves of infinite affection, look away, like a scattered in the heart of waves, ripples sight.Standing in the depths of this quiet night, I suddenly remembered a distant character, had many nights I have quietly set off in their hearts, thoughts!Our thoughts out of another world meet, so just to let hearts quietly holding hands, walked along the carpet does not belong to the Red, however, lust and greed, like a pair of ruthless hands, put us firmly land grabs, we want to get rid of the night in the share of ferocious, evil and ruthless, many times, we did not leave the shadow!  Lonely night, even if no stars, no moon, but when it comes to look beyond this life, I can share a sense of longing, like when young; the desire of the spring, even if there is no greenery, no flowers, and when faced with thoughts outside of this text, the same gas can love the passion; lonely heart, even without a look back, no warmth, and when faced with inspiration beyond this feeling, the same can Dangqi silence share of mind, and perhaps I fell in love with the scenery outside landscape?I do not know how this dark twilight flee to look for heart, ear, only to hear the sound of the wind rustling the curtains knocking!  The room quietly, even the name of his son sleeping next door sound is so clear, lying in bed, so this makes me feel quiet never had fear, really afraid to meet outside of this life, the I left heart away, so I subconsciously pressed his heart, tried to control his mind, however, the mood has long been drifting into the sky, drifting into the twilight black!  Through layers of clouds, my heart came an unknown village, met the bridge one pair of children playing, the boys holding the legs, hands are what Laozhao creek, children, child, giving her a long long braids, hand holding a red flowers, because this scene, touched my mind, my heart and asked to – – what are you doing?He said the little boy, I was fishing for the moon!  - what are you waiting for?He said the girl, I’m waiting for love!  My heart is puzzling, really do not know in the end what is the relationship between these water moon and love looking at the sky the moon, and my heart is like encountered a puzzling question, yes, love is not just a no answer familiar questions, some people say marriage is the love of the answer, but, in reality, some people have been into the marriage, but the country looking for answers?The thought I wanted to escape, to leave, and when I am far away from the boys and girls of this creek, behind only heard a burst of laugh, then that is the voice of the boy: fishing moon is my promise to love!  Promise, in the eyes of lovers really so precious it?With this question, my heart is walking in a huge city, the city will be busy bristle, even the people breathing spaces are not, how to get a part of their hearts pure land ah?Just when I’m in a dilemma, in front of a burst of firecrackers will upset my thoughts!  More than okay, this life of a landscape, an unforgettable memory. – Whether it is wind and rain, or disease in the body, you will love her do?  - Yes, I will always love her!  - whether it is day or night, or difficulties in the body, you will love him yet?  - Yes, I will always love him!  Listening to the couple’s marriage during the Q & Lord, I suddenly felt the love of the original does not require much commitment, never a complete answer can be summarized heart!So, my heart a long time immersed in the auditorium of the couple!  Floral and elegant, is not a person’s entire life.That left the couple, the big city, feel the cloud floating from the fall, and perhaps this is life ought to be befell unharmed, I was not afraid, just think of death, just that touch me very desperate, falling heart is being hold a meditation monk!  ”Thank you,” I opened my eyes to blurt out the first thing to the old monk, and the old, closed eyes, waved gently read: donor, life should not be the case, please go, edge to edge to ,Amitabha!  Monk leave, my heart walked on, boys and girls, the bride and groom, priests godfather, villages, cities, mountains emerge faded, and the line and go.I do not know how long, the window out urgently phone ring my heart disturbed, woke up, only to find turned out to be just a dream in the night, forgot all about the details, his mind remaining two words: edge to edge to!  Oh, the original dream is a word ah!Remember it, love it!  2012.4.28