A person’s travel

A person’s travel a person’s travel may best explain the intention of travel, ” to say” go as you go ” must mean one person, not two people, or a group of people.”. Because more than one person travels, the taste will be discounted. If you live in one place for a long time, you are bound to get tired of it. The unchanging life makes your heart look like a dead sea and can’t lift any waves.. You are eager for change, exploration and novelty. It is time to start a new journey. Pack up a simple bag with a book, comb, face oil, cup, charger, etc. After checking the ticket information on the Internet, I went to the bus station by bus, bought the ticket and set foot on the bus. Travel is bound to suffer from long-distance turbulence. Four hours of turbulence and the fumigation of dirty air in the car cost me half my life. I am almost dying and can’t live in love.. When I got out of the car, I dragged half my life out of the station and saw the bustling streets and modern buildings like a dream. Walking along the street, I passed a park and drilled into it. What a vibrant park it is! The lost half-life immediately returned to my body and I was resurrected with blood.. There was a rumbling sound in the sky. Looking up, the two planes roared overhead in a low voice. Immediately, one share of anger surged up in my heart. I said to myself: Weifang, I’m coming! Wandering around most of the park, I left contentedly and went into a small food shop. I ate a rice noodle and did not dare to compliment it.. Take the bus to Weifang Medical College and look around after getting off the bus.. He went to the hotel – Langyi. When I dragged my swollen feet into the set room 906. I have a full sense of belonging in my heart. This room is where I will settle down in this strange city the next day. I feel the same with it.. In the spacious and comfortable double bed, I took myself as my master and lay still, waiting for my heart to slow down and breathing well.. Then, after reading the book for a while, I looked up the interior decoration. The room is very broad and bright, and the red-brown wood floor is gloomily bright. It is a kind of noble and strong luster with white double beds, luxurious and tasteful. There is a big TV on the wall, a long black table below, and a brown wardrobe at the door, next to the small bar, with some drinks on it.. On the south side of the floor-to-ceiling window, the white curtain like Bertha blocked out the snooping outside, filtered out the noisy secularity, and remained quiet and indoor.. I sat cross-legged on a long table by the window with a few dozen or two regiments of pu weaving. after reading a few lines, I bowed my head and looked out of the window to mourn the noisy world.. In the distance, if a forest of modern buildings were pulled out from the ground, they would fly straight at the sky and be magnificent. The nearby Yuhaiyu belt would pass through the city, and the ancient trees on the shore would be luxuriant and luxuriant in shade.. Traffic on the road was like a shuttle, pedestrians were in a hurry, and a day later, check out, a person went to the station, bought tickets and boarded the way back to his hometown.. Hurriedly come, hurrying away, the journey is over, but this experience is engraved on my heart and haunts me all the time..