A little excited

Mom, I’ll tell you something. ‘ son said on the phone.   ‘ well, what do you say! ‘ but the other end of the phone was silent for a long time.   ‘ what’s the matter, you say! ‘ I urged.   ‘ I got the application form for joining the regiment. This is a good thing, very good thing! What do you want to write about yourself on it? asked the son.   Write down what good aspects you have had in the past year, what are your strengths, and think more about your good side. ‘ When I heard that my son could voluntarily tell me his happy event, I was also happy for him. Think of just entering the first day of the new year, after the mid-term exam, my son went home and told me that some students in their class can join the group, provided they reach the top ten in the class and only have eight places. The son said such things with a disappointed expression on his face.. It can be seen from his expression how much he wants to become a league member.   At home on Saturday, my son was doing his homework. I opened his home-school contact book and saw several lines of big red letters. Before he could see what was written, his son grabbed the book and said, ” Don’t show it to you.”. ‘ at the same time show very shy expression on her face. I had a question mark in my heart: what is it that I don’t want to see? We know everyone will have curiosity. The more we do this, the more we want to see it.   Later, while my son was away, I secretly opened it and saw the red characters saying, ” Man is responsible.”! Congratulations on your successful election as a League member! ‘ This is the comment on writing by the teacher in charge of the class. I also appreciate the teacher’s encouragement to the children when I see such comment on writing.. I believe my son will be greatly touched when he sees this, because what can be happier than a person who can be affirmed by others? Besides, it was encouraged by the teacher. Look at a small line written by a son next to me: I was very nervous when I went to speak on the stage this time, and my legs were shaking and I could not stand still later.. This is what my son said in his heart this time.   Later I turned over his exercise book and saw such a piece of paper with half a page written in a Chinese notebook.. It seems to be writing about the members of this campaign carefully. Said that the teacher in the class team class came into the classroom with some forms and said he would run for the league member. First ask students to raise their hands if they want to join the group and then write their names on the blackboard. There can be eight places. It said he wanted to write his name on the blackboard, but did not dare. After several students wrote their names, the class was silent for a while, and then the teacher asked if there were any others who wanted to write their names.? The son felt that he could not wait any longer, so he boldly went up and wrote his name on the blackboard. I’m happy for my son’s courage this time, which also shows that he is very active in his heart and wants to make progress..   On the next day, I intentionally asked my son, ” Did you assign a name or something to the members this time?”? The teacher asked the member who wants to be a member to write the name of the word on the blackboard and then the students will vote by show of hands. Even I have ten people who have written their names on the blackboard, only three of them are boys. In the end, two girls were not selected. ‘ said the son. Recently, he was able to communicate more with me, which was rare in the past.. The son continued, ” This time I got 52 votes and several full votes. The two girls who were not selected were below FIFA votes.”. You can be selected to show that you still have a position in the class! So if you try everything yourself, if you don’t write your name on the blackboard this time, you won’t have a chance to become a member. ‘ I said to him, ” Sometimes we look at how powerful other people are. In fact, most of the time we see only the appearance of others and feel weaker than others.. In fact, only if we try, can we know whether it is true or false, and only if we try, no matter whether it succeeds or not, there will be no regrets.. Looking at my son listening carefully, I knew he was right in what I said, and I continued to say to him that when I went to school, I would actively participate in everything and exercise my abilities, so that when I came to the society, I would find the abilities I exercised at school very useful.. I remember when I was in high school, all the teachers and students in a class team class unanimously asked me to perform, but because I was very introverted at that time, I did not dare to show in front of everyone. In the end, no matter what the teachers and students urged, I did not come on stage.. After that, I felt too timid, too ignorant and unable to respect others..Now look at the colleagues around you, one by one, they are very capable. Think about which of them is not from Jiao Jiao when they went to school and which is not going through the ups and downs when they were students, just because of the exercises in their school days, they are now well displaying their talents in their posts..   This time his son was able to run for membership, which was indeed a very exciting thing for him and raised his enthusiasm. I believe he can also devote himself to study with a more positive attitude through this matter..