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Foot feet have to be careful to pay attention to care at home

Foot feet with stress at home care to be careful, foot massage feet on the human body has many benefits, it allows us to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, adjust blood pressure, improve blood circulation, but also promote metabolism, it can be described as a big Mibao promote good health of。
Busy day of work down, soak feet definitely was luxurious one thing, but we also need to pay attention to their own feet at home eight points, or feet but not conducive to our health。 Hecu regular daily life, can play a softening blood vessels, eliminating the fatigue of。 A lot of people will be the phenomenon of cold hands and feet in the winter, then try using vinegar foot bath。
1, physical fitness Chinese medicine, the root of the foot is human, the reflection region has an important therapeutic value of as many as 75, often adjustable feet with vinegar and meridians, promote blood running, help balance the yin and yang。
Long-term adhere to their feet with vinegar, not only can improve sleep quality, to enhance the robustness and resistance of the body have improvement。
Foot feet with stress at home care to be careful 2, promote blood circulation situation more as the winter cold hands and feet body blood circulation caused by unreasonable use of vinegar foot bath can accelerate the body's blood circulation, improve the body parts because of prolonged immobility or fatigue caused by hypoxia, increase metabolism, improve cold hands and feet case。 3, to improve the lot of people have athlete's foot, athlete's foot is the friend very troubled, not only foot itching, peeling, and smell, are the consequences of fungal infections。 Therefore, their feet can play a bactericidal effect on the feet clean with vinegar, but try to ensure that foot with vinegar foot bath in the absence of injury, the situation can be improved athlete's foot。

Zheng Xinli: the influx of laid-off SOE reform will bring you | Zheng Xinli | Zhou Tianyong | Population

  Text / Chinese Economists 50 Forum kickstart the party's 18 Third Plenary Session of the "decision" of the reform of state-owned enterprises made important deployment。
Central issued "Guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises", marking the start of SOE reform again。 Central to the thinking and understanding the spirit of "decision" to clarify some of the misunderstanding, is an important condition for the smooth progress of the reform of state-owned enterprises into。   First out of the state-owned assets supervision and capital to pipe the main changes to erroneous understanding of the reform of state-owned assets from the pipe to the main, will not lead to weakening of the regulatory functions。 Since the establishment of the SASAC, perform the function on behalf of the country, the implementation of the management of personnel affairs management of assets of state-owned enterprises unity, has played an important role in state-owned assets, it has made great achievements。
  However, state-owned enterprises operating as an independent market players, this regulatory system increasingly unable to meet domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in market competition, the need for autonomous decision-making and improve the resilience of。 In accordance with the requirements of the modern property rights system of state-owned enterprises have occupied state-owned assets of legal property rights, including the right to use, usufruct, right of disposal, etc. Along with this, the state-owned enterprises must also have autonomy in investment, especially with the business increasingly large scale assets, a wide range of growing, business and geographical range more widely, in order to improve return on assets, enterprises need timely disposal of idle or low yield assets, the purchase of a new business can bring higher-yielding long-term assets; required by international mergers and acquisitions, optimizing the allocation of resources on a global scale。
Operational autonomy to implement these state-owned enterprises, is to enhance the international competitiveness of state-owned enterprises objective need, is the basic condition for state-owned enterprises bigger and stronger。   And not only from the form of value from the material form of state-owned assets supervision, state-owned enterprises in order to deregulation, the state-owned enterprises only cage of tigers into the mountains to make it grow into a free ride on the global market of large international companies as soon as possible , play a key and leading role in improving the country's overall competitiveness in。
  Therefore, the state-owned assets supervision of the main tube to tube transition from capital assets mainly from the main focus on the supervision of physical assets into a proliferation of return on capital and the capital of the main tube, is adapted to the needs of the development of productive forces, not regulation weakening optimization functions but will not cause loss of state assets but is conducive to business development and growth。   The second is to develop a mixed ownership economy will not cause the country back or Guotuiminjin。 Develop a mixed ownership economy and encourage state-owned capital, collective capital, mutual non-public equity, equity diversified set up joint-stock companies, can complement one another and gather capital to meet the business development needs of the various elements of。
Equity diversified contribute to the formation of a sound corporate governance structure of checks and balances, investors have different voting rights based on how much equity, equal rights for all types of investors, democratic decision-making, is conducive to scientific decision-making, and it helps avoid internal human control。
  Internationally, equity diversification is a common trend。
Many large multinational companies both domestic and shareholders, as well as foreign shareholders; both individual holdings, there are all kinds of foundations, corporations holding。
Many domestic companies, including listed companies, both state-owned shares or collective shares, another private shares。
In biology, there is a hybrid vigor。
It is this mix of all biological principles embodied in the economic field。   Practice has proved that a single ownership economy has a certain vulnerability, but the pursuit of pure pure form of ownership is often not conducive to business development, and mixed ownership economy is conducive to play the enthusiasm and promote the common development of all economic sectors, is currently the fastest growing, an economic form of the most dynamic。 The so-called people back into the country or Guotuiminjin are based on hearsay evidence of subjective act。
Some people develop a mixed ownership said to be privatized, but confuse。
  Third, the state executive pay limits, mean that SOE reform backtrack。
Currently state-owned enterprise executives are appointed by the executive, entrepreneur hiring from the market conditions are not yet ripe, the state-owned enterprise executives with the wage gap between civil servants and employees in an appropriate range of control is necessary。 With the maturity of the market entrepreneurs, state executive hiring market increase the proportion of high market by the hiring of executives pay some aspects acceptable。
  Meanwhile, with the state-owned enterprises to a mixed ownership, allow mixed-ownership enterprises to implement employee stock ownership system, technicians and management personnel can obtain income from equity of shares, which will be the main income entrepreneurs。 Employee stock ownership will allow the identity of workers and owners into one, both to increase property income employees, but also to mobilize the workers a sense of ownership, a long-term incentive。   Fourth, whether state-owned enterprise reform means appear once again, "laid-off Tide"?In the 1990s, the reform of state-owned enterprises in a large number of employees laid off reorientation, paid the price reform。
This is the price to pay。 Because of long-standing "iron rice bowl", "iron rice bowl", resulting in a large number of redundant enterprise, overstaffing, not laid off, what better way to do it?It should be seen, except for a few monopoly industries, in the most competitive industries, shedding workers and stripping their social task has already been completed。
This time the reform, involving a small number of monopoly industries and industries with excess production capacity severely, continue to implement downsizing to improve efficiency, is the need for industrial restructuring, we must bear the pains。   Compared with the nineties, the current jobs more state support for re-employment intensified, through skills training, to achieve transfer the employment, it would be easier。 If they can use the skills and experience working in state-owned enterprises, start their own business, to do something in the past no chance of doing business, and the opportunity would be a better choice。
Premier Li Keqiang announced the laid-off workers with 100 billion yuan of financial funds, for everyone to eat a reassurance。
  Enhance the importance of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the urgency of understanding the past two years to reform state-owned enterprises made a series of important speech, pointed out that "state-owned enterprises, especially the central management of enterprises in key industries related to national security and national economy and the key areas of dominant, is an important pillar of the national economy, the economic base of our party and our socialist state power also plays a pivotal role, you must do a good job。
"" To adhere to state-owned enterprises an important role in national development, unswervingly adhere to the state-owned enterprises do a good job, the state-owned enterprises bigger, stronger unwavering。
"These remarks, noted the importance of state-owned enterprise reform and development, and expressed the determination of the CPC Central Committee and the State – Owned Enterprises。   State-owned assets is the new China was founded 60 years generations to live frugally, constantly accumulated valuable asset is the common interests of the 1.3 billion people where。
In order to promote the well-being of all the people, the state-owned assets can only increase, not decrease。
Only run state-owned enterprises, state-owned assets continue to add value, efficiency has continued to improve in order to better serve all the people。   At present, state-owned enterprises is facing competition from domestic private enterprises, it is also facing competition from foreign multinational companies dominating in terms of capital, technology, etc.。
State-owned enterprises in the internal and external pressures in order to grow and develop, we must enhance the vitality of internal development。
General Secretary Xi pointed out: "to promote the reform of SOEs should be conducive to increasing the value of state-owned capital, will help improve the competitiveness of state-owned economy, in favor of state-owned capital amplification function。 "Three 'in favor of' raised, pointing out the direction of SOE reform。
Analysis of state-owned enterprises, there are a number of outstanding contradictions and problems in need of reform: First, some companies market dominant position has not been established, the state-owned capital operation efficiency is not high; the second is some confusion corporate governance, internal control, transfer of benefits, the state-owned loss of assets and other issues outstanding, enterprise social functions and historical issues have not yet fully resolved; Third, some Party organizations manage the party running the party responsibility is not implemented, the political core role of the Party in the enterprise is weakened。
These contradictions and problems seriously restricting the healthy development of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises are not suited to take on important responsibilities, we must enhance the sense of urgency to accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises, according to the problem-oriented approach, taking targeted reform measures。   It should be noted the current state-owned enterprise reform and development, there are many advantages not previously available。 State-owned enterprises have experienced 30 years of reform, has accumulated a lot of experience, the emergence of a number of examples of successful。 In today's reforms, we should sum up the experience to be successful, flourish。 Past reform some lessons should never forget to take。 From the external environment, the rise of the private economy is one of the biggest changes。 In the reform and reorganization of enterprises, state-owned enterprises must equal treatment of private enterprise, not condescending。
Reorganization of the ownership structure of the enterprise, to determine the specific circumstances of the parties to negotiate, both state-owned holding, shares may be, does not necessarily require absolute control, the consolidated financial statements。
  In general, a diversified property company, should have at least three or more shareholders, and the two minority shareholders of the shares must be greater than the sum of the largest shareholder, the only way to the formation of checks and balances to avoid major shareholders do whatever they want, violations of the interests of minority shareholders。 Practice has proved a mixed state-owned economy and the private economy, can produce new advantages, state-owned enterprises into the private economy to absorb, can enhance the vitality; the private economy by means of state-owned economic platform, will be able to even more powerful, faster growth。
Combination of both, is not equal to 1 + 2, 1 + 1 is greater than 2 but。
  This round of SOE reform process of transformation and upgrading of the value of the national economy, the implementation of supply-side structural reforms need to state-owned enterprises play a key and leading role。
Particularly in the areas of strategic emerging industries, including electronic information, aerospace, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, new energy, new materials industry, urgent need to cultivate a group of strong innovation ability of leading enterprises, the world stood in the forefront of technological advances, led various industries moving to high-end of the global industrial chain。
State-owned enterprises should be duty-bound to take on the historical responsibility。   Currently, in the aerospace, high-speed rail, electricity and other fields, the central enterprises have played an important role。 It should be further strengthened by key technology research and development, assembly design, global marketing, diffusion parts supply and logistics services form a close-knit industrial clusters, in order to reduce costs, improve quality, and enhance overall competitiveness。
  In the field of advanced manufacturing, including large commercial aircraft, luxury cars, special ships, CNC machining centers, engines and other large high-end equipment, as well as chips, displays, carbon fiber and other key components and new materials, representing the country's scientific and technological strength and manufacturing capacity, to achieve self-manufacture, requires a lot of R & D funding and manpower to implement innovative systems integration and collaborative innovation。
Complete this arduous task arduous, can only hope the central rate。   Through reform and restructuring state-owned enterprises should establish an incentive mechanism for state-owned enterprises technological innovation, so that they consciously assume the task of major technological innovation, to become the industry leader in technological progress。
In the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other fields, the current capacity of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises draw, excessive fragmentation of the industry, the opportunity to help corporate restructuring, improve industrial concentration, the formation of a number of large enterprise groups with international competitiveness in order to enhance technology R & D capacity and international business capacity。 In some monopoly industries such as the petrochemical industry, too much redundancy remains a prominent problem restricting the development of enterprises, with foreign counterparts ratio, labor productivity is only one of a dozen other people's points even lower, resulting in poor performance of low intensity R & D investment。
  With the government canceled the project approval for the petrochemical industry, allowing private enterprises to enter, will unfold between state-owned and private enterprises in a fierce competition, the results will bring rapid increases in labor productivity, international competitiveness of the industry, petrochemical products rely heavily on imports of the situation will change, end-product prices will also decline, the majority of the people will share the results of reform to lower oil prices。 These industries are state-owned enterprises should make full mental preparation, can no longer rely on government protection, it should not hesitate, hesitate to be shedding workers and other industries have already completed reforms to meet the challenge of the private economy and foreign。   Innovation, classified facilities strategy, to complete a new round of SOE reform task should be in accordance with the spirit of the central and various industries, the specific situation of enterprises, every enterprise to develop specific reform plan, after discussion by experts and relevant departments approved the implementation of third-party assessment report。
To do before making any decisions, both actively plan, not hasty action, a change mature a。
  The first is the reform of state-owned assets management system reform。
All levels of government in the state-owned asset managers change their functions, the real transition from tube to tube-based asset-based capital, the transition from the physical form management form of value management。
To cancel some of the old management functions, establish new management functions。   The assessment of companies focus more on profitability, capital appreciation ability, technological innovation, long-term development capacity。 According to national development strategies and development policies, to inject prospective new industries and innovative enterprises capital to support mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, increase R & D and capital investment in weak links。   Meanwhile, industries and enterprises need to exit out of timely and appropriate capital。 Wholly state-owned, holding, shares of the company, perform the function according to the investment proportion。
Some qualified directly as a state-owned capital operating company's business, should be granted their respective mandates, to support these enterprises to become multinationals have the ability to self-development of technological innovation。
  According to different classification competitive industry, public sector, monopoly industries, the nature of the existing state-owned enterprises to define and develop different respectively reform program。 This transformation of state-owned assets management institutions function, so that freed from this particular part of a business transaction management functions out, the better to focus on optimizing capital allocation of state-owned big pipe, which is to implement the operational autonomy of state-owned enterprises, making it truly the main market operators need is a better play to the functions of state-owned assets management, and enhance the state-owned economy guiding force, zoom function requires the state capital。   We should establish and perfect the shares as the basis of a modern enterprise system as the focus of reform。 Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Party proposed the establishment of property rights clearly established, separation of enterprise, since the modern enterprise system management science, SOE reform has made significant progress。 However, progress is uneven reform。
Improve the modern enterprise system, the implementation of diversification of property rights, the establishment of a standardized corporate governance structure, the task is still arduous。
  Modern enterprise system is an important achievement of modern civilization and progress, is from 200 years of industrial development in the history of constantly sum created, is the common wealth of human society。 In the modern corporate governance structure, the Board of Directors living in the hub, should be a highly intelligent elite business decision-making body。
Board members should be independent directors members have extensive management experience and knowledge of all aspects of the composition, in addition to full-time directors, there should be a certain percentage of。 The Board consists of strategic, investment, research and development, finance, payroll, legal and other professional committees, to discuss and decide major issues in business, will be responsible to shareholders。
Shareholders' meeting is the highest authority of the company, responsible for the company's profit and loss。   Companies major investment decisions, profit distribution plan, appointment and dismissal of the chairman, the shareholders should decide。 Management level appointment and removal by the board, responsible for organizing the daily production and business activities, and is responsible for the Board。 This division of labor coordination, scientific governance structure of checks and balances, the objective needs of the enterprise is run。 We want to cultivate their own multinational companies and "century-old", we must unswervingly to build such a system, and the only way to effectively prevent internal control, transfer of benefits, loss of assets, too much redundancy and other issues。 After establish a standardized corporate system on the basis of diversified ownership, in order to implement ESOP system。   Enterprise core, the backbone layer and the older employees holding appropriate, all employees form the community of destiny, companies can only enduring。 Since the reform, some companies implement employee stock ownership system, and establish long-term incentives and enhance the cohesion, the rapid development of enterprises, to create a successful experience。
Employee stock ownership does not mean that for everyone, new mess mess。 Some companies award every year talented employees, the enterprise's stock option awards; some business leaders on the implementation of stock system, are effective incentives。   "Opinions" to "clear legal status SOE Party in the corporate governance structure, innovation SOE Party to play a central role in political ways and means。 "It is our political advantage。 This advantage can rely on the past to seize power, now run business can rely on this advantage。 The party's political core role is mainly reflected in the company to ensure the implementation of the Party's principles and policies, mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, to promote innovation and development of enterprises, to fulfill the economic, social and ecological responsibility is good business。
The main role of the Party achieved by vanguard and exemplary role of。   Through play the role of grassroots organizations and party members of party committees, party, party building with the modern enterprise system combine to make our political advantages into international competitive advantage, do a world-class enterprise。
The enterprise party building, can not be regarded as optional, but must do a good job。

23 + 7 Paul Griffin, Clippers fouled distal force home victory over the Grizzlies

  Ticker on April 21, NBA playoffs open play, the Clippers at home to 112-91 victory over the Grizzlies。
  - Chris Paul scored 23 points and seven assists, Blake – Griffin 6 made out in the fourth quarter, had 10 points and five rebounds, Caron – Caron Butler scored 13 points and 7 rebounds。
Bench Eric – Bray Durso 15 points, Jamal – Crawford 13 points, Matt – 10. Barnes。   Grizzlies on the boards fall to 23-47 at a disadvantage, the offensive rebounds, which they strive to 4-14。 Mark – Gasol had 16 points, 2 rebounds and 7 assists, Mike – Conley 12 points and 5 assists, Zach – 13 points 4 rebounds Randolph, Cerid – 19 minutes Bayless。   Chauncey – Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun – Prince is mid-2004 piston winning hero, but the two now their own master, Chauncey Billups scored 14 points for the Clippers, the Prince only 2 points 4 rebounds。   Clippers victory in the last battle of the regular season, has also been home-court advantage for the Grizzlies。 The opponent is no stranger to them, in last year's playoffs, both teams are also quitting, the difference is, when the Grizzlies have home advantage。
In last year's first game, the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter leading by 27 points, but was eventually overturned Clippers。
Billups still feel crazy, he thinks this is difficult to reproduce。
  Compared to last year, the Grizzlies lineup change is not small, the starting lineup to replace the Gay Prince, then to the bench Bayless, Ed – Davis, Austin – Daye and Kenyon – Turin, etc. people。 Clippers bench is more depth, an increase of Crawford, Barnes and Odom, etc.。   The Clippers prevail, no longer so difficult as last year。
Butler after opening continuous succeeded, the Clippers to a 6-0 start, while the Grizzlies played in the game 2 minutes and 27 seconds after the first score。 Once the two teams draw, but in this section there are 4 minutes 32 seconds, Crawford hit three-pointers and cause foul, vote with a penalty scored 4 points, followed by Butler also shot, the Clippers 20-14 once again to gain advantage。
Paul also hit three-pointers in this section will end, leading the Clippers to 29-21 end of this section。   Clippers 34-21 in Section II began to expand the advantage, but the Grizzlies are very tenacious counterattack。 Billups in the regular season enough time to rest, and then becomes lively play today。 Section 4 minutes and 14 seconds there, he still has nearly two meters away from the three-point line on the decisive shot, crashed hit the third, the Clippers leading 47-40 still。 Grizzlies will narrow the gap to four points, Billups another attack, he leaps in the air after a confrontation with Conley shot, the ball hit the rim at the forefront of high bounce, drop and then bounced twice, the final into the net nest, the Clippers to 51-45 to maintain our edge。 Grizzlies once the gap to 2 points, but Barnes tipped succeeded in this section there are seconds, the Clippers scored four points, the first half to lead 57-51。
  Paul first half, scored 9 points and 5 assists, Butler scored 11 points, Chauncey Billups 10 points off the bench Crawford had 11 points for Houston。
Grizzlies early foul trouble, the first half, starting a total of 10 fouls。
Pau 11 points, 9 points Randolph。   Paul scored seven straight points to start the third quarter, the Clippers double-digit advantage。 He arranged and Billups to the Clippers with 13 points before the holiday, the Clippers firmly in control of the situation。 In this section there are 3 minutes 09 seconds, the cast succeeded in Butler, Clippers to 74-64 lead。 After the Clippers in this section do not go shooting, Bayless also to third, one with 5 points, the Grizzlies slightly narrow the gap。 When more seconds of this section, the Clippers only got one point from the free throw Turiaf, leading the Clippers to 75-69。   Grizzlies in the fourth quarter before two minutes to play 7-2, chasing the score became 76-77, appeared to be the go-ahead, but the key moment Grizzlies turnovers, rebounding is not much better protection, even after the Clippers scored seven points, and to expand the advantage to 84-76。
Competition also 4 minutes and 51 seconds, Bray Durso break layup, the Clippers to 92-79 lead 13 points。 Bayless vote with a fine further 3 minutes, continued counter Memphis。   Game 3 minutes 32 seconds, Griffin 6 foul end, the continuous free throw Memphis, chasing the score 87-97。
Paul let the outcome of lost suspense, he first hit two free throws, then hit the third shot, and after the mine Durso Barnes also have been hit, the Clippers to 106-87 lead, the victory in the bag。 (Angkor)。

Opportunities outweigh the risks Mixed into a new outlet

[Operation] strategy index continued to rebound rally on Friday, although the US stock market fell in early trading was received influence opened lower, but later driven sector reform is expected to mixed exponential shock rebound step by step, to regain lost ground late in the session。 Overall, China Unicom resumption of the news is the greatest force stimulation index rise this year is mixed together with China Unicom such a big change bumper level company first appeared reform, is bound to lead to other central enterprises reform, such as the military, communications, oil and so on, late hotspots is expected to further spread。
From a technical point of view, although the index closed at 5, 10 day MA, but a strong rebound in the pattern of a slight decline in a row finished a few days does not rule out concussion a few days, we can continue to focus on efforts to support the 5th line of the check plus lighten up。
[News News] central rate mix change Pilot related businesses: Mixed reform is expected stocks: China Nuclear Construction (601611) * ST good power (000,922), China Shipbuilding Technology (600072) national industry Internet platform: Industrial Internet stocks: East earth Science and Technology (300353), the emerging high (300,098) exceeded 50% of the cumulative increase of disperse dyes: disperse net stocks: Anoky (300067), RunTu shares (002,440) (stock market risk, investors need to be cautious!)。

Beijing air quality districts regularly informed rankings focus on areas with high emission vehicles

  Beijing News News (Reporter Deng Qi) by 2018, Beijing will strive to continue to decline in the average annual concentration of high-emission cars governance will become a priority, low emission zones extend from the inner ring road to the city's domain。 In addition, this year will be organized for the municipal environmental inspectors rectification "look back", and regularly districts, the streets (township) to inform air quality rankings。
  Yesterday, Beijing issued the implementation of the "Beijing Blue Sky Battle Action Plan 2018", this year, Beijing's blue sky Battle With roadmap。
  Proposal of building a "big green" work pattern last year, Beijing dropped to an average annual concentration of 58 micrograms / cubic meter, complete the "Atmospheric ten" assigned the task, "2013–2017 in Beijing in the Clean Air Action Plan" officially ending。   Yesterday, Beijing issued a "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan" put forward this year, Beijing will strive to annual average concentration in air continue to decline。
District air quality objectives vary。 Wherein Yanqing, Huairou, Miyun annual target of less than 49 micrograms / cubic meter, East, West, and this target Chaoyang District below 58 micrograms / cubic meter, Haidian less than 56 micrograms / cubic meter, Fengtai, Shijingshan less than 60 micrograms / cubic meter。
Tongzhou and Economic and Technological Development Zone, the annual target of less than 65 micrograms / cubic meter。
  With the previous plan of action different from the current round of action plans should be made to build clear responsibility "big green" work pattern, demanding the implementation of environmental responsibility, to complete the reform of environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies to monitor vertical management system, in addition, the municipal environmental protection will be carried out this year special inspectors, timely organization of municipal environmental inspectors rectification "look back", the implementation of environmental responsibility is not in place, lack of supervision, dereliction of duty, according to discipline held accountable according to the law。   High-emission vehicles into the most important improvement after Beijing Clean Air Action Plan has highlighted several key areas of governance, including Yajian coal, oil reduction control car, cleaning dust, etc.。   One of the characteristics of the current round of the Action Plan, namely the high-emission cars governance as a top priority, it also reflects the five years since the Beijing coal-fired governance achieved good results, gradually changed the structure of pollution。
  According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year plans to adhere to problem-oriented, efforts to solve outstanding environmental problems。
In concrete measures the level of mobile source pollution control their lead, where primary prevention, that is, heavy-duty diesel vehicles such high pollution emission vehicles。   Plan proposed this year by the expansion of the low emission zone within the Sixth Ring Road to the city's domain, to promote the country Ⅲ heavy diesel vehicles to speed up the phase-out。
Beijing strictly control the main port, the city focused on the road, high-emission vehicles crossing areas with a concentration of the three, strengthen law enforcement detection。
Heavy diesel vehicles exceeded perfect closed-loop management of law enforcement, severely penalize excessive vehicle。 Strict implementation of non-road mobile machinery prohibiting the use of high emissions and promote the use of low-emission off-road machinery。
  In addition, dust control, the transformation of key industries, such as clean energy, is still the main measures this year。   Released before the end of the new round of Source Apportionment April 2014, Beijing officially released source apportionment data: Beijing has nearly forty percent for foreign input, a local source, the proportion of motor vehicle exhaust emissions, more than three percent。   Nearly four years in the past, Beijing has undergone a source of no small change。
According to the current round of the Action Plan, Beijing's air pollution control focus on scientific research and technological innovation, before the end of this year, Beijing will release a new round of Source Apportionment。
  It is noteworthy that, to carry out the "eco-friendly big data projects" system construction this year, organized screening and demonstration of household efficiency fume purification technology。
  This year monitoring and evaluating how air pollution control?The proposed scheme, this year will be regularly districts, the streets (township) air quality ranked briefing。
Blue Sky Battle Action Plan for the implementation of the implementation of the annual assessment, examination results as the leading bodies and leading cadres comprehensive appraisal of an important basis for。    – bright spots "scattered dirt" Corporate Governance cleared dynamic industrial pollution and dust pollution prevention and control, is still the main measures this year action plan。
  Round program of action proposed, and further eliminate general manufacturing enterprises to exit this year does not meet the functional orientation of the capital, the city exit 500, Changping District, most of which, for the 121, followed Tongzhou District, is 82。
In addition, Shunyi District 55, Fangshan District 53, a minimum of Mentougou, 2。
  This year the district will strengthen the "messy dirty" corporate investigation and management, to achieve "dynamic clearing"。   In terms of dust control, emphasizing meticulous management, to strengthen the management and control dust ranking evaluation oriented, effectively strengthen the bare dust, road dust control work, construction dust and construction waste transport vehicles, to reduce dust pollution。
Strengthen urban and rural road sweeping and cleaning, to further improve the coverage of new technology。
Full implementation of green construction, and strictly implement the "six percent" dust prevention requirements。
Application of new technologies to further standardize the management of muck cars, the perfect combination of traceability, and accountability mechanisms to investigate。    – released this year a new round of dialogue to resolve the source of Beijing News: Why should develop "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan"?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: "People strive, day to help" in the joint efforts of the whole city, Beijing's air quality continues to improve, in mid-2017 annual average concentration in air drops to 58 micrograms / cubic meter, the successful completion of the national "atmosphere ten "assigned the task。 But apart from the national air quality standards and public expectations are still a wide gap between air pollution prevention and control work is still a long-term, arduous and complex process of。
With Beijing's air pollution control work continued in-depth, especially after nearly five years of large-scale governance, pollution sources, pollution characteristics have changed, further narrowing the space pollution reduction, governance more and more difficult, therefore, while the implementation of emission reduction projects, but also want to manage the transition, highlighting the essence of governance, rule of law, cohabitation。   Beijing News: how to understand the plan of action "big green" work pattern?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: the second part of the plan should be made to build clear responsibility "big green" work pattern, it is to improve environmental protection responsibility system "tube development, pipe production, pipe industry must control and environmental protection", strengthening and make concerted efforts together。 Improve the ranking sink to the township Street, reporting mechanism, pressure transmission, compaction responsibility。 In addition, this year also requires further promote the responsibility to implement and monitor the complete supervision and law enforcement vertical management reform environmental agencies, municipal environmental inspectors carry out further compaction of various departments at all levels of responsibility。   Beijing News: Compared with previous plans of action, what are the characteristics of the current round of measures?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant person in charge: First, the "Blue Sky 2018 Battle Plan" to strengthen the scientific, systematic, fine, legal management as the goal, closely linked to changes in the current structure of the sources of pollution and the atmosphere, continue to focus on pollution control, tight grab heavy-duty diesel vehicles, dust, volatile organic compounds and other key governance and difficult issues, comprehensive use of legal, economic, technical, administrative measures, to promote air quality improvement。
  Secondly, highlighting rising refined governance。 For example, to strengthen research and technological innovation, released a new round of parsing the source of fine particulate matter, improve the scientific management, relevance。
Build "a card-style" management system, and promote permit system to be fixed source core management system。
Give full play to the role of discipline and restraint joint credit system。
Earnestly implement the air heavy pollution emergency plan to strengthen business federation, joint emergency response mechanism, enhance regional air pollution joint prevention and control。
  In addition, the measure also stressed that the current round of rule by the people。
Spread the concept of ecological civilization, to make green lifestyle popular, to put into practice。 Increased environmental science advocacy and public information to carry out environmental protection education in primary and secondary schools to carry out prizes to report, exposure of environmental violations, etc.。

Bitcoin danger!Quantum computing block chains break the two Vital

In recent years, the block chain as a superstar of Internet banking by the infinite attention, bitcoin block chain is the technology of fried chicken, science and technology in the industry, no one does not know the super virtual currency – Bitcoin。 Bitcoin how the fire?It was born in 2009, in 2010, ten thousand Bitcoin also enough to buy two pizzas, while in 2018, Bitcoin prices have exceeded $ 10,000, had to buy two pizza 10000 Bitcoin value is now about 7 0.800 million yuan。
From the initial price of less than 1 cent in 2010, rose to more than US $ 10 000 now, Bitcoin was born eight years to achieve a growth of 100 times。
Why is a reality that does not exist Bitcoin will fire to this extent?The core lies in its safe and reliable。
Bitcoin for its exquisite design characteristics so bring a few: 1, it can achieve person-to-person transactions without any intermediaries; 2, if not traded, Bitcoin never stolen; 3, Bitcoin automatic quantitative issue, the only way to get Bitcoin mining and purchased from the hands of others, no matter who you are, by the difficulty of obtaining Bitcoin mining are the same。
The reason of the fire Bitcoin block chain from the reason given for their technical freedom, security, fairness, however, in the near future, such a romantic virtual currency regime may have to be completely collapse, many people believe in emerging technology of safe, reliable, rock-solid foundation might be destroyed by a fast-growing。 This emerging technology is quantum computing。 Just last week, Chinese Academy of Sciences study quantum computer breakthrough, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Quantum Information and Quantum Technology Innovation release 11-qubit superconducting quantum access cloud computing services in superconducting quantum computing direction, global perspective, to provide 10 more qubits cloud computing service, which is following IBM's second, this progress so that quantum computing once again become the focus。
The rapid development of quantum computing beyond all expectations, there are forecasts that, within a decade, quantum computing will be a devastating blow to the block chain (including bitcoin)。 So, how quantum computer would pose a threat to block chain?It would cause much of a threat?There is no block chain countermeasures against it?This principle from quantum computers and talking about the block chain。 A quantum computer and block chain 1, quantum computers intellectual stuff was recently published an article on quantum computers (quantum computers around the world to decipher how all the terrible one second password!), Simply, operating unit, quantum computers are quantum bits (qubits) rather than bit (bit classical computer)。 In classical computer, the value of a bit is determined, may be 1, it may be 0, but in a quantum computer, a value of qubit prior observation is uncertain, this value might be 1, it is also possible is 0, may also be a superposition of states 1 and 0 (superimposed), i.e., simultaneously equal to 0 and 1。 Such a difference in how much it?Take "Naruto" for example, then it is a classic computer Sasuke, Naruto is a quantum computer, looking for something, Sasuke can only talk to myself a place, perhaps looking for a year。
But Naruto can separate the five video avatar, video avatar and then five and then separate the five video avatar, avatar avatar avatar again, all spare simultaneously go to different places, and instantly find something, and then cloned withdrawn, leaving only a Naruto, things get back to complete。
Robert 舍尔科普夫 Yale University (RobertSchoelkopf) said: "When a quantum computer with 50 or 100 qubits, and these quantum bits can work very well, you can do a full correction, then you can use this quantum computer anywhere in the world to do the calculation classical computers will never do the job. "。 Change brought about a quantum computer powerful computing power will be enormous, and even that may affect national security。 Therefore, Pan Jianwei, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences said: "I believe in the importance of quantum technology in the 21st century is comparable to the Manhattan Project of the last century。
"2, the block chain and Bitcoin mining in 2008, the Central blocks chain concept Nakamoto (SatoshiNakamoto) was first proposed, the block chain is a rule, is a technology that is the core of safe and reliable。 At present, the application of the world's most famous block chain technology is Bitcoin, Satoshi is the founder of Bitcoin, then, we start to glimpse block chain from the concept of the actual situation Bitcoin。
Now, we can imagine a block chain books, in both this part of the books of each block, complete information on this part of the books kept in all nodes of this block, which is to the center of the block chain technology , have only a portion of each block of books, but this part will be recorded on an information block, a block of even one block, the block chain formed。 Block chain advantage is that it forms a trust mechanism, an analogy, you deposit $ 100 in the bank, if the bank hacker black, put your money designated to go up, and also data cleared, you hands do not have any information you can prove that you have $ 100 in bank assets。
But if it were a block chain, then it means that the bank where this block each node has a complete record of the books, which means that your home next door neighbors and even Aunt Street every inhabitant of this area can have books prove that you have 100 yuan in bank deposits。 Compared center mechanism, to the center of the block chain of traditional financial sector to make it more reliable and secure, even if some of the nodes of the loss of information, the system can still continue normal operation, and therefore the block chain is considered to be very safe and reliable technology。
So Bitcoin mining, what is it?The block-based chain go on, Nakamoto in 2009 proposed the concept of Bitcoin, he prescribed Bitcoin network, every ten minutes will produce 50 Bitcoin, when the total reached 10.5 million (21 million half), 25 output bits credits, when the total amount reaches 15,750,000 generated every 10 minutes, every 10 minutes 12.5, when the total reached 21 million bitcoins will stop growing, which means that the total amount of Bitcoin from the outset was scheduled to die in 21 million。 The Bitcoin "mining" is the new generation of Bitcoin way, "mining" of people known as the "miners", the miners use computers to solve mathematical problems Bitcoin network, first published answers to solve the problem of the miners , included books, synchronize all the nodes included, which is called mining success, to get Bitcoin。 Before block chain mechanism in the development of quantum computing concept is very safe and reliable, at least so many years, Bitcoin has not been hacked by hackers, but in recent years, the rapid development of quantum computing, more than before the expected rate, therefore, industry insiders predict within a decade, safe and reliable block chain will be a huge threat from a quantum computer。
Second, quantum computing how a threat to block chain?To understand quantum computing threats to block chain, the first was from Bitcoin system security protocols, protocol bits credits cryptography involves two types, i.e., the hash function (hash function) used during mining and asymmetric cryptography is used to provide a digital signature in the block chain。
The miners use of its computing capacity, using the SHA-256 hash function calculates a random number for each block, the results obtained in this process is very easy to be verified, but it is difficult to find。
Asymmetrical cryptography is used for transactions on credit authorization bit chain block, each user will be assigned on a whole chain of a private key and a public key, which is a public key cryptography (public key), a public key cryptosystem the system uses a pair of keys to encrypt information: can be widely shared public key and only the owner of a private key known only。
Anyone can use the public key to encrypt a message intended recipient, but only the recipient can use his private key to decrypt the message。 Such an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm is called (the ECDSA) to generate a key, a private key given, it is easy to derive the corresponding public key, but conversely difficult to calculate。 This is now Bitcoin security reasons。
The quantum computer might be two line of defense a huge threat in the future, quantum computers can quickly crack the hash function, thereby dominating the block chain, while the more recent future, in 2027, a quantum computer Shure algorithm (Shor'salgorithm) is predicted to be able to crack keys in less than ten minutes (600 seconds)。 In the world of Bitcoin, the classical computer and the success rate of mining operators force has a certain relationship, but considered force does not mean we will be able dug mine (in your count does not exceed 50% of the full force of the network in the case), mining and luck are also related to some extent to maze, for example, a person go faster, if one by one test, then he can certainly the fastest to reach the end of the maze, but if a person though more slowly , but only once to try to find the way to the end of the maze it?Therefore, people do not necessarily go faster Wynn who goes slowly, for that matter, considered force miners not necessarily count than the first force is small miners dug mine。 Said the same as above, mining fact, solving math problems, find a hash function of the encrypted random number, but there may be two different groups of miners also found that two random numbers, announced the different blocks, this the case, a predetermined bit is handled more credits that added block chain block, the other block is waived。
For example, which is similar in a district where there are 51 people say you deposit 100 dollars in the bank, while 49 people said you saved 50 dollars, in this case, majority rule, the bank thinks you saved 100 dollars is really, saved 50 dollars is false。 Further explain the concept of "51% attack" from this provision, in the block chain, if a group of miners with 51% of the entire power network operator, and that he will be able to monopolize the entire block chain, because he will always be other than 49 operator sets power miners% faster processing block, that is generated after all the bits of the resultant his credits。
Quantum computers will threat of mining, 戴夫士阿加 Wall (DiveshAggarwal) and the National University (NUS) Singapore researchers conducted in-depth research, and to publish a paper in October 2017, at least they think first in the next decade, using ASIC mining faster than the speed of a quantum computer, but ten years later, mining speed quantum computers will be rapid growth; secondly, the face of a quantum computer, asymmetric cryptographic algorithm using chain blocks, namely public key cryptography will be a greater threat。
The researchers pointed out that the National University of Singapore, by using a quantum computer, you can easily turn run by private presumption of public process, each person's private key will be easily inferred from Quantum Computer。 One second, is expected in 2027 just ten minutes / 600 seconds Similarly, we can put this decryption process is likened to a maze, classical computer can do is silly: Unit | ▲ quantum computer to break the encryption signature Estimated time required direction to go in one direction until it went to a dead end, then go back and choose to go the other way, however, a quantum computer is to give you a perspective of God, overlooking the maze, which way to clear out。 But a quantum computer requires a certain quantum bit in order to achieve such an extent, foreign media motherboard considered a 4000 qubit quantum computer could collapse block chain, which means that the first person or team to make and use such quantum the computer can be solved and verify each transaction, the future is not yet in circulation will have all the money will be its monopoly encryption, encryption monetary system would be the collapse of trust。
Third, the development of a quantum computer is still in the primary stage of development of a quantum computer course soon, the future may also bring huge threat will block chain, but now quantum computer is still in a very early "toy computer" stage, at present, the whole the world's giants can only make about 10 to achieve high fidelity qubit quantum computer, Chinese Academy of Sciences last week released 11-qubit superconducting quantum computing services, is more than the world's second 10-qubit cloud computing services the first family is IBM, late last year, IBM has opened a cloud computing service 20 qubits。 Like quantum computing services can not yet be used to solve any practical computing problems, however, developers can already use cloud services such as quantum computer to learn programming knowledge related to the。 It looks, it seems that 4000 qubit is still very far away from us, however, it may not be so far away as we thought, because in recent years based Microsoft, Google as well as IBM (three companies have set up their own dedicated quantum computing Research laboratory) in a series of breakthroughs achieved in the field of quantum computing, "Fortune" magazine predicted the first practical quantum computers will be made out within a decade。
Within ten years this time, in the end is how long, many companies have been predicted, such as Microsoft had predicted practical quantum computers will be made out in 2025, also in 2017, Google will put words in five years (that is, around 2022) make commercial practical quantum computer。
Conclusion: Development Strategies influential but there are a quantum computer is inevitable, will one day threaten to block chain, but many seem to block chain of Experts have not wary。 According to "Fortune" magazine reported that, in the November 2017 meeting Crypto2017 (block chain cryptography leading staff meetings), the global "no fear" quantum computing risk。
One expert said that it would be a "very expensive operation," may require "government level" spending, while another expert, completely ridiculed the idea, saying he waved straight, until practical quantum computer came out, the public key password system has been developed to the extent not need to worry about quantum computers, so just … do not matter。
But these same experts have a point of view – that is the emergence of quantum computing will endanger all the existing encryption methods encryption (including RSA token) security。
Quantum computers would affect the security of the entire financial and banking sector, not just the block chain。
At the same time, there are agencies attached great importance, such as in 2015, the US National Security Agency (NSA, NationalSecurityAgency) announced that it is the study of quantum cryptography, which can withstand the encryption system for quantum computing。 In academic circles, there cryptography experts are studying quantum cryptography, and the project has been implemented block chain of quantum cryptography, for example, QuantumResistantLedger team and the Russian Quantum Center of EvgenyKiktenko team is committed to building a quantum computer quantum can withstand attacks block chain, and has a standard of quantum cryptography commercialized。
At present, probably no one can accurately predict the specific point in time the practical quantum computer was born, but the positive point of view, then, the birth of a commercial quantum computer may be faster than we expected, because of today's technological development is accelerating, rather than uniform development , perhaps in 2018, a quantum computer is still a very early stage of development progress and practical quantum computer only to 5%, but probably in 2019, the schedule went to 10%, while in 2020, progress will reach 30% all this is possible。 Technology has been developing, chain block and encrypt currency and other emerging technologies are still in the infancy may reach mature technology still has a long way to go, developers need to be careful in this series hinder the process will appear, which which also include quantum computing。
(Source: Chi thing)。

French civil servants went on strike today to protest against the low-paid transportation or adversely affected

Data Figure: French President Make Long。
Wu Long Sword photo reporter learned that the reform plan will Make Long's new national railway employees lost early retirement and other benefits, a move triggered union protests。
In addition to Paris, only a third of the national railway suburb train is expected to travel; and from London to Paris Eurostar train already canceled four flights。   Paris subway and bus services will operate normally, but some commuter train will be affected to a busy suburban train line A (RERA), B line (RERB), for example, three shifts of only Rush Hour 2 class travel book。   French Civil Aviation Authority said that as the air traffic controllers strike 22nd, Charles de Gaulle (CharlesdeGaulle), Orly (Orly) and Bovee (Beauvais) and other major Paris airports would be canceled flights taking off and landing 1/3。
  Air France (Air France) pilots and crew to fight for a pay rise of 6%, 23 will separate strike, the company said short-haul flights will be most affected, while the long-range flights are expected to continue to operate。
  Medical staff, some civil servants and primary school-based teacher 22 will also participate in the strike, which is the biggest test since last September and October, a wave of wave of demonstrations, Make Long faces。

Battle dignity!1-3 win over the Celtics swept away when the Magic refused to add

  Ticker May 25, when the Magic beat the Celtics 96-92 to add the road, always tie the Eastern Conference finals 1-3, to avoid being swept。   Jameel – Nelson in overtime hit two-thirds, saving magic。
The last time he made out 6, scored 23 points and nine assists, becoming the number one hero。 "Warcraft" Dwight – Howard early foul trouble, but still scored 32 points, 16 rebounds and four blocked shots。 JJ- Reddick grab, hit three pointers, scored 12 points, Rashard – Lewis 13 points, Matt – 10. Barnes。 Vince – Vince Carter shot just 1 of 9, only 3 points。   Celtic failed to qualify at home, the next one will move to Orlando。
– Paul Pierce scored 32 points and 11 rebounds, – Ray Allen 22 points, Kevin – Garnett 14 points and 12 rebounds。
Rajon – Rondo 9 points and 8 assists。   Magic has no escape route, after opening to attack, shooting success rate is higher than the first few。 First section there are 7 minutes 22 seconds, Howard alley-oop dunk, the Magic 14-9 to start。
Celtic several times to close the gap, only to fall behind 26-29 when more seconds in this section。 Lewis hit third in this section will end, the Magic to 32-26 end of the first。   Lewis II began soon after the third hit, the Magic to 35-28 to expand the。 The first three games of the performance is not satisfactory Lewis finally be turning around。 Howard under the basket and more tough, not only fruitful, but also many times free throws, had 17 first half points for Houston。 The first two sections Magic to 51-47 lead, this is their first lead in the first half of this round of the series。
  After less than two minutes to start the third quarter, another Howard alley-oop dunk, leading the Magic to 55-47。 But did not last long, more than half of this section, Howard eat fourth foul, had to end rest。
Celtic began to fight back to 6-0 end of this section, three quarters to 68-67 go-ahead。 Magic This section last 4 minutes without a point。
  Reddick angry, his third hit twice after the fourth quarter began, one arranged the pre-holiday magic seven points, the Magic played 7-2 to 74-70 beyond。
After three minutes the Magic failed to score, the Celtics scored six points to lead 76-74。 This round playoff showdown finally have the tension of life and death。   There are regular time 2 minutes and 24 seconds, with Howard and Nelson again, alley-oop dunk, this is the fourth time he finished alley-oop dunk, he also caused a foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Magic leading 85-78。 Pierce tit for tat, break dunks fired back immediately, in – Ray Allen hit the third after Pierce soon hit third succeeded, the Celtics shot a wave of 8-1, to tie it at 86-86。
  Magic critical moment mistakes, but the shot Pierce。 After the Magic missed shots, the Celtics controlled the last attack of opportunity, but the Magic tenacious resolve their attack, the two sides into extra time。   Plus the atmosphere even more tense when the two teams again and again shot, but Howard also missed two free throws。
In the game there are 2 minutes and 42 seconds, Nelson playing board hit the third, before breaking the deadlock。
After the Celtics once again shot, Nelson and third succeeded, the Magic to 92-86 lead。   - Ray Allen did not show weakness, has since third hit twice in the game 1 minute 13 seconds, the Celtics will recover as the score 92-94。
After Nelson missed, but Howard grabbed the offensive rebound, after Bulan score, the Magic extended the advantage to four points。
Celtic has since been shot, lost the opportunity。     (Angkor)。

Summer what foods you should eat to teach summer diet

Summer what foods summer should eat is a very hot season, a lot of people in the summer have no appetite, but also to the exposed flesh of the season, the summer what foods should be eaten together with the small series to see summer describes which foods should be eaten right!Summer should eat what foods to eat more bitter food in three meals a day, pay attention to eat bitter foods。 Although the bitter taste of the food is not so palatable, but it is a healthy food summer day。
Bitter alkaloid contained in food has Relieves summer heat, promote blood circulation pharmacological effects, relaxing blood vessels, etc.。
Dog day weather eat bitter gourd, bitter herbs, or drink a few beers, tea, coffee, cocoa and other bitter beverage, not only can remove one's heart troubles, refreshing, but also can increase appetite, spleen and stomach。 Pay attention to vitamin hot season, the body's metabolism to speed up, easy to lack of vitamins。 In this case, it can be selectively quantified some vitamin supplements, food supplement preferably, can choose some foods rich in vitamins and calcium, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, beans and their products, animal liver, shrimp, also you can drink some juice。
Do not forget to fill potassium salt summer should eat what food summer sweating, loss of body salt is more and more。
So pay attention to eat more salty foods, to supplement the loss of body salt, the body needs to achieve balance。 Further, sweating also cause excessive loss of potassium in the body, particularly the human symptoms of fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite。
Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium, so you can control where appropriate to eat some strawberries, apricots, lychees, peaches, plums and other fruits, and vegetables in the cabbage, green onions, celery, soybeans are also rich in potassium, etc.。
Tea contains more potassium, summer more tea, both summer heat, but also potassium, can be said to serve two purposes。 Yiqing complement summer day summer diet should clear up, spleen, Qu Shu dampness principle, should choose foods with light Yin effect, such as duck, fish, shrimp, lean meat, edible mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms , mushroom, white fungus, etc.), barley, etc.。

Sub-health harm to the body leads to several sub-health reasons

What to harm the body?Now many people are in a state of sub-health body, with each person's life eating habits have a relationship, then you know what sub-health to do harm to the body?Following small talk with you to sub-health harm to the body。 Sub-health hazards body 1, sub-health state significantly affect the efficiency, quality of life and learning。 2, the majority of sub-health state of the biological clock disorders constitute a causal relationship, a direct impact on the quality of sleep, increased physical and mental fatigue, caused by chronic fatigue syndrome。
The case of driving, sports, and even life-threatening。 3, physical or psychological sub-health can easily affect each other, resulting in a vicious cycle, causing the body or mental disorders。 As shown, since the majority of chronic disease is sub-health state before the majority of malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases, and so is transferred from health groups 4。 Statistical analysis, hyperlipidemia is the number one killer of health groups, in second ,, prostate disease, liver dysfunction, gynecological disorders ,, sub-threatening diabetes, cataracts, gallstones, abnormal anti-cancer screening in various degrees healthy people。
5 sub-health hazards of the body, serious health sub-health can significantly affect life expectancy, resulting in premature aging, and even lead to premature death sudden emergency (death from overwork)。
A survey showed that: 40 years of age cause of death analysis, two-thirds of deaths from cardiovascular disease, one died of cancer a very one-fifth died of lung disease, diabetes, etc.。 Subhealth performance is slightly excessive oxidation damage caused by free radical initiators, such as free radicals and can not remove the injury caused by the accumulation, by the completion of the evolution of mild to severe, will eventually lead to disease。