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Cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!

Location: body of cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!2018-3-2814: 38: 15 Source: Introduction: Cancer is recognized as one of the three killers, is a chronic disease difficult to cure advanced cancer。
The world's 12 million new cancer cases each year, of which up to four percent of the original can be prevented in life。
A published in the United States "NatureCommunications" journal Science report: adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!Most cancers are eating out, of course, go back and eat……Cancer is recognized as one of the three killers, is a chronic disease difficult to cure advanced cancer。The world's 12 million new cancer cases each year, of which up to four percent of the original can be prevented in life。
A published in the United States "NatureCommunications" journal Science report: adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!Most cancers are eating out, of course, go back and eat!We do a bit summary, found that the incidence of cancer, cure are related to the following 10 words, you must pay attention?Sugar: more than 25 grams is very dangerous breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, Swedish scientists had 80,000 people for as long as nine years of follow-up survey found that the risk of excessive intake of sugar, sweet drinks, jam and other food will increase the risk of pancreatic cancer。Sugar will lead to a large number of insulin secretion, impaired insulin secretion, has become one of the potential factors that induce pancreatic cancer。
The researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center earlier this year found that a typical Western diet, a lot of sugar intake can increase the risk of breast cancer and cancer metastasis to the lung。World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of sugar should be controlled in less than 50 g, preferably not more than 25 grams。Hot: 65 degrees is the temperature of cancer esophageal cancer, cardiac Chinese people, especially pay attention to eating "hot", but a new study released by IARC display, drinks temperatures above 65 ℃ drinks (such as coffee, tea, etc.) may It will lead to esophageal cancer。
Epidemiological studies have found that tea drinkers effort, congee Chaoshan, Taihang Mountain area residents drink bowl of hot porridge, hot tea consumption of a variety of Kazakh people are esophageal cancer, high risk of gastric cardia cancer。This is because the hot food will damage the esophageal mucosa, long-term eating hot food, mucous membrane repeatedly subjected to chronic injury, it may lead to chronic inflammation, thus increasing the likelihood of cancer。

Nausea, bloating how to do? Bloating, nausea treatment method

Nowadays people's work pressure was relatively large, have to stomach for some office workers is a very common thing, in fact, if you do not want to let yourself suffer stomach pain, bloating problems, it may wish to develop the habit of movement in life, you only need to master three simple exercise method, you can protect yourself from the stomach distress。
Kneeling forward on his knees, from the knees to the toes should touch the ground, keeping the upper body upright, hands naturally droop。 Slow down, until the body is completely pressed against the ankle, hands naturally lap, maintain normal breathing。
Maintain the position for about 30 seconds, then relax the upper body leaning forward。 Repeat 3?5 times。 This action helps to eliminate flatulence, gastrointestinal syndrome (such as gastrointestinal cramps, diarrhea, etc.), but also strengthen the thigh muscles。 Nausea, bloating how to do?Bloating, nausea treatment method push-ups prone (lying on the bed or floor), relax, forehead touching the ground, legs straight, hands flat bent and shoulder, elbows close to the body, palms down。
Hands to support, raised his head, chest, legs still touch the ground until you feel chest fully extended。 Hold this position for about 10 seconds。
Repeat 3?5 times。 This can eliminate flatulence, relieve constipation, exercise back muscles, there is some help for chiropractic。 Standing feet apart and knees bent stand shoulder-width apart, hands light up lap, the body slightly bent forward。 Take a deep breath and exhale slowly contract your abdominal muscles, so that abdominal muscles was depression-like, but do not force hard, otherwise they will feel uncomfortable。 Hold this position for 5?20 seconds, do not hold your breath, then take advantage of the exhaust gas lungs, relax the muscles。 Repeat 4?7 times。
This action helps to relieve constipation。

United States wants to levy heavy taxes on imported steel and aluminum: allies will retaliate domestic firms suffer

     Feng Di who intend to import steel and aluminum products levy heavy taxes and import quotas and other restrictions of the US government Trump probably will fall into the downturn, boomerang situation。
  On the one hand, including the European Union and South Korea stakeholders have said that if Trump Government introduced the above-mentioned trade measures in April, will take decisive countermeasures; on the other hand, the domestic automobile manufacturers and other steel and aluminum products downstream companies are vocal against the above tariff and quota measures, noting that it would result in soaring prices of raw materials and industrial workers unemployed dilemma。
  Director of China Ministry of Commerce Bureau Wang Hejun trade remedy investigations on the matter said that the US has to import most of the steel and aluminum products has taken hundreds of anti-dumping and countervailing measures, has for domestic products provide excessive protection, should not be "national security" grounds, then take lightly restrictions on imports of steel and aluminum products。   Allies will retaliate the US Commerce Department announced the selection of China during the Spring Festival (February 16) had already been completed and submitted to the President of the United States Trump's two "232 investigation" report, the two reports separately for imported steel and aluminum whether the product harm US national security investigation。
  According to the United States' trade expansion Act of 1962 "232 terms, the US Department of Commerce has the right to whether imports hurt US national security to initiate an investigation, but after joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) the United States rarely use this provision。   Trump same result in democracy, the Republican heavyweights consultations, the US Commerce Department announced the two above-mentioned report, saying the investigation found that imports of steel and aluminum products detrimental to US national security, and so the results of three proposals Trump needs to choose the ultimate trade protection measures before April 11 and 19。   Iron and steel imports, the US Commerce Department data show that in January 2017 to November, exports to the US steel up to six economies, followed by Canada, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Japan。   Based on this, three trade protection recommendations for the US Department of Commerce: imports from all economies at least 24% of the steel levy tariffs; tariffs, including Brazil's 12 major steel exports to the US economy at least 53% of the levy , and the rest of the economy in 2017 is set equivalent to the amount of exports to the US import quotas; the setting is equivalent to 63% of all the economies of its 2017 import quota for exports to the US amount。   Imports of aluminum products, according to US data, from January 2017 to November, the largest aluminum product exports to the US of the top five economies are Canada, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China and Bahrain。   Based on this, three trade protection recommendations for the US Department of Commerce: imports from all economies at least aluminum% tariff levied;% tariff imposed on Russia and other countries, and the setting is equivalent to the rest of the economy in its 2017 US export volume of import quotas; for all economies to set a maximum equivalent to 2017% of the amount of exports to the US import quota。
  If the United States really to implement the above tariff or quota policy, it affected most of its allies。
  Currently, South Korea pointed out that the introduction of these measures as the United States, the South Korean government will take firm countermeasures, is likely to consider a complaint to the WTO。
  The EU has been said, such as the US national security as an excuse to impose high tariffs on steel imports, the trade trigger systemic risk。 An EU officials anonymity said that if the US introduction of any restrictions affecting exports to the EU, the EU is ready to respond quickly, will take appropriate measures to defend European industry。
  According to the US think tank specializing in business research – the Peterson Institute report, "232 investigation" of the European Union, France, Germany and Britain's steel exports hit the hardest。
  According to their calculations, if the United States on imports of steel products to take a "232 clause" restrictions, German exports to the US trade remedy measures by the impact of product as% rise from 2016 to 2017%;% rise from the UK to %; France have been hit will be even greater, rising from 2016% to 2017%。
  In 2002, the Bush administration once opposed to the US steel dumping grounds of a substantial increase in tariffs on imported steel products, however, under pressure from global trading partners and the domestic steel industry's consumption, the following year, George W. Bush announced the cancellation of the punitive tariffs; at the same time also make the WTO ruled that the United States imposed punitive tariffs on steel are illegal。   At that time the EU had to quickly implement retaliatory trade action, including the total value of the subject to smoke, frozen vegetables and paper products and other commodities as part of the US billion dollars (about 2.3 billion yuan) of the Tariff。
  In addition, according to US data show that from January to November 2017, US steel imports from China accounted for only about 3% total iron and steel。   Tsinghua University, senior fellow at the Research Center of China-US relations, Zhou told reporters on the CBN, the US steel industry is a sunset industry, trade protectionism will leave difficult to survive, has always been the hardest hit of trade remedy measures, Americans have no way to use for many years Chinese-made steel on a good inexpensive the。   US upstream and downstream enterprises complain Earlier, Trump invited members of Congress to the White House meeting on trade issues when listening to the views of Republican senators urged Trump do not rush to take action, otherwise it will lead to a wide range of downstream aluminum products and iron and steel industry unemployment, for example, the automotive industry will not escape unharmed。   General Motors, Nissan and Volkswagen and other car firms have a number of auto assembly plant in Tennessee。
Tennessee Republican Senator Alexander (Lamar Alexander) on the right Trump pointed out that George W. Bush launched in 2002 steel tariffs raise the price of the metal used in various industries, leading car manufacturers leave the United States, resulting in the loss of US jobs。   US consulting firm "EggeAlexanderAssociates" partner Iger (RussellEgge) said the Bush administration learned from an early age point of view, the introduction of these measures, from iron ore, coking coal and the price of ferrous scrap to graphite electrodes and other products will rise。   In 2002, after the Bush administration launched the above trade protection measures, the US hot rolled coil prices rose% in three months, however, while the downstream product prices soaring, trade protection policy does not improve business profits。   At the same time, trade quota restrictions also may result in product supply shortages: in the United States on the question of whether the rapid expansion of production capacity, the parties are not optimistic。
  American International Iron and Steel Association President (JohnFoster) said the US Department of Commerce move "only take care of the company's favor on several political, there is likely to endanger the well-being of all the people of the United States."。
  "For the recommended tariffs and quotas to try just a normal use of WTO rules to circumvent。
"Foster said," Then the (trade) retaliatory measures will push up manufacturing costs, raise prices, reduce the US share of exports of high-value, and make the United States and the world economy into recession。
"Oxford Economics report in the latest issue of the noted American manufacturing steel industry accounts for only about 2% of the share, in addition to political dividends, trade protection measures do not produce other benefits。 The US is another industry's competitiveness at the expense of support for this small part of the manufacturing sector, and runs counter to Trump strengthen American manufacturing strategy。

What are the symptoms Gong Jin erosion Gong Jin erosion of daily care

What are the symptoms erosion Gong Jin, Gong Jin erosion is a common disease of women, the cause of the palace erosion There are many symptoms Gong Jin erosion performance are also different, Xiao Bian to share with the palace erosion was related symptoms and treatment!First, the palace erosion What are the symptoms 1, bleeding at war and this is a common early symptoms of cervical withered shoot, about 70% of cervical cancer in 80% of patients had vaginal bleeding Jingyu。 Multi expressed after Ai Ai or gynecological examination, or when the hard stool, vaginal secretions mixed with blood。
2, some discomfort after the main symptoms of discomfort for the realization of intercourse occurring, such as pain phenomenon occurs。
3, increased vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge due to the primary subject may not stimulate the cervical glands, the signal is clear and watery early with a watery, or smell, or as a slurry-like vaginal discharge growth, but often overlooked。
4, vaginal bleeding, such as the elderly do not set the rules late postmenopausal women for many years, suddenly and without any reason to the cramps。 Much menstrual flow also accompanied with abdominal pain, and other symptoms, is very simple neglect。 Effectively, do not set the rules of this vaginal bleeding is often a sign of early symptoms。 Second, the treatment of cervical erosion cervical erosion treatment of cervical erosion how to treat it and what methods do you want to know a friend with small series with a look。 1, drug treatment for smaller patients with inflammatory infiltration and erosion area shallower。 Optional drugs locally antibiotics, such as metronidazole, sulfonamides, nitrofurazone, etc.。
In traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cervical erosion clinically used widely, good efficacy, multiple use some recipes, formulations, or suppositories processed into powder, placed on cotton, in an applicator surface erosion。 What are the symptoms erosion palace 2, physical therapy is very broad application of a treatment method having a short duration of effect good advantage。
It applies to patients with inflammatory infiltration and erosion larger deeper。 Commonly used methods of electric iron, laser therapy, cryotherapy。 3, conventional surgical treatment if this treatment fails, or cervical hypertrophy, or erosion of deep and wide, and those involving the cervical be considered for traditional hysterectomy surgery。
But surgery is now rarely used。 As shown, the high-frequency surgery LEEP tissue specimens complete 4, less likely to occur when the tissue is stretched traditional electric knife cutting, carbonization, to obtain intact tissue samples can not affect the pathological examination。 5, BBT ablation BBT ablation treatment of cervical erosion, is a very delicate operation, not only no damage to the surrounding tissue, the course of treatment no pain after surgery without leaving scars, and can better avoid complications such as bleeding or infection , an advantage of the surgery does not affect reproductive function。

Last year, Beijing dispose of a total of 212 "new" monitor objects

  Last year initiative to do two special reports to the Municipal People's Congress Supervision Law in train "supervision of the supervisory authorities and supervisory personnel" chapter, requiring the supervisory authority subject to the supervision of the people's congresses and their standing committees, democratic supervision, social supervision , public opinion。
  Beijing Municipal Supervision Commission while accepting a higher level party committees and discipline inspection commission JISC supervision, and consciously accept the supervision of people's congresses and their standing committees at the corresponding level, the Commission initiative to monitor the 2017 Urban done twice a special report to the Municipal People's Congress。
  In addition, the Beijing Municipal Supervision Commission also took the initiative to inform the work of the CPPCC, public information supervisory work according to the law, held a news conference outside the mainstream media invited to participate in "Into the Beijing Municipal Commission" activities, and consciously accept the democratic supervision, social supervision , public opinion。   Beijing will regulate and monitor the operation of the Commission for Discipline Inspection supervision work rules and discipline of convergence, to strict rules on monitoring, investigation, disposal procedures, and strengthen the process reengineering, to achieve supervision and examination is divided, the decision to establish a unified, integrated discipline enforcement powers to run operating mechanism。   "The city discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels and all discipline inspection and supervision cadres to take the lead in respect for law, law school, law-abiding, usage, continue to deepen the Supervision Law as a fundamental national surveillance system reform pilot work to follow, adhere to the pre-eminent standard, strictly perform their duties according to law, to continue play 'Pathfinder' to create more replicable replicable experience。 "Zhang Shuo Fu expressed。   Supervision Law stipulates: "The supervisory authority for violations and crimes committed in office, shall cooperate with each other and judicial and procuratorial organs, law enforcement, checking each other。
"Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission authority to monitor and Municipal Committee jointly issued rules related work to further strengthen communication and coordination with judicial and procuratorial organs, law enforcement, clear discipline method convergence program specification to ensure that all aspects of handling cases to promote smooth and efficient。 As transferred to the prosecution stage, in a timely manner and the prosecution completed its review of the docking of the evidence standard, the transfer of cases and other matters; court trial stage, nature of the case found that application of law and other issues to strengthen ties docking with the court, perfect chain of evidence, additional evidence flaw to ensure that the investigation of cases from the procedural and substantive requirements are in line with the judiciary。 In practice, the discipline inspection organs also with law enforcement agencies also form complexes with each other, the constraints of working contacts。
After the proposed adoption of technical investigations, restrictions requested measures to exit, and discipline inspection organs, public security authorities and relevant departments to conduct strict examination and approval of the applicable object type, duration and procedures; In a survey of production safety accidents in by Ann monitoring, quality inspection, food and Drug Administration and other departments to monitor the sector with joint investigation team, field investigation and evidence collection, to study the nature and responsibilities of the accident analysis, determine the scope and form of accountability。
   – Case。

Spinach + tofu, eat also eat for free?(1)

  This is probably the most widely circulated, the highest acceptance diet with a。
It contains large amounts of oxalic acid。
Oxalic acid and calcium binding ability is very strong, calcium oxalate can not be absorbed in the gastrointestinal lining, so the spinach with the same food will affect calcium absorption。This is no problem in chemistry, it has been widely recognized – not with the tofu with fresh spinach。However, the problem is not so simple。To oxalic acid in spinach and tofu in the calcium-binding, must have the opportunity to meet both the job。
When you only eat the spinach in a meal in and eat tofu, after all these things are solid, there was much in the gastrointestinal opportunity to meet really hard to say。
If you eat spinach alone, it will be absorbed by the body of oxalic acid。
Oxalic acid itself is a detrimental thing。After it enters the kidneys, the concentration is high enough, then it may be combined with calcium there (do not forget the human body is calcium), then deposited, it becomes kidney stones。Of course, full health, especially kidney function no problem man, ordinary levels of oxalic acid kidney can be disposed of, I do not worry too much。
But for those strong enough kidney function or kidney stones do have people, these oxalic acid in spinach is the worse。  Nor with the calcium content of milk and other foods with food!  Not fried liver liver rich in copper, iron and other metals species, once with higher binding vitamin C ^ containing a metal ion is easily oxidized vitamin C ^ lost nutritional value itself。  Animal liver class, egg yolk, soybeans are rich in iron, not containing oxalic acid and more amaranth, eat。Because cellulose and oxalic acid will affect the body's absorption of iron in the above-mentioned food。  Soybeans: If the beans to eat, copper will produce inhibition of the release, resulting in poor copper metabolism。  Cucumber: cucumber contains Vitamin?Enzymes, and are rich in vitamin C, so the two should not be the same food。  Do not fry。

Phoenix executives interpret 17-year Q4 earnings mobile advertising to drive strong growth in revenue

  Phoenix 2017 fiscal year total revenue of one hundred million yuan (US $ billion), with net advertising revenue of one hundred million yuan (US $ billion), an increase of%。
The increase was primarily due to the realization of mobile advertising revenue grew%, while advertising revenue fell by PC affected, partially offset by growth in net advertising revenue。 Excluding stock-based compensation expenses, equity investment losses and impairment and disposal of equity investments and available for sale investments gains made after 2017 adjusted net income attributable to Phoenix New Media was 52.03 million yuan (US $ 8.0 million), adjusted diluted net profit per ADS was RMB yuan (US $)。   The company will be held January 1, 2018, the implementation of new guidelines in US GAAP on revenue, RevenueFromContractsWithCustomers, or ASCTopic606。 For comparison, according to the company in 2018 under the original guidelines for first-quarter revenue total revenue is expected to be one hundred million yuan to yuan, an increase of% -%。 Net advertising revenue is expected to be one hundred million yuan to yuan, an increase of% -%。
Paid services revenue is expected to be 37.3 million yuan to 42.3 million yuan, down percent -%。 These expectations reflect the company's preliminary view based on current market and operating conditions and expected future may be adjusted。   After the earnings announcement, Phoenix CEO and CFO Liu Shuang Ho Ye (BettyHo) participated in the earnings conference call held later, results and highlights and to answer analysts' questions。

Factors which female fertility?

World Health Organization survey of 33 research centers in 25 countries showed that about 5% in developed countries?8% of couples affected by infertility, infertility in some areas of developing countries, the prevalence of up to 30%。According to the WHO predicts that this century will become the third largest disease infertility after cancer and cardiovascular disease。
So why are so many infertility?Why do so many people it is easy to conceive after miscarriage it?We listen to members of the Professional Committee of Tianjin TCM Gynecology of Chinese Medicine Societies, how the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director Zhao Zhimei。
Factors which female fertility?  Factors that affect female fertility is roughly divided into environmental factors, physiological factors, social factors, pathology and other factors。
  1.Environmental factors people are exposed to every day in different ways in different environments disruptors, including lifestyle-related risk factors, occupational risk factors and endocrine factors。
Occupational risk factors common: anesthetic gas, anticancer drugs, heavy metals, and a solvent。Studies have shown that occupational exposure to agricultural pesticides can significantly affect the female reproductive system, reduce fertility; styrene and other organic solvents, the metallic mercury and lead pollution will damage the female reproductive health, directly or indirectly。
It refers to endocrine factors exogenous chemical substances and mixtures interfere with the endocrine system。
Thyroid hormone disorders and diseases such as endocrine environment may lead to ovarian dysfunction, uterine disease, placental dysfunction, and adverse pregnancy outcomes, breast disease。
  2.Physiological factors such as age are the main factors influencing the physiology of female fertility。Increases with age, increasing the incidence of female infertility, reduced fertility, manifested as lower pregnancy rate, abortion rate increased, the average time between births to extend and increase the probability of breeding offspring chromosome abnormalities, lower live birth rate。
Female main cause of the increase is to reduce the decline in fertility ovarian reserve, mainly due to the number of ovarian follicles can be raised to reduce memory decline and leave egg quality。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

The arrival of spring how to seize the growth and development of gold season?

Location: how to seize the body of the arrival of spring growth and development of gold season?2018-3-2715: 6:51 Source: REVIEW: Spring footsteps getting closer, rebirth, flowers begin to bloom, this turns warm again, large temperature, climate change repeatedly season, viruses, bacteria on comes alive, the baby's immune function is weak, vulnerable to infection and illness。
Well, in this changeable weather of the season, how do we take appropriate measures to protect Andy who it safely through this spring……Note that temperature changes in spring not only volatile, but windy。TCM believes that "the wind is riddled with long", therefore the weather changes, timely change clothes, warm wind。As the saying goes, "Spring cover autumn cold", "cover" is a relative concept, it should be timely change of clothing based on the outdoor temperature, but not the dress warm as possible。
Spring, children in large outdoor activities, wear too much sweat easily, easily lead to a cold case of cold, so dress should not sweat when the general standard activities, too much will only make children out clothes after suffering a cold sweat。Growth and development of gold and Lai spring season, all things hair, spring is also the year in child growth and development of the fastest season, let the children to outdoor activities can get sunlight, increase the child's bone development is very important。
Spring sunny, young children should increase the time for outdoor activities, less than one hour a day。
Occurrence do not need to wear a hat when outdoors, gloves, let the children exposure to sunlight, enhance physical fitness and promote the absorption of calcium to prevent rickets。
Although the child's height and genetic factors, but acquired factors are also important, is the first body to grow taller bone growth and development, parents should try to provide opportunities for outdoor exercise for kids, choose running, longitudinal movement of rope skipping, basketball, and to ensure exercise intensity aerobic exercise to achieve, due to the full amount of activity can promote the body's metabolism, so that the child's bones and muscles are effectively stretching, promote nervous system and skeletal muscle coordination。
It would also ensure that children have enough sleep, are at the peak of growth hormone secretion sleeping state, so that children develop the habit of going to bed early to ensure the effective release of growth hormone, which will help children grow taller。
Also note that other aspects, give them reasonable nutrition, eat more cereal, eggs, lean meat, milk and other foods rich in quality protein, lecithin, lysine foods, to ensure that the needs of growth and development in protein, but also Note that eat fish, leafy green vegetables and other foods with calcium supplement calcium。Try to avoid food intake easily lead to sexual precocity of-season fruits, fried foods, etc.。
Parents expect after mastered these tips, which can be applied to adhere to daily life, not in fits and starts, for the baby's well-being, and perseverance help children grow up healthier!。

Pierce 20 points and the Wizards made a good start Lori 6 Raptors failed to reverse

  Ticker early morning of April 19, NBA playoffs open play in the first game away from home to the Wizards beat the Raptors 93-86, big score to 1-0。
  Wizards grab home-court advantage。
Veteran – Paul Pierce scored a game-high 20 points, the team he hit 6 three-pointers in mind 4。 Bradley – Bill 16 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, Nene – Hilario 12 points and 13 rebounds, John – Wall 18 shots only 5, 10 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds。   The Raptors trailed by 15 points in the fourth quarter, but when tenacious into overtime, but ultimately fall short。 DeMar – DeRozan scored 15 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, is the only starter in double figures。 Kyle – Lori in the fourth quarter did not end on 6 fouled out, scored seven points and eight rebounds。 Yunus – Kovalam Nasdaq repair 6 points and 8 rebounds。
Amir bench – Johnson scored 18 points, 8 rebounds, Gray Davis – gas Quest, Louis – Williams and Patrick – Patterson 10 points each。   This is the first time in history the two teams met in the playoffs。
But veteran Pierce had met last year Raptors。
  After last year's first round, the Nets had worked hard to seven games in the first round out of the Raptors, Nets Pierce is a。 After changing the team, and met the team in the first round。   In the regular season, the Raptors became the Atlantic Division title for two consecutive years。
Their three encounters against the Wizards, but also all win。
  But in the playoffs, is another matter entirely。
In the fierce fighting, the Raptors did not account for the advantages of task。
  After the opening, the Raptors scored four points, while the Wizards played after 2 minutes and 20 seconds, was the first time shooting。 The first half before the holiday, the Wizards only hit two goals, but only to fall behind 5-8。
This section Raptors had the upper hand, but the advantage is very small。
This section have 1 minute 29 seconds, Johnson hit two free throws, leading the Raptors to 21-15。 This is the biggest difference between the two sides of this section, the Raptors after which hit only one ball after the first section to 23-19 lead。   Two teams have excellent backcourt。 Lori and Raptors DeRozan is second only to the league – Stephen Curry and Craig – Thompson combination; and Bill Wizards of Wall is the core of the team。
But the two sides are mediocre defender, but added a few degrees Savior veteran Pierce。
  Section played less than one minute, Pierce was knocked down, suffered minor injuries, but does not affect his game continues。 After the Raptors 36-29 to expand the advantage, Pierce also to a record third, the Wizards began to fight back, gradually overtake。 This section there are 2 minutes and 33 seconds, Pierce then pass Bill, once again hit the third, leading the Wizards to 43-38。 Halftime, the Wizards to 46-42 a slight advantage。
  Whether this year or last year, Pierce related to haggle Raptors。 But he is not only the right lip, the court martial arts have also got。
As a seasoned veteran, Pierce hit two three-pointers in the first half, scored 10 points for the game-high。
  Section start, Pierce and hit a ball, the Wizards scored four points to lead 50-42。
Raptors will narrow the gap to four points, Gortat up in a ball, while Pierce hit third again, the Wizards will gradually expand the advantage to double digits。 In this section there are 2 minutes and 12 seconds, the Raptors will recover as the score 56-61, but in the remainder of this section, they are without a point, the Wizards off the bench scored four points, 65-56 to maintain the advantage。   Bill hit a record third, the Wizards 9-3 to start the fourth quarter wave, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 74-59。 Raptors began a massive counter-attack, the fans in the audience "defense" in a high voice, they succeeded in preventing the Wizards into 24-second violation, while the Raptors hit a row, while more than half of this section, gas Quest hit third, the chasing the score 66-74。   Wizards hit rate decreased slightly, giving the Raptors a chance。 There are regular time 2 minutes and 55 seconds, Williams immediately shot after the ball, hit the third and decisive, with only Raptors 75-77 behind。 Raptors hit a wave 16-3, Williams-thirds vote twice in this wave of attacks。
  Since obtaining 15 points advantage, the Wizards in 6 minutes, only to hit a ball。 This section there are 2 minutes and 36 seconds, under the Bill to prevent shots in the air, lost his balance, but still hit, also causing foul Lowry。
After the vote with a penalty scored three points, leading the Wizards to 80-75。
This time attack, causing Lori's sixth foul。 Lori end, but the Raptors are more tenacious。 When more seconds in this section, gas Quest hit the third, the Raptors scored 5 points, the two sides battle became 82-82。
  Wal-key a vote of no seconds to leave the Raptors, unsuccessful attack, the two sides into extra time。
  After the Wizards get 15 points advantage, the fourth quarter last 8 minutes and 45 seconds, only to hit three goals, Raptors 23-8, tenacious into overtime。   Pierce added shortly after the start when blight hit a three-pointers, while the Raptors continuous shot。 The game is still 2 minutes and 20 seconds, after the ball Wall breakthroughs within a single-handed dunk, leading the Wizards to 87-82。
  Williams outstanding performance in the fourth quarter, but in overtime, one-third also not in continuous。 Raptors open and delay。
Competition also seconds, Porter dumped hit, leading the Wizards to 89-82。
  Until the game when there are seconds, the Raptors made just like Pedro after the break dunks succeeded, this is the first time they score plus。
Wall also quickly to two points, while the Raptors thereafter mistakes, had to give up。