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Such milk is equal to "white drink", 8 mistakes you in a few?

  How to drink milk?Good morning to drink or drink in the evening?Do not drink milk, not only can not achieve the purpose of calcium may also damage the health。
Different people should drink different milk, milk time, there are many taboos with stress。   The benefits of milk will not need to go into details, but it is also very demanding drink。 Wrong to drink milk, will be beverages, the following eight common mistakes you in a few?  1, water to drink milk when some parents, especially the elderly, always feel that milk is a good thing, the better the child to drink, can not wait to let the children take it as a drink, thought to drink more to grow, the faster。   Even more will be hold to eat, let alone drink so much milk。 Whole milk contains about 3% of "bad fats", which contains half the saturated fatty acid, is the main component of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, colorectal cancer, and other diseases。   Correct posture: Adults drink a day 200?300 ml (about twice), the total intake of dairy products is not more than 500 ml。
  2, the "rich" more nutritious if it is Tiaochong milk powder, concentrated milk a little bit more, which means that some of the less water, but nutrients are not destroyed beyond reproach。
  But taste different brands of "concentration" should not be the sole criterion for judging the quality of milk: businesses added flavor, thickener and stabilizer additives in the milk inside, make milk smells fragrant and mellow。   Correct posture: do not look good concentration, watch components。
  3, milk, eggs = best breakfast of milk and eggs have a high protein content, strong sense of fullness after eating tend to eat other things, will lead to a lack of glucose in vivo, sleepy。
  Open the right way: with milk breakfast with bread, fruits and vegetables, or eggs with fruits and vegetables, cereals, etc.。
  4, fasting drink milk on an empty stomach, gastric juice concentration high, this time to drink milk, milk protein will clot in the stomach, affect the absorption and digestion of proteins, can also cause stomach discomfort。   The right way: The best pad a little starchy foods before drinking milk。
  5, heating the milk to boil milk packaging on the market are pasteurized processed milk boil heating will destroy the vitamin and active substances, which greatly reduced the nutritional value。
  Right: You can not even put milk bottle in hot water soak for a while, a little warming can。   6, promote digest milk sugar sugar to improve the taste, and the effect has less to digest。
But sugar will stimulate people's taste buds, to develop the habit of love sugar, excessive intake of sugar is not good for the body。
  Official: Direct drink can?7, milk is not milk with fruit juice blended with high acid juice, make protein denaturation, but there is no harm to humans, only a handful of people would upset stomach。   Formal way: drink milk when eating fruit or drinking fruit juice, no problems, but also more balanced nutrition it。   As shown, medicinal milk with milk delivery medication is not a good habit 8, milk substances which react chemically with the drug, will reduce the efficacy, or even cause harm to the body。
After 1 medication?2 hours is best not to drink milk。

Body language of love

The story takes place in the late eighties, when the university, known as the ivory tower。  Red is my classmate, she is from the South, looks sweet, temperament elegant, entered university, became the object of a lot of the boys scramble to compete。Jun is a student of History Department of the university, we have two high, versatile, especially good at writing poetry, is“famous”Campus poet。  Chun Hung and how do you know, it does not matter, probably by another classmate, possibly by both sides of the villagers, however, always, they know the。Speaking of the two men know each other, in fact, quite the taste of love at first sight, Chun favorite red appearance, temperament and character, and red, were attracted to the handsome talent。  The men and women, the so-called“Perfect match”, In the ivory tower, love is sweet。  Jun to practice, one to two months, every day Hongyan legend, letter to letter, Chun Hung wrote to exactly how many first touching love poems, a conservative who, more than double-digit。And red, in the absence Jun days, almost all his spare time, are used to Jun knit, stitch by stitch weave every day, every needle in, all contain dense long for。  Jun internship returned, refused to return to their quarters, on three-step and two-step, flew to the Red hostel。Then red, smiling as being handsome sweater, doing the final finishing work。  The two meet, depending on each other smiling innocently, one side of us, for the sake of the yearning of this beautiful, silent quietly withdrew to his room, to both of them, a romantic ways and thoughts pour out of place。It really is a beautiful, touching love。  College students love the playground and walking a prime place to the cold weather season, often, to see the red body, dressed in the cloak of Jun。  Saturday night, female students dorm, as usual, of lying about the meeting, speaking of her love, red has always been restrained, said something I will never impressed, she said:“How feeling between us, always in love ah。”Hung said very sincerely, red psychology, nature is more sincere, and we even think these words some fun, ridiculous, and it can be embarrassed laugh。  The school opened a new ice cream stalls, colorful truly beautiful, and Chun know, red is a favorite ice cream。So, summer evening, we often see Jun, bought a big bowl of ice cream, rush around rushed to the Red hostel。  Good years, like water wading fast, blink of an eye, went to Jun graduating time。After allocation down, often seen, a pair of red eye socket of children, relative silence。  Parting grief, can destroy most people's mind, the two inextricably after many lingering, and finally, Jun forth requirements for the development of further relations keep red。Jun said:“This world, I only love you, wait until the future, I'm going to marry you, I will marry you, so what are you afraid of it?”Jun said:“There is a saying that‘In fact, just a love of body language’Bale。”  Needless to say, when they indeed love。And then the love of two people, and indeed really want to push each other to the other side。Finally, in order to prove their love, red to complete their own, when Chun went away, I gave it to him。  That night, moonlight water。Red, indulge in the beautiful moonlight and the gentle night wind, she will own the purest most really love, using body the way, over and over again to tell her favorite boy。  Soon, Chun graduated; soon, he went to a big city in the south。Soon, he and into a new life a new round of colorful。Jun wit, in the new unit, obviously no lack of suitors, and although he loves red, but always felt this far away love, gradually becomes illusory uncertain。  And red, still quietly waiting for her handsome, waiting for her share of love does not become the highest power, however, this quiet good old days, but only after the red just a few months。  One day, red feeling unwell, so in the company of classmates, went to University Hospital, but was found pregnant……  It was the late eighties of last century, female students pregnant, how earth-shattering but see also skeletons in his cupboard ah!For this reason the school has posted posters, posters in the words Lise harshly rebuked red“Immorality”, The wording of the last sentence, bearing the words:“After school party committee, be punished by dismissal。”  Red ultimately failed to finish before she finally admitted to the university, when she lonely figure slowly disappear on campus at the end, I do not know what she was thinking about the psychological?I do not know, this is not a conspiracy of love, because love the sky, can eventually bear-fruit?  Red is disappearing in our line of sight, and for her, I know is: has been pregnant, she returned home to find a very age-matched general condition of the boy, himself married off。  And I remember whenever the matter, it is hoped, pure red, the idea had not tried to use body language to express love in her heart for their favorite boy。

Belgium "World of Warcraft" was born poor play football for the mother to a decent life

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Xinhua News Agency, Sochi, June 18 -, Watered milk, water and electricity in the room, because arrears are Qiadiao cable……Killing four of the World Cup in Russia, Belgium "World of Warcraft" Loukakou, had chosen soccer, just to live decently。18th 索契菲什特 stadium, Lukaku scored twice to lead Belgium 3: 0 victory over Panama, with five goals in team history boarded the Belgian competition (World Cup and European Championship) scoring standings in second place, only Sirri Commons than the old legend a little ball。There are at least two group matches of the situation, the World Cup is likely to witness a new generation of front Pa Belgium's "throne"。Today expensive for the English Premier League giants Manchester United and Belgium striker Lukaku headed, still clearly remember seeing the scene because of poverty to childhood milk watered when the mother。In his published in the "star stands" personal letter, he described the mood at the time: "I ate lunch without a word, but that day I myself make a wish, I can no longer see life as mother。"In Loukakou this readme, poverty and questioned throughout his early football career。At the time Loukakou only wear his father's shoes training that year, because the physical development of fast, 11 years old, he will be questioned at the opponent's youth team to play the parents of his false age, he had to show identity cards one by one to parents who look to prove innocence, while enduring those dubious eyes。Hit back question, Loukakou vent is considered the best method to beat opponents with a goal on the court, even if the opponent is his own coach。May 24, 2009, 16-year-old Lukaku Anderlecht played for the first time in Bijia league, but the beginning of 2008-2009 season, he even played in the U19 team are not on the main。U19 coach to face their own mistrust, Loukakou bet with the coach just give him enough playing time, he promised to the December 2008 scored 25 goals。November of that year, Lukaku completed the 25 indicators of the ball, as part of a bet, and his youth team coach had to wash all of Pakistan, but the team every day to eat the pie。After the famous young Loukakou conquer Belgian league, Chelsea move to the Premiership, known as the "World of Warcraft" Drogba's successor in 2011。But landing "Blue Bridge" Hou Luka library can only be on the bench most of the time wasted, "came to Chelsea I did not get playing time, I hear people making fun of me, I was on loan to West Bromwich Albion, I hear people laughing at me again. "。 In the loan at West Bromwich Albion that season, Lukaku scored 17 Premiership goals ranked scorer in the sixth, but Chelsea still did not belong to his position。2013-2014 season Everton at the end of the lease period, Loukakou chose to leave 'the Blues "to join Everton。Three years later, he wore 75 million pounds worth joining the English Premier League giants Manchester United first team。From abject poverty to prominent, Loukakou life turned upside down because of football。His greatest wish is to have deceased grandfather to see this happen, but not to see how well he passed the ball, how much fame。Before my grandfather died five days to call 12-year-old Lukaku, please he would "take care of my mother."。13 years later, Lukaku said that if the phone again to fight with my grandfather, he would say: "Look, as I promised, your daughter is now very good, no longer have to live in apartments in mice, no longer have to sleep on the floor, no pressure, we all is well。"

Belated birthday cake

Belated birthday cake along, every birthday, my mother always called to remind me:“Today is your birthday ah!Son, how are you preparing?”I am shocked replied:“I had not thought how it might and several small partners to go to a big dinner。”This year, the birthday, the mother did not call me, I think she probably because busy, forgot!    Just between hesitation, a phone call came,“Honey, today is your birthday, I am going to send you a cake, you go sing KTV。”I responded by saying:“Really!Today is the best news I have heard!”Phone side responded,“of course it's true!”    Dialogue has just finished, I really do not happen, unit leaders to arrange a rush, overtime。This way, the birthday celebration of a sudden fell through。I hurried back over the telephone, said:“Honey, I'm sorry, not today celebrate it!The lead in organizing something。Otherwise weekend it!”Phone side responded,“It's too bad you, you first busy bar work。”In this way, a year memorable day at work to digest it。    On weekends, the day to cool it, it began to rain, hazy!Rental house dilapidated old window upload to the sound of rain falling。The weather is bad, do not want to go out, I think one day have to spend in the rainy。Lying in bed looking at the book, I watched, estimated to be drowsy, knew it was asleep。Suddenly a familiar bell rang, and quickly answering a cell phone and saw there replied:“Honey, I personally made a cake today, do you want to try!”After listening, fall into children's wear clothes, get up………….    “Happy Birthday!Dear。”Hear the sweet sound of blessing and do not know how to answer。I ask her:“I've forgotten how you remember!”she says:“Connaught not light Xu, Xu was the。”

Chinese Foreign Ministry officials to visit Taiwan on the US sounds again: people concerned cautious hope

  A reporter's question yesterday, a US State Department official said in a speech in Taipei, "US-Taiwan Relations" firmly than ever, he also praised Taiwan as a "model" Indian-Pacific region。 Taiwan authorities announced this week, another senior official from the US Department of Commerce's visit to Taiwan。 What is your comment on the US remarks about the officials?Comment on the US within one week send two senior officials to visit Taiwan?  Hua Chunying said in response: "Recently, the United States and Taiwan exchanges on the issue yesterday, I have expounded on China's position。 I would like to stress once again that the Taiwan issue concerns the core interests of China, Sino-US relations are the most important and most sensitive issue, the one China principle is the political foundation of Sino-US relations。 We urge the US to adhere to the one-China policy and the three Sino-US joint communiques provisions, cease to carry out any form of official contacts with Taiwan and to enhance substantive relations, prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues, in order to avoid serious damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait。 "" I would also like to take this opportunity to remind those who want to play 'Taiwan card' or what other people attempt to seriously read and study President Xi Jinping's important speech at the thirteenth meeting of the National People's Congress closing ceremony related to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity complete。 Every inch of the territory of our great motherland will never be absolutely impossible to secede from China。 Cautious hope that the people on Taiwan issue。
"Hua Chunying said。 (Finish)。

Bailey Reverse toxic milk: Brazil as a whole is not strong Argentina will all the best

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 14 reported: is regarded as the number one football Bailey crow mouth, before the start of the World Cup, this seems a good school。In an interview with "GQ" magazine interview, Bailey claimed that Brazil is not strong overall, and predicted that Argentina would all goes well。Bailey said this, is it in the reverse poison milk?Bailey first talked about himself: "Now the kids know Messi?Luoneimaer, but they also know my name。Maybe listen to their parents say, perhaps listening to my grandparents say。This is a great responsibility, because my life can not make mistakes, I will always give the kids a good example。But thank God, I can have the glory。"Also watching you?Bailey answer: "Of course, I also like Santos, I would also like to see the best team in the world game。Perhaps now is the best Barca before Real Madrid。"Billy comes to Brazil and Argentina:" Brazil has good players, but without a strong team。Best Brazilian clubs have, in Paris, Neymar, Marcelo at Real Madrid, Kudiniao in Barcelona, Phil minocycline in Liverpool……But Teeter let them form a strong overall, this is hard to do。Brazil is always one of the favorites, but Argentina also all the best。I think the World Cup will always be popular。People may forget, Brazil 5 wins have taken place outside the home Brazil。In Brazil the World Cup twice, we all lose。"Bailey Support Neymar to join Paris:" This is a good thing for him, because he always live in the shadow of Lionel Messi in Barcelona。Build the team around him in Paris, he had the opportunity to show their ability, he has a chance as No. 10。"Coach?Bailey select Teeter: "I like Guardiola and Mourinho, but I think it is very good Teeter。He is not just only care about football, he is also concerned about the players, it is very important。"

A stall team narrowly escaped killing five users: C Lo Messi wins car snatching little room after my soul

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: Russia's World Cup race has been four days, and no wishful victory in Germany and Brazil played last night, fans can not help but to issue such a sigh: Russia really cold!Russia, as a host in the automatic Automatic group number one, the 32 teams ranked last in the World Cup, the team can not be counted as a file。In a file has been played in the team, only three points in France, but during the game the other hand, France has made three points also suspected of luck。If Spain draw with Portugal was not popular, then after Argentina played draw with Iceland, Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil draw with Switzerland it can be described as a big upset World Cup。Germany, as the defending champion, in the face of Mexico appears to have no way。The reason is the so-called weak teams has their own mature style of play, and these teams seem a file do nothing in the face of specific tactics。Iceland and Mexico, for example, Iceland physically strong, sturdy build walls bid to block 11 Massey and others break shot, the use of counter-attack to hit the ball high into the air to let the diminutive Argentine no way。And in Mexico yesterday to show people what is the real small fast spirit, the speed of the fast counter-attack, the sharp attack, the Germans had wanted to attack out of fear of vulnerability defense。If the French win over Australia at the last minute scored a goal, the team has played a file will without a win。Some Internet users drying out of the picture, above the tone of a joke, said: "C Lo kicked my car, Macy kicked me a suite, Neymar might want to take my life!"In the back of the team also played a stall Belgium and Poland, they will not know how to play with。World Cup the strength of clear situation may no longer exist, Russia Are we going to continue to go cold?

"Inspirational man" Loukakou: he has scored 76 goals in 34 games, a child at home so poor enough to eat

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Father hang up his boots after the money squandered, so poor childhood home enough to eat) Belgium match against Panama, a strong striker for the "European Red Devils" scored twice, so one of the favorites of Belgium not as the previous encounter difficulties like Argentina, Germany, Brazil and other teams。Merle Carstens Soon the second half to break the deadlock, Loukakou the 69th minute to help the team to expand the score, then cut into the penalty area on the left side of Adjara return, within Debu Lao left the restricted area outside the instep pass, squeezed in behind the opponent Loukakou small edge of the hoisting network。The first 75 minutes Loukakou help my team win, Azar was back in the forward pass, Loukakou left the restricted area 12 yards single-handedly Tuishe network。Lukaku has also become history's first five Belgian national team scored twice staged a good show at the World Cup players, one is on the mid-1998's Wilmots。Just before the game, Lukaku reminisced about her poor childhood, he can present achievements, it relies entirely on their own efforts。Lukaku's father is Congolese, on behalf of Zaire to participate in the 1994 World Cup, however, after retiring, he squandered the money, Loukakou childhood nightmare has begun。Lukaku was born in Belgium, he recalled: "The first thing we lose is cable television。No football。Sometimes my mother had to go out to borrow money to buy bread。Bakery owner know me and my brother (currently playing for Lazio) thus allowing us to buy things Monday, Friday to pay。"Loukakou say, 6 years old when he found the situation is already very serious," I know we were very lives struggling, but when I took my mother's milk mixed with water to the table, I am conscious to over, you know what I mean.?That is our fate。Our money could not pass a week is not just the poor, but completely destroyed。"At that time he vowed to change all that。He said that since then himself wiser, know what to do。Loukakou 6 years of age to join the Belgian Casillas Football Club, later became Antwerp's youth academy players in 2009, promoted to the first team to start a career in Antwerp。Loukakou rapid growth, he is very mature, 12 years old, he was wearing his father's old shoes, has scored 76 goals in 34 games, so his teammates and his teammates parents questioned his age, he had a once their identity to others。"People always talk about the player's mental strength, so I am probably the most formidable opponent you will encounter。Because I still remember me and my brother, my mother pray together in the dark of speech, remember our expectations。I simmering strength to play, because the mouse ran in our house, and I could not watch the Champions League。"The 25-year-old player, has overcome obstacles fate set to achieve a counter-attack on life, he should be one of the more role models。

Although money is still warm late diving

Today diving, a bit baffling, so far we have not seen bad there have more precise。
No matter if the news from a purely financial point of view to see the game, then late in diving, with no sufficient change hands in the morning there is a relationship。 Morning of the disk is too hot, not many tickets changing hands after the word was hard top plate, once the market sign of trouble, late this situation is very prone to。
Noon point of view, the market for word sabotage the party, I have been analyzed, let's first review under article noon。
Because we form a consensus on the market that are safe, you can make money。
But it can not be directly top word。 Stocks opened more than direct word board, which is to make the market did not top the rhythm ah。
The top plate of the word bullying ah, so who is willing to give you Relay?This is the reason why the word vote not far away。 Look at today's daily limit, but you can not buy into, the funds are another way of results。 Shanghai local shares in a public state-owned enterprise reform is expected before the demon of oversold stocks, shares of + is oversold plate, are installed with construction, such as Britain Vic, near midday trading, the money went to launch the concept of civil-military integration。 This is the party who want to avoid the word。
But a number of votes in the word, open board can not go back, and other precision Liancheng。 000-technology today should Difficult to go back, for the first time to the first wave peaked, and soon, to see the back of the wave there is no 2。 Summary: The central enterprises reform, time shares, medicine and other hot spots continued to be active, just let the word party to the top of the bad rhythm, Shanghai state-owned enterprise reform, civil-military integration of new low hot start。
Afternoon view: continued light weight stock market, but to avoid some stocks pit。 ———————————Dividing line————— ——————– wait until late in diving, all the dust settles, you will find that the word early top board does not necessarily guarantee you make money。
Why do so many votes after the bombing late plate, some to return letters, some not?In addition to stocks leading position in which the outside, there is another factor that is changing hands。 If the morning changing hands more fully, even late exploded, just a trim is very easy。
For example, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson holding, palm reading technology, the National Power South, etc.。
These tickets before the bombing late, has been fried, and hands full, short of basic failure。
Delong ticket easily understood, such as the word open joint-precision plate, the morning has not been fully hands, once late restrain chips will quickly gush。
People suck finished the word party, or come back to the market。 Although late in diving, but funding is still warm, tomorrow there must be a process of restoration late today。
+ New medicine times, the central enterprises reform, unicorn, military, and other hot spots, or focus on the plate。
Today's hot too, was stretched too thin, tomorrow must shrink the front。
This level of funding spread, how long the stock market?Tomorrow centralized fund breakthrough, is still only stronger breed, it is worth continuing to engage in, the other is not worth the chase。
We should focus on a few leading, the leading time shares + Panlong Pharmaceutical medicine has little impact tomorrow 3 board problem, since recent times the height of the new leader has 4 boards (United-precision, Igor)。 Leading the reform of central enterprises into shares has 5 boards, and if this stock can continue to board up, it may well be a demon, tickets will also follow suit arbitrage。
Unicorn chaotic rhythm section, a lot of brand-name ticket are high, money is not willing to go to the relay, and low tendency to dig varieties。
For example, today's Zhongyuan Expressway, capital, industry, etc. are being dug new varieties。 The military has just started today, tomorrow remains to be seen persistent, leading the West Instrument shares。 Tomorrow view: Because diving late, so tomorrow become the trend of the index is not very good judge, not a good grasp of the rhythm, it is recommended that careful operation, it is best not to follow the trend of chasing votes。
Welcome to add my micro-channel public number "stock market secret report" free answer questions stocks。 If you find it useful, welcome to forward to share, let your friends benefit。

Super – Achim Peng hats + lore TEDA 3-2 triumph in derby wins right to health

  Beijing at 19:35 on March 18, Super League third round continues, Tianjin, Tianjin Teda 3-2 home lore right to health。
Within 16 minutes Achim Peng restricted Dianshe opener; restricted within 54 minutes Pato low shot equalizer; within 78 minutes Modest shot left the area ahead score; 84 minutes and 90 minutes azithromycin Tim Peng scored twice, but also a hat-trick of tournament lore。   TEDA home draw against China in the first round of happy, because the last round away loss goalkeeper mistakes led to goals conceded Jianye, the team much-needed open league opener。 TEDA away in last season's first derby 0-3 defeat right to health, the key relegation derby of the season at home 4-1 victory over the period of battles right to health。 To some extent it can be said, for the performance of the current round derby of the season TEDA trend prospects have some significance determination。
This week in the AFC competitions right to health home victory over Jeonbuk Hyundai, the mental state of the team exciting, reflects the difficulties of execution。
  5 minutes, being cruel uprooting Pato ball back Djarum high, high Djarum booked。 Pato delivers this in mind the restricted area before the kick, he hit a tricky archery bow arc, Du Jia quickly move a ball saved the bottom line Cepu!8 minutes, Modeste front after the ball back to do, Mrs Wang follow right foot outside the instep volley, the ball struck the flying column proximal。
The first 10 minutes, Achim Peng left the restricted area small-angle volley hit high。
Inverted triangle near the first 12 minutes, Sun can pass in the right bottom line, Modeste kick Tui small closed line defect, and then shot, the ball was blocked a bit Qiu Tianyi bounced back after himself Chuledixian。
  Tianjin TEDA in the 16th minute to break the deadlock – Mielke sent straight, Achim Peng high-speed plug, squeeze the body position of the dominant Wang Jie, Dian kicked the ball into the far corner, 1-0!  The first 31 minutes, Achim title gold Rush Peng right near the penalty area to the bottom line, inverted triangle pass after continuous shaking, the first to rescue Liu Yi Ming ball Chudi Xian。
The first 35 minutes, midfielder Witsel sent Zhise, Yi Zhu defender Modeste quickly plug into the restricted area to form single-pole, but stopping big trip was confiscated goalkeeper Du Jia。
After 1 minute, close to over the top Witsel long pass in the circle to find Modeste, which is inserted into the restricted area to form single-pole, ready to shoot the face of the goalkeeper, behind by chasing back Amat Jiang interference fell to the ground, missed the equalizer good opportunity。
  Easy side battles the second half, 49 minutes Achim Peng broke into the restricted area, continuous fake kicker shot, he was not marked strength。 Right Tianjin alive 54 minute equalizer – a note may be unable Sun arc the ball, the restricted area after the ball stop point Modest, foot volley saved by Du Jia。
Small frontier closed area Pato put the ball stopped, after adjustment left foot volley succeeded, 1-1!  58 minutes, Pato closed top oblique plug, plug Modeste volley was saved by Du Jia。 The right of the first 63 minutes, Sun can be restricted inverted triangle pass, Pato follow the right foot volley hit the fly。
72 minutes, Zhao Xuri edge of the area volley Du Jia confiscated。   Right alive Tianjin go-ahead score in the 78th minute – Mi Haolun crossing the ball left the restricted area, Qiu Tianyi misjudgment could not rescue the first point, Modeste stop the ball, homeopathic left foot shot hit, 2-1!83 minutes, TEDA left corner out, Qiu add a header just wide Qiangdian。 Tianjin Teda in the 84th minute to level the score – the right to health backcourt steals pass by Mikel, Mikel pass the first time to rub the area, but also Achim Peng ball into the box, left foot blast into the bar no solution goal, 2-2!  Zhuangtaiqijia Achim Peng hat-trick in the 90th minute – TEDA captain pass the restricted area, Zhang Cheng Yi Zhu Hui Ieyasu stopping the chest, I want to let the ball out of goalkeeper Zhang Lu, but wary of a home health benefits poke poke the ball out, Achim Peng follow-up push Kongmen, 3-2!Tianjin Teda 3-2 final lore Tianjin right to health, to get first league win。
  Goal information – within the first 16 minutes Achim Peng opened the scoring penalty area Dianshe。   The area within 54 minutes Pato low shot equalizer。
  Within 78 minutes Modest restricted foot shot ahead score。   The first 84 minutes followed by Achim Peng scored twice assists Mikel。   The first 90 minutes in front of Achim Peng push Kongmen hat-trick。   Yellow information – TEDA: High Jiarun (4 ') Mikel (39') Sebastian Ainsworth (49 ') Cao (70') Li a source (76 ') right to health Tianjin: Modest (33' ) SUN (43 ') Wang Jie (70') Yi Liu Ming (87 ') and the two sides starting Substitution – TEDA: (4-2-3-1) 1- Du Jia; Bai Yuefeng 19- (68' 26- Cao), 5-a Qiu Tian, Sebastian Ainsworth 15, 25 Amat Jiang; 10- Mikel, high Djarum 6- (U23); 8- a Li source, Zhao Yingjie 21 (60 '4- Yang Fan), 17 home health benefits; 7- Achim Peng Jian Tianjin right: (4-2-3-1) 1 Zhang Lu; 18 Zhang Cheng (91'17- edge Su Jie), 4-Liu Yi-ming ( U23), 3- Wang Jie, 25 Mi Haolun; Witsel 28-, 7- Zhao Xuri; SUN 38-, 10- Pato (Zheng Dalun 69'16-), Mrs Wang 39- (Yi Liu 91'26- ); 28- Modest (Tai Xiaopeng)。