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Darjeeling tea stuck dilemma: railway privatization delayed

Wait for the wind from the blue-chip, large data 300 refers to the group since June 15 on sale enter the phone number, the first time to notify and obtain buy Raiders?Name obtain free phone number verification code verification code to determine Congratulations on your appointment success! Before the sale of the product we will notify you SMS, please be patient。 Market risk, the investment need to be cautious Fang Xiangming located south of the Himalayas, northeast India Darjeeling (Darjeeling) because of the rich and famous black tea, with an average altitude of 2,000 meters in the mountains around the tea garden, highland foggy climate here gives black tea aroma and charm, people flock to the world's love of tea。  However, the lack of efficient logistics and local infrastructure, a deadly link Darjeeling tea sold facing。  Opened 100 years of "toy train" Banerjee (RajahBanerjee) is the owner of Darjeeling tea region Ma Kaba force (Makaibari), the site shows tea, tea most expensive a price of $ 400 / kg, the prices are remaining 60?US $ 100 / kg, about。Last year, the Park production of black tea was once sold for $ 2,000 / kg high prices become one of India's most expensive tea。  "Tea and wine, the need to breathe oxygen。"Banerjee does not like boiling water to make tea, and years of experience into their own philosophy。Ma Kaba force in mid-1859 completion of tea is India's first large-scale tea factory, tea factory Banerjee is already the fourth generation heir。  For many years the use of permaculture (sustainable production does not deplete resources) cropping patterns Ma Kaba force is more like a subtropical forest biodiversity。Because of worries about production, Banerjee began to put more energy into the tea business, of which an important part is the logistics。  Opened to traffic in 1881 Himalayan Railway is one of the earliest Indian Railways, a total length of 86 kilometers of track connecting Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri, altitude span 100 meters to 2200 meters。In the car it was so jubilant locals steam train carriage 4 hundred years a large number of tea shipped to the foot of the mountain, and then transported to the rest of the world through the port in Bangladesh。  But the problem is, one hundred years later, when an impressive transportation system is now far behind the needs of the times, but the government seems to have overlooked the railway, did not invest in upgrading Darjeeling railway therefore nothing select continue tenacious work。  Mid-1999, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was inscribed on the World Heritage List。Today, nicknamed the "Toy Train" (ToyTrains) of the steam front is still roaring ahead on 61 cm of the tracks, it is another important feature for visitors to glimpse a symbol of industrialization era of British India。  Travel between Darjeeling and near the town of Gum (Ghum) for some 7 kilometers steam railway is an important development for the local experience of tourism projects。  "I can invest, but the government does not allow," "do not invest in (railway), then have tea Ma Kaba force to close down, but once you have invested, the tourism industry will be driven up, the entire community will benefit。"Banerjee showed a more forward-looking vision than our ancestors," I can invest, but the government does not allow。"This appears in the museum of the steam train appeared to be inadequate in a hundred years after the operation, along with the already small number of technicians getting retired or passed away, a lot of old machines and tools inside the train no one knows how to use and maintain, the old train each whistle is like a laborious among themselves。  Now, the old train no routine maintenance, emergency repairs only when there is a problem, it may be someday, once the key components disrepair, old train mileage will eventually Huashangjuhao。  Even so, the New Delhi government Railroad Commission has always been reluctant to open investment Banerjee, who depend on improved rail logistics。Locals believe the reason is very simple, do not want the government to privatize state-owned railway opened precedent assume any political risk。  According to reports, India has more than one million people work in the railway system, they are strongly opposed to privatization of railways。In other words, the Indian government would rather "toy train" because of old age disrepair do intend to walk, do not want to open private investment, in the moment Modi government's commitment to reform, it seems out of place。  India's main tea-producing areas are concentrated in Assam (Assam), Darjeeling, Dua Wales (Dooars) and Nilgiris (Nilgiris), there are about 350 million people in more than 1,500 tea plantation in the relevant jobs。Data show that exports of Indian tea from 12% in 2013 to 2014, global tea exports。2014 gross annual tea export more than 6.$ 400 million, the annual output of Darjeeling tea though only about 10,000 tons, but due to favorable market, prices soared, income plays an important role in India's tea。

Li Ka-shing: I hope Hong Kong and Hong Kong people do make the country proud

  March 22, the long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing will attend the Annual Performance Report 2016。 Xinhua News Agency issued (Wang Xi photo) Xinhua News Agency March 22 (Reporter Yan war) long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing 22, while attending the company's annual results conference, said no matter how the world changes in economic and political environment, as long as the "right message, judicious, no lines (take) the wrong way, All roads lead to Rome "。   He admitted that he came to Hong Kong 11 years, so many years, deep feelings for Hong Kong。
Hong Kong hopes to do to make the country proud, proud people of Hong Kong。   Hutchison Yangtze River Industrial Co., Ltd. announced its annual results the same day last year, earnings increased by 6% to 330.HK $ 0.8 billion。 Cheung Kong Properties Limited, last year, earnings increased by 13% to 194.HK $ 1.5 billion。
  At the press conference, Li Ka-shing said that from mid-1950 to mid-2017, own 67 years of doing business "did not eclipse over this."。 During this period, he saw Hong Kong from a hard environment, all the way to achieve full plate full E, all the way up……"Hong Kong has a lot of opportunities do not own waste。 "89-year-old Li Ka-shing stressed that he has always been 'is that, on a non-non', 'do not tell right from wrong'。 He said that money is not the first, he would have been living in Hong Kong。
  When asked about passing on the baton, he said: "whim, when had (when all possible)。
"He said that after retirement to devote more time to focus on, will serve as a senior adviser Group。   March 22, the long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing (in) attend the 2016 annual performance report will。
Xinhua News Agency issued (Wang Xi Photo) Editor: Shao Yuxiang, Overseas editorial department。

"Dollar shortage" intensified: LIBOR rising for 31 days to the highest point of the financial crisis

  This article Source: Wind Wind news agency reported that overnight interest rates by 25 basis points as expected, the federal funds rate rose% – interval。
But more important than his Libor has risen 31 days in a row, three-month Libor rose even more in 2008 financial crisis highs。
  Three-month dollar London Interbank Offered Rate is the most important measure of the cost of borrowing。 About 150 trillion (trillion) dollars more than 6 trillion in derivatives and syndicated loans, corporate loans and commercial mortgages refer to the US dollar Libor。   Rising 3-month dollar Libor suggests that the dollar continued tight financing environment, commonly known as dollar shortage。
And the -OIS Libor spreads mainly reflects the systemic pressure of global banking system credit, it spreads generally regarded as interbank lending willingness decline。   Now, the three-month dollar Libor has 31 days to climb%, the most since the 2008 economic crisis, the highest point。
At the same time three-month LIBOR-OIS spread has widened to basis points, the highest level in 2009, when typically are less than 20 basis points。   Strategist MattKing etc. mentioned in the report, which spreads led to widespread nervousness of risk assets。 Higher market interest rates and a weak currency risk assets is likely to contribute to the mutual fund outflows。
If the market which in turn caused a further sell-off, the negative impact on the economy through the wealth effect may be greater than the direct impact of interest rates。   In addition to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley's chief strategist JonathanGarner also said that after the financial crisis, under the pressing global low interest rates and easing, the dollar LIBOR has been at record low。 Since mid-2015 the Fed to raise interest rates open, dollar-denominated LIBOR overall upward trend, it began to rise sharply this year LIBOR hawkish than the Fed may be worried about leaving the market, and this trend is likely to run through a whole year。
  In the private lending market, the Libor benchmark interest rate more radical than the federal dollar Libor six-month period has reached%, while the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates just 25 basis points, the federal funds rate was%。 Now many people are worried that this year the Fed to raise interest rates three times or four times, Ghana countered that the financing costs related to the enterprise is not the federal benchmark interest rate, Libor is the real decision-maker。 Now financing costs have soared, unless the Fed's next performance superdoves, but for now it is almost impossible。
  Morgan Stanley's chief MikeWilson said that in the present case, for the stock market, we believe the third week of January this year, the high point should be the high point of the year。   To make matters worse, the dollar's three-month Libor is often a leading indicator of the dollar, which means that in the future the dollar will soar, which for global risk assets are an not a small shock wave。
  Most matters worse, now almost no one organization can explain what caused the surge in financing costs, what will be the result。 BMO director of fixed assets Margaret said that in the context of the severe credit crisis did not happen, never seen such a dramatic change in interest rates。
To what extent the market will damage?How strong destructive?These we have no way to estimate this is the most terrible。

Cough can not eat away from these "culprit"

A little common cold diseases in life when you cough, that we know, there are a lot of food for the treatment of cough is a very good effect oh in our lives, but there are a lot of things can not eat, and that in the end there which is not to eat it today, let Xiaobian to tell you about it。 Basic introduction cough cough is more common everyday phenomenon, causes cough will be more common with colds, fever, cold, cough when we should pay more attention to diet, and can not just eat thing。 Cough is the body's protective breathing reflex action to clear secretions or foreign body in the respiratory tract。
Despite its positive side, but severe coughing may lead to long-term respiratory tract bleeding。 Correct distinction between general cough and cough variant asthma, to prevent misdiagnosis。 Treatment of cough should distinguish between the type of cough, medicine, medicine can be, but is the best diet。
Cough, common cough and internal injuries are divided into traditional Chinese medicine cough。
Cough can not eat these culprits away by Evils points, colds and coughs, cold cough, dry cough injuries, hot flashes cough, phlegm, cough, wind-heat cough, cough heat, when the line cough, cold cough, cough wet, summer Well, fire cough, cough and other food; by blood and viscera points, lung deficiency cough, cough lungs, heart cough, cough liver, spleen, cough, kidney cough, cough large intestine, small intestine cough, cough, stomach, bladder cough, cough triple burner, bile cough, labor cough, cough gas, cough and other bleeding; divided by the onset of cough and characteristics, cough, cough just before dawn, night cough, dry cough, cough sipping, dumb cough, cough and other Dayton。

Commission Vice-Chairman Yan Qingmin: iron-fisted law, Severe Punishment allow a re-run heavy penalties into law the norm

Recently, the Commission organized a system-wide administrative penalties conference in Shenzhen Institute of Capital Markets and Chief Executive Training (penalty) law。Commission Party Committee member, Vice Chairman Yan Qingmin attended the meeting。  The meeting further in-depth study and implementation of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Xi Jinping thought and nineteenth Congress of the CPC, summarized the results of eighteen and experience working party of the Commission administrative punishment since the Great, analysis judged the situation faced administrative penalties for a new era of and challenges, deployment of the key tasks of the current and future period。  Yan Qingmin stressed that the experience of reform and development of capital markets since the eighteen party proved that only in the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping command with Chinese characteristics, we can take a good new era administrative law enforcement, "Long Road" to the capital market with Chinese characteristics achieve to grow stronger, line stability Zhiyuan。To enhance the "four consciousness", resolutely safeguard the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping and the core of the whole party, the Party Central Committee and resolutely safeguard the authority and centralized leadership, always the same with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in action on the political and ideological CPC Central Committee highly consistent, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, to forge ahead, dare to play, to always continue to consolidate and expand the initial success achieved victories administrative punishment, the overwhelming trend to continue to enhance administrative punishment according to law in a comprehensive and strict dedication to the road, determined to show the new administrative penalties as a new play。  Yan Qingmin pointed out that since the party's 18, especially after mid-2015 the Central Commission for inspection, all the comrades in front of the administrative penalty system will be under the guidance of Xi Jinping, the new era of ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics, closely around the Party on the Commission central patrol feedback rectification work requirements, firmly grasp the political nature of law enforcement, continuously improve the political stance and enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four confident," always do "four obey" loyalty perform their duties responsibly, adhere to strictly regulate the fair and civilized law enforcement, the number of penalties, forfeiture amount and the number of successive years of record high administrative Shichangjinru。Between 2015 to 2017 years, were to make a decision on administrative punishment 177, 218 and 224, respectively, the amount of fines up to 11.0.3 billion yuan, 42.8.3 billion yuan and 74.7.9 billion market exclusion were 21 people, 38 passengers and 44 passengers。In the first half of this year, the Commission administrative punishment made a good start, system-wide total of 159 administrative penalty decision, an increase of 41% over the same period last year, the amount of fines 63.9.4 billion yuan, a new high on the basis of the same period last year, 20 people Shichangjinru。Fairness and justice of the law would be done, the market environment has been effectively purified, a substantial increase in regulatory credibility, to reshape the image of the Commission, the administrative punishment according to law fully strictly overwhelming trend has been formed。  Yan Qingmin stressed that administrative penalties fronts made these achievements are hard won, valuable experience, we need long-term adherence, has flourished。Specifically, to achieve five "always adhere to the"。First, we must always adhere to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, bearing in mind the political mandate and political responsibility for law enforcement, the people of the firm's administrative law enforcement, political。Second, we should always adhere to the party building and work style, build administrative punishment "elite crack"。Third, we must always respect the rule of law, and continuously improve the capacity and level of administration according to law。Fourth, we should always adhere to grasp the professional capacity-building, high-strength trained law enforcement skills。Fifth, we should always adhere to grasp public information from highly ideological, administrative law enforcement sing the main theme, stick to the main front of the news media。  Yan Qingmin depth analysis of the situation and the challenges of administration penalties facing requested seven "a consistent," the next step: to catch a party and work style to a consistent, compacting the main responsibility, dare to dare to grasp control, real tube really strict。Arrested according to law to a consistent and rigorously enforce the rule of law, in force focused on law enforcement fine。Comprehensive law to maintain strict enforcement pressure up to a consistent, iron hand of law enforcement, Severe Punishment, make heavy penalties to punish law enforcement become the norm。Coordination of law enforcement to catch the unity of a consistent, system-wide law enforcement to ensure a fist fight out a standard pipe market。Law Enforcement science and technology to be a consistent, armed with high-tech law enforcement personnel, and promote enforcement tools, law enforcement techniques, law enforcement capacity "iterative upgrade"。Law Enforcement To promote a consistent, increased by Case publicity to raise warning deterrent effect。To grasp the team building a consistent, wide world of excellence, speak to play, re-play, ensure the Party's supervision endure and prosper。To administrative penalties front Xi Jinping new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping, remember our mission, the courage to play, continue to consolidate and continue to build on that has been made for the construction of the rich internationally competitive capital market with Chinese characteristics and make greater contributions。  Administrative (penalty) after training in accordance with the law, the expert committee from the National People's Congress and the SFC penalty, the Supreme Court, the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court, the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court of the person responsible for student teaching, training and involving constitutional amendments the rule of law, criminal justice, enforcement, administrative litigation and administrative penalties for securities and futures field trial of focus and so on。Commission departments, each agency of the system unit responsible comrades and business backbone, representatives of the media a total of more than 150 people attended training。(Original title: Securities Regulatory Commission held work conference and administrative penalties in administrative training courses (penalty) according to the law) (Editor: DF075)

Central Bank: the sale of virtual assets is not fit to serve the real economy, the underlying financial purposes

National People's Congress held a press conference, head of the central bank to respond to financial reform and development and other hot spots more open financial regulation does not relax future financial reform go from here?How is the financial opening?Stir digital currency on the market, how to look, how tube?March 9, the Thirteenth National People's Congress meeting press conference, Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan and Deputy Governor Yi Gang, Deputy Governor, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Mr. Pan answer to "financial reform and development" issues reporters' questions。  The People's Bank will play in the new financial regulatory framework more important role in the comprehensive deepening reform, financial sector reform is an important part。In the new financial regulatory framework, the People's Bank of China much media attention。  "In July last year disclosed the national financial work conference message has indicated that some of the major financial reform ideas, including the subsequent establishment of the Financial Stability Development Committee of the State Council, the People's Bank in its offices, these indicate that the People's Bank in the new financial regulatory framework play a more important role。"Zhou said。  In his view, first of all, in the past some of the financial regulatory system, there have been some gaps need to be filled as soon as possible; secondly, some financial regulatory rules there are some flaws, the need to enhance the development of financial rules; in addition, there are some financial institutions that have taken place or risk quasi-financial institutions need to pay close attention for disposal, maintain the health of the financial system。  Zhou said, related reforms mainly based on China's national conditions, also made reference to set various financial regulators internationally。  RMB internationalization of promoting the financial opening up in recent years, the degree of opening up of China's financial sector growing。This year's government work report also mentioned that the orderly liquidation of the bank card market opening, liberalization of foreign insurance brokerage business scope restrictions, unified market access and foreign banks and other content。The prospect of opening up the financial sector, the introduction of reverie。  "In addition to allowing outside agencies to do business in China other than financial, as well as opening up broader content, including Chinese financial institutions to go global。"Zhou said。  Many factors that help in opening up the financial sector, the internationalization of the RMB is an important factor。"RMB internationalization promoted China's opening up the financial。"Zhou Xiaochuan said the yuan has now joined the SDR currency basket of international organizations, major steps to do has been done, the future is a gradual process。  In addition to the yuan "going out", the other aspects of the financial market in our country there are important steps open。For example, in the past five years, "Shanghai-Hong Kong Link", "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link", "bond links" have appeared。"These open, meaning that China has gradually made a solid steady pace in the terms of convertible currencies, is expected to open this kind of trend will continue to increase。"In the Zhou seems, it is also opening up entities, financial institutions, financial market participants gradually growing in an open environment, gradually understand their role in the open, the role and experience of international competition process。  "To actively and steadily expanding financial opening, arrange a reasonable opening sequence。"Yi Gang introduction, we relax or cancel a number of foreign equity ratio limit, which actually reduces the discriminatory treatment of foreign institutions, reflecting the domestic and foreign alike。  Does this mean it relaxed regulation?No。Yi Gang said that foreign financial institutions to access or the business, still have to be prudential supervision in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; by strengthening financial supervision, improve the supporting regulatory mechanism, we can still effectively prevent and resolve financial risks and maintain financial stability。  Not in line with the direction of the virtual asset trading of financial services to the real economy more than three years ago, the People's Bank of China began to organize seminars on digital currency, followed by the establishment of the Bank of digital Monetary Institute。How prospect of digital currency?  "Digital Currency is not to say let the currency to achieve a certain kind of application technology solutions, its essence is to the pursuit of convenience, speed and low cost retail payment systems, but also must consider the security and privacy protection。"Zhou said, these things are either block chain based or distributed billing technology, DLT-based digital currency, it can be evolved in an existing electronic payment technology on the basis of。International Technology Roadmap for the current digital currency has also been some preliminary classification, indicating that it still has a number of possible system。  Zhou Xiaochuan in view, there is a digital currency on the inevitability of technological development。Last year, the People's Bank of China organized a research project of digital money and electronic payments, after formal approval by the State Council, is being pursued in the organization。  Then, in the course of its development, we should pay attention to what?  "To pay attention to the overall financial stability, risk prevention, while digital currency as the currency is concerned, to ensure that the monetary policy transmission mechanism of financial stability policies, and to protect consumers。"Zhou Xiaochuan think, especially for a big country in terms of economy, we must avoid the kind of substantial, irreparable losses, so be careful of some。In the process to be fully tested, localized testing, reliable after, then promotion。  Currently on the market, digital currency caused a lot of discussion in some ways, but also a lot of risk, a lot of price fluctuations。The reason Where?  "Mainly there are some technical application does not focus on the application of digital currency in retail payments, and went to the virtual asset trading。"Zhou believes that the virtual asset trading is not in line with our financial products and financial services to serve the direction of the real economy, so the whole process, do not be too anxious, but to develop steadily and orderly test, grasp the direction, to emphasis on financial services to the real economy, improve efficiency, reduce costs, prevent excessive speculation to become a product。  "We do not like that kind of speculation can create a product, people have flourishes of fantasy, but stressed the need to serve the real economy。"Zhou said。  Last August, the central bank halted ICO (first token release), along with Bitcoin and said they did not support direct trading of RMB。"The future regulation, the first is very dynamic, it depends on the maturity of the technology, but also on the final test trials, to assess the situation。"Zhou Xiaochuan said that in considering the financial aspects of new technology at the same technology, but also in the direction of services to find out, on the one hand to really consider to consumers, the retail market to bring efficiency, low cost and secure privacy protection。On the other hand to consider the overall situation, do not play with the existing financial stability, the current financial order direct conflict with reaction。  Recommended Reading

Beijing Municipal Construction Committee: grueling property with land speculation in residential blended stop function

Industrial projects doping ban residential function – relevant city department heads "Further strengthening of industrial project management notice" in addition to strictly control the "business change lives", the scientific research, industrial, hotel, tourism, culture, entertainment and other six categories live project illegal change of behavior has also been halted。Wednesday, 5 Urban Planning and Land Commission and other departments jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the management of industrial projects", caused widespread concern outside the industry。Yesterday, the city's relevant departments to carry out a detailed interpretation of the hot issues。  The official said that the sustainable development of cities have industry support, the development of industrial land should be used for industrial, residential function doping ban, and may not be transferred without permission division sales; the healthy development of the real estate market, a balance should be maintained post live with land speculation in the industry will be seriously disrupted the market order, must be severely punished。  Continuation of the new land policy prohibits three types of change of residence project in fact, from the beginning of May 2010, the Municipal Construction Committee and other four departments issued a document in strict accordance with the provisions of hotel projects planned use of organizational design, development and construction will be allowed to split without approval transfer。In the same year, former City Land Resources Bureau and other five departments issued a document requiring industrial R & D projects will be allowed to change the use, without authorization, transfer, or sell。  Official says that since the implementation of these two documents, the new hotel, research and development, industry and other industrial projects to curb unauthorized change of use project construction unit, division sales situation played a positive role。  This time notice jointly issued by the continuation of these policies, and increased tourism, culture, entertainment and other industries, is strictly prohibited without changing the 6 industry projects for residential use。  Wen also called for new projects need to comply with the capital of functional orientation, in line with "Beijing's new industrial directory prohibitions and restrictions", is a combination of regional planning regional governments should balance the implementation of the post live。  He said the administration will regularly use industrial project construction function verification, thorough investigation of illegal change of circumstances for residential use。  Strict Management "in and out" channel revitalize the use of land resources "industrial projects and regional development are closely related, there is no stable and sustainable industrial projects can not be supported by regional development; industrial projects may not have the funds to do a good job, industrial projects should be a corresponding unit ability to operate, operating industrial projects。"Relevant person in charge of special tips for not working, the situation can not continue business, industrial projects should quit, make an inventory of land resources should be re-utilization。  Earlier in the "March 26" commercial office projects restriction policy, for the construction in the sale of commercial office projects can not be sold to individuals clearly defined。The project was sold to industry may be qualified individuals。Does this mean that industrial projects sales policy easing than commercial office projects?  In this regard, the relevant department heads with "On the contrary," words echoed this view: "Industrial project carries the needs of industrial development, the purchase will be strictly qualification audit。Whether the unit or individual, first he has to audit qualifications or capabilities in this area。For example, research projects, research the company you are, if there are research teams, etc.。"Relevant person in charge said that for unauthorized construction unit will become live industry project planning purposes, in disguise for real estate development, will be strictly investigated and dealt with the project construction unit。The document also reflects the relevant provisions of the multi-sectoral joint supervision of disciplinary intent。  On the situation lighter, will inform the project construction unit to correct violations; circumstances are serious, the administrative law enforcement departments will be strictly punished according to the law project construction unit; a gross violation of the relevant departments can be lifted land transfer contract, revocation of approval concerning the allocation file recovery project construction unit of land, and then cancel the project construction unit qualification of land in Beijing, will not be allowed to participate in the project construction unit land bidding activities in the city land market, can not apply for any other land。  At the same time, taxation and other relevant departments of the project construction unit will be carrying out checks, inspections, penalties for violations other project construction unit。Business management department will be punished information project construction unit into the city for the credit system。  Reporters learned that, in addition to the sales agency mentioned in this document will be processed at the same time the city will investigate and deal with illegal units designed for project。

After Zhaimao also enjoy it helped poor counties IPO?Commission: poverty is not off policy

Two of the country is in progress, users who have to take this opportunity to NPC deputies and CPPCC members to ask questions。  Recently, the state-level poverty-stricken counties in Hubei Icheon poverty alleviation cadres Zhou Yu to ask questions, "We going out of poverty, but also can not enjoy relevant policies?"Zhou Yu said," Now here we have formed tea brand, and securities companies also plan to help our tea business listing。Icheon we expect overall poverty in 2019, would like to ask the poor region-specific IPO green channel, and other support policies after poverty, we now enjoy, but also can not continue to enjoy?"In this regard, National People's Congress, Hubei Securities Regulatory Bureau Director Li Bingheng reply," consistent with the relevant provisions of the State Council, poverty-stricken counties, enterprise application implementation that is reported summarily IPO, refereed that is made。Since capital markets services tackling poverty policy is an important component of the national poverty reduction policies, so poverty-stricken areas to exit strategies and national unity arrangement consistent。After poor counties hat, the Commission supports the corresponding preferential policies to enterprises listed in poor areas, but also in use for some time。Poverty, not from policy。"Capital markets actively tackling poverty accurate service out of poverty has become one of the 'three big battle'。  South China who participated in the work of poverty alleviation brokerage practitioners Liu Qiang (pseudonym) told the "International Finance" correspondent, based on personal experience, the obvious poverty of necessity。"We've been helping a few poverty-stricken counties, where the destitute with no exaggeration to describe。We in the county and in the country have gone away, I found that poverty alleviation is really a very urgent, but also very necessary, but very difficult thing。"April 2016," the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued<Opinion on the establishment of exit mechanism of poverty>Notice "clearly, adhere to positive incentives, the poor, poor villages, poor counties exit the country in a given period of the original pro-poor policies remain unchanged, support diminished, leaving a grace period, to ensure stable poverty。  SFC said, capital market services tackling poverty policy is an important component of the national poverty reduction policies, involving poor counties exit policy arrangements should be based "on the establishment of exit mechanism of poverty" execution。  Accordingly, poverty-stricken counties in the period after storming out of poverty hat, "China Securities Regulatory Commission on the capital markets play a crucial role in serving the national poverty reduction strategy advice" continue to apply in a given period, the policy does not go out of poverty。  Commission to extend the term of the policy to support the IPO in September 2016, the Commission issued "China Securities Regulatory Commission Opinion on the capital markets play a crucial role in serving the national poverty reduction strategy," national key poverty-stricken counties of the State Council Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development determined and focused even piece special difficult areas of the county enterprises to apply for IPO to implement "That newspaper that is trial, the trial that is too fat" policy。  At the beginning of the New Year 2018, the SFC IPO will be postponed to 2025 pro-poor policies in some areas, poverty is not off policy。  The Commission announced that for the "Commission proposal on the extension of the deadline to declare IPO poverty", recommended that "that is reported summarily, namely the trial had made" policy filing deadline extended to 2025, the Special Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai remote poverty-stricken areas to give more favorable terms。  In addition to the continuation of the existing policy, the Commission also increase support for remote areas。Since eighteen, the Commission issued a service western regions, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas are a series of policies: from August 2012 to implement the policy of "Western companies IPO priority review"; in April 2014 issued a " China Securities Regulatory Commission to support the implementation of the views of gannan and other former central Soviet Area revitalization and development "; the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism to support their counterparts in Tibet's capital market development, in March 2015 on the capital market to promote the development of Tibet put forward measures to support the development of Tibet and other eight。  At the same time, since January 1, 2015, the Commission temporarily exempted from the national share transfer system for SMEs registered in Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia and Xinjiang five ethnic autonomous regions (three new board) listing fees, and special set up a training fund to support financial personnel training in Ethnic areas。  In addition, the Commission in January 2017 and the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the three parties signed a "further support on the capital market to play the role of a strategic cooperation agreement economic and social development in Xinjiang", to further promote support work in Xinjiang。  Although still difficult to expand the scope of policy IPO "affordable lot," may For some relatively weak industrial base depth of poverty-stricken areas, or slightly "stretched."。  However, "industrial base needs to help the region in general is weak, be able to meet the listing requirements of the business is relatively small。We are now helping several counties, also recently investigated the right business, we intend to start with the larger direction of the feasibility and other aspects of local government debt。"Said Liu Qiang。  There is also confusion of a few brokers。Reporters learned that by asking, should the situation facing poor poverty-stricken counties enterprise development foundation, and no external moving into the enterprise, the broker will have a kind of "cotton fist fight on" feeling。  "Personally believe that IPO difficult, unless it is moved outside of。Native of poverty-stricken counties difficult for enterprises can IPO, after all, did not reduce the requirements of the listing standards。To have three new board listed company in even very good。"A poor person responsible for the central broker to accept the" International Finance News "reporter,。  There are also brokers believe that poverty can not "policy to policy."。A state-owned large brokerage poverty alleviation official told the "International Finance" reporters, "We are in the process of poverty alleviation, we attach great importance to find ways to help deed point the company has business combination。However, our investment banks more cautious, the project selection criteria are relatively high。A difference of more by the difficulty is quite large。"By using a combination of a variety of financial instruments, financing instruments, use of the capital market channels and means to achieve aid, a number of brokerage firms interviewed expressed a strong will, after all," This is more in line with the securities company positioning, it is possible better play professional advantage. "。

5 to 4!The US Supreme Court ruled that states can tax Amazon shares fell for electricity suppliers

Local time on June 21, the US Supreme Court by a vote of five to four ruling, the state Internet retailers that there is no physical store, you can be required to pay excise tax。The move will result in the United States or the net purchase prices。  In the United States, often complain of physical retail business is that its electricity supplier in terms of comparison to the Internet at a disadvantage because they are required to pay excise tax, and the Internet does not require electricity providers。Some US states, said a ruling by the Supreme Court in 1992, contributed to the rise and prosperity of online shopping, but they miss the income of tens of billions of dollars each year。  According to the verdict in mid-1992 shows that, unless a company in the US state of entities operating point, otherwise the Constitution forbids the states to levy consumption tax business。The Supreme Court ruled June 21 that will overthrow the。  Is different from China's consumption tax, consumers buy goods in US stores prices are pre-tax prices, checkout collect excise duty by the merchants, so consumers at the checkout will see a column of additional excise duty。The rate of consumption tax nor a nationwide uniform standard, but by state and local governments, therefore, the consumption tax rate 50 states and the District of Columbia are not the same, there are five tax-free state (if you exclude local consumption tax, only three the real tax-free state)。  The importance of this decision is that, prior to this, this excise tax is only levied by the entity to the consumer business, and in the case of interstate sales of electricity supplier, if the business entity is not in the consumer's state business, consumers do not have to subject to excise tax to their state to state。As online shopping becomes more developed, the loss of US states in this regard is also growing。  In response to this news, the nation's largest retail electricity supplier giant Amazon shares fell about 1.13%, to close at 1730.$ 2.2。Other electricity supplier company's share price also suffered varying degrees of impact: Etsy sells handmade crafts of electronic business platform of the 4 shares fell in early trading.42 to 5%.$ 21 later recovered some lost ground, closing expires earlier fell as of 1.38%; electricity supplier popular household items Wayfair shares slid 1.88%。  Support case ruling of the judge AnthonyM。Kennedy believes that the 1992 ruling of the United States distorts the economy, leading to the states each year in lost revenues between $ 8 billion to $ 33 billion。  "Compared to the distance selling business, the old bills will have a physical place of business of local companies and many businesses put off the competition disadvantage。"He wrote," remote sales sellers can avoid the regulatory burden of taxation, and because consumers generally they do not pay that part of the tax, the seller can give lower offer。"And JohnG as the opposition of the bill, the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice。RobertsJr。That the Court had ruled on this issue is "wrong decision"。But he said there was no good reason for the overthrow of these precedents, the Congress should be to deal with this problem。  Chief Justice Roberts wrote: "In the context of the established rules of e-commerce has become an important US economy and vibrant part。Any rule changes threaten to undermine this critical area of economic development, should be intervention by Congress。"In January, US President Trump on the Internet mentioned levy consumption tax issue。He said: "They want to start paying consumption tax, or on the real line retailers in the United States unfair。"He also named a negative impact on the US postal system criticized Amazon caused。  He tweeted called on the US Postal Service to collect more distribution costs Amazon。He wrote on Twitter: "Why is the US Postal Service at the expense of billions of dollars a year, but then Amazon and other companies charge distribution costs so little?Amazon are getting richer, while the postal sector is becoming poorer and poorer。The postal sector should greatly improve the cost-price!"However, Trump is no evidence to substantiate these criticisms, nor hinted he might take any specific action。According to the US current affairs news site ACCESS previously reported, Trump considerable interest in the world's largest online retailer, Amazon and want to curb the growing forces might use federal antitrust or competition laws designed to stamp。  Time to local time on March 31, Amazon said Trump once again issued a document criticized the US Post Office for each Amazon sent a package on Twitter, it will lose an average of 1.50 U.S. dollars。Totaling billions of dollars。  However, the media reported that the process of ruling the Supreme Court did not involve Amazon, because Amazon from April last year, the consumption tax of 45 states, Amazon has voluntarily collect state excise tax when selling goods directly to the buyer。But Amazon does not have to charge GST to the sale of third-party sellers using its platform services。  Chief Justice Roberts referred to the Amazon in the opinion of his appeal against the ruling in。He wrote: "including online retail giant Amazon, including some companies, currently in charge of voluntary and subject to excise tax in each state to assess the consumption tax, even those states they have no physical store。"He added that small businesses in the process to follow in tax law, will face new burdens。

"3&# 183; after 26 "into the New Deal 'on alert' Beijing and more 'commercial' dormant projects for sale

Vibe six months, Beijing "commercial" projects full purchase of "shoes" finally landed。March 26, Beijing multisectoral jointly issued a document clearly defined commercial office projects may not use as a residence, new projects may not be sold to individuals。The market has been used items can be sold to individuals, but to be met under the name of free room and has been for five consecutive years to pay social or pay personal income tax for five consecutive years in Beijing two conditions。According to the announcement, the current individual housing loan business has been suspended for individuals to purchase commercial office projects in。  March 27, "commercial" project collective houses from each platform or shelf, or renamed "commercial office class", the next day, part of the "commercial office class" project also focused on the shelves。Net signed suspend the project sale all dormant, waiting to see strong smell。  From project planning to sales targets, to qualified buyers, then credit is given stringent regulatory requirements are unprecedented, which is the second house from the recognition of the housing credit recognition recognize, Beijing once again played heavy market regulation。"Ruthless measures of strict regulations, enough to give a fatal blow to Beijing residential market。"In the case comment Insiders。While commercial office projects the volume and price of judgments has also been a lot of analysts agree。  Stock sleep "is now allowed to enter。"March 28, reporters came to buyers as Chang Hung Kun seven sales offices located in Beijing's Mentougou District, was blocked at the security entrance and was told 'no one sales office, were out doing activities', then from the sale out floor lobby staff told reporters, "after the New Deal, the project will be in stock in"。  March 26, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and 5 departments jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the commercial, office class project management", the announcement includes "commercial, office projects should be strictly in accordance with the planned use development, construction, sale and use without approval, will be allowed to change to residential and other uses, "under construction projects in the sale may not be sold to individuals and other norms nine business office type of market management requirements。  March 27, "China Business" reporter found that "commercial" off the shelf items or big houses on the platform, or renamed "commercial office class", the next day, part of the "business office type" item off the shelf。When observed March 28, the reporter went to Mentougou, Fangshan, Daxing and other providers to do more projects in the field unannounced visits Beijing area, just left on the cusp of the New Deal, the majority of former active commercial office project is now for sale。Before the alleged "commercial" project sales is also very cautious, wait for sale in addition to the relevant departments to check, but no clear next action, on the sidelines。  Interviewing process, multi-Fang Xinyuan said, "Beijing is commercial office projects have been fully suspended net signed"。West Chang'an No. One, Henghua Lake Anna, password, Beijing, and more about the project Shimao between Vera and other above seven Chang Hung Kun, as in the sale dormant while also significantly reducing showings。  Shunyi District Henghua Anna Lake Project has also been the latest property market policies, not many consumers come to critically, the majority of the sales office staff hospitality in an idle state, the wording for home sales is also more cautious。  Changping commercial and residential projects intermediary told reporters, "very few people after the New Deal showings"。Mentougou West Chang'an No. One project sales called "net signed suspend the project sale, and now everything is not clear, wait for check approvals, need rectification rectification, unwanted, when on sale, how depends on the specific implementation of the policy。"In fact, the new policy is a good thing, there are provisions can refer to later, commercial and residential projects are no longer fuzzy edge。The sales representation。  After six months of fermentation, "we expected in regulation, but it was so tight in the unexpected."。The industry response, which is a "business change lives" Project prevailing on the market heavy blow。  It is understood that "business change lives," the prevalence was seen in a small number of first-tier cities。Because of the strict purchase of housing and higher housing prices, many people will buy a small area of commercial office project as an investment or transitional housing, the developer for the pursuit of profit maximization, the commercial office project design, development and construction to house foreign sales。  "Stringent regulation of the formation of the role of market shock therapy, not only for 'business change lives', including commercial office projects have been suppressed to。"Guo Yi believes that the purpose of the New Deal housing prices is necessary to ensure stable development, the fight against real estate speculation; the second is to achieve total control of the target population of Beijing。  Under the measures?  March 28, reporters from the official website of the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee was informed, Lincoln Park, Vanke world, Hengda Future City, Taihe Central Plaza, Lake Plaza West Chen, Shang peak on the 1st six development projects suspected of planning approval of business office use change to residential use publicity and sales, currently six projects have been stopped net signed。  Reporters noted that the announcement of the New Deal, banned illegal housing sales agents do class or false advertising class commercial office buildings for habitation。But there are policy measures to counter。The face of law enforcement inspection Construction Committee, some items are "cloaking"。  March 29, reporters come in Shunyi Henghua Anna Lake Project has learned that the project is divided into leveling and existing homes?Two kinds of units, wherein the high level layers 3.2 meters, the average price of 2.5 million, 6-storey attic apartment.9 m 3 Median.20,000 yuan。"LOFT is actually sent on the basis of a flat layer of the attic, the ceiling is only now separated, they can bypassed after purchase, plus a steel barrier in the decoration when you can。"Staff says。  Meanwhile, the reporter found that, although each house have an independent supporting the upper and lower water pipe network, but developers are still set up in public areas between public health。The staff said the move was to "avoid government inspections", and in order to facilitate the purchase of consumer LOFT apartment will install compartment, the employee said the company may offer paid services decoration。  "Before the first commercial implementation of the purchase of the Tongzhou District, and now the whole Beijing are the same, but there will be countermeasures quickly, the developers sell also sell, can not affect the entire market。"The staff said。  From March 26 "commercial banks to suspend individual purchase loans for individuals to purchase commercial office projects of"。"Notice" provisions, the development of enterprises in the construction (including sale) commercial office projects shall not be sold to individuals。"Sales target should be legally registered enterprises, social organizations。"" Policy just left, we are looking for the best way to solve the problem。"The staff told reporters。For the New Deal regulations to prohibit the sale to individuals, the solution given by the staff is that consumers can pay about $ 20,000 fee to the agency for its registered shell companies, in order to circumvent the policy。In the opinion of staff, in March this year was a black in March, but still claimed that "limited land resources, small units of residential and commercial is out of print, the future will be skyrocketing"。  Industry respondents said that now is the introduction of the policy will be guided back to the original commercial office product attributes, but face greater housing demand, is currently registered shell company indeed become buyers only channel。  Notice also has entered the market for second-hand project made it clear that: "Before the implementation of announcement, when sold in commercial office projects again traded, can be sold to enterprises, social organizations, it can also be sold to individuals。"But under the name of individuals to purchase should meet no room in Beijing, and has been for five consecutive years to pay social insurance, or pay personal income tax for five consecutive years the two conditions。  And this provision, "fake divorce" is recommended to buy a house sales staff often provided by。  A self-proclaimed West Chang'an No. One of the sales staff and reporters whisper that there was no qualified consumers, "it is not no way to buy", you can fake divorce, investment income is higher than the risk。According to industry sources, in the case of tighter market regulation policies, shell companies, fake divorce and other means commonplace in the industry。  Or volume and price down, "want to sell do not sell, do not sell fear prices will fall。"An Feng Yun Yan is still the owner told reporters, January 52 m2 just a transfer of 'commercial' room, when last September traded 1.7 million yuan, the market price of 2.5 million yuan, after the New Deal, some riding a tiger。  In recent years, there is no qualification of the purchase of residential consumers and limited to purchase spills caused by speculative motives, leading to "commercial" products become a "meat and potatoes" volume and price go。Research agency data show that in 2015 Beijing commercial office class residential area of 1.44 million square meters in 2016 quickly rose to 4.33 million square meters。The average transaction price in 2015 from less than three yuan per square meter in February 2017 has risen 4 Price.60,000 yuan。  But this new deal, "the ruthless measures, strict regulations, enough to give a fatal blow to Beijing residential market."。Many industry insiders predicted that the policy of pressure, commercial office products will decline in both volume and price。Guo Yi, director of marketing Ya Ho agency analysis, the whole Beijing restriction, narrowing the sales target, "commercial" investment function will be greatly cut down, sales are expected to fall soon Escarpmentive。  According to "Beijing Daily" reported that, at present, Beijing commercial property inventory of approximately 60,000 units, in addition has been approved, to be started has started the commercial office category also potential supply more than 150,000 sets。If you count the second-hand housing market, commercial office listings of about 40 million units, this policy will directly affect at least 600,000 sets of commercial office properties category。  "Currently on the market, commercial office listings of about 50%?60% is sold directly to individual class residential property class, in addition to about 40% of office products, although most also do not live as residential purposes。"Centaline Dawei, chief believes that" commercial property market transactions likely to occur more than 50% decline, while prices are likely to have more than 30% decline in the future, if strictly enforced if the policy continued。"Guo Yi said that second-hand residential prices should be adjusted, but single-handedly or not, the developers financial strength, can give maneuvers product for a certain time window, to look for other, rather than simply relying on price to sell the house relying only lower prices may not reach sales targets, but there may be a market stampede effect。  Many real estate agent also said the next two to three years used "commercial" will cut prices。Some respondents "commercial" owner said to his house for comparison, the current market price when the increase has bought almost half as long as the prices do not fall over five percent more than last year, are less worried。  In addition, the provisions of the New Deal, new business development commercial office reported that construction projects, minimum division unit of not less than 500 square meters; do not meet the requirements, the planning department will not approve。Forced to do business and this is the type of market in the industry long-term trend seems to stabilize chips。Guo Yi said the commercial office products, in fact, small units are subject to market demand, the latest requirements of the New Deal to improve the market threshold。  Related reports (Original title: "326" after the New Deal into the "guard period" Beijing more "commercial" project sale dormant) (Editor: DF327)