Month: July 2018

Generation of products push up the refrigerant sector profit organization behind Juhua, etc. 2 shares | Juhua

  ■ newspaper reporter intern late Mo Ke Recently, the online publishing industry data show that in January 2018 to February total output of home air conditioning units, an increase of% of total sales million units, an increase of%。 Among them, domestic shipments million units, an increase of%; exports million units, an increase of%。 In this regard, the industry said, air conditioning production continued to maintain growth momentum in recent years, based on historical experience and judgment, air conditioning peak production is usually the beginning of each year to May, is still in the middle of the production season, will form a larger refrigerant downstream demand pull。   From the supply side point of view, as the main raw material of hydrofluoric refrigerant by environmental factors, some enterprises are still in production or environmental transformation stage, the overall industry operating rate remain low, according to the business community on revised data, domestic hydrogen fluoride acid prices during the year has risen nearly 17% Yuan / ton。 In this regard, analysts pointed out that, under the influence of tight balance supply and growing demand will give a stronger ability to pass on costs, prices are expected to usher in a refrigerant up。
In addition, the world is making great efforts to promote "environmentally friendly" refrigerant fourth generation technology, in the long run, it will have the relevant technical advantages of the enterprises to enhance the formation of positive operating income。
  From the surface to see the results, "Securities Daily" Market Research Center, according to statistics found in the Annual Report 2017 has been published refrigerants listed companies to achieve net profit during the reporting period billion yuan, an increase of%, in addition, there are four The company disclosed in 2017 Annual report Announcements and results of pre-hi reporting period, in which (529%), (230%) was the most dazzling two companies, expected 2017 net profit doubled year on year, is also expected in 2017 net profit rose% is expected in mid-2017 to achieve profitability performance。   Good performance by catalysis, refrigerator within the sector in the stock market performance is also commendable month, the number of rising stocks in the sector accounted for over Qicheng。
Specifically, accumulated up (%) fluorine period Hin material more than 10%, led the plate, in addition, Juhua (%), Sea of shares (%) (%) (%), and four months stocks also within the cumulative increase in more than 3%。   Realization of the above month has risen stocks, Sea of shares, Juhua two stocks future investment opportunities in the most promising institutions, won 11 in 30 days, respectively, eight organizations recommend, to "overweight 'or' Buy "rating。
  Specifically, the Sea of stocks, the Shanghai Securities, said the company recently announced the proposed acquisition of thermal billions% stake in the Yellow River Delta, in order to further increase the company's caustic soda electricity self-sufficiency, reduce overall costs。
In addition, the company has opened ten thousand tons epichlorohydrin, 6000 tons of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid, 1,000 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate project, expected to come on stream in 2018 and 2019。 The company actively layout of the new materials, new projects will accelerate the promotion of self-transformation and upgrading, the company expects in 2018 – 2020, operating income billion yuan and yuan, an increase of%% and%, attributable to shareholders net profit billion yuan and yuan, an increase of%% and% benefit for the dollar, and yuan per share, within the next six months, to maintain "prudent overweight" rating。
  Juhua aspect, that the company has to hydrofluoric acid, chlorine, chloroform, trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene, AHF is supported by supporting material fluoro refrigerant, organic fluoromonomer, complete the fluoropolymer chain, advantages of its own production capacity, to maximize the benefit from the refrigerant prices。 On the other hand, the company is the refrigerant industry leader, has the absolute competitive advantage in the third and fourth generation refrigerant market, benefiting from improved supply and demand patterns and product upgrading requirements, business boom is expected to continue to rise, earnings continuous improvement。 Is expected in mid-2017 –2019 the company earnings per share were RMB yuan and yuan, maintaining a "buy" rating。

Economist: Asian economies, though not the least severe chronic diseases

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net YORK (Reuters) US stocks Economist website recently published an article that the current situation compared to Asian economies in mid-1997 to mid-1998 a lot better during a crisis, which of course is a reassuring thing。However, despite the official repeatedly stressed these, but many investors are still afraid of the most frightening possibility become a reality。From South Korea to Indonesia, exports are in decline, both in the growth deceleration。Devalued currencies, the Indonesian rupiah and the Malaysian ringgit against the US dollar both fell to the lowest point in two decades。At the same time, corporate and household debt are increasing。As a whole locomotive of Asia, China is gradually losing momentum。In short, the problem now is that the situation can be worse in the end to what extent, and the official emphasized flexibility in the end how credible。  Despite the slowdown in Asia have not yet to the extent worthy of panic, but the magnitude of the deceleration has exceeded expectations earlier this year。Japan is entirely possible back into recession。The Asian Development Bank is currently considered, excluding Japan, the region's economic growth rate this year will be 5.8% for last year's 6.2%, not to mention a decade of 8%。Earlier this year, they are still expected and unchanged from last year。  The possibility of further deterioration is clearly exists。All along, exports have been the driving force for the growth economies of Asia。In July, their exports in dollar terms over the same period fell by nearly 8%。Focus on trade in Asian countries and regions, the Republic of Korea is regarded as a benchmark for their exports in September fell 8 year.3%, and is the glycidyl nine consecutive。  Indeed, Asian economies currency depreciation against the US dollar, but also makes one of the reasons of their appalling trade figures, but even switching to limit the number of trade rather than to calculate, their situation is not much better。ANZ simply say that this is a "regional trade recession"。South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia's purchasing managers' survey showed orders fell。National currencies against the US dollar have to fall for all this, of course, the simplest explanation is China's economic slowdown。In the three decades up to them, the country has maintained an average double-digit growth, but only 7% made it, but even this itself is not how bright the official figure is still exaggerated suspicion。For those economies around the operation of China's economic growth, such a change in the situation brought about huge pressure, especially。  So far, China's economy has been driven by investment。Now, however, they are becoming increasingly dependent on consumption。China's investment drive was surprisingly good appetite for all kinds of goods, naturally brought great benefits to those resource-rich countries。In sharp contrast, more consumption is met by China's own production。Although Japan is now South Korea's cosmetic and toilet lid have benefited from China's strong demand, but the wealth of these commodity producers get far enough to offset the loss of Indonesian coal mines and large Jinma Oilfield。At the same time, China's Asian neighbors and exporters are still full competition, Matthews Asia Rothman (安迪罗思曼) said that, in June, China's share of global exports has grown from among 2011 11.6% increase to 14.3%。  Some of these problems from its own internal economy worth worrying about。Almost without exception, they have accumulated in recent years, which played a considerable debt, which needless to say, of course, the extreme loose monetary policy in developed countries to bring about the capital budget financing。The proportion of households and companies together, the Asian debt relative to gross domestic product has increased to 200% from 150% at the end of 2007。China's fastest-growing debt, but in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand, the situation is not much better。  It's easy to think of them in mid-crisis in 1997 and 1998, the debt also played a key role spoilers, but some now say the crisis is still too early to repeat。The official also stressed the high profile of the difference between now and then。In the 1990s, the influx of speculative capital Asian economies。States are fixed exchange rates, limited foreign exchange reserves, which makes foreign withdrawal, they almost no cushion at all。Thailand had only one that seems to belong to a question, therefore, it has rapidly spread。Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest coal producer, today's low tide in the commodity, and since then the situation can be imagined, Asian governments have done a lot of work to reinforce their weakness。They have accumulated more foreign exchange reserves, enough to cope with the outflow of funds for several months。They issue bonds in their own currencies, rather than excessive dependence on foreign money and ideas will change at any time as in the past foreign investors。Now more flexible exchange rate。It is these differences make money in Malaysia and Indonesia can deal with the pressure of many months, and will not suddenly collapse。Fitch notes that, in addition to outside Mongolia and Sri Lanka, the ability to cope with external debt in 2016 of all the Asian economies should be stronger than in 1996。  However, the change also brings some new cause for concern at the。At present, the export economies of Asia among commodities occupy a larger proportion, which is especially true in Indonesia and Malaysia。Although various government a lot of caution in terms of debt, but the company has bigger bolder。Like corporate debt may push up the overall level of debt, although the latter is not yet on the same day and in the 1990s and language。Earlier this year, Morgan Stanley found that large companies listed corporate bonds, 28% of all dollar debt。In Korea, the consumer is a potential trouble, household debt has been equivalent to about 160% of discretionary income。HSBC Newman (Mr Neumann) stressed that the Korean economy to make the wheels continue to turn down, the power of the consumer is essential。  Decline in exports, commodity prices plummeted, business and consumer financing environmental degradation, which together no joke, growth is bound to pull the hind legs。Asia probably have a better defense, can help them avoid falling into crisis, however, stretches the course of time lag fear is inevitable, and this is definitely not a good time。(Zijin)

Early internal reference: 5G may 2020 global commercial value of the break 10 trillion dollars

Third Plenum of the CPC ninth Macroeconomic Bulletin: plenary session examined and adopted the deepening of the reform of the party and state institutions program, reviewed and approved the contents of the state organs and other leaders suggested list。Plenary also proposed to improve market supervision and law enforcement institutions and to build people's satisfaction with the service-oriented government, deepen the NPC, CPPCC judiciary reform and enhance combat effectiveness, full implementation of the functions of government departments list system, etc.。  Statistics Bureau: China's official manufacturing in February 50.3, is the lowest in August 2016, is expected to 51.As shown, the previous value 511.3。Chinese official in February non-manufacturing PMI54.4, 55 is expected, before the value of 55.3。China in February comprehensive PMI52.9, before the value 54.6。National Bureau of Statistics said the interpretation, most of PMI Spring Festival of the month there will be some adjustments, the index in February fell within the normal fluctuation。  SAFE: China service trade deficit in January, 21.8 billion US dollars last month deficit of $ 20.6 billion。Chinese international goods and services trade surplus in January to $ 2.4 billion。  China News: China National Bureau of Statistics chief economist Sheng Yun Turning to the "2017 Annual Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin," 28 release pointed out that China's economic strength in mid-2017 to achieve a new leap。That year, China () of the world economy, accounting for about 15% over five years ago increased by 3 percentage points, ranking second in the world。  Economic Information Daily: "China's macroeconomic forecasting and analysis – – 2018 Spring Report" pointed out that China's economy next year will continue the trend of steady slowing, economic growth is expected to remain 6.More than 5% level。  China Securities Journal: After the settlement demand the release of the stage, the trend of the RMB exchange rate will gradually return to the fundamentals。Given the current market view of a reasonable differentiation is expected to stabilize, the future exchange material exhibiting a derogatory liter, two-way volatility trend。  Kyushu Securities Deng Haiqing: February 2018 Manufacturing PMI data 50.3, a sharp decline compared with the previous value, the lowest level since August 2016, mainly due to significantly reduced production index, new orders, reflecting the weak economy start of 2018。  People's Daily: Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation have jointly issued the "Notice on Improving corporate foreign income tax credit policy issues" for foreign income tax credit policy has been improved, which makes corporate credit more fully and effectively reduce foreign enterprises the resulting overall tax burden, to better encourage Chinese enterprises to "go out"。  Central Bank: China's central bank on February 28 not to open market operations, no reverse repurchase expires。  The Shibor: February 28 report 2 overnight SHIBOR.7080%, up 14.70 basis points; 7 days 2 SHIBOR News.9060%, up 4.50 basis points; three-month SHIBOR News 4.7131%, up 0.28 basis points。  Industry News NDRC: gasoline, diesel (standard) per ton, down 190 yuan and 185 yuan respectively, the price effective from at 4:00 on February 2 2018 28。Estimated according to the general household car fuel tank 50L capacity, fill a tank of gasoline would save about 92 7.5 yuan。  Department of Commerce: China expressed strong dissatisfaction with the US antidumping and countervailing aluminum foil final determination。For the wrong practices of the United States, the Chinese side will take the necessary measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests。  Securities Times: 2018, Shanxi Province, the SASAC will speed up the completion Gas Group, the high-end modern coal chemical industry professional company, Water Investment Group, Shen Group specialized restructuring, the field of business start coking, coal equipment, electricity and other restructuring。  NDRC: imported pipeline gas required to ensure stable gas supply and LNG imports, accelerate the construction of a diversified gas supply system and pattern。When necessary, the implementation of "pressure uninsured people" measures to ensure the livelihood gas demand。  Economic Information Daily: this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference, many well-known telecommunications companies to show a lot of maturity as well as a number of 5G 5G technology applications。Widely believed, mature 5G technologies and applications focus on appearance at Mobile World Congress global industry benchmark, meaning 5G development has entered a mature stage, is expected to expand the schedule and more commercial in the world in 2020。After 5G official business, will bring a new round of global telecommunications and technology industry development, creation or economic output will exceed $ 10 trillion。  Beijing Youth Daily: 27, Beijing released a new version price catalogs, pricing and release five electric vehicle charging service fees, transfer the price of water, seismic safety evaluation service charges, attorney fees and charges litigation, construction project bidding and equipment transaction fees and other markets, will no longer be priced by the government。  21st Century Business Herald: A source close to the regulators agency sources, regulators still be concerned about the phenomenon of overseas trading platform in the country to conduct business; If it is found risk and compliance risks, appropriate regulatory measures are also likely to further escalation, which does not exclude intercept overseas platform by shielding etc.。  People's Daily: from Tangshan, Hebei Province, the municipal government has learned: this year, Tangshan City, Feng Ting has been removed or related to iron and steel enterprises converter 7, 6 blast furnace, steel production capacity of 4.67 million tons resolve, iron production capacity of 3.81 million tons, complete Hebei the province issued the annual task of 53.8%, to achieve a production capacity Yajian task in half, is expected to complete the task before the end of the year to resolve 9。  Qinhuangdao coal network: the reporting period (February 14 to 27 February), the Bohai Sea thermal coal price index closed at 574 yuan / ton, Downstream 1 yuan / ton。Bohai Spot Index 725 yuan 5500 kcal / ton, downlink 18 yuan / ton; 656 yuan 5000 kcal / ton, downlink 17 yuan / ton。  Taking Stock Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu: to promote the "Securities Act" revised "Criminal Law" and "Company Law" to improve the work, and constantly reinforce the legal basis for stable development of the capital market。To continue to promote the organic integration of law enforcement resources in the system to ensure that law enforcement unity, coordination, build a "big law" pattern。  21st Century Business Herald: SFC sure you want to four emerging industry unicorn IPO "that is reported summarily"。Shenzhen Investment bank said that four sectors in particular biotechnology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing。  Commission: statistics show that in December 2017 the stamp duty 80.2.4 billion, compared to 98 in 2016.2.9 billion yuan; 2017 and 1124 a total of stamp duty on stock transactions.$ 6.2 billion in 2016 Cumulative 1273.8.4 billion yuan, down 11.71%。  SAFE: China as of February 27 had approved 991.QFII quota of $ 5.9 billion, to $ 97.2 billion last month。China As of February 27 qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) the amount approved for the 6123.600 million yuan, late last month to 610.4 billion yuan。China in late February Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor () approved quota of 899.$ 900 million late last month to 899.$ 9.3 billion。  Securities Daily: A shares will be June 1 this year, formally incorporated into the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, included in the initial ratio of 2.5%, September 3, 2018, A shares into factor will be increased to 5%。CICC estimates 2018 MSCI inclusion A shares brought into the scale at around $ 15 billion to $ 20 billion (including active and passive funds), that the implementation of each step will bring $ 7.5 billion to $ 10bn inflow。  Economic Information Daily: The latest data from the Chinese settlement, as at present, A shares of all listed companies, there is the number of shares pledged a total of 3398。Listed company in which the proportion of the overall pledge of more than 50% of the number only 136, only 10 pledge ratio above 70%, the market share is very small。Overall, the risk of listed company shares pledged as a whole belong to a controlled state。  SAFE: As of the end of January mainland fund issued in Hong Kong, the cumulative net import 3.9.8 billion yuan。As of the end of January the territory of Hong Kong Fund issued a total of 123 net export.400 million yuan。  Shanghai Securities News: After the Spring Festival, many funds have begun to enter or products to be raising period, in which the main Hong Kong stock market investment fund focused on the issue, the momentum is quite fierce, but also no shortage of well-known prescription issued。A detail is easy to square up through the Hong Kong stock dividend had also adjusted the mixing time once raised, it will be scheduled to shorten the period of 5 days to 1 day fund-raising, which might suggest that enthusiasm for capital investment fund companies predict Hong Kong stocks will be very high。  Securities Times: As of now, the two cities a total of 66 companies released the 2018 quarterly results notice, most of the good performance of the company, of which 30 companies are expected median net profit rose more than 100%, single-quarter net profit of 20 companies or over a hundred million。66 companies, 55 pre-increase, nine earnings guidance, and the pre-drop Pre-losing each one。  : After-hours data show, February 28 day of echelon, a total of 11 stocks appeared figure institutions, there are two institutional net buying stocks presented, nine institutions were net sellers of stocks showing。The first two bodies the same day net buying stocks were Haihong Holdings, Bairun shares, the net purchase amount were 68.46 million yuan, 16.74 million yuan。  Data at a glance Shanghai and Shenzhen stock: February 28 continue to adjust the situation, closing down 0.99%, to close at 3259.41 points, fell in line; continue to be strong, closing up 0.58%, day?Line triple sun, to close at 1753.63 points。The two cities combined turnover of 424.8 billion yuan, the industry sector were mixed。  Hong Kong: Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 1 February 28.4% to 30844.72 points; accumulated down February 6.2%, the biggest monthly decline in two years。HSCEI closed down more than 2%。  Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong: As of February 28 closing, the Shanghai stock on the same day net outflow of 6.0 billion yuan, balance of 136 day.0,000,000,000 yuan; through the deep femoral day 2.4.5 billion yuan, the date of the balance 127.5.5 billion yuan; to the north the same day net outflow of funds 3.5.5 billion yuan。Tong Hong Kong (Shanghai) 12 day net outflow.0.7 billion yuan, the date of the balance 117.0.7 billion yuan; Hong Kong stocks through (deep) day net inflow of 8.5.6 billion balance of the day 96.4.4 billion yuan; south to the net outflow of funds the day 3.5.1 billion yuan。  : As of February 27, the Shanghai Stock Exchange reported that the balance of financing 593 billion, an increase of 2 compared with the previous trading day.9.7 billion; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange financing balance reported 395.7 billion, an increase of 7 compared with the previous trading day.6.3 billion; the two cities a total of 988.7 billion, an increase of 10 compared with the previous trading day.6000000000。  Nuggets semiconductor industry sector: In recent years a series of policies to encourage the development of the domestic semiconductor industry, semiconductor "big fund" to provide direct support for the development of the domestic semiconductor industry, the establishment of national funds and local funds, will contribute to accelerate the development of integrated circuits investment , thereby releasing the relevant field equipment needs。  Recommendations concern: Asian Sky integration, Northern CRE, Jing Sheng Electrical, long-Technology。  Broiler industry: Due to the slaughter plant, commercial broiler farms, day-old chicks hatchery Spring Festival have started, but the dislocation of the production cycle, short-term lack of supply of each other form a chain, expects commodities day-old chicks, chicken hair phased start price quotes。  Recommendations concern: biological shares, shares in animal husbandry, Long Ping High-Tech, animal husbandry, the original shares, Wen's shares, Haid Group。  Environmental plate: tighter regulatory environment, the implementation of Discharge Permit System are spawned demand for the release of the power monitoring。Industrial business conditions improve, enhance the ability to pay environmental protection, while actively promoting third-party governance in favor of industrial pollution parties market share, enhance profitability。  Positive attention: the environment clean, Dongjiang Environmental, high-energy environment, gold environment, a precedent for environmental protection, FPI。  Light Industry: With the upgrade to enhance the ability of national consumption, light industry also has more than comply with consumer demand to upgrade the new company, good company。The current Chinese home improvement industry reached about 3 trillion, has the potential to foster 3-5 100 billion market capitalization company。  Recommendations concern: Chenming Paper, Sun Paper, still product delivery, ZhiBang shares, the ADB Dekor, Sofia, Gu home。  The newsletter Europe Pu Chi Network: Lv Xiaoqi of shareholders acting in concert once again passive holdings of shares。  Zhangzidao: scallops weight loss in line with the laws of history, failed to predict a major anomaly to occur。  Enlight: "Chinatown Holmes 2" at the box office exceeded 2.8 billion yuan。  God fog environmental protection: State-owned rental application for judicial frozen significantly more than the market value of the shares of debt, the controlling shareholder challenge。  Yi Chang shares: the proposed provision for new music as the intellectual home receivable bad debt reserve 2.500 million yuan。  Anne shares: the company's current Internet lottery business still suspended。  Busen shares: Liu Jun and concerted action to seek control of the company。  * ST Germany: the actual control person intends to transfer 10.56% of the shares to Jinjiang Group。  God fog energy: the controlling shareholder of the shares are frozen, there may be a risk of changes in actual control right。  Guifa Xiang: the controlling shareholder of the proposed transfer 10 6 3 yuan。  Xinhua News Agency observed the property market: the most popular cities to enter a second-tier "vacation mode" is different from a lot of four-tier cities to seize the opportunity to return home inventory, real estate sales than in previous years active。At the same time, others four-tier cities because of past blind development, inventory pressure is still large。Some experts believe that the regulation is accurate to the future direction of stock。  CITIC Bank: the implementation of national policies on the regulation of the real estate market, credit policy related products in Beijing timely adjustments, conduction, floor。CITIC Bank said that to protect the Beijing real estate regulation work smoothly, the adjustment related business approval policy。The adjustment does not affect the normal credit needs of buyers Beijing residents and businesses。  CRIC: February hundred housing prices overall sales volume 5296.$ 400 million from January 22% lower than the ring。Among them, large housing prices, such as Country Garden, Vanke, China Merchants, gold, etc., as well as some second-tier cities based layout type housing prices nationwide degree of disruption, significantly higher than the performance of the chain in February fell。  An International Perspective European Commission: British retreat Europe reaffirmed the transitional period will end on 31 December 2020, and that the transition period can stop the UK single market access; Ireland related agreement will take effect after the end of the transition period; Northern Ireland still reserved Customs Union membership。  Eurozone: February an initial value of 1.2%, expected 1.2%, before the value 1.3%。February core CPI up the initial 1%, 1% is expected, before the value of 1%。  Germany: March GfK10.8, expected 10.9, before the value 11。  France: fourth quarter GDP qoq correction value 0.6% expected 0.6%, the initial value 0.6%。Fourth quarter GDP growth revised value 2.5%, expected 2.4%, the initial value 2.4%。  Germany: February unemployment -2.20,000 expected -1.50000。Germany 5 February unemployment rate.4% 5 expected.4%, 5 before the value of.4%。  RMB foreign exchange broadcast: onshore RMB against the US dollar at the official closing price of 6 February 28.3335, the official closing drop in price over the previous day 271 points higher than the previous night disc closed down 135 points。The RMB against the US dollar reported 6.3294, compared with the previous session down 148 basis points。  USD: As of press time, the dollar index rose 0.65%, 90 reported.6360; US dollar fell against the euro 0.27% reported 1.2200; 1 pound fell against the dollar.01%, reported 1.3769; US dollar against the yen down 0.59% reported 106.7100; US dollar against the Canadian dollar rose 0.43% reported 1.2832; US dollar against the yuan rose 0.18% reported 6.3279。  Domestic futures market: As of the afternoon of February 28, the domestic commodity futures, Shanghai lead, copper, coke, Shanghai zinc closed down more than 1%, Shanghai silver, gold Shanghai, Zheng coal, iron ore, sugar, coke, Shanghai and nickel, eggs, plastic, and other fell。Manganese, silicon, rubber, apples, PVC, rapeseed meal, soybean meal rose more than 1%, of asphalt, Shanghai aluminum, glass, ferrosilicon, coil, thread, tin closed up Shanghai。  Gold: COMEX4月黄金期货收跌不到 0.1%, reported 1317.US $ 09 / oz, February tired and fell about 1.8%。  Crude oil: US WTI4月原油期货价格收跌 2.2%, 61 reported.US $ 64 / barrel; ICE April Brent crude oil futures prices fell 2.7% reported 64.US $ 76 / barrel。    Stocks: P 500 index fell 1.11 percent reported 2713.83 points。Dow closed down 1.50% reported 25029.20:00。Nasdaq was down 0.78% reported 7273.01 points。The Dow and S & P, the highest since January 2016 the biggest monthly decline, the Nasdaq, the highest since October 2016 the biggest monthly decline。  European stocks: European STOXX600 index ended down 0.71% reported 379.63 points, down more than 4 February tired.0%, the highest since the British referendum on Europe off the biggest monthly decline。  Asia: February 28th, the Nikkei 225 index closed down 1.4% to 22068.24 points。Seoul Composite Index closed down 1.11%。

Xi Jinping to visit Indonesia and Malaysia to attend the informal meeting of APEC

Contents 1 the number of time and place Seattle in November 1993 issued a "APEC Leaders 'Economic Vision Statement" 2 November 1994 in Bogor, Indonesia adopted the "APEC Economic Leaders' Declaration common resolve" (referred to as the "Bogor Declaration") 3 Osaka, Japan, in November 1995 issued a "Declaration of the APEC economic leaders' action" (referred to as "Osaka Declaration"), through the implementation of trade and investment liberalization and economic and technical cooperation, "the Osaka action agenda"。 4 November 1996 by the Subic and "APEC Economic Leaders' Declaration: From vision to action", "Manila Action Plan" approved "in principle the framework of APEC Economic and Technical Cooperation Declaration"。 5 November 1997 in Vancouver, Canada adopted the "APEC Economic Leaders Declaration: the APEC family together of" 6 November 1998 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia issued a "APEC Economic Leaders Declaration: Strengthening the foundation of growth" through the "21st century agenda of APEC Science and Technology industry cooperation" and "action plan for skills development in Kuala Lumpur," July 1999 September Auckland, New Zealand issued a "APEC economic leaders Declaration: the Auckland challenge," approved "competition and strengthen APEC principles of regulatory reform "and" integration of women in APEC framework "of 8 November 2000, Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei through the" APEC economic leaders Declaration: the benefit of society "and the" new economy action agenda "92001 10 years adopted and published the "leaders' Declaration: meet the new challenges of the new century," China Shanghai March meeting, "Shanghai consensus" and "digital APEC strategy" and October 2002 October Los Cabos, Mexico adopted the "APEC economies leaders' Declaration "and other documents 112 003 Bangkok, Thailand, in October adopted the "Leaders' Declaration", decided to strengthen partnerships to advance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, protection of citizens and societies against security threats, from free and open trade and to benefit fully from 2004 for 12 years Santiago, Chile November meeting adopted the "Santiago Declaration" reaffirming promote development through trade and investment liberalization。
13 November 2005 Busan, South Korea issued a "Busan Declaration", "APEC Leaders' Statement on the WTO Doha Development Agenda negotiations," "APEC influenza pandemic preparedness initiative" of 14 November 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam adopted a purpose in the "Hanoi action plan" to achieve the Bogor goals, signed the "Hanoi Declaration" 15 September 2007 in Sydney, Australia issued a "Declaration energy security and clean development of APEC leaders on climate change" 16 November 2008 Lima, Peru published "Lima Declaration" and a statement on the global economy, focusing on the various members of the world economic and financial situation, the Doha Round negotiations, food security, energy security, regional economic integration, corporate social responsibility, climate change, disaster prevention and mitigation consensus was reached 17 November 2009 in Singapore issued a "Singapore Declaration" 18 November 2010 in Yokohama, Japan through the joint Declaration, "Yokohama vision", stressing that the "community" of this form, break trade and investment, logistics barriers as soon as possible regional economic integration of 19 November 2011 issued Hawaii "Honolulu Declaration – Towards closely linked to the regional economy" and four annexes, were involved in 20 September 2012, the members of the Russia Vladivostok innovation policy, SMEs, environmental goods and services, regulatory cooperation APEC around Conference on Trade and investment liberalization and regional economic integration, strengthening food security, establishing reliable supply chains, promote innovation and growth and other issues in-depth exchange of views and reached consensus on the positive, concrete results reached。

JJ spoiled little?Secret five men penis truth

For men and women temperament, men's small JJ is not a mystery, but not all see it is the truth, the truth of man's little brother had five little-known。
Man's little brother what is the secret of it。 1, little brother will pretend sick According to sources, over 90 percent of patients with impotence are due to resistance caused by psychological factors。 Only a small part is due to physiological factors, including genital lesions, hormonal imbalance,, spinal cord injury, drug abuse, alcoholism, surgery and the like, and so on in years。 So, if little brother is sick, do not be too anxious, first of all psychologically, do not give yourself pressure, because sometimes little brother is simply not sick, but mediocre from worry, just give yourself a burden。
For example, occasionally, there is likely to be male inexperienced, or too excited, tension caused, not a disease。
And when the little brother really sick, what condition it appears inflammation of the testicles, penis out of white or yellow discharge, pain during urination feel uncomfortable or anal secretions out stimulation。 In this case, should immediately stop sexual activity, because little brother might get into trouble, perhaps suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, need to see a doctor。

Xinhua News Agency: US "bullying" unpopular economic and trade policies also will not work | Trump

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Jin Min and Min Gaopan Jiangyu Juan Trump 22nd President of the United States signed a presidential memorandum, according to the "301 investigation" As a result, imports from China will be large-scale commodity tariffs and restrictions on Chinese companies to the US M & A。 Trump government based on false premise, the use of outdated protectionism, this outrageous practice unpopular both in the international arena, but also will not work。   First, the US protectionist policies recently adopted with a clear imprint of the times of old, out of tune with the new world, there are people in the West criticize it as "bullying" policy。
"301 investigation" was born in the Cold War era of unilateralism legal tool that allows the United States who is also "police" "prosecutors" "jury" "judge", "law enforcement officials" multiple roles, and its essence is to take advantage of trade status forced to sacrifice the interests of trading partners。   In mid-1995 after the establishment of WTO, "301 investigation" of such unilateral trade tool has been basically quit the stage of history。
Trump government to reduce the trade deficit, forced Resurrection "zombie" tools of the trade, the implementation of "bullying" policy, international trade is tantamount to the "jungle" of。 This is not only for the international rules-based multilateral trading system and open defiance provocation and a serious threat to global economic recovery, including the United States have been traditional allies, including the major economies generally opposed。   Secondly, not static, isolated, fragmented look at trade deficit with China and the Sino-US economic and trade relations。
Among the global multilateral trading system notes, the deepening of economic globalization today, the parties present in the bilateral trade dependency, closely linked。 For example, a price of $ 1,000 iPhoneX, imports of parts and components to China from the world, assembled and then exported to the United States。 Because China does not earn tens of dollars assembling fee, will China this US trade deficit of $ 1,000 in charge。
  Trump government should see that China's trade surplus with the United States of downstream consumers, corresponds to the Chinese supply chain, from upstream countries of import items, including imports of goods and services from US companies。
As the American business community recently pointed out, Chinese exports to the US to impose tariffs against those who would harm the United States to sell parts to Chinese companies。 No wonder Nobel laureate in economics, international trade theory expert Paul Krugman, the US trade deficit will be referred to as "optical illusion"。   Again, trying to "bully" the economic and trade policy, over the years the US trade deficit means of unilateral measures digestion does not really play effect。
Economists have repeatedly pointed out that the root cause of the US trade deficit that the US consumer is excessive, inadequate savings rate inherent structural problems。
  Since the 1980s, the US trade deficit continued to widen last century, since the Reagan administration adopted by the United States from a variety of trade protection measures failed to reverse this trend。 In fact, Trump government came to power more than a year, the US trade deficit hit a 9 Anti-year high。
Himself sick, but let someone else take medicine, this approach obviously does not make sense, it does not work。   In view of the United States after the breakdown on the world's number one and number two economies, bilateral economic and trade highly interdependent and mutually have desires, the United States can not wield the big stick of trade protectionism in China, itself unscathed。
  Not a forced sale。 The past 40 years, Sino-US trade volume increased 232-fold, to $ 580 billion, two-way investment exceeded US $ 230 billion。
Problem solving Sino-US economic and trade relations, the key is to do more addition, by expanding market access to each other open initiatives to explore new paths in equality, improve the imbalance in the cooperation, harmony and win-win situation in the。
  China has never deliberately pursue a trade surplus, but also fully prepared for the worst case。 As Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China did not want to fight a trade war with anyone, "but if someone non-forced us to play, we will not be afraid, the second will not hide."。

The early symptoms of children with cerebral palsy Chinese medicine treatment of children with cerebral palsy so

Early symptoms of cerebral palsy in children is a common problem many children will encounter in life。
So, early symptoms of children with cerebral palsy, what does what method of treatment of children with cerebral palsy to determine whether the child has signs of 1, sleep or do not sleep too long comments。 2, swallowing convince poor。
3, life is not crying or crying sound muffled Straight。 4, do not open your legs to pee。
5, uncoordinated movement of the hands and feet, more unilateral movement。
6, eyes and even though parents are not always good at first exchange and cure convulsions。 7, three months can also choose not met payable six months can not stand still for a minute and eight months will not sit still healthy。
If a child has the above phenomenon, we must pay attention to, as soon as possible go to a regular hospital or specialist optimistic about the examination, diagnosis and timely treatment is necessary。 The following will talk specifically describes the various methods of Chinese medicine treatment of children with cerebral palsy。 Acupuncture therapy (high muscle tone caution children with cerebral palsy) The TCM argued disease pathogenesis and treatment of cerebral palsy, primary selection scalp, body acupuncture treatment, a latch needle, the closure point, catgut embedding the like, in order to achieve promoting blood circulation circulation, the effect of resuscitating。 From modern medicine that is in terms of its role in the initiation restore body balance, rousing, use the corresponding parts of the stimulus, so that local and whole blood to reconcile, increased disease resistance, balance the body, relax the muscle tone and increase muscle strength, recovery health。
One of the early symptoms of children with cerebral palsy massage therapy massage and massage therapy is an important therapy for children with cerebral palsy, is the main content of the meridian regulation, as well as Chinese medicine for children with cerebral palsy major rehabilitation treatment。
Massage and massage skilled or not will directly affect the quality of treatment, and it is the key to the success of treatment。
Different in children and adults, delicate skin, extremities bit small, it does not fit, so only the master operating practices in order to receive satisfactory results。 In addition to focusing on training skilled technique force uniform, really safe, durable and robust, so as to achieve light but not floating, heavy without delay, just in soft, there are just soft, rigid phase and the degree, we must also pay attention to proper gesture otherwise, the treatments also affect。

Sister know the ball –10 years!There is still a single man can change James

  I heard that Howard die!  I heard that Howard is now the contract is over, there is only one worthy to take the veteran's minimum!  I heard that this summer will not necessarily have the NBA, Howard is willing to open contract!  I heard a gram to become the biggest winner, because the CBA to come Warcraft!  You borrow the words of the goddess Liu Yifei: Oh da!  Today, James 35 points and 17 assists and seven boards today, Howard 32 points and 30 boards (11 rebounds) is now 2018, but why does a kind of illusion, 2009?  10 years later, James is still very fast hardware, but Howard does, is still able to change a single man James。
  Since time once again to the question thrown to us, that this house must ask, change over, do you think James can do a single change Howard?  History has proven that is not enough……I did not invent this house in 2007, James Howard would like a single change, the results obtained by the other party but also add a Tim head。   James then here really promised, + James Reid finally, only in exchange for Howard。   Still remember this crop it?Timberwolves – Mike James and Justin – Reid, for the rocket Juwan – Howard。   Well, not the skin。
  Howard played 34 minutes, shot 10 of 17, 21 penalty 12, scored 32 points and 30 rebounds, I asked you not Cock Cock!  Howard said he was in midfield, someone received a text message, allowing him full of fighting spirit。 Guess who does SMS?  Walker also very excited after the game, he said: "'ve never personally witnessed such a thing, it is really unbelievable to see that kind of data and the exposure to which really crazy。 "Do not scroll counseling, to tell you the truth!  Today is volute 6 of 25 shots, Howard grabbed 11 offensive rebounds。
  Of course, Howard can get double 30, but also to thank Quincy – Escherichia。
  "When I got 29 rebounds, I told Quincy – Essy said:" I'm not a selfish guy, but if so I have a chance at a chance to rebounds, please do not foul me。
"Then I really got," This is Howard's words。
  Nets fans is now basically Buddha Department of fans, or else be reversed lose, their own data center but also someone else's brush, it can not think about vomiting blood?  30 double data miracles of the past 35 years there have been only two times。
Howard is the NBA's first man after Carrefour, the first person in eight years。   See this record when the palace was thinking, Howard cut 30 + 30, but the biggest winner seems to be ah Carrefour。
  How many people see the first reaction this news, not "Trench, Howard Niubi ah good" but "Trench, Carrefour had so Niubi ah"。   You forgot the year estimated that Carrefour is rave brush, after all, not so handsome in those days……Minnesota that year, that is not now this treatment, there is basically no one noticed this team in NBA。 365 days a year, the Timberwolves to see the news in the news pages of basic zero chance。
But even so, people still notice where there is a "brush"。 So you think the current year Carrefour, in the end how crazy。   Carrefour today scored 23 points and 12 rebounds four assists。
  Today, for the Cavaliers, really is a good day ah。 15 points to win reversal own boss east Raptors, Nets lost by 23 points reversed。
  These two games down, the Knights from the finals and the top pick are further!  The key is, once again the world is stunned to James, the joint also found that Carrefour is really very powerful。
  Knights total……  。   。   。   。
  。   。   。
  Always make people feel miserable when they quickly back to the blood。

Deutsche Bank: US wage pressures are gradually accumulate

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK January 14 news, the United States announced last Friday a very strong employment report, in December new The number of non-farm employment increased by 25.20,000, unemployment rate drops to 5.6%, higher than market expectations, but the average hourly pay close attention to the Fed were down 0.2%, the highest since mid-2006 has the lowest level of data。Wage data the market disappointment, the day the dollar fell sharply as investors believe the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates before the need to see some upward pressure on wages, to ensure that the level of inflation can gradually move closer to the long-term goals。  Although the December employment report, the market believe that the United States has not yet wage pressures emerge, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank), chief US economist Joseph Laver Wagner's way around。He believes that in fact the United States wage pressures are cumulative。  Bravo Wagner pointed out that this can be seen from the NFIB small business survey clues。The latest NFIB small business survey data show a sharp rise in the number of planned salary increases for employees of small businesses。In December, the company plans to raise the proportion rose from 15-17 percent, the highest since December 2007, the highest level。  Deutsche Bank report said, NFIB small business pay plan data is a measure of private sector wage growth Employment Cost Index (ECI) is a leading indicator, based on the trend of small companies pay plan, the employment cost index next few quarters year on year growth will more than 3%。  Yellen has said that the US inflation rate to rise to 2%, wage growth needs to be in the range of 3-4%。  In the near term, Deutsche Bank believes inflation will remain at a very low level。Friday's release of US CPI data for December, Deutsche Bank expects headline inflation rate -0.6%, core inflation rate rose 0.1%。But Deutsche Bank reminded investors that inflation is a lagging economic indicator, "Overall, the economy continues to benefit from the massive stimulus energy prices and loose monetary policy brought about by the labor market will continue to tighten, thus push up labor costs。"(Shofu compilation)

Detailed road map Zhongshan trade powers continued to control irrational for foreign investment

Is confident this year's foreign trade target by 2035 basically completed trade powerhouse March 11, press conference, Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan Thirteenth National People's Congress held Press Center said that China has become a big country trade, consumption, foreign trade , foreign capital and foreign investment indicators have been highest in the world, but still "big but not strong"。China wants to become a trade and economic power, must adhere to lead innovation, take the road of high-quality development。  Ministry of Commerce set up the goal and strive to build economic and trade power, planning three milestones: 2020, further consolidating trade and economic great power status, advance the process of trade and economic powers; by 2035, basically built trade and economic power; by 2050, overall completion of economic and trade power。  Foreign Trade: promoting the "five optimization" are confident of achieving this target the government work report on the major targets for the development of the 2018 proposed steady for the better, basically balance international payments。In this regard, Zhong Shan said that this year's foreign trade development environment is still facing complicated and grim, however, have confidence in achieving the goals of the government work report。  He explained that this year the Ministry of Commerce will focus on promoting "five optimization": First, optimize the layout of the international market。Further advance "along the way" trade flow, promote trade liberalization and facilitation, form a more extensive trading partner network, expand common trade cake。  The second is to optimize the domestic regional distribution。Central and western regions to undertake the transfer of export-oriented industries, and increase efforts to open western, tap the development potential of foreign trade Midwest, opening up the country to promote, coordinate the development of foreign trade。The total amount of the Midwest economy accounts for about 45% of the country, while only 15% of the country's import and export, foreign trade still a great potential for development。  Third, optimize foreign trade entities。To support technological innovation, system innovation and management innovation, foster a number of internationally competitive enterprises and multinational corporations。Support for small and medium enterprises to explore the international market, and enhance the vitality of foreign trade development。  Fourth, optimizing product mix。Efforts to promote high-tech, high-quality, high value-added products and equipment manufacturing exports, promote trade take the road of innovation and development, to create "Chinese brand", "Chinese quality" trade good image。  Fifth, optimize trade。Cultivate new form of a new model of trade。To develop trade in services, and promote the coordinated development of trade in goods and trade in services。At the same time, actively expand imports, promote the coordinated development of foreign trade balance。  Customs data show that China's foreign trade to usher in a "good start"。The first two months of this year, China's total import and export trade in goods 4.520 000 billion yuan, an increase of 16 over last year.7%。Among them, export 2.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 18%; imports of 2.08 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.2%。  Attract investment: increased market access to fulfill the financial commitment to open government work report made a number of deployed open to foreign investment, including the full liberalization of the general manufacturing industry, expanding opening up telecommunications, health care, education, pensions, and other areas of new energy vehicles。  Turning to our country to attract foreign investment environment, Zhong said China continues to expand opening up, continue to expand market access, pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights。According to the World Bank report, China's rising degree of ease of doing business over the past five years of 18 last year, China's absorption of foreign investment of $ 136.3 billion, ranking second in the world, a new record high。This shows that China's business environment is not worse, but better, China remains a hot spot for foreign investment。  China will not close the door to open, only bigger and bigger。Zhongshan pointed out that the next step will be on five tasks: First, deepen management system, to enhance the level of investment facilitation, access to the full implementation of national treatment before adding the negative inventory management system。At the same time, speed up the legislative process foreign legal basis。Second is to expand market access, implementation of open initiatives have been identified in the central well, opening up financial commitments to fulfill, full liberalization of the manufacturing sector in general, open more sectors of telecommunications, health care, education, pensions, and other new energy vehicles。The third is to build an open platform。Enhance the level of various types of development zones, giving greater autonomy reform pilot area of free trade, free trade port to explore the construction, reform and opening to create a new Heights。Fourth, open layout optimization。Western efforts to increase open, open channel flow, promote the formation of a new growth pole open, become open to the western frontier from the open end。Enhance the level of opening up the eastern, central promote the development of open。Fifth, improve the investment environment。Internal and foreign alike, equal treatment, strengthen IPR protection, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors and create a favorable environment for the wealthy pro-business security business。  Investment: Foreign investment continues to control the irrational According to Commerce Department statistics, in the year 2017, China's foreign investment in 1200.$ 800 million, down 29 year.4%。Zhong said that last year foreign investment declined, mainly non-rational foreign investment has been effectively curbed。By "down virtual fire", "squeeze water", foreign enterprises to invest more robust, more rational。Overall, China's foreign investment is good, and the level of development and the development requirements of China at this stage is to adapt, is in line with the law of economic development, but also generally welcomed by the host country。  From the field of investment, from labor-intensive industries, capital and technology-intensive industries into both; look from investors, mainly from small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises into both; see from the investment area, from developing countries oriented, both into and developed countries。In mid-2017, Chinese-funded enterprises paid taxes of more than $ 30 billion in the host country, creating jobs for local 1.35 million。  Zhong said the next step will be "along the way" construction as the focus, and strive to do four tasks: first, to create a platform for cooperation。Good job of foreign trade and economic cooperation zones, optimize the industrial layout country to support infrastructure construction, improve the level of cooperation zones。Second, deepen cooperation capacity, focus on key industries and key country to promote the advantages of our production capacity, advanced equipment go。The third is to grow investors。Encourages established and reputable enterprises to explore the international market, increase cross-border management capacity, improve risk prevention capacity。Fourth, standardize business practices。Strengthen the authenticity of the compliance review, continue to control the irrational investment, China's foreign-invested enterprises required to comply with the laws and regulations of the host country, to fulfill their social responsibility。  Consumption: down car, part of the consumer goods import tariffs At present, China has become the consuming countries, the scale of consumption ranked second in the world, became the first consumer pulling power for four consecutive years of economic growth。China's economic growth relies mainly on investment has been export-led exports to relying on consumption and investment co-pulling。  Zhong said the development of China's consumption there is great potential。China has nearly 14 million people, middle-income groups have about 400 million people。With the continuous economic and social development, people's income is increasing, rising living standards, China's consumption potential is huge。  "Of course, the development of consumption as well as short board, weaknesses, one of the manifestations is difficult to supply goods and services to meet consumer needs upgraded。"Zhong said that preliminary estimates, now our residents a year to go shopping abroad about $ 200 billion, of which the shopping list, there are both luxury goods consumer goods。Outside the shopping reflects the lack of high-quality commodity supply, and the price is high。Service consumption, home, pension, education, health care, etc. are weak, inadequate supply。  Zhongshan pointed out that the next step, the circulation around innovation, expand consumption and increase effective supply, will focus on three things: First, build a platform to promote consumption。Urban and rural residents have more choice and more convenient service, more comfortable experience。Specifically including the upgrading of urban renewal in the number of high-grade pedestrian street。Optimize convenience stores, markets and other community business network layout, to create a convenient 15 minutes service life ring, rich "basket" supply。In the countryside, accelerate the construction of a number of characteristics commerce and small town life service center。Develop e-commerce, to promote the integration of online and offline。  Second, expand opening up, promote consumption。Significantly expand market access, cut the car, part of daily consumer goods import tariffs, expanding opening up telecommunications services, healthcare, education, pension and other rich domestic market supply, reduce consumer costs。  The third is to improve the environment, promote consumption。Continue to improve urban and rural consumption environment, and intensive remediation and rural areas of the Internet market, the construction of important agricultural products traceability system, so that people consume at ease, happy to have access to a sense of insecurity。  Related reports