Month: August 2018

48, from the feel of the early summer

Long time no write up.Looking out the window early summer, as people rush time as infinite love.Some people write text to a family, fame, and I wrote the text just looking for a place to fall for his state of mind.His own record mood down in words, has become one of my habits, for many years, I believe that the text has become the best companion of my life.  Writing is not just a profession, as is a state of mind.It is also the largest since I wrote the text of feelings.The mood is particularly important in our lives.It is said that sunny day mood will be happy; the contrary, when it came to rainy weather rain, the mood will certainly upset, but this is not a law, the mood of happiness and unhappiness, along with our lives depending on the mood.So, we all want to be happy every day, we will be happy the day that people do every day?He said that this must be a very good wishes.  Since the beginning of the summer, I have been reliving the early summer comfortable in, see the blue sky, white clouds looked at, a walk in the countryside, listen to the birds, smell the flowers, nothing to do with yourself, everything seems to be closely linked with their.In the morning, look in the outskirts of morning exercise for the elderly, some in the trot, some dancing, some in boxing, one figure, feel thought after decades of themselves, as they would do such a love of life in general it?  Life is a road, even on the same road, the demands of life for everyone is also completely different.Summer on the streets of the most beautiful figure than those of youth, they gave a cool summer, early on revealed a youthful air, came by a more youthful look, I often evoke memories of the past, What a season, more than a good season, but he did not feel it slip away from his side, I am not against the state of life of youth have much luxury, because we know that this life is only young once, and if this life segment given unlimited miss, our mind does not get better, so I continue to send their best wishes in the shadow of this youth, youth without any regrets would like their lives, as bright as summer!  Who is a combination of spirit and matter, our natural life will belong to nature, but our spiritual quest in fact the fulcrum of our life support.Now people, although the material life has been a qualitative change, but the spirit of the appeal has become a crisis we face life, as some people say, when you see the sun rose, after breakfast do not know where to go, come evening sunset last ray of light when it is blind to his life and finished the day and regret.So, there are people often look back through the mind and mood of tough times ahead.  May early summer, although no spring on the outskirts of the lovely and brilliant, but still floated in the dark in a Unit of flowers, the same as people stop and look up to.Ground seedlings have been unearthed, tender, green, and look at the world, is simply a beautiful verse poet left.Youth still is the subject of this early summer.This is the face of a vibrant scene, I really want to pour myself a painter to record this summer mood with color and lines, and regretted that he knew nothing, he had to use their own words to weary of this early summer green REVIEW meaning.For this reason, in the morning on the outskirts of morning exercise, when passing world, I was in the edge of a farm overlooking the quiet joy of reading with this idyllic summer in mind.I grew up in a rural, natural in the text you want to write a few words for the feelings of the countryside, often in early summer, after the first thing is to follow their parents to work in the fields of home week, although perspiring, the body has indeed to bear part of torment, however, would not be reduced from the happy mood.Work when tired, I sat down to chat with family.Sometimes, we also take a look at day.Looking at the clouds, my father always lament, when we can as far away as the clouds let them care, which is what a feeling?  At the time I had read his father’s state of mind, he consciously assume more part of our work, the outflow is nothing more than a little gap just let us learn.This is the Father’s love for us, but also for our future life giving.However, just when our sister was admitted to a few schools out of their homes, parents really like clouds against the blue sky like we care.I remember reading the first week after the provincial capital, they received a letter from his father sent home, the value of million gold Letter, I was, sitting in the dorm feeling the parents in the letter of earnest care, parting to his home, in our loved ones will always be worth in terms of mood and sadness.How many years have passed, my father also passed away, but my mind always forget the parents send us to school when eyes, figure!  Fast forward a few decades it is, in this early summer day, suddenly turns out to be a dream.Into the middle-aged life, in fact, our spiritual life demands more of the poor, but we need to come up with enough courage to face life’s road.  Time is not like, if we only wait for time at the other end of the bridge, our lives will be old in the other end of the bridge, think through life, in the face of the past, we do not just nostalgia, but in the past on Looking back in the constantly remind themselves.This is also, I constantly look back often in the text of one of the reason past.  Summer is a season of growing, young seedlings grew up here, where the results of the flowers, everywhere, the United States and sometimes can be found growing, so in this season there are always numerous landscapes, we must learn in this growing season to feel the spirit, feel the joy of growth in life!  201 years.5.20

War like water flow, moisture heart floating pool touch Fragrance

Shame flow like water, nourishing the heart Pool touch of subtle fragrance floating text / once every second street children, sigh youth goes, it disappeared in the unintentional remembrance in; day and night, thinking Love short, the wind gently across each finger channel; One year, Red past memory, such as sweets quarter quarter scattered drift; War flow like water, moist touch Fragrance heart floating pool; lingering tears language, farewell past scenes depression melancholy, stormed poured brush tip, forming a desired sheet of paper at time Jingchu, shallow read!- Inscription [time flowing, Xiao Meng wake up] Life is like Yilianyoumeng, human interpretation of a cross section sorrows and joys drama; time quietly, flowing past a section of ground in a hurry; the young light sparse mad, once we have tempting hiding in years, plays the role of a lonely corner, like a thief, like, secretly picked Sentimental fruit of love, dream of cruising on the beach, we find the golden shells of their own.Romantic, can not extricate themselves immersed in the quagmire of love, Xiao Meng wake up, the heart has long been at the pool love into mourning; traces of memory, a road shades, draw the pain of love intoxicated, confused silence towards a few, reincarnation smile, lament; and finally, in his eyes streaming wave choose to forget the past, in the purple street Red Dust, the recuperation time with a sad season.    [Flowing time, years of quiet good] Cuckoo Ming Lin, superficial, full of lotus pond June incense; Yi Jiangnan River, Huan female Acacia, asked me why quietly picking a water lily, plug in mind at the central pool, floating a touch of subtle fragrance?At the moment, years of quiet and elegant, tranquil water, I would like a woman on a lotus Lanzhou, playing in the pond and the king leaves, keep it full of fragrant memories; fine curtain of water moving from the breeze, the night candle floodlight, dream rainy early break and listen to the frogs; dense shade trees, between tower reflection, corridors and Jun flute playing music, the sound of melody; see falling clouds as supergraphic, cross-linked high-altitude, listen Hongyan gongs, lychee flower show on fly!    [Time flows, where the dream send] Liuchang Things, such as wasted drunk, listening to the rain outside the window the rain, deep eyes and a burst of waves rippling stream, the wind weakness, not move with it adrift in a boat filled with sea fog Teng Lakeshore , covered the front line of route, exposed reefs, tide waves in the waves roll shot rang day and night barrier dreams set sail; life is like a broken squid, with the water gone east, from the War shadows, only pity for flower bloom inter fall; Proverbs on green bamboo case, Yan Hong ink splashed, humble pen a paper Dan, and describe the fleeting drop point broken language; glass earth, like a lost lamb, who knows where to send the Canmeng?    [Time flows, Duwusiren] that day, that scene, Song Jun kilometer street to go Iraqis look back, smile Enron, after the turn, tears roll roots, listening to heartbreaking one place off, Yuning choke; read full of thoughts past, dreaming, clear and well-being remains in the deep mind; decline Yang West Ramp, cuckoo, walking Colorful Scattered difficult difficult; this went on day and night removed insomnia, Sijun Mountain shoes travels to rivers and lakes, when normalized to?Between dream companions, accompany Jun Chang world tour mountains, looking forward leaning out of windows, Acacia sent away to the moon, looking deep water lily bloom season, Duwusiren, Jingchu water three or two, the suspect is king and whistle, the sound of Gone with the Wind start.    [Time flowing, put pen to paper into mourning] time flowing, getting a cup of tea alcohol, in June of the night sky, the smoke released into the atmosphere, Hua Xu lost out to be a dream; forget Xiao Meng Chu Xing, relieved smile, read it Love Lane quiet good portability Jun Picking play, with the king when leaving Mengsui, Duwusiren, and season Fangfei see litter, Liuchang watery, moist touch Fragrance heart floating pool, aryl refused old body, just solitary ghost tour on earth, who, a touch of sadness who catches the eye?Who, ink-stained youth who run to the Spring and Autumn?And who, crumpled Iraqis heart Pool?When an idea into execution, begins to Acacia begins to gray, I discovered that life put pen to paper, full of War!    Spend years past, Acacia stuffed into wine, drunk alone now; to revive the boat, where is the starting point of sail?Tomorrow will float to the dream where?Life journey, the line to the water to the poor, has long been Dankan flashy, only willing to make a lifetime “book girl”, recorded as a rush of Youth Commemorative!

Maple Leaf speechless

Meet under the maple tree, the pavilion before the meet, there are flowers in the intoxicated, under the shadow of the moon has a dream, you have my pursuit and longing, there is poetic, like crazy, drunk as those who talk, there is a sequence that countless kind of timid and desire, whether that division calm and proud self-taught, with or without several never had the joy of creation and.To be honest, that life is the most beautiful peak, are now not only list of small hills, and has become an increasingly distant in the days of indifference.    Revisiting again, it just feels like the wind, rain and similar water also flows, kiosks also stay.Ready to blossom festival, Mo every year there are Qinghuang.Cream sprinkled silent leaf floating Ling, wind and light snow sticks roar.Seasons also as the birds come and grass kurong.    That season, a water park accompanied by two heart go hand in hand.Du Wu thinking love, impossible to forget those memories, vividly versa.    Ornaments on the pillars of the pavilion, was the storm took many romantic can not be copied, think of “parking Fenglin love to sit late,” it is how chic and elegant, it seems that dancing Maple Leaf, is a rare earth chant scenery.    At that time in hand, think how fun it is, how sacred.Her every move inadvertently, in my eyes is so sacred, that is blasphemy to speak much to look at, not always the same between Shun grok combined with their own feelings of nerves, very romantic, day after day, to taste enjoy.Until today, they once again put echelon appear in my mind, or the like for the first time as people as excited about good enough.    How many times, I embarrassed the scene, did not find out the hard words break the embarrassment of those words, ever let my voice tremble in your smile, but I can feel my IQ is not only should re-examine, but us heart, are happy submerged unconscious.    Because ecstasy, so that everything is moving in the embellishment of plot.Summer night, the moon pavilion edges and also into the role, using our imagination can perceive aired out in the description of conscious life, writing is so vivid, so impressive.Of course, the three old maple tree next to the children did not forget their duties, with a discreet attitude of silent footer bar, dancing with foliage, with a sincere look kind of old, and record full of mysterious circumstances affecting those who read the.Far from the neon lights like a beating on the water, just like my heart, volatility is very intense, very intent Menglong.Inside the grass coming out of music, sounds so wonderful, let the heart of the government’s first fairy bow down to it?I believe it will, otherwise, the expression of the natural world is so far not sung.Maple Leaf silent, only a heartbeat reading moonlight shadows, giving vent to feelings found out only two.This is a process of life that people confused, impulsive people, make people happy.

Delicate woman of Zhu Shuzhen

Say good Jiangnan!Look south of the misty rain I do not know how many drowned sonorous old things, no matter how much or cavalry glaciers hoarse unforgettable love.Walking in the south of the misty rain, misty rain like it was filled with the same old things Beauties sad, living in the Southern Song Dynasty Jiangnan streets, thoughts, old things like that, like the misty rain hazy with a touch of melancholy.    ”Heartbroken word” episode, sad how many scholars Yake, just waiting for the Intrigue’s let the raindrops wanton eroding your fragile soul.A woman, talented and easy security can be shoulder to shoulder, with a southern woman tenderness glamorous, with poet Invite, sensual spirituality, fate sometimes really do not know how the arrangements?Perhaps God too fair, even a little bit stingy are not moved.Like her word set, regrettable and heartbroken End of the World, is south of the misty rain on the way people feeling of sadness and depression!    ”Cold Food little while, a few days could not bear to see the shutter, lonely pear drop people near the far horizon.”A little while Cold Food Festival, there is no mood to see the flowers, and leaves, Acacia into the illness Troy thin, could not bear to roll up the curtain, looking out the window southern misty rain falling not drowned their sorrows, facing the mirror makeup grooming late, a letter home, sometimes hurt the most is the feeling of sadness, and how Dide Guo Dishou Letter bottomed carriage of Acacia Italy.Wine does not intoxicate people from drunk, half-awake drunk tears feeling of sadness, even if this meant million heavy landscape is so close!    ”Spring has half, striking this infinite love.Twelve busy leaning over the railings, regardless of day to worry.Fenghurinuan is good, and lose Yingyingyanyan.Man Ting falling curtain does not roll, grass heartbroken far “, looked at the footsteps of spring slowly away, leaning against railings hope Jun Do not you see every day, good wind good weather, warm sun and wind, chirping Yingyingyanyan the most hilarious moment, full of passionate falling almost to the yard, could not bear to look at rolling grass desolately.    Intrigue is the most annoying, rain, Hawthorn Lianer Yan and Mei, full pond, Begonia flower full.Ying Sheng desolately honestly, tears wet Misuuchi long tulle, looking out countless willow fly, Love goes like this spring as a short, full of green mountains, its gloom even more ruthless, tap wine, Yu Xiaoxiao down after dusk.Apricot fragrance, Qinru human heart but it is difficult to grasp the touch worried, worry is, is the hope of the evil people disappointed or harm Acacia.    Sealed letter home through bloodthirsty, draw a circle also is heartbroken worry, so Xinyan, pure heart of creative ideas, extraordinary woman also!”Acacia Yuji unable to send, draw a circle for; if outside the circle, the circle in the heart.I circled the thick, thick you have to know Lennon meaning: single circle me, you double circle; the whole circle is a reunion, breaking the circle is parting.Then there is untold Acacia, all the way to circle the ring in the end.”Sometimes really admire even Acacia have become so interesting, heartbroken word also is so full of humor and fun.    Trace of rain, Xia Yuting, peach poolside, lotus shore first, from the autumn, the autumn to go from the lower two constantly Heart Will Go On.Or Rain, or clear worry, one red and one green, tens of thousands of flowers, but are attached worry, tulle how Dide Guo southern Mi haze hazy night after night, day students worry about it?    Merits, joyful south, southern worry too.Flowers open necessarily be so short, perhaps ancient roots born unlucky, turned the color of life, such as flower leaf.Only a mere poetry worry heartbroken, so Tianzi hair, spirituality Zhong Hui, spit out the words of the sentence the woman has the style of Warren, how can we not as delicate peace?    - Stop cloud put pen to paper 2014.6.twenty one

A light source in the dark

Tepid night, far from the neon lights pour down with swaying posture, twinkling in the river Dangqi paddle, colorful ripples layers of strands, endless.  I go on the road leading to Beacon Hill, self-care forward.Grass near the bank, from deep to shallow, spitting elegant fragrance, enamel gray sky, snow yarn if hazy, very far from the cover down.  Suddenly, a light fireflies light up if the butterflies in my eyes, my back, slowly trailing, where to see it flash, my heart could not conceal his inner ecstasy, like the outrageous nerve inverse, pull out one Pompous.  It flew off the grass and paint, made the leap to the roadside, carrying red lanterns, among the flowers and bushes I meet, on the TV for a long time, like long-lost fraternity, that moment my tears in the eyes light pipa, think to listen to it play a mountain stream.  I call it holding in her hand, leaving a narrow gap careful look to see if it was my hometown bird, home of the original, too, Brisk refined and elegant, spotless, deportment thousands, fantastic.  Brown body, such as hair thin antennae, three pairs of tiny legs, soft as silk.There are three black abdomen thin line, most of the males have two emitters, light leaked from here, transparent crystal.I was reluctant to put down, but afraid of hurting it, and thus open the palm of your hand, it is generally away from the sword, lightly away.  It fell lantern, light my memories of the trip, so I returned home that happiness idyllic little mountain village.There are my green of one’s youth, all in all this really peaceful.Gradually open the memory, not all deep in the end of the day alive.  Clear river, crooked river, tireless flowing river, which has a thin shadow of the moon river, where the accumulated weight of my nostalgia, a village landscape, emerald green half wall, my hometown is the hometown of fireflies, it described the figure The place.  Tranquil villages, the ancient fortress as one of the tall, under siege.Its outside meandering river flowing past, such as ribbon buckle body which.Hermitage night, when the stars blink of an eye, whipped hundreds of fireflies coming and going along the river to dance.Pretty young men and women in twos and threes along the river arms around diffuse away, or ramble piecemeal daily, or romance a secret meeting; older, classic grandmother sitting comes with small stool, hands shaking Pushan rolled over lace, a as Zhou Yu like a leisurely, blissful silence, but keep the chest myriad; children who are leaning on the arms of their parents, the adults looked up listening to the myths and legends of his right.  Firefly wizard as Xia Yexing air, cold and bright light like a quiet uniform high temperature cooling agent.Scattered light, swaying in the river home, the warmth sway in nice and warm, the darker the night, the brighter it is, it is like a guiding beacon, more like a spirit of light, a bunch of fate unyielding distress beacon of hope to guide the brave people in the long night ahead, and continue to trek.  Robert.Edwards is relying on this beam source, built his monument in the medical profession.From mid-1958 began to study the test-tube baby to October 2010 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, which has experienced nearly a decade of darkness camel line.From 1958 to enter the Institute in July 1978 successfully bred the first test-tube baby, two decades of darkness struggle to create a feat shocked the world, this great achievement not only did not get social recognition has given rise to rumors overwhelming.Ethicists have questioned this strange behavior contrary to the ethics, strongly opposed their Christian heresy, a time of rampant rumors, Research Councils UK occasion stopped all funding to him, Oldham General Hospital is no longer available experimental study room and medical equipment for the.  The face of sudden shock and misfortune, he did not hoarse, give up and do not do any form of compromise.He was convinced that the distant light source will make many people a lifetime of infertility.Help others to bring well-being of society is the source of this light source can be sustained shiny road.  No laboratory, he found himself; no medical equipment research, he sold his house and buy furniture; there is no financial support, he applied to private fund-raising organization; no extra money, he operated on himself to make others.From early morning to sunset, hunched over curved back, shaking a test tube with reagent several decades, how many people can do like him as irresistible indomitable Kennedy?Vision let him poke Mi chaos clouds, even in front of a cliff, the endless darkness, he also jumped into the guts and do not regret, really is a “not bad steaming, cooking unfamiliar, do not hammer plaque, fried It does not burst, ring pendant pendant copper pea.”From the young to the elderly oldest old high-spirited, he relied on the light of faith prostrate before the sonorous lines in the dark.Light heart, blood inside the vessel always non-stop rushes forward, his faith and stick to finally ushered in the dawn darkness, his indomitable will become eternal light to illuminate the world people never forgotten.  Painter Wu Guanzhong Do not lead such a light source, his eyes can see are all beautiful colors and bright.He lives with his wife Xiangruyimo, courteous.He one day old on Huangshan painting, misty rain started falling at the time, his wife stand behind him, his right hand on crutches, his left hand holding an umbrella.He looked focused selfless dedication painted with bright eyes have seen, she looked at him respectfully draw, share understanding enough to let the audience moving.  Rain or shine, he consistently maintained the relentless pursuit of the front light source, and never let up.He created the modern Chinese painting evolution of the precedent, the spirit of traditional art and aesthetic ideal of integration, full of modern innovations in the traditional sense of the material, his ingenuity ink painting technique, points, lines criss-cross, in an intuitive and vivid abstract expressionism to rich colors expand like nature, music rhythm movement, giving a strong mood extends a fresh visual impact effect.Both oriental taste intention, but also a vivid and objective of the West.  His practice of “Oil Painting”, “Chinese painting modernization” historical mission and creation theory, committed to “in the country, in the home, at home, in the heart of” national tradition deeply rooted emotional paintings, such feelings he is the choice of life of the light source to achieve the double derivative and development of Chinese and Western art of the perfect unity, he made a great contribution to modern Chinese painting.  Failure looms, vista is more than just a village?Convinced that clear dark solitary journey there will be a bright light shining, convinced that suffering and then a big setback will have brought to light one day.  Read a report, every thought of my heart will be choked.5 months old when the girl was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, arms complete loss of function, can not work.Legs would be difficult to walk, talk also unclear articulation.Weekdays are difficult to put on clothes, even their own, urine naturally difficult to take care of themselves.In order not to trouble others, try to eat her, hardly drink, wear clothes to bed at night.  Since blind mother paralyzed in bed after she spent two years time learned to do all the housework, with both feet wiping, laundry, cooking for the mother, the mother to feed medicine.Her big toe and second toe clip knives chopping, pouring water.From the age of 20 today to take care of his mother for six years, and now her feet are thickly covered with burns were riddled with cuts and scars of wounds.In ordinary people pour a glass of water handy thing, and she threw use more than ten minutes to complete.  Every day, she was approximately two feet torn rigid packaging, poured cups of pills taken, for fear hot to the mother, with the left and right feet have a cup rock sandwich was cooled, then the drug foot end side mother Hello to mouth.Every move, are crafted, day by day, year after year, it becomes the norm and hardships of her life.  Mother worried about their daughter died one day unattended, thinking of his daughter to the mother earn money to buy medicine to eat, do not want to break the drug, also want to buy a power wheelchair to her, to push her in the spring dawn to fresh outside air.  Mother and daughter become indispensable source of one pair, comfort each other in the dark, with each supporting shine.  There are familiar Yang Guang, 2007, “Avenue of Stars” winner.By virtue of his own amazing will, Strength vocals, extraordinary talent reached the tight encirclement, to mimic the famous artist, the star of the film industry known for sound.In the final round, he sang a soulful “If my eyes,” CCTV host asked him: “If one day, gave you a pair of eyes and let you see the light again, the first thing you want most What is seen?”He readily answered, eloquently he said:” Yes mother’s hand.”Eight months old, he has been blind for over 20 years, the mother with her thin shoulders carry the burden of life for him, with both hands her a pair of rough dry to his meticulous care and attention, carefully holding him too road, accompanied him to the school for the blind, rain or shine, never change.Years of change, see the old spring, the mother of his hands more and more ugly, more shriveled, and the son finally under her light fledgling.  What of darkness wanted another big?Because we love you will always have a bright.  Today, I though wandering in a foreign land, when overwhelmed by a single crane, think about the weight of nostalgia, think parents worked hard shoulders, eyes full of hope, they did not dare lightly Defeated.Although I am unable to, it can not become someone else’s light, but in order to have a better family life, I can do my own God, his light hair.

Maotai Group coaching shares rose more than 5% Li Baofang taking over a new term chairman Yuan Renguo

After more than two years, internal Maotai Group ushered in major personnel changes。  CBN reporter learned from within the group, Li Baofang taking over a new term chairman Yuan Renguo Maotai Group。At this point, Li Baofang Maotai Group, who is also party secretary, chairman and general manager of three jobs。  Li Baofang in August 2015 began serving Maotai Group party secretary, vice chairman and general manager positions; also the joint-stock company Moutai (600 519.SZ) Director, took the general manager。Prior to this, Li Baofang identity Commission by letter of Guizhou Province Party Secretary and Director。Li Baofang was inside the office, it is the peak of the replacement of old Maotai Group。  It is worth mentioning that in January 2017, Yuan Renguo part-time deputy director of news Guizhou Provincial People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee, once attracted, or no longer serve as chairman of speculation Maotai, but afterwards was rumor。For the current whereabouts of Yuan Renguo further, the Maotai Group without further aspect respond。  Since Li Baofang entry Maotai Group more than two years time, coincides with the liquor industry usher in recovery。As the leader of the liquor industry, the Maotai Group, the first to recover, but also because of its main products Maotai liquor price inflation problem, but extra attention by the market。In the past more than two years, its listed companies Moutai performance was quite beautiful, revenue from the mid-2015's 326.6 billion yuan climbed to 582 in 2017.1.8 billion yuan; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 155 from 2015.0.3 billion yuan rising to 270.7.9 billion yuan。  With the performance of the company's shares rose, Maotai Group's results have gone up。In the past 2017, the entire Maotai Group sales revenue of 76.4 billion yuan, an increase of 50.5%; the added value of 66.4 billion yuan, an increase of 43.5%; total profit of 40.3 billion yuan, an increase of 57.6%; taxes paid 25.6 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%。  Previously, the Maotai Group proposed to create "hundreds of billions" revenue goals this year is to achieve the goal of tackling the。  In January this year, Li Baofang proposed group "to be able to jump the peaches," to achieve this year's tax revenue 90 billion yuan, an increase of more than 18%。  For Li Baofang next task, no doubt at the same time led the group toward the goal of one hundred billion, also driven by intra-group series wine cooperative development。And within the group a wine (Maotai) dominate not been checked。In fact, Li Baofang also suggested that the group should accelerate the formation of a new situation "1 + N" joint development, since 2018, those who do not have a social welfare nature, does not belong in the construction or pre-production subsidiary projects, are not allowed losses this year about 10% of the Group's share of other revenues other than AG。  With the adjustment of the Group's personnel, whether shares of the company Moutai personnel accordingly adjusted, for the time being that。Group insiders said, mainly specific to the listing。  Moutai shares rose 5 today.33%, closing 698.17 yuan。  Related reports

Trouble it?British supermodel foot coach who has only two strokes to trump national coach

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">British football sport star is England's World Cup number one main striker – Kane (Harry Kane), his coach exactly how to train so promising players?This person should also be a legend bar!But the answer is not the case。Kane had been a model coach, identity named Russell (Russell Allen), once a model of the MTV Music Awards show, carrying the singer Christine (Christina A Kuilai Rama Maria) approach, or even just Shepo nine players the door in time, career performance is not rosy。 How such a mediocrity is to become the coach does Kane?In fact, this paragraph from his experience playing in the United States talking about, when he was heavily influenced by American culture and tactical movement, analysis of the pros and cons war after the game to play the game using the screen, often innovative training courses for the training very interesting , does not make the players feel boring。Because slowly built a reputation for a lot of Premiership players Luosu Cheng coach, Ivory Coast striker Sasha (Wilfried Zaha) and former England international Townsend (Andros Townsend) had hired him, so evaluation is very high, now he is not only England's attack coach, but also a key member of the England coaching staff, if the 24-year-old Kane can get the Golden Boot, he absolutely denied!

HNA Technology Why buy Dangdang official response: to fill?End flow of imports

World Guying wind took things into vast clouds!I wish cultural electricity supplier dare dare Dangdang Dangdang unicorn。Fade out of the public eye for a long time Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing, this microblogging issued, it is given a positive answer to the HNA acquisition of Dangdang。  March 13, Hainan Airlines science and technology stakeholders in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald reporter interview that the acquisitions are now moving forward, the two sides have not yet signed an agreement。Tianhai investment acquisition mainly Chinese Dangdang accumulated in the field of electronic business customer operations experience, big data and brand。"It is now clear ABCD [A (AI) B (block chain) C (cloud) d (large data)] strategies, but the resources are focused B side, to face?Dangdang end of the day may well improve the business section of the sea layout, realize synergies linkage。"Just last week, the Department of Hainan Tian Hai's investment disclosed restructuring progress, the underlying asset is the text of e-commerce Limited Beijing Branch Dangdang Dangdang and Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. related to equity。The transactions involving the issue of shares to buy assets and supporting financing as the case may be。It will not lead to actual change of control after the completion of this transaction。  It is reported that Dangdang valued at $ 1 billion。By 2016, the company 5.$ 5.6 billion in market value privatization, the market value is less than a quarter of the market at the beginning。Old electricity supplier will go from here?Dangdang chairman Yu Yu do not think ownership change will affect the company's development。She said in response, changes in equity levels, reflecting the growing number of options in this era。  Dangdang Dangdang decline was established in mid-1999 by Li Guoqing, Yu Yu and his wife founded, has been called China's "Amazon"。Early effects of dividends by electricity supplier, Dangdang started by the book and gradually expanded into a comprehensive business platform to become a powerhouse in the field of electronic business。In 2010, Dangdang listed on the New York Stock Exchange。  However, the main business Dangdang quickly ushered in the "rival" Jingdong Mall。Since the transformation is not timely, plus electricity supplier external environment changes, Jingdong, Ali rapid rise, especially in the electricity supplier of several "burn" war, Dangdang not keep up with the pace of transformation, and farther away from the front line。  That time, when Suning Tesco Jingdong, Lynx, in the extended electrical goods category, self-built logistics and financial services, Dangdang still stick to their own business books。Li Guoqing said publicly many times, "burn" approach is not desirable, profitable sales can not meaningless。However, he also missed the opportunity to develop。  The most cause for regret, than in 2012。Dangdang with the greatest identity of the business settled Lynx, one million kinds of commodities in books, merchandise category two flagship store settled way。Li Guoqing microblogging revealed the reason of cooperation, "whether it is settled Lynx or Tencent, I have given clear guidance: from the。People who let it flow large。"A way to explain their frustration。  After two giants Alibaba and Jingdong grab the industry for more than 70% market share, vertical electric provider more difficult to survive。Analysys data show, the third quarter of every year 2017, 36 to jingdong.2% of the market share of online book sales has become the first, second, compared with Dangdang, the market share of 35.1%。  China Electronic Commerce Research Center, Ren Caolei Business Herald reporter for the 21st century, said the past decade, online shopping user demand has changed dramatically, while other areas are not penetrate, daily necessities books as the first to be user acceptance, to a certain extent Dangdang advantage of the achievements of the dividend。"Now the user needs to upgrade, whether it is a new retail cross-border electricity suppliers are digging more consumer scenarios。Obviously, books Dangdang want to rely on new opportunities, has been difficult。"Hainan Airlines to?End In fact, in addition to Hainan Airlines, the Amazon and Dangdang previously, Tencent etc came over sex scandal。21st Century Business Herald reporter through the "corporate look" found, Dangdang has more than 30 subsidiary, Beijing Dangdang Cowan e-commerce Co., Ltd. was established in mid-2004 August 24, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, Ms. Yu , Guoqing each stake 50%。  At present, Dangdang main business books, audio, baby, beauty, home, digital 3C, clothing, shoes, bags and other products, import more than three million SKU, of which more than 1.2 million kinds of products books, some more than 3,000 on the investment platform third-party sellers, and operates more than 200 physical bookstores。  Their faces?Ltd. end of the day the sea is an important reason to invest shot。Previously, Hainan Airlines acquisitions on a global scale involving aviation, logistics, hotels, financial services and many other areas, and enter?End market is its next target。  For rumors Dangdang valuation of about $ 1 billion, sources said previous naval science and technology, which need to be re-disclose specific details。Sea investment is the controlling shareholder of HNA days Technology Group, accounting for 20 investment holdings Tianhai.76%, while HNA Group HNA Technology Group holds 96.41% of the shares。  Late last year, Hainan Airlines Group announced a comprehensive strategic transformation。Director of HNA Group Chairman Fu Tong said at a news conference, said it will invest 50 billion yuan to build new digital travel platform HiApp, the main platform for its own operations, the introduction of partners, while not excluding the integration of resources through mergers and acquisitions。  Although many of them at the company's aviation, hotels, airports and other line scene, but the lack of contact of the user's traffic entrance。Investment industry analysts believe that, Tianhai investment after acquisition of the US company Ingram Micro IT supply chain, hesitate to spend $ 6 billion。Dangdang after the acquisition, the two sides may be opened in the IT, financial sector, in order to seek greater market space。  It is foreseeable that, as the electricity supplier industry pioneer, Li Guoqing couples will not easily give up the development of Dangdang。Ms. Yu admitted that at present only one of several possibilities to explore into the Department of Hainan Airlines。"Dangdang prefix, suffix, or I do not have to always be wearing National Day。Dangdang shares even change occurs, the new shareholders did not enemies with the money, but also willing to Dangdang better。"Dangdang Dangdang defected behind HNA dilemma (original title: HNA Technology Why the person to respond to the acquisition of Dangdang: fill?End flow inlet) (Editor: DF318)

He first saw Mo, handle of the rest of his life

He first saw Mo, handle of the rest of his life    ——Xinghan Chiba King Huai Liu wind into sleep, sound cuckoo Tears of Blood Meng resentment。  Tianjin port Duzhou swing song wrapped, painting Flying butterflies dance Pina。    dusk。Xi Yan filled, fragrant crosses, intoxicating eyes glow heaven。Pingtiao Hsuan window, loyalty as clouds, red memo bleed Love。Luoqun the mirror, when the window Yunbin。Tap thin lips purple, green Qian Qin eyebrow makeup, jade hairpin hanging crested, shame, face powder raw red。    West overlooking the bridge, when the Rays although little, is an orange yellow green。Bustling, bustling school of beautiful scenery。    To West Bridge。Dance pink butterfly on the shoulder, light Luo fan flutter, sweet smile flower。Flute blowing sound from Cayman Yonder Xi infinity。Smile hundred pro-life, the four downstream everyone angry drunk。Yurong than youth who, Appreciative difficult to pay affectionate。To be seeking her lover, promised Shanhai Union, mountains edge, of Heaven, filled Sansei stone inscription。    Su Yi belt, wooden folding fan, hair Sunny Yi Jun talent。Qing Yin a red raw silk song, hidden Pathetic, warm clothing adjustment, tipsy feeling exhausted and then laugh Haruno。Encounters。Los Angeles is a name full of talented woman, is a prime wit, meet, when flowers are blooming, some forged puzzled Love。    Brow, diarrhea a wicked ideas, writing on paper dipped Yan Zhilei Duo Yun Xuan full of Melancholy, he carved infiltration of marriage。Beauty of poetry, tenderness everywhere, eyes flow wave, Xi stunning aryl。Yudi long flute two coincide, Su-hand twist, water and wind do tease in front of flowers。Lanterns, lantern dyed blood red, Acacia Man rolled out the red horizon。Return date。When the tip is a sun and the moon, away from resentment, hard to destroy heart。    May frost, low screens, Liu wind worry forget。Beauty aryl, where hidden string and wind lengthy atrial。One thousand webs, the night is young, Regret only sigh too long。Buried next to Sakura, water Mae, Huanhuaxi River worry about people injured。The Moon Palace, Chang E epiphora feast, Fairy leaf shadow Akira。Iraqis makeup, broken kite calamity, hateful dream has been Cang。Afterflame dark, was stirred chilling, the star point residues Plum。A lonely paper of mandarin duck fly, off the edge and filled with red Jian, Jin new sentence is turned off resentment。Butterfly Dream residues, heartbroken hiding, a corner spacer day bomb Sizhu。    Ink brush, the Yisuoyanyu, chanting overnight sigh。Thousand nights to find wine thousand nights worry, string and wind slow, difficult to sing off, the roots always Acacia dirt。    Sauvignon Blanc looks Yi Xi, Xi Acacia infinite very short。When you meet difficult Bie, trouble thinking too annoying when missing。Somewhere all God。Marriage made in heaven, Huaiyin joking to pull strings。Candle night, the room full of flowers, from the happy match, juniors words。Prayer Diocese, drinking incense, offering moonlight。Shanhai Union, Kam book sealed, Nanshan lights were this life。    Want that time, I first saw you, this life will end edge。Light clouds, the wind Liu Xiang, butterfly orchids open Mulberry inside。Blood setting sun, clear song learning, Wind River water drip month。Zhu Ying Shake, Stir waist, provoking trouble long flowers。Cut candle west, dream heart Wu, hall full moon hovering step。Tanabata night, Magpie Bridge off, Wan Shou string harps with view。    Past repair the same boat, whose son cultivation bed can sleep。Carrying drink sake, a total of around Tori, fragrant and groaning Netherlands。Autumn waves, Danguixiang, Jishu and then back to Yan Lang。Chunhua gradually woke up, cut Yan Liu Ying, boat embrace the water to see duckweed。Fly haze, laughing micro wind, cloud Ya Wan Shou Yu drunk grains。Butterfly around the flower dye, silk cotton leaf wrapped, Acacia Xia even dyed sky。Hui ink marks, and Full text back to the root of the word poetry affections。Snapshots snow, palace pavilions, stars Hanyue blood lantern。Soft snow, blue refers to Kou, real estate broker hook dialing month。    Nianhua smile juniors too, Huanhuaxi River Eighteen Springs。  Mo first met the red trail, handle Yusheng Qing point case。

German IFO president: Greece out of the euro should be temporarily

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK May 22 news this week has been heated discussion about the Greek debt default and triggered Greece out of the euro。On Wednesday, a senior ruling party official said Greece If you can not obtain additional assistance, Greece may not be able to repay the IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) June 5 due loans。汉斯维尔纳辛 En (IFO), president of the German Institute for Economic Research said that Greece should be allowed to temporarily leave the eurozone。  Singh said: "The Greek government has already insolvent。If you are a business, then, to delay the announcement of the loss of liquidity process will be illegal。Now is the time for the Greek debt write-down dramatically and take more aggressive measures to help the Greek。"Sinn always supported Greece out of the euro。He said that if the stay in the euro, it is difficult to imagine that Greece can solve its problems, but he also said that Greece out of the euro does not have to be permanent。  He said: "If we allow the euro to become more flexible, a country can temporarily leave and then come back after the devaluation, rather than trying to impose internal devaluation, is it not better?Forced internal devaluation will push up unemployment and cause upheaval。"The Greek anti-austerity government's negotiations with international creditors recently reached an impasse on the issue of reform。  If negotiations break down, the Greek government said it will give priority to the payment of wages and pensions, debt service on the next。Greece owes the IMF loan will have 1.5 billion euros due next month, which expires June 5 amounting to 300 million euros。  London & Capital investment officer Axiaokesha said: "Now more clear that Greece can not have the ability to repay, you may want some kind of renewal, continue to cut interest rates to pay, so it is hard to define it as a breach of contract。After "due to political instability and other factors, in 2014 the Greek six-year recession ended, a quarter of negative economic growth again。(Shofu compilation)