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Choose this path, knees have to finish

REVIEW: withered heart will always suffer embarrassment, mental break, no extra choice in the face, so that you hit like a lottery like the Grand Canal.Jian Xue you do injustice?We hear only ridicule, sarcasm, word of the cross arrow, criticism, lash out.  Choose this path, knees have to finish.Very chance to hear the silence in the dark soul of hysterical, dying mouth transports enough strength, suddenly shouted a loud sonorous.This should be ready a long time before the outbreak of violent.I think there are heavy burdened not move the shoulders, knees knock on the rough stone steps, his teeth clenched with an oath not to change, eyes embodies the determination not to break down, not to weaken the deep cold, and arrogant on the face, fingers clutched the attitude towards life can not be deserting.Climb, slowly move the body forward, knees bloody.This is not to Qigao world, seek “My heart still pity”.Like to see the wide back that radiates faith and the spirit of golden light.See logistics ideal, the ideal along the road, moving figure.At this point, does not sympathize with the initiation of fiber situation, the poor will not drop tears.Only blessing of the bell sounded for the travel of the figure can show their earlier encounter with the future.    For me, as if groping in the dark, he met scratched bright flint.Looking back it seems wonderful fantasy can bring a ray of grass in the non-interest-bearing scorched earth’s dying breath.As if caught in dangerous waves in the rapids, helplessly waving limbs, caught a floating body of the tree section.As if on the cliffs tumble, grab a cliff climbing ivy.Time seems to be pushed to the Meridian Gate of despair in the soul, hear “Daoxialiuren” first aid.A friend is a biker, frustrated, determined not regret.I’ve seen whispering posture when riding a motorcycle on his computer desktop, greatly motorcycle tilt, knee almost touching the ground.Across from him not far from the towering mountains.Overall composition is casual coincidence, it has brought shock effect.That’s him, my friend, a man with a tireless love for motorcycle.He was saying this to me when, eyes tightly twisted, sharp focus most of Emmanuel, puncture stalemate struggle.He came to his mind the target process, you can fall again and again, and again and again to reshape the man steadfast in upholding, encouraged not discouraged after he fell to the real situation in the unrelenting potential gas.Exhausted all the time given to life, but also how many people can face their own against the intended target it?If all because unattainable goal, that holds the power in their own difficult to achieve, do not stop before this, only empty the mind to think back to a moment of pleasure, life will seem no meaning and charm.Chose the mountains, rugged choice, select rivers, selecting waves, the scenery different way of life filled with bags of their own.Process does not go through challenges, do not try bone toughness, even the chance to regret that there will not be.    This is a deep pool of mist dragon excluded volley wide open big mouth, breathing situation domineering.This is a fierce Tigers trees stand dead of night, it is the king of the mountains shout out the sharp sound of the giant.This is the Firebird ashes, reproduce the beauty of life when burning.This is the top of the waterfall whirl fish jumped the most perfect posture.Sometimes, in his hand a colloquial speech, when the bite Chunchi Jian, flashing passion of my heart, the blood will not consciously vitality Bentu.In front of the Green Wave waves, in time for the spring, the life ahead shake, defeated decadent.Gloomy clouds have to give way, retreat will no longer go to Renee.A very common word, the flame jet, with bursts Xiaofeng, seen in red cracks extending winding, i.e. at the instant eruption.Singer singing soul find inspiration again, with a roar broke heroic throat loudly sing gorgeous life movement, led colorful Huayu, covered with dry brown branches.Warriors rout unchanging way of heels, standing in the cold wind, the front knife flashed conviction.Allow failure, can not forgive the barren heart, can not put faith in the mud, dirt erosion day by day.    Withered heart will always suffer embarrassment, mental break, no extra choice in the face, so that you hit like a lottery like the Grand Canal.Jian Xue you do injustice?We hear only ridicule, sarcasm, word of the cross arrow, criticism, lash out.Who would listen to you sincere fervent heart Poubai.Even with cheap sympathy, pity you strayed into doubt decadence, this brief understanding does not play any substantive role.Your path can only go on your own, with your feet, inch by inch to leave this life does not go through the virtual imprint.Even essentially just a nag run faster, not to nobody of spontaneous.Can not run to the pleasures bring Fleet of Foot, then the two sides of the same landscape will not miss, if we continue to move forward with, limping foot slid forward, knees to creep forward.Have a great life now create miracle possible, I believe that tenacious faith will be touched by starlight blink Guan Qiao, you will find the spiritual realm of freedom in the foreground fantasy style.A tireless fun doing crazy birds chirping, until a thin body, depleted blood, that song had not interrupted Ming.    Walking on city roads on both sides of the road is standing tall redwoods, the branches have not attached a coniferous.On the other side there is a line not massiveness holly road this winter to become lighted landscape, green life is not marginalized in our line of sight.Chela wind season never leaves its crown, its body may not be cut carefully engraved with the symbol of the spirit, that does not frown frowning.I think they are afraid of fear like this season, tighten the neck, not micro-contempt, does not sing, nor frolic, but did I feel them calling for help immobile.In the season cycle of turmoil, no bombshell inherent color green was still strong, still dare to show up the primary color of life, this is not a miracle, but rebelled against certain rules, reduction of real life.Praise should reveal their statements for them, which they deserve praise.At this point, the fragile hypocritical, legalistic comply with the rules already have exit, leaving only the ocean can move the flood of real life.This is Holly gives us a lesson: this world nothing is impossible.And life is not like a faded color of holly.    Zaozao words in every possible way for the cowardly defense of a surprising flaws are just a big lie.Misfortune to scratch the scalp, face bloody, but also to show the posture of the brave in the face of flames Baoluo.Healthy and strong, rather shift the heart of the first white?Poor and benefits firm, does not fall Albatron ambition.Do not care about the sound of the songs of Chu Xiao, do not care about Pipa in the House of Flying Daggers, no matter what life situation Lu Yu, also should head high, kill it Pianjiabuliu.Try to break open door days, Discovery future unknown secret, rather than waiting for a current affairs arrangements.Zhuangxin not all the old and years, the dead can still make a male ghost.Hao first white head, determined not regret, everyone’s bones have to be reckoned with power, which can be erected top day will flow away in vain.    Season looks bleak, reflected in the holly around the blade, was old brown, but overall it can be surrounded by green branches hold the body under the mutual.The most gorgeous and was quiet, calm and relaxed while Li Fen carry forward.I am afraid that winter is the real moment coming wave of the devil, those branches were cut residue is the strongest evidence.Can also remain in the sincere belief that this time, collect the sun’s warmth, the light of hope polymerization, the industry set the color of life, in the midst of fleeing the sound does not lose the stolen Resurrection like drift, do not wilt in the most indifferent silence bad, not melancholy, scared not hungry, not stiff interest, do not complain denounce, and to endure the temperature dips, beating rain, snow frost stimulation.It has apparently forgotten in the whirlpool rapids dangerous, forget the thin winter air rage of cruel, forget the night long, and my heart is oh IN TRADITIONAL tree with a star candle, it will only imagine the face red Xia, wearing a spring dress, hair between spring, Chiu Ying Lu refers to the foot of woven cotton, only to see a Castle, a path of flowers, fly first-class stream, its own way out of a paved road in the gaze.    Quiet night sitting alone, wandering mind.Music was hit very low volume, the feeling is very far away from the forest came the deep voice of the Buddha, great penetrating the divine.Every note has been carefully scrub, is Motome very light very light way, tapping the strings of my heart erected.If there is a distant figure at May, who is being gradually dyed dust, release the window light, bright and clean and do not flash suddenly.This is the guiding light, paper lanterns are held in the hands, he told nocturnal footsteps, nocturnal longing.A pair of eyes in the dark for whom bright, snowflake whom long white sky, there is a bright red plum blossom in the cold for whom, in whom there is a heart beating to death, for whom there is a cavity Qingsi lonely place flying.Seeing this, not The revival of the nerves, excitedly opened the door and ushered in the night looked ransacked wind.Even if the doors and windows closed, the heart that does not feel the urgency.You must see the way, know how proudly.The new branches are on the run regardless of the season you can instantly blossoming rose red, grape purple, white magnolia, yellow chrysanthemums, which is twist off the mustache can not imagine the magic.Night distraction space we imagine, a room with a bunch of lights will Guiwei chapter can be achieved, regardless of time staged passion.    Wealth is not obscene and rank music, this man is Haoxiong.Not everyone has the opportunity to do the ringing Haoxiong.We absolutely can manipulate their own lives, it branches green leaf, vitality.We may not be able to do a moved nine miles of Mirs, but ninety thousand sky can be the target of our territory and the journey of the imagination.”Choose this path, knees have to finish this adventure is not brave, truth is not wise, not self-advertised, not a vanity approach, but should return in true nature, true ideals, true personality will really sects.I saw him wine marks stained clothes fluttering in the wind into a floating exhibition banner.

chat .Love

Ancient Greek mythology, he said: In to the ancient, man is a ball kind of thing, there are four arms, four legs, four ears, a long head with two faces was observed in the opposite direction.The ability to make people feel uneasy gods of Mount Olympus, Zeus decided: by a hair, the portrait as cut cut egg.People from becoming weak, and walk on two legs.After the people were divided into two halves, each half are eager to pounce on the other half, intertwined, embrace, a strong desire to integrate.So, earthly love had.    Fee Le Bach said: love, is to become a man.    Pu in his work created much soul-stirring love story, let secular people have to sigh, longing for the good of all.    A fox, a flower, a soul.All are Emotion Shigeyoshi, some adventure, once itinerant, a love, are also magnificent.    A Citylink “Citylink Shi Xiaolian have female characters, embroidery work, notices, tender love of the Father.”Citylink, beautiful talented woman, known propriety, good at embroidery.His father took her “tired embroidered” Ode levy teenager, in fact, wanted to female Zexu.    ”Less negative Cai Ming,” “more than twenty years,” Joe students, after watching wrote two poems, of which there are two: “Deep Sorrow stabbed to Yuanyang, dark moth double stop sewing Organization.”The Poetry and Ming, the emotion will be in two young hearts, as the flood burst spewing out endless.Why?”Deep Sorrow stabbed to Yuanyang, dark moth double stop sewing Organization.”Embroidery thorn very lost when the mandarin duck, stop sewing frowned.Think what?Of course they are young and beautiful, but not as pairs like mandarin ducks.Joe students read the Citylink desire for love.Citylink very happy, everyone they boast Joe raw talent, but also secretly sent Pufu send gold to help the.Joe student exclaimed: “My friend also Citylink!”Two hearts resonate, still do not know each other’s way, it may have been less important now!Between heaven and earth, love, because you know, this is the true meaning of love.    However, the true love of the road, often accompanied by thorns of obstacles, and only a brave man, a sincere heart to the clutter and Outrageous.    Although born Joe “less negative Caiming” “There are human liver and gallbladder,” but “still Yan Jian”.Shi Xiaolian mind, the Citylink promised to the son of the king into merchants, Citylink will be bedridden in depression.Dying on the occasion, a Toutuo to, out of a prescription: do medicine-chest with head meat a money man.At this point, parents or the selfish son exposed the true face, laughed and said: “crazy old man, also want to cut out my heartstrings!”Joe decided Getting born after door, hand-cut meat to the head chest Toutuo, save her lover’s life.    Earth moving and, just so!    Love is giving, dedication.You, my heart is my flesh, for you no regrets!    Life, landscape thousands, only in the event of life Hom, who is a romantic flower perishable wind, who is waiting for a solid warm, it was known.    Love of flesh, and the stone is also the nod!So the man of her daughter, Shi Xiaolian also deeply moved, want to practice. “There’s the wife of flesh” promise.    Since then, the lovers get married, Shuangsushuangfei only envy the duck does not envy cents.How happy!    Can be, it should be the phrase sometime the old saying, the more good feelings, the more we should be subjected to cruel test.    In the face of death into rout of King he jumped out, persist possession of Citylink, to sue government.    Qiao Shi Xiaolian had to be timid students invited, trying to flesh grace daughter Xie.Joe Health huff: “So the servant who does not love meat Ying, talk to friends and ear newspaper.Qihuorouzai!”What a” newspaper confidant ear “!A good student Joe!This love is so pure.    A big crowd, I enriching a friend, too, I fortune, lost in my life.This love can be met only, not make.    Citylink, is lucky, have not masked, it has been the most sincere love of life.Appearance is not attractive, but the friend of the soul.Citylink, enough!    Can, in the face of reality, two know and love hearts had to face the pain of separation.So, Citylink sent Pufu comfort Joe Chan said: I dreamed three years to die, why should you competing with them, “Izumishita objects”.    Qiaosheng Ming really said that his love for Citylink is the confidant of love: “who was friends to die, not Israel also.”As long as concentric, but a form of marriage, a long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night.From then on, I just loaded full of you, to be in future meet your spring laugh, and I know that is.    Citylink keep loyal, Anger died when forced merchants in.Joe went to pay students, but never a pain, from the underground phase.    ”Big dead, servant dare Health!”Without you, I live alone have been meaningless, just want to follow you, ah Zai Sheng Yuan knot!    End of the story is perfect.Their infatuation moved in the nether friend, too heavy to revive at a friend’s help.For the life and death of love from drawing on the successful close.    ”The advent of what love is?Straight people Shengsixiangxu.”Born for you, die for you, the same love of life and death.    True, the rich and the poor do not go beyond, beyond time and space.A sense of heaven and earth, spirits visibly moved.    So, true love, forever praised, blessed.    Second, Rui Yunrui cloud Hangzhou courtesan, high social status, a poor Hesheng Xi Huan her, but no ability to get together with her, to give her ransom.    Soon to a scholar, on zuiun forehead pressed a finger, said: “Unfortunately, unfortunately.”Scholar to go, zuiun leaving a black mark on his face, and larger day by day, beauty zuiun become ugly ghost-like class.    Former crowds, busy disappeared, taken away a sheltered, fine hairpin Beauty is removed, once the darling of being driven into slavery, increasingly weak, increasingly haggard.    This time, however Hesheng Yi Tian cargo tipping, her ransom.Zuiun ashamed, since the hidden wall, is his wife refused to itself, morally Sheng He said: “The severe life friends, Qing Sheng when I still kept in the dark, Am I so bad to forget Qing Zai!”Only this one really made the whole deaf deaf, how much shame so fickle man, woman lie in how much the world to tears.    Israel things for others, love and useless and relaxation, which is like a beautiful woman could not escape the bad luck since ancient times.Zuiun is happy when color is no longer, He was still relatively raw truth.Ugly face has been like a ghost, she is still a crush in the secular ridicule, the increasingly Feeling.    End of the story is equally successful.After birth it scholar coincidence points on zuiun amount of ink, with the help of a scholar, the final wash is zuiun black marks surface smooth bright complex for beauty, as the year.    Scholar laments: “The world really was the only man capable of passionate, not easy to read but also to beauty and ugliness.”Love is not concerned with the beauty and ugliness, is not beyond the change of change, this is the true meaning of love.    Zuiun is lucky, the case of “pity it’s really a warning,” to keep the body clean, must have married lover.In addition to the story that much lovestruck woman Baoqing Lang, let’s find a trace of power, to believe in the existence of true love.    Young, we always smooth and easy to fall in love with your beautiful face, however, time is fleeting, Youth and old, stay in love this flesh can withstand the time you spend?    ”Israel things others can get better when?”The ancients says.    So, we have taken the trouble to ask his lover, you love me reason?While expectations in his eyes is the most beautiful, while they worry about his own love of beauty, tangled repeatedly over and over again, to the subtleties of unhappy love began to suspect.Who do not want to accept the outcome and useless love Chi.    So, zuiun is every woman’s dream of permanent.In this dream, I stopped looking, warm and safe.In this dream, perfect to real people.

Butterfly fly, but the sea of tears left behind on the other side

Anne’s “sea butterfly” quiet and beautiful, with a little fragile, arouse dormant soul Qianyindichang.It has been such a comment, like Annie who have experienced varying degrees of spiritual vicissitudes.The appearance of bears has pretty old soul, but the heart is free and lonely, such as butterfly wings, half white, half shadow.Perhaps life really as butterflies, blind and gorgeous, because carrying too many vicissitudes, it is destined to fly, but the sea, the drops can only tears left behind in the other side of the flowers.    Pain after the baptism of love, like the butterfly metamorphosis, as long as the pain experienced that cracks before they can from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly flew up into the bright blue sky, free.Always hovering in the air only, could not fly over the vast sea, which is not its fault, but settled across the heart of the sea had no wait, why do we have to struggle, some in vain?    Listening to Faye Wong’s “Butterfly”, a few tears rolled down her cheeks unconsciously, without the slightest sign of.This is Lindsay lyrics of style, always so perfect, people may feel the international side and then.”Not open to the lips, already hurt each other.Dating never settle down, do not want to look forward to.Not hang up the phone, the feelings have perished, wait you are a butterfly comes and goes fast.Give me a hand, you rely.Give me a eyes, see you leave.Like butterflies fly, but the sea, who bear no blame.”Beautiful lyrics, pure and honest tone, Faye Wong to sing only the illusion of a real mood of the lyrics Lindsay.    Read everything about butterflies and sea stories, and would like to read that part could not escape the fate of love.    ”Give me a moment of your favorite.Give me life, give you leave.”This is a sea of a butterfly once vows of love.The bitterness, the butterfly has been away from the sea, loved each other once they become strangers.Just to be among the occasional casual, butterflies will think deeply imprinted in the heart of the sea, always used to remember the quiet night in, quietly guarding memories.    Never mind the sea butterfly can not fly, just because butterflies thin and its rich contrasts, how can?Fireworks fade away as the general departed love, pure and helpless butterfly can only choose to leave quietly.Forget what is easy?Only little by little from the once buried bit better, as long as they can think of is the eternal occasionally.    ”Because I love you, why they want to leave you.”When the butterfly on the sea say those words, tears dripping butterfly in the arms of the sea, the sea can only choose silence.Even the sea loved butterflies, butterfly in terms of only a dream.When waking, the sea is still the sea, more rich content inclusive.Butterfly is still a butterfly, but lost in the heart of the vast expanse of the sea.    The world has too many unpredictable turn of events and could not help themselves and the clutch, missed a turn might have life, you need to?Long-precipitation to infiltrate, and for all the efforts, eventually arrived, but a casual joke of fate.    Only that one eat only a little butterfly, was meant every flower of recorded soul, back to earth between dreaming to fly over the sea, to find happiness in this life and reincarnation, helplessly weak overall wings fly, but the sea, only tears left behind on the other side.    Gradually cold days, falling leaves alone, Piaoxu memory bloom on any lonely, withered.Gorgeous light and shadow and forbear bursting out with a sad back.Years gorgeous elaborate, emotional undercurrents gradual, fragile desolate life, there is always a poignant and often let us burst into tears of regret.As Butterfly Lovers, a lifetime pursuit, Wang Chuan waiting, only to spend the butterfly.    All romantic chat but only water, had only shadow, without leaving marks.Heartache slowly dispersed, disappointed more and more dense, a thing of the past do not know how to cry.He opened his eyes, saw just the other side of a fireworks rising, can not touch, also can not be eternal.The sea is so far away that only a butterfly’s life with all waited a long wait to languish in a poem.    People get lost in the crowd, eventually broken wings, the wings sank in the sea.    The last vestiges of strength exhausted, the last trace of Zinfandel sprinkle do, crashed into the sea in that, left behind on the other side of the tears just rolling.

Blue Bird came

A man walked lazy pace, step by step when near the cemetery, empty heart suddenly become full, almost the same as the shape of the face of the earth bread, the heart suddenly happy, all day dealing with the living, and more how much less allow yourself to become smooth cautious in dealing with people, and this way of life, is not my favorite.Today, we are facing a group of extremely quiet and do not speak and who can finally weekdays off his mask disguise, everything becomes so leisurely.    But the cemetery is a bread and soil formation up, they might be friends during his lifetime, maybe not know each other, but meet here spend, can be considered a fate it!In the cemetery soil steamed bread, almost no identical, which scattered the earth bread, you can see at a glance the wealth of the points, mostly wealthy family grave with cement courtyard surrounded by a shape, and is not rich the others, but with simple black soil of the deceased person in an inconspicuous position.Cemetery there is a path, people can clearly see both sides of the bread soil, I walk through the front of each one tombstone will stop, carefully looking at the stone carving above the word, surprised to find that the original seal is also a art.Each walked a bread, I will be slowed down softly, I fear that this uninvited guest who will sleep awakened, it becomes crept, even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe it, in my opinion, such a move also I regarded as a courtesy and respect it.    Walking Xing Xu, a bunch of shiny gold so I could not open my eyes, I thought I found a treasure of Solomon, was also a little excited about, closer inspection, turned out to be a courtyard-style grave, yard lined with two small lion, lion stood beside two lantern made of glass, very nice, down into the yard, there is a cement paved with Yong Lu, Yong Lu is the top of the tall shiny gold soil bread, carefully looked at the bulldozers bread, with yellow sand up, the first instinct told me that this is not the tomb of the Han people, because people here, and there is no custom of sand piled with grave, are using black the soil out of the heap, relying a little closer, a little closer again, I whispered to myself.And forward a few steps, turned out to be found behind the monument there is a screen made of cement, some text that says I do not know, look at the yard, all with some colored flags around, I looked after more tombstones concluded that this is a minority, but also assert that this is not the official owner of the tomb of the sons of a rich man, or how willing a dead body in such extravagant handwriting, and my heart still quite admiration, facing this before leaving bowed enemy position, I also considered not white study of a.    Looking at the time still early, do not want to go back early and found a dry place to lie on your back down, head, white clouds floating in the blue sky in the distance, the mountains stretch under the cloud, like a giant doing the ferocious claws, but looking hard to see but very quiet and peaceful, presumably cloud in Castle month in view of such a day is it!The distance from time to time came the old cattle moo..Moo…Cry, whine graveyard occasionally heard the sound of several more crows, even such things on Earth and orderly conduct, presumably, Bluebird always stay here, the seeds of happiness are also streaming into the this no words, the seemingly desolate land.    Sunset west, got up and went to the graveyard around the circle, eyes looking at the sunset shines on the cold stone, stone and sunset coldly in the eye, it seems to send out a happy laugh, say here is desolate and cold, but, here is the Blue Bird came to the place ah!

Before parting little sad

Before parting little sadness Today is the eighth day of the countryside.Dandelion social practice team also made significant Wuchuan City Wu Township elementary school engaged in teaching activities.Today I went to high grade class to class, and then I went to all of the students said they would fold paper cranes, but when I want to teach them to fold when they are seriously listening, really do not know still fold humble in school, or before the beginning of class lied about it?Throughout the course of the classroom, all the students are listening carefully, some students even folded and folded, even sought the advice of a teacher in the future, they will re-fold over completely understand the whole process.Several students also love to give me a break, although the class was over, but the students are very warm, do not give me away, I want to continue to teach them to fold paper cranes.After the completion of the first class, I looked at the students’ own class to class, they are still so positive, the teacher never afraid of the cold field.Several students asked me if I was leaving the day after tomorrow, and I say they are, they are also coming next year I asked.They talk to me today, during a chat not only pleasure, as well as in front of our teachers will soon little sad parting.Another day we leave, they say goodbye to the last day of classes will be sure they will come, will come farewell teacher.Today, found that many children are lovely, low-grade classmates have baby fat, is particularly lovely, and high school students have their own thoughts, say words are very funny, let us laugh and cry.Students will leave the day after tomorrow significant development in elementary school, not willing to here, this unique memories I will keep in mind the.Just students here have feelings will leave, the teacher this career really good, feeling a kind of students everywhere, I hope the students can remember me.

Back to travel bag

Since when is wanted and friends nearby, a place to go with’ve never been to a wash between the soul.Let your mind and body are integrated into the rivers and mountains between strangers, or in some strange street taste different customs, read a different life and stories.Well I want their leisurely stroll in the ancient period and long street, every building in the room; at every street corner; flying in every clothes, children between people living in harmony with a smile, read the opening paragraph quaint and vicissitudes of history and legend.    Back to travel bag!    In between the daily cycle of work to go to work housework and so on, repeating the repeat of the street between, I seem to numb the nerve, sensory exhaustion.Every time I see a friend riding a bicycle flying in simple street pictures in the landscape.Watching them uninhibited smile, carefree expression, free to relax body and mind, my heart is bitter envy back.Ye Hao really want their time in the occasional escape from the familiar streets, not the face of familiar faces around the unit and, let me put the whole body and mind are handed over to strangers together for some well-intentioned, make their brief forget the days full of surprises had this unhappy and a little embarrassed.I just really want to integrate into a new scenery, feel a kind of different senses.In a strange, let their escape included a successful lie in.    In a friend’s nearby, I willingly agreed to this trip.I was humming a cheerful song, will travel package to pack properly at home, just waiting for the day of travel, get a car, so the car carrying me away from this temporary familiar streets and buildings, but also there are visible at all times and to keep smiling nod of greeting familiar faces.I’m going to sit on the travel of the car, so that my heart flying up, happy, relaxed, do not worry about whether it will be late for work, do I need to do to catch dinner time, if there is to pack endless housework, I just need slight nap in the car on a long journey, listen to others with feelings of joy leisure loud.    Perhaps, we are looking forward to this journey mood, so I look forward to endless.I always miss the memories every time travel, I always make those memories in my heart, let me finish, let me nostalgia.I can clearly remember the encounters and surprises at every attractions.Those unique flavor snacks eaten, those braving the street strings barbecue, as well as at the beach leaving our footprints Wangwang, picked up beautiful shells.The memory of lying on the beach starfish blue bark, pick up, hold in your hand, yet soft and smooth.Each dish is so tender and delicious seafood.When I have memories welling up from the depths of my mind, the more I look forward to this trip up.    Friends get together, want to be able to find a strange and beautiful town, so that my tired hiding in between King Street streetscape.It can be said with some leisurely intimate Huaer; can together hand in hand gallop unbridled laughter in the streets; you can take some exaggerated embracing the photo; you can squeeze in a bed cranky.This is how people look forward to the day ah.When friends during a busy day could not gather up the moment, these seemingly simple picture of happiness is even more precious.    Probably grown up a lot, we can not noisy and capricious.But when we climb the mountain high, we are facing the mountain shouting: We climbed the hill!Or sing loud melodious songs Listening to the stirring voice echoed in the mountains between the water, and my heart filled with lofty sentiments and aspirations.In the heroic mountain, our mind was forthright up.The body and mind into the mountains, and let the unknown flowers occasionally jump out of our amazing eyes; let the mountains naughty squirrels jumping in front of us; let spring flowing knocking singing our hearts the joy of.To escape the cycle of repeat repeat, let my body and mind integration between new joy and surprise, let me relax the body and mind during this short trip, forget the old days of trouble, do for the advent of a new temporary busy the rest.    The back of the bag, we travel!Make their escape Long tired, so that my footsteps pursue happiness, the beauty of body and mind linger in between.Happy departure!Run on a pot of tea fragrance to your mood.Among strange picturesque landscape, enjoy Yunjuanyunshu Cheong, watching the sun cheeks red horizon, watching the setting sun painted the sky blooming rouge cheeks.In between the evening breeze blowing gently, counting the stars of the shadow.Listen to the sound of running water, we were sitting in the comfort of grass, quietly recollection of past youth, the future of the Imagination dream.Just between the strange street landscape, leaving a string of beautiful feet I!

Autumn Melody

This autumn rainy, it was several days.When the sky finally cleared, the autumn is nearing completion, early winter has been followed.When the sun just above the horizon, little by little came out, I walked across the piece of concrete road between the blue stone tile, heels step on the wet ground, issued by the crisp sound.    When passing through the garden path, I saw on the ground there are many small snail, they are tightly attached to the ground, tentacles outstretched, as if looking around.Early in the morning leaves one by one in the wind sway, long before falling to the ground up, small snails will quietly moved to the following leaves inadvertently, perhaps because hiding there, they do not feel the bleak autumn of the bar.I picked up the leaves on the ground, even still remained above the green life, went down a place in Yezi Gang, there is a tiny snail, its tentacles straight stand in the wind, when I came across it, its tentacles across my index finger, quietly curled back into a spiral shell, the moment I seem to feel the tentacles of color left in my palm, where there are warm temperatures.I also picked up a snail in my hand and my heart, let it lie on the leaves, safely enjoy the autumn sun.Xu little snail is tired, it tentacles away, quietly lay on my palm.Enjoying this stubborn little life, suddenly I liked this fall, like it warm, like it can nurture life with the warm sun of melody.    Tiny snail seemed asleep, I carefully holding it, lest it disturb the beautiful dream.I put it together and leaves on the window seat, where the autumn wind less, but also the warm sun shine every day.I hope I did not accompany every moment, only looked happy little snail can sleep, because it’s this lonely late autumn temperature is the most moving melodies.

Ash, SJ and fleeting

REVIEW sun in early May, gently scattered on Sophora japonica, Sophora japonica fragrant, attracted insects butterfly Quartet, you see those butterflies, birds like this piece of jungle partner, singing and dancing with SJ fragrance unaware day, forming some good scenery alone the United States.    SJ Hong stimulated a year.Yesterday afternoon, my colleagues and to the suburbs, to visit Piedmont, not far from there a large white Huaihua catches our eyes, this spectacular scenery got us into a long marvel among!  Marveling over, then there is a Unit fresh smell to the wind, which is floating out Huaihua fragrance, refreshing, but not be said of their body, know the taste, you can know the heart, his love drunk!Passions of SJ’s a full its seductive mystery!Some people spend compared to women, than this really, and I love the same woman as Sophora, fresh and pure love of the sex of the elegant chic, unpretentious love!  SJ words, we can not forget the tree, in our northern, Ash out of the bud is relatively late some people also call them “stupid Huai,” Ash life is no requirement, as long as the soil of the place, they sprout roots can grow where where strong cold tree, character more frank, calm, Northern men have a strong quality!  Ash in the north we can say is a very common species, hard wood, especially that it is sharp spines on the branches of fear-thirds.In small, I often take on a withered tree branches, while parents are not at home when the scare my sister, and now a few years past, wizened locust branches has become my childhood memory of the passage of the text, however, the young time of one scene still appears surfaced in my mind!  SJ temperament, Ash’s character, again and again impressed our people that a heart aloof, for which we admire, respect, and even to brave pursuit!  Today, SJ Hong year after year, and we came one day but years less one day!  Come before this locust tree forest, tree groves still be years still have vestiges of crushed leaves of weeds, year-old has been incomplete, but after some time carrying memories, so my heart will suddenly give birth to a pair of the passage of time sigh and heartbeat!Today SJ fragrant, fresh still, and when we look at the years, his appearance early on was years old!  Everyone from the past came to be staring at the delicate blossoming of Sophora japonica on Ash I know what a wonderful life is no longer a tangled past, good living in the moment, and that is for life of a commitment, this spirit of Huaihua, deeply infected me!  Peony Festival, the Peach Blossom Festival, I want to have a section of Huaihua, it is not more beautiful you?  Sunshine early May, gently scattered on Sophora japonica, Sophora japonica fragrant, attracted insects butterfly Quartet, you see those butterflies, birds like this piece of jungle partner, singing and dancing with the fragrance of Sophora japonica totally One day, forming a landscape of independence OK, there is not much reason, my thoughts soon immersed in here!Thought of my childhood, youth.Young love, I long for the same temperament woman like a peach, but also long for aristocratic women as partners, but, until today, I found this fragrance Sophora japonica, elegant, and has a natural resistance to affection actions Women’s brigade, but also something that is not an ideal world of marriage?  Unfortunately yourself which season already missed, but deep feelings SJ showing that a part this season in the moment, they have to let us do this wow!  Facing SJ Mind fantastic, I think the recent marriage of popular television programs, older, younger, divorced, single and lonely, will step into this stage, put on a elegant, delicate, selling , there are people canvassing, sometimes I just want to do this, so the speculation will take our place where truth and love?Not a criticism, I just do not feel natural to forget that a quality man-made taste in makeup, the same as love, for a true love no matter how far Emotion is a memory verses will warm us hearts!  Good masters of the poor children, this is the opera “The Red Lantern,” the libretto, perhaps because of my reasons for disadvantaged families, and other people, I prematurely understand life, also learned to cherish.At that time, rural life in the big collective, a family just relying on food rations distributed to the brigade to survive, not to mention life, is a very hard thing, my memory, my parents always team work overtime to earn a little work points, even so, our family life is still unable to do this, as helpless as parents also have to rely on people digging wild, playing SJ, etc. to fill their stomachs, and now my mother to do at that time of Huaihua when the dumplings are still a smell in my line of sight four overflow before nose!SJ mother made dumplings one by one to give us caught in the bowl, revealing a happy smile from time to time in her face, a person eating with relish, the day although some hard, but it was a happy smile but she never left me deeply missed!During that time, those people, that Huaihua.Moved by the occasion, happy or sad, all at this moment comes quietly!I will still be impressed by this text, recall, I just want to again remind ourselves, cherish the moment!  Through the locust tree forest, is already more than four points, early summer, the sun is still so bright, mild!Looking fieldwork, long difficult to find, the world everywhere that read green text, the real scenery is really almost beyond our imagination in the text, I am witnessing eyeful of green, again deep in thought, thinking , green in our text in the original is so weak, you see, that Yi Keke trees, down the hill which patches of wilderness, Sophora japonica flower petals in it only on a hillside, a fully manifest in nature wonderful life, and our people?Several people in life can be like the trees and the flowers flying insects, so no regrets?  Another year Huaihua incense out of acacia trees in the forest, my heart is still tangled, but this woods green grass, engraved on the hillside, to the woods adds unlimited vitality!Let my mind more of a read to.Grass swaying in the wind, their posture, in the United States in its!  Grass, seemingly ordinary, spring comes stained green earth, for the earth companion, even in winter time, but also live up to its own ashes into the warmth of Mother Earth’s body, the unknown spirit, how can it in our world do not let the fear of the people?  Sunset, we boarded the car, this can be a scenery behind, there was even a bee people smile, make my mind I can not calm!  2011.Fives.17 in the morning

And then to the town of Cologne

The first thing to Cologne town is already 20 years ago the.And several literary friends was the poet could have visited. Cologne is located in the northwest border town of Zhaoyuan County, an asphalt road through the middle of town.A few scattered on both sides of the business to sell agricultural tools shovel, plow, hoe, etc. placed on both sides of the road, it looked so “simple”, and also by how busy do not touch. Need to walk ten miles to get off a dirt road in the town of Cologne victory to reach large habitable village.We took a cucumber, beans, pork, soybean oil and other ingredients portable shoulder all the way to raid.With these foods not for anything else, just because of the large family living in poverty can, afraid to give his family a lot of inconvenience. When we arrived out of breath big family may be shocked by his family’s living situation, with the destitute feeling a little too much.Dake family has three children, all elementary school in the town, two mud house was clean, the house on the west wall there is a large plate cabinet, plate cabinet mirror hanging above, due to the old and falling apart, barely able to see above three red flags patterns, mirror frame on both sides of the long bar, which has a large children’s photos and can also be a big Videos of young wife.Dake virtuous and capable wife, manage the family outside home.With local people as saying that a large but “duties,” the farmer all day immersed in his so-called poetry, the people called “regardless of home”. And could have met in a literary pen at his a “Village of Dreams” So far I have memorized: “The children were standing on the eastern horizon, raised his chubby little hands, picking a wet dawn, and offered to golden childhood village.That night the wind blowing off the moon and stars when frog sound, the sound of the dog stopped, the village slept, farm sweet dreams.”Great family has five acres of dry land can, because at that time is the spring planting season, can help large farming is one of the objectives we go.This can be cost savings for large farming hire.Five acres of land fairly fertile soil.I can remember the big five acres of land mostly planted with corn, but still leaving the two ridge sowing millet, that is specially grown for us a few literary friends.Cologne and say how delicious millet, said Liao Xing Zong emperor when “Spring Na Bo” this has been eaten, the Qing Emperor Qianlong is designated Gulong millet towards Ting Gongmi.Dake also tells us about the various versions of the legend of Cologne millet, millet to illustrate the history and culture of Cologne. Of course we are not experts in plant crops, all in accordance with the instructions can do big brother two Yin, horse farming race, we actually planted five acres of land for five days, all of them short-winded long sound tired, and some also on hand grind Xuepao.But still optimistically looking forward to the “Spring planting one grain, the Autumn Harvest ten thousand child” scene. When we left the house could have made an appointment to come to harvest when the harvest.But for some reason did not do so, we grow corn, millet how the growing, harvesting is not known how the. This is the Meteors in July, is also the most lush paddy season, Man United should come to Cologne approximately town again, I can not help but marvel at the changes in the town of Cologne.The road on both sides of buildings everywhere, merchants, no less than the county a bustling commercial street.Piece of asphalt road through the town already expanding, in addition to the Dao, Third Street.Also built 3,800 square meters of the central square, the square variety of fitness equipment readily available.This shows that people forward cologne fitness and recreation-type transition from peasant labor creative types. Cologne old town, the country is not advancing down the train, followed by the tide of reform and opening onto the people of the town off the road.However, colognes, after all, is the border town, rely on developed it? Under the leadership of the town leaders, we have more than 20 people and his party drove to a high ground, like a cement road gray python walk through the ridge, the side of the road is cement acres of corn, millet sprays have been long long half-arm , yellow, there are purple.Be naughty with the poet also be a “Diamond Valley” game a child, one of the high millet poet did not walk a few steps to see the silhouette.Millet people seem to have a special kind of intimacy, all of them come up with mobile phone selfie, candid, shoot each other, and finally to a collective pat. According to reports, the town of Cologne early in the last century on the right “Gulong tribute rice” brand has been vigorously developed, built a “dry thread health” cooperatives as a leader acres of green millet production base, led farmers to get rich.Gulong millet not only ordinary people into the table, but also into the major supermarkets, exported to all over the country.Really become a pillar industry of the town of Cologne. We never tired of it during take pictures, I was a not tall, dark face locals call the past.”You are right Wang?Who else do you know me?”He said. “Dare to know.”I said. “I’m a big brother can ah, we have planted together!”” You are two virtuous it?Remember that for so many years it!Dake okay?How do you here ah?”I asked curiously. “Great now the line, are the two individual poems, the land that he no longer guarding this land, to go out looking for work everywhere, and finally became a reporter in Beijing Legal News, retiring later was rehired back.Several children mix is also good, big girl in Changchun, two girls in Yanji, boy working in Shanghai.Are very good, just not often linked.”So not far from two Yin millet, two Yin said that all these years thanks to the millet, millet year worthless, now really become Jingu Zi, emperor by light, the government also borrowed light, and no government people out good thing to know is not kind ah!Is not it in the past, but no food to eat guarding golden rice bowl. Yin has two large and may be as eloquent, but said the sentence makes sense.Yin is a two-year Sentimental strong young man, also a rash of work, but now has become a real farm of “expert”.He said that in the past would not dare kinds of millet seed, millet RBI someone to plant some millet that can be called a premium, it was used to entertain guests superior.Used to be “universal no idle land, the farmer still starve to death,” it is now “universally no idle land, the farmer still too busy” ah! I asked him about how that kind of kind of millet harvest?He said the harvest is not good, then do not know how to operate, millet seed into the ground water have not kept up, only to hit a few autumn millet dustpan.Also available are so large with a gift.Now to figure out, this cologne boundaries are not suitable for the growth of millet, only part of the black oil sand mound suitable for planting, seed made out of millet millet is delicious, but also can be called a “Kongmy”.May not be the big year hillock, so break out the millet is not so good, it plainly is not authentic “Kongmy”. I seem suddenly realized that there are so many Cologne Kongmy stress.No wonder the market millet and some aromatic and delicious, but some stiff wound it? Yin is the town of Cologne two out farmers, he grew up in a small town like this, and with a millet, his face the color of harvest, confirmed his vicissitudes of life, but also confirms the town of Cologne and Cologne Kongmy heavy history. When parting, I deliberately at the edge of millet for two Yin took a picture like, two Yin and Manner of photos on the full, behind a large green maturing millet. The town government specially prepared for us in the cafeteria lunch, the staple food is millet, Huang Cheng Cheng small rice exudes seductive fragrance, fragrance seems that floated from the distant head Liao Dynasty emperor fish feast, but also seems to be from emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty over the upper end of the table, we revel in the plume of aroma that Kongmy in Cologne. Wang people in mid-August 2017

Allowed unhappy

Happy play in the half kettles of boiling water, have been tasteless, not cold, not hot.A little trouble, a little fun, you can easily stir in half water, a little bitter, a little sweet.But the people around, just stay in the bitter aftertaste, happiness has been hidden, not easily express. Echo inside the ear that is filled with a bucket, similar to the bitter voices were in it, like a character has been in the hearts of the waves, you want to forget, but always in a very awake.Trouble is magnified as a piece of paper, just graffiti, and finally extends, it becomes a kindergarten picture. Opens the notebook, the air slightly yellowed memory, layers of yellow text, blurred.Only a few, are still visible.”Quiet winter, no bustling around like covered with a layer of white grief, will not dare to mention, not easily close.Year 2008.11.08 “sad sky has been gray, along with the earth.A little boring pictures, how to cover not angry, there is no joy in the sky, not to mention there of the earth it?Only seven-color rainbow, a rounded look up to everyone, and clapped wildly. Desperately applause?I think everyone is very happy it?Or only individual?This problem, there has been no answer. Whisper of wind blowing outside the window constantly have sent Jiji Za Za’s voice, weakly so, like a flock of flying kites, constantly pull, but it is difficult to recover, has been waiting, waiting for the wind to stop it, before they can return Family.Spend a lifetime of joy, like this, no matter how the world is closer, how not to give up, as long as in the end, can be happy riding on the way home.