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So, as one of the literary categories, what kind of function did prose have in the past history

Like other literary categories, prose, especially pure literary prose ( American prose ), has played its undeniable social role in many aspects in history. The world is really getting smaller and smaller in the author’s eyes, and the sky looks like a dustpan. A chicken feather is a feather in the ground.. The author’s real description of social life or expression of real experience in literary works enables people to understand the social style and customs of a certain era, as well as the basic features of politics, economy, history and morality, so as to broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, enrich their life experience and deepen their understanding of some essential laws of society and history.. The prose written has few generous elegies, more shallow songs and low singing, and even no moaning at all, young people do not know the taste of sorrow, and they are full of absurd words and do not see the true feelings for giving new words.. For example, participating in a dream of red mansions regulations is an encyclopedia of China’s feudal society, which gives us vivid pictures of feudal politics, economy, culture, religion, morality, customs and so on.. Prose, finally reduced to’ little’ that anyone can doodle at random. Prose writer Zhu Ziqing’s narrative prose took part in the execution of the government’s holocaust regulations and described the ” 3: 18” massacre in detail, making readers realize the bloody and cruel nature of the reactionary ruling class, thus arousing the courage of struggle.. Another example is the prose creation around the May 4th Movement, which is permeated with anti-feudal thoughts and feelings and embodies the strong demand for individual liberation. It enables readers to understand the historical rationality of the anti-feudal revolution and the urgency of changing their own destiny, and also enables readers to begin to pay attention to the value of their lives.. They don’t know that reflecting life and conveying feelings with images is the most basic feature of literature. They don’t know that words freely chosen without refinement can’t produce flexibility. They don’t know that any article has its own unique structural form. They don’t know that prose needs vivid charm and inner rhythm. They don’t know that beautiful words and regular formal structure like nature and sincere affection flowing through the water are the life of beautiful articles. Without these, articles will be lifeless or ferocious in appearance..     Literary works tend to be tendentious, especially prose with strong authenticity and characterized by expressing one’s feelings directly, which always shows one’s own attitude. Excellent prose works often permeate the author’s praise of truth, goodness and beauty and criticism of falsehood and ugliness, and because of the active participation of readers and appreciators, they shake and stir in the communication with works, and get the purification of the mind and the sublimation of ideas..     It is worth noting that the educational function of literary prose is not achieved by argument and preaching, but by the author’s description of things or characters..     Therefore, it can often give people a deeper impression, which is the effect of elephant invisibility and ” sneaking into the night with the wind, moistening things silently” and ” imperceptibly”. It unconsciously, in seeking the same breath with readers, gradually influenced their actions and gradually changed their mental outlook ( from thoughts, feelings, character to morality, psychology, etc. ) and shaped their personality.. As far as modern Chinese prose is concerned, in the mid – 1950s, especially after the policy of ” letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend” was put forward, prose creation began to flourish. Qin Wen’s participation in Jianhu was picturesque, ”” Yao Xueyin’s participation in Hui Quan’s tea ceremony, ”” Feng Zikai’s participation in Lushan’s appearance, ”” Lao She’s participation in raising flowers, ”” Bing Xin’s participation in Xiaotangdeng, ”” Fang Lingru’s participation in the mountain shade, ”” Ye Shengtao’s participation in recording Jinhua’s two caves, ”” Ba Jin’s participation in Liao Jingqiu’s comrade, ”” Li Zai’s participation in the familiar Rhododendron regulations.. It should be said that in those days, people were generally united, their hearts were pure and their spirits were noble, and a rare good situation appeared in the social atmosphere. Besides the clarity of politics and the availability of school education at that time, literature, especially prose, was widely read and recited, which played its due role.. Tao is: Qian Fan crossed by the side of the sunken boat and Wan Muchun was in front of the diseased tree.     No matter before or now, the most important role of literature should be said to be the aesthetic value it provides, that is, the aesthetic effect. In fact, from the perspective of pure literature and art, the first two roles of literature have only or should only have subordinate significance, and they should be subordinate to the backbone and core of aesthetic role..     Because the first two roles can be fully achieved through specialized institutions and personnel, through theory and preaching, although this does not replace the unique role of literary works. Literature is the art of image and the art of language. Although prose does not need to create a typical character in a typical environment, this does not mean that it can ignore images, just as music and poetry must also create images.. However, when they create images, they still have strong feelings and even should have precise thoughts in them, although such thoughts are implicit and not obvious.. The combination of these two requires them to create their own unique literary artistic conception, namely, the existence of literariness and a world of ideas. Later all kinds of poems have created a colorful and magnificent aesthetic world for us.. The purpose of reading prose is often not to receive special education or to know life, but to seek spiritual enjoyment and emotional satisfaction in order to get a rest in the realm of freedom temporarily transcended.. As mentioned earlier, contemporary society is rapidly deconstructing.     By reading Yang Shuo’s prose collection and participating in the ” First East Wind Regulation” and the ” Spring of Life Regulation” in Haishi, we realized what is fresh and meaningful, and we felt the magnificent beauty of the motherland’s mountains and rivers, the beauty of all kinds of life and the sublime beauty of labor activities.. When we read Qin Mu’s prose, we not only enjoyed the happiness of knowledge growth, but also realized that branches, leaves and leaves are always close to each other. One mountain, one water is beautiful.. When we read Sun Li’s works, we will feel the faint but clear lotus leaf and lotus fragrance, and the happiness of caring and being cared for, even in the gap between battles – because of love.     We savored Shen Congwen’s works, and all kinds of characters in Xiangxi suddenly became vivid, full, lovely and peaceful before our eyes. The rough Xiangxi became clear, gentle and delicate. The trees, the river water, the sunshine and even the faint moonlight were closely related to our own life, because we forgot both physically and mentally at this moment. We are not here, and we are already in Xiangxi.. The original world is so big and big, we always look forward to the future of poetry when looking at the distance, and we often harvest our ideals when we sweat. For example, if we read Wang Zengqi’s participation in the regulations of accepting the precepts and attending the regulations of the annals of Tainao as well as the regulations of the famous chicken and duck artists on the grape moon, our hectic steps will stop and our tumultuous thoughts will gather, and we will slowly, in a hazy state of peace, experience the warmth of the river flowing slowly across our chests and the pure and transparent love, and our tongue will lick the sweetness of life gently, slowly and without any distractions, as well as the simplicity of human nature..     At this moment, we have the feeling of being slightly drunk and the feeling of soul slowly getting out of body experience.. We were settled and rested. The hubbub is far away from us, the battles and wars in the world are far away from us, the earth’s salt and the ferocious north wind are far away from us, and the world is much better, and life is much better.. We found that we could not grip the throat of fate as Beethoven did, on the contrary, fate often tore us apart one by one.. These works not only moved and edified a whole generation, but also moved us today and will continue to move the overwhelming number of newcomers.. It should be said that prose has created its rare splendor in the time that has passed between the fingers. Of course, this glory also has to be based on its background to some extent. At that time, society itself was relatively simple, information channels were relatively single and narrow, people had not been cut to pieces by today’s mass media for a limited time, and people had the need and possibility to read. We have lost our vigor and even our vital qi, and the rest may only be the softness and softness of dragging mud and water, the evil spirit of demon fog, the depression that calls for helplessness and the momentary joy of epiphyllum.. It was at that time that the existence of a large audience provided us with a wide space for prose creation, and the prose reached a height where it was not easy to reproduce. However, several decades later, the times have changed and prose is no longer beautiful. As long as we are not bleary – eyed, as long as our inflated vanity can, after all, contain a little basic facts, we cannot but admit that contemporary prose has gone into decline in a hurry, as’ teacher’,’ teacher’,’ handsome boy’,’ beautiful woman’ has burst into withered petals in streets and alleys and collapsed into small pieces of oracle bone fragments that can be seen everywhere, as well as unearthed broken bamboo slips..     The decline of contemporary prose is mainly reflected in the following two aspects in addition to what has already been mentioned above. However, the decline of readers ( including, of course, the decline of their aesthetic ability ) as the audience of literary works is a disastrous factor for the prosperity of literary works..     The author’s thoughts have been dried into mummies, mostly describing the small life around us, our own small emotional appeal and small mood, and the articles have become more and more self-contained and less valuable.. The life fragments in the article have nothing to do with other people’s thoughts and feelings, with society, and with the land and planet where we were born and raised.The author’s breathing is not related to group breathing. The author’s heartbeat stops the heartbeat of the earth. The author does not need to look back on history or look into the future, neither does he pay attention to the living state of the nation nor gaze at the possible fate of mankind, nor does he pursue the value of life nor throw himself into the embrace of nature.?     It looks like ” one flower, one world, three reserved advantages and three bodhi”, but it is actually painting for the sake of self – pity, self – hatred and self – appreciation.     The first is its cognitive function. The long and thick human history and rich human culture have been mercilessly pulled away by the author, and the magnificent social life and vivid life have been deliberately blocked by the author..     Excellent literary works can often become textbooks of our lives. The article that makes people excited, sing and sigh has disappeared, and the good structure that makes people think deeply and travel to Wan Ren has disappeared.. The author also reveals the various realities of decadent feudal society and the historical destiny of inevitable destruction through the decline of Jia Fu.. People no longer have time to hold a big book with that carefree mood to slowly listen to the author’s story of ups and downs.. At present, in addition to the pitiful few writers with aura and writing skills, they can also write prose in a smooth and well-versed style, thus showing a slight sense of beauty, most of them have already lost its literariness..     The second is its educational function. More and more authors don’t know whether they have no ability or intend to do it. Anyway, the so-called prose written by them is obviously characterized by’ de – literalization’ and is becoming more and more literal or literary, with more and more rough text and more scattered structure, like a chaotic vegetable market, with less and less aesthetic function or simply leaving the’ ugly judging function’. Although some ” looks beautiful”, as the so-called ” beauty” after cosmetic surgery, it gives people a strange feeling.. Our prose is becoming more and more interested in having trouble with the readers, so the readers also resolutely choose to give up reading prose, occasionally playing mahjong or drinking two cups of spirit erguotou is more poetic than reading prose..     We feel the world is beautiful when we don’t read prose, and we will know that life is destroyed when we read prose.. This is the cruel reality of contemporary prose. Third, the historical position of contemporary prose is thousands of miles long and ends in the end. What’s more, they simply use lower-body writing to keep readers, not to mention how cheap this is and how embarrassing literature depravity itself is, that is, in terms of practical utility, many readers can satisfy their curiosity about the lower body by watching A film or performing in person in the open society, which gives a loud slap in the face to the novel.. Since it is already difficult for contemporary prose to provide us with cognitive, educational and aesthetic values, is it’ god is dead’ that the prose will be finished.     The third is its aesthetic effect. I think, objectively speaking, prose is still alive. However, it has now reached a very critical period. In a word, contemporary prose is at the historical juncture or transitional period of decline and revival. The original poem was not so mysterious or so plain, it was actually the singing of people’s labor. Literature, like any other art category, has certain objective laws for its occurrence and development. Theoretically speaking, the contradictory movement between productive forces and relations of production, economic basis and superstructure is naturally the deep motivation for the development of literature.     Prose often gives readers and appreciators free pleasure, comfortable rest and aesthetic pleasure through vivid images, beautiful artistic conception and healthy taste, including their own aesthetic forms, etc.. It is these historical conditions that directly or indirectly determine the prosperity and decline of certain literary categories. This aesthetic effect is a natural and comfortable activity without any compulsion. The traditional social form with stable structure, simple information, slow development speed and less complicated division of people has encountered unprecedented challenges. Social development is more like collapse than construction. Contradictions everywhere are thorns and helplessness everywhere.. The surface of information technology is convenient and deeply covered by the uncertainty and uncertainty of life. The space is near, but the distance in my heart is far away. The tender veil cannot conceal the helplessness of strangers across the street.. Today, both at home and abroad, ” poetry is dead”, this is a fact. The original step-by-step world makes our individual lives actually find their way in a seemingly depressing environment, while the contemporary seemingly free world makes us all drift away with the wind and do not know where our home is.. This is the artistic charm of prose excelling in artistic conception. However, today’s world is so small and small, we can’t find the cicada singing tomorrow when we seem to have insight into everything, but we often lose the way to achieve hope when we fly our hope.. They have dispelled the original value with seemingly shocking views, but have not established a renewed lofty value. They have only destroyed the original world and have not established a new one. They have used absurd poetry lines with cynicism to deal with the absurd world.. The surrounding air is no longer fragrant with lotus leaves and lotus flowers. Our sunshine is only one meter. We can’t hear the sound of flowers and see the colors of the four seasons.. When we woke up, it seemed like a lifetime away, and we looked back at the sea and the sea.! This is the charm of pure art!.     The society that seemed to be a statue always left some holes for us to breathe hard, but now the society that seems to have opened doors and windows is actually wrapped up and mysteriously suffocated us.. How many sacred things have been ruined by us and how many noble things have been ravaged by us. We may not be able to distinguish between black and white, beauty and ugliness, truth and falsehood, good and evil. We may have reversed yin and yang and confused deer and horses.. There is no literature without audience. Under such a social environment and the background of the times, it may generally be wishful thinking to emerge a group of promising writers and outstanding literary works..     ” Anger Comes out of Poet.” When we are consumed by life and have lost our temper and become angry, we should not expect any respectable writers to appear..     When a writer cannot slow down his steps, reverse his waist, close his eyes, sincerely listen to the breath of the world and the heartbeat of the people, stand against the wind and feel the pulse of the times, bend down to gently suck and nourish our land, or be passively involved in the turbidity waves and whirlpools of the times or suspended in the haze – heavy air, then a good work of aesthetic value cannot be born..     At the same time, when the public has updated and more convenient ways of obtaining information and it is not possible to slow down their steps of chasing ghosts and gods, reading becomes a more difficult thing than being a gentleman as a cadre in a mysterious country at present..     First, it is becoming increasingly petty in content. This is true of poetry, fiction and drama, and prose is certainly no exception. However, in comparison, even at present, the development of prose still has its own opportunities that can not be ignored. This is mainly: ( 1 ) The novel is no longer brilliant.The novels which are mainly characterized by the weaving of plots, the description of the environment and the shaping of characters, that is, the novels which need to shape the typical character in the typical environment, whether long or short ( except for short novels ), have encountered serious difficulties in the contemporary era.. The author thinks that the main reason for this difficulty is not the writers who dare to face up to the reality, live in depth, have a broad vision and a big mind and have profound cultural background in a vulgar society, but the novel does not have an endless stream of loyal readers.. No matter how high the taste of the novel is, however high it is, it is all about telling stories and meeting the needs of the audience’s stories, and this satisfaction must be guaranteed in a certain period of time.. This task is being completely replaced by film and television, which is more intuitive and fast-food and adapts to people’s fast-paced life.. What’s more, there are magazines dedicated to story telling to supplement the possible vacancy. For example, China has participated in the regulations of story telling and the regulations of ancient legends and other magazines are trying to fill the vacancy.. As a social ideology, the fate of poetry is ” immortal”. Moreover, people’s leisure time has been constantly squeezed out by participating in the reader’s ” Youth Digest” and other humanities magazines such as ” Companion Regulations”.     The second is the loss of aesthetic feeling in form. Of course, people also need to know the world and receive education, but in a hurry they can solve it through school education and conference study and more convenient online search.. For them, time is not counted by more omission, but by every minute. The so-called’ time is life, efficiency is money’ fully shows how urgent people are.. What’s more, the Olympic spirit that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is’ Faster, Higher and Stronger’. There is no fastest, only faster. This is purely a death warrant. This kind of modality fundamentally dispels people’s mystery, patience and enthusiasm for the novel. Perhaps we can’t hold back their footsteps even if we wail bitterly..     Lu Yao took part in the ordinary world regulations and Gao Yang took part in the popularity of the Red Top Merchant’s Hu Xueyan Regulations for a time only because they could become inspirational teaching materials and business war classics, respectively. However, the novels with a very strong style participated in the Ghost and Ghost Regulations ( Ma Yuan ), the ” Life” Tusi and His Descendants Regulations ( A Yin ), although they were listed on the CCTV book list, they did not arouse a wide range of social issues and appeared to be alone. For example, the novels that won the Mao Dun Prize for Literature in 2011 ( Zhang Wei’s participation in your ” plateau”, ” Liu Xinglong’s participation in Skywalker”, ” Mo Yan’s participation in frog”, ” Bi Feiyu’s participation in massage”, ” Liu Zhenyun’s participation in a top 10,000 – sentence regulations ) were also not applauded, and once they were listed, they were forgotten. At present, only a few young literary men and a few old writers in the circle are shamelessly circulating several novels with high scores and low scores. The vitality of the novel will not be much more optimistic than that of patients with advanced liver cancer..     It is because of this that some male and female writers of no 3, no 4 began to use half-baked techniques to interpret martial arts, romance, city, truth – fixing, fantasy, crossing and other novels on the internet or on paper to attract attention ( compared with the traditional and sophisticated martial arts novels by Jin Yong, Gu Long, Liang Yusheng and Qiong Yao’s romance novels, of course, the artistic level is higher, but now they are also dead ), but the current readers are still gone. Now it’s time to talk about the historical orientation of contemporary prose.     This time, that time also? White clouds and pale dogs are human beings and human beings. The lights are dim. The novel can only survive.. ( B ) Poetry is helpless. Therefore, the historical position of our prose in the contemporary era is: it is the right time to connect the past with the future.     The conclusion is that naturally we have more traditional and higher expectations for future prose creation: ( 1 ) The author needs to return to the tradition in the negative sense of negation.     Existence determines consciousness. In this way, workers in the sun and in the wind and rain are certainly poets.. Even the later literati’s poems are directly praising labor and love or criticizing rulers for their misdeeds. A draft of the Book of Songs is tepid, vivid and lively, setting a good example for us.. The development and evolution of literature, including the evolution of a certain category and form of expression, cannot be separated from the social and historical conditions at that time. There is no doubt that both Chinese and foreign poetry have followed the common law, and have also achieved their impressive glory..     However, when a crow flies across the sky of history, it turns out to be gorgeous and lonely, and its former glory has been overshadowed.. Shakespeare has become a resounding, Tang Fenghan rhyme river of no return. We have to weep alone without thinking about the long distance between heaven and earth.. The collapse of the original value system brought confusion to the new value system. As far as Chinese poetry is concerned, this death has two manifestations: First, the national poetry ( classical poetry ) with Chinese style and Chinese style ended abruptly after the ” 5: 4” movement of sturm und drang, which took the destruction of classical culture as its main task; Second, after decades of ordeal, other poets and poems are almost lost in the vast dust of history, except for the classic structures of Ai Qing, He Jingzhi, Li Ying, Xu Zhimo, Dai Wangshu, Yu Guangzhong and Bian Zhilin, who are born with a deficiency and have almost completely abandoned the national character.. The death of contemporary poetry, in addition to social reasons, the self-humiliation of poets is a basic factor. After western poetry entered the modern era, the views of various schools and factions came in one after another, making people overwhelmed, but none of them really regarded poetry as literature, but as an object of self – play, away from the audience and from the nation and country in which they were placed.. We are weaker and smaller than ants crawling on the ground. They hide in their shells and play with words, thinking that this is poetry creation. They regard ugliness as beauty and reverse black and white.. The author should pay attention to the people’s livelihood, the nation, the country, life, human beings, the earth and even the universe. They have faded away the world’s favorable winds and smooth and Yingfei’s grass growing. They have covered the moon and the black crow of life and Jiang Feng’s fishing fire. They do not know that poets should ” live poetically on the earth”. They do not know that spiritual self-writing is actually a high degree of divinity rather than satisfying their own private interests.. The weakness of the whole society makes us feel powerless, helpless, tired and even absurd.. They wantonly dispelled the original rules and frantically squandered their imagination. But screaming is not equal to singing, and the noise is not equal to melody. The author must abide by the law of literary creation, must write prose into a real literary work, must provide people with a real aesthetic object, and must allow readers to truly purify their hearts, sublimate their personalities and rest their souls after reading the work.. Since the middle of last century, some Chinese poetry writers and critics have transplanted these western garbage theories without restraint and choice with strong curiosity, using copulation as love, prostitutes as sages, cow dung as agate, and chilblain as peach blossom..     Sacred poetry has become the cry of personal pain or the sound of fart after burping food, even yawning in boredom, and operating tips in the meditation of squatting holes ( e.g.,’ urine is not as short as you are inside, urine is as soft as you are outside’ ), and the skill of piling up words is not better than that of children building blocks, but they often regard themselves as very high. Their poems will not be written to the’ Xialiba people’, and they will not even be able to live with professional poetry researchers. The more horrible they are, the more profound they will be, and of course, the more profound they will become.. Today, some people go to the other extreme, making a random pile of words that three-year-old children can understand become poetry and become poets themselves. Some of them are said to have won the Mao Dun Prize for Literature.. Ma Lihua’s ” pear flower style” has no poetic thoughts of pear flower with rain, and Che Yangao’s ” lamb style” really makes the poetic thoughts disappear. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 1982..[ 2 ]In groups. Even though a few poets who have not lost their conscience are still sticking to their original writing principles and also have some fresh and lovely works, they have become a different kind of poetry. The whole poem is already dying and seems to have no sign of returning to light.. So, is poetry still possible to revive at present.In my opinion, this possibility is not higher than the possibility of democracy in a country controlled by a party. The reason is not only that poets continue to kill themselves, but also that today’s social background may be a more fundamental factor.. At present, the uproar of entertainment, the omnipotence of pragmatism, the decline of sacred and glorious rivers, the deepening of materialism, the proliferation of consumerism and rife rife rife rife rascal culture, the increasingly mechanized, formatted and poetic life itself, as well as the unscrupulous earth people who have ruined the planet in which they live, have caused people to lose their romantic dream of a better home, have forgotten to take care of and dig deeply into their own spirituality, and the lifelike living conditions of the whole society, etc., will make it difficult for poetry to find its broad bosom friend.. Without readers, poetry is only a writer’s own toy. Drama also has this function. The unprejudiced nature of novels and poems may be precisely the opportunity for prose to rise. No matter how the society develops, human beings cannot live without their own spiritual life and cannot have their own spiritual food. People still need to’ face the sea, bloom in spring”, or fall in love with’ orioles singing emeralds and herons climbing the sky”; Or look forward to the dream of water, a rain of smoke and rain; See’ red apricot branches spring’ or’ half river rustling and half river red’ will also touch the scene. In the face of’ sky is high and life is boundless’, there will still be more or less some reverie. The moonlight outside the window, the green willows by the river, the cragginess of the green hills, the gentle and lovely green water, the sound of frogs, a tree of Qiu Chan, a half pond of lotus leaves, all over the sky, as well as the snow and smoke, the sunset glow, the luxuriant trees, the autumn waters and the Iraqi people . ah, all these can also arouse people’s various emotions. While various fast food cultures bring convenience to people, they also aggravate people’s impetuosity and anxiety, loneliness and confusion. Aesthetics is a kind of demand and ability that people are born with. Society must also provide people with aesthetic objects as much as possible. Moreover, such objects also provide aesthetic creation opportunities, spaces and possibilities for aesthetic subjects, and the subjects themselves are reappeared and expanded, realized and promoted in the aesthetic process.. To put it simply, people need to take a break, clear away the mystery, observe themselves and settle down their souls, and all these can be grasped by themselves.. This depends only on reading, listening and speaking. As mentioned earlier, poetry and novels have been unable to achieve this desire. Then, the lyrical and narrative literary prose ( i.e. American prose ) that can win a lot with a little less and excel at creating beautiful artistic conception is a kind of art more precious to readers than pearls. From this point of view, prose still has broad development space. As long as we shake off all the dust, calm down and upset our mood, enhance our aesthetic cultivation and enrich our knowledge, with the responsibility and self-responsibility of ” I don’t go to hell who will go to hell” and ” laughing upwards out of the door, will our prose be able to stand out from the rest of the world with the heroic and self-confidence of” tarragon people ”.     We can expect and foresee that prose will create its due glory at least for a period of time.. Poetry is one of the earliest literary styles in human history. It also has the closest connection with people’s work and life. The traditional creation principles and methods are still valid, of course, innovation and development are allowed. What we call regression is not to return to the origin, but to be similar to and higher than the origin. However, completely divorced from the traditional prose creation, it can only be the water without source and the wood without source. ( B ) Write more cleanly, more brightly, and take more account of the audience’s feelings.. ( 3 ) Writing in an atmosphere. The author wants to walk out of his ivory tower, face and invest in the magnificent real life, share the same fate with the people, and achieve ” strict selection of materials and deep excavation” when writing, with lofty intentions.. ( 4 ) Write more sincerely!     In order to impress the readers, the author must first be moved by life. Only sincere and strong emotions can be compatible with the readers… ( 5 ) Take on more responsibilities. We should have the high-minded feelings of ” carrying moral principles with iron shoulders and writing articles with wonderful hands”. The author wants to write prose as a sacred undertaking. ” If a country’s prose does not flourish, it is hard to say that the country’s literature has really prospered.”. Prose, like cloth, silk and wheat, cannot be left for a moment.’ ( Wang Zengqi ). Their literature claims that prayer flags are flying and poetry writing is full of mud. ( 6 ) More ideological thickness, of course, thoughts should also be more implicit. The poem has degenerated into a plate building with words piled up without rules rather than singing to life.. ( 7 ) better writing. They finally finished. Prose must be beautiful, it should be purer. If you get this and save this, prose must be a literary category that can stand the test of history. References:[ 1 ]Wang Zengqi. Puqiaoji & Bull; Self – order[ j ]. The Complete Works of Wang Zengqi & Bulls; Volume 4. This is both a personal sorrow and a social disgrace. Of course, smart readers choose to vote with their feet. Chinese poetry is finally over. Basic Principles of Literature[.     Shanghai: Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, 1980?.[ 3 ]The Encyclopedia of China – Bulls; Chinese Literature Ⅱ.[ M ]. Beijing: China Encyclopedia Press, 1986..[ 4 ]Wang Guowei.     Human Words[!     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Resolutely put an end to the light prose that wastes readers’ precious time in vain and cannot provide ideological enlightenment…..    . 272.    . 393.    . 1085.    .    .    .    . 24.

After retirement, I went back to my’ maiden’ for the first time

Yesterday, a colleague from the unit called to say that family planning has issued a new policy. Retired cadres and workers who have only one child can enjoy a subsidy of 80 yuan per month. I was asked to bring my one-child certificate, retirement certificate, identity card and two one-inch bareheaded photos to the office to go through the declaration formalities..     After retiring from the unit for three months, although I still kept in touch with my colleagues by phone, it was a bit difficult to go there. I remember the HR section chief said to me when I was about to retire: ” Yubing, Chongyang Festival is coming soon. You will come to the meeting for retired veteran comrades that day.”. Our bureau has more than 70 retired cadres and workers, most of whom are in their 70s or 80s and four in their 50s, so I immediately jokingly replied, ” You don’t have to tell me I won’t come, I’m not old yet.”. ‘ Now, I have retired for three months, completely divorced from the environment and the collective, and stepping into the office building again is a retired old man to handle retirement matters. To be honest, I am still a little out of tune, always feeling strange, awkward and even a little embarrassed..     In the past three months, my life content and rhythm have changed dramatically, without the work pressure, ideological burden and tense mental state of the past few decades, all the time I am self – controlled, self-arranged and relaxed.. Leisure at home, the most important thing is to exercise. I insist on walking along Liuyang River every morning and evening and climbing West Lake Mountain once a week.. I do some housework, read and write, sometimes get together with some old friends and occasionally go out for a few days. In addition, I also took part in the social dance and body-building classes at the senior university, where I met a group of new friends, and we also had some outdoor activities in our spare time.. Both leisurely and full, somewhat restrained but free, have completely separated from the original group and integrated into another circle. In fact, this is my dream life earlier.     I arrived at the administrative center more than 4: 00 p.m. unfortunately, two colleagues from the finance section where I worked went to the countryside ( group work station ), leaving only one family planning specialist in the office. As soon as I got to the third floor, a colleague came to meet me, ” Yubing Laida, Yubing Laida”, shouting and running to hold me and hearing shouts, other colleagues emerged from their respective offices, even including some leaders. Is this hug, that look, shake hands, clap shoulders, fat, thin, tanned, ok? Are you still used to it? What are you doing at home? Why don’t you come and see us for so long? Miss us? Ah!! All of a sudden so many people surrounded me and I couldn’t respond to so many questions. Everyone was noisily inquisitive and inquisitive, and there was an endless stream in the corridor.. Suddenly, a familiar voice came from a distance: ” Only jade ice will make such a sensation.”. It turns out that all the comrades who worked in the countryside came back, and they came up with a warm and affectionate greeting … Ah, the words from the bottom of my heart were flattered and really touched.! Thank you very much.! As the saying goes, ” People walk with cool tea” never expected me to be able to enjoy such a high ” treatment” for the first time after leaving my job for a few months. Colleagues are still so kind, friendly, caring and valued, rare, precious and grateful.. Before the worry is redundant. Lying in bed at night, I felt no sleep. I tossed and turned over the lively scenes and beautiful feelings of the day.. Think about how honored and satisfied it is to be a member of this big family in your life. After decades of hard work, the inevitable collision between colleagues turned into beautiful clouds in the sky, and the warmth of the collective family was felt in real earnest. The true feelings among colleagues were good, and the unit – though retired – was still the bride’s family..     Back to my office familiar with home, I sat on the desk chair that had left countless marks. No one in the department took me as an outsider or told me how to be polite. I felt at home just as before.. As I filled out the form, I happily chatted with them. The section chief said: ” This period of time has been extremely busy. The application for one-child treatment has to be made in full by the end of the month, the budget work for the coming year has also started, and the work station to the countryside can’t be absent. The higher authorities have come to spot check irregularly, and the work pile in Qi Rushan is extremely busy.”. I asked, ” Do you need my help? The section chief replied with a smile, ” You can live your happy life well, anyway, I have only more than a year to be as free as you are.”. The section chief is the same as before, fast and quick, and highly effective. Looking at their busy figures one by one, looking at their faces flushed with air conditioning, looking at the dozens of square activity spaces and the intense radiation of modern office equipment, by contrast, my free and unfettered life is really very happy..     Liang Shiqiu is taking part in the sequel to the Asher sketch. According to the retirement regulations, ” the ideal retirement life is real retirement, completely getting rid of the position on which one lives and doing what one sincerely wishes to do.”. Indeed, every stage of a person’s life has what to do and responsibilities to shoulder, different stages have different lives, and different feelings and understandings about different lives are combined to form a colorful life. If I were to return to my original job now, I would really be 120 unwilling to do so. Therefore, I must cherish the present, live in the present and sing the most beautiful sunset red.     After the declaration form was filled out, I went to various departments and turned a circle … ah

A thick red sleeve

” Red sleeve adds fragrance to night reading” and ” sparse seven words create a beautiful night scroll with fragrance, which arouses reverie and tantalizes people’s desire to be drunk.. I spent about 300 days in the pure paradise of the literary world of ” Red Sleeve and Fragrance” Regulations, and the time was not too short. Red Sleeve was destined for me, and I was doomed to a hard love affair.. A lot of people know red sleeves and walk into them, all after being introduced by others, but I came in by mistake in a daze..     An accidental opportunity made me first meet the red sleeve to add fragrance, and a flowing ribbon appeared in front of my eyes, which is a charming symbol of the red sleeve to add fragrance.. The simple and elegant lace is somewhat elegant and elegant, while the elegant, fresh and graceful web page attracted my attention and made me refuse to leave for a long time.. I watched, I read, and suddenly there was an impulse to show myself. So I couldn’t resist my inner yearning and registered my account under a pseudonym of ” Shangyu Factory Network”.     Then, with a nervous mood, I sent out my first essay. The next day, when I opened the red sleeve, I suddenly discovered my article. The accident, surprise and joy at that time were beyond words. In the following days, I will write some emotional essays on Baidu Space Blog at ordinary times, as well as travel notes that look back to my hometown to participate in yesterday’s official regulations series and historical articles to participate in Dubai’s travel regulations, and upload them to Hongxiu Tianxiang one after another with slight modifications..     When I first pressed the ” contribute” key, it was a feeling of excitement and uneasiness. I was fidgeting with the anticipation and anxious waiting of the talk, and now I feel a little funny in retrospect.. At the beginning of submission, the number of articles suggested to be revised and rejected due to the nonstandard use of punctuation marks was relatively large. Later, I received professional opinions from the editor and made great progress. My article was affirmed by the editor..     The text is a combination, which contains my most ardent emotion. I used the keyboard to knock out warm and bold vows, soft words like the sea, and memories of the vicissitudes of life, which combined into a symphony of the text.. The next day, I will roam freely in the sea of literature with red sleeves and sweet fragrance.. When I published more than ten articles in Hongxiu Tianxiang, I had my own corpus. That kind of mood is really a little excited, a little happy!     Since the first essay was published on September 27, 2010, I have published more than 800 articles one after another. I keep writing and scribbling, and there are always endless words. I write my own songs, pour out my feelings and release my dreams. I have forged a love relationship with Red Sleeve and Red Sleeve has become an indispensable part of my spare time life..     Whether I am in the depths of the desert in a foreign country or in the dream water village in the south of the Yangtse River, whenever I have the chance to surf the Internet, I will open the homepage of adding fragrance to the red sleeve, enter my account number, and see if my work has been published or not, and if anyone has left any comments for me.. I appreciate those exquisite words and feel the thick fragrance of books and ink here. I am drunk in the wine with red sleeves and sweet words, deducing a TV series describing the years of life. The story has no end, no end, and a drama is just beginning … Ah, the youth will always be stripped away by the years, and the mottled rings will have no cracks.. The world of mortals has obliterated many of my love and sorrow, and time has left me with countless injuries and pains.. But all this will slowly slide to the ground along with the words, and will eventually turn into smoke curled up dimly discernible away after issuing a heavy sigh..     I use words to smooth my lonely heart, I use words to tie up my emotional family, how many nights I wound up in words, how many vicissitudes of life stories I weave with words. I tell the sweet and bitter aftertaste of my life in the red-sleeve incense, I do a wandering reminiscence in the red-sleeve incense, and I realize through thinking in the red-sleeve incense..     ‘ Green clothes hold inkstone to urge questions, red sleeves add fragrance to accompany reading. Time will take everything away, and time will leave a lot of time. What struck me in time is the faint fragrance of books and ink, and I enjoy the wonderful life that belongs to me between the lines in the fragrance of red sleeves.. Even though I was in love with you, I was reluctant to part with you.. A song of red sleeves rang out in my ears like sounds of nature, penetrating the depths of my soul and dancing gracefully in my life … ah

A little excited

Mom, I’ll tell you something. ‘ son said on the phone.   ‘ well, what do you say! ‘ but the other end of the phone was silent for a long time.   ‘ what’s the matter, you say! ‘ I urged.   ‘ I got the application form for joining the regiment. This is a good thing, very good thing! What do you want to write about yourself on it? asked the son.   Write down what good aspects you have had in the past year, what are your strengths, and think more about your good side. ‘ When I heard that my son could voluntarily tell me his happy event, I was also happy for him. Think of just entering the first day of the new year, after the mid-term exam, my son went home and told me that some students in their class can join the group, provided they reach the top ten in the class and only have eight places. The son said such things with a disappointed expression on his face.. It can be seen from his expression how much he wants to become a league member.   At home on Saturday, my son was doing his homework. I opened his home-school contact book and saw several lines of big red letters. Before he could see what was written, his son grabbed the book and said, ” Don’t show it to you.”. ‘ at the same time show very shy expression on her face. I had a question mark in my heart: what is it that I don’t want to see? We know everyone will have curiosity. The more we do this, the more we want to see it.   Later, while my son was away, I secretly opened it and saw the red characters saying, ” Man is responsible.”! Congratulations on your successful election as a League member! ‘ This is the comment on writing by the teacher in charge of the class. I also appreciate the teacher’s encouragement to the children when I see such comment on writing.. I believe my son will be greatly touched when he sees this, because what can be happier than a person who can be affirmed by others? Besides, it was encouraged by the teacher. Look at a small line written by a son next to me: I was very nervous when I went to speak on the stage this time, and my legs were shaking and I could not stand still later.. This is what my son said in his heart this time.   Later I turned over his exercise book and saw such a piece of paper with half a page written in a Chinese notebook.. It seems to be writing about the members of this campaign carefully. Said that the teacher in the class team class came into the classroom with some forms and said he would run for the league member. First ask students to raise their hands if they want to join the group and then write their names on the blackboard. There can be eight places. It said he wanted to write his name on the blackboard, but did not dare. After several students wrote their names, the class was silent for a while, and then the teacher asked if there were any others who wanted to write their names.? The son felt that he could not wait any longer, so he boldly went up and wrote his name on the blackboard. I’m happy for my son’s courage this time, which also shows that he is very active in his heart and wants to make progress..   On the next day, I intentionally asked my son, ” Did you assign a name or something to the members this time?”? The teacher asked the member who wants to be a member to write the name of the word on the blackboard and then the students will vote by show of hands. Even I have ten people who have written their names on the blackboard, only three of them are boys. In the end, two girls were not selected. ‘ said the son. Recently, he was able to communicate more with me, which was rare in the past.. The son continued, ” This time I got 52 votes and several full votes. The two girls who were not selected were below FIFA votes.”. You can be selected to show that you still have a position in the class! So if you try everything yourself, if you don’t write your name on the blackboard this time, you won’t have a chance to become a member. ‘ I said to him, ” Sometimes we look at how powerful other people are. In fact, most of the time we see only the appearance of others and feel weaker than others.. In fact, only if we try, can we know whether it is true or false, and only if we try, no matter whether it succeeds or not, there will be no regrets.. Looking at my son listening carefully, I knew he was right in what I said, and I continued to say to him that when I went to school, I would actively participate in everything and exercise my abilities, so that when I came to the society, I would find the abilities I exercised at school very useful.. I remember when I was in high school, all the teachers and students in a class team class unanimously asked me to perform, but because I was very introverted at that time, I did not dare to show in front of everyone. In the end, no matter what the teachers and students urged, I did not come on stage.. After that, I felt too timid, too ignorant and unable to respect others..Now look at the colleagues around you, one by one, they are very capable. Think about which of them is not from Jiao Jiao when they went to school and which is not going through the ups and downs when they were students, just because of the exercises in their school days, they are now well displaying their talents in their posts..   This time his son was able to run for membership, which was indeed a very exciting thing for him and raised his enthusiasm. I believe he can also devote himself to study with a more positive attitude through this matter..

A blessing for being late for Father’s Day

The earth revolves around the sun, and it takes another year to complete a circle..     Always in such unknowingly, time passes by like running water, and in the blink of an eye things change into stars. Day after day, year after year, many special days, many special festivals are quietly welcomed and hurried away in our hopes, excitement, nostalgia and aftertaste, feeling that there are still some words, some things still remain in our hearts, repeating and speaking again and again, and finally written here.     The past June 21 is Father’s Day. Every year on this day, I didn’t celebrate my father ceremoniously. I didn’t offer him expensive gifts like other children, or take him to dinner or travel. I didn’t. Although I wanted to, my father probably felt that I didn’t have the ability, so he always said, ” I don’t need anything.” At last, I agreed with him and formed the same habit as his father, so every Father’s Day I only said, ” Dad, Dad, I don’t need anything.”! I didn’t give anything to him except this sentence. although I know in my heart that my father said this because he was too kind and thrifty, I was also stingy enough. how stingy I was to celebrate his festival for my father. in fact, my heart was very ashamed and I always felt guilty..     I’m not generous enough. I don’t look like my father at this point. Since childhood, my father has been doing everything he can to meet my needs, large and small. Although the family environment is not good, he is willing to give up to me. In my memory, my father hardly said ” no” to me.. When I was only a few years old, my father accidentally saw me playing in other children’s home. The child had an organ in his home. Perhaps his father saw my eyes showing envy, so he took out the salary saved for a long time with his teeth and bought me an organ.. At that time, I played organ at home every day and pressed it at home every day, so my father often stood by me and watched me have a good time.. When I was a little older, that is, when costume dramas and fairy plays prevailed in the late 1980s, our children were particularly obsessed with the fairy headdress in the movie and the fluffy fairy stick used by the fairy. My father knew that my heart was good and soon made a fairy stick for me and bought me a beautiful play hat. I was extremely happy. I wore it all day and waved a replica fairy stick. Neighbors and children around me admired me very much. They often asked me where my beautiful little hat and fairy stick came from, and I always said proudly, ” It was my father.”. Later, I went back to tell my father that his father smiled and I laughed more happily, and he touched my hair and said, ” Just like it.”. After going to school, my father is constantly buying me new clothes and bags . Ah, all my supplies, my father always thinks about buying me the best. My father’s point of view is that no matter how poor he is, he is willing to save food and drink for himself, that is, he is willing to spend money for me, and my youth and ignorance make me laugh at my father’s kindness and ask him for new clothes that I can’t wear in a year and fruits that are just too expensive to be delicious . Ah, I ask my father to answer me one by one, and I have many more expensive impressions.. But I only hurt my father to live very hard for me, and it is still difficult to get rid of the habit of wearing rags and old shirts, and hurt my father to live very shabby and embarrassed for me..     I owe my father a lot and a lot. I owe my father a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of health, a lot of tears, a lot of spirit, and a lot of love … oh, too many things will be fresh in my life..     A few years ago, when I went north to study and work, I happened to be the coldest year in the north. My father and I were talking on the phone in a public telephone booth at the scheduled time. My father heard my cough on the phone and felt very uneasy and asked me questions again and again for fear that I had contracted atypical pneumonia, which was prevalent at that time.. I was about to leave work at noon the next day when I saw my father at the gate of the unit. He came to see me with thick cotton wool and my thick cotton-padded jacket. I was particularly moved. I remember that he almost burst into my father’s arms at that time, with joy and sorrow in his heart, because he only knew to think of me but did not know to take care of himself..     My father did not take care of himself. Another year passed quickly. The next winter, I still didn’t go home. I still stayed in the north waiting for the admission notice from the university. This winter was still bitterly cold. My father always reminded me by phone how many degrees below zero in the north, and remember to dress more and not catch a cold.. I know my father hasn’t seen me for almost a year. I miss me especially. I always tell my father that I am very well. I know to pay attention to health and don’t worry about me.. However, to my surprise, my father was still worried about visiting me again in the winter, but I have already moved to a place closer to the university and changed the place where I work, but in order not to let my father worry about my life in a foreign land, I didn’t tell him all this, but I was wrong, it was my whole life’s fault, because I didn’t tell him all this and hurt him not to find me in a distant foreign land, so I couldn’t bear to eat a bowl of hot rice for three days and two nights at the railway station in this cold and strange big city in the north.. If it weren’t for talking to my mother on the phone at the appointed time, I still didn’t know my father had come to find me in the north, I still didn’t know to find his father’s footprints, I still didn’t know to inquire about his father’s news, and I still don’t know how heartache his father should have at this time … ah, put the phone down and I went frantically looking for my father. I can’t imagine what kind of mood my father would not find me, but I’m sure it would be worse than I am.. Day or take care of me, I finally reluctantly went to the station to wait for the car to find my father in a different place, and suddenly heard a familiar call” Min Min”. I looked back and saw that it was my father, I called my father, and I was sad and happy to meet him, but my father walked quickly to my side with thick cotton wadding and cried. My father put down the cotton wadding he had brought me and hugged me in his arms, very excited. His mouth kept shouting my name, though it was already unclear … Ah, good half – day, my father loosened his hand and twitched and said to me: ” Min Min, I am not sure.! At that moment, I deeply felt so much helplessness and despair in my father’s heart. When my father couldn’t find me, he must feel lonely and helpless to the extreme. Looking at his tears and snot streaming down his wrinkled face, I only felt that my heart was like countless stitches, aching heart, and wet eyes didn’t dare to look up at his father again … Ah, up to now, these past events have passed for many years, but sometimes, especially when Father’s Day comes, my brain will naturally sort out the memories one by one and show them again, every time I look back, I still feel it.! I am very familiar with this sentence from my father’s mouth. he often said this to me, but considering that he is now in such poor health and the old man who has been invited to the hospital by the doctor for three or five times is still taking care of his family diligently, I really want to say to my father, ” dad, I’m sorry.”. I know my father is very reluctant to listen to me say sorry to him. he thinks I am not sorry to him, but this is what I wanted to say a long time ago.. I also want to say to my father, ” Dad, I know you’ve been working very hard all the time, especially since last year, you haven’t slept a good night in order to take care of me and my baby, and you can’t rest during the day, and you are busy every day. At this age, you can’t rest and worry about me and my baby. I want to say to you here on behalf of me and my baby, thank you.”. I want to thank you, in fact, no matter in words or in words, I think it will never be enough. It is you who brought me to know life and let me enjoy the colorful world. When I am thousands of miles away, when I walk heavily, I always think of your eyes, and you give me strength all the time. No matter whether I take a small step or a big step, I cannot do without your credit.. Now, I have finally become a mother myself. I will love my son as much as you love me, take care of him and teach him to grow up well. Please don’t worry about me and my son. I only hope you can live each day easily and happily.. Although today is not Father’s Day, nor is it a special day, I still want to send my blessing to you, wishing you health and happiness forever, no matter what special day or ordinary day, my blessing is all around you …[ Responsible Editor: Men’s Tree ]

Summer wounds

Before I could wipe out the thick green and fine products, the seasonal wind drifted over the summer branches, and a few yellow leaves loomed, beginning with the telling of the rain, announcing that this season can no longer wait without the fiery heat. I don’t know how long my new life will go astray, because I have lost my original innocence in that unknown expectation, and a pallor has replaced the true color of my soul..     A rain always passed through the depths of the soul by accident, dropping on the window and tapping on the heart. The cold pain suddenly swept through every corner of the soul, strolling on the campus or on the bus with sparse figures, watching the rain ravage every trace of life, as if everything had nothing to do with me, but everything seemed to be closely related to me.. Life doesn’t care about everything passing by, but the green still floating in the branches was originally a dream that I have been pursuing in my heart.!     Everyone can’t grasp their fate. In Cao Gong’s short-selling garden, those women passed through summer in the fog of the world of mortals, and ended up with’ flowers fall and people die without knowing’. Xiang Yun, who only appreciates the ” Xiangjiang River goes east to Chu Yunfei”, has a heart of forbearance under his bright and pure appearance, which conceals his lament for the worldly and misfortune in his own world and deduces his own aesthetic moment. Who has it or not?? Life is a time when the wind and rain are clear and the life itself is struggling one after another, repeating the fate of sorrow in one struggle after another, which is the mission and the initial promise.. In the reflection of the left hand and the right hand, let the paleness cover the steps once pursued.     Look at the fine lines in my hands. I don’t think whether the past persistence is a kind of sorrow or not. I don’t want to predict the future, but in the deep sea of feelings, can I still get a loving look back from you? If we can’t grasp this life, let’s drink wine and look forward to the next life. I will not be alone on the way to the next life.!     In that moment’s silence, I understood that even if it is good to pursue perfection in my life, none of us can stop the intersection of fate, just as the birth of Medea is bound to appear Pandora’s magic box, but I would rather believe that it is the embodiment of love and beauty, painful and happy.!

A person’s travel

A person’s travel a person’s travel may best explain the intention of travel, ” to say” go as you go ” must mean one person, not two people, or a group of people.”. Because more than one person travels, the taste will be discounted. If you live in one place for a long time, you are bound to get tired of it. The unchanging life makes your heart look like a dead sea and can’t lift any waves.. You are eager for change, exploration and novelty. It is time to start a new journey. Pack up a simple bag with a book, comb, face oil, cup, charger, etc. After checking the ticket information on the Internet, I went to the bus station by bus, bought the ticket and set foot on the bus. Travel is bound to suffer from long-distance turbulence. Four hours of turbulence and the fumigation of dirty air in the car cost me half my life. I am almost dying and can’t live in love.. When I got out of the car, I dragged half my life out of the station and saw the bustling streets and modern buildings like a dream. Walking along the street, I passed a park and drilled into it. What a vibrant park it is! The lost half-life immediately returned to my body and I was resurrected with blood.. There was a rumbling sound in the sky. Looking up, the two planes roared overhead in a low voice. Immediately, one share of anger surged up in my heart. I said to myself: Weifang, I’m coming! Wandering around most of the park, I left contentedly and went into a small food shop. I ate a rice noodle and did not dare to compliment it.. Take the bus to Weifang Medical College and look around after getting off the bus.. He went to the hotel – Langyi. When I dragged my swollen feet into the set room 906. I have a full sense of belonging in my heart. This room is where I will settle down in this strange city the next day. I feel the same with it.. In the spacious and comfortable double bed, I took myself as my master and lay still, waiting for my heart to slow down and breathing well.. Then, after reading the book for a while, I looked up the interior decoration. The room is very broad and bright, and the red-brown wood floor is gloomily bright. It is a kind of noble and strong luster with white double beds, luxurious and tasteful. There is a big TV on the wall, a long black table below, and a brown wardrobe at the door, next to the small bar, with some drinks on it.. On the south side of the floor-to-ceiling window, the white curtain like Bertha blocked out the snooping outside, filtered out the noisy secularity, and remained quiet and indoor.. I sat cross-legged on a long table by the window with a few dozen or two regiments of pu weaving. after reading a few lines, I bowed my head and looked out of the window to mourn the noisy world.. In the distance, if a forest of modern buildings were pulled out from the ground, they would fly straight at the sky and be magnificent. The nearby Yuhaiyu belt would pass through the city, and the ancient trees on the shore would be luxuriant and luxuriant in shade.. Traffic on the road was like a shuttle, pedestrians were in a hurry, and a day later, check out, a person went to the station, bought tickets and boarded the way back to his hometown.. Hurriedly come, hurrying away, the journey is over, but this experience is engraved on my heart and haunts me all the time..

Good taste and good luck

The gift for mother is approaching Mother’s Day again. I don’t know what kind of gift should be given to mother and mother-in-law this year. The son of the senior high school bought me an ordinary jade ring from his pocket money, saying it was a gift from Mother’s Day. The jade belt shows his love for me.. Yeah! The son is older and begins to take care of his family with his heart. In the face of this small ring, I feel that happiness is actually very simple, just like a glass of water in our life, which is bland and bland..     Looking at the white-haired mother-in-law who smiles at us, my heart is full of sighs! How difficult her life is, the widowed middle – aged, one person dutifully filial to her old mother-in-law and raising her children, and life is very hard and tiring, but she has never complained, but she has only worked hard and conscientiously to bring up the elderly and her children, so that the elderly mother-in-law will not be left alone by the passing away of her lover and her children will not be miserable by the passing away of her father.. The years have passed, and now her mother-in-law is full of children and grandchildren, ushering in her 80 – year – old age in the plain of life. Although the time left by the years is less and less, she has let nature take its course, peacefully, peacefully and sweetly lived every day for 80 years. She has tasted the hardships and hardships of life, but she has repaid family and friends’ affection with tolerance and gratitude, repaid her friends who cared for her in life with selfless friendship, recalled her love for beautiful love with black and white photos, and propped up the poor family with tender shoulders.. This is how the 80 – year – old mother-in-law went through the storms of her life … Who said that the 80 years of wind and rain is not a happy memory of the old man’s life! Happiness is so ordinary and simple, memories are so bitter and sweet. In private, I asked her and my mother if you had a happy life? They laughed and did not answer. Today, I found the answer and tasted the sweetness of happiness, although there are too many disappointments, too many storms and too many helplessness in our life .. But we can’t change the past, can’t predict the future, but can grasp the present. Although my son’s gift to me is insignificant, I am very satisfied, very happy and very happy … Ah, this is the best gift. In the face of the years, I give all without regret, and have a long life. Every minute of the years is always accompanied by endless anxiety and expectation. I use serenity to find the joy I lost in the years, and use my life to taste happiness and happiness..     Bless all mothers in the world with peace and happiness. Your happiness is the greatest wish of children in this life and the best happiness of children.. This article is a gift I gave to mothers to raise our mothers! Happy holidays.

Fifty – one, college time must be treasured

The son of a ten-year-old cold window has suddenly arrived at an adult with thoughts and burdens.. People, only in childhood, are naive and carefree, just like the starry sky and beautiful You Lan. In addition, as long as we understand some things, we will understand some human principles and establish a sense of responsibility psychologically.. With the increase of age, the responsibilities associated with society, family and their own lives become more prominent. Therefore, people are shouldering these responsibilities for a long life in this world.     Frankly speaking, mother appreciates you very much, just like appreciating a good work. Even the neighbors next door like you very much, and often praise you in front of your mother. She only needs to hear: Dr. Zhang, your sons are the wealth of your life.. At this moment, my mother’s heart was so glorious and so happy. Because you have so many shiny things on you, and so many things to learn and praise from your mother.. Your greatest characteristic is kindness in heart and courtesy towards others. This kindness is innate. My mother believes that beginning of life is good in nature and good in later cultivation. Therefore, the world is burning like a sea in the hearts of the people, but it is a pure land in your hearts..     You fear nature, fear life and love. When you were young, you saw the adults kill chickens and ducks, and you both held on to prevent the adults from killing them, so every time we killed chickens and ducks, we had to avoid both of you.. On one occasion, our family changed a regular pork dish and bought a dog. The little guy liked dogs from an early age. When eating dog meat, you would ask where it was bought. When your mother told you to buy it in the vegetable market and kill it in the vegetable market, you were surprised and said, ” Ah.”! How dare you buy a live dog? ‘ I told you not to live but also to die? How can you eat the dead. You never dare to eat again. You respect all life, even trivial life. Your loveliness and your ignorance have also added a delicious dish to mom’s life..     Son, you should still cherish your college days. College life is like a book. Some people skim it, while others read it carefully. The university career will leave an indelible memory in one’s life, which is often one of the most impressive periods.. Many people especially miss their youth in college when they reach the middle and old age, so they often see old classmates returning to school after graduation for many years..     The years are running away. Only the truly precious things can leave a permanent mark in people’s hearts.. Perhaps, only after leaving university and working for many years can we truly realize that university life is the golden age of life. College is a time when students are young and energetic. They are in the company of youth and in high spirits. If they don’t know how to cherish it, they may regret it all their lives in the future..     University is a place where many teenagers from all over the world gather together to spend four years of youth. Compared with middle school, university study is much easier, the curriculum is relatively loose, the management is relaxed, and without parents around, it should be said that it is quite free. But universities should not be ” laissez – faire”. Time, catch is gold, put down becomes running water. It will always be useful in the future to learn freely, make full use of the conditions of the university’s well-stocked library, absorb knowledge and nutrition, and accumulate cultural capital.. Although the saying ” knowledge changes fate” is not as beautiful as it used to be, the saying ” knowledge is power” is an eternal truth..     My mother’s feelings are poured out to you, and you should appreciate them carefully. I hope you will walk out of college four years later and say with a clear conscience: I have not failed to live up to the careful cultivation of school teachers and the ardent expectations of my mother.!

Father and Wine

Father had no hobbies in his life, but he had an indissoluble bond with wine.     Father loves drinking, which is well known in our village. For this reason, the villagers secretly called their father’ Jiuxing’. At that time, it was part of my life to help my drunken father go home.     Father drinks regardless of the occasion and place. As long as he thinks he is predestined friends, he will have the lofty ambition of ” drinking every friend and thousand cups less.”! I’m sure I’ll never get drunk again. Father is a lively person, he never writes sorrow on his face, and he doesn’t like drinking alone.. If you are lucky enough to have a drink with your father at the same table, your father will be the first to mobilize the active atmosphere.. After three rounds of wine tour, my father will have some programs on the wine table. Father’s best skill is rowing boxing, which is eye – catching, nimble and changeable.! Father has been battle-hardened on wine occasions and has accumulated rich experience in boxing. Many people have lost to him.. Father rowed like Hong Zhong, and he could hear the cries of exhaustion and hissing from far away. There was a majestic momentum of taking the lead, and the wine table was like a fight with thousands of troops and horses, and dull occasions were immediately enlivened.!     In fact, father’s capacity for liquor is not very good, he can drink up to three cups when he drinks alone. But if you meet like-minded friends, your father will accompany them to the end even if he is drunk.. Father is very hospitable. Every time he comes to the house, he will tell his mother to get some good food and then accompany the guests to drink as much as the landlord can.. He will definitely let the guests have a good drink and return home! But in the end, it was father who was drunk..     Father was particularly interested in literature and art from an early age and also studied ancient and modern appellations. Listen to him, he used to be the backbone of literature and art in his class when he was a high school student.. In our village with his father’s generation, his father is a bit of a cultural person. The old father still keeps the good habit of reading books and newspapers all the time.. When he was idle, he often saw him sitting in the yard reading books with his presbyopic glasses.. He is not only familiar with customs and manners, but also plays abacus fairly well.. As a result, villagers in the village all addressed him as ” teacher”. Where there are weddings and funerals, the father will be invited to host the ceremony, and the father will be willing to accept and help with all his heart.. Father is a man who doesn’t pay any return. He will be satisfied if you give him a bowl of wine to drink.. Because my father is a warm-hearted man, he is deeply loved by the villagers! Father’s popularity is excellent and he has made many friends in his life.     Father, born in the old society, went through the vicissitudes of life and, like most fathers after 1970, did not know how much suffering and bitterness he had suffered.! Due to the shortage of childhood life, my father left school at home without graduating from high school, shouldering the heavy burden of the family alone. From then on, the wine accompanied his father’s life, which made him forget the fatigue of life and encouraged him to move forward optimistically on the bumpy and thorny road of life.!     At that time, drunken father always asked me to help him remove the bamboo flute hanging on his bedside! The golden bamboo flute, like father’s bronze fingers, played his mellow life like wine after years of baptism.! When I was a child, I liked to stand by my father’s side and quietly listen to the melodious flute, which blends with the trickling stream of Zhenxi River. drift soup is in the deepest part of my heart.!     Today’s father has white hair. Last late autumn, my father had a serious illness. From then on, you can’t drink any more. The father, who was entangled by the disease, is even older than ever.! On the day of the regiment year, my father did not go to the table because of his ill health.. But he told me to go to his room and take out the bottle of good wine he treasured from the cupboard for us to drink. My father treasured a lot of good wine. He didn’t want to drink it alone at ordinary times. He always waited until we got home to share it with us.. Holding his father’s treasured wine in his hand, he looked at his emaciated father and felt bitter! But father is always such an optimistic and open-minded person. instead, he enlightened us: ” it is the most normal thing for people to get sick. don’t think so much, just drink.”! He still cares about us all the time: ” Drink good wine and be happy.”! Before I went home, my father always filled my glass to the full and asked me to accompany him to drink a few more cups. instead, I was a little tired and didn’t want to drink with him. Today, when I wanted to fill my father’s glass of wine myself, his father was no longer able to drink.   There are many regrets in life. If my father is still as healthy as before, I’d rather accompany him for a few more drinks! Then, happy drunk in his melodious flute of Qingyuan!