Month: November 2018

Gully spring

Gulou Spring is not called Gulou Spring, but Dog Spring.     I didn’t see the spring. In Yiyuan this place, it was really hard to find the spring in the countryside and I couldn’t find’ moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its brooks’. Looking at Yimeng Mountain, the vast expanse of green, corn fields, peach orchards, pear orchards and apple orchards are stacked one on top of the other to reach the stone peak on the top of the castle peak, giving people a sense of distance from this day.     Lower your head and look down. in the wide zhangzhuang river, you can see weeds, no clear water, no clear spring.     Where is the gully spring?     The drunk old man has disappeared, the dog that saved the old man has disappeared, and the spring water dug out by the dog has either been buried by weeds or turned a blind eye to the villagers.. History has been printed into the pale yellow paper, but what remains unchanged is people’s praise of loyalty and loyalty. In the story, people and dogs are parallel, accompany each other and look after each other. However, people’s desire is more than dog’s desire, and it is much more difficult to control than dog’s desire. Because of the willfulness of human nature, it brings a lot of damage and danger to oneself.. Dogs don’t have human desires, so they are simple, because they are easier to get along with people, know more about repaying favors, and are easier to move. However, the smoke cloud still exists and the story has disappeared. Standing in front of the gully spring, what you see is the ocean of the mountain.     I have passed by the gully spring many times.     In Yiyuan, in Mengyin, there are many small towns like gully springs. At the foot of the mountain, in the enclosure of the orchard and in the silent mountains, people show their love for a better life with red roofs.. After many times, in addition to being slightly surprised at the quiet land on this side, it is full of respect for men and women with copper skin.. The rolling mountains, stretching out the vast expanse of the land, also show the difficulty of making a living and developing.. However, the unyielding people just use labor, wheelbarrows and tenacity to make this land peaceful and fragrant in the early autumn sunshine.. While enjoying the joy brought by the reception, people are still looking forward.     However, I still can’t forget the ditch spring in my heart.     Yes, there are moving stories everywhere in this land, but I am here, in the yellow sunshine, on the bridge, facing the houses shaded by trees, like a leaf falling from Yimeng Mountain.. Yes, dry life needs a clear spring, dusty seedlings need a clear spring, this land needs a clear spring, the future here needs a clear spring, Yimeng Mountain needs a clear spring..     Yes, people in the gully spring need a clear spring even more.     In our time, we need respite.     2016 / 9 / 19

Four Seasons of Bamboo

When Li Wenwang was very young in the four seasons of bamboo, there were several rows of bamboo at the door. Not only is it my home, but all the village people who live on the river have a small strip of bamboo, except the bamboo from the front row is in front of the yard and the bamboo from the back row is behind the door. Later, after looking at many mountain bamboos, it was discovered that all the bamboos in the village were thin and ugly.. Eight years ago, I called bamboo ” bamboo” according to the village name, but the picture of bamboo is also more beautiful than it. Then Baidu Kuzhu and Huangzhu, all of which can be painted, are not as ugly as the bamboo at the door of the house.. Just as I was depressed about the bamboo that couldn’t find its name and was about to give up, several familiar bamboo shadows on the picture let me shine at the moment. Well, that’s not the bamboo at the door. A careful examination revealed that those ugly bamboos had an equally obscure name – Indocalamus. Ah, Indocalamus, is this the bamboo of the water village? Is it the bamboo that is not much thicker than the small circle formed by the thumb and forefinger?? Is that one yuan for five bamboo sticks? I couldn’t help feeling sorry for that name. However, I also think that water villages naturally have the characteristics of water villages. The bamboo in your mountain area is beautiful, but do you have turtles and mandarin fish in the mountain area? Do you have yellow croaker or black croaker? We did. There were many more in the early days. It is already good to have bamboo in the water village. Do you care whether it is beautiful or not? What’s more, these bamboos have given me too much joy and even enjoyment. In this way, I will no longer have prejudice against the bamboo of my hometown, and even gradually miss the bamboo that has disappeared for many years.. From the bamboo in my hometown, I thought of all the bamboos and the four seasons of bamboo. On the first day of the new year, firecrackers will be set off. The firecrackers in ancient times were actually the crackling sound of bamboo, which was the authentic and original firecrackers. In this way, bamboo is the prelude to the new year. The Lantern Festival is here, and I’m afraid the only country in the world where lanterns are hung everywhere is China.. In addition to the wick and gauze, the lantern is covered with bamboo, and the lantern is the embodiment of bamboo.. In the east of the world, on that day, ” is like a spring gale, come up in the night, thousands of trees and thousands of tea blossoms.”. Spring March, even early spring February, as long as it is a warm day in spring, with a slight wind, in the east of the world, it is a sky flying kites one after another.. For thousands of years, who didn’t know this poem – children came back from school early and took advantage of the east wind to release kite. kite is the earliest Chinese name for kite. Such a country is once again rare in the world. Kite nature is the embodiment of bamboo. During the spring rain, how much protection and warmth have been poured into people by the bamboo hat and umbrella in history! Bamboo shoots have sprung up and can be processed into delicacies that many people like. In summer, bamboo doesn’t seem to be as distinctive as lanterns and kites. Maybe you can’t remember the existence of bamboo. However, as long as you touch the side, maybe you are sitting in a bamboo chair, or lying on a bamboo bed with a bamboo pillow, or maybe you are holding a bamboo fan in your hand! It’s just that you turn a blind eye to it. If time is pushed forward for 30 or 40 years, bamboo beds and chairs will undoubtedly be fans or even air conditioners at that time. However, bamboo seems to have more summers in the countryside than in the city. Isn’t it? Look, what do people in those water villages do by the ditches? Originally, they were using bamboo – woven loach cages and fish cages to catch loaches and fish and shrimps. The loach cage and the fish cage are tools for fishing and hunting in water villages, because the tool is imported from irreversible, soft and medium with hard bamboo whiskers, and all fish are allowed in and not allowed out.. This is a tool that embodies a lot of painstaking efforts by people in the water village, and it really contains the wisdom of bamboo weaving! Indocalamus in water villages is mainly used to weave loach cages and fish cages! Wow, bamboo chopsticks pick up the fish and shrimps caught in bamboo cages, but the bamboo is having a celebration party, isn’t it? Bamboo in autumn is not inferior either. Although loach is hidden deep, although the autumn wind makes bamboo chairs on bamboo beds cold and scary, who can say that it is not a good enjoyment of life if the east does not shine and the west does not shine and the bamboo flute or the dongxiao is played against the moon in early autumn or mid – autumn?? In addition, in my hometown, village children often peel awn shells from indocalamus, cut them into swastikas with scissors, then cross the center with small bamboo sticks, and insert the sticks into bamboo sticks with long and short chopsticks. A small windmill with local characteristics will be ready.. The small windmill whirled violently in the autumn wind, bringing much happiness and happiness! In winter, bamboo does not really have much use, but even in the winter with heavy snow, bamboo still inspires people with its own temperament. Therefore, Fang Zhimin has the following verse: ” Snow presses bamboo head low, low wants to touch mud, once the red sun comes out, it is still in harmony with the sky.”. The reason why there will be such a good saying is that Fang Zhimin, chairman of the Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi Soviet government and senior general of the Red Army, also has the temperament of bamboo – tenacity, firmness and integrity. The four seasons of bamboo and the four seasons of bamboo are beautiful and beautiful.