A Brief Translation of Buddhism and Zen

Mountain, mountain, water, rain, frost and snow, dribs and drabs, like clouds circling gently, if plum blossoms are still fragrant. What the wind passes away is a natural sight, and what remains is the spring flowers.   Ask Buddha if he meets someone he can love, but he’s afraid he can’t grasp what to do?   Buddha said ∈ – How much love is left in the world and how many changes are made in the face of the floating world? And do happy things with lovers. don’t ask if it’s fate to rob. so, according to Buddha’s will, I bravely pursue love. the sweet and greasy lady also answers to music and music. her dedication revolves around two happy people and two warm hearts in spring.. However, a man has a wife and no love. Women have homes and are heartless. One night, when the stars were scattered all over the sky and the moon poked across the mountainside, all ended up in tears of good day and night when I hated not to meet but not to marry.. That night, destined to insomnia, that night, destined to grief, that night, destined to unforgettable. Don’t ask, don’t rob, it’s fate. Bless love is infinite. Wish love is infinite.   Some people asked Jackson Dalong Zhihong, ” What is a subtle Zen?”? Zen Master Zhihong replied, ” The wind sends water to the pillow side and the moon moves to the window.”. ‘ There is no water in front of me, but there is gurgling sound in my heart; There are no mountains outside the window, but the shadows in my mind overlap. The illusion is still beautiful, when thinking carefully and slowly. Chewing thousands of sorrows and sorrows, it is only a little sweet and moist that can penetrate life, especially enchanting. Sitting in peace with your eyes and meditation, you can have a panoramic view of the world, melting at one point word for word, and the ups and downs will not move.. Static, is the water stop in the alternation of day and night, is also the mountain weight in the vicissitudes of life and happiness. ‘ don’t make yuhua district still falls, no wind flocculant from the fly. Quiet so far away, subtle Zen is born in peace and wisdom.   Buddha said, ” Zen is also in the heart. Zen is in the heart, sitting and setting up, practicing and sleeping. Zen is always everywhere.”. Zen is also born in a certain time, a certain space, a person’s insight, and a Zen meaning..   Chaos, no spirit. Yin and yang are separated and united, and the party is willing to do so. The heart is Zen, the leaves are green, the flowers are fragrant, the sun is warm, the moon is soft, the stars are beautiful, love is found, and all living beings are also found.. Everything can not be solved, always illusion, because in it. Enlightenment, out of the bondage of the body, with the mind standing outside the object with spiritual wisdom and looking at the world with pure eyes, will find that all are tiny dust in sufficient light, bustling, but not many.   Buddha said: Persistence is like deep, it is the Buddha’s saying that gradually entering death: Persistence is like dust, it is futile and futile to return to Buddha’s saying: Persistence is like tears, it is a broken drop into the heart, breaking and scattering Buddha’s saying: Don’t ask for another 500 years, enter my empty gate, and already rise above Nirvana and die, it is just like facing the abyss and also determined to jump in, and death is an inevitable result.. Dust, light as nothing, floats in the air, can’t be seen or touched, just like clouds in the sky, and delusion of picking is just a dream of Nanke, clinging to nothingness.. Tears are the condensation of demons, broken hearts and scattered thoughts. Any heart injury always needs to be released. What is on the face is only the form. What drips into the heart is the pain.. If you compare your heart to a blue sea, your tears will fall in it, and you will be broken and nowhere to be found. When the ripples return to rest, everything will be restored before the tears condense.. Think, how long can people live? One hundred, or one hundred million years? Longer life is just between life and death. As long as you live every minute and second of yourself, why should you force your life to be short and long, beyond Nirvana’s heart, and live each cycle wonderfully?.   Ask Buddha: Why do my feelings always rise and fall?   Buddha said: All self – knowledge, all self – knowledge, month surplus and shortage, tide fluctuation, and floating and heaving are peaceful.   Life in the world is like being among thorns, with the heart still, the person not moving, the person not moving will not be hurt. If you move your heart, you will move your body and hurt your bones, and you will feel all kinds of pain in the world.! Emotions are the source of false move. Emotions include affection, love, friendship and all kinds of emotions are stored in your heart. You know what feelings you need, love and selflessness. You should cut off all love. Frankly speaking, I am not a Buddha.. Feelings are like waves whirling around and ups and downs, ups and downs still, all at some time or another. As for the ups and downs of feelings, like the moon’s ebb and flow, the tides come and go naturally and naturally end. Want to come, the way of peace is natural!   Ask Buddha how to make people’s hearts no longer feel lonely?   Buddha said that every heart was born lonely and incomplete, and most of them spent their lives with this kind of disability because they either missed or lost their qualification to have it when they met the other half who could make it perfect..   Ask Buddha why there are so many regrets in the world?   Buddha said ∈, this is a world of dancing, dancing is regret, without regret, no matter how happy you are, you will not feel happy..   These two sentences ask Buddha, asking about loneliness and regret. Born to cry bitterly, without a trace of reserve, as if to shed all the tears of the previous life, which started from the joy of ignorance. Perhaps it is Meng Po’s soup that breaks the heart and gives rise to endless loneliness, making people struggle to seize the energy that fills the residual heart and thus perfect it.. It’s just a whirling world. Regret is doomed, whether it floats in loneliness or turns the dust in loneliness into particles of happiness.. After all, happiness is not happiness because of what it has got, nor happiness because of happiness. Happiness is happiness because of happiness, without any explanation or answer..  Buddha said: if the fate comes, the fate will go; if the fate gathers, the fate will disperse; if the fate starts, the fate will live; if the fate falls, the fate will perish..   Buddha said: Love and separation, hatred and hatred, giving up and returning to the west, are all of no kind. However, it is only a fantasy with empty flowers in its eyes..   Buddha said: Forgetting doesn’t mean never having existed. All freedom comes from choice, not design. It is better to let go. The more you let go, the more you feel you have.   Fate is everyone’s mantra. If we are predestined friends to meet each other, if we do not meet at all, we will be bound by fate; if we gather together, we will be bound by fate; if we fall, we will be bound by fate.. The separation of love and hate and the aggregation of hatred and hatred are all due to their own choices and are not deliberately done for them.. For example, in reality, people are restricted by various conditions and can be selective and narrow. All restrictions do not exist when they are placed in a connected net sea. With a wide range of choices, they will feel free to come and go, love and hate.. Just traces, traces of fate, is to choose to forget or have? If we have a tree, we will give up a flower. If you give up a flower, you may have the whole forest. With empty flowers in my eyes, a piece of illusion is the result, and it is a process that I can’t ask for it and can’t put it down.. We can never abandon such a process because of such a result. Also cannot because of that kind of process, does not want the inevitable result. Even the edge of a second already exists in life, forgetting or owning it, and why should we stick to one idea if we don’t put it down or not?. Is it not a good choice to remain silent and rejoice in silence?.   Buddha said, ” One flower, one world, one grass, one heaven, one leaf, one Buddha, one sand, one bliss, one party, one pure land, one smile, one fate, one thought, one purity.”. If there is nothing in the heart, one can spend one world, one grass and one heaven.   If there is nothing in the heart, it is like water purification without waves, which is absolutely impossible because there is no Buddha in the world. If you don’t ask for the Buddha, the Buddha is a free heart, a good heart, a subtle feeling in the micro world, a feeling in the Buddhist sutra, a sea of dripping water, a heart that melts the universe, a dust and a heaven.. In short, I am a Buddha, but Buddha is not me.