I miss my grandfather in heaven

The biting cold wind and eyeful dead leaves are all conveying the smell of winter. The sleeping river still sings folk songs to the distance, tall and green pine trees, dense bamboo forests and winding winding mountain roads adorn the village with unique features..     At the foot of the Tiantai Mountain, on the bank of Tsushui River, on this day, December 25, 2014, the mountain full of aura was added with my grandfather, the patron saint of the Xiangshi family.. ‘ Revolution for many years for the benefit of the people, retired several generations of sages. ‘ This is an elegiac couplet engraved on grandpa’s grave, and it is also deeply branded in our hearts.     Grandpa was born on January 1, 1926, and finally on December 23, 2014. During his 88 years of life, he did many things, including politics, medicine, metaphysics, agriculture and so on. Although he was not a heroic deed to cry over ghosts and gods, he was deeply impressed in his heart.. The last night at home was Christmas Eve, a popular holiday in the West. The temperature dropped sharply on that day, and people who could come to mourn came in an endless stream, either relatives and friends, or fellow villagers, or government officials, or patients cured. In short, people who knew him came from all sides in a hurry to mourn the old man.. Firecrackers, fireworks, salute and cannons are ringing in the sky with a deafening sound. Others are still immersed in festive songs. We are waiting quietly here.. A word, a sound and a ring reveal our sadness and sadness..     ( 1 ) a good doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to heal the wounded and rescue the dead my grandfather is a good doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Grandpa is proficient in medical skills, especially for some difficult and complicated diseases. Some cases cannot be eradicated by modern medicine, but grandpa’s traditional Chinese medicine can, though not as good as Hua Tuo’s reincarnation, also get rid of the disease. On one occasion, two people came from Guanba, crying to their father and daughter and girls, claiming to be seeking a cure for their ailing mother. After they explained the situation, grandpa smoothed his beard and looked confident, so he hurried into the herbal medicine house and walked out to pass them the wrapped prescription hands in about ten minutes and told them to take precautions for drinking the medicine.. Soon after, they came to grandpa’s house again, this time three people, they came to thank grandpa specially.. At that time, the joyful scene, the exciting moment, from grandma’s report, were there.     Grandpa has cured countless difficult and complicated diseases in his life. It seems simple. In fact, the bitterness and suffering behind this is obvious and painful in his heart.. In order to collect a complete range of medicinal materials, no matter whether the mountains are high or the mountains are far away, whether the weather is sunny or sunny, grandpa will definitely go to search for prescriptions after work, especially during his 30 years of retirement, he has made many unique prescriptions by wading through mountains and rivers.. Most of the time, we like to brick into his pharmacy to peek at grandpa’s prescriptions, and when we find that a prescription is short of one medicine, grandpa will meticulously write it down and then fill it up one by one.. Although he is not a full-time medical practitioner, he has always kept in mind and actively practiced the style of the healer of saving the dead and helping the wounded.. Grandpa’s meticulous and serious attitude often affects our younger generation, so we must be serious and not tolerate any carelessness in doing things..     ( 2 ) ” Good sir” who educates children and grandchildren’ My grandfather is a good sir who educates children and grandchildren. Parents are the first teachers of children, which shows the importance of every parent in educating children. At present, many teachers have expressed the feeling that students are becoming more and more difficult to teach. Indeed, the number of left-behind children, the deviation of the education methods of the older generation, the corrosion of unhealthy social atmosphere, the multiple efforts and the great pressure can be imagined.. My grandfather is not the same.     Grandpa is the father of six children and has twelve grandchildren. Most of them have made great contributions to grandpa and to his family.. In this family of four generations, we have played various roles, but we all have to accurately position our own trajectory. Among the children and grandchildren, there are politicians, businessmen, railway builders and people’s teachers. They are filial to their parents, live side by side in harmony and perform their duties in their posts.. Especially in Sun Tzu’s generation, basically all of them are college students. After graduating from college, they either took part in the work smoothly or did their own work with the fighting spirit of being aggressive, daring to bear hardships and working hard.. In a word, we are children who came out of the mountain town and have a somewhat envious look in the eyes of others, all saying they are ancestors’ graves.. In fact, this can not be separated from grandpa’s earnest teachings, parents’ painstaking pulling and self-determination and strong willpower. Quoting the classic lines of Deng Xiaoping’s regulations in the TV play’s participation in the historical transition” Thank you for growing up in this great era. Perhaps this is the easterly wind everyone could bathe in in the 8090′ s. Taking advantage of the hot youth to write a life without regrets, youth is capital.     Xu did not choose a people’s teacher until he had listened to grandpa’s words.. The scene the night before I went to college is still fresh in my memory. Especially grandpa’s words, he has a special friendship when he talks about Changsha. when he was young, he went to the provincial party Committee party school as an excellent cadre to study and study. Grandpa especially worships Mao Zedong. During his study period, grandpa will always go to some unusual places to find the pride of the communists.. In 2010, grandpa went to Changsha to see a doctor. His growing age did not lose his heart’s desire. Even under the dissuasion of his relatives, he still insisted on revisiting his old place. At that time, grandpa visited many places, including the provincial Party School, Hunan Provincial Museum, Hunan Provincial Library, orange island, Yuelu Mountain and Aiwanting Pavilion.. The old man’s courage is commendable and honorable, the true feelings of gratitude to the Party and the country are beyond expression, and the persistent spirit that the old should be strong and prefer to move from white to white is more than touched.. That time, grandpa realized his wish.     Due to various reasons, every time we go home from the holiday, we always tell grandpa the change of Changsha in the small talk, he always responds with a smile, that kind of peaceful face and dedicated expression, as if our conversation brought him back to the heyday of the year and the moment when he was proud of himself.. Therefore, to like Changsha is not only to like its spiritual culture of ” worrying about the world and daring to be the first person”, but also to like the regretless life written on the university campus, which is more deeply rooted in its style..     ( 3 ) hardworking and capable good farmers my grandfather is a hardworking and capable good farmer. Although grandpa is a government cadre, he always shuttles through the fields in his spare time and retirement years, carefully cultivating his flue-cured tobacco, his citrus, his wheat seedlings and his rape. He always runs around the mountains looking for treasures in the mountains, such as camellia oil seeds, herbs, matches and wood … he always knows them well in many strange places. He is always able to handle many difficult techniques. Many complicated affairs can always be handled with ease. Therefore, in the age of eating rice from a big pot, grandpa’s family of eight could smell rice and lard.     Neighbors envy grandpa and always praise him. Can build two tall and unique wooden houses, every late summer and early autumn, grandpa will regularly apply a thick layer of tung oil on them, brush it over and over again, just like a woman who loves beauty, and apply layers of insulation cream to dress herself up carefully to create a unique beauty. With a hardworking and capable grandfather, the two wooden houses in our family, which have been in existence for 20 years, are still brand new and bright today. He can dress the crops beautifully.Grandpa’s planting of crops not only requires a real harvest, but also has a very high aesthetic standard, which is no inferior to the beauty contest, only from a different perspective. Every spring planting season, grandpa’s seedlings are always arranged in an orderly way and can be seen in a straight line from side to side. During the autumn harvest, the golden rice was full of rice fields and bowed their heads and bent down in succession. It was like a procession of welcome guests, with a gust of autumn wind blowing, and the rice was fragrant and refreshing.. As children, we like to travel through the fields for fun, which has become a beautiful scenery line, sometimes picking up the lost rice spike to comfort our hard years.. Grandpa wasn’t satisfied with the state’s allocation of existing land for farming. He took the lead in actively opening up wasteland and farmland, vigorously planting trees and returning mountains to green..     ( 4 ) good party members and cadres for the benefit of the people my grandfather is a good party member and cadre for the benefit of the people. When grandpa was 14 years old, Taigong Taipo died and became a real orphan. He was the eldest brother in the family and the burden of caring for younger siblings was naturally placed on grandpa’s shoulders.. At that time, grandpa was very strong, not only taking good care of his younger siblings, but also participating in collective labor and learning to read and write arithmetic at night.. This is what I have been holding.     One day, they came to the village and said they would re-elect a village party secretary. After democratic election, grandpa won the post. Later, after unremitting efforts, he rose to the rank of metre cadre and finally retired ahead of schedule with honor.. In the red revolution era, grandpa, who had no money and no status, realized his life value with his steadfast, hard-working and strong qualities.. Grandpa was honest and upright as an official all his life, and he was sometimes taken advantage of by some people with ulterior motives. But he was always respected and respected, and he always managed the relationship properly and won the admiration and respect of others..     Grandpa has done a lot for the common people in the years of Shuangxi township government, solving many difficult problems and making outstanding achievements.. One year when rice was approaching maturity, the weather was angry, the autumn wind howled, and the rain came as scheduled. In the middle of the night, grandpa organized government workers and villagers to do a good job of snatching money to minimize losses. Grandpa can save for a rainy day, not only because he is proficient in some metaphysics, but also because he knows how to observe the living rules of living creatures carefully and then judge whether it is feasible or not, so that he can achieve high speed and efficiency..     Grandpa retired early and always wanted to serve everyone during his days at home. Grandpa always cleans up a long section of road outside our house and several hardened cement roads. Although the roads are maintained by special personnel, grandpa is duty bound to do so.. Most of the time, we are always used to leisurely stroll on clean and tidy roads, hum songs and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this mountain village.. Listen to the neighbor’s old lady, since your grandfather was ill, the cement-hardened road has been dirty, with withered and yellow leaves, rotting grapefruit and rotting dung, which are often passed by with contempt.. Think about the place that once could walk barefoot. It is now desolate and cold, overgrown with weeds and moss. The scene of this situation, why don’t you give birth to melancholy? The road is no longer the original clean and tidy road, nor is it a person who used to hold a broom silently..     Every time I go through this road, I always think about people.     ( 5 ) Tough and tenacious” Good Soldier” My grandfather is just tough and tenacious” Good Soldier’. Grandpa was born in the war-torn era, casting his extraordinary steel character. Although he has not participated in the vigorous war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, the idea of the whole people’s resistance to Japan is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and as every patriotic youth who has thought and done something, he has devoted himself to the great wave of liberation of China without hesitation..     Grandpa is especially strong when something goes wrong. During the period when he was ill and hospitalized, he had been fighting against the disease. I can walk and never let others back, I can eat and never let others feed, I can dress and never let others do it for me … He always does it on his own for many small things.. There was a scene that was clearly fixed in my mind all the time. At that time, my grandfather was bedridden and had no improvement in seeking medical treatment, asking questions and praying. He had to sit at home and rest. Then his illness deteriorated and some of his skin began to rot. Everyone knew that grandpa’s life was not long and his heart was extremely hurt.. On that visit to grandpa, he quietly told me that he didn’t want to live in this world any more. After listening, I froze and then wept. I should have comforted and encouraged him, but in turn he should have comforted me: Don’t cry, be strong in the face of setbacks in life. I know very well that life, death and illness are natural laws, but when I reach my relatives, all the grandiloquence looks so pale and feeble..     The day before grandpa left, it was just the day when my new house was completed for dinner. This was in the plan, but the plan couldn’t keep up with the change. After discussion, the family didn’t have any wine, but the family ate together to show some luck.. Grandpa made the final struggle that day, wandering several times on the edge of life and death.. Just know, the old man will have some signs before he leaves. Grandpa sobbed twice, once at 12 o’clock and once at 11 o’clock in the evening, fearing that Grandpa would not survive. All the children are sitting around the bed waiting for Grandpa. They hold his hand tightly and tell him that he will survive today anyway. Only in this way will it be beneficial to the children and grandchildren.. Although he could not say clearly that he was suffering from bone-chilling pain, his firmness loudly shouted out his long-cherished wish. Grandpa survived that day, until 5: 30 the next morning, grandpa sobbed for the third time and left us forever..     Although he is not a real soldier on the battlefield, his strong courage and perseverance are enough to keep his good soldier image in our hearts forever..     On that day, the wind blew gently, hoping to blow away the pain on your body, blow away the defects of your memory, and blow away the uneasiness in your heart.. After that day, the sky was covered with filar silk dark clouds, and the rain was falling all the time, and the taste of all kinds of thoughts poured into my heart..     Gently, you go, just like you come gently. With a wave of your sleeves, you don’t take away any clouds.     Wish, in heaven, you can be happy, serene and happy for a long time.