"3&# 183; after 26 "into the New Deal 'on alert' Beijing and more 'commercial' dormant projects for sale

Vibe six months, Beijing "commercial" projects full purchase of "shoes" finally landed。March 26, Beijing multisectoral jointly issued a document clearly defined commercial office projects may not use as a residence, new projects may not be sold to individuals。The market has been used items can be sold to individuals, but to be met under the name of free room and has been for five consecutive years to pay social or pay personal income tax for five consecutive years in Beijing two conditions。According to the announcement, the current individual housing loan business has been suspended for individuals to purchase commercial office projects in。  March 27, "commercial" project collective houses from each platform or shelf, or renamed "commercial office class", the next day, part of the "commercial office class" project also focused on the shelves。Net signed suspend the project sale all dormant, waiting to see strong smell。  From project planning to sales targets, to qualified buyers, then credit is given stringent regulatory requirements are unprecedented, which is the second house from the recognition of the housing credit recognition recognize, Beijing once again played heavy market regulation。"Ruthless measures of strict regulations, enough to give a fatal blow to Beijing residential market。"In the case comment Insiders。While commercial office projects the volume and price of judgments has also been a lot of analysts agree。  Stock sleep "is now allowed to enter。"March 28, reporters came to buyers as Chang Hung Kun seven sales offices located in Beijing's Mentougou District, was blocked at the security entrance and was told 'no one sales office, were out doing activities', then from the sale out floor lobby staff told reporters, "after the New Deal, the project will be in stock in"。  March 26, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and 5 departments jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the commercial, office class project management", the announcement includes "commercial, office projects should be strictly in accordance with the planned use development, construction, sale and use without approval, will be allowed to change to residential and other uses, "under construction projects in the sale may not be sold to individuals and other norms nine business office type of market management requirements。  March 27, "China Business" reporter found that "commercial" off the shelf items or big houses on the platform, or renamed "commercial office class", the next day, part of the "business office type" item off the shelf。When observed March 28, the reporter went to Mentougou, Fangshan, Daxing and other providers to do more projects in the field unannounced visits Beijing area, just left on the cusp of the New Deal, the majority of former active commercial office project is now for sale。Before the alleged "commercial" project sales is also very cautious, wait for sale in addition to the relevant departments to check, but no clear next action, on the sidelines。  Interviewing process, multi-Fang Xinyuan said, "Beijing is commercial office projects have been fully suspended net signed"。West Chang'an No. One, Henghua Lake Anna, password, Beijing, and more about the project Shimao between Vera and other above seven Chang Hung Kun, as in the sale dormant while also significantly reducing showings。  Shunyi District Henghua Anna Lake Project has also been the latest property market policies, not many consumers come to critically, the majority of the sales office staff hospitality in an idle state, the wording for home sales is also more cautious。  Changping commercial and residential projects intermediary told reporters, "very few people after the New Deal showings"。Mentougou West Chang'an No. One project sales called "net signed suspend the project sale, and now everything is not clear, wait for check approvals, need rectification rectification, unwanted, when on sale, how depends on the specific implementation of the policy。"In fact, the new policy is a good thing, there are provisions can refer to later, commercial and residential projects are no longer fuzzy edge。The sales representation。  After six months of fermentation, "we expected in regulation, but it was so tight in the unexpected."。The industry response, which is a "business change lives" Project prevailing on the market heavy blow。  It is understood that "business change lives," the prevalence was seen in a small number of first-tier cities。Because of the strict purchase of housing and higher housing prices, many people will buy a small area of commercial office project as an investment or transitional housing, the developer for the pursuit of profit maximization, the commercial office project design, development and construction to house foreign sales。  "Stringent regulation of the formation of the role of market shock therapy, not only for 'business change lives', including commercial office projects have been suppressed to。"Guo Yi believes that the purpose of the New Deal housing prices is necessary to ensure stable development, the fight against real estate speculation; the second is to achieve total control of the target population of Beijing。  Under the measures?  March 28, reporters from the official website of the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee was informed, Lincoln Park, Vanke world, Hengda Future City, Taihe Central Plaza, Lake Plaza West Chen, Shang peak on the 1st six development projects suspected of planning approval of business office use change to residential use publicity and sales, currently six projects have been stopped net signed。  Reporters noted that the announcement of the New Deal, banned illegal housing sales agents do class or false advertising class commercial office buildings for habitation。But there are policy measures to counter。The face of law enforcement inspection Construction Committee, some items are "cloaking"。  March 29, reporters come in Shunyi Henghua Anna Lake Project has learned that the project is divided into leveling and existing homes?Two kinds of units, wherein the high level layers 3.2 meters, the average price of 2.5 million, 6-storey attic apartment.9 m 3 Median.20,000 yuan。"LOFT is actually sent on the basis of a flat layer of the attic, the ceiling is only now separated, they can bypassed after purchase, plus a steel barrier in the decoration when you can。"Staff says。  Meanwhile, the reporter found that, although each house have an independent supporting the upper and lower water pipe network, but developers are still set up in public areas between public health。The staff said the move was to "avoid government inspections", and in order to facilitate the purchase of consumer LOFT apartment will install compartment, the employee said the company may offer paid services decoration。  "Before the first commercial implementation of the purchase of the Tongzhou District, and now the whole Beijing are the same, but there will be countermeasures quickly, the developers sell also sell, can not affect the entire market。"The staff said。  From March 26 "commercial banks to suspend individual purchase loans for individuals to purchase commercial office projects of"。"Notice" provisions, the development of enterprises in the construction (including sale) commercial office projects shall not be sold to individuals。"Sales target should be legally registered enterprises, social organizations。"" Policy just left, we are looking for the best way to solve the problem。"The staff told reporters。For the New Deal regulations to prohibit the sale to individuals, the solution given by the staff is that consumers can pay about $ 20,000 fee to the agency for its registered shell companies, in order to circumvent the policy。In the opinion of staff, in March this year was a black in March, but still claimed that "limited land resources, small units of residential and commercial is out of print, the future will be skyrocketing"。  Industry respondents said that now is the introduction of the policy will be guided back to the original commercial office product attributes, but face greater housing demand, is currently registered shell company indeed become buyers only channel。  Notice also has entered the market for second-hand project made it clear that: "Before the implementation of announcement, when sold in commercial office projects again traded, can be sold to enterprises, social organizations, it can also be sold to individuals。"But under the name of individuals to purchase should meet no room in Beijing, and has been for five consecutive years to pay social insurance, or pay personal income tax for five consecutive years the two conditions。  And this provision, "fake divorce" is recommended to buy a house sales staff often provided by。  A self-proclaimed West Chang'an No. One of the sales staff and reporters whisper that there was no qualified consumers, "it is not no way to buy", you can fake divorce, investment income is higher than the risk。According to industry sources, in the case of tighter market regulation policies, shell companies, fake divorce and other means commonplace in the industry。  Or volume and price down, "want to sell do not sell, do not sell fear prices will fall。"An Feng Yun Yan is still the owner told reporters, January 52 m2 just a transfer of 'commercial' room, when last September traded 1.7 million yuan, the market price of 2.5 million yuan, after the New Deal, some riding a tiger。  In recent years, there is no qualification of the purchase of residential consumers and limited to purchase spills caused by speculative motives, leading to "commercial" products become a "meat and potatoes" volume and price go。Research agency data show that in 2015 Beijing commercial office class residential area of 1.44 million square meters in 2016 quickly rose to 4.33 million square meters。The average transaction price in 2015 from less than three yuan per square meter in February 2017 has risen 4 Price.60,000 yuan。  But this new deal, "the ruthless measures, strict regulations, enough to give a fatal blow to Beijing residential market."。Many industry insiders predicted that the policy of pressure, commercial office products will decline in both volume and price。Guo Yi, director of marketing Ya Ho agency analysis, the whole Beijing restriction, narrowing the sales target, "commercial" investment function will be greatly cut down, sales are expected to fall soon Escarpmentive。  According to "Beijing Daily" reported that, at present, Beijing commercial property inventory of approximately 60,000 units, in addition has been approved, to be started has started the commercial office category also potential supply more than 150,000 sets。If you count the second-hand housing market, commercial office listings of about 40 million units, this policy will directly affect at least 600,000 sets of commercial office properties category。  "Currently on the market, commercial office listings of about 50%?60% is sold directly to individual class residential property class, in addition to about 40% of office products, although most also do not live as residential purposes。"Centaline Dawei, chief believes that" commercial property market transactions likely to occur more than 50% decline, while prices are likely to have more than 30% decline in the future, if strictly enforced if the policy continued。"Guo Yi said that second-hand residential prices should be adjusted, but single-handedly or not, the developers financial strength, can give maneuvers product for a certain time window, to look for other, rather than simply relying on price to sell the house relying only lower prices may not reach sales targets, but there may be a market stampede effect。  Many real estate agent also said the next two to three years used "commercial" will cut prices。Some respondents "commercial" owner said to his house for comparison, the current market price when the increase has bought almost half as long as the prices do not fall over five percent more than last year, are less worried。  In addition, the provisions of the New Deal, new business development commercial office reported that construction projects, minimum division unit of not less than 500 square meters; do not meet the requirements, the planning department will not approve。Forced to do business and this is the type of market in the industry long-term trend seems to stabilize chips。Guo Yi said the commercial office products, in fact, small units are subject to market demand, the latest requirements of the New Deal to improve the market threshold。  Related reports (Original title: "326" after the New Deal into the "guard period" Beijing more "commercial" project sale dormant) (Editor: DF327)