Hometown Dreaming ( 1 ) )

When I was four years old, one day it was very hot at noon, and five elder brothers, three years older than me, took me secretly to take a bath in the woods. It was a big pit, filled with water. We were careful to get into the water. The water was almost bottomless, but we did not know the danger, but we just played to our heart’s content. The parents of clinker suddenly arrived. Seeing this, we were both surprised and frightened and angry. We were all slapped.. I don’t know if we will drown if our parents don’t arrive..     When I was six years old, my family moved from the oil yard to the hill. The old house was demolished and the new house was not built, so I had to borrow a room from my uncle’s house for a temporary stay.. One day we played with the son of Uncle San. We were both the same age, but we were annoyed when we played. We started to fight.. I broke his head and blood flowed through him. When I got home, my mother locked me in the house and beat me to death.. Let no one call the door good also won’t open. It is strange that she cried while playing. She didn’t stop until I cried and swore, ” Never again”, but tears were still flowing.. Now think of it, my mother might have hit somebody else’s baby because she was dependent on others, but hate iron but not steel.     When I was just in primary school, my father came back from the outside one day and bought me a small picture album in color. The picture shows a giraffe. It eats leaves from a tree. A little hedgehog drools miserably. But the giraffe touches red fruit, and the fallen fruit is inserted into the thorn of the little hedgehog. The little hedgehog is full of joy and joy.. Since then, those beautiful pictures have been fixed in my mind, inspiring my imagination of beautiful things. I also seem to be a happy little hedgehog.     My brother ran home excitedly and told me that a small piece of carrot was planted in the vegetable plot of the lius. he stole and pulled out a tree, which was very sweet. So I followed him to the’ Erjin Palace’. If there is a small piece of carrot land, it is a pity that it is too small, but both of us have swept it away. Who knows the parents knew at dinner time, saying that the old woman of the Liu family was a very stingy and severe person. if it hadn’t been for her relatives and friends, she would have come to visit her family to ask for punishment, but only because of her parents’ kindness did she give up.. We wondered how the Liu family knew we did it, when there was not even a bird in the field. It turned out that we accidentally left the slingshot in the carrot field. Liu’s family found it and ran into the old six who often played with us. The old six didn’t know how bad they were and said the slingshot belonged to us.. I didn’t think I was invisible, but I left’ evidence of guilt’. One day I met an old woman from Liu’s family. She asked us to fetch a slingshot from her house with a cold face.. But who dares? So we have to start to run. At that time, my face was red with fever. Although I couldn’t write the word ” shame”, I felt ashamed for the first time..     My father suffered a serious illness when he was young. Later, a relative taught him to practice martial arts, saying that it could strengthen his body. He worked hard and finally learned several boxing, whipping and cudgel techniques.. He is strong and famous. When we were young, he taught us because he benefited from martial arts. I am not interested in the weak but forced to practice and sometimes beaten. Every day after dinner, many young people from Murakami came to my yard, and my father taught them to practice martial arts patiently and carefully.. But my father often warned them to practice martial arts only for physical fitness and self – defense, and not to rely on martial arts to do evil. Under his strict instruction, I finally learned his fist stick method. I just didn’t bother to stick to it after work, so I completely forgot it. It was really’ waste arms from literature’ and failed to inherit his’ mantle’.