imperial capital

After passing through the empire several times, the city has only given itself a chance to stop. The city gives itself a feeling of peace.     Standing in the Forbidden City, I felt the royal style and dignity, and the solemn and respectful style of Enemy at the Gates. It seems that she saw a beautiful image of her summer retreat in the Summer Palace. The luxury of Gong Wangfu set off He Shen’s favor at that time. From the cultural details of Confucius Temple and imperial academy, we can see the importance attached to imperial examinations in ancient times, so we have to sigh with emotion that this system has continued until now and remains quite complete. The scene of the Grand View Garden reappears, seeing Daiyu’s original persistence. The strong cultural atmosphere in Tsinghua’s Peking University has attracted thousands of students who have been studying hard for 12 years. The gymnasium can still feel the 2008 Olympic pageantry. The Yuanmingyuan, which is suitable for stepping on the green, can faintly see the elegant demeanour of the year..     In the imperial city, you can spend the cheapest tickets to see the scenic spots that many people want to see, you can spend the cheapest bus fare and the longest distance on the subway fare, and you can eat the most authentic and delicious roast duck..     In the imperial city, you can see that the rent is very expensive, the traffic is very heavy, and the price is not cheap. You can see a lot of cattle working hard here. You can feel the joy of challenging yourself.     In the imperial city, you can create yourself to realize your dream, you can make many real friends, and you can communicate with the local people sincerely..     Like a city, don’t need a reason. This city has its own spiritual support, just want to stay in my heart, a city, not to enjoy, I want to taste and digest slowly.