Do not eat this bowl, cause cancer!

  When it comes to "disease from the mouth", many people first thought is to pay attention to food hygiene, yes, eat unhealthy, it will certainly affect their health, ranging from diarrhea, while requiring hospitalization。
However, today small to say, in order to prevent the "disease from the mouth", can not only get attention to food hygiene, in fact, will not lead tableware disease upper body!  This is not your every day to eat a bowl on a problem!  Imitation bowl release formaldehyde, can be serious when it comes to "imitation bowl ', we should not be unfamiliar to you?On the streets of major restaurants, which are basically a bowl of?The exterior looks very much like porcelain, but more than the shatterproof bowl。 Moreover, the price is also much cheaper than the bowl?In addition to the restaurant, where some families with children, this often will hold rice bowl to feed their children; first, because it is not easy to broke, and second, more color, colorful, children prefer?However, this bowl, but there is a huge health risks!  Certain inferior imitation bowl at high temperatures, high levels of formaldehyde release。
The use of long-term exposure can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases; also may cause some blood diseases (leukemia); a more serious cause cells to become cancerous。
  Conducted experiments related mechanism: melamine bowl with hot water, respectively, and the hot oil, and detecting the release of formaldehyde content。 Experimenters were purchased imitation bowl to six samples, and then install them first with hot water, formaldehyde content detected after a period of time。
The results indicate that this imitation bowl 6 wherein there are up to two formaldehyde emission / m / m!  Subsequently, laboratory personnel and their equipment with hot oil, the experiment turned out to be a severe case of formaldehyde!Among them, there are two very serious phenomenon of formaldehyde samples were achieved / m and / m!According to the provisions of "health standards for formaldehyde in indoor air of" inner formaldehyde in indoor air health standards, the maximum allowable concentration / m。
  That is not the future can not use the imitation bowl?of course not。   The main problem is the poor quality imitation bowl bowl, bowl imitation comply with national safety standards still safe to use。   But – when using the imitation bowl, we must pay attention to the following 6:01.The time of purchase be sure to check if your QS logo, production licenses and implementation of standards (QB1999-1994), this is the national standard of melamine plastic tableware。 (Low-quality raw materials for urea resin, melamine resin qualified raw materials) 2.Bowl and try to use non-white pattern, do not select the color is too bright bowl imitation。 If the business use of substandard paint method, there may be excessive heavy metals。   3.Before you can use the dishes in boiling water and cook for 30 minutes once the situation appeared tableware white, blistering, cracking, emitting a pungent odor, it is best not to use the。
  4.Even the acceptable quality melamine tableware best and do not bloom strong acid (such as vinegar or something like that) strong base。   Fives.Imitation bowl could only withstand 120 ℃ high temperature, do not hold such things as hot oil, and do not put to use in the microwave heating。   6.Use half a year, going up to one year changed。
Over this period, it will slow the release of toxic gases, it needs to be replaced。