First love, That a Shame Huaihua

First love, and that the window of a SJ War, tree old tree studded white Highlights。The wind had, rattled a swaying tree full of spring。  On the podium, the teacher to explain drifting into the distant chatter cloud。Into my ear calling his Song of the dim, he's fragrant flower smiling。  Those with him bit by bit better, flip jump out from the time tunnel, condensed into fragments of golden Yi Cai, released in between flowers of the acacia trees。Fearless youth, bloom charming, wonderful time how not to retain?  I decided to drop out!In the well-meaning teacher Xunhui occasion, I sprouted out of the idea to make the mother wringing!  “Dead woman!You quit school to go home doing?”Mother angrily raised his broom, trembling halt in mid-air。  “Do not you tube, I'm going to work!”I had asked to go to his city。  “Daughter, dad most like you can go to college。”Father Gouzhuo head, breathing smoke, smoke drifted vast Jumping wrapped him。Quite a while, he punched muffled word。  I surprised a moment, the heart, gently hurt a little, the whole body can not help but began to shiver。  Remember neighbor was very envious father, raised two sons were admitted to the school, their ancestors face more bright!  Father pursed his lips, I do not care that they!Woman to be admitted to school, I go to her cooking!His face covered with thick love, neighbors puzzled, shook his head, to be“Amiss”Walk away。  Kind of feel bad moment in the eyes, oozing liquid gets in front of me the way。White Huaihua knocking chimed a heartbroken leave, I leisurely put into the backpack eighteen years of Enchongrushan, resolutely out of the house!Parents do not understand me, my love for him was born, and this life I want to follow him to the ends of the earth!  Take a day and a night train, car and sat for a day, I finally arrived at his city。  Northern rough mad wind invasion debilitated me, unaccompanied, unable to move。He received my letter which is the!  Along the way, I have many times imagined the scene we meet: He's handsome eyes will be worth with a gentle, stroking my body busy schedule。Luxury endless affection, love, attachment I want to sign all, it is the only one I belong to feast。My lonely soul that his tenderness Wang Love me on the occasion, will find a home in innumerable twists and turns in the lives of arrival。  North night cold end is shattered romance, such as black jade head studded night sky of stars shining, gorgeous, removable hand。This night, however for a date, and a loved one, and together pursue the dream of Chaoyang people, and that does not say good for life isolated human ah!  Holding bags, sitting on a low stool side of the road, I was hungry and tired。He may have something delayed, perhaps remember the day?However, there is nothing better than to see and lovers important is it?Cranky, his face a cool thing to fall, and my heart burning flames weak weak to blink, I'll find him……  “girl!girl!”Short hoarse sound of the call woke me sleeping。  Opened his eyes, a kindly old face and flew into the line of sight, is sanitation aunt。She picked masks, hanging freely on the cheeks, eyes about the cut, curious, distressed, and perhaps a hint of suspicion。Swelling pain shook his head, wake up, I think of last night, spent the night on the road。  Under the gaze of such a pair of sharp eyes, I was a sour, want to cry about it。Aunt silently listen to me hesitant to talk, face lightly, calm attitude made me doubt her sarcasm in my mind: a girl, with no modesty, travel long distances to search for love, not even the shadow did not renowned lover。  Foreign land to him, unfamiliar environment, encounter strangers, my courage in the morning the first rays of dawn, the body a little bit back。Although the aunt's attitude makes me uncomfortable, she does not look like a relentless move to color。She just shook my hand hard, it was a pair of hands how ah!Joints, rough skin, covered with thick lines。They make me feel warm and trust, repel last night's loss。  Farewell Auntie, I worked extremely hard to find him shelter。The same dorm boys received me and the band, then let him come back earlier。Two full days, he did not come back。I live in his quarters, suddenly understand: he hid me, and he did not want to see me。I vaguely learned from the mouth of his roommates, he has a girlfriend, is urban household。  I trance set foot on the way home, his roommate into my hands a stack of yuan, he told me worry careful on the road。I seem smiled at him, be grateful for his caring and kindness。Maybe I scared him a sad smile, he ran forward his long arms, held me close like a brother, I wish a safe journey home again。  “Who, hold my hand, Half a consumer I am lonely; who, kiss me the eye, hide me Half a displacement。Who ask me the face, comfort me Half a sad; who helped me the shoulder, I, I drive quiet; who can clear my intention to make my life without regrets。I, hold hands with you I, weathered; me, kiss the child's eye, a gift you I, affectionate; me, pull Seoul hand, take you all this life; I, ask Seoul show neck, block wind and rain you this life。”  What a beautiful poem ah!On pink stationery writing his handwritten, sixteen!I was sixteen birthday, he read it to me sixteen times!Today, they are with me way back home ah!My tears rolled down a string of his gentle worth of tenderness on my offer all kinds, scenes considerate care buried under the wheels of a train speeding。