Father and Wine

Father had no hobbies in his life, but he had an indissoluble bond with wine.     Father loves drinking, which is well known in our village. For this reason, the villagers secretly called their father’ Jiuxing’. At that time, it was part of my life to help my drunken father go home.     Father drinks regardless of the occasion and place. As long as he thinks he is predestined friends, he will have the lofty ambition of ” drinking every friend and thousand cups less.”! I’m sure I’ll never get drunk again. Father is a lively person, he never writes sorrow on his face, and he doesn’t like drinking alone.. If you are lucky enough to have a drink with your father at the same table, your father will be the first to mobilize the active atmosphere.. After three rounds of wine tour, my father will have some programs on the wine table. Father’s best skill is rowing boxing, which is eye – catching, nimble and changeable.! Father has been battle-hardened on wine occasions and has accumulated rich experience in boxing. Many people have lost to him.. Father rowed like Hong Zhong, and he could hear the cries of exhaustion and hissing from far away. There was a majestic momentum of taking the lead, and the wine table was like a fight with thousands of troops and horses, and dull occasions were immediately enlivened.!     In fact, father’s capacity for liquor is not very good, he can drink up to three cups when he drinks alone. But if you meet like-minded friends, your father will accompany them to the end even if he is drunk.. Father is very hospitable. Every time he comes to the house, he will tell his mother to get some good food and then accompany the guests to drink as much as the landlord can.. He will definitely let the guests have a good drink and return home! But in the end, it was father who was drunk..     Father was particularly interested in literature and art from an early age and also studied ancient and modern appellations. Listen to him, he used to be the backbone of literature and art in his class when he was a high school student.. In our village with his father’s generation, his father is a bit of a cultural person. The old father still keeps the good habit of reading books and newspapers all the time.. When he was idle, he often saw him sitting in the yard reading books with his presbyopic glasses.. He is not only familiar with customs and manners, but also plays abacus fairly well.. As a result, villagers in the village all addressed him as ” teacher”. Where there are weddings and funerals, the father will be invited to host the ceremony, and the father will be willing to accept and help with all his heart.. Father is a man who doesn’t pay any return. He will be satisfied if you give him a bowl of wine to drink.. Because my father is a warm-hearted man, he is deeply loved by the villagers! Father’s popularity is excellent and he has made many friends in his life.     Father, born in the old society, went through the vicissitudes of life and, like most fathers after 1970, did not know how much suffering and bitterness he had suffered.! Due to the shortage of childhood life, my father left school at home without graduating from high school, shouldering the heavy burden of the family alone. From then on, the wine accompanied his father’s life, which made him forget the fatigue of life and encouraged him to move forward optimistically on the bumpy and thorny road of life.!     At that time, drunken father always asked me to help him remove the bamboo flute hanging on his bedside! The golden bamboo flute, like father’s bronze fingers, played his mellow life like wine after years of baptism.! When I was a child, I liked to stand by my father’s side and quietly listen to the melodious flute, which blends with the trickling stream of Zhenxi River. drift soup is in the deepest part of my heart.!     Today’s father has white hair. Last late autumn, my father had a serious illness. From then on, you can’t drink any more. The father, who was entangled by the disease, is even older than ever.! On the day of the regiment year, my father did not go to the table because of his ill health.. But he told me to go to his room and take out the bottle of good wine he treasured from the cupboard for us to drink. My father treasured a lot of good wine. He didn’t want to drink it alone at ordinary times. He always waited until we got home to share it with us.. Holding his father’s treasured wine in his hand, he looked at his emaciated father and felt bitter! But father is always such an optimistic and open-minded person. instead, he enlightened us: ” it is the most normal thing for people to get sick. don’t think so much, just drink.”! He still cares about us all the time: ” Drink good wine and be happy.”! Before I went home, my father always filled my glass to the full and asked me to accompany him to drink a few more cups. instead, I was a little tired and didn’t want to drink with him. Today, when I wanted to fill my father’s glass of wine myself, his father was no longer able to drink.   There are many regrets in life. If my father is still as healthy as before, I’d rather accompany him for a few more drinks! Then, happy drunk in his melodious flute of Qingyuan!