After retirement, I went back to my’ maiden’ for the first time

Yesterday, a colleague from the unit called to say that family planning has issued a new policy. Retired cadres and workers who have only one child can enjoy a subsidy of 80 yuan per month. I was asked to bring my one-child certificate, retirement certificate, identity card and two one-inch bareheaded photos to the office to go through the declaration formalities..     After retiring from the unit for three months, although I still kept in touch with my colleagues by phone, it was a bit difficult to go there. I remember the HR section chief said to me when I was about to retire: ” Yubing, Chongyang Festival is coming soon. You will come to the meeting for retired veteran comrades that day.”. Our bureau has more than 70 retired cadres and workers, most of whom are in their 70s or 80s and four in their 50s, so I immediately jokingly replied, ” You don’t have to tell me I won’t come, I’m not old yet.”. ‘ Now, I have retired for three months, completely divorced from the environment and the collective, and stepping into the office building again is a retired old man to handle retirement matters. To be honest, I am still a little out of tune, always feeling strange, awkward and even a little embarrassed..     In the past three months, my life content and rhythm have changed dramatically, without the work pressure, ideological burden and tense mental state of the past few decades, all the time I am self – controlled, self-arranged and relaxed.. Leisure at home, the most important thing is to exercise. I insist on walking along Liuyang River every morning and evening and climbing West Lake Mountain once a week.. I do some housework, read and write, sometimes get together with some old friends and occasionally go out for a few days. In addition, I also took part in the social dance and body-building classes at the senior university, where I met a group of new friends, and we also had some outdoor activities in our spare time.. Both leisurely and full, somewhat restrained but free, have completely separated from the original group and integrated into another circle. In fact, this is my dream life earlier.     I arrived at the administrative center more than 4: 00 p.m. unfortunately, two colleagues from the finance section where I worked went to the countryside ( group work station ), leaving only one family planning specialist in the office. As soon as I got to the third floor, a colleague came to meet me, ” Yubing Laida, Yubing Laida”, shouting and running to hold me and hearing shouts, other colleagues emerged from their respective offices, even including some leaders. Is this hug, that look, shake hands, clap shoulders, fat, thin, tanned, ok? Are you still used to it? What are you doing at home? Why don’t you come and see us for so long? Miss us? Ah!! All of a sudden so many people surrounded me and I couldn’t respond to so many questions. Everyone was noisily inquisitive and inquisitive, and there was an endless stream in the corridor.. Suddenly, a familiar voice came from a distance: ” Only jade ice will make such a sensation.”. It turns out that all the comrades who worked in the countryside came back, and they came up with a warm and affectionate greeting … Ah, the words from the bottom of my heart were flattered and really touched.! Thank you very much.! As the saying goes, ” People walk with cool tea” never expected me to be able to enjoy such a high ” treatment” for the first time after leaving my job for a few months. Colleagues are still so kind, friendly, caring and valued, rare, precious and grateful.. Before the worry is redundant. Lying in bed at night, I felt no sleep. I tossed and turned over the lively scenes and beautiful feelings of the day.. Think about how honored and satisfied it is to be a member of this big family in your life. After decades of hard work, the inevitable collision between colleagues turned into beautiful clouds in the sky, and the warmth of the collective family was felt in real earnest. The true feelings among colleagues were good, and the unit – though retired – was still the bride’s family..     Back to my office familiar with home, I sat on the desk chair that had left countless marks. No one in the department took me as an outsider or told me how to be polite. I felt at home just as before.. As I filled out the form, I happily chatted with them. The section chief said: ” This period of time has been extremely busy. The application for one-child treatment has to be made in full by the end of the month, the budget work for the coming year has also started, and the work station to the countryside can’t be absent. The higher authorities have come to spot check irregularly, and the work pile in Qi Rushan is extremely busy.”. I asked, ” Do you need my help? The section chief replied with a smile, ” You can live your happy life well, anyway, I have only more than a year to be as free as you are.”. The section chief is the same as before, fast and quick, and highly effective. Looking at their busy figures one by one, looking at their faces flushed with air conditioning, looking at the dozens of square activity spaces and the intense radiation of modern office equipment, by contrast, my free and unfettered life is really very happy..     Liang Shiqiu is taking part in the sequel to the Asher sketch. According to the retirement regulations, ” the ideal retirement life is real retirement, completely getting rid of the position on which one lives and doing what one sincerely wishes to do.”. Indeed, every stage of a person’s life has what to do and responsibilities to shoulder, different stages have different lives, and different feelings and understandings about different lives are combined to form a colorful life. If I were to return to my original job now, I would really be 120 unwilling to do so. Therefore, I must cherish the present, live in the present and sing the most beautiful sunset red.     After the declaration form was filled out, I went to various departments and turned a circle … ah