After Zhaimao also enjoy it helped poor counties IPO?Commission: poverty is not off policy

Two of the country is in progress, users who have to take this opportunity to NPC deputies and CPPCC members to ask questions。  Recently, the state-level poverty-stricken counties in Hubei Icheon poverty alleviation cadres Zhou Yu to ask questions, "We going out of poverty, but also can not enjoy relevant policies?"Zhou Yu said," Now here we have formed tea brand, and securities companies also plan to help our tea business listing。Icheon we expect overall poverty in 2019, would like to ask the poor region-specific IPO green channel, and other support policies after poverty, we now enjoy, but also can not continue to enjoy?"In this regard, National People's Congress, Hubei Securities Regulatory Bureau Director Li Bingheng reply," consistent with the relevant provisions of the State Council, poverty-stricken counties, enterprise application implementation that is reported summarily IPO, refereed that is made。Since capital markets services tackling poverty policy is an important component of the national poverty reduction policies, so poverty-stricken areas to exit strategies and national unity arrangement consistent。After poor counties hat, the Commission supports the corresponding preferential policies to enterprises listed in poor areas, but also in use for some time。Poverty, not from policy。"Capital markets actively tackling poverty accurate service out of poverty has become one of the 'three big battle'。  South China who participated in the work of poverty alleviation brokerage practitioners Liu Qiang (pseudonym) told the "International Finance" correspondent, based on personal experience, the obvious poverty of necessity。"We've been helping a few poverty-stricken counties, where the destitute with no exaggeration to describe。We in the county and in the country have gone away, I found that poverty alleviation is really a very urgent, but also very necessary, but very difficult thing。"April 2016," the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued<Opinion on the establishment of exit mechanism of poverty>Notice "clearly, adhere to positive incentives, the poor, poor villages, poor counties exit the country in a given period of the original pro-poor policies remain unchanged, support diminished, leaving a grace period, to ensure stable poverty。  SFC said, capital market services tackling poverty policy is an important component of the national poverty reduction policies, involving poor counties exit policy arrangements should be based "on the establishment of exit mechanism of poverty" execution。  Accordingly, poverty-stricken counties in the period after storming out of poverty hat, "China Securities Regulatory Commission on the capital markets play a crucial role in serving the national poverty reduction strategy advice" continue to apply in a given period, the policy does not go out of poverty。  Commission to extend the term of the policy to support the IPO in September 2016, the Commission issued "China Securities Regulatory Commission Opinion on the capital markets play a crucial role in serving the national poverty reduction strategy," national key poverty-stricken counties of the State Council Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development determined and focused even piece special difficult areas of the county enterprises to apply for IPO to implement "That newspaper that is trial, the trial that is too fat" policy。  At the beginning of the New Year 2018, the SFC IPO will be postponed to 2025 pro-poor policies in some areas, poverty is not off policy。  The Commission announced that for the "Commission proposal on the extension of the deadline to declare IPO poverty", recommended that "that is reported summarily, namely the trial had made" policy filing deadline extended to 2025, the Special Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai remote poverty-stricken areas to give more favorable terms。  In addition to the continuation of the existing policy, the Commission also increase support for remote areas。Since eighteen, the Commission issued a service western regions, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas are a series of policies: from August 2012 to implement the policy of "Western companies IPO priority review"; in April 2014 issued a " China Securities Regulatory Commission to support the implementation of the views of gannan and other former central Soviet Area revitalization and development "; the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism to support their counterparts in Tibet's capital market development, in March 2015 on the capital market to promote the development of Tibet put forward measures to support the development of Tibet and other eight。  At the same time, since January 1, 2015, the Commission temporarily exempted from the national share transfer system for SMEs registered in Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia and Xinjiang five ethnic autonomous regions (three new board) listing fees, and special set up a training fund to support financial personnel training in Ethnic areas。  In addition, the Commission in January 2017 and the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the three parties signed a "further support on the capital market to play the role of a strategic cooperation agreement economic and social development in Xinjiang", to further promote support work in Xinjiang。  Although still difficult to expand the scope of policy IPO "affordable lot," may For some relatively weak industrial base depth of poverty-stricken areas, or slightly "stretched."。  However, "industrial base needs to help the region in general is weak, be able to meet the listing requirements of the business is relatively small。We are now helping several counties, also recently investigated the right business, we intend to start with the larger direction of the feasibility and other aspects of local government debt。"Said Liu Qiang。  There is also confusion of a few brokers。Reporters learned that by asking, should the situation facing poor poverty-stricken counties enterprise development foundation, and no external moving into the enterprise, the broker will have a kind of "cotton fist fight on" feeling。  "Personally believe that IPO difficult, unless it is moved outside of。Native of poverty-stricken counties difficult for enterprises can IPO, after all, did not reduce the requirements of the listing standards。To have three new board listed company in even very good。"A poor person responsible for the central broker to accept the" International Finance News "reporter,。  There are also brokers believe that poverty can not "policy to policy."。A state-owned large brokerage poverty alleviation official told the "International Finance" reporters, "We are in the process of poverty alleviation, we attach great importance to find ways to help deed point the company has business combination。However, our investment banks more cautious, the project selection criteria are relatively high。A difference of more by the difficulty is quite large。"By using a combination of a variety of financial instruments, financing instruments, use of the capital market channels and means to achieve aid, a number of brokerage firms interviewed expressed a strong will, after all," This is more in line with the securities company positioning, it is possible better play professional advantage. "。