HNA Technology Why buy Dangdang official response: to fill?End flow of imports

World Guying wind took things into vast clouds!I wish cultural electricity supplier dare dare Dangdang Dangdang unicorn。Fade out of the public eye for a long time Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing, this microblogging issued, it is given a positive answer to the HNA acquisition of Dangdang。  March 13, Hainan Airlines science and technology stakeholders in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald reporter interview that the acquisitions are now moving forward, the two sides have not yet signed an agreement。Tianhai investment acquisition mainly Chinese Dangdang accumulated in the field of electronic business customer operations experience, big data and brand。"It is now clear ABCD [A (AI) B (block chain) C (cloud) d (large data)] strategies, but the resources are focused B side, to face?Dangdang end of the day may well improve the business section of the sea layout, realize synergies linkage。"Just last week, the Department of Hainan Tian Hai's investment disclosed restructuring progress, the underlying asset is the text of e-commerce Limited Beijing Branch Dangdang Dangdang and Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. related to equity。The transactions involving the issue of shares to buy assets and supporting financing as the case may be。It will not lead to actual change of control after the completion of this transaction。  It is reported that Dangdang valued at $ 1 billion。By 2016, the company 5.$ 5.6 billion in market value privatization, the market value is less than a quarter of the market at the beginning。Old electricity supplier will go from here?Dangdang chairman Yu Yu do not think ownership change will affect the company's development。She said in response, changes in equity levels, reflecting the growing number of options in this era。  Dangdang Dangdang decline was established in mid-1999 by Li Guoqing, Yu Yu and his wife founded, has been called China's "Amazon"。Early effects of dividends by electricity supplier, Dangdang started by the book and gradually expanded into a comprehensive business platform to become a powerhouse in the field of electronic business。In 2010, Dangdang listed on the New York Stock Exchange。  However, the main business Dangdang quickly ushered in the "rival" Jingdong Mall。Since the transformation is not timely, plus electricity supplier external environment changes, Jingdong, Ali rapid rise, especially in the electricity supplier of several "burn" war, Dangdang not keep up with the pace of transformation, and farther away from the front line。  That time, when Suning Tesco Jingdong, Lynx, in the extended electrical goods category, self-built logistics and financial services, Dangdang still stick to their own business books。Li Guoqing said publicly many times, "burn" approach is not desirable, profitable sales can not meaningless。However, he also missed the opportunity to develop。  The most cause for regret, than in 2012。Dangdang with the greatest identity of the business settled Lynx, one million kinds of commodities in books, merchandise category two flagship store settled way。Li Guoqing microblogging revealed the reason of cooperation, "whether it is settled Lynx or Tencent, I have given clear guidance: from the。People who let it flow large。"A way to explain their frustration。  After two giants Alibaba and Jingdong grab the industry for more than 70% market share, vertical electric provider more difficult to survive。Analysys data show, the third quarter of every year 2017, 36 to jingdong.2% of the market share of online book sales has become the first, second, compared with Dangdang, the market share of 35.1%。  China Electronic Commerce Research Center, Ren Caolei Business Herald reporter for the 21st century, said the past decade, online shopping user demand has changed dramatically, while other areas are not penetrate, daily necessities books as the first to be user acceptance, to a certain extent Dangdang advantage of the achievements of the dividend。"Now the user needs to upgrade, whether it is a new retail cross-border electricity suppliers are digging more consumer scenarios。Obviously, books Dangdang want to rely on new opportunities, has been difficult。"Hainan Airlines to?End In fact, in addition to Hainan Airlines, the Amazon and Dangdang previously, Tencent etc came over sex scandal。21st Century Business Herald reporter through the "corporate look" found, Dangdang has more than 30 subsidiary, Beijing Dangdang Cowan e-commerce Co., Ltd. was established in mid-2004 August 24, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, Ms. Yu , Guoqing each stake 50%。  At present, Dangdang main business books, audio, baby, beauty, home, digital 3C, clothing, shoes, bags and other products, import more than three million SKU, of which more than 1.2 million kinds of products books, some more than 3,000 on the investment platform third-party sellers, and operates more than 200 physical bookstores。  Their faces?Ltd. end of the day the sea is an important reason to invest shot。Previously, Hainan Airlines acquisitions on a global scale involving aviation, logistics, hotels, financial services and many other areas, and enter?End market is its next target。  For rumors Dangdang valuation of about $ 1 billion, sources said previous naval science and technology, which need to be re-disclose specific details。Sea investment is the controlling shareholder of HNA days Technology Group, accounting for 20 investment holdings Tianhai.76%, while HNA Group HNA Technology Group holds 96.41% of the shares。  Late last year, Hainan Airlines Group announced a comprehensive strategic transformation。Director of HNA Group Chairman Fu Tong said at a news conference, said it will invest 50 billion yuan to build new digital travel platform HiApp, the main platform for its own operations, the introduction of partners, while not excluding the integration of resources through mergers and acquisitions。  Although many of them at the company's aviation, hotels, airports and other line scene, but the lack of contact of the user's traffic entrance。Investment industry analysts believe that, Tianhai investment after acquisition of the US company Ingram Micro IT supply chain, hesitate to spend $ 6 billion。Dangdang after the acquisition, the two sides may be opened in the IT, financial sector, in order to seek greater market space。  It is foreseeable that, as the electricity supplier industry pioneer, Li Guoqing couples will not easily give up the development of Dangdang。Ms. Yu admitted that at present only one of several possibilities to explore into the Department of Hainan Airlines。"Dangdang prefix, suffix, or I do not have to always be wearing National Day。Dangdang shares even change occurs, the new shareholders did not enemies with the money, but also willing to Dangdang better。"Dangdang Dangdang defected behind HNA dilemma (original title: HNA Technology Why the person to respond to the acquisition of Dangdang: fill?End flow inlet) (Editor: DF318)