Computer humor

I used to use Microsoft double spelling input method when typing Chinese characters with computer. Microsoft’s Double Spelling’ can lose one sentence at a time with a key twice. It’s economical and fast, and its speed is no faster than’ five strokes’ . Of course, it also has some shortcomings, that is, it is to choose words, but it is this’ word selection’ shortcoming that often gives me a taste of the humorous character of the computer.. One time I hit an article and my eyes swelled. When I entered ” The headmaster is a teacher with rich experience …”, what I showed was ” The little soldier encircles Xue Jingyan and meets his husband”. I saw, ” Poof” laughed out with a loud laugh.. The computer guy actually took out a story I heard recently. There was a man nicknamed ” Little Soldier”. He was small and smart, but he was brave and resourceful in chasing girls. He watched other friends get married one after another, leaving a girl friend whom he once admired, Xue Jingyan, who had just divorced. One day he met Xue and was beaten up by her husband. Angry from the heart, he ignored his short stature and struggled to save the beauty. This saved his marriage with Xue.. Later” Little Soldier” Always boasting in front of friends” Erguotou’ Also Sweet’. Looking at the word ” encirclement and suppression” on the computer, I suddenly doubted whether the ” little soldier” was premeditated, and if so, it would be inaccurate to say that he was ” brave and resourceful.”. I told my wife to appreciate this wonderful coincidence sentence, and she smiled easily and then said, ” You’re so bored with typing that the computer is laughing at you.”. Yes, as long as I type, the computer of the’ for suspicion’ will amuse me. I enter’ love is a difficult book’, and the computer shows’ love is a difficult book’. ‘ Hard – to – read Books” Just Bitter and Hard – to – Read; ‘ Unutterable Book” That’s what I couldn’t say after I read it. Long – term happiness and sorrow are mixed up in an unutterable way. The computer doesn’t eat human fireworks, but pretends to know the three flavors of love. He won’t be making fun of the mortal world who has sunk into the affair, will he? I input’ Yang Wen never lets people dare to approach’, but the computer shows’ Mosquito Raising Calls People Dare Not to Approach’ . Yang Wen under my pen is a pampered child whom people don’t want to approach very much, ” raising mosquitoes and shouting people”, a humorous metaphor. I type’ five strokes difficult’, and the computer shows’ incomparably difficult’. Five strokes’ typing has so many roots to remember that it is really difficult to learn,’ five strokes’ is a phenomenon,’ extremely difficult’ is a degree. Isn’t this a good crosstalk line? Interesting. The computer guy is really funny. When I type it, I forget fatigue as soon as it is humorous, and I can’t help laughing as soon as it is humorous.. In fact, computer humor is more than amused? Sometimes it can also help me modify the article in humor. Once I entered’ this’ bad student’s hat can’t be put on his head’, the computer changed’ wear’ to’ stay’ with a sense of humor, and the sentence became’ this’ bad student’s’ hat’ can’t stay on his head’. What I want to say is that a student who does not belong to a poor student is treated as a ” poor student” by the teacher. As a result, the student has abandoned himself and made worse grades. Therefore, the teacher should correct his ideas and help the student take off the ” hat” of the ” poor student”. ‘ can’t wear” is to stop the upcoming behavior,’ can’t stay” is to cancel the image of the existing behavior. This change is accurate, vivid and humorous. The computer has become my ” teacher of one word”. This is the high-grade humor made by the computer. We live in a time when humor is still relatively poor, and sometimes it is difficult to relax in the gloom of life.. Therefore, when your parents treat you with reprimand as an educational method, when you are unlucky to encounter a boss like a ” horse face”, when your ” underperformance” wife always looks at you with white eyes, and when you can’t always find Zhao Benshan on TV, you might as well turn on the computer and type with ” Microsoft double spelling”, a computer without flesh and blood may offer you a sense of humor full of human feelings, playfulness and humor, elegance and ease of policing..