Gully spring

Gulou Spring is not called Gulou Spring, but Dog Spring.     I didn’t see the spring. In Yiyuan this place, it was really hard to find the spring in the countryside and I couldn’t find’ moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its brooks’. Looking at Yimeng Mountain, the vast expanse of green, corn fields, peach orchards, pear orchards and apple orchards are stacked one on top of the other to reach the stone peak on the top of the castle peak, giving people a sense of distance from this day.     Lower your head and look down. in the wide zhangzhuang river, you can see weeds, no clear water, no clear spring.     Where is the gully spring?     The drunk old man has disappeared, the dog that saved the old man has disappeared, and the spring water dug out by the dog has either been buried by weeds or turned a blind eye to the villagers.. History has been printed into the pale yellow paper, but what remains unchanged is people’s praise of loyalty and loyalty. In the story, people and dogs are parallel, accompany each other and look after each other. However, people’s desire is more than dog’s desire, and it is much more difficult to control than dog’s desire. Because of the willfulness of human nature, it brings a lot of damage and danger to oneself.. Dogs don’t have human desires, so they are simple, because they are easier to get along with people, know more about repaying favors, and are easier to move. However, the smoke cloud still exists and the story has disappeared. Standing in front of the gully spring, what you see is the ocean of the mountain.     I have passed by the gully spring many times.     In Yiyuan, in Mengyin, there are many small towns like gully springs. At the foot of the mountain, in the enclosure of the orchard and in the silent mountains, people show their love for a better life with red roofs.. After many times, in addition to being slightly surprised at the quiet land on this side, it is full of respect for men and women with copper skin.. The rolling mountains, stretching out the vast expanse of the land, also show the difficulty of making a living and developing.. However, the unyielding people just use labor, wheelbarrows and tenacity to make this land peaceful and fragrant in the early autumn sunshine.. While enjoying the joy brought by the reception, people are still looking forward.     However, I still can’t forget the ditch spring in my heart.     Yes, there are moving stories everywhere in this land, but I am here, in the yellow sunshine, on the bridge, facing the houses shaded by trees, like a leaf falling from Yimeng Mountain.. Yes, dry life needs a clear spring, dusty seedlings need a clear spring, this land needs a clear spring, the future here needs a clear spring, Yimeng Mountain needs a clear spring..     Yes, people in the gully spring need a clear spring even more.     In our time, we need respite.     2016 / 9 / 19