Study: a drop of blood to test out the fatal sepsis and inexpensive

The picture shows the staff information collected blood。
Liu Zhi dry Photo AFP that existing inspection may take a few days for the results, but there are a few one-third of patients being misdiagnosed。
However, the results show that every delay in diagnosis for an hour, the risk of death will increase nearly 8%。
  Study co-author of the report, Gu Long Lee (JaroneLee) Massachusetts General Hospital emergency department director, said: "We believe the new test can identify patients likely to get sepsis faster than any other method。 "Sepsis is a major infection and immune function due to loss of control, and attack their bodies, leading to a slight fever and vomiting and other symptoms, can cause tissue damage when the most serious, organ failure and death。
  Recent studies have reported that at least 30 million people worldwide each year septicemia, there are 500 million people lost their lives。
  Even severe sepsis who survived appropriate treatment, there are as many as half after leaving post-traumatic stress syndrome, chronic pain, organ dysfunction or sequelae such as amputations。
  The new test apparatus will separate the white blood cells known as neutrophils。
Lead author of the study, Massachusetts General Hospital surgeons Erie Mia said previous studies found that the possibility of such spontaneous activity of white blood cells of patients with sepsis will appear related。   The research team developed a fundamental role in a handheld pocket-sized device, the isolated neutrophils use tiny labyrinth design, and display neutral particles of sepsis play。
Researchers are many more people with more dollars and volunteer follow-up test。