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Point a lantern, Jiang Liu months in exile scene out of the old King division, listening to flute cold night, indulge in silent youleng cool song recollections heavy doors, to express a memo poem incense, fallen flowers sway in a different kind of floating adrift personnel duckweed.An encounter, who dotted the haze heart of fireworks, not a sparse, given who sigh of Lesser, met He Shishun from scratch, how many shifts has felt Hua.- Inscription send away the leading edge of the beginning of life is a lingering passionate flowers Splendor Fangfei.Yan asked footsteps, the end of life is bleak silence could not bear to think about parting.How many purple street by the way, it is that Renzouchaliang, wind and withered, bowed low feelings.Murdoch Qing Ji is not wasting Love, vast this mortal life in the fireworks, had a pinch weeping unexpected vicissitudes, also had a dream of Zen Dankan died long free period.    Overwhelmed by only a single, wind rustled through.Eye on Water Pik as a faint light waves was late afternoon, carrying some difficulty Dan painted throughout the heart of the Qing Yun, flower position to see the youth pavilion wading condensate water green moss.Do not let this season spring and keep people feeling desolate tenderness shallow buckle my heart anesthesia, in Seasons fleeting, as suddenly resigned sigh brow diffuse dust, gradually became weathered haze and had not seen then color.    After years old, it has a negative Shaohua early.After reading a thousand mountains Wan-shui met with sparse few years have passed, and embrace a skim heartbreaking tears to smile mosaic border, sighing each time horizon who become separated, scattered endless cycle of.Only I saw it a lot of sorrow and grief, have a piece of paper in the air lingering death bustling, could not bear to live scattered wind from how helpless pity of incense falling.    Old smile has been hard to find, only the rest of his life drunk with sleep month, looking back, tears wet cheeks.Vicissitudes man portrayed in the story of a pen light scanning, the number of fly-by-the heart of a curtain Feng Xu, drunk love Bliss Kam book difficult to send, can not help but sigh ourselves, Weak water three thousand who ferry, full of melancholy whom Hugh?    Lonely fingertips Ning, Yin heart into poetry.How many times a night if cool mist fans like magic strong, many times removed repressed this Red anxious heart.    Secluded Wye removal difficult, more searching through the dream.Smoke of the Red dream, I thin edge of Melancholy, who is dressed in a thin shadow in front of Osamu wind, clouded sleepless imaginary initial clear if the two conditions long-moon, who is far Lanzhou erratic in the head , obsessed with death a loss of roots will be worth Blanc wrote constant ancient poems.    Empty leaning over the railing, ears sounds absolutely cold.Small water at ordinary lanes, through the Mekong smoke water Xiaoxiang night scene, each real Wenzhuo cut too lonely footsteps are printed under the traces back feel, think of a pillow Canmeng, among the thousands of miles of some sentimental.    Familiar to swallow to return, to do anything, whenever think of this poem, lonely heart will always be free in the ocean sad, swaying shadow footer do not know where the way back, the boundaries of the future and the past, in the end is that in broke in elegant forget forget or unfamiliar face new prospects for this point, all sorts of chat Lai, I will always interpret stopped at the corner of failed.    It intended to light pen at the end, who knows me I’m Italian Communist Yin.Standing wedding day by the end of despair hard to find in the road, low residual Que hear these sentences Fragment of a lonely heart like the evening after wandering the Maple Leaf, waiting for the wind had blown off wandering, which in this life Yeah, thin cool passions in the end can withstand the hardship and suffering.    Haggard vaguely, fleeting dark change, when the residual cloud drink wine, how much light and charming, are long over tactics in Confession escape the back, even though the wind fragrant flowers in the barren desert mound, but also a painful and not the real decadent.    I read your style, I sink my Chizui, you go for that year and met a frown smile at you, in the wider world face in the crowd, then perhaps we just do not worthy of breaking the Red crazy man Maid, maybe just a turn later, is torn crack each other’s hearts, and now understand it, after all, does not live up to the past, destined to be broken-hearted dedication swallowed.    Time too hastily, the landscape is different.Write a sad remorse brush temperature turns back and turns, tears s garments off the ink, how deep Mowen Feeling a bit.But attracted only one person, who is willing to work with it.    Once frost dye recall, who pick up a pen to write operas in the Reeds?Overnight dreams have magic, who folded to do when Yang Hua horizon covered?Amidst the magic emanation floor Shuanghua, who reclined Chapter independence from tears.The dusty road, this one had no farewell, full of ups and downs hardships step by step, the outcome and exposure to loss, perhaps I should not have to open the title page memories, I will not cry in a long night out in welcome toward the rising sun.    Easy fleeting too, Red Gone.I heard the long-awaited reunion after the encounter, then how can I go to meet a deduction under this.If life had not met, I will not cry heartbroken after parting.If you did not come into my world, then where should I look like it.    Feeling the wind whisper months, years Tuosi, stumbling all the way bittersweet, lonely walk in the road, looking for a hangover of the night, I think back in the old scenery, sitting under Campanula voiceless, so that each conversation exile the speech is not indifference, not weeping, the time of a review of tea, not sank.    After this went on, Parting knows no boundaries.Concerned tired leaning Lakeshore blurred Labyrinth corridors of the day, come again and again as water hidden smell of Scripture Alone, cold silence the Luo Xu fluttering mood.In Acacia ferry, the tears falling and full of wistful infiltration by water in the dark memo aloes, thereafter, Montreal thin air, melancholy Fen Yang, tore verse wrote a desolate no other period.

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