Behind the fallen leaves, the morning light remains the same!

Flowers bloom for another season, and when leaves fall! The yellow leaves everywhere are an immortal picture scroll. Who has fallen leaves touched the frown this season?? Alone, close your eyes and meditate, muttering to yourself, the world of mortals, the mountains, the water, the blooming dreams, how melancholy, once again, let me look back at the mark of the past . ah, if the world of mortals dreams, the years are merciless, several years have passed quickly, all the way back, the vicissitudes of life, how many joys and sorrows, the footprints are deep and shallow, and still so clear! How many tears of the world of mortals have fallen in the dust of the earth, and everyone has come alone and gone away. Such a short time has been a sad story, enjoying the joys and sorrows of the world and parting from life and death..     The reality is grim and cruel. Sometimes I think about it, why don’t you call people sighs?! Suddenly there is an indescribable pain in my heart. The unutterable pain is the helplessness of being abandoned by youth. It is the helplessness of being washed out by the years. In the years of gain and loss, the ring has quietly painted a faint mark of years on your face, adding turbulence and wind and frost in the world of mortals, and it will never return.!     Relying on the windowsill alone and looking at the leaves all over the sky glowing with yellow, they are crowded with each other, releasing themselves in the vast sky, who gave leaves such persistence, who gave leaves such tenderness, who stuck to the pursuit of life for the colorful life, who gave leaves such passion, who gave leaves such courage, warm moon, or boundless darkness, they are like a group of homeless children, unable to find a home, with faint sadness and melancholy in their hearts.? Where is the harbor where the soul is stationed? Once exuberant, hurrying past in the footsteps of the years, the prosperity turned empty and the fireworks were beautiful only for an instant. What can be eternal at this time is the unshakable faith in my heart. When I went to Qiu Lai in spring, flowers and trees declined and the leaves fell, but I was still young and glorious and persistent..     In just a few decades of life, should we grasp those bright years, and in the time of the year, we should keep a bland, sweet taste, slow feeling, the gift of life, do not idle away our time, each of us has a unique light and unique charm that others can’t imitate and possess.. Everyone has the right to be proud, and your self-confidence must be interpreted by yourself. Life is like the morning light in the fog. Although the road ahead is confused and thorny, as long as we make constant efforts and leap forward, we will gain strength and wealth in setbacks. There will still be light and hope in the road ahead.!