Crystal Love

Like crystal, like the colorful color, like the kind of innocent, crystal clear feeling, take a crystal in your hands, it will not help heart health care, meticulous care, for fear of accidentally broken。Crystal, with holiness, with a missing girl dream interpretation of a heartbreaking crush。  —— Inscription (a) there is a love affair like crystal crystal clear crystal clear and there is a feeling like a misty fog and hazy like a dream to have a loving girl growing up in a muddle north of the city, but has a southern woman as dream feelings。Girls like Qiong Yao's novels, like the beautiful love story, often moved to tears, like Qingzhao poignant poetry mood, heart could not help but secretly hurt, like to read Dream of Red Mansions, the fate of Lin Daiyu and sigh, took a while for the funeral two lines of tears, like listening to a sad song, your heart will fall in the song, but unhappy。Girls like a dream, like fantasy, fantasy there is also a beautiful and pure love to happen to them。  In September the autumn of that year, the girl was admitted to a university's Department of Chinese, literature-loving girl with a mind。With the infinite vision for the future, the girl came to this school, for the first time away from home, introverted and talkative girl with a heart, a sense of panic, sentimental character often let her into sadness。Most can not stand is the admission of military training, the girls do not like to move like quiet past are barely passed physical education, physical training which has received military training of such intensity, ten-day military training for girls is simply miserable, embarrassed can not bear。End that day for an hour goose posture, finally rest, the girl had just relieved, who knows the coach and point people to sing, the first row of the fourth, it was the girl's location。Panic stood up, a little girl know what to do, not can not sing, just sing in front of so many people the first time, the girl opened his mouth, but did not sing sound。Then across a boy stood up and said to the coach, I sing it for her。Girl with grateful eyes and looked at the boys, went up to the boy smiling eyes looked at her, the girl blushed, lowered his head。Because introverts, for boys and girls in the class not know a few, but this time she remembered the boys。The boy has a good voice, singing is very touching, girl listening very seriously, since then, the boys figure to grow in the hearts of girl。  Long military training finally passed, the girl sighed with relief, the girl is still very confident for homework, have to get scholarship every year, there is a girl hobby is writing poetry, so the girls joined the school of poetry, did not think the boys also joined the poetry, he not only sing well, but also very literary talent。Since military training for her rescue, the girl's heart, there is a shadow of the boy, but the girl never said, but this subtle appeals to feelings diary, a diary has become an essential everyday homework girl。Slowly the girl's diary is the shadow of the boy, a record of his words and deeds, a record of the girl's feelings, but the girl still remained silent。Boy girl heart is perfect, while they are mundane and ordinary, the girl chose to write in a diary this sentiment, but with calm and indifference camouflage to cover up the emotional heart, although sometimes only in poetry where two people when girls can feel the boy soulful eyes, although reading in the library girl inadvertently looked up and saw the boy deep insight, can the girl said to myself, this is just an illusion of it, near the child no shortage of girls around, it can be described as beautiful clouds, but it was just a very ordinary girl only。  Four years later, quietly spent in this hazy love, a full diary describes several affectionate girl full of bitterness and frustration of。Finally graduated, sentimental girl is daily knitted brows furrowed, too emotional people are always vulnerable, plants and trees schools for girls are sad memories, if we can install everything the luggage away just fine。  Just the night before leaving, the boy with the quarters of a boy sent a letter to the girl as well as a beautifully wrapped gift box。Boys said simply, everything is in there, you look at it。And left。Girl with a puzzled opened the letter, the letter is written by the boy, when you see the familiar, elegant fonts, girls can hear your own heartbeat。The boy wrote beautiful calligraphy, calligraphy is the leader, the girl had secretly left a boy calligraphy word in the diary, wanted as a souvenir。  "Binger, please allow me to call you again, although I've been told thousands of times in my heart, tomorrow I'm going to leave school, you finally found the courage to confess everything, or I will bring a lifetime of regret, soul no peace。I've liked you for a long time, go to the library for you, into poetry but also for you, but in my heart you are crystal-girl, so pure and fragile, so I can not close, afraid to offend my rash you, so far I only choose to wait and see you, see your eyes full of sorrow, my heart still hurt than you, more than you want to bring happiness, heal your heart's share of grief, think with you went to see a meteor, and the promise of a beautiful wish —— let us together, not separate, you think with the number of stars, watching the moon, so beautiful blooming smile on your face, and more miss you······, All this is just my wishful thinking, you may never care about me, even if I flirtation with other girls, trying to get your attention, you do not care, my heart has been how painful and hesitant, you know?Since this is just my personal dream, let me a taste of this bitter man, I did not want to disturb you, but still can not help but tell you to let you know there was that kind of a boy you care about。I know you like crystal, use my singing bonus game you bought a crystal necklace on when Liugejinian it, since we missed, let me give you the best wishes, I wish you happiness, remember ,please be happy······", Reading the letter, the girl mind is blank, the original was not all illusion, not Luohuayouyi, water ruthless, how they will be so stupid, how I could not see his eyes fondly?Trembling hands, she opened the gift, dazzling amethyst necklace burning the girl's eyes, could not help but burst into tears。Stayed up all night, looking back together bit by bit, and now want everything is so clear, then why can not see?Finally coming dawn, the girl took the letter and crystal necklace, with red and swollen eyes went to the boys' dormitory, attend shy and reserved, with the boys dormitory can say, you come late, he was gone , the moment the train station to the bar, he would not let anyone to send, just want a man quietly walked, he likes you for four years, how would you just ignore it?What girl attend to say anything, just turned and ran toward the train station, arrived at the train station when the girl gasping, has been slowly moving car, the girl was how to find a window that could not find in his heart ten million over the figure, the more lines, the faster the train, and finally found the boy's head against the window, his face with a sad, empty eyes stared straight ahead, girl loud shouting can train has been very fast, but the moment the girl left behind, the girl ran, shouting, any tears flying in the wind, but can no longer keep up the train, do not chase back sad boy。Stopped to cool the tears on his face, looking at the hands of the letter and the necklace, the girl's heart is broken, a twist of fate, or do you get good luck then, let the girl missed this pure and desolate Crystal love。  Confused girl's heart······  If love has not let me go back with tearful eyes looking at you quietly go if the situation has to recall that the lost time can not let me back in with the blessing of the heart watched you journey home  “Huazipiaoling zero artesian water, an Acacia, Xianchou”———— Qingzhao Postscript (b) belated confession you go so why rush has not had time to let you know my heart like your thoughts Acacia why it has a negative meaning you're gone my tears keep up with the pace then you go make my heart go with you and you can just feel the ends of the earth who are still crying silently sinking heart finally did not catch the train that bike away, the girls hand Amethyst necklace grip the string of heartbreak and go, seems to have no ideas, no soul, leaving only an empty shell to move slowly, tears have done, leaving only swollen eyes aching。Wanted to chase him away, the girl's modesty and stand in the way of her footsteps, it was meant it, not doomed fate, how can we insist, girls think so。My attitude is that this may, in turn caused much remorse!  The next day, the girls pack up with a broken heart left school, did not let anyone farewell, she also chose a man quietly leave, no boys, no one's farewell have no meaning。The girl did not obey your parents do share arrangements have been looking for a good ease and comfort of work, but a man went to a strange city, find a busy job, she did not want their memories of the time, wanted complicated work to fill his thoughts, get rid of the shadow of the boy, but the dead of night, the boy Resentment and soulful eyes are still watching her, lingering dream, the girl saw the boy returned, they hand together run in the sun, chasing in the field, that string of silvery laughter echoed throughout the dream, wake up the girl's mouth hanging sweet smile。May more often, the dream is that the parting of the station, is not chasing the bike back to the train, the boy helpless expression, is running his own crying, tears wet pillow to wake up。How many dreary night, the girl woke up from a dream, looking at the ceiling in a daze, no sleep, eyes open until dawn。  Day repeated again and again, because of one mind on the job, working very good girl, very popular leadership at home。But after work to enjoy the pleasure brought about, but it is endless grief and loneliness。Girl with elegant appearance, though not applied Prostitute, stern, but there is still an unusual charm to attract the opposite sex。Therefore, there is no lack of suitors around the girl, flowers, expensive gifts, the girls are indifferent, the girl's eyes nothing like piece of amethyst necklace。Time spent in this tangle of emotions, just the kind of unforgettable pain has faded, leaving only a bitter memory, the boy no longer fall asleep, the girl is no longer a dream。The girl had seemed calm, time really wound treatment medicine。  On this day, the girl was found on the table there is an exquisite gift box, the name of the purple packaging, very chic, the girl will ever be returned to the original, never opened, but that day, because that chic purple packaging caused the girl the curious, so the girl opened the gift, crystal bracelet is a string of purple, brilliant purple when it came into the girl's eyes, the girl's heart shocked, past legend reproduction, misty-eyed girl again。Next to the jewelry box has a beautiful homemade cards, saw that says:“Please forgive my intrusion, bother you, I have long admired you, in my heart, you feel like a purple dream, misty can not grasp, you know like purple, deliberately chose a bunch of purple crystal bracelet, as gift, in my eyes you like purple crystal-pure, noble, not afford to dream your tender care, just want to make a friend by your side, quietly concerned about you, Lei”。Lei, a colleague in another department, the girl did not care too much about before, this gift can read, shadow Lei girl in my mind over again and found it was a very good boy, is the most distinctive face Lei always with a smile, as if the thing does not bother, where he was able to bring people to laugh, sense of humor, witty jokes and even stern girls are often amused him。The girl was wondering, how did like Lei sunshine boy will like it as her melancholy girl!  This is because amethyst bracelet moved, girls Lei also more of a concern, two people gradually increased contacts, exchanges girl found Lei was a very learned man, with a profound knowledge, his stomach jokes like always dig endless, and the girl did not want to laugh with him will not。But, the shadow boy can not erase the memory of the girl in the face Lei look in the eyes, not the girl did not understand, but she was not psychologically prepared。After four years of emotion, has been unforgettable, girls can not determine whether they will fall in love with a man outside Boy。Girl suddenly had the impulse to want to know now how the boy, had a good or bad, she wanted to know that the boy she loved him better than less, but missed the bike train。This idea more and more intense, so the girl left a letter to Lei, set foot on the train south。“Lei, now I'm sorry I can not accept your love, I'm going up but a wish, if I can come back, I'll tell you a story, a story about the amethyst necklace, if I do not come back, then Do not wait for me, do not look for me, when I was a lost dream purple, and I will bless you, bless you and for me it!”  The boy walked into this beautiful coastal city, girls myriad of thoughts, the kind of inexplicable sudden heartache, twists and turns, with the help of other students of the girl finally found the boy's home and the boy's phone, standing in front of the house , the girl called the boy's phone with trembling hands, heard“Hey, who?”Let the girl burst into tears, and that voice in my head for four years, although they experienced four years, but has not changed。Girls thought he would be calm, calm face, and that disobedient tears can tell he has not yet put down。Heard the girl's voice, the boy had a moment of silence can be just for a moment, the boy urgent voice was introduced to the girl's ear:“Binger, Is that you, really you do?”Girl choked to say:“I, I am now outside your home”And then the girl fell to the ground to hear the sound of the phone。Soon, the door opened and the boy with a look of disbelief washed out。Eight years, the man who cherished figure in front of the girl mind blank, just looking at his silent tears。Four held hands, feel the temperature of the hands of young boys and girls feel the warmth warm body, and then hugged the boy feel intense heartbeat, the girl's heart was trembling, embracing four years late, but still as impressive tears wanton flowing in girls and boy's face, tears of children, child Acacia tears, fly, fly wanton!  Hand in hand, walk by the sea, on cold water, quiet moonlight shines on both of them and the sea breeze blowing dough girl's hair, the waves gently singing。They looked at each other, as if trying for four years to make up all the feeling of Acacia, four years, and the years changed the face of childish year, they have become mature members of society from students。The boy has a mature man of charm, with a dash of the vicissitudes of life, would let the girl melancholy eyes so sad。Let's talk about the time when the station farewell girl, gently asked:“Why did not you personally ask me, why should it take leave?”, An expression of pain on the boy's face performance:“I can not ah, poor self-esteem in the mischief of it, the past few years I have been upset in life。But why do you come now, why do you then let me know your mind it, if I knew, no matter how far ends of the earth I will find you away。But now let me how to do it, because their parents onslaught, I'm getting married tomorrow, she is a good simple girl, my heart to hurt her, but I do not want to give up on you, you are my life's dream ah!”  Listening to the painful impact statements boy, the girl's heart like Daojiao, like, late, everything was too late, the girl realized that close to home hi word on the boy's door, that was it。Broke our hearts, girls do not know what this world than the pain can not say this too heartache。The pain had heart is numb, the girl was so calm at the moment, looking at the boy's tearful eyes, the girl said, trying not to cry:“This is our fate, you can not hurt the girl, because she is innocent, maybe I should not come back, our fate as early as four years ago has been missed, missed love can not get it back, let I bless you now”, Speaking of which, the girl took out the string of amethyst necklace, into the hands of the boy, said:“This necklace is destined not belong to me, now back to you, give her, when it's your wedding gifts!Good to her, you will do it, right?You will be happy, right?”, Tear drops fall on the boy's necklace:“I'm sorry, really sorry, how can I do?”,“I forget, continue your wedding tomorrow, with my blessing, put it all buried in the bottom of my heart, you know this life, although there is pain, but I do not regret it, you must be happy, but also bring her happiness, to know it!Let us cherish this last moment, let me accompany you until tomorrow morning watching the sunrise, maybe tomorrow one another, never meet, we put each other on the deepest heart of it, this is the best option”。Listen girl, boy nodded painful point:“I wish I could do”,“You will do it, we must do”。Once again standing face to face, so look intertwined, do not want to separate from each other engraved in my heart wanted, embraced again, so heart to heart stick together, do not want to separate, gently stroked the girl's hair, boy hand wiped the tears of the girl's face, but how polished and clean?The boy kissed the girl's tears, cold lip print girls trembling lips, tears in the girl's face, and the tears of the girl together in the girl's face flows quietly, heartbreaking voice-ming in the air ring。  Just autumn, the wind has been so cold, like two people's emotions。He hugged and sat, night water, silent, but seems a thousand words。That night, sitting so quietly, listening to each other's heartbeat。Oriental has bright, since the beginning of the sun like a baby just woke up, with red cheeks, jumped in the sea, slowly rising, sunset, two people in the face, but finally see the sunrise together He wishes, although with no future bitter, but the girls meet。A new day began, but a new day is not actually doomed each other, the girls understand that their own time to leave, sad, ten million dismay, will eventually leave, which is doomed to the fate of it?  After the bye, missed my lover, goodbye, my youthful dream, let me leave it with your smile, let you with my blessing into the marriage hall, let my blessings with you, no my way of life, let your warm affection I, free your journey, happiness can you wherever you go!  With a bitter heart, went back to the city, the platform Lei resolutely standing figure, I do not know how he knew the girl's trip, Lei looked gaunt figure, firm eyes tears, welling girl, Lei just smiled and took the girl's luggage, eyes with a dash of vicissitudes, dash of care。“I knew you'd be back, so I'm waiting every day”, The girl looked apologetic Lei:“You how stupid it, if I do not come back?”, Lei shook his head:“I'm sure you'll be back, even if you do not come back, I will not regret it, but will be sad, but still want to thank God, you're back”Has always been optimistic Lei mouth, tears in the eyes actually。The girl moved again shed tears, moved to say:“Thank you, I'm sorry to make you sad, remember I said that if I come back, I'll tell you a story, a story about amethyst, now you are willing to listen to you?”,“Of course, I am willing to listen to your life story, but I hope you will not disappear, but I hope I'll be your hero in the story later, let us re-write a new story!The story belongs to the two of us”, Lei looked forward to the eyes, the girl some confusion, not knowing how to answer, but quietly said:“Sorry, Lei, I can not promise you anything, maybe this life you can only listen to my story, but can not enter my story, or maybe the future will belong to our story, I do not know, give me some time, okay?”,“Yes, I will wait forever, even if you can only do this life story, but the audience will never enter your story, I have no regrets。”  Girls pleased smile, although there are eyes shining tears。  If love was destined to miss so let me swallow the bitter pill and tears If love is destined to no avail let me put the past precipitation in a corner of the mind when one day want to mention the wind fluctuations in the past are no longer left behind bitter