– and if she is not happy, then come back to me, okay?

Rain, never stopped.I do not know for whom crying, sometimes, I guess, do not understand, unable to feel, reason unknown.  Some memories stranded, forgotten.  Some people love the deep, deep hurt, hurt cry, cry of pain, my dear, I can not satisfactory, but I am worthy of you.  Walking alone in the streets, start to finish.  I have only myself to listen to their grief.  Love is not so simple, I know, but I love him, love the unique in the world, he would love that wayward, angry, I would not care about him, lying in bed, surrounded and your breath, trying to feel your temperature.  But it scared me a bleak, I fear, my dear, where are you?  I think you want to hear your voice, want to seek some comfort in your voice, but you just never had is gone, like, without leaving a trace anyone can hear me tell my heart the pain hug , a luxury, miss you my initial feeling, and some have, in the end you have forgotten, or deliberately avoid?I did not answer, perhaps only you knew to, I probably should not bother to pursue your mental When love for weapons, time devouring each other, and I did not resist us, everything is given a unique number that I can not change I love you, still so in love with you.  The only change is that you do not love me, you love her!  What is love, I do not know.  It has magic.Even the pieces, but also as people tried to follow it is sweet, because two people love each other.  It is sour, because in the eyes of each other does not allow the sand a little bit of it is bitter.Because it afflicts a long time we love, feeling faint, can not withstand setbacks.  Separated from each other dear, more than a year, you do not know what I?  You do not know that I love the addition of what you?  Such as how many you want me more than a year before they can see me ah?  I know you do not love me, I know you do not like me, I know you hate me.I know everything, but you look at my pay, you heartless heart?  My friends say I am silly, tried to persuade me to give up, but love you, has become a habit.  Accustomed to sudden miss you, your habits cold, you get used to turn a blind eye.  Finally accustomed to the touch of everyday thoughts, salty tears of love who you love and who have nothing to do with me, I just want to say, my dear, and if she is not happy, then come back to me okay?  I will run to all love you, always love you..